Now it is suggested that when mentioned there is a book in everybody it would bring me down but the actual reality is that it does not. I know I am a real writer, I know that if paragraphs of my books are expounded the result will be many more books from my books but I simply don’t see why I ought to allow such promiscuity to flourish around my talent, so I write equities and securities instead; shut it would be better. However to answer the issue by itself, the reality is that it is largely born out of the activities of people that are losers and misogynists and that would best describe journalists that you wish to cleanse of it all of the time as it were. I mean they are journalists because there is a book in them shows that contrary to the idea writers are the opposite of journalists and journalists are the pinnacle of a group of people that can bish bash bosh say things to people and get them to understand while writers simply cannot get people to understand things they say no matter how well they understand what is being explained to them hence the need to packet it and give it to people to want it to take it with them – naturally you would want to make it free because you deceive yourself all the time that if you manage it through a diary you will not need to write it before people can understand but because it is a lot of trouble and takes up your time and the fathers are a pain and their insults know no bounds and it is valuable to those who get it, then you accept a token for the products. However the thing with journalists needs a real reckoning so the answer to this matter is that it will simply wind me up in a big way not bring me down; I mean the losers and misogynists have a book inside of them of course the fucking idiots do as it were. It is not a fact that gets expressed often that I hate them i.e. while the rest of us feel there are variables to lay to rest when we are doing academic study they are empty and as a result of that its a bish bash bosh pass exams and wear suits and talk nonsense all over the place which is how they get to read news and writer articles and writer news on the papers because there is a writer inside of them as it were. Born out of the need to claim they are beautiful and another is a cultural ugliness that must be hidden and then make that out to be the answer to everything in life as well. I mean how many times do you see people say that there is a journalist in everybody and that when their friends tell them a gossip they are listening to some form of journalism for example – how many times do you see people build on  it and get off to the Consumer Electronics Show to get connected with entrepreneurs on that basis, how many times do you see people build themselves popular music empires with the personal turmoil they cause them from doing it, how many times do you see people do it year after year and turn out to do it day after day? I don’t mind myself, like I said I have various contingencies with which to take care of that misogyny as well and it involves payment with some family happiness starting with the current state of affairs of confiscating that stupid left hand side to exchange the world of those who have to write and packet and give to people to take with them with those who can say and get people to understand and now I can have daily attention on public media after the books had been published of course while they get driven mad as well, difference being I chose when to appear in public but for them doing so is their fucking jobs in the first place. I have no idea how many times and more so on the basis of a lack of respect for the patents on my books I have to make an understanding obvious that I hate the fact they are always trying to be other people and because it is impossible lumber themselves with inferiority complex that then makes the persons they want to be a target for their misogyny and the need to be able to control the livelihoods of those people like their lives depended on it, endless intrusions and following around to do so like they cannot exist without doing it before we hear the complains we  hear for it all the time too. It is in no way going to break me down, just wind me up and propel me into some kind of an action; they are writers on the inside and that is how they became journalists.

Of course there is that talk of how there is nothing I can do but I have in actual fact already carpeted a Literary empire based on violent criticism of the lower classes and they are now in a better position to educate me about the misogyny inside of them, I have gone further to top it up with handling their sex lives in order to manage that stupid misogyny as well for good measure. They like to claim I speak that way but could not take them on or take on the tyrants that plague me from Africa – the reality is that they are caught in their own mess and I always think they do the things they do because it should be ignored for the most part, except they specifically want a piece of me and that is why it is not being ignored as it were – following me around to make friends and gain access to my valuables and turn up at my place to tell me to deliver or else which is the answer to everything in life that I have done no such thing as go out to get involved with their stupid social lives and clubbing lives and all that vice in order to court into my business, only the crime of having the same skin colour as they do to bring about popular music empire because there is a writer in everybody and of course it also means black people are a special case too, especially the American ones. That the mention of these things would break me down shows just how far detached from reality they really are in the first place and I am not giving back that stupid left hand side either due to the fact there is one of these in everybody as it were. Its all things you worry about when you have to think of a sense where your products were products first and last and nothing else, unlike the answer to their abuses and the need for the powerful thing to do and not the right thing at my expense at all times which is why they follow me around to make friends with me so that when rebuffed find people through whom they can get through and creep behind me to do it anyway, like a book in everybody. I do not consider them to be a major issue, they are rather always certain to turn out to find problems that are bigger than they are which onus they think is on somebody else to deal with, them get themselves involved with it and make it worse in order to turn out to seek comparative self improvements at the persons expense that gets into direct dominance every single time it is applied. I mean some people might think I am outlandish calling people stupid shallow misogynistic idiots but if they understand these guys are evil and most of their activities are rather a function of some kind of devil worship which purpose is to ensure that you are overwhelmed with evil and wickedness all around you which they themselves ensure they are covered with through vices then you tend to understand what they mean when they become frustrated and start seeking to bang at your chest all the time the let me in let me in with irregular heart beat news reporting and TV nonsense. The part about my regarding them as harmless is not based on reality; they are like somebody who is addicted to drugs and you somehow got yourself involved with as a teenager, knows your parents are rich and regularly turns out with threats to make you steal the money and deploy it to fund his drugs needs – in their case they say their need is freedom and Power and I have no idea what makes them think they can handle my books for my part either.


Now I am asked about where I stand on the US crisis at present but of course a typical example is the events on Thursday 3/10 where a woman was shot dead for being a risk to Government officials in the US; I mean when we men do such things it is a bit of what we know but when women do it is, it rather signifies a very degenerative development in society, pure madness. Yes I know when I say it then Media idiots will want to know why women can be treated as equally as men but I am not talking to them or on some education for misogyny from them as well and they had better zipped it. Besides which we all know that the only women out there making trouble are women they solicit with that stupid media promising everything in the process from power to money and even fame etc. Otherwise most women are victims of some kind of insolence from them whereby they are the fathers of women and so this is what women do put up with, hence when we look at the exact reasons that the US Government shut down and some woman’s business was destroyed for example and the result of what she did thereof or whatever other reason there was, it is obvious what I am saying can be easily understood. On the matter of the crisis itself, the issue is that instead of a government getting to shut down every vice to allow people to focus on jobs and livelihoods, the democrats are famous for being interested in something else while holding government office to ransom, thus we have already heard stories of a republican right which really does not exist and I know it does not because if I were to show I agree with the republicans democrats will rather want to know where my skin colour fits into the republican party as well even if I am British and do not belong in any Political party at all. Hence nobody knows exactly why Obama Care should not have been added to what people already had, hence it had to be an alternative after what people had was taken from them and for this kind of sacrifice paid for with government tax the republicans predictably dug in as it were and are not moving; are they all going to tell me therefore that they are not aware that is what they have done then? They even claim I never take care of the one in the UK but of course what is happening in the UK is a certain notorious Labour party with a habit of handling government office in order to use it to wreck peoples livelihood if they think they want to get some fringe pleasure from doing so no matter the risks or cost of it and for it I intend to see how far that yapping therefore and climbing up my book sales to keep it going will go and then eventually it will be a case of me and them properly as well. I mean at the end of the day women can never ruin my life, its men doing it and getting angry at women is rather getting angry at everything I should be doing to ensure my life is not ruined but it is the men that ruin it because they are cowards and want cheap shot victories they are certain to win when they start a fight without reason because they believe it is what my time should be spent on and this process of responding to conversations I do not have with them will blow up in their stupid media face as well.


Now they say when people express themselves and their wealth and their lives I like to think they are talking to me, the reality of course is that my Intellectual Property and securities and Equities are out there and they can take pictures of any girl or women I have approved of, pay her some money and make themselves rich, call it modelling or fame or whatever but without realising she will return to me anyway and it will come to noughts as an ideology – besides which I am feeding them and their popular culture fame idiots as well and they might want to be advised to zip it as it were, so when women play around with me they might become the end of an era. I mean if you are good at what you do and work hard, exactly how exactly then do women get to ruin your life and they do need to stay off my books so I don’t do their own as well. I need to manage those stupid problems on the right and those stupid fame and fortune decadence without working for the money at my expense to the tune of millions on the left and the primary reason for that is to provide for my ladies, hence it is not necessarily in my interest that they be advised of the importance of going away, making themselves scarce basically i.e. those social problems are mine and so are those decadence with which to make millions without doing a day’s work for it and of course they realise now the purpose of that is to provide for my ladies, so they can take pictures of them and put it up somewhere to make themselves rich and call it modelling then believe it is where it will end. I mean nobody knows why it is impossible for them to do a simple job at any given point either; yes she wants them to do it with my work but what is wrong with that then? Why can’t they be camera men when the ladies are journalists, why can’t they be photographers when the ladies are models, why can’t they be camera men when the ladies are TV Personalities? Apparently they are doing it for everybody else as well and I am therefore completely blown away – the thinking people are talking to me when I know what they are referring to when they say that is women that are actually obsessed with me and are very possessive making a public vow at me of how if I get into their hands I will never be seen by the rest of the world any longer as they will ensure they own me and I stay where I have ended up etc, in which case the end product question is whether they are not talking to me then after all. Those stories they make a mess around me for fun and are difficult to control is utter nonsense; they are always getting up on their television to pass an insult that me designed to show they have means that can be applied to make me if I do not shut down my faith on claims it provokes them and it is a real underestimation of what I could likely get up to as well although the fact is always clear if I shut down my faith they will shut down that stupid celebrity culture as well. The rest of the time I don’t want their stupid girls to decide how my property is deployed when I already have a media based Working Court, the more they do it on work done for government officials and royalty the more provocative it is  – they are supposed to make videos and shoot cameras at and take pictures of their clients not handle property that belongs to friends of their clients in order to do the same for everybody and get rich as well but I guess it happens because they are bullies and I like a challenge as well because they never listen.

This paper had ended here; Thus the main matters are those claims that I advocate a Police State but of course we all know that is one way to see it, while the other way is that my right to be financially successful by customers that want my products and the hard work I do to ensure they have the products and the services is subverted everyday to bring me to penury on account they are playing Machiavellian games of predicting what authorities will do next to require them to work for their own money and work their way out of their own problems without bothering other people no matter how much they pay in tax and it has come to a point especially at the financial system where the destruction of the economy is viewed by them like some kind of powerful art of being able to smell this first and act before the authorities have even taken the steps they were about to, so it does become annoying and require attrition to handle as well and so it has come to a matter of equities available to them presuming they still want to live and work in this country in question, hence when I say that if the Police hear of a problem at a local shop they simply drive up and park there but if they hear one such at the financial system the government spends even more tax payers money on inquiries at the end of which it spends money on them to bail them out which has in turn created this idea that the process by which they make financial success happen depends on whether or not their eyes are fixed on other people and other people’s property whereas what the economy needs is the direct opposite of that. I am saying they say I advocate a Police state but we will see how it goes since in my mind it is simply a case of which equities were available to them and which ones were not presuming they are still interested in living and working in the UK and the Police will soon be an integral part of the financial system all together as well. Now it is even clearer why women need forceful backup all together  - you can never get anything done when it is impossible to make them behave around you, a need therefore to put an end to that stupid media subverting mine. Now we are aware of the Political side of it and the main issue these days is that of concerns people have of what it implies to give large donations to Political parties, I understand the concerns but I should clear up too that it is not one that I hold, I rather think it should be determined by a process of demand and supply, however the problem is that of Politicians turning out in government office to spend tax payers time setting out what has become new politics in the form of how a 21 year old got a Royal Commission from a Queen and that became the life they should live hence all they do instead of public service is to be explained away as wealth distribution and equality which band wagon people will jump on for years on end, which of course is not what they were voted to and paid to do, the concern at this stage is of course the notoriety they have gained at public office and what they are likely to do with money they currently have so it is legitimate. However I do also hear the story blow off endlessly that when people speak of others being taken advantage of by those who have more power than they do I like to count myself as somebody that may do such a thing but in actual fact I would not dare to cross popular culture idiots who work behind the scenes, this I suppose is a function of claiming all those things people do around my ability to fight my corner is about them, especially with respect to the video games Industry where they mop up all those teasing and insults that wind me up to spill some power so to speak in order to prevent the possibilities of a major crisis, so it is their view that after all these years they have learnt everything about that my so called strategy and can therefore defend themselves in a condition where I have to look after myself and prevent them from doing anything that is me in order to attack me, this they will rather do than move on as there is nothing they can do about it; so I cannot advise enough that they do need to zip it and move on - I mean we all know their lives are made up of games and so if it is not a case of civil and criminal disobedience with popular culture where they achieve nothing for themselves or for others but set out to enjoy life and get rich at the expense of some State official they feel they can manipulate in order to gain from and deploy the perks of his or her job, then it is a case of becoming extremists who are connected with the country and the land just because leaders finish their National service and seek a quiet retirement - in every turn somebody innocent will get killed and they do not think themselves a problem, until maybe I am vulnerable to them as well and then their boasting will have some form of connection with reality for good measure; The public outcome and practice of it can therefore be broken down into two main areas one being the NHS where lots of life and death issues are going on and you can get promiscuous and kill a person without any problems provided you are not found out and in there their Politicians are helping as well, setting up work factories where they churn out workers and spend public funds to give them jobs in places like the NHS and now we have a system where people who work in social services do not know they are required by statute to remove Children from dangerous situations and that the Parents would rather the Children had died first before they are taken away - the other is that of things I have said which offend The Duke of Cambridge and his Brother because I have said it with respect to the actions of their late mother, which really changes nothing about stupid women and their stupid children turning up to handle my finances as insolently as possible and make a show of themselves on media and make a fool out of me in order to make their children look clever, especially the incredibly mad American ones; their social lives are rubbish and so are their personal lives and so are anything they do as a public appearance and they are also convinced they can not just clean it off those who look clean of it but can also exchange their lives with others if like the Politicians play along, the Princes become their personal friends. So all together the black ones especially will claim I latch onto values and get around damaging areas of peoples lives they aspire to work on but everybody knows their families do not have values as I always ask the question of if they had a conversation with somebody and whether the response was that it was a good conversation or that the relationship will not last and we all know what they are really referring to is not just insults like how they are more connected to the land than I am at my expense even when I am older than they are which media scum will chose self improvements with and Politicians will come round to said but also that of taking advantage of the part where I work hard to get around with people which they are always so lazy to do that there is racism all over the place and you cannot say it enough times that their families have no values and that it is all a case of working hard to get around with people and not the need to sit around being angry at everything that moves, regardless of which those stupid problems and the messy abuses that get attention because they are concerning on the right are mine and so are the decadence on the left, so I can provide for my own ladies as well. It is rather unprecedented that their stupid families have values. When they want to provoke me they say I mentioned that I clean things up at the Monarchy and that I am the person that gets around finding rubbish to take out; whereas what I mentioned was that the Monarchy collects the best of culture and society and preserves it for the Nation and for a good number of times things do go wrong on minute occasions and I do get to set them right but of course we all know some people are really good at looking for trouble, even the Politicians are in on it and they are forcing their popularculture on me oppressively and I have no idea exactly what it is they think they can do about me anyway, however which when they attack and abuse me and the unthinkable of it forming a programme on media happens and more so because I did not react and they were laying claims to my existence and exchanging their stupid lives in place of mine and mine in place of theirs, the reality is that they will not stop doing it and there are those who will not stop making those programmes for them and these two groups of people I must make stop. Talk of my problem being an involvement with the Pornography Industry is rife of course, we all know that goons want to get married to Royalty and they have a thing for sorting their lives out at my expense and calling me names at the end because they have American friends too, so its game and I am game too all together since we have had enough on both sides but the thing with pornography is that they felt as though they wanted to indulge me a game of criminals, serial killers and the underworld and so I needed to remind them its not a matter of going off to wait somewhere to murder a prostitute and that they are the way they are because people kick their arse all the time so they can set up various complains about what changes they make to bring about such a means and process, chiefly of which is the pornography Industry because they are incapable of handling other people like human beings and then we hear those stories of what the Pornography industry is sucking into its giant menacing self whereas we all know they are misogynists and people who do a job where they take their cloths off do not stand a chance against then and because of that they enjoy such things never mind making sure people end up there as well, so apparently they have a problem with me because they have ever won a fight against Pornographers for example which is something I like to point out bearing in mind that big mouth. We all know that the biggest problem with them is that women make them the way they are by taking up those stupid lives of theirs and using it to get things done, it is the reason that they have a special hate for anybody who thinks women should be treated with a sense of decency because stupid men always tend to make profit at their expense since the law is likely to come to the aid of children for a larger proportion of the time, whilst women become more preemptive about it all together in my case whenever I mention such things they ought to know along with their insolent community croons that I was not talking to them. In the end the big issue is that they will not get their foolish selves off my book sales and it boils down to the question of how the Christian does not wish to get around with the Popular culture and celebrity culture that is being imposed on him which then means he has no right to earn a living and it will cost them a price that will make me famous too; I mean in the end speaking of the getting involved with the pornography industry that kicks them all the time and we hear the complains endlessly (of which in the US for example, we hear less of an entire government shutting down for business than we hear of the fact that the government shutting down for business cost the big bottom woman who serves people in a bar to lose their business, so you normally see the exasperation show up in the Pornography Industry where they get what comes to them as well; so they can play the normal cool headed guy that speaks to you with sense and understanding about it, like I am the voice of reason etc, in my case they are talking to the Royal Prince whose finances they rip up to humiliate with work all the time and therefore need to zip it), you see people that are criminally insane on one hand then have to imagine people that aspire to it on the other. There is not a person that is not aware they have got girls and women that are just like they are and those can become the obsessive fans of anybody that can offer disposition to abuse me with, thus in my view they can be fans of whoever they like provided it is not at my expense and this they do not understand well enough yet. That what I have said then revises the general view of Pornography will never work, I mean its only them softening the blow and I do wish people stick in the knife and consider it funny as well.