It has become a regular occurrence these days to make out I provide the public with a false sense of security that suggests I am able to handle violent matters and it will never make sense; all I can say is that they might like to think otherwise but the Bible is actually correct – God is not mocked, what it is a Man sows, it is precisely as he will reap. We are talking about a process where messing around in Government buildings leads to outcomes where people die being combined by a process where Politicians have a habit of setting out members of the public to push into crime and rehabilitate in order to move into their right hand side and feel good about life. The questions might be raised as to why they have combined these two extreme behaviour but their answers right up to the expenses scandal has always been a continued lack of respect for them by the general public which meaning nobody really can fathom; One is then forced to find out which part members of the public play and a lot of the times the result is ending up speaking to that person that makes you think she is your school governor but actually is living on benefits, which conditions when measured against the fact all Politicians have cars and their expenses paid for by the state and that they are a major member of the car drivers bully club that gangs up on bikers and pedestrians in the Country, while the high profile ones have some state funded security that ferry them around the Country, then it is impossible to locate exactly what people were meant to have done to detach Politicians from their sense of comforts which is then insulting and leads them down these behaviour, so it goes back to where I started i.e. whatever a Man sows, precisely that he will reap. They however tell me I support people and then condemn them but that entirely depends on whether I am talking about a normal person who is being made to exist in a condition where she will eventually have her beautiful body beaten up by an idiot that wants to be supported while he goes out to bread win or I am talking about Politicians ripping up my finances to travel overseas to bring in some twisted and evil black women that will hold me down in a world where things will apply in my life the way it does in Africa so as to ensure that it is the kind of respect kids are made to give those that are successful enough to be leaders in Africa that they are getting from me; apparently, the downside here in the UK is that unlike Africa nobody can make them pay my Bills, so I have to cut it all up on my way out and regularly find out what it is exactly they can fucking do about me while at it. They will say I cannot cease to discuss issues outside the lives of women but of course that is precisely where the problem has been placed – my finances are a plaything to make the idiots that spent their time thinking about where teachers anus and penis is comfortable, while I am told I need to give up my Christian temperaments otherwise I will be in a relationship with a schizophrenic; now they are the ones complaining about peoples chasing their private parts in the Houses of Government and it has stopped being so amusing all together which makes for some progress. It’s nothing unusual; as a Christian I always have in view that in order to avoid matters I am concerned with degenerating into violence, they will have a certain part of my possessions up to a certain age, by which time it will make no sense to chase them up about it because they would have gone their way and I gone mine; except these ones want to evolve and change rules and target me and show me what is what after they had taken it and we have a serious problem and that big mouth that turns up on Media every time with it too; so I know how I will get jobs and sell them Books of mine and they don’t – at present the whole thing being wide spread behaviour when I came to the UK has now changed but my Christian temperament is perfectly sound while their neighbourhoods are wailing at the moment. In their defence they say that it is a matter of my selfishness being resolved but that was always an old story of the last gasps of a beaten evil; we are talking about the ruining of my charitable activities as a Christian on grounds what I am giving is inferior and that my finances need to be damaged to a point where I live like them and then I can start to do any charitable work from there so that there might be equality; it does not make them any better off and that is why it leads to clinging action that is hoped will degenerate into violence, with a big mouth – here in the UK they think others should not be implementing benefit caps.  I don’t think it is a crisis as such for my part; it’s just reality that given the right tools and the right methods they can leave people alone as everything they do is really stupid and really hurtful and you constantly have to remind yourself you are classed as the great and good and try to carry on with what really matters – so the extreme involvement from them and their society can be a real problem – people don’t do these kinds of behaviour unless their brains are made up of stone, they don’t wait for you to make yourself secure from neighbourhood criminals and goons that must be famous in your stead or you will get into trouble, just to push you into gangs with teases and bullying in order to feel convenience for a whole unless their brains are made of stone and this is how they live and know nothing else – partly due to the effects of their wickedness on their already badly deficient minds and also due to their unwillingness to learn but wholly as a result of their disobedience and the effects it has on their lives overall. The sense that I am trapped and in trouble which causes worries about how little progress I am making are the reasons I supply these facts as valid and clear reasons to believe I am not; the reality is that I am only doing a third of my Business at the moment – no high level publicity yet and no tools set up to help business with clear idea about pace of growth considering conditions – only the part where a business gives an advertisement contract to a celebrity and realises he or she will make it a part of his or her personality at a later date, hence informs me about it.

They speak of powers that are given to the intelligence services to gather information and it never really makes sense why we do it anyway; if the intelligence services are given a clear guide line on whom to employ when it comes to gathering information, then it will make it so much easier for everybody – the reasons nobody has an imagination for this is that Politicians want a different system for themselves and another for everybody else, so they have to use the heavy instrument of legislation on such matters which really leads nowhere, in a bid to keep a separate  system for themselves while making sure their bad friends do not get jobs at security services, which is the only way they get to protect people’s rights – likewise them civil rights groups; they hate the Monarchy that they did not elect but I am being told in my own home by groups they established who can spy on me or otherwise; I mean one size does not fit all – I am in a place where I am always being exasperated by media and Politicians and the same civil rights people and so I have been moved on to a place where I am allowed to get hysterical but for the right reasons, so I have no idea why they think it is correct all the time to pass an insult at me when they are talking about privacy and finish off by telling me what my privacy should become anyway; it is never clear why they think their voices are scared when their civil rights are based on establishment of groups, never clear which is more important, collecting jobs from those they have a low opinion of but achieved more than they do or protecting their own civil rights. In the end I don’t want them establishing stupid groups I did not elect for my part anyway that gets to tell me who is to spy on me or not; I am perfectly aware there are things they want to collect from me like how I tend to fit in with white people for instance and only God knows how you confiscate that from others and chase their anus and penis and abuse them to make narcissistic happiness over it, which then means I get asked who in my view is the enemy and who is not, when we all know those who hate sitting ducks and the system are the enemy once they had started telling tales about their ability to hurt people thereby asking for it; for me they have reached a point where they need to keep off my Book sales and clear my space. They all do it; for the Politicians, as a Christian you are aware of a certain crowd, rolling with of which will lead to certainty of trouble but if you settle yourself a thousand times, the Politicians will manoeuvre their position to become arbiters of your possessions with media deciding whom it belongs to a thousand times – reason being that they want to get involved with it for you and spend your possessions on the problems because it will make you speak up on social issues. The rest however are the civil rights people who really don’t understand how provocative it is for them to form their groups and turn up with it to tell you how it is going to be when you are having a rough patch – usually they are done making deals at that stage, where the men make promises to their ignorant women of a violent intervention and the women are off to feeling in public like they can handle anybody they want, so they have that sense around them that what people do to them is all just an occurrence. So they do ask if I know who I am anymore but I have never actually thought anything I have done with my career is wrong, nor have I ever thought anything I have done about those who attack it is bad, I have enough expertise and experience not to; I mean when people gather up and play pack mentality on your finances to kill your book sales and make fun every day, then tell you how thick your skin is supposed to be bearing in mind you have to develop one, it riles you right up to a stage. It’s like that story of how they make use of me to restore western economy and it never really works as in stupid father figures telling me I am selfish in the real world but it is a stupid disobedience they find financially rewarding and therefore extremely convenient and I have no idea what they expect me to tell all those village people all over Europe anyway, especially the ones that travel to the UK to get closer to my work and I have no idea how many times I will make people pay for it and how many times they will turn up in public places to make noise about how powerful they are before it actually stops.

An example is when they claim I cannot control anything I own anymore whereas the opposite is true if we take two spectrum: one being a millionaire who sits down somewhere being asked foolish questions by media so he can align himself into my Literary Empire and make it his own being a behaviour I can ignore but the impunity with which the idea runs that although they cannot tell how I will react when they handle it in that way, there is really nothing I can do, means that I will never allow the behaviour go un-punished - the other side is the Legal profession where people realise there is legal content to my work and are worried about deploying it in front of a judge to bail out a client not knowing how I will react, so I don't think these media and popular culture fools have got both sides figured out yet at present so as to mean I cannot control my property. It’s like they say y activities are sexual aka the religious guy isn’t going to do anything about being bullied – so since it is the pinnacle of their insults it’s rather hard to figure out what they tell me for all together.


It is now said that I need to take more seriously the scoundrels on media and their attitude towards my possessions but I don’t have to take seriously any nonsense from any goon that cannot leave people alone either – that said, I am aware a media idiot knows how to get dressed and attend to a job through which he does nothing all day but speak of how many Books I get to sell, followed by lack of clarity about what I am doing and lots of controversy to last for days but in the end they are using somebody’s modelling Career, they are using somebody’s Celebrity stupidities they regard as a career and they are using somebody’s company and none of these three categories of what we have on this planet that is next to a plague in human form ever have a say over what people do with my possessions to other people’s property. We are here in the first place because people like to tell lies that destroy other peoples empires at the Global Markets and this one has been a particularly favourable choice for them – these are lies people need to stop telling and I don’t mind the part about their culture and history either, we will find out how serious they are with those complains, the day they are no longer seen around my Book sales or Royal Estate and the Company Global Markets are handed back to me. Speaking of their place in this matter as a whole however; they don’t get to tell me what to do and by the way of which the black people part has now reached a stage where we are starting to find out what it is exactly they can or will do as it were. These fools exist in only three forms every single time we see them; one of this is the scoundrels who will be famous or those they are supposed to get it from will pay, the other are the convenience freaks who also have a problem with peoples personal life and the third is the one where they are collecting trophies and we are talking about whether or not somebody has built a new one and they must be the first persons to damage it or somebody has cleaned it up and they must be the first to make a mess, success therefore means getting away with what you shouldn’t and so if you need more you simply must find somebody through whom you can get away with enough to make more – we all know what the dictionary definition of fame is and what is the root anchor of fame when it exist, that these idiots are famous beats the imagination, right down to the part where fame is about attacking Mr Christian somewhere. The big problem they have is the result that I am clearly collecting my own trophy as well because they are really fond of making out they are a difficult case for people and like to tell me I appear cold and destitute but happen to be the biggest problem they face; in terms of the latter of which I am cold and destitute because of the beating of their evils and wickedness to submission, so that the extent is as such the only way is through corruptions of involvement and organising crowds to laugh at me while Politicians help them recover their foolish minds by making anything I do difficult to a point of desperation but it does not stop me from being me, so the me that is me always ensure they wish they never did, for every occasion that their twisted and crooked , dark and evil belief systems abuses me, especially in sexual context to get some convenience that will result in being important or seeing what they should do with their stupid lives or being famous – so the rule was don’t touch and I am not unable to dish the consequences for my part, like the time they whacked a Royal Prince over the head and got off to media to find out what their place in the world has become:- which is why I have been collecting my own trophy too just in case there might arise a time their intense insults leads to the last collect they will ever make for instance. They are not a difficult thing to handle for me and nobody here is messing with them – I am only saying that if it did cost me all I had to come to an agreement with celebrities about destroying my possessions every day, the result will still be that somebody got off society to serve them at my expense in order to get the things I cannot do because I am inferior to them done for me; so there must be only one reason celebrities turn up around my concerns and it is measured from the part where they said their problem had to be money years ago – now they have the money and are still here, so it has to be that they want to create a character that come to their city and lost all he had because they were good looking, so it might help if they had stopped complaining and continued fighting quietly; the person who told them they are famous must have been as insane as they are. I understand people do say mine is a lost cause and I am not just trying to tell people to patch on, which is not good enough but it isn’t; they dealt me a bet on the question of the kind of economy we were to end up with due to their massive temper, stupidities and unbridled evil and wickedness and made me understand every good outcome will be extricated from me – so we had to duel it out, whereby they decide and we decide and the end, one will win and the other will lose – whereby they tell me if I wanted them to do anything they would never do it at this stage, which really does make me think they are bluffing as well. It is not the first time I have seen them of course, I made myself clear the problem was more about lies they tell which destroys this Empire and need to stop, or the culture and the history I will sell if I see it around my concerns enough times to require such a measure and when I do there will be no going back just like it was before their media campaign for the last 11 years to recover. They do say women constitute most of my problems but I chose to pick on men all the time; which in terms of women is a matter of women you can wreck your life with getting involved with to a point where you decide they need to get integrated and for black people specially, that their lifestyle I will sell up due to the fact it continues to hang around with foolish women fingering my bum for trophy but for the men, the bum fingering and spying is a matter of driving buses menacingly at me in order to do it and are certain I will do nothing because they know somebody that was really mad at another person and wants revenge and hence I would easily fall victim to mistaken identity if they had anything to do with it and the media ones who have also been around the block a few times are another story all together. I never did say they were a problem, the question answered above was a clear one; they cannot be a problem for me when it terms of the desire of western men to seek conveniences the level of beauty I have attained is nothing yet until I begin public trading, they however said I had discovered their corrupted and evil nature and their insatiable desire to collect trophy victories on which they claim success depends and to set out people they want to attack for it as a community and their question was what I was going to do about it – on kicking them hard enough the story then turned to that of what I must do about media scoundrels where they get to tell me what to think and or do at this Office. As for the part about getting beaten up, I wouldn’t know anyway; usually they say I talk but when the trouble comes I run but apart from that we all know I am a protected individual and they have trouble learning their lessons mostly; so we find that one moment they say I walk around Town like I am their boss while they have to work so hard to raise a  family and having been they find it insulting their kids will have me beaten up and the next I am getting along with my concerns and they will have me beaten up because they cannot shut it; this is obviously why it tends to come up all of the time. Socially they are never an issue – it’s the same old tale of the left thinks the answer to all is conveniences as much as you can get which is why the need black people have to threaten me and get it from my personal life is becoming more of a problem for them on account it has reached a certain point after 15 years as well and while people from the right claim the answer to all is creation of problems and sharing of it, more so to a point where they damage peoples personality, so that both can always come up with a story and move into my right hand and live there if they wanted to and there would be no problems. Like their story about video games encouraging violence which never makes any sense; I mean the video games have to exist in a certain specific condition which includes the existence of Industry and the existence of social, Political and Industrial corruption in the community of Industry and then the video games provide people with a release and a sense of Understanding should a situation arise where things got out of hand; sometimes it can be the result of some multi billionaire sitting with a man half his age who is not related to him, to talk about life and his company regularly and then it reaches a stage where this individual has an idea and that idea results in a video game which nobody will ever know how it encourages violence – but we all know however that what people don’t want to talk about is working hard to provide their children with savings, so they might have the incentive to go about attacking people violently because if they kill people and end up in prison their lives will already have been sorted out and that is why they walk around the streets with an inability to leave people alone – they will not talk about how this encourages violence, what they want to do is go into parliament to talk about inequality that will put them in positions of leadership over those they think they can bully with a big mouth and then tell me nobody really knows why I am up in arms protecting the video games Industry anyway and it is ever only such an improvement from all that demagogue of doing peoples stuff and that stupid celebrity nonsense and popular culture they think I am supposed to tolerate too but I am not protecting the video games Industry, I am protecting my equities that they deploy like the Film Industry to make these games and I know from this that it does not in any way encourage any violence and that what people need to do is tell the truth about villains, figure out the problems and refrain from pretending that every idiot has to make money wherever they see it being made on account villainous characters in video games were painted in unfavourable light. I don’t feel the need to go about hurting people as they claim; it’s just that on one hand is a tight schedule and a process of getting organised to run and manage an Empire which finances have already been decimated by idiots with involvement to play up and on the other is really stupid people you can never ascertain if they had stopped telling jokes because none of it is really a joke, that have something they name society, so I already knows this and my position does not in any way predispose me to violence therefore as such necessarily but these are people that are so stupid a mere hello will unravel all you have done to get organised at a Company Office and a Royal Estate Business arrangement; neither do I feel a need to run from the enemy – I simply cannot deal with this wrecking of my finances by Politicians, organising their idiots to go around attacking my health by chasing my private parts, then using a process where I have to rent accommodation after these things have occurred everyday for 15 years to build up the confidence of their children where they have rights and I don’t and hence regularly get to promise I will get beaten up but I feel it will be an endless fight if I indulge it, however which it appears the costs they have not calculated well over an assumption I have been finished off, is the one where all fights I walk away from cost me a piece of my Royal position. So they do claim I was bereft of all Royal position a sometime ago but am still getting about faking it – whereas in truth I had counted them all and they were complete; these goons are supposed to have been the ones that never pay attention in school because having gang boys in the neighbourhoods at their service while they pick on others to make quick money, popularly through fame and fortune games was their plan all along and when asked to explain what they mean sitting ducks that provoke them, tend to talk so much nonsense all over the place and raise villainy matters of a new country they seek – they are supposed to spy and eavesdrop, so as to get about creating everybody  and every One staffing based problems, while oppressing those who do not fancy their behaviour using employer positions they acquire in the process, so because of their need to abuse my property and person, the idea they belong on the left is no longer good enough, if they were interested in having their lives back, the way to do it is to keep off my Book sales and never get seen around my space spying or eavesdropping and talking nonsense about free to access doing my stuff all the time, otherwise it is easy to see this level of beauty I currently enjoy is not the worst I can do with their conveniences – the rest is not necessarily Britain but European Migrants and the influences of the US,where Mr Obama was elected to provide leadership for Americans but spent more of his time helping them to trophy victories over people especially religious people, on which success is based i.e. the bag log of things they get away with of which if they need more success they simply must get away with more and which behaviour the British brought on themselves considering their history of slavery and slave trade and it seems we can only collect more trophy victories as British people in the circumstances then and I personally have not yet collected enough to deter.