So there is naturally this talk people wish to get into of what they want to see on the streets about me, I don’t mind very much because it comes always after I must have either said something about the real questions which are whether I am using peoples society and culture and wickedness to get things done because I want to oppress them of which the answer is always a yes. However I do wonder what it is exactly they wish to see on the streets anyway when this particular question and the answers to it are pretty clear; I mean black women can just get up and without reason fashion themselves into enemies of my personal freedom with excuses that cannot be exhausted to run with as well and to this day the more people cannot fathom the reasons is the more they like to do it because it means they are powerful. Hence I bet the part where they say white men oppressed them and I must do something about it or I will get bloodied and killed that comes into the picture whenever they mention something about seeing something of me on the streets – about which the reality is that the white man oppressed them and for that reason I will be bloodied and killed if I don’t do something about it so they can control me and their playboy idiots can do what they like, hence will I oppress them my share as well and this is just the beginnings of that.  For of course there isn’t a real reason out there for these things to be happening and people to continue to vandalise my work in order to make me cash strapped and watch if I will become a thief or a prostitute or chose the middle ground of being homeless – no reason. That part of bloodied and killed of which is the same old story; they cannot exist unless they know that the part of society they live in and the community and the culture is something they can call their own but the insults never cease and they call me names all the time because those names are things their insults are meant to propagate. Now this leads us directly to the reasons the white man did oppress them i.e. their secret wickedness which is born of a devilish purpose and reason and the fact they have a greed and an ego and nobody is beyond their reach and no disgusting act is beyond doing to those that are better looking than they are, so that instead of the Satanism and the witchcraft matters about looks and decadence then becomes the topic for conversation so that their fame and fortune idiots can do and undo if they wanted like the rest of us are items, very provocative stuff of course and it soon becomes the answer to every problem for them to turn up around your affairs and stir things that come around over and over and over to create social issues about you that can only be settled by bloodshed; so the fact they hate my guts is not something I do not recognise since I have created one and hold it together every day for them, right up to National Politics, hence I know they hate my guts and have legitimate reasons for it. However the problem is that it does not amount to anything, such that if their jobs are at Politics and mine is a clear business, I know that mixing business with Politics will lead to catastrophe for them and they realise that too every time they attempt it hence the fact I don’t pay attention to them tends to mean that they take action to damage my finances and property in order to get it ; hence it makes no sense to me what they expect to see on the streets since the answer to whether or not I want to oppress them is very clear and of which the answer too is a yes, we are therefore talking about these kinds of activities and these kinds of provocation and the results that will come through as a function of their continued existence. Naturally of which they are not moving into anybody’s right hand side, I understand what people are saying when they raise issues around my stand on this particular aspect but it is just not me to let them – they had better stayed out and left me alone. So when they do speak of bloodied and killed, I wonder if they had taken into account what I have already done to them and the fact the message in it is that they will not be given any chances or any quarters should they decide to act on such nonsense; I mean I have warned them I know they cannot exist unless where they live and the societies and communities are things they can call their own, in terms of violence it may sound unusual but I can do and undo and they know it, in context therefore of what I have already done to them which I say with such noise making is not hurting badly enough yet. The insults that led to these matters are still very much the same as they were of course.

It is never actually true that I think a lot of people hate me, the reality is that I am too absorbed in my own world to realise that after a decade of involvement with me these idiots have not really changed and the whole need to see people destitute which they find funny is something that continues, naturally of which I am actually never interested in their reasons and it something that propels them to attack my books and the benefits and the jobs to get their fix – hence we are simply back where we started years ago with a society where the only form of friendship black people can offer others is a homosexual relationship which I think I can live it or tolerate, if they piss me off, I will do them again. Eventually the state of affairs is the old story of claims I come from a family of poor people and the level of poverty in my family alone is incredible; truth and reality of course is rather that I have a destructive mother and the problem is that it is still difficult to work out what part exactly they are playing in the matter – I mean I can go from being normal to being on benefits for some years and then off the benefits and into a job I lose immediately and then back to benefits which will not happen and then they can gloat to find out if I will become a sex worker or a thief or chose the middle ground of being homeless on the streets; but until then they are still out like idiots looking for trouble to ensure I do what my mother wants because she is a good person like they are paying her for it and it will develop into something about which I do them on the money and then it will become a full time job to handle them for the sake of it. I mean they have smirked smiles on their faces when they see me out in the cold and rain doing door to door sales before they complain about whether or not I do things I do because I want to oppress people and the reason for that is that I have been brought low for refusing to attack the white man who oppressed them and my condition will get worse until they feel better about themselves; I have smirked smiles on my face ladies and gentlemen if somebody gives me a car; these are the kinds of things that remind me of how life could have been – so I will hurt them seriously the way we are going that is a certainty (looking at it like a Christian this is something they do because they are using another person’s good looks to ensure they have the life they want and it is very abusive and very hurtful and has no limits – besides which they glorify the white man as well and you soon realise that such nonsense has taken up all your time because of actions they have taken around the need to do your stuff for you).

The other part about Scottish Nationalism is very well understood but I have no idea why they always want to discuss it either; I mean every time something is said about Scottish Nationalism it is always about the breakup of the UK rather than whether or not Scotland needs to be an independent country or there are facts which support the idea it is the best position and I believe that Scotland is already a devolved Country and does not need to break up the UK in order to be one and most people there would rather chose to make the UK into what they want it to be than break it up and have an independence that they have already got – hence become an independent country and keep the Pound Stirling. Yes the US Government supports Scottish Independence, which it does along the lines of a special feeling people have for being British which of course Scotland gets a bad deal from or could do better on its own according to the Nationalists; but it does not really matter since people really cannot tell me they did not expect that when black people generally believe that democracy means that they have the right to assume anything they see is their own will only lead to a process where they think they can do and undo if they happen to hold high offices in the Government of the United States – all of these things were entirely expected and have come as normal. However the question is how to balance relationship with allies alongside hitting Barrack Obama and his black people to create an effect that will equal the breakup of the UK in vengeance for slavery and slave trade bearing in mind such facts as Spanish ships turning up on East African waters to trawl them and damage the food chain and harvest everything leaving the locals without a livelihood leading to International Piracy on a grand scale, we are talking about an age where slavery was rife, that it would have been possible to take a ship and go off to Africa to gather hundreds and thousands and millions of people as personal property which are then taken off to a farm and put to Labour without consequences; bearing in mind such facts as the reality that it was black people selling black people to white people at the time and that the white man did have the right to do anything he wanted with what he actually owns and have paid for, long before the whole issue turned to the black markets because I imagine consciences were being pricked, which of course is the part everybody wants to talk about. It is worth remembering that they expect to settle themselves as superior to me when I mention such things and that is the problem we have i.e. they have no respect for me as a person and if they wind me up I will kick them again right up to the White House.

Now the part where I always refuse to talk about terrorism in its actual light is a story they love to tell for the express purpose of telling me what to do but of course where I am at the moment is that having set out a state of affairs for my people that allows them to make their mistakes and God will forgive their sins, which does not offend Islamic extremists, I had decided it was better to set out modus operandi as a no punishment condition so that it does not create the idea to Islamic Extremists that I get to do it and that it happens to them or that it happens to them regularly on one hand and on the other, so people do not just go away and die because of punishments etc. So where exactly is Obama and crew except surveillance which they believe will boost their black idiots who think everything they see belongs to them profile or something like that – hence I really like being told what to do by them as well, considering these were matters they should have settled long before they embarked on their war of popularity and on terror which they seem to be reaping the benefits today, to tell me there is need to ensure that Islamic extremists understand they will not be allowed to get into the US to ravage people and buildings – sounds sweet only when they say it as far as they are concerned apparently. It is not a crisis in any case and I hate to sound like it is one; Mr Obama has chosen his friends very well – when he sees evil people who love to see others wake up to fight over issues getting out of hand around them to demand their blood to fix damaged society and culture, he becomes their friend so that he can create parties with expensive invites that they can attend on a regular basis, it is not my business, not my problem and I am not interested. However in context speaking of them as a whole, the story is that I am against homosexuality but I have publicly declared my work Court which does show they can have all the homosexuality they want depending on what they are talking about; I am content with things I have like the support I get from the Film Industry and its actors – in context of which it is said that through me after the UK had become a military force as a result of my activities it has actually become weaker on account the US is making use of things, reality is that we have to look after our allies and nobody will do things for others in a grand sense in the US and hence this idea British National Interests are deployed for everybody is the US has no basis on reality.


The beaten and battered by Popular culture fame wise and financially has no basis on reality and it is not clear why people spend their time having such fantasies either; what is fact is that they make music CDs abusing me and earn money among themselves to buy those CDs because they expect when there are no more improvements that can be made to my livelihood they will dominate me from then on for the rest of eternity as a means of making a living and so financially they are still doing that and seem to be quite happy to live the entirety of what it left of their lives on this earth like riff raff which I wouldn’t want to anyway, fame wise however I don’t see such things turning a success at this stage either anyway. I don’t know why they speak of me indulging self pity all the time anyway but it is a typical example of why they want everybody to be distracted by something else while they carry out evils and wickedness they know the Bible clearly warns us Christians to stay away from then claim it is their civil rights and offer prerogatives to politicians who have no limits and no discretion and think people do nothing with themselves but wait for others to do things to them. As ever the story is the same about people finding a ways of poking their nose into my concerns because they want to attack a good person for doing good things which will go against the ethos of general wickedness and I am not prepared to indulge them any of that chance for my part either – they can go to hell – they are not getting any.


I know people love their stories on media everyday but I fail to see what the stories will accomplish as the matters are rather simple; I am having a really difficult time because they are spending all I work for on themselves to make a luxurious existence and what has been happening around the world so far clearly is not hurting them badly enough. They feel as though they want to see me in a fight, in a criminal activity and they want to see me get hurt and it is for that reason I have created them one as well and want to use their lives and jobs and society and culture to get things done and I have a hard time understanding why they cannot see that none of the things I do are done for them – all that stuff on my websites and in my books, all about their lives and existence but none for them and I find it difficult to fathom which part of the fact I do it because I want to oppress them that they fail to understand, most of all of which it has been 12 years of them on a daily basis so far and it is still impossible to understand why they cannot see that I do or would have had enough of them by now. It seems to be their major forte; every day on media we have to deal with the same story, getting up there to talk nonsense until they are free of me and then when they are start again – it is still the way it was as it were, when they see me broker my property equities and turn up to hit me so that when I realise any response from me will only make things worse they can do whatever they like and then continue to hit me never the less anyway and then we see them all over the UK from overseas never off their phones at any point whatsoever of which I suppose they are organising some class A drugs deal or something like that and talking nonsense all the time about how I promised them I know how to make people rich and they travelled off from their countries and will ensure I keep my promise as violently as they can with that big mouth and those stupid girls beside them as well; the Islamic ones would be found in Dubai soon enough and the Asian ones will be found in Singapore since Thailand has a bit of political crisis presently and the Americans one Japan; not enough have died yet apparently and what I have done is not hurting badly enough yet so far either, whoever it is that gives them media to play around with anyway, never the less of which all they do there is talk nonsense all the time and show us we have the problems we do as a society and a country because we keep getting spoken to on media by idiots with real learning difficulties who fancy themselves bullies that want to get rich and powerful but I believe my position is clear enough for anybody to understand – it does not have to be complicated and it certainly is not.

The part where I think I can take them on is not a new case; they are simply convinced they can bully and un-bully me if they wanted and this is what I want to put to the test as well if I wanted; They always say I talk but cannot do anything of course and that is always before they get the Politicians involved to spend tax payers funds to give them edge. Currently all they have in their baggage is the stupid things my evil mother does in the sense that when she does not approve of my drive towards holiness then she will wreck my finances and make a public show of it in order to ensure fools like these can turn up and do my stuff for me – cannot make out which part they are playing in my relationship with her anyway but I do know they cannot give it up and I will handle them again as it were; I am very far off from beaten and battered – they have not got it that much. I mean they know how to look for trouble and the size of their big filthy mouth is incredible but it is the media that does everything for them as well and I wonder what it really means when they make those silly left hand side and right hand side gestures anyway – don’t get the wrong idea if you are responsible for creating and holding together a state of affairs that means things continue to come around them baying for their blood like they cannot rest until they see you become a gang star that does fighting and bleeding to make them feel the money they have stolen from you is important or makes them important or both, then you know you have been responsible for creating the left hand side and right hand side gestures, so I am only asking because of what I intend to do since I have had enough of the media insults as well. Hence I start off with the issue of the fact I don’t think it a major crisis as I have already mentioned before that we spend too much time listening to idiots on media who then get to bully us to a state where they decide what we think – I mean I have to serve a Country so I know I have to snap out of it every day in order to do things properly but a lot of people are actually caught in it and those things they do to ensure when they attack you and you hit them as well which always happens without reason or reasons you really don’t want to know, they can get on media and decide for the public what it is to think about what you did to them as well in order to secure themselves a good feeling about themselves but as soon as they recover another attack is underway already – for of course the truth is that the purpose of it is to cut corners to make their lives better bearing in mind it is the way it is today because of how they made it but will cut those shortcuts right through the most important things in yours before they are satisfied and the end product will always be the need to be rich and famous; hence their media bullying as it stands already is a function of whether or not they are the low lives that sat on a table with some billionaires to see some wealth and power and Machiavellian activity hence it means that they must turn up and bully  you as a basic form of existence – this is why I want to get rid of everything that ensures that stupid media and that stupid Politics does help their cause and help their case, hence my prognosis of idiots with learning difficulties talking at us and into us every blessed day and I bet it is how they got high profile media jobs as well i.e. a process where you sit down with somebody to have a conversation for five minutes and your life is over already and he is already doing your stuff and has so many stupid tales to tell like there is nothing you can do about the theft that has just happened to you with a big mouth. Hence they have continued to make progress with their stupid lives in this way and have a very deluded sense of their importance indeed. I don’t have learning difficulties; it is just a fact that they want to see me bloodied or killed and I am keeping alive a state of affairs I look after which ensures they have to keep getting out in public to say things to save their stupid lives in that mad politics and in those their insolent ageist cheap saloon cars and popular culture lives. Hence being made to choose between letting it go and spending time on academic work is a no-brainer; one cannot operate without the other. These things are not a crisis and I hate to sound like they are; the reality is that I am a Government Operative and another person is a journalist or a junior Politician in  a Party, certainly I am more important than he or she is and those insults were never going to occur without consequences attached to them as well but I suppose having been they have worked out how to get away with it on grounds of being older than I am, I suppose they are on a high and I must get involved with Politics so I might never be a threat to them, which will not happen since I already have the other stuff of stirring a state of affairs that ensures issues come round in their lives again and again and again no matter how many times they deal with it publicly to seek their blood – it is something I have to ensure time set out to tend is not interfered with, it would help if they told their stupid women so save the insults and that would include their biggest ally of them all in my affairs i.e. my mad evil mother. Now we must be clear these things occur because of their thing they are doing which is about I own it and they spend it, I work for it and they use it sort of thing; hence the bullying and the violence and the abuses and the insults and the media and the Politics are just by-products of that – so the part where media and Politics helps is something they must lose because every time they talk their nonsense and recover from the outcome they start again immediately.

Of course there is the point it is said Scottish Nationalism is to fit in because I have not done enough on the matter but there isn’t anything to do – I mean these guys speak of television shows and whether or not they will continue to get the ones they like from the BBC in an independent Scotland or whether or not Westminster will ensure they don’t anymore; whereas the real issues are the contents of sovereignty which is concerned with law and order, education, security and the economy. I have one question and one question only for the Nationalists i.e. will ever single young person in Scotland be guaranteed in an independent Scotland a condition where what they want to do with their lives is determined at 17 years of age without interference? When they have settled what answer they want to give to it considering all of the circumstances, then they can run the referendum and find out how people will vote not continue to pretend it is a referendum that they have already won or that they do have some legitimate right to win it by any means. It is much the same with the Labour Party which is where it concerns me personally i.e. settling such questions mean we have to discuss their status as civil rights fraudsters, which if I mention gets to mean I will be taught a lesson or two and that nobody crosses them without consequences and since then they have spent millions in tax payer funds to ensure I am financially wrecked and younger people have come to have more success and more opportunities in my expense and they also say it is to make me understand how they feel when somebody as far younger than they are as myself rises to the position I am in order to talk to them like we were equals – the reason so little has been done about it which creates the idea I don’t mind what happens is that it has continued to remain something in which young people want to play a part, it has continued to remain a policy social and political policy that young people are happy to vote for support and even protect with violence if need be. I mean living with your parents when you are an adult means there is 90% probability in favour of the fact you will vote the way your parents want which is an electoral fraud – this electoral fraud has been used time and again to put idiots in government office and we have ended up in less than a decade of doing that with the biggest deficit in the developed world and people still don’t think it a serious matter for the most part. If I for my part has a child when Labour got into office for the second term, my child would be 14 years old now, preparing to take his or her GCSEs in another three years, grown up under war in Iraq and terrorism, grown up under a recession that should otherwise not have happened if people did not support these Governmental wickedness and deplete legal control systems that were existent in the financial markets and structures and systems at the same time; so having been we just only but got rid of Labour all be it for a while we now have to deal with another group of idiots in Scotland who speak of North sea oil and the financial system where they should be talking about crime and law and order etc – so their Nationalism really has no meaning – I mean I cannot see myself deploy Nationalism to handle the welfare state in order to teach somebody who exposed me for my civil rights fraud a lesson anyway but as I said it is something young people have continued to support because they think that if you do not deploy your faith for the express purpose of turning up to show you want to see them do something useful with their stupid lives which you really don’t, you will get into trouble etc. I am not saying being supported by your parents whatever your age is wrong or a bad thing but the chances that it is for an evil reason is as high as at least 85% of the activities concerned with it, whereby you may speak to a 25 year old about the gospel to get into trouble with his or her parents who want to deploy the entire welfare state system to teach you a lesson for example; I am only saying that I am fed up with the insults and the Politics and culture that it breeds and will tolerate no more from those who work it thereof as we have all observed. By the way of which out of settled curiosity I will rather have believed everybody that turns up at those Scottish Nationalist conferences were cloned by the Nationalists anyway: I mean they always say I never mind my own business but cannot understand a simple case not not spending my property equity and my income for me and staying off my women - same with the Nationalists who use my life and work to do their stupid causes when I am actually not a part of it and have an opposing view - it starts from little abuses concerning their hatred for the piety and hypocrisy claimed of religious activities and religious people, so I suppose when it reached such a state all the excuses tend to vanish until they find new ones and new wickedness with it as well.