We hear that the real issues of what bothers them in the system of a country where idiots like me can be imposed on better people by the State needs to be resolved but everybody knows what the problem was is their need to show I am so weak I can be beaten by their women and children and that if they handled me they would kill me with their bare hands otherwise popular culture ruination of my finances is the bees knees and then it gets better as they never stop stalking me to rip up my finances an ensure their stupidities that suggests they are more important is maintained and to see that when they have an opinion nobody can dispute it, which of course is really uncomfortable for me and is the reason for all their problems – we are talking about it because they are starting to clear off, we all know that you cannot decide you want nothing to do with them because you will become the new black racist as a result of that in the first place and yes talking about it does improve the situation because we are in it only because Politicians spend tax payer funds on their stupidities and talk nonsense about their rights. Now we have a public transport service that is more wonderful than ever; they actually don’t want you to know what the quickest route for you is, if it is actually cheaper , so the general idea is that when push comes to shove you are to get out of bed early to get to where they work and pay them more money than you usually should; much the same like the rest of their Country of course which is why the service fits right in, they all spend more of their time telling people what to do in this Country than they do anything else – I find a lot of people who steal these days are doing it for reason of the pressure they have to face in the sense that if a person works eight hours, seven and three quarters of it will be spent by an employer fingering his bum, so that if a shop is doing better than his employer then his employer can easily bully him until he is made to go to that shop to steal and so this turning a process where they have no clue what they are doing anymore into involvement and damage that they have come to describe as competition is also something they claim is my fault because I am insulting which means they do not accept I find their abuses very distressing and so I accept full responsibility considering the fact that it is impossible for them to actually pass an insult at me since they are older than I am is still something the fact they don’t pay my Bills cannot be reasoned with and await when I make a public life on it too.

They do say I am only starting to get a sense of how far better than me other people are, which is utter nonsense – I am only spending time finding out what it is like to be them and if somebody was spending time doing that with me, I would end up being ahead of the game every single time, not needing media to survive all together, they are better than nothing. Like that story of getting to hide my faith being a way forward which has no basis on reality that says we Christians believe living in the world is the difficult bit because it is an environment where it is not a matter of what you do but how you are doing it – hence on the judgement day however you will give an account of all that you do and so it will be a matter of how you were doing it with the time and talent that was given to you and that will be the only judgement that will ever exist; I don’t need to hide my faith from anybody. They however will say things like religion being excrement that people should simply not shove down their throats, right up to a need to round up moral people and get ahead to where they are heading in order to sit around extracting industrial espionage and conveniences from spying on them and abusing them into doing things they already do as a matter of routine which we all know what it means but never gets mentioned when we hear them complain and seek privileges of injustice from their bone headed Politicians – on the other hand however their celebrity culture and money madness and insults know no limits and we all know that somebody else thinks that is like excrement which should not be shoved down their throat as well. I however always engage them with bigger questions about the prognosis of their spread of fear being how we will then prevent Islamic extremists from doing Jihad in the UK if they are not informed it is a Christian Country bearing in mind facts such as; feeling all day like somebody had a fantasy to step on your head which was so intense that you feel him doing it and feel it happening and the reality that it is a passage of the Bible that says ‘your sons will bruise the head of the serpent and the serpent will bruise their heel ’ which they take literarily because they are supposed to and we all know mentioning it will have expressed the fact that the poor people we see are not in any way devoid of morals and religion, in fact they know everything about it but doing it brings about problems and hence they don’t like people to discuss it with them all together – which means that in actual fact, when I tell people if they wind me up I will make them hide their popular and celebrity culture and the stupid alternative lifestyles as well, it will be wise not to think I am bluffing – I don’t have to hide any faith and those who say this is not a Christian country because we have become culturally diverse are insane; they complain but are still telling these public lies all the time. I for my part get told I think talking about these matters is cheap and nobody knows why I feel that way but it is a matter of where I am and where I am is the part where what the US and the Russian Governments get up to – apparently the people who run those Countries are unaware that world war three will leave me homeless and make those wealth they have completely useless as a result of which those activities they think makes them powerful is utter rubbish and these are the two Countries therefore that are a real pain. The rest are that network of freedom lover idiots talking nonsense about the importances of activities that are meant to create a classification of which is without doubt the most powerful countries in the world and I like to refer to them as disobedient bastards.

The story about being stupid is not an emotive one; there is another similar story right beside it which does not get mentioned every single time that foolish men want to use my life and work to sort out their mess make mention of me being stupid and it’s the one where I am not their little brother that they get to deploy to make connections with the great and good; so that all I really can say about it is that they are still getting involved with me which causes damage here despite having a Court of female journalists who can actually help me sell my Books at any time but am still having financial problems due to an attitude which I by the way am not in control of, thereby creating a real problem that has to do with lack of information about the stupidities of these men and not a matter of how stupid I were all together. I don’t believe it is a problem as such; the reality behind it is that I am not their little brother that they make use of to do their connections and they do have a habit to damaging my possessions and then telling me that what they need is more important than my feelings about that damage because it may as well have been a social issue or politics, meaning they will leave me alone and they will do it their way or mine – it appears I have a problem that I need to administrate not a process where I lose all I have because absolutely everybody can beat me up as such and when finished will return to my academic work – there is no being stupid involved in it, only a massive effort to see that when I start trading at any given time my trading account will read zero because people have needs and will get it from me and there is a price and they are brutal people and I have no feelings which even if I did there was nothing I could do and the damage therefore excused again and again and again.

The story of what Politicians will now do as the brave ones, about extremism is nothing unusual; it always starts with a case of claims all I own and do is taken from them and then those who need my work will wait while they interfere and eventually ask them to deliver what is clearly their responsibility, with the result that they then claim I pick up things which are not my authority and then I do them and must be made to wait and get held down somewhere financially until Politicians are done with their foolishness they claim is seeking power and turn up at my Literary Empire to take it over and do it – so what their new bravery is and the insults of their media and society fools who announce it, is no mystery, it would be nice if they did tell me things I never knew considering they have been playing these games for the best part of the last years on a daily basis. We do hear the story that my sins need to be counted  too, which makes no sense whatsoever, although they claim it does in terms of what I do to ensure I create something extremists can finish up, whereas in actual fact what happens is that I am a Christian and very unlikely to think Buddhism is the Bees Knees and whilst that is not a problem for me or for Buddhists, the problem we have is that every media and fame fool that wants to turn out on media to abuse me and have things he does not normally get to have, will easily love to travel off to the eastern world where he can find religion that will give him a will  and when it happens so many times and I make my case – and set out the part where all it does achieve is the part about letting goons mix their stupidities really badly and turn out in public to ensure it is a part of everybody’s main stream living, what people do with their religion is threaten me while I have this other problem of protecting myself from being served by Industry paedophiles who need to abuse a child from the east in order to turn up here and sell me things. This is not the 1980s and 90s where their entire existence was based on trapping peoples children in civil rights so they can run off with peoples future to make fame and fortune, so I do not think I have any sins that need to be counted that much actually. This matter is not a crisis, we now live in a world where steal peoples patriotism and protest as you engage in evil betrayal and ripping up of people’s lives to get them stuck in civil rights while you try and get rich people, have been beaten down so badly they are now the ones fighting to see the existence of organised crime products while others want to make the market a place of eerie silence; so not the 80s and 90s is something I say because I have had it backed up – they need to count my sins because they are using their own to do it for a change; nothing unusual about it anyway, just the reality about living in a place where each time people hurt you and see you do something they cannot do, to defend yourself, they want to damage and cheapen it by making sure they are hurting you into doing it for everybody so they can feel comfortable and they would say I have those I have my case over 80s and 90s backed up with selected for my purpose and wouldn’t mess with them but we all know the part where they see me at a job and turn up at the work place to test me and show I cannot do it because I am not into physical fitness which then sets a stage for an endless rolling out of requirements I need to meet which they control, just to get on with my own job as well but that is no longer amusing at this stage so we all know we made progress on that part; there is nothing new about this, only the part of culture and society and town where you realise is made up of incredibly stupid people who do incredibly stupid things and not a matter of selecting which persons I have my case backed up with – they need to keep everything they want to do away from my Public life and my Book sales and then there will be no problems.


They do say I talk but cannot turn up outside to back it up but that is also because they think getting about pointing fingers at me and supporting themselves as men is not infuriating but then again it is an old story where I get hold of them and ensure what they want from me becomes second nature and a part of the very fibre of their being but which they will never ever have, so I can dominate that stupidity and that Politics for my part as well and they can bleed me if they want, to find out what will come of it too with that big mouth; so the answer is that I can come outside and back it up, it will never ever rule me and I don’t let it grow out of hand like most people think I do it, it’s a stupid part of town and I want it off my finances. They do like to claim they are asking me questions about the living of life itself considering The Royals cannot possibly see anything wrong with me and I would never know anyway, all I know is that I am not their kid brother they make connections with and they need to look out for those insults as well because I can come outside to back it up like they want all the time for my part too. Just like their celebrities claim a lack of respect from me is astonishing whereas what they do with their time is get beaten by their counterparts in every way imaginable and once done find some barely criminal and barely sane goon to get into some form of relationship with and show themselves in public places living up my public life and killing my Book sales to demand respect from me and try to keep me out of employment; its stupidities all around and a stupid area of Town, it’s not a threat to me but I am getting really fed up and especially so with the part where saying these kinds of things means they use my life to fix their stupid problem because I am scared of their men and will do nothing about it. Its nothing for people to get round the bend over and over and over again for; just my government office smells like trouble everyday and all day long  and I need to see the back of them around my Public life and engagements and above all see the back of them around my Books. It’s like that old story of how I am struggling with the very things the US handles with ease to make the world safe but still have trouble showing a bit of respect; we all know that if people do it in the UK it will have been because legitimate authorities have sent them out to wind me up but in the US it is a world that is so full of its love for its insults it can easily be an idiot who shows up regularly at the stock markets, showing me that I got hurt when he knew where my Books were and while Daddy is off doing his stuff my attitude is not looking good yet again – so as long as those their American insults continue we will hear these complains for a long time coming and they always say my main problem happens to be other government that exist in the world but everybody knows I have always known that too. So we see them chase people anus and penis all over the place when there are Technology shows, turning up at My Empire emporium too rip up everything they have gotten together with their stupid media to look for trouble by classifying as the easiest way to get rich quick, so when it does come to the insults I suppose it is common knowledge they are really good at that one and it’s impossible to understand why some of them have become CEOs in the last decade all together.

I do not think this a matter about which others should run rings around; the big problem here is that these people know what their feelings about me really is and it is usually expressed by the fact everything they do in my direction is fundamentally vile chief among which is the publicity that I am that man who comes up with careers that other people then take over – I for my part know what my feelings about them is and guess where I learned how to ensure people work many times as hard for all I do or own because the very process will create me a sense of convenience I can deploy on media to game fame riches and decadence, knowing that whilst they do all they can to seek their own Royal Estate at my expense they are the same that will ask me about the living of life itself as an expression of how important they are as compared to me; so being The Queens Arch Prince is an important position and it will be nice if they lived their lives without me, I may tolerate them but it is largely because I have no wish to start off a setting where some are separated from everybody else because they are stupid, that does not mean they can then forget that they have actually not stopped being so stupid – so kick the civil rights goons to a point where they are using their own to do it, society and culture to a point where the need to see you part with something that ended up being of benefit to them has become a part of their being but is still something they will never have in this life or the next – it all comes down to attention I pay them as such which makes capital on media and that I always want achieved by Politicians so we can hear all about it later on, however personally as I said before, it’s not just a matter of keeping white people off my public life and blacks off my religious faith and personal life and popular culture off how I was raised, it’s not just a matter of being told my actions lead down the path of war because people are not aware that most of their actions are pre-planned and they had also planned to behave as though they need to  be informed while they carried it out, trying to cover their tracks all along, it’s not just the fact we end up getting caught in their stupidities about rights which their Politicians express best by being seen cashing my Book sales finances. It’s about the reality these people in the UK and the US are not my completion, they know only how to look for trouble and make out if it is amusing others will want to be in that sort of place, my competition of which is rather government operatives from overseas especially Africa, these are idiots whom nobody will ever understand when it comes to achieving something by destroying things but then again my bottom hurts and they will hurt too starting with my hatred for their links with the Chinese and the Russians etc. So it has never really been a daunting task as such; I know how to feel important and they need to stay away from me before I reciprocate their abuses too.

A typical example of the reasons people claim mine is always a path to war is for instance that I walk past somebody’s home and the next time I do, because people are always grooving and when they see me I am like something special so the groove in my direction which is why I am always complaining because if they are not buying Books it creates problems and if I am not exposing them to the Books it is my fault – so when somebody waits for me to walk by and gets out of their homes to get into my personal space again and again to a point where it feels like I am not wearing a cloths, the fact he now knows where my anus and penis is, constitutes an insults that is akin to me having sexual fantasies about him with no respect for his religion and his age and his family and so on – so this is an example of whatever on earth the fucking idiots are doing my space if they don’t like how I respond so much, which people think means I am always in a path towards a war and that is because they have taken in that trick of theirs that others ought to respond to their foolishness with a sense that they need to be informed. So they tell me it’s all talk for my part but when I mentioned the action bit where I cannot believe some of them have become CEOs  of Companies these days, they didn’t look so keen on winding me up and have already assumed I have forgotten all about it in a couple of minutes – I mean take Eastern Europeans for instance, the big issue always is the beauty of the neighbourhoods they lived in at Eastern Europe and how they can do whatever they like with others if they wanted, here in the UK and that is never true of course because I for instance need to breathe the free air or I will have the one they use and will take the Lion share so they can come and take it back; it’s just not something I may say at random or do often due to the talk we hear all the time about Europeans stealing jobs etc and then the blacks will turn up to do my stuff for me and if I harm that seriously people will claim they were the ones fighting my battles – so it’s not a difficult task for me to accomplish at all.

So there is that story of how what I am after cannot be settled but it has always been simple as people messing around with mine because I am not a bad person, everybody knows that if I wrote a book saying the Prime Minister was stupid 5000 times, I       would have to publish that Book and sell it and make money first before I have to face the bit where it is worked out if I deserved to make money in that way but this kinds of damage and destruction are only done to nice people who have trouble working out which part Politicians are playing in the livelihood anyway, so there has to be a way I get to stop it. The other part of the story being of course that people want me to be helpful but it’s something I have been thinking about i.e. chasing up the customer base – so I always assume when people say such things they must have seen some interest somewhere and are trying to warn me about ruining it all; however I have been thinking about it and the facts are that my Books are needed by professionals and wealthy people but I am put in this place where I think about poorer people changing, knowing well that some things just never ever change. They now say I need to chose between Chinese and American relations whereas the two were very separate things and the difference between them being that we have a US President that at present is more interested in getting on a pedestal help up by goons who claim bad children will do bad things to those who do not recognise them as relevant people, so that is what he wants to do with his time; it grows into this tale of how I no longer have a Royal Estate but like to claim that I do but that matter goes way beyond insults and abuses of those who use me as kid brother they deploy to make connections with at the most stupid parts of society and town looking for trouble, it goes beyond the idea I cannot run my Office when I know that Intellectual Property Administration can easily mean making sure they need it but never ever have it, hence being the guy the target to make connections makes sense to me as well all together, it goes beyond the fact I was the guy that tired to run away from being Royalty years ago even though I am now one of the most comfortable in my Role but in the space of a decade and a half seems to have done something so bad I had it taken away, it goes beyond the reputation I now have since Intellectual Property Administration means two things i.e. they know where my Books are and when I do not cooperate with their needs can grab what they like in the UK and go to any part of the world they wish to make money with; so it is all a point less conversation that old story of how I need to deal with the problems black people create so these idiots can feel convenience, they need to deal with problems associated with Industry and video games and celebrity so I can feel convenience as well and since these behaviour is not taught at Church it is there for the imagination to conceive, how I learned it – so that they can turn up here all the time and everyday too to see how well it will end; these are not the only very stupid, very intrusive and very destructive parts of Town that constitutes a pressure point at this Office and I am certain they will be reassured by that too.


Now we hear them get on media to lead people along another path of deception that suggests what I do to think the way I do is engage myself in a lot of mindfulness and it does not make any sense when the real problem is that I might get out of bed to avoid insults that drive me to depression, only to confront the fact my relations with the Royals is in trouble to an extent where these fools have travelled overseas to find some nepotism they can bring home which wants to get around Town getting involved with every wealthy and important person that thinks well of me and it is the same behaviour that has led to my current reputation around stupid girls that want to be financially comfortable at the expense of men that can get things done and get beaten up by the men that protect them, even now I am after another reputation on celebrities because they will not disengage from getting rich with my public life and they are still doing it. As for my job in itself, it is a security job and at present messing with it to become the Boss that is not my employer and abuse me as a fix they need everyday – so messing with a security job should leave them with security problem s, it is not as amusing as when they first started anymore as it stands, so we are clearly making progress. Obviously so stupid it is impossible to see that if I were that guy that does not have a life so people are always claiming he is doing somebody else's stuff so as to use him to make friends with the great and the good, I would have known about it and judging from history, would not want to be that person any longer. As for the civil rights people, it is the same old story of their need to have some moral people who great ideals that they can gain a reputation of treachery by betraying and now that whole nonsense about somebody from whose personal life they wish to extricate a new civil rights meaning they cannot leave me alone has resulted in an outcome that has never been seen before whereby they are using their own lives to do it and need to stop measuring it out with mine all together as well, looking for more trouble and they are not the on. And yet again for the civil rights people, it is the same old story of their need to have some moral people who great ideals that they can gain a reputation of treachery by betraying and now that whole nonsense about somebody from whose personal life they wish to extricate a new civil rights meaning they cannot leave me alone has resulted in an outcome that has never been seen before whereby they are using their own lives to do it and need to stop measuring it out with mine all together as well, looking for more trouble and they are not the only stupid part of culture and society or indeed stupid part of Town that I have to deal with at this Office. They do say I am now Royalty that has been forced to get a job; none of it makes any sense, it is the reason they are hating me more and more because it is really difficult to deal with them when they go off to way lay me at work, bringing my Royal Estate and every little hobby I do in it that they want to get rich with into my Employers place and making sure it is taking over everything and threatening to take the job away from me as well because it is their only preoccupation at the work place. It’s like the tale of their problem with women and Politicians talking nonsense all over the place i.e. that if half their idiots have a problem with the Royal Estate and my Book sales in order to ensure I get to the top and end up in an area of society where I can make myself into a problem for myself and for their stupidities on media by my aesthetics and their insolence, that when somebody sees me walk past their homes and gets dressed up the next day to wait for me and get into my personal space if I did, when it happens to a stage where I appear to have no clothes on and whatever he gets in touch with as a result tends to mean I want to have sex with him because I have no respect for him and his family and religion, the reason for it is that he needs for information about how his actions affect others; in terms of women I like to make them stick their necks out the way women do because it means that lots of things tend to happen as a result (there is that story of course about how I wage war on women and find ways of making out I am the best fan of the female folk which I do not think being the fan of female folk is what a Christian greedy people hate is actually doing with his time anyway; what I am doing with my time however is getting it wasted by stupid women, especially black women at this point - i have had the double standards American Administration in a place where they will not bother me over this matter, I hate their connections with socialists in South American and Communists in the East because my anus and penis hurts and they have not really stopped coming from Africa to creep underground in my life and get connected with rich and important people, rip up my academic work and claim they are doing their stuff lest I steal it which is the reason my Mother and I hate each other so much and it is a tool thereof in the hands of the Labour Party in the first place; we hear their school boys they like to issue threats with talk nonsense about waiting for me for so long and we hear them talk nonsense about me getting into trouble, only God knows whatever with at this point anyway and it can always continue until I build a public life in the current condition or they can put their money where their mouth is and stay away from me - 15 years of my time and counting, carrying on like a wickedness I am not familiar with, despite being in a place where they are detached from that stupid culture and need to see me lose something they gain from so intensely its become a part of them ending up with the daily need for media survival, the anus and penis insults continue and so does the need to keep my out of employment and be seen around my Business Empire and academic work every single day; with academic work ripped up and everything - its on the record and black women especially want some of mine too; it does make me wonder if those who claim its now all greed and that there is no humanity left in the female folk are actually correct even though I already know those who declare themselves feminists do because they are after moral men and religious men on account the criminal and barely criminal goons they like to fuck and threaten others with is too much work; I have a reputation over stupid girls wanting easy life and conveniences on my property, so I am getting after another concerning Celebrities next and if I say seeing that stupid Labour Party will end with a process where I cut it up for the owners they will probably think I am bluffing). That I have been dealt with and made to get around fighting just to breathe while they mock me and select decadence of their choice is very rich statement that comes from fools who speak of wealth inequality as those wealthy people were not born somewhere and raised somewhere and or are heading somewhere and therefore not connected to any society or culture whatsoever, so people can kick them and make them turn up here to think they have found a bullying target which bullying only works on media and they can stand here and do it if they believe otherwise (it is a known fable that they really like to waste the time and resources of people like me and it seems they have no limits to how much of mine they can, carrying on like an evil I am not familiar with when as I have said I and my Mother hate each other so much it is an asset for one of the major parties in parliament all together and have mentioned they probably think I am bluffing when I say that party in my face again and I will destroy it permanently; the main problem which is idiots talking freedom and capitalism at my expense while these foolish women show me the world hates moral people because money and power is all that matter has been laid to rest and it is advisable they watch their mouths and keep off my concerns especially for the black and African ones: so do I think it has changed the world beyond recognition? The answer to this question is that my needs are more important than other peoples power and money and so is my faith and it is important they stay off putting intentions in my mind with confidence that comes from the insults of their school boys who get consistent working on peoples flesh and turning up in public for a fight with those who personalities they wish to make fame and fortune with, I want to see them off my Books and they can avoid all problems by making sure they do not get to turn up at my space.). They had all that energy and did nothing with it at school and even right this moment as we speak and even when old enough to be my grand mothers are still messing around if somebody else gets damaged and destroyed instead and I will get into trouble for acting like throwing them off or something with that big mouth; they really do need to know what I was planning to do about them before this talk thing became important that is;its just a job at a shop and a writing career part time not the weight of the world and a need for my anus and tummy to feel like hell everyday for years on end.