A good point to begin will be the matter of HS2, I mean we have heard about HS3 as well but we have also heard they are all going to be HS England as well which makes no sense whatsoever why we would need a HS system for England – whereby if I ask them they will tell me it cuts journey times from 90 minutes to 30 minutes and I cannot make out what is so important that people cannot spend 60 minutes to admire this beautiful country on their way to their concerns and plan their journeys early to that effect as well – I mean I myself like to get involved with the Dads getting along with their Sons, Women getting punished once, saying hello to Angry men and telling pensioners they have been phibbing about  their finances part of life, so my point is that I cannot understand what is so important about a rail system that will be used solely by those who think others should be light headed.

They have already begun responding with a case of a lack of respect for Politicians which is happening and has become a serious issue – I wouldn’t know since it’s all very well but if their society idiots want me to be dominated first before I finish my academic work so they can debate if I have a right to a job and what they will get from it too as a society of people, or their civil service idiots and their connections tell me they are more deserving of jobs because I am still young person and set off to enforce that at a National level which we all know they get to discuss so with their silly children as well first of all, or they get into that parliament and make use of my work to leave me a plaything for the low lifes below them in their stupid Political party claiming it is power, I will find it insulting yet again and take necessary steps to that effect for my part too. I hear they say my noise making needs to be controlled by a sense of the fact they are in charge of whether I can earn a living or not and can keep it going for the rest of my life and I don’t mind anyway, I have made myself clear if they do it again I will find it insulting but on this matter of pillaging my personal life to the point where they pillage a company that exists in my head so they can talk nonsense of this nature and feel powerful doing so, if they tempt me down that line we will end up with another recession and that is something I can confident promise as well.

The part about me being responsible for the economic down turn in the EU as well as my British people is very well understood but if that was the case I would I been over the moon but it isn’t so I have to wait for a time when I have achieved such victory to brag about it; the facts and realities are rather that people in Germany think that being a manufacturing powerhouse will continue to be successful if they have developing economy customers they cannot resolve without attacking the British who are lazy because it is determined that they need to be for the benefit of the EU and likewise the French who think that as long as they can guarantee themselves high level rudeness and disillusionment garnished with terrible behaviour towards women, they will be able to guarantee economic success as well, so that the economic downturn they have suffered is a case of thinking when they cannot resolve their customers and market on account they think they should be able to by picking on the British, the implication is that when companies are successful they are run in that way in order for them to be otherwise somebody is responsible for their failures. However the other side of the facts having said that is that the picking on the British side of the story is simple a case of getting to a point where you have to say to them; alright you are doing these things because you have had time to work out how you want to round me up like an animal so that you can feel like handling and touching me painfully all the time, so I need to set up my own parameters for handling you in the same way as well and all it will be for me is a bit of work while you can abuse me as I get on with it as well, stupid European Politicians and implementing it is what has led us to where we are today, but it is not responsible for their economic downturns, if it were I would be over the moon too; I mean when I speak of companies being successful because they are able to pick on the British we are talking about such realities as when I create my business and develop my equities which I broker, the result is that they can push the hatred for my faith but get after my finances and hatred for my Royal Estate and get after my company thing to a point where they destroy it because in their view if companies are run in that way all around the place governments become financially successful concerning which for the British ones I would like them to clear that space talking nonsense about International development and a means with which to get my parents to make me behave how they want instead of making noise about telling me what to do so I can feel like kicking them until they need their perspectives cleared up which I have to clear up by moving them out of mine of which the only result of doing that is that extra noise they make so we can get back into it all over again about how they have suppressed me and there is financial incentive attached to doing so, whereas the truth is that no matter how much I kick them I will still have to be the one clearing up perspectives because they are so stupid they cannot do it considering they have not got a clue what they are doing and don’t know what to do either.  So it’s the same old case with stupid self harming European Politicians with a need for narcissism all the time – obviously of which money does not just disappear from the stock markets as it were and its 6 years into the economic crisis with them keeping it instead of spending it having acquired the responsibility of being rich, so others can have jobs, they say they are keeping it for power and now they speak of me being responsible for economic down turns and I want to know who their spokes person for it was as well so they can use his own to do it, otherwise I will keep nursing hope of a day they will be European Politicians stupid enough to let me into the addresses of those stupid secret societies of theirs so I can send them letters about how I feel regularly and find out who will feel like touching who in the end as a result of it too.


I mean it’s a perform a service for your allies and share domestic and foreign and International Policy with every muscle from Europe that wants to overcome you and grab it, it does not make any sense but the fact it is perverted is trivial, until economic down turn and then somebody is responsible which is entirely predictable too especially considering the assumption I wouldn’t like to have been responsible for it – It has become a sub culture in its own right the reality of how people can always tell you they have companies at this disposal and that your thing you show off all the time is the one they are confident others are taking up and doing for you to their pleasure and what exactly is it that talks like that anyway the devil himself? I mean you make one statement and its some idiots who has made money and tends to think he is therefore the villain you cannot see which gives them the right to challenge you for a living says it is that thing of yours you show off all the time which based on how much money and media he has to throw on it others will take it up, then you speak of another and it becomes something about living under the shadow of his company and stealing what affects you because of it from him with his developing economy counterfeiting business idiots who must make money at your expense in a condition where they are better off than you are or you will lose it waiting to pounce as well, then you say another and it becomes that thing he was planning to do in future which you stole from him and so on and I am still running on with it here because I need to set the stage to locate the fool that comes up with the idea of being their spokes person so they can use his own to do it as well, no idea what they are scared of now anyway. They have never been a problem for me it’s a case of insults and the disputation of my entire Literary Empire and Emporium of property equities and then the attacking my book sales to prove their points and violent insults thereafter to ensure I denounce it so it might become their own at some stage and they will let me into where they gather one of these too, I am certain they are that stupid and then we will find out who will feel like touching who all the time as well; its rather a matter of what they do to me because they have had time to plan for it and what I will do to them as well because I have the energy to work for it not hurting badly enough yet as it were. I hear them speak of young people that will do the same to me as well which does not make any sense, these young people they speak of will have get anything that belongs to me and I will move the entire world and their lives too to ensure that is not the case no matter how insignificant nor will they themselves provoke me further by finding something I really need that they can deny me as well by damaging all I have so that I might need – so not hurting badly enough does apply to the damage they did to the economy to create the recession and the rubbish we hear them talk about since them right up to this point where they need it too but it has been damaged for example and they have not got the power either on the other hand. It’s all villainy, villainy of course and the Politicians really like the Popular culture ones, so that if they are not building lazy millions making popular music on your office to build their own empires, then they are walking down the streets literarily with T Shirts that say I hate the Police so that when a criminal kills them as collateral to getting a job done the Police will clean up an idiot in bloody with a T Shirt that says I hate the Police. I mean it’s a case of how I think everybody should believe what I say matters according to them whereas what is truth is that every fool that passes an insult at me gets notoriety at high levels of media and government in order to ensure I am propelled by hysteria because it is important to move into my right hand and live there on account I am obsessively private person and they have a need – so I believe the idiots know what I mean when I say if they do it again I will find it insulting and not least their back stage media idiots as well – they are propelled by hysteria too. I mean they are speaking of what other young people will do to me as well and the facts have always been as simple as every abuse and every insult appearing on National media, they never listen to others you see and cannot hear when you tell them it is serious when the slightest insult you deal with from stupid people who amount to nothing that you meet everyday turning up somewhere that the entire world and the entire country will see and hear – they have never listened and deserve everything they get like what other young people will do to me as well – the fucking idiots. Its common sense that if every little insults passed as somebody that is targeted because he is obsessively private while they have a need to off load their problems somewhere inferior and chose a new self improvement that works with the times and ideas for getting rich thereof, turns up on National Media and National Parliament no matter what corner of street it occurred, then there is a tendency for people to have an altercation with their next door neighbour and expect it to be resolved in parliament and this is what we put up with from a group of idiots who call themselves Politicians; an ability to screw around from dusk till dawn all day long and noise making after that about respect because of their idiocy and I will find these fools that keep helping them as spokes person for those accusations so they can use his own to do it as well. They do say it all happens because I interfere with their emotions and the things they do to satisfy it but of course I will be hard pressed to find any female journalist I have business with these days that is not partly married to their back stage camera man and managers and so on and so I know they have their own lives and I can ignore those insults and let it drift to the background but along with the tendency of their Politicians to screw around all the long the insults making the idiots that issue them fame has been costing employment and can no longer be ignored, besides which I never was going to anyway as they have always been villains and we are not mates. I hear they say my actions concerning them is largely premature but it really isn’t – it’s a matter of Politicians and fate and power and it’s a matter of the kind of people that target and attack those that are obsessively private because they have needs and want to move into their lives and live there and so on – so there are many things they complain about as a result of my actions and not least the destruction of their homosexual societies but these kinds of provocation where I would have loved to create economic down turn for EU Politicians but didn’t actually do it and must now face the things I do which young people will do to me as well all the way to developing economies where they give money to idiots has taken it to a certain point as well after all that poorer countries where they spend money on aid idiots that will do this and that to me all the time when they display their insulting adverts about the problems of those who have problems in the world and so on and they need to keep off my anus and my penis and my tummy and by all means keep off my head as well.

I hear my language is a matter of Prime concern but I don’t see why they should bother when their entire lives are developed around mistresses that must make a living from my wallet and issue insults at me to dominate me and ensure that operates in a career fashion on one hand while on the other are idiots that want to see me do something about it so they can become more civilised than I am at my expense; so I always swear so they can take it up and do it while I supervise and never swore in my teenagers years when it was more about why bother him with what evil looks like when you know he is likely to be speaking to groups of young people later in the day when he will being as insane as he is make fame talking about it, so I was left well alone. What I saying is that swearing takes out of you all energy you had left to fight back and so I use it as a tool for a job and not for trivia and wouldn’t advice younger people to swear. I don’t have a problem with this matter, what people think is the insecurity around it is largely concerned with the financial advantage they have because they have been able to cause me financial setbacks and the way that works is that an evil idiots gets them to talk nonsense about evils I thought I had under control by my teens but never did my attacking me and then it turns up at National Parliament to make me wonder which is more damaging, the fact I wonder who would be so stupid or the fact the fools do have the time for it; so all that time about people complaining about me and a certain need for the government to know what is happening has resulted in the time they have had to create setbacks for me and make themselves so savings and we can see how important that has been because they cannot stop talking nonsense about power and a need to live in my right hand. Not that it matters anyway, these are the evil people who have secret rooms their wives do not visit whose wives are sleeping with religious people when they want to appear on media, who would kill other human beings just for things and their whole existence is developed around greed and violence talking nonsense about fate with it all the time, which we Christians fundamentally avoid, talking nonsense about how they usually kill weak links to grab what they are not given and it does reach a stage; they always say they have this need to tie me down somewhere and pervert my life to make money they always say it has to do with freedom as well that when they take things from me and more so in that way I cannot take it back so they can take things from anybody they want to target and settle on lucrative crimes that are above the law generally with claims of wealth inequality and free media to back themselves up with but it has been 13 years of that growing increasingly violent because I will not let it happen, followed with an increasing need they have developed to be me, then spend that me they have become serving the devil in order to be rich on account I have refused to co-operate but it cannot work unless they decimate my finances, so we have seen extreme social behaviour emerge from others who don’t like it as well and how they have said they are not the ones with the privilege that propels them to either stop it or do something about the extreme social behaviour – so I do have my motivations and this is only concerned with the money issues. There are others like imagining what the devil would reward them with if I were to have been possessed by demons which is the whole case behind what has now become irregular heart beat TV and the hate and the regret and the sexual violence and sexual corruption and threats and claims of having their own Royal Estate and a case of my anus and penis and tummy and so on; it is a matter of what they would become if they were like those guys that Jesus Christ has to chase out of the Church thing and like to show it all the time with their stupid media and fame rubbish, which does propel me to act in terms of Politicians and fate and power where I handle them to chose my own feel good self improvements of off loading my problems on inferior persons as well but that is not the one we are talking about here, we are talking about the one that works around money prognosis. They do say I like to interfere with other peoples conversation which is actually not true as the issue that constantly needs resolving is peoples need to move into my right hand and live there while the Politicians speak of how you don’t mess with them lest immoral democracy people get after you but give them word in secret to check me out and attack me because they want trophy feel good victory over my personal life to acquire a certain trophy privilege. So it’s a matter of the fact I will be offended when people move into my right hand and live there and they can proceed if they think it does not matter if I am – I hear they say it’s what I do to others as well but they are concerned with a need for self improvements that will make them rich and are prepared to take that risk, so I reiterate I will be offended and they can proceed if they think it does not matter if I am but we will not be doing the complains as well thereafter either. The reality is that I don’t have the time to ensure the West is no longer as they know it so the kinds of things that provoke me in that direction are being tied off too but if these abuses and insults especially for those black idiots sharing things with freedom that the owner has not given them make that stupid money of their humiliating me and it actually pays off they will have to sit out what I am going to do for it as well; so it is much the same – I will be offended and they can proceed if they think it does not matter if I am. I mean they do say they have become noble and I rag tagged based on their need to abuse and pass insults at me paying off so well which is utter nonsense – what they are complaining about are things I have done to them because they share my skin colour and must have what I have as well, knowing it is what makes me a better person than they are and understanding if they add it to some money they have they will be able to dominate me culturally, at least that is what they think since my person is actually an item I made up in their view and this is the kind of stupidities that you know people love so much because they think you are afraid of them and want to explain how you own what you own which will not change anything regarding whether or not they share it anyway and if you don’t let them make it up on media and have it anyway to satisfy a feeling which will then be compensated by what you give up; so this is the part they are complaining about not the fight all together, not yet. I mean it’s a case of you say I cannot have your stuff because I am bad but let’s see you deal with the same devil and then the MPs will turn up and watch a spectacle that they hope to interfere with to ensure goes their way and favours them as well – this is what they are complaining about not the fight and they can keep yapping what they have had time to do when they hadn’t met me yet especially their white idiots with a kid they can hit on the head and send on missions if they work on media and it will end very well too – the books are still the bone of contention as it were. I understand when people try to resolve matters between me and them of course but there is really nothing to resolve, it’s a simple case of we are evil and imagine self improvements we would get if we killed that one that is already ours while their MPs damage your finances criminally at Government office to increase the chances of that because of self improvements they would get – I can wonder if people like that exist or I can ask them to come and kill if they have the fucking guts and fake confidence and fake violence and media salvation is currently how they intend to do it so far yet. The state of affairs remains the same; they need to stay off my book sales and if I see their culture I will cut it up as well and then they can have the same skin colour as me from there. They do say I beat the drums of war but of course I don’t when I am faced with some culture idiots that have continued to hound me in search for an income from my wallet making noise about the benefits of killing me, from whom I will select people I can kill as well as a result of their bank dark perverted society and cultures that are the reasons for it so I can solve a problem in the process when that happens and they can have things they did before they met me because they had time to as an advantage to bandy about all the time – it’s an old case of the fact there is a way their own normally looks and when it does look that way they will go away; I hear what they say when they claim my information and words end up with the wrong people which means I will not be able to do it but of course I have no idea if they expect others to listen to these things anyway, I mean I am happy to put it up as facts of what is happening at the Office and around the career but not more than that anyway – they want to kill something they want to kill because they want to have no respect for it and take it like it was their own and yes I hear it is said I speak of war all the time whereas I am not, the reality is that they can come around and we will talk about it or not Blair was doing what was the right thing to do years ago when he targeted those who are obsessively private and wrecked their finances to give certain positioned speeches in public places that will allow gangs to murder him while he goes off to his glory war with Bush in Iraq or was actually trying to kill me for reasons he still cannot explain 13 years on and yes it is the point where we will be talking about civil service bullying and false media confidence as well, the part where we speak of their need to cling to and attack me as a matter of what they will fear too, the MPs that had ASBO and the mystery I am not aware of. It’s what bullies do anyway but this grooming me for a response when they bully is as far as they go – so all they really can do is do the insults and go off to expensive drinks with their friends which will create lifestyle and allow means for getting rich quick but the issue we face is when I put my books out and they must hold to the point they had proven to their friends already without actually winning it. I mean it’s as they say I am gradually working against Political and social stability but it is largely a matter of people stupid children saying something about how I will not sell my books or finish my academic work or earn a living or have friends because I am scared of them and they are crazy about Parliamentary power, while their MPs say something about their power of insulting and abusing me which creates the sense I am unable to handle my Royal Office and implies if I needed to make a living I had to rewrite my books as things that will be popular enough to make me the money I need; so I had to create them a crisis as well so they can solve it to save the public from war and show their love like I do and apparently they are not solving those crises so the public will soon find out how selfish they are too so that they can make friends when they are angry and leave me alone. I mean they needed their ability to change Political parties and get on the winning side in order to get support hand outs that will foster a means of making sure Politics and business and industry and trade and media is done on the basis of who can do the violence – I am saying I don’t have to put up with it as not all of us live in the scum hole they do. I just saying I am not working against Political and social stability due to my temper, I am saying I simply don’t have to put up with it. Of course we understand they say what I say amounts to capitulation but I am not into cats anyway first of all, however that said the reality is that they think I can only be beaten by my own stuff and yes that is right, so they have found out how to work my own strengths on me and must turn up thereof every day to have a go and I am saying I don’t have to put up with it and they will have the war they seek period. When I say I am not into cats it does not mean I don’t like cats the animals, it just means I don’t like their type and I am going to kill them before it gets better in their view too, they are fighting for their lives as we speak while making all that noise; it’s simple deduction that if peoples culture create disco lights for some on one hand and intense violence for others on the other, those on the side of the violence want nothing to do with it, I never said I am the innocent party, I have always maintained if I see it I will cut it up again. I hear they say I was raised by the Monarchy to be destroyed to save HM grand children – I wouldn’t know, I am aware the Royal Family does not pull intestines but do play really hard, so I guess these idiots talk because they have had their own pulled and nobody knows how it happened. The problem has always been as simple; he says he will not offer the servitude that Industries demands from me and we are here to put that to the test and know where his books are to that effect – hate the faith and get after his finances, hate the Royal Estate and get after his company and products to extract servitude comes to a head and it will end badly as well – this is the problem, I don’t want to see them near my books. It has developed around almost every institution in this Country, each and every one done because it is bigger than me and they can be safe behind it until they are strong enough to take me down and can therefore show themselves – civil service, parliament, banks and now media and Industry. So for the Industry they say there are problems I am supposed to deal with but if I went into a bank for a job these fools would get the job instead so when I walk into one for my business I can be taken advantage of and if I complain they employ more trouble making black people – so at this point they understand that if these idiots wreck everything here and are still able to make that their stupid money humiliating me I will change their world as they know it as well and I don’t think that is a mystery anymore anyway, since the big picture question was always that of whether they don’t know what they are doing and like the black ones who think neither I nor them nor anybody else knows they are hurting me and hence it can go on forever and make me work with all their needs and co-operate with it. I don’t think it’s unusual, it’s like the old story of how people think I am full of problems because of black people while black people pretend they don’t know they are harming me but of course they know everything they say and do in my direction be it that they saw me somewhere or know me from somewhere or got around with me at some stage is a process of harming me and that this is not a topic for conversation where they can get an insulting equality as well – so they have found their place and it involves playing side kick when idiots employ another group of idiots and pretend they don’t know what they are doing with it and as for the part where I provoke them, if I see their disco light diplomacy around my office and work I will cut it up again, so that they can popular culture lifestyle for me crushing Christianity thing they hate and don’t want to see from there with a big mouth: I mean it will always cause a blip that makes me think I am being invaded; what do they mean my lifestyle for you or nothing? It’s my big Church for everybody or nothing right down to their diplomacy they are now worried about too as it were. I will cut it up every time I see it, nobody likes to be in areas where they get hurt and they cannot make me otherwise they would not have been complaining – never said I was the innocent party nor pretended that I was – I do give them space from time to time as well and each time it’s a case of we are Americans and the dollar rules the world, we own the biggest economy, I enjoyed the entertainment but it is rubbish now I am back in my thing about the USA and you need to get out of my face and so on which eventually ends with Royalty being treated like the leader of an American colony by Tourism idiots and Vegas scum from the US due to their Black American President think, making sex videos and easy money with it, choosing abusive self improvements and off loading their problems where people are inferior, so if I see it I will never cease to chase it down and rip it up and they can come around and get some of mine as well if they want it so much, so we can see what their own looks like, so I am rather far from innocent party. I understand the part where it is said I crave attention and seek affirmation but I really find it intensely annoying as it is rather a matter of what I need to and or can do and the fact certain information from me around what people need to do at any given time may take months but if I get them through channels the reality which reach them before it is late – I mean why on earth would I be interested in what a collection of people that love to do the very things I hate really intensely with a passion all the time think about my actions, it’s the one same old case of let’s do Politics and Media and Business by the nature and prognosis of violence and crime and they know nothing about it – they know nothing about the fact crimes happen because there is method to the actions criminals take around what they deem to be problems i.e. negate responsibility towards certain important issues to ensure it becomes more difficult to ignore the activities of people that like to get around a certain aspect of your life to make it a misery for you and then where innocent people get caught along the line is when they trigger something and you ask them what they have to say for themselves and they utter rubbish about being free and you put them in hospital, it makes perfect sense to you – so that if there isn’t incentives for people to commit crimes they will not commit them, except that MPs love to do government and media and industry with violence so they can give that incentive wantonly and generously every day, and I cannot make out where they started being convinced I am interested in affirmation from them either, these are in my eyes such a bunch of bloody idiots we do spend our time being afraid of and nothing else. If we speak of what I do in terms of discourse it will be like the Arch Bishop of Canterbury spending days and days even moths neglecting the Anglican communion if he has nourish and look after the Catholic one instead without reason or maybe a conservative party member grabbing some Labour pundits and tying them down in a warehouse where he indoctrinates them for weeks about the values of the Conservative party and lets them go afterwards – it is insane and is precisely what would have been happening if I cared what they thought. The reality of where they fit in starts with Mr Blair who we never see tell people this process of being told that by the time I get information to others time would have run out is something he did so he can see his war of glory with Bush and of course we can see therefore that it aids their oratory to do those kinds of things as it were and it never occurs to their media and young fools that the violence is just talk and there is nothing they can do and I don’t blame them since we do spend quite a bit of time getting scared of them, in my case of which its fear of unemployment and homelessness being transferred to help them with self confidence. I do wind up society men so they can criticise me alright because it adds to me and the reason for that is that there is strength in being accountable for your actions and maybe beating yourself up if you do the wrong thing, nobody has any right to make up their own reasons to inflict you with anything – so that when they get to that point where they tell me I am propelled by hysteria I know I must have achieved something and they must have located their own degree but of course while I try to live with that there will be another group of idiots on media who want some of mine as well which is why we are where we are and I always say when they have the Royal Estate  suppose it would mean people are not born into the world gay anymore but until then the dumping problems where people are made inferior for it means things I never did because I am a nice person becoming a problem and so where I am and where they are now is regarded as my freedom and they have not got the means to talk about it or not the story of Politicians power and fate I deserve that kind of freedom, I discuss their own because I have that means.  So I can see it is said nothing I say is far reaching enough but as I mentioned it’s a matter of MPs building fear of unemployment and homelessness for me over years which they then deploy around their own parliamentary pack mentality that is then transferred to every teenager that wants a violent engagement with me so they can do power and fate and of course for me we simply reach that point where those who work the power and fate in itself must come to the realisation that it does seem when they have the Royal Estate people will not be born gay in the world anymore – the rest do not make any sense whatsoever. In the end there are sound reasons for the increasingly heated arguments we have between MPs and other such as myself and it is to do with the security system at Parliament and the way the system works and of course I would never think of getting off to attack MPs at parliament because it is fundamental sacrilege but this is how the system works, having said so we have observed the threats and body language of Labour Party MPs the number of times they keep making noise about wrecking my finances but not having their dreams of seeing me beaten up fulfilled and nobody knows what they want from me and so these systems that ensure they are working the supremacy of state and I am the guy at the corner licking my wounds do work apparently. They do say I have no way of backing anything up when they get even more confused about it but of course everybody knows there are three sections to the lives of socialists in the UK and one of them has to do with what they don’t know and cannot do which their mates know and can do hence meaning their mates get ahead of them in every way and because they will not accept the leadership of their mates who are successful, they end up being of no good and have blame cultures to show for it – the other is when they put what tools they need together to pillage mine to recover and catch up with their mates – the third is the insults and abuses that ensure they have power while they do that and I have no idea what their problem is anyway since it’s my strength and I don’t have to be bullied at the polls into showing it in public before the Political system is allowed to do the job for the public which it exists to do and so on and these threats of violence and insulting body language does take it to a whole new level and while it has not reached a stage of people who are known to show an inability to tolerate socialists we will continue to hear them talk so much nonsense about what people cannot back up. I am prepared to live with it but just take a look at them when and if I say that and of course that is not the first occasion, the part about making sure every fool who thinks he has witchdoctor powers having every insult he issues in my direction become something that rewards him financially is the part where I have been licked in their view. So it goes without saying that if you let them get away with it they will and if you let them believe their own lies and set out to dominate you they will; as I said they brag because it has not yet reached the point of people that are known to have an inability to tolerate socialists yet – I mean we are talking about such realities as civil rights fraud that must work on grownups but since they have already been through the cycle those who work it are simply being cruel – it’s never been a matter of whether or not others refuse to accept communism is a viable government, that is just an argument they use when it is tough going over grabbing peoples possessions, you know those things people show off all the time in their faces which they will lose soon enough for doing so. I hear they say there is now evidence that people like me have an ability to break up Government security and put officials at risk but I wouldn’t know as it is more about my security they break down and their MPs therefore feel like finding ways of creating conditions where I do things which extremists and criminals can copy while they make millionaire in our midst out of me – I have taken steps to deal with mobility of these guys at Industry, it’s just that I have not taken any steps for Politics as well and never will – I mean the financial sector will tell you that their business and extremists and criminals do not lie together and so will manufacturing on Tyranny but they will love to play these games along with their media fools as well then tell me it is a difficult problem for me which is utter nonsense as they do need to buy the products and leave alone those who broker equities to facilitate their creation and I can understand when they say I put it up there on a website and hence my fault but again they can blow their top of course as it were since it is my strength and I don’t have to show it to anybody so socialists might feel democracy is the right things to do and it is my possession and I don’t have to make it available so popular culture villains can make themselves comfortable so on – they have the money now and need to buy the products and stop talking so much rubbish. I understand there is a story of how I am being aided to the sale of books but I always wreck the opportunities all of the time which really isn’t true as we face a condition where half of them are telling me I have been turned into a quasi political figure when that is not true and we will never see career art world figures make time for that if the riffraff can do it instead and then it makes sense when I shouldn’t mess with art figures as pride goes before a fall – not the only one of course since they now all know that part where they are just finished and are about to breathe up belongs to me is the part that causes the most wonder – then of course is the part where celebrities deal with their scandals and I deal with my matters of state and they are still selling the books how they want and blaming the loss of the contracts on me as well. I mean I asked them to sell a book after all or did I anyway? I am talking about what I feel is a fundamental threat to my career, it’s not whether or not they find me contracts and botch them to feel confident, it’s things like making sure President Putin is fundamentally interested in every single bit of every single thing that lives in Russia – that will piss me off especially when done at my expense with that stupid  media and it is much the same with Obama too – the ones here in the UK you will avoid but it’s as though 12 noon MP will without fail kick a football through your office window and it happens every single day as well – so in respect to those kinds of situations they have always been villains and need to get off my books as they are not news around here. It’s the same case of making it clear to them Political power they speak of all the time is a self resolving issue and you do not want to mess with MPs because when they damage finances immoral democracy people will see that you never recover but of course when they want to be corrupt with it they need to understand you can be hard and unyielding as well. I hear industry people are frustrated about my activities but it will make no sense here, we have been frustrated about theirs for more days than we can remember – I mean we work for them and they sense a time and take it for themselves and issue colloquialisms of every man for himself when Government people raise a point about it – its common sense I don’t want to serve any big businesses with my small business and the reality is that we all want to recover and they all need to face facts as the story of living under the shadow of their companies to think ideas I have are mine will never work anymore. It isn’t true I am stuck where I need employment from others, what is true is that I have my own assets that I bargain with employers on, thus a mathematical conclusion people will take advantage; I am not referring to employers I have met and liked of course, I am referring to “doesn’t care(s)” so don’t care does not get to use my stuff and they will have to bring the entire world to bear if they want or can – I mean work for somebody and in 48 Hours you have become a zombie already and soon he is asking about that thing you brought to the Company; its not that easy. Nobody is getting between me and anything – its as I mentioned before, freedom concerned with dumping problems where inferior people who will bear burdens exist which I am winning.