They say I take things into my hands all the time and the reasons are unexplained when the reasons have been clear and obvious for everybody to see i.e. when people are rail company fat cats for example, plan their union corruptions and how to make away with a lot of money but then it has something to do with me and my personal details at the civil service and so on and the reason being that they want to make me unemployed in order to set up small businesses trap me using girls and sex and find out if I will ever get a job. The reason for it I guess is because they want an object they can attack to push their limits depending on what may put a limit to their activities through the way that society is and works and so for no reason and with no clear links to how they get the money they do, I am put through very intense suffering their girls can play around with as well; anybody in my shoes will take it into their hands and in my case they need to understand when they take the money it is not the end, never: I had made it clear some other time if I wanted to be popular I would drink and gamble and find a Union to be a member of with the end product of becoming treasurer so I can know what goes in and out of the money pot and then president so I can tell people to like it or lump it when I grab the money etc, so that I can be everything – I mean sometimes it goes wrong and ends in the death of people but of course if I wanted such popularity then it would have been the right course of action. As it stands there is no link between people’s corruption and the process of handling my books and my property and my finances like they love to. They even say I need to stay out of their lives which means the Queen Arch Prince, a High diplomat and his government affairs especially that which concerns the state of the UK Union which he provides adjudication for at International circles, the female journalists he has in a working Court, affairs at the Admiralty etc gets involved with their lives, hence when people need to understand when I say I will take that stupid civil service and make it mine as well, since none of the insults make sense except popular culture and popular music makes sense of it for me with a big mouth so I can get after them too; when you say people creating a real need for you to be famous on grounds they have problems.  I am not talking about media villainy either, for those you might mention people using you to get rich and the fact although they never listen at some point it does move on but in their case the reasons they make sure it does not move on with their hands is that they want a fight, hence unless you get hold of them and handle them seriously and twist them up seriously so they can get on it and pass insults endlessly which is only sign you are being yourself and is the way it is supposed to be, it never gets better. They speak of my need to fear them of course especially the American ones which does indicate American Politicians do not see the actions I have taken so far as revenge for a process where the UK cannot possibly defend itself lest it poses a threat to US power and now they have a problem because they never liked these guys anyway, hence they are after my book sales as well, so the mafia boss idiots can get on media to talk so much nonsense when they can see I have no time for them and their clubbing and their drugs and their gambling and anal sex, hence creating this idea of the need for an education despite what I have done to clear up matters, on what an Arch Prince thinks of mafia bosses etc, especially those in the US; of course it is the death and the violence that makes the bees knees – wow, Violence of which is a shameful thing and they also do in public to corrupt people every day and all the time to corrupt people. I mean why do they have to be able to do that their thing anyway; people who have problems have problems and people who have an easy life have an easy life, they kill people, so that when you give him things like Las Vegas to play with that makes it better which entirely depends of course on whether they are spreading evidence that I suck as it were with a big mouth; I mean they are doing it around here, around another person’s turf as it were. It is really important that they stay away from my books – especially their insolent girls and the media and advertisement appearances, I mean they do it all the time ‘don’t play with me don’t play with me’ do they know how I will play with them and what on earth convinces them they will ever do anything about it or ever get the chance to?


I need more and more and more of those families, business families and enterprise families and community families and so on; all of it since earning a living from IP administration should have taken care of the creation of tolerance for peoples choices to be wicked and greedy and therefore such things as the fact somebody somewhere is racist and wants to positively be better dressed, better looking, financially better off than I am in perception word and deed and his yard stick therefore being what black people who are like him do to me which also tends to affect him as well the way the black scum want it, bearing in mind the Politicians they vote for travel overseas to bring those bring scum into the country as a specific reference to me in the first place. They speak of things  I have done to provoke them of course and yes I have taken up that their stuff and done all of it as it were, I mean such things as their connection with communism due to their deep conviction for socialism and it sounds like a fight over the soul of the Country which they believe is what the parliament is meant for when they can always take me on, on the streets, if they have got it. So yes there is that story about how I expect the Labour party to operate if I do those things and I don’t care, they will however they need to, put their hopes and dreams aside (those sort of hopes and dreams) and do what the people of the country elect them to do and keep such nonsense as judges that make laws for example among other administrative demagogue out of popular practice, I am not going to go after the results and let them the crime to make money and politics and civil rights and a new country with. After all before now I was the thing they could take as they wanted but was sweeter when stolen, they were taking from the heart and could do whatever they wanted with my chest and the rest of my body etc and they were taking it because it is so incredibly sweet not to mention the fact it never stopped being so good. Its reached a point where the big conundrum is how I will tolerate their city identities but the Politicians still want concessions from me which offer them privileges and it makes me wonder what they take me for as well. Nothing like things I say which I cannot back up of course; I mean the law is made by a collection of thumb sucking do-gooders who want to control the lives of real leaders so they can grab all the attention they crave so much, hence they expect me to be concerned with whether or not there is an outcome for that instead of the crime itself and so if I do not media makes it up for them anyway; putting it in perspective of which the grand matter seems to be the process where my sensibilities and personality is being used to sharpen them up for violence and of course media at the heart of that as well, hence the reasons they make it up for them looking for trouble – where it appears to them a confrontation will involve settling such matters too. The end product therefore is that there is an economy out there and a society and a country and an industry that will be built on a platform of a fear I have for them and like they never listen when I do not want to experience the violent insults with alternative reasons and purpose that comes from their stupid cultures and societies, they can do that too and try to stop being so stupid. Its the same old matter and I always ask if they would do these things if their own children got a royal commission from the Queen but of course they always tell me they do not have to think about an if because they are working towards that already and you cannot make out if it is their office and administrative insults or the fact they are working towards that which winds you up the most. That other talk there is of course of how I believe power should be moved to one side only as it were, when in actual fact especially for the Nationalists the general idea is their lack of respect for those they claim are in a position that women should fill in life but no body knows what they are doing there themselves. There is talk of course of how I run my business has no care for self advancement but it does; I mean the business families and the media families and communities etc have no respect for my family as such, however which it is my family politicians want to be in and politicians are interested in, so anybody in my shoes would wonder what I am looking at. The way it works is that old matter of being too responsive to the threats and so on based on what must be done about their insults and the desire to make fame from infamy using me, so that when I bend them over the other way violently as well it seems media is always on hand to get them out and if it does not stop I will bend media bosses and their employees over violently as well – it is my job and not their own, they are messing with it and I have expressed how much that affects me and the many ways it does endlessly. Now I know it will mean the case of things I say but cannot do and will see me hurt media bosses seriously as well when such rhetoric continues; I mean I know there is only one Arch Prince of the UK in the world and everything connected with that name belongs to me and so I should rest assured I can sell my products to people very fast and should not tolerate business scum extracting my income with their money and the fact they use it to buy products from companies I have brokered equities with looking for trouble, since it is fair to assume the end product will be that when I lose everything there will be a new world with a new sense of business based on the guys that took down the Prince with a big mouth (when they complain nothing comes through with respect to how hurting me instead of running a business is more important to them than anybody’s economy) and by the way I do not wait too long to say these things, the fact remains that people buy music CDs made by abusing me in this country and so if from their stand point they can buy products people create by abusing leaders and making them weedy, then of course they can buy anything from any goon who comes up with a product based on abusing me, the other reason of course is that I find it difficult to talk about what I have not yet done and so that creates due to the question of now it has been given you what next, two spectrum one has to do with society being a real place and real world where you must be on the ground when things happen and the other being every fool that is older than me missing me with a hole in their hearts wishing I was there all the time. It is clear the other families of business families and so on have no respect for mine and have continued to regularly make claims it is their own in public for reason back and forth -front and back with a big mouth and so a stand was necessary.


So the story about the black versions is the same one we have always had i.e. they pick on other peoples because their families are not winning; same old story of course since for a time I lived in Africa it was clear these activities of theirs are seen as wickedness, things people do to people to bring the worst possible reaction from them i.e. take a means people have which is not criminal and create a problem not just for the owners but for wider society as well out of it and it is not for the power for being able to spend money on lots of poor people either. In their case here we are looking at the power of civil rights and I personally think that the prognosis of seeing it as a personality disorder that comes as a result of years of racial abuse is a platform that leads to an understanding of matters that are completely unconnected with fact: the truth is that they are really stupid people and what is hated most about them is their sense that it is important to know how to do other peoples livelihoods so that you never help yourself with their products, hence once the perspective has been placed in view therefore that mostly they do their activities because their mothers with power support them, it develops into a question of whether they are as a people retarded. When we take a look at the other matters of their violent opinions about others which is concerning however this is where my point mostly becomes clearer i.e. that the reason left or right, unless you lose and they win there is nothing you can do to move them on once you have created a feeling in them that they have been provoked happens is that the deluded idiots are not detached from the notion that their lives are entangled with everybody else’s so that once they have problems they have got nothing to lose and thereby become even more lazy about detaching their lives from other peoples own all together. Hence when they speak of ancient history and the classical world and some things people do which claims their history to become to others it become completely ridiculous all together because if we are remembering correctly, in those histories they were gladiators and slaves. The idea then that businesses are getting the better of me being the most stupid blunder ever for all of them evil families: there is no way of getting the better of somebody who provides adjudication for politicians so they can travel around the world and make their alliances, bearing in mind he handles employer employee adjudication and a process of making sure people who come to the Country to create products that other buy to make their lives easier play by the rules and play by the law. First of all I have no idea what creates this sense they have that when they are the creators of these products I am when I work for a government the same thing as they are. I have maintained a clear understanding of my position here that none of the four groups of government or businesses or small businesses or employees should have an unfair advantage over the other because they want to make money from the same country and this should clear up where I stand on taxes too since I think people make away with taxes because the government lets them i.e. one group may be richer than the other but it is also an evidence that they have used more of government property i.e. distributing 2 million pieces of a product uses the roads more than distribution 2 thousand, so those who earn more pay more: I am also perfectly aware of the existence of business men and women that will do anything to do business in the UK but those are UK business men and women of course not a group of goons like them who think that countries exist in the world to be manipulated by those who want everything and have never really gotten it as it were. So far what I have done is to their none white and none UK friends; they are now at it as it were, from UK/US relations through to Benidorm somewhere in Spain for example and the process of getting after my profit margins has not done them any good either, in terms of that of which is the same old issue i.e. not just getting me to take away their localism from them but also that of what happens people set up a society where they meet and talk of the evils of society ad violence and sex and all that stuff and somebody gets after it and wants your attention for that, so that when you inform him people are pushing their boundaries in order to find out what they need to know to make more money, he sets up his own and goes after my profit margins and pretends the reasons a soldier will not want to remove somebody that is a problem for the country is because of such things as his saloon car. Next is the white ones and the ones that have roots in the UK and the main concern of course at those tax money, I mean I do not mind my equities and securities about which their children can easily place ownership of roads or bridges due to cultural history, so I might have to remind them it is about entrepreneurs getting to serve consumers products that help them and they need to stay away from me or I will take it all from them. Hence I apparently have my thing with entrepreneurs as such and it never had a thing to do with them, except that years ago somewhere at the early part of 2004 they suddenly got involved with it and started the violence I have to deal with today all the way to blackmails of damage to the environment they will do if I do not co-operate and yet it can only get any better because of course these are just older generations of politicians who tend to help them and find out later, the younger ones will know everything, so I have not got any idea why they love to get on my television to pretend I want to marry or have sex with them like they love to all of the time too, which has now created such results as I am unable to earn money or get a wife, not to mention their sense that my entire Literary empire belongs to them due to insolent statements they make regularly that is connected with how I will have a thing if they say so with a big mouth. It is normally said businesses need them because they do power for businesses; rubbish – my point is that they have no financial value and the businesses are better off expanding their horizons, employing people, creating pockets of local markets and then ploughing into them at a later date. It’s their decision and their stuff; I have made myself clear about my stuff and where I stand and media campaigns for their vandalism because they have money to buy products that contain my equities and securities will eventually only lead to trouble. There is pressure everywhere to find a way to chase them down and follow them up regularly for the taxes but there is even greater pressure from those in whose interest it will be to see them pack up and leave the UK - hence important some people realise they have reached a stage when they need to take a square and conscious decision to refrain from doing things that will mean people need to protect their age mates from them. For me I stand with the latter group because it is easy for anybody to see they do not have to be so insolent to the consumer just because they want to be rich, we all want to be rich and irresponsible but this whole using peoples stuff to do it and then sell it to them will not work, the excuse is free market but the market is never free without the consumers choice hence theirs is the wrong answer and for the economy a very wide spread destructive duplicity. Hence I keep saying mine are just books and do not have to become people’s nightmare for it is likely they will take up the free market and do it as well. Financially of which we all know there is no way of getting them to part with money unless government devalues currency which will cost them but more of all they contract the consumers horizon to expand businesses they wish to deploy for their nefarious games and then only make a fraction of what the market was really worth in profit and need my royal property as something that the consumer can punish for the result of that with a big mouth I guess; as I said before public declaration and management of creative equity brokerages and Intellectual Property Administration service has not solved the problem that is related to them specifically, in fact as a personal decision of theirs, only made it worse because they can provoke people and in this case me to be precise. The idea I am not being well looked after is utter rubbish; not based on fact, fact are things happening which normally do when a younger person is talented, I size on the actions of those who use it for the most amount of trouble they can cause as a point of which to cause them distress as well.