Eventually we have seen it come forth to lay necessary claims, saying that I had failed to grasp the way that majority of the problems here, were due to the way that I fell in love with a Princess and lost her – which is all the creation of a finance ruining Italian prick that has been running off that nonsense ripping and tearing around here for the past five years and will not put an end to it until it really had to stop properly. Socially however, it is meant to express a sense that on marrying a Princess, since they usually tended to marry their wives and then possess the wives after they were married, they were in competition with me and were not doing well, the argument is that they were rather doing well, whilst the facts on the ground is that they never possessed royal range on the global stage, so if they wanted one, could always build it using their almighty abusive business connections and then would it have been justified if it was being used to help criminals in south America to super cars by pillaging my assets and trust empire property equity, whilst their friends at the American security services progressed from incompetence to corruption and they got to burn my assets to fight communists and show up on public places everyday trying to order my steps for the sake of some famous twats, instead of mine. Besides which we ended up in the current situation because each time they found a Princess expressing affections towards a person, their opinion of the person was such that the Prince was left caught up in abuse and insult, until they ended up marrying it that is. The part that the famous played in the matter was rather generic, history being one of female narcissism and a media presence ripping, tearing and pillaging for fun, the way that being uncomfortable with such a development allowed idiots who loved to put themselves in charge of matters they knew nothing of to claim they were men, to rip up my career making sense of the fact I felt uncomfortable with it, so the best approach was to trash the Media presence and ensure the way they made a mess of my personal life got theirs so badly caught up in it that they were unable to get into personal relationships or keep the ones they already had – current development is that the other gits fooling around with marrying princesses had set them free, so there is a lot of bragging about ways I could do nothing about the fact they were reading my Brith signs and having so much fun at my expense that they had to catch their breath, ongoing since I am not reading birth signs to fight peoples birthdates every day as well, bragging about ways I should be afraid of Scorpios who also lived in a world of duality but mainly to grab things and pin it down for themselves, since their stupidities had decided to ascribe the way I stood up for myself over their abuses and insults to Scorpios. It is not a crisis as such, I need to get better at punishing this nonsense, much better than I am currently, and besides which there were a lot of people who worked on media, getting about via my Office activities, hence there is so much to rescue in order to put my foot down but I think I have a little time to get committed at this stage and when shall we find out if the bragging that I was helpless, was built on reality. Eventually it will build up to the part where I will assess how much of the royal publicity was covering their backside, how much of the politicians hospitality was involved and how much of my career and public profile was being used to manage obscurity which is largely and usually associated with the personal decisions they had made and will take up a red corner or they will, take up a blue corner or they will and we will be British the way that their big mouth suggests on media that we ought to every day – I have suffered 4 years of career and financial mess for this nonsense naturally and the entire time it was rather clear that getting rid of insults peddled by the famous was the solution to all the problems built up from thin air around here.

All of these feed into a sense that nothing is ever enough for me which is not really the case as what has happened is that we have not seen the Media and Celebrities cease fooling about with my career, once, in 15 years: I had a Book written and they had decided to stifle public interest in it, to make out that the Books and the fact my publishers held it, was a secret place they went for the kind of secrets they needed to ensure they were successful during red carpet appearances, so it simply makes sense to do everything required to set the stage such that I did not get to resolve it with them at the Law Courts because it was possible to pick up their red carpet appearances for the process that will clear up the mess until the problem was solved and hopefully without trashing their careers as well. Here it was the Celebrity boasting that took centre stage, a sense I did not have a chance in the world whereas there is the timeline between when I was published to date and the websites that were used to track the activities they have performed with my career since. The big problem in all these is that I have ended up with a 20 year career mess and each time we looked back at what they claimed was an embarrassing behaviour which caused me to end up that way at their behest, it was not as embarrassing as they claimed it was and we were only just finding out recently that it was not – they were narcissists apparently with a Media presence and will not take the hint to fool around with their own career considering the stupid ultra-high self-confidence gimmicks that never ever stop until it stopped badly. It even feeds into a sense I had ended up with an incredibly bad reputation whereas the reputation was made up and it is at the point where they had successfully changed a history, changed a narrative over it, such that it became my history whilst it is really their own, will we find government operatives listening to their feelings once again due to the fact I provided them a response. Stopping it all together bears towards the whole matter of respect, in the sense they were addicted to the one I gave when they did not know what it was but were mad about other people’s personal spaces, such that I had ended up with an invitation of mentally ill people into my personal life through society abusive nonsense that they shared their famous persons money with whilst trashing mine for self-improvement gimmicks, shooting off the big mouth about careers that were taken from me, such that I am now the one losing market and property equity to the fact that a famous fool drove a nice car, whereas I ought to be getting paid for the respect that they got, if it was so valuable all together, the big mouth claiming that state provided security provokes their stupidities too.

The idea ultimately is that I am in a position of leadership and should take control of the situation but socially I don’t need to as they were living off a period of time in which I did not provide them a response for the gimmicks and financially destructive abusiveness, so it was clear each time it annoys itself as well, to issue the stupid threats, the main problem was that history it will not get away from considering that it was my history and not their own. The other side of the story which offers more information is the way that they read birth signs to determine my nature was to take sides with the enemies of my friends whenever there was a fight, whilst reality is that everything I did and said, was followed up with a series of activities that brought about a 20 year career mess whilst they kept their incomes for the purpose of insults, claiming I am too much of a coward to attack it as well, such that the abusiveness of it in context, added up to a security narcissism, where I got to do things that made them comfortable whilst they clung to my personal space for self-improvement, every time that I got abusive activities from their insanity channelled at me but reality is that I really do not have to do anything for these idiots, hence the tendency is that if it is dangerous enough I will fuck them over properly whilst I got it done, hence the need to suggest I took sides with the enemy. The details are that this whole birth sign reading gimmick and the issues associated with it in terms of how brave people should be, is largely derived from their need to read peoples birth dates and forge an alliance with the ones that looked the most consistently dangerous, so since Libras like myself were at the bottom when it came to taking risks with other people’s safety and wellbeing, Scorpios were at the very top, I need to be made to do what Scorpios wanted, as Celebrities spent money on them earn results where they got into a fight on other peoples behalf, so it really has nothing to do with me as the distance between me and the more dangerous people they want to get involved with was he security narcissism, needs to get lost and cease making a mess of a Bookshop. The details of Official control is that these were a bunch of incredibly silly people that followed up consistently, a behaviour which causes them to lose everything that everybody would have been expected to know, see, own and or experience naturally, so that it was possible for them to desire the same which belonged to others, shows up here all the time to read Birth signs and ally itself to dangerous ones talking nonsense at me a famous stupidities, becoming clear each time it annoys itself as well, the main problem was a history in which it did not get a response of me, regardless of the fact that history is mine and not their own. It loves to suggest this was all a problem to do with the way I showed little respect for people’s money, never stopped running off its mouth over ideas that suggest the pleasure of seeing me dance around the anxiety caused by hijacking my schedule for this gimmicks and I bet when this business of the wealthy gits that engaged in it complaining about spending money on celebrities that did not make sense and the Celebrities being the only people that were wealthy and famous enough to buy products that their dangerous birth sign idiots and German influence pricks wanted to sell by building abusive markets, got into its own, the likely outcome will be that they got to control what their managers did with my Bookshop for every instance of this gimmick, as a method of convincing them that they were underestimating how far I will go for my Bookshop. The claim that my clash with the famous does not make sense, is nothing unusual: just people who failed to make sense of the way that others end up being beaten down by enemies when they failed to fight for the famous on demand, with the insults suggesting such persons had no right to keep it to themselves when everybody knew they could do it and of course the follow on where those who did it end up buried under so much corruption they could not see what their jobs were anymore but in my case, it clings to me every day demanding that I fell into this trap, with a stupid upbringing that it believed was the bees knees but nobody wishes to know. They do claim that I failed to notice how wealthy and decadent these people were, just as much as the warning I am meant to consider was a prospect in which they turned the wealth and decadence into a weapon – I could never tell anyway, they were wealthy and decadent, so they converted public work I had done rather well into a mountain of problems built from thin air, which showed up on Media to affect others, in order to facilitate bullying, and the part where they turned it into a weapon was never going to be the one in which they lost the fight, since it would have been impossible to convince people that had opened up their lives to the Book I wrote, that it was alright when I had done nothing about their need to wreck people’s lives over civil rights issues, then show up at the other end making money by being a paid up part of the problem. It was obviously wealthy enough and ought to show up here to conclude its affairs with me by paying for what it uses.


It raises the stupid excuse that given the same sort of condition, I would have responded to their activities and abuses the same way that the so called bad people had responded to it, which of course I would have, if I were the same person as the so called bad people naturally but I am not. They are simply people who put themselves in charge of matters they knew nothing about, such that if I responded to a process where assisting a female colleague led to an outcome where people built me a social profile to suggest I am a woman, they would rip up my career to enhance to improve themselves and even make excuses I had adopted such a social disposition and should have turned it into a livelihood considering how important to their stupidities it was, same process of ripping and tearing our apply to my career, finances and public profile each time I had to contend with media and female narcissism, it will never take the hint, that since it does not regularly walk into an environment on the basis of a public leadership platform where one side was full of men and the other was full of women, it was not in charge of anything in this place. Eventually the abusiveness was such that its imagination was constantly on my bum, claiming that the abuses and the destruction of systems that would allow my business run properly, exposing it to more quasi crimes, were a product of terrorism and tyranny but nothing to say who was ripping up the work that security services had done to protect the public from it and anything I did in addition as well, what we do know is that their stupidities read my Birth sign, leading to this outcome where attacking them and their famous idiots who think they are celebrities, I got an erection considering that making their insults go away got rid of the mess they made of my public office public control work and was such a correct thing to do for my wife and children, to which effect their influencer pricks had also taken up a business of abusing my privacy and a campaign to suggest I had a small penis, speaking for itself. So where I have ended up is obviously an incredibly bad place and I accept that it is naturally but it is nothing unusual, the two sides of the coin, that people who had business with government ought to keep a distance from the Media. So what happens when you get caught up with the media is such outcomes as even the claim that you would have responded the same way the criminals who attacked them responded to their abuses and insults, is meant to build up to a result where they clung to my income stream furnished with an option to forge an alliance with the criminals in question. The real me was the one that possessed wealth in equity that I needed to channel as to extract cash from, having my schedule hijacked by their famous narcissistic stupidities, finished off with another idiot that was working me for homelessness on the basis that I was committing social security fraud, the entire time since I am to respond to threat of homelessness, the insults that produced an outcome on my career profile where people failed to see that I am a writer continued, suggesting the stupidity wants to see what I can do about its gimmicks. Hence, I know what I am dealing with and therefore took a small risk for public mobility, the clash with the Media is now one of a business where they converted public control work I had done impeccably into a mountain of problems that was built from thin air for practical jokes that could be played up on my finances, not the censorship type of issue. In the end we are told they were narcissists and narcissism was a mental illness which I too am very well aware of, simply need to ascertain what the other goons who tear down my control processes wish to achieve – I mean it fears matrimonial narcissism but has built up short abusive videos that facilitated the narcissism over my Royal personal life, as the way advertisement should be made, fears the narcissism of people making popular culture from the last time it became a passionate person because the Police took an interest in its affairs but has also built a community to finger my bum, so stop me to a point of a whole national crisis, needed to decide what it wants.

I am told the Celebrities spoke of ways that I was a problem and they were thinking about how I got put down – I could never make sense of it anyway, we know that the method of describing my person had become so debasing that my finances had been affected, to allow the abuses make sense in terms of the way that I am a bum and now it seems I had changed into a character that wants to get his dick out as well, much as it may be okay to relate to my person in such an abusive manner whilst their stupidities complained about the consequences of doing so, with a sense they were entitled to a privilege of injustice, the narcissism has not really stopped and the insults of the radio wave lesbians had not taken a turn for the better in 2 decades of suffering it every day. So the involvement of celebrities in my affairs was to do with security services work to protect the public from localised and overseas terrorism, the part about embarrassing things I had done which suggested I had to forfeit my career and finances for wrecking their neighbourhoods is meant to take their interest in me as a method of dealing with obscurity problems associated with their own personal decisions, which real function was the resources I needed to manage overseas business interests at the Trust and provide couture for Fashion, the Coven and the Court, so I had deployed it doing precisely what it is meant to achieve, up to the point where the embarrassing things I am meant to have done included getting around at the food market. Security service work to protect the public from localised and overseas terrorism on the other hand will be the part where service operatives made friends, some matters grew into a business of smaller countries that took an interest in public security work associated with matters that involved smaller entities protecting themselves from powerful entities, but the Celebrities were not content with picking up my carer profile to get paid for being popular, so the way these matters affected them was put out as a process where a bunch of low lives turned up to rub shoulders with them, therefore my crime control publicity was torn down to make space for organised crime products they already had along standing arrangement with and I am left in a position after half a decade realising they were wrong, in which my finances had been completely trashed because I possessed something their stupidities needed and needed to be made to understand I had no right to keep it to myself, like when I mentioned personal feelings that were such that each time I attacked the famous I got an erection whilst its German influence idiots had already begun a campaign to inform people I had a small penis, which speaks for itself. The authorities have raised the point that I may take responsibility for some of these matters but it is entirely my responsibility, in the sense that Celebrities always only do things that I had put them up to or things that were a product of an emotional attachment – the main premise here is that since what I did to ensure the barely criminal gits and their need to read peoples birth signs, did not take advantage of me, was being passed off as my real person, Celebrities had decided in a process where the idea festered about people getting into a persona relationship with me as I am single, it meant I enjoyed a certain kind of sexual activity, to which effect they showed their own freak side too, and we got caught up with the rogue landlords, corrupt private security and abusive shop keeper issues, which if I had settled down with a Celebrity would have become one of the main responsibilities I was required to fulfil at the Office – the only gits with their famous money spinning gimmick is not the one I asked for. They suggest that these sentiments were being echoed by people at the US security services and yes it was, I understand these matters to be the concern of government and cannot make sense of reasons that having they developed from incompetence to corruption of service services, it was in the possession of celebrities for the purpose of these gimmicks. It is an Arch Prince’s order and they have never once for all their obsessive involvement, handled anything associated with it the correct way, thereafter, set about a state of affairs on the streets which suggested I smelled and should be attacked by young people. I touched on the matter earlier when I mentioned they needed to decide what they wanted if they had a need to manipulate authorities for the purpose of stopping me from keeping narcissists off my career and finances whilst complaining that narcissism was a mental illness, stopped me to a stage where they built a national crisis doing so. It seems that these characters have progressed from a mistake of showing up to handle somebody that will manipulate them into a position where they had to pick up the security service job in a bid to handle him as well, into a bunch of people at security services providing public and regular support for a bunch of public narcissists and misogynists, which had gone on to make a statement that having they remained in the services long enough to assume offices of leadership, the subordinates were on their own. Here they claim such important matters had been left for a pipsqueak like me to fool around with, whilst reality is that they continued to trash my career and pick up my assets to play with communists because none thought it should be prioritised, that they had a desire to be rich people, time and again building up to a sense that they found the stress being caused by their gimmicks to be amusing and it is instances like that which encourage me to cease performing activities that got them to complain about me too – not clear why it has ended up in the hands of the famous.

They do claim I also thought that security services work was punishment which is utter nonsense, they think it is, I don’t, the problem is with honesty with oneself after all that gimmick about being tough – my mind is fine but my body is not and it would not do to end up somewhere with a defence job where I was fighting for the enemy because I was never quite up to it. In their case, it helps to enhance the fact they are good for nothing in every way imaginable. Here the Politicians say these matters go on with me endlessly but it does and I do not expect it to end either, I am a writer and people ought to engage to read, for my part, I had to provide for a Bookshop every day and hence do not expect it to end: eventually we see it make sense when this is about a group of people with gimmicks to play on others, that in my case eventually got me to drop out of University and then continue to pursue me everywhere with the same gimmicks, arriving at a stage where I had to punish their entire communities for the mess, we are now doing the part where somebody got on media to encourage them to seek vengeance for this as another thing they could entitle themselves to – so generally it is now a matter of abusive ageist gits who had since progressed to security narcissism that embeds itself in every work of life I engaged myself with, the ageist gimmicks which was the original problem in the first place, a platform for male society narcissism associated with money making gimmicks whenever I tell them off and the support that Celebrities along with the media provided for any abusive activities being channelled in my direction. So their prize for the time being is that they had access to my privacy and abused it all the time but I know they are abusing my privacy, they are aware I know that they are abusing my privacy, no idea what the narcissism youth were doing getting complicit in the most violent manner with  the abuses I suffered whilst they complained of it more than I did all together, what I do know is that I had a history at this stage and made sense to get better and better at punishing this behaviour. It is now the end of November and I did warn the famous especially about the need to develop a process of getting their gimmicks under control: the background is that they trash crime control publicity where they got involved with processes that I set out to ensure people derived happiness from the misfortunes of those who performed the afore mentioned activities, to take drugs that only they could afford, whilst their friends continued to get involved with security services thereafter whilst complaining about the services itself, obviously did not think to wreck their short abusive videos that was the way advertisement should be made, so the gits now had enough money to make as much trouble for everybody as possible, drawn from structures that provided them happiness to sell products without limits – so if I set out another process by which people got happiness from the misfortunes that befall them over their behaviour, it would be career and personal life orientated, as the Celebrities are done here. The claim that I did not have a chance is set to be put to the test from my point of view, I did warn them enough times long before we got to this stage – the main problem remains the same fact that I do not have a robust enough history of seeing them the way they truly are. They do claim I did not have a chance naturally, like the current state of their careers, wrecking crime control publicity to take drugs whilst they were making entertainment for families and children, the incredible responsibility of looking after the sheer number of people that showed up to start something with me, on account I was pushed into a place where I had to manage wrecked finances alongside devising a method to control their insanity.


Here it would make sense to address the administrative consequences of celebrity involvement in security service work, especially that which is meant to protect the public from localised and overseas terrorism. Firstly to consider the claim that I never thought that racial matters was issues of prime concern because I did not care if other people complained to me about suffering, whereas the reality is more a matter of the fact that there would be more corruption than we already see if I were to mention that the detachment from cultural background was fundamentally the main problem here, I mean we had a global stage crisis a bunch of idiots had created by putting themselves in charge of matters they knew nothing of around here, which is now said to have been linked to me due to my inability to bend to their will on civil rights issues, as much as their stupidities would have liked me to already, so it would have been a stretch to do that as well. That said, the main problem I must indicate is largely to do with the way that people continued to assume that they would make a society from what appears to them to be an amusing process where a flawed sense of right and wrong was linked to crowd induced narcissism, so they were always happy to progress from the fun associated with others taking responsibility for their thought processes to the violent social activities and then back again, whilst the brief period of calm in the middle indicated what everybody wanted. We have seen the same behaviour extended by Celebrities at the slightest opportunity, in the sense that their involvement with security services is meant to abuse operatives via the sex industry when they were not being served by public security directly, to further the idea they were important people, made worse by people who held offices of authority being willing to play along with the narcissism because they were narcissist themselves, the intrusion into my affairs then creates the sense that I thought security service decisions to be wrong whenever people got hurt because of it whilst I do not think such nonsense all together, leaving this to fester however has always us to delve into the activities of the real criminals and quasi criminals who never stopped reading people birth signs, abuse peoples body parts and privacy, and fight law enforcement.

They do claim their main discrepancy was to do with the way I ought to accept what was being offered to me without question if other people were doing the public security on my behalf. It is never a matter of whether others were doing public security on my behalf as much as it is a matter of the fact that what I did with my Bookshop was a legitimate job but not recognised by the public currently, well enough for me to get paid doing it, the method by which this is achieved was an interest in public security work, concerning which they knew nothing whatsoever. So it really does come right down to the ways they needed to solve their problems by handling their own careers and when the practical jokes were hot in the head, got to fool around somewhere else and if this is not done on schedule, I will attack the Media which is the cause of it all and the only method by which  they got through well enough to do damage. They do claim I am not innocent in the matter and to assess how not so innocent, it would transpire I had broken up their abusive interest in my person into sections, the abusive interest being a matter of working such abusive society gimmicks that they regularly beat me down in my bed fingering my bum from the streets due to the ways they dreamed of using my personality being granted them by idiots with jobs on Media and issuing threats over claims I smelled when they shared a space with me – when my body hurts, I did something that caused them to lose the abusive middle management jobs which made them even friendlier with the famous, when my head hurts, I become increasingly more interested in what they did to fight law enforcement on my behalf, when my penis hurts, the Celebrities and media get what is coming to them, when my bottom hurts, I trashed the narcissism platform built up for male population trading gimmicks. I am not suggesting I am innocent in the matter, just pointing out the cause and the ways I warned them about my limits, the ways I asked them to cease running it off when I am engaged with the work environment, which had failed to secure their attention, to the effect that they did it again and a crowd gathers to take advantage which was made up of ex-convicts and current criminals, especially considering their history as popular twats in the world of society miscreants, whilst the business of the abuses beating me down in my bed whenever they got up on public media to facilitate it over a history of feeling like they wanted to go back home on arriving at the Office in 10 minutes, due to the need to trash my career running off National Media statements that I am good for fighting people on the streets to help them feel important, a finance market corruption that they can never resist, is set to play into the hands of the other git who was working me for homelessness at the local council over claims that I committed social security fraud. In the end it is the same business of converting the public work I had done well into a means by which society miscreants got to bully me from a safe distance with a media job and we are now at crunch point on the immoral society gimmicks, so I am not innocent in the matter at all – like we know they suggested what provokes them the most about me is that I am said to have won a great battle whilst I am a little pipsqueak that could never have achieved such a thing, of which I could never make sense of what their stupidities and its German influence gimmicks were referring to, if the point was that what I did to keep society miscreants from my career and finances provoked them over claims I own a great battle but they were covering their backside with it at the same time, such that they arrived at a point where  they had trashed it so badly with practical jokes and labels that were being placed on me, that covering their backside with it meant digging deeper, so they had arrived at the stage where they required my privacy to build restaurants because they expected that they had busy lives and as soon as they were done with their stupidities the outdoor feeding environment needed to be good enough for an appetite, this being the funny bits, the serious bit is when the abuses continued whilst it issued threats at me because it ended up annoying its stupidities as well. These activities are said to be an obsession with security service work I understand but from what I can see, it is a process of working to be able to punish public security operatives that did not allow them take advantage of the job, whilst ensuring the same were trapped in a situation where they had to do their own jobs anyway, corrupts everything so badly that people cannot see what they were doing with a profession.

There is huge wonder as per the way I am able to make sense of these matters but it is no mystery, we know there is public leadership, there is professional leadership, there is interest group leadership which is largely voluntary and several other arrangements that were not necessarily as important or carried as much weight as interest group leadership, before we got to their immoral society gimmicks which was recognised solely because there was a crowd following attached to it, it will not cease running me down, making a mess of my career profile for the gimmicks, arriving at this stage where the big wigs who think they are famous, had come to play as well, no chance then that it will all stop very badly as such. Whenever people had succeeded in making sense of what they were saying, I did not think it was okay to get others caught up in it anyways, but I reckon even so that most people cannot tell what they were doing making sense of it or how low a social disposition was needed indeed to make sense of what they were saying in the first instance. Its vileness is such that it needed to be said that 10 soldiers were asked to defend 200 persons and they would have preferred those 200 persons to come to harm by means of their actions displaying such intention, by saying that if there were people that decided how much food, clothing and equipment the soldiers needed, there will be social issues built up for the jobs those people did and it would be used to corrupt that job every day on Media. They even suggest that they were immoral society big wigs that did better than me in life, whilst we were solving this problem where I needed to break it down to sections where as some of the parts I mentioned above, whenever it brings up that point about my age, so that its criminals may get involved with my affairs and it could put the labels on for its abusive stupidities, there was a specific form of punishment that I could attend to all of the time over it – overall however, the only way that they did better in life was to collect pocket money from characters with spare cash who obviously made money by doing less work and therefore ended up with a wondering mind, facilitating the sales army gimmicks they wanted to build because such individuals enjoyed seeing members of the public dance around a pain, acting like they were the only people who peddled cliches, cliches where the suggestion I had won a fight provoked them and the suggestion they were so dissatisfied they needed to do their own public security provoked them, claiming they were the people who held the financial power, whilst the business of making the abusive statement that I was good for getting into a fight with people on the streets to help them feel important, has already shown them that each time I complained about their gimmicks as well, I was not necessarily the innocent party.

They claim eventually this was a matter of getting around to the part where I had to stand up for my career specifically. There is however nothing wrong with my career, it is simply being eclipsed by other people’s practical jokes that involved the fact they were men with a need to handle people who wanted nothing to do with them, picking up my career publicity to make their own gimmicks. Then they claim it was largely a matter of German influence activities about which I am suffering a lot and such a claim not being linked to reality, the truth of it is that they bang walls and doors, whilst an idiot watches me on CCTV to link it up to my person, then takes the step to ensure what I did to push back was ineffective, not enough to distract me from the career, so the Media and celebrities joined in. The idea I am in a lot of trouble with them is utter rubbish, I mean they are not so keen on the gimmick where I walked down the streets and some woman with her mental illness crosses over from the other side of the road, just to get involved with my personal space abusively, as part of something they were doing as a community to attack anything that suggested I am a person and was linked up to nature like a human being should be – not clear if they felt that I should not be linked up at all but we know that it builds up to a sense I ought to lose my life, that they had to run a global campaign to stay alive by linking up racism and police brutality to my career with the help of media and celebrity, everybody knows how badly it will progress if I got interested in the matter and intended to get physical for it too. They do also claim it goes deeper than what I have suggested and yes it does, like each time I had established an arrangement with some people in Asia, they have had to reorganise their lives to take in the Books at the shop and it is disrupted, the work that is wasted is not counted in items it is counted as per period of time, then the reasons they did it were many but one was inescapable i.e. the need to get off exercising violence and sex on women – so I decided that they ought to end up in a situation that got them fighting communists who shared their point of view all of the time; it is now bad enough for a bunch of idiots who have not lost the bully personality they picked up at school, to keep away from me at this stage but they did not because they possessed big egos and a media salvation. As for the intention to violence, that may continue until they ended up annoying their stupid selves as well, issuing the stupid cliches in my face in public, getting accustomed to something. In the end I am not working intellectual property administration with multinational companies anymore, I am deploying my mind to do this, which had influenced their stupid minds into a state where they could say that my existence provoked them with a big mouth, so we are doing it never the less, the war it blabs constantly, as stupidly as possible, even though I know my mind should not be deployed for these kinds of purposes but I have enjoyed their battle of the sexes narcissism being displayed on mainstream and social media everyday, especially in the Middle East and South America, we probably need to push it further and I can see the way they ran their families being something I could not live with too.

The suggestion I was being allowed to get accustomed to what I am doing by authorities that should know better, just as much as they claim that my reasons for responses they had experienced were not good enough. I am not allowed to get accustomed to anything here, just the gimmicks to do with abuses it performed over a sense it was entitled to insult, run me down, handle my career publicity for its gimmicks and get its hands on my finances if it could – so far the outcome is that whatever gangs it belonged to have been asking it to sort it out or face consequences and it needed to build communities that fingered my bum, the next time I lose my temper of their stupidities, I will work on the basis that the way their parents ran their families was dissatisfactory. As for the matter of my reasons, it was a case of the way that it would do anything that it thought it needed to do, to get imagination between my bum cheeks if it desired me for whatever reason it did, it is like something they need to achieve, a hearts desire that had to be fulfilled – so it gets into trouble with the gangs that back it up, gets into trouble with the law and the next time I lose my temper, I will see this fact that not enough had died to convince it of where it needed to stop, will propel me to think that the way their parents ran their families, should be part of my list of consequences too.

The claim this was all punishment for the way I lived disgracefully is well understood but it is not in my view, it is just a reality where their idiocy got them into a position where they were completely out of their depth – I mean it wants to control my existence, wants to make use of my personality and does nothing about the criminals that follow it around to make use of it too, whilst I am, shows up at University to finger my bum and has been ripping and tearing the writing career thereafter. The narcissism never ends especially on the radio waves, I was a character whose personality should be moulded into something that helped to deal with racism and showed them whom to vote for at the polls without enjoying any benefits that may have been the results of being such a personality, I have been pursuing  career profile for a period of time and it actually belonged to a white person or the US President and perhaps they might even sell it to a celebrity when I had been disposed, on and on and on, the radio wave lesbians could not get anymore violent over it everyday for 2 decades. It wants to control my existence which it is now allowed to but needs to give me three hours before and after bedtime in return for what must be one of its greatest ideas. In the end the lip flapping is all very good but the only reasons it is able to avoid the tummy issues associated with its lifestyle was due to the backing of the immoral society, I mean, it could have been worse that we were dealing with a bunch of idiots with a need to talk around looking for trouble and no plans to find it, just screw with peoples lives thereof, came to a lot of money having never done a days work in their lives but all we have at this stage is just the laziness and the society abuses and it only works if I did not attack their outdoor activities – which if I did would lead to a major commitment to see it through, in the sense that it is the most comprehensive way to remind myself that they were the only people who showed up at University to finger bums and continued to build that stupid crowd mentality lasciviousness atmosphere over me every time they saw me in public place, with a big mouth. I am not trapped with them either, it is a matter of being caught up with immoral society whilst those who got me caught up with it did not fancy what I did about the way it harmed my interests, it is now progressing on the basis of their gits walking down the streets like they wanted to look for trouble but did not want to find it at my expense, into something that meant that since it was largely a matter of being able to say that it built this abusive society and issues threats for the way it affected my tummy because it was making statements about the importance of popular culture, that the business of shoving in my face on the streets, that it wanted to be like its famous gits will be the source of all problem, which it actually is considering I am not affected by the abuses like people who wanted to be like their celebrities and I am not keeping the experience as well. It continues to speak of threats over the smell associated with what the criminals that took to what it wants to do with my personality did with my tummy and if it acted on it, I will have to do something that showed these idiots what I am really like, plan devised to put a stop to the practical jokes permanently. So far the Celebrity support they got is really all about their need to forge alliance with people born under certain dangerous birth signs that enjoyed fighting the authorities and law enforcement, speaking of a sense that I am a foreign entity, whilst it is a matter of showcasing how much they enjoyed the anal sex they spoke of, their Celebrities having turned the process into something that defined my personal life whilst wanting to be the people who got into a personal relationship with me, hence the claim I lived disgracefully,  produced an outcome where I had to count up the ingredients, whilst it clings to my asset derivates by copying my clients with insults about its ideas on the way I should exist and the German influence abuses that left me feeling flustered, such as the way the financial market had been affected, the way real estate had been affected and the way the high street had been affected and hand it to the Police and the idea there was a way it was all my fault, making for amusement they enjoyed. It was entirely normal, the thing about youths with a need to say I had to do something that would qualify me to get in league with them, building crowd mentality and attacking people but in this case they had realised they were more important and I needed to get into a fight with people on their behalf, it has been a 20 year career mess here, always so incredibly abusive of them, thoroughly modern with an entitlement to handle others, built me a profile for the insults and got accustomed to it, now it had a media presence to fool around with too – I mean I have issued the warning that they have had it for long enough as such but it continues to underestimate how far I will go when the need to build the stupid atmosphere of lasciviousness behind me, to work with their blame culture and crowd mentality, churning my tummy and issuing threats when it had annoyed itself as well, when it does produce an outcome where I was physically handled, it will never stop until their practical jokes did the way I wanted it to.

I am told I never settle the birth sign reading issues properly but there is nothing much to settle of it, just the idea that when people rip up my finances to control me and got in league with birth signs that were more dangerous, they would gain protection from me as well and have it all. They are learning things they knew nothing of on this matter, where apparently Scorpios were whole people and will not likely take up one aspect of their personality that enjoyed taking so much risk with other people’s safety and wellbeing whilst it emersed itself in the obscurity at other peoples lives, worked immoral society and engaged everybody with sex work politics, after grooming itself to a point where it was immune to its effects, lip flapping of the way other people smelled, interfering with law enforcement and building up as much social corruption as possible because they were useless people most of the time, to such an extent that they faced a survival problem, hence they are usually likely to be able to stand up for themselves as well. This other nonsense where the way I stood up for myself was shared with them as a method of manipulating me, is that which I needed to get better and better at dishing out punishment for – I mean weeks before I wrote this, we were now where near the current condition of taking up an issue with the narcissism trading gimmicks, the famous and the abusive shop keepers, we have now reached a point where it might as well be the future. It does love to boast all the time about the ways we Librans were other peoples door mat, currently when my bottom hurts I attack the narcissism trading gimmicks, when my penis hurts I attacked the famous, when my head hurts I attack their interference with law enforcement, when there are insults that draw on my age to put labels on me I have at this stage not yet developed an attack process for but I know when I am sore all over they lost or I damaged the abusive middle management jobs, chances are that it will as they say, build up to the whirlwind and then when I kicked off, I will look like I had stopped because I was actually determined to get them and if they enlisted help from the Politicians it would pay off, considering it will not heed the warning that it had enjoyed for long enough, the stupid crowd mentality based violent lusciousness that is built into an atmosphere over me, which they can handle for purpose any time they wanted with nothing preventing them from exploiting my so called obscurity problems. Never is it clear why they leave their own birth signs to show up here making a mess for me all the time but the publicly displayed happiness is meant to feed into the narcissism that Media facilitates – so I now had to work on the business of the way that Scorpios are usually counterfeit Pisces when they engaged in security service work and when they are not, were best suited for sex work, because the Pisces had so little tolerance for others making a mess of my affairs that people thought we did not make good partners due to the trust issues i.e. I would say we needed to eat, she would be thinking we needed to attack some society gits and then I will drag her kicking and screaming to the dinning table all the time, on the other hand which we know the supposition Pisces have that all they needed could be found in the life of a Libra if they looked is usually true, so they hated when people made a mess of it – it is not to say that we did not make good couples, just the part where her position was such that the aspect of my social outlook where I did not wish to live in a world where my local school teacher was homeless and local criminal’s wife lived in a mansion would have become the core of the relationship. The other birth signs are always doing stupid things with my concerns to make money, always leaving their own to show up and mess with the Scorpio, Virgo, Libra trio thing all of the time and the last of their gimmicks I would tolerate is the part where Celebrities have torn up my Book sales, breached my patents, burned my crime control publicity after making money off the part where I mitigated the abuses of the Scorpios because it covered their backside when they appeared on the red carpet, in order to access organised crime products and turned up forging an alliance with Scorpios to get what they want off me if I resisted them, it is the last of the nonsense I will tolerate from famous people. They do claim it was strange the way we were in charge but not in charge whilst it was easier for everybody if people kept to what they knew and ceased making everything complicated for other people but then again, assessing from the way they were willing to build me a 20 year career mess, doing stupid things with my concerns and displaying it on media to make money, I say they were capable of maintaining a sustained period of pretending they knew about something they did not. The so called difficult situation I must have ended upostly a matter of the way that everything they have done is a product of strange abusive activities that were devised to operate on the basis that the Monarchy had changed hands to a new Monarch – so normally we should have been working with a situation in which we did not get involved with the Media because when it suggests that we were being holier than thou and would likely have responded just as violently and criminally as the criminals had, it is actually buttering the people it is talking to, for any instances it might want to cling to the finances and forge and alliance with the criminals to make its needs operable, what we are doing instead is the more complicated option of being caught up with the Media, so it was so distracting that we could not concentrate on what we were doing, if we spent energy to get it under control we would have no time to concentrate either way, this was the great idea apparently. I am supposed to have ended up in a complicated situation because they had run off this nonsense at my expense for 20 years during the reign of the previous Monarch and I am not prepared to tolerate another period of time for it to pass on as the new reign progressed into the future, it was warned about this and about my position during the whole succession process, the coronation and ceremony to no avail, now it had a real job to do. On the matter of whether they were in control or I was, I believe I am as most of their activities only had more to do with revenge due to the fact I had done public work to get the violent orthodoxy they used to push younger people into criminal activity under control, likewise their need to handle other peoples careers on the basis of their obscurity problems – since I completed that work, it appears the business of using my public image to get them chasing their lives so that they may be prone to sexual context insults as well, had provoked the celebrities well enough for a 7 years campaign to concert my public work into a never ending crisis for me, considering they were handling my public profile as a major tool for their finance market fraud fame the entire time, their position which I take full responsibility considering the damage they had done to my finances prior. It beats my imagination for what the idea all I did ended up in the hands of international gits and terrorists was worth, that people who claimed to be this clever were unable to figure out that if my activities were meant to keep criminal interest out of my concerns and they had converted it into a means for superiority, whereby they were engaged in dangerous activities to which effect they left people high and dry somewhere as a method and ascertaining the level of security that is best fitting for my physical prowess and my size, people were going to get hurt or killed, I simply need to pursue their desire to pick up my career publicity for their own gimmicks, up to the point where I got them to fool around somewhere else – I am not in any difficulty and I am not sad as suggested, it was a matter of whether I thought a social vacuum built up behind my career to create a sense that I had failed to pursue an important thing that was linked to a social profile, which could be deployed to make money through show business was my concern and my concern alone or whether I thought it was a job that I needed to concern myself with but ultimately we know they raised an issue about living disgracefully and their poof needs to shout down the abusive crowd mentality lasciviousness atmosphere that has been built over me for their society stupidities to play with it or I will shut it down and their children being too afraid to attend school, could easily be one of the consequences and easily could it be the least of their problems.

There is a residual sense that I am vulnerable to Celebrities and in the sense that it hears me talk, gets out of its work place and get on the streets to trash my Bookshop, which it succeeded in doing. It is the same story about what is now a question of what it will take to get the point to the famous clearly, that the best way forward for everybody at this point, was an eventuality in which their careers were completely detached from mine, something they have failed to adhere to naturally and I am set to enforce without consultation as well. Here the question is more a matter of what they expected me to do, if it turned out that I had written a Book and they had organised their career to interfere with the ways that the public engaged with it, save a result where I trashed and got rid of their career over the incessant insults some of which were their favourites because it put them in charge of my affairs. Generally it has never been a problem when they were running off the insults to a point where they claimed I was being disrespectful, everybody knows the respect issues was the main thing that brought us to this point and the society friends were well aware there was no need to keep talking nonsense about ways I ought to walk down the streets because their children were dangerous, if they had failed to raise the children properly, they should have taken the children into care etc. The interest in me has always been opportunistic, began with a gimmick where I was out building myself a career profile and they were ought working instances where all I did with it ended up somewhere around a red button they can push to befriend big companies, then it progressed to a matter of handling me because they needed to become personal friends with the guests that they met to facilitate connections for their children, beyond this I was randomly being punished for disrespecting wealthy people, so this business of interfering with public interest in my Books was that which I intended should be the last, when it does boast about tackling me, I wonder for its lack of respect for what I did for a living whilst it complained about any responses on my part, what it thought would be the best course of action in my position, I personally am now clear I have had enough of their insults and there is simply just way too much of it. We are told the made a point about the way state provided security provoked them which made no sense whatsoever but I never liked talked about it because the reality was more a matter of their friends in the US security services working so much corruption and incompetence that they had arrived at a stage where the need to rip and tear my patents and Books, created a result where criminals used the publicity that was the corruption of my patents, to make money, hence where the who, what, where issues kicked off in earnest – even then I had some Celebrities that I grew up with always supporting my position in the matter and do not recall exactly what encouraged the rest to get involved with my affairs, claiming my involvement with these particular group of Celebrities must have invited their stupidities in some way. There is the other point raised about the way I ran my affairs which was never complicated as such: a matter of intellectual property administration and their need to pursue my private equity assets, access the Households and drain the finances from it, coming up with excuse after excuse that Washington was going to support them for, I mean at this stage I had built up equity and products that will help to baby sit the wealthy gits who played a part in these matters and they were complaining about spending a fortune on a structure that was set out to allow mistresses and socialites work with me over my career profile, make money which they spent in a way that was economically sensible, I need to devise equity and products for people that will help me baby sit the famous next. The ultimate excuse was this nonsense where state provided security provoked them and if there was anything occurring between myself and the famous in an unusual way, I can guarantee it would have been a product of the way this stupid claim fed into the way they ran me down whenever I engaged with the work market, at this stage which I can no longer access my history at the security industry because they were borrowing it, the hell that broke lose when I got on UTube to pick up what younger people were doing to make the most of it and live in better neighbourhoods, the way it fed into those insults that an Arch Prince was supposed to get into a fight with people on the streets to enhance the sense that their insolent stupidities were important people – the way it fed into the conundrum of having to be rude in order to get by whilst I am a Hermit (all in the narcissism apparently, claiming that I may have published a Book but I would need to be famous to publish a Book in the first place, runs it off, like it runs me down and at the point where I had become famous, the Book was damaged, the problem now being that I never paid attention to it knowing what it is and it had since resorted to doing physical damage). It is then suggested that if contingencies were considered, with respect to people fooling around with my career, I did not have half as much of a chance to respond as I would lead people to believe that I had. I could never tell anyway since the only contingencies here were the stupidities it worked with my jobs market history, clinging to my career profile to make money, first because it was a rude idiot and I was not, thereafter over claims that I am a coward and its stupidities added up to bravery. I take up work in a factory and the radio wave lesbians will not stop once, I take up door to door sales and the whole time will be spent fingering my bum in the neighbourhoods, I take up security work and it begins with a gimmick where they show up to play with the job and ends with a gimmick where another group of fools who complained everyday provided them with a Media presence that nobody paid the famous stupidities to provide, so each time I am seen doing anything with career and finance, their stupidities will follow me around from a safe distance, to seek out the narcissism that can be gain from these. I understand the premise that is built up by another group of idiots in government buildings, who simply had to spend public funds helping these gits to raise money that helped them buy private security because they could not stand up for themselves when others responded to a provocation they caused most of the time, of which none knows why they felt they had to do it, decide I was the person doing something wrong for defending myself, so they found the opportunities that have helped them pursue me everywhere with their gimmicks to build this 20 year career mess, arriving at this stage where the other twat at the council is working me for homelessness, turned the time on social security into claims I was committing fraud and therefore a career problem in its own right, about which I wish to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes for their case too. I do not see the contingencies here that have produced results where my warnings have failed to deter them as such. The most contentious part of this nonsense being the way that people felt they always had to be so abusive and disrespectful of how they handled my person and property because they were political scum, whilst the other group of idiots who were scum about which somebody got out of bed everyday to cut enforcement corners on their behalf were thought to be famous idiots, so they picked up everything I did with publishers, to show up on red carpet as a tool for answering questions associated with the way their personal decisions had affected their stupid personal lives, the society miscreants benefitting the most from claims I am the one doing the wrong thing because it showed up at mine to fool around with my career until its stupidities had to catch its breath, then found something of a generic provocation I could be accused of, to create the idea it was all my fault, which the other three fools got along with. So in terms of how it stops we know they had no discretion naturally and I suppose it makes sense to paint a picture where the source of all stress and illness here was abusive violence from a safe distance executed by famous idiots whose needs I had failed to comply with, I suppose I could hide this fact until I met with them over it and then it will show up at the law courts if I committed murder but on the whole it has been able to make sense of damage done to my income if it continued to pick up what I did with my publishers as a tool for red carpet self-reinvention – there is nothing whatsoever they did with media which led to the truth in anyway as such last we checked, the social media and mainstream media profile met and it was all lies, not clear then why it had much to do with my Books everyday but it had since entered into a phase where it lip flaps its gimmicks as per in terms of existing contingencies, I never had a chance. The rest were a group of fools who make out that my lack of response for the abuses and a need to get a low life that had nothing to lose banging walls and doors on my health, was the main point at which I did not have a chance but it is necessarily my fault that I had failed to see them for what they really are, the stupid gossiping atmosphere that hangs over me whilst they clung to my career profile and maintained it with crowd mentality, making me sick in the stomach and looking like they had annoyed their stupid self with the smell it caused and the way their famous gits used it for economic abuses on realising the damage they had done here, the question they had to answer was one pertaining to reasons their stupidities embarked on it in the first place all together: stopping it apparently was not a matter of a process where lip flapping how I could be relied upon to fight for their stupidities, they could not cut it out, so I had to cut it out for them. I mean contending with Celebrities for my income margins and another group of idiots had built a profile to lay waste everything I did with it because they hated celebrities, so at some stage it became amusing, shooting off the good looks big mouth that contingencies suggested I did not have a chance. It makes a lot of sense when they got off suggesting that I did not like to live in the UK as much as I wanted people to believe I did, reality however being that they did not get along with society but were such a bunch of entitled gits, eventually the juxtaposition is that the only way I would get to see things from their point of view, will be instances where a high maintenance woman that people could not have enough taking advantage of was homeless, it does not mean what I am doing is wrong but if they had to ensure the world revolved around them at my expense by making out what I am doing is wrong, they will do it every day. The other big mouth gits will then get off an angle with the sense it was about a result where I got to comply with what Americans wanted me to do – reality being that it is always abusive of them and apparently when the insults and a need to pick up my career publicity for it, had arrived at an agreeable point, I got to do what they wanted: such that whilst people turned up near my Office and public profile to chase my careers in the business world because they thought it helped them clarify what they were doing and spend their money in a way that made economic sense, it will show up to, to get rich by avoiding work, therefore play up the communism – democracy card at me and run off sex work politics on my career profile, ripping and tearing and rubbing it in my face when it is not complaining about me too. Obviously the one that works sex work Politics on my career profile and runs off Communism-Democracy gimmicks at me, had nothing to do with my person and my Office, save when it shoots off its big mouth about making me do things, it was one of those instances where it was likely to become clear that when it does stop its nonsense, most of the time, it did because it messed with somebody it should not have. Some people have suggested I have been seen making something of it which I have – I mean in terms of telling it off a million times, about ripping my finances with the geopolitics and the communism democracy gimmicks which is really the domain of security services who had the training, tools and equipment to do anything about whatever it is was happening between communism and democracy, to no avail – so we are heading towards a result where I will not like it to trash the money market, high streets and real estate at my expense anymore, to mention a few and I will seek a way to collect its daily affairs, business, industry, show business and hand it to the security services with a warning that they could get it back if they thought they had the guts. I mean history is that pushing them into such a difficult position they were hurting each other on the streets had been taken care off, my finances had been delayed and they were allowed to build up a social profile to handle me, therefore I am now finished and done for. They do suggest it would be a difficult feat to accomplish which it would not in anyway, the cause of all the problems were faced currently was their disrespect – even during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, HM wishes about me were never respected, they have now achieved something of a result where it is suggested that contrary to a process of working to manage the issue of monsters that the system had created because some people had decided to join in with the armed forces rather than suffer harm through it, I am stuck somewhere completely inconsolable that armed forces decisions had hurt people, which is incredibly stupid. Same as the story that my career had stagnated because Americans had seen to it that I did not make progress, was nice to see there were people who could handle me – utter nonsense too, I planned to run off this business of shadows built up behind my career that people could corrupt and run show business with into something of a crisis for the show business industry itself, at which point I would swoop in and save the day, should I not get credit for doing so, then it would be an immensely satisfying experience, should I get the credit for achieving such a thing, then there would be popular belief I had ended up with a career profile which I did not deserve, to which effect the entire process would have be repeated. They speak of the way I am doing this from social security but this was due to a problem their other gits at the Government felt that they had a need to create – impossible to see how people were supposed to get off social security if right after the prevalent career problems were resolved, the time spent on social security became the career problem itself, should I fail to respond, they will persist for much longer than they should, should I respond the idea would be created that I was working the system in my interest, planned to spend the rest of my life living on it. These are supposed to be a bunch of gits who ran off the gimmicks that helped their show business goons to corrupt the security services, so the prevalent state of affairs is that each time I am sore all over due to the sheer number of society miscreants taking part in the nonsense they had built, their friends will not be working HMRC for Celebrities, they will be losing the middle management jobs until the local government office twats lost their own too (since the financial complications should have been settled around 24 months after I had all the other career problems resolved, it appears that the fooling around has now stopped the way that I would prefer it to and we are simply now waiting for the results to take public effect).


We had to listen to that nonsense extensively where the claim is made that but for support at the Monarchy and an ability to talk, their children would be far superior. I could never tell anyway, all very well the stupid gimmick where telling people what I did for a living meant they got off an abusive tantrum in which they claimed I had invented a career that will ruin their neighbourhoods by getting me attacked on the street – since they do not themselves want a stupid profile that matches the social activities of criminals, creates a vacuum behind what they did for a living which others can deploy to make money by avoiding work and to pursue show business, being groomed into a character that did not like to get out of bed and pursue a job which leaves me with the abdominal pain all day, their celebrities picking up a public profile that is not their own to make show business after which on being able to buy private security, they become bullies, so it is not clear why one had been built for me and run off all the way to the Monarchy but I believe I have in my own right made it clear that it is incredibly stupid. It is nothing but lazy people saying that the jobs at the work market needed to be modified to ensure it was sweeter for them to engage with, but I do not know why it loved to raise the point about superiority in my direction either way. We know it is worse than this most of the time and since they would not like their reality to take such a form as what I have described above, built up to worry me on the basis they were lazy people trying to make money by avoiding work, thought they were superior whilst all they had was a business of being so well seasoned in the immoral society gimmicks that it no longer made them feel sick to the stomach and I am the one with a community that is built to finger my bum, it would make sense for it to cease targeting me; the more serious part being that they had progressed on to abusing peoples privacy, that once they made some money, others were not allowed to do a job, raise some savings to say they can stand up to society abuses and follow the job as a routine, it is always difficult, tough, complicated, socially despondent because of them and things change about other people’s jobs every day, all happening when they did not have to worry about money so much. Always suggesting I tended to get off describing the way they lived as a method of self-validation – utter nonsense naturally as the purpose of this gimmick is to say that it could handle my property whilst I could not handle its own, especially in terms of income streams and market, hence the superiority point made – no idea how it is made if I am the one with the method and social profile which brings about results where it did not take a Law Court for an unusual involvement in my affairs to be expensive for those who did it. Needs to take the hint that if it was complaining about me, especially the famous, having spent over 80% of its professional energy bullying me which I am not giving back, should I drive a wedge between those stupid neighbourhoods and the City, I will make a massive contribution to their wealth and social inequality problems, it needs to cease stifling my Bookshop. The self flattery is that I had been misjudged, but I did not think any of these character were important enough, like the way they were able to distract people from career and daily concerns, for me to be misjudged, in essence, they have not got it. they have simply nosed around enough to take up the unsavoury aspects of my daily and long term schedule to display on Media for controversy that assists their stupidities whenever they were staring at market telemetry, not enough to say I needed to assess that I had been misjudged, so they had to assist themselves with their gits in the neighbourhoods who were the mother of all stress, on the basis that other people were cowards. It does lip flap that talking the way I did was likely to get me into more trouble, whilst the only trouble it could muster, like it suggests I am the worst possible thing for women to get into a relationship with, was to make a mess of security services until somebody got killed that is. It is here said that people thought I was in the wrong but am the victim. I must say that I am not the classic victim for my part as such – what has happened is a case of celebrities, as part of a process of getting peoples careers inundated with civil rights problems that benefitted their criminal and quasi criminal friends, burned up my crime control publicity to engage with the organised crime products that people wanted to sell and now they were spending a fraction of private security they purchased from money made by getting up my public profile without permission and uninvited, to attack me – outcome being a bunch of ageist idiots who loved to abuse peoples privacy, strewn it on the streets for hoodlums to fool around with and building societies that finger peoples bottoms, taking an interest in my bedroom, bathroom and everywhere else where I took my clothes off for personal or even health reasons, then building an addiction to the way that I took care of myself which they linked it to the society that fingers my bum due to their greed, the same platform that causes the friends of the famous to burn up whole streets doing riots of which we do not know why that being the history they were so complicit with that, that the part where the idiots got to read birth signs in order to make their gimmicks as violent for victims as possible was being displayed on public media as a main part of their greedy self-exhibitionist jobs every day, whilst even those who created it did not even get the opportunity to show it on the streets everyday all together. It had to keep me down after being stupid enough to start something like this and has not figured out how to get about stopping it as well whilst it became increasingly uncomfortable, arriving at this point where it corrupts the public work I did well, turned it into a tool by which a bunch of low lives can be used to place a wedge between me and them, so that each time I am provoked by the famous stupidities, I would commit a crime against a nobody and lose everything, then cling to my income margins to claim that I did not deserve it because I had done nothing brave enough to suggest that I deserved it, going around in circles every day. So I am not the classic victim as such, people suggested those claims I organised my career to make them take more risks with personal safety had made sense, so I let it run like it does endlessly on public media every day, to achieve the current society condition that they now experienced – here the suggestion being that it was difficult to make out how I planned to get out of it whereas it was simple enough for their stupidities to cease making a Bookshop controversial before I had to make it less controversial at their expense, we know the bigger picture to be what we saw at the ports, goods in goods out going all over the world, the idea when a criminal is stopped somebody did it was mired in controversy, if they were complaining on National media, everybody knew it was easier if they ceased activities which made the fact criminals are stopped by people who worked public security, controversial. It is supposed to be a bunch of individuals so stupid that they had earned the right to discriminate against others and wanted the government to prevent other people discriminating against them, such a demand was so important and so sensible it was to a point of public crisis, eventually arriving at the idea there was nothing I could do whilst we know their gimmicks were a thing about controlling people: will use the sex industry to attack security service staff that did not go about with what its famous stupidity wanted and those who did had their jobs so badly corrupted that they were unable to see what they were doing with their own livelihood, getting on my nerves as it was rather clear I do not perform public work with their resources, cannot make out why it is converted into a mountain of problems from thin air and do not write their Books around here, cannot see why it should be turned into a tool for beating me down, if they were not paid to start a fight in the first instance, now mired in a gimmick where each time I want to get my hands on the Celebrity career as well, it was possible to get a low life that had nothing to lose for me to commit a crime by all day long and yet the behaviour is repeated again and again. The insults being the source of all the problems we faced, we know there was no reason or purpose to it all together, typical scenario being that it will get in league with criminals and the security service staff that got hurt because it did, would make a comment about how after the damage caused, they will be off pursuing the same activity. We know there was nothing particular which was said to them in such an instance, we know there was nothing said to them provocatively in such an instance we also know that there was enough problems for everybody because it was said, that they were provoked to a point of National crisis on Media because it was said. Showing up here to hijack my schedule and on knowing what the effect of its stupidities were, resorts to economic abuses and a community that fingered my bum. At the time they claimed I had organised my career to make them take more risks with personal safety, compared to the fact that the way I set out facts in my writing and content in my Books are now laced with their gimmicks, in a scenario where communists were willing to buy and read the Books too like everybody else, about which I issued the endless warnings concerning their abusive gimmicks and that performed by their lesbians who are now not as tough as they originally claimed while my finances lie in ruins over the actions of their corrupt security service friends, I actually never did (as I mentioned, I am not classic victim, they are far from famous, it is all a show of what can occur when involvement was no longer expensive for their insults and addiction sociopathy, all utter scum and I am not the one cutting the corners in the matter). I am told it is suggested I am the worst thing for women to get into a personal relationship with but I would be if my social profile was hijacked to make sense of things I did to ensure those who hijacked it did not get to take advantage of me – I could never make sense of what is bothering them anyway, like how having their privacy abused by those who wanted to take advantage of them would lead to riots but they were complicit with any that happened to me, clinging to my income streams to claim I am too much of a coward to deserve it, like things whose problems are resolved when they were faced with a violent situation only. Then there is this part about my personal life as well, since it had not learned to stay away from something that is clearly the worst thing for its wife and daughters to get involved with, having spent my teenage years fighting the ageist gits just waiting to take advantage of me when parents had hands-off and I needed to find my way around the work market, I am now stuck with a bunch of gits who complained about the problem and caused me to take so much risk with myself, deciding that they were going to get up my public profile to get paid for being popular and spend a fraction of the funds they spent on private security buying the security that would attack me for exactly the same purposes, so it was rather clear that of the three tiers to my public profile, they enjoyed getting people to make sense of me in terms of the aspects I carried out to ensure that they did not take advantage of me, I planned to keep it that way and they needed to get lost. I mean we have ended up with such a massive gap between the wealthy and the poor, in a system where if people ran out of money, the jobs at the work market were a perfectly sound option, not at if every poor person was in prison last we checked as such, we have ended up with a gap after they trashed the economy, I mentioned something about putting out equity that got poor people involved with the stock market and so we have ended up with Crypto currency instead. There is the question of what exactly they were after, but it is the old story of wanting to be business tycoons with none of the talent, willingness to work and take the necessary risks, so it needs to handle somebody else’s property equity and get an idiot with money who loved to spend money in such ways and on such things to bankroll it. Where they then say that I am attacking Celebrities, which I am as it needs to cease stifling my Bookshop, needs to keep its mouth shut as the readers were listening to its fake news and its stupidities instead of me, each time they engaged, therefore I am not getting paid and cash strapped, going on to suggest the disrespect was occurring on my part with more and more excuses being made up for the way that its sociopath tendencies had developed – used to be expensive when a bunch of idiots were born under an astrological sign which propelled them to investigate law enforcement and make a mess of anything they found, mock law enforcement for the for the frustration and suggest that any Police brutality was linked to a career they envied, it never stopped picking up my public profile to get paid for being popular whilst building one for these idiots when it is not enough spend my public profile on the idiots themselves to complain about the way crime affected its stupidities and its hurting bottom was somebody else’s responsibility. It is not unusual just when it brings up the point about my personal relationships that it needs to keep its big mouth away from like it should my Books as well; it is the nature of addiction; to create a problem, find people who possessed the solutions, spend the solutions on themselves and keep the problem going, to maintain a position at what they claimed was the top of the food chain, had no discretion and will never stop doing it in the direction of my career save I got to decide where its famous and societal stupidities stopped too. There is this idea people thought they controlled me but they really did not – it is nothing unusual as suggested, just a reality where they had found a way to get me paying attention to their petty needs and problems, such that if they had lost all methods of handling me to better themselves, they could easily rely on blame culture, easily rely on blame culture about which my penis had shrunk. It speaks of what I am after whilst I simply need to consolidate the mess they had made here in order to progress with the career but am currently stuck with a practical joke where the purpose of celebrity jobs was to get my audience listening to them whilst reading my Books, which is a prospect that produced a result in which I was not getting paid and so making this into a narcissism became a new obsession. They showed up at University for it, the part where people said it was bullying and I never talked about it as the bullying that it was but I do not feel bullied at all: they showed up at University to finger bums until I dropped out and have been making a mess for me with this outcome since –The timeline is that I dropped out in 2008, finished my Book in 2009, they had by 2012 built a profile for my Book to ensure anybody could make money from it, trashing the patents, by 2016, I had taken up various jobs in which they got to express every abusive feeling they felt towards my personality which they needed to handle and share in order to feel good – door to door sales in which I was ferried into well off neighbourhoods to be bum fingered, security in which I was also bum fingered and then made into a coward that did not deserve my career so it had to pass on to somebody else etc, all done by 2016. From 2017, what has transpired has been a result where what passed before was an outcome in which the unusual interest in my person and a need to bully my personality to feel good was explained away as a matter of my birth date, whilst what had followed up to 2023 was contrary to a process of pushing back to pay the price with my career, involvement with me was no longer expensive. Since I am a Libra, it seems that the Leos will not stop putting their abusive ego and its grandiosity in my face, Scorpio who gets the advise most of the time, to cease antagonising Libras in order to solve their problems more than Leos did, claim I am afraid of them and have not yet explained why my bottom hurts whilst their stupidities were the people investigating the Police on behalf of society, both and the other abusive birth signs will not stop just yet until this disposition became a workable profile for me – the gits who claimed I am the one doing the wrong thing say that people had died apparently, my next response will be the finale in this matter altogether, with the stupid well off neighbourhood in which they test out the outcome of their insults grooming me for homosexuality, as the centre piece.

Here it is said that as much as people did not point it out, I did not take into account the fact others were fighting for survival whenever they clashed with me but they are, I do not need to acknowledge it – usually a gimmick of abusive blackmail that was the solution for all problems and then I dropped out of University because I could not decide what my tummy did whilst it got worse and worse, even up to the point of putting labels on me and issuing threats, the entire time it had become quite obvious that it had spent 80% of its professional energy on me and that I was never going to give back as well but it behaves as if it would like to see me take up the consequences of the insults, damage to bookshop and ridicule to such an extent that I placed a wedge between their neighbourhoods and the city centre, to which effect they would end up with a wealth and social inequality problem, that can get worse if I befriended the broadcasting community on the basis of some need I had to make sense of a perverted idea that the poor could oppress the wealthy and powerful, which they would think was the worst whilst the worst would be the reasons I did it being that they were doing a good enough job with the careers they had hence the need I had to solve a problem by taking over, which job now had to be done and more so when I can, at their expense, considering we Libras did not take to well to the sufferings of other people, hence do not like wealth and social inequality in the first instance – it needs to stop stalling my Bookshop and needs to keep its imagination away from my body parts. I mean what they were playing with was something I did to entreat poorer people, considering they usually end up in the same disposition as the Celebrities who are usually the main cause of their poverty – the idea I am a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy, which boosts takings at the markets especially when Celebrities got involved to spend money, poorer people are never cruel enough to do any real damage with it and so I could trust them to make something of themselves with it – likewise I can make myself wealthy by making them characters that people bullied to befriend the famous as they have already discovered, even if when it was done to me, we were colleagues working in the same office environment and the exact Celebrity that was involved, was also involved in my case too, I could never make sense of which planet they thought they lived on, only has it become clear that the only way I am sore all over from the abuses, label placing and insults, is that they were playing stupid games with the fact some idiot was abusing my privacy, so it is logical to say that since it is the means to put the food on their tables and roof over their heads that cause me to experience such things, I ought to get rid of it, so it made sense to get rid of the middle management jobs. Point being that I am aware they are fighting for survival when they clash with me, just as they say I am such an unlikely character for the things I did, whereas it was clear that as they have brought these matters down to birth sign reading, I am a Libra and mine is the only machine in the zodiac, no idea how it meant that I ought to get bullied as people got accustomed to using my personal space for good feelings and indeed why this abuse gets more and more violent as much as it got increasingly narcissistic and eventually the treatment of my property over claims that I am a coward – so I need to make this statement that they were to keep it off the Bookshop and could keep the insults and abuses, until that is such a time as the insults and abuses had affected something incredibly important too. Like we have seen that if the idea hating me facilitated success at the market, it was something I used to entreat poorer people who were not cruel enough to drive the social narcissism, considering that they thought I enjoyed hurting myself because I believed it made the world a better place, whereas they worked so hard building up industrially manufactured structural unemployment by pushing the public to intellectual bankruptcy, which is usually expensive even when the authorities had found the jobs to solve the problem of joblessness - so since their own is a world where people did not keep careers they were not brave enough to if I make them characters that could be bullied whenever I wanted to get rich too, the results would be disastrous. In the end there is talk of my unwillingness to make a clear decision about these people but I think my decisions are good enough - like when I had decided the best response for its claims that there was a wealth sharing problem, was an outcome in which products were created to mitigate the social issues, which outcome is usually that they tended to buy the products anyway, so the famous may show up here a second time around, rip up, tear down the crime control publicity for practical jokes that will cause me a difficult time while they engaged with class A drugs, then show up to get involved with me via public media narcissism, see if my next response to this nonsense will not be the finale on a global stage.