I do realise I am now referred to as the proverbial Son of the British Crown; I would never have made it out anyway since its all family and my renaissance serves that of another 89 year old who is the Monarch and when there are duties of Church involved one tends to be completely blind to public opinion too. the general sensibility is that I don’t want those that are hard pressed about buying my Books to get about doing violent things for me as such, as they never support anything financially in their lives hence that was never the solution to the problem. However a typical example of the kind of nonsense I have to put up with especially from these African and Middle East idiots include the realisation that I am able to cope with pressures they cannot because they were better and superior leaders besides which they have been able to make the money which I was unable to, which is a two part statement that does not make any sense whatsoever – the warning is that they do need to keep their insults and move on while I try and diffuse this situation or I will not be responsible for somebody beating up their stupid mouths. I know I provoke them, since the freedom to go about serving rich people had always existed but I needed to plan the high way all together.

So we hear now that with the drone strike that killed the terrorist Jihad John my position is being taken over – it will never make sense since what they are saying is that this shows terrorist can be taken down even if it takes many months which is a statement that is completely unbecoming – I mean Jihad is a very narrow minded way of people looking at a faith that they believe in and they do it due to nature and nature at the same time, not either of the two; people make them the way they are, so we can see that with such statements by block head media the Jihadist and terrorists are winning the propaganda which is obviously why the whole thing isn’t stopping. They would rather become more concerned with telling me I am the guy that robs the armed forces of strategy for personal gain – whereas that story is concerned with the fact their insults and insolence is unfathomable and tends to become the answer for everything, therefore their nepotism and discrimination will never ever be a main feature of my existence as they like to wish it were on account I am a member of a minority group – they can go to hell. It’s much the same as this other story we hear concerning how Police recruits should have degrees whereas the whole Force itself is an institution and I mentioned somebody studied hard to become a Police officer because you have to in order to be good enough to get around communities telling young people to behave properly which is nature of the job of the first level Police Officer and Police work but then again I also mentioned that people had the free to go about complaining of Politicians setting up government Office to rip up their academic work and finances rather than spend time showing disrespect for the fact somebody is a Police Office or a Military one but this is not the part on which the conversation has been developed on media today, the one they want to have concerns whether or not Police recruits should have degrees.

The claim now is that I make people feel hopeless and useless and inadequate - what is true however is that the person that gets on media to scandalously help themselves to a piece of my Empire must be a genius, especially considering the part where they change and alter my relationship with equity associates and customers every time I get busy with the accounts but in actual fact they are not - rather so stupid that these results are a function of very destructive and silly hapless fun concerned with a general involvement with me and my concerns. Then there is the party piece where their useless existence offers up the chance to institutionally ruin their lives to secure violent stories that produce self improvements, which they can tell on my daily concerns; so it has to be one of the most worthless ways of making others feel useless and hopeless and inadequate and media truths will not change that.

There we go, it’s all a matter of how much I enjoy hurting people concerning the feelings they sacrificed to fight for my rights but we all know the need to make the Christian preach gospel and live at the mercy of their generosity is seen to be so lucrative they will rip up the world on Media to ensure they get it - at the moment every means by which they can is shut down, so they are so irresponsible they build it up as a perception that means they can have it anyway on Media and set about explaining my Books when I have never paid or asked them to - so it is extremely provocative and they need to clear my space and stop being seen around my Book sales.


So I hear what I say gives strength to terrorists, I wouldn’t know anyway; I know rather that stifling my finances and getting on media to secure Politicians the footing they need in order to help idiots turn up at my public life to count pennies until they made millions strengthens the resolve of terrorists – I know that sending people out to visit me at my work place to convey information about which part of my life they wish to make use of in such ways, which they need to communicate with you on media and their Politicians because I am being made an example of strengthens the resolve of terrorists. I know that ISIS for instance is a terror group in which there live Cannibals and we all know what an average soldier would do to a Cannibal if he got their hands on them and that if such a situation did arise, we have to imagine that the Cannibal will have sympathy from some idiots as a result of the beating that killed him etc, so the last thing we would want to do is rip up peoples finances and lives and go off to sit about in the centre of town drinking and partying to it. These fools have been at this game for more times than I can remember and yet the reality is still the same as ever; the men are seen doing nothing else but ripping up my Books every time I am off to look into the accounts, the women on the other hand are a lot more interested in the vengeance they want to take for the punishment I have levied on their side of society for a behaviour of constantly making my public work and property into a plaything for Children, in order to turn up in public to ask bigger then to make me clear their perspective so they might be famous and while they complain so are still doing it as it were but these media goons however are another story entirely because they are supposed to ensure I am being made to do things a Royal Prince should never ever do like getting into a gang fight for instance so that the enemy can turn up here to do it again and again and again as it were, cannot keep their insults where people appreciate them and blow off their big mouth all the time when the problem blows up as well – they have been at my Books for the last 15 years and I am tired of living like that knowing their society of saving money for popular culture based vandalisms that will make them rich and famous will never accept me because I am upper class and they are not, knowing that they will always discriminate against me because I am upper class and they are not; I want them off my Royal Estate if they want to keep safe their Popular culture money etc, I want them off my Books so they can keep their insults to themselves and let me get a job done as it were; which I don’t think is a complicated matter either but if they want to keep that popularity money away from and safe from me they might want to stay off the Royal Estate and my Public life, we all know no matter how much help I give to them to improve their lives they will never accept me, what beats me is the involvement and the high level of it too. As for the part about not caring if people are getting killed; the story is ever the same – half the time it’s about Politicians creating economies of immoral and evil people that means that process of holding down my finances so they can turn out to count pennies until they made millions on my public life becomes so important and then when the party gets to a stage with idiots who made everybody’s life hell at School and never improved their own lot either because civil rights was always going to bail them out on other people’s property with the help of Politicians getting all over the place, they go off and bomb some terrorists in the Middle East with Air strikes and the last time we checked Air strike was the name of a particular kind of fire work – so they are telling us their celebrations reach fever pitch when terrorists are bombed and those who go off to drink and revel in it when they are finished cannot tell why ripping up the life and finances of somebody for their cause will make them targets for a lone wolf who becomes sympathetic to the cause of the terrorists – Mr Obama is at the top of the list for this kind of leadership and these idiots are always therefore after my Books and my Empire every single time for that reason. They do claim I cannot take them on of course but what we are talking about here are students turning up at my work place to show me how special they are and why it is important for me to get hurt in order for them to feel safe and secure, which is just the start of when they later become Teenagers and Adults and live on conveniences that hurt others throughout every facet of their stupid lives, clinging to the best jobs in the land because they have time and space for academic work and filling houses of government with fucking idiots to that end as well – beyond this will be the grownups who are never ever cleverer than they look, no matter how much help they get and then the society people and all three know only the fingering of peoples bums as the answer for everything and cannot tell when that is the reason they hate me so much as well; since we all know it happens because I understand the world visually while they do kinaesthetically and just like despondence of their insults on me allows them to work constructive dismissal that means they can insult and abuse me to detach me from my training claiming it is their own or that they want to own it and then build up publicity for the mistakes I make at work and when they reach a point start to stream into my professional living judgement day upon judgement day until the one that actually trips me comes up in the end and it wants to be like that with every single job I get as well – while I know if I bully them as well they become despondent too and the effect it produces in their case is that they are ever so close to committing crimes and getting into trouble with the law because they cannot do anything without touching things – even while they complain about me and hate my guts they are still showing up in my personal space to find out if threatening me and abusing me can be the answer for all their problems and it is the cost of making them stop it no matter what their Politicians do while thrills  me so much thereof; if they are never seen around my Books, never seen around my perspective and personal space shaking me up and all that nonsense they think others are unable to handle if they are not tough, never seen around my public life or my Literary Empire or Royal Estate, all should be well and if not they will feel despondence as well and we all know they are always touching things and that it leads them closer to extremist groups and criminal activities which results in trouble with the law.  I hear I like to make out extremist groups and media goons are different things, which I haven’t by the way, since normal people do not actually spend other peoples time making sure that women are making somebody’s empire into a plaything for children because they seek a convenient way to make a lot of money and that the men are doing the same by abusing the same person in the most horrific ways imaginable; only for them to realise the person exists in a juxtaposition where all he does can only produce convenience after convenience after endless convenience which is why people are set out and targeted for it too – normal people do not make others sleep with peoples wives because of the understanding it will cost them everything they have; these fools have not listened on account they know where my finances begin with that big mouth in a decade, and I will never stop; they have their money for popular culture and celebrity, I have my Royal Estate; they know they will never accept me and I never accept them, they know that very well; they have always known their media stupidities means they have to look good in suits in order to do their jobs at all not lean further and further to the far right to deal with me but have always desired and sought the risk: so looking good in suits for a media job will never ever work until they are no longer seen around my Books and my Finances – I own that National sense of fame of which none will exist on my Empire. So they do say I lose my temper when people are being friendly but it is what happens when I have not got it all figured out – I am usually at a loss when people think that information which ends up with them will create problems because there is no way my temper and frustration gets vented on others when they are the reasons I have not had it all figured out and the media ones especially are always making sure I am facilitating the madness of some whore or that I am doing things a Royal Prince should never do so the enemy can turn up to do it again and again, while then building up such nonsense to go off and unsettle decisions makers over me at the Monarchy with and we hear them speak recently of holding to their freedoms while giving security services more power which puts me in a difficult position, whereas we all know I am in charge and they are not and corrupting State provided security is one problem, going that far will see me have them killed and it has always been that simple. The part that is not simple is that there are extremists everywhere; there are extremists from the Middle east to have money moving around and there are extremists in Europe moving around as well and there are those in Russia and the US moving about too and they do need to keep the school children and naive professionals and stupid society goons especially those who work public transport systems off my Public duties or stop complaining when the problems blow up, so we can make the best of a bad situation and they might be important through a short cut thus. This is a sum of the absolute position in which I have no wish to tolerate them being seen around my concerns any further but if they are looking for help then the reality is still the same – whenever they feel like it they can always work that stupid politics and that stupid media to stick me at the deep end and run off to enjoy life, then claim my response to that strengthens terrorism. I know it is said it is quite impossible to understand how or why the British Monarchy allows me to continue doing the things I do in its name but it’s not a complicated matter; these people are seen 24/7 doing nothing else but seeking convenient ways of making a lot of money and their methods of approaching people are very violent – I am always a target for two reasons; firstly my Christian teachings that make them feel they want to have a kid they bully to feel good about life of out me and need it so much I might as well start getting used to because they will have it in the end anyway, the other is basically just that stupid nature that is really skilled at destruction and vandalism; producing those two results of when they are nice meaning those times when the men ensure I am surrounded with problems by playing around with my Book sales and my day job while the women want to see how much they can test their endurance at my wrath by making my Books and property into a plaything for kids because I have stolen a woman’s game and a woman’s life and a woman’s beauty; so they think they are ruthless all round and like to imagine telling me they wouldn’t mind murdering me to grab my stuff way too often for their own good – the laziness being incredible all together as well and of course I am not related to them as such the turning up at my Books the way they do every day.


They say I have taken over the system and will not let them get involved because I am keeping it all for myself and I have no idea if that gets to mean that the system is a feeling all together which people can just have as it were; they have no wish to heed the warnings while they complain about the consequences of course; I want them off my Books and off my finances and I have no idea why they always assume that their behaviour was going to constitute a problem for me anyway, which is then the reason it needs to run and run and run until I react when we all know that the part where they ruin their stupid lives in order to prepare for a fight they know nothing about and even if they had the time to prepare were too stupid to know how, then invent stories they can tell and insert into my life depending on what they see with their eyes and what their hearts covet etc was the easy one to deal with no problems at all as it were – so Politicians simply had to do us all the favour of spending tax payer funds on them in order to get on public places and talk nonsense about how it is the way their freedoms are done of them and that their civil rights costs money. Perhaps their problems therefore are a function of the number of times their fingers frequent my anus and penis as it were, since we all know that each occasion is usually followed up on my part by at least 2 weeks of an absence of convenience in their living rooms – so the frequency that leads to a lack of convenience for months and years is entirely in their hands; they need to keep their insults where peoples appreciate them as we can see the category of stupid women they deploy for their purposes are getting younger and younger on my account and there is as such no way they could have constituted a problem for me – they need to keep off my Office and my Public life and stay the hell away from my Books and the sales of it. It is never a problem for me; I am an Arch Prince and will likely therefore become very interested in the evils of society, which of course is something I never want to discuss with anybody; so that this process of pretending it is a problem for me fostered by Industry and Political idiots who then show themselves in public to run it over and over and over and over until I react has never once made the bloody idiots better off as such as it were but they keep doing it. They do say I talk and talk but when people confront me I flinch and run but we all know they are such a remarkable collection of idiots that when they take cheap shots they collect trophies so your chest might feel like exploding and when they confront you do not tend to collect anymore and that is what they can start doing if they want to face some serious problems as it were. This has not been a problem for me; the little cowardice has allowed them to get the feeling they wanted, paving the way for every stupidity in parliament that spends money on them to get the results of finding them with academic qualifications chasing some of the best jobs out there and getting everywhere – so now it is the politicians making noise about my insults leading to an outcome where their bottom hurts for which I will pay yapping. The other part of them however says the consequences I dish out for people hurts for weeks at any given time but then again it kills too if they have trouble keeping their fingers to themselves especially when they are driving on the roads and I have no right to walk by as it were; for of course they could always get out of the car and stand on the roads to bully to their satisfaction before they move on later with that big mouth we have to put up with all the time. As for the American ones, it has always been a simple matter of the question of whether their stupid insulting corruptions are fundamental like practical genocide that does not actually kill but alters the victims and I have warned them about practicing it on me before with serious consequences attached to a non compliance situation; so I am keeping the financial industry and Political and popular culture sense of National fame as personal property permanently if I do not sell my Books and they are the reasons but I only need to keep it for as long as they continue to turn up around my Book sales only speaking of my own plans; I need to get that job done and they can always make a new one as I am not giving back the previous to that effect instead of talking so much nonsense all over global media about what I cannot do about it; by the way which if they want to they can stick any new ones they make in my face again. There is no need for a long story; I am at this stage still getting organised at my job, not eating properly or exercising properly to handle it as well as I should and in that time it had gotten worse only because they like to know which jobs I should start off and then give up to them because they are better at it and which jobs I can or cannot do which means they are predisposed to chase my private parts and abuse me until it gets violent all the time; so it leads back down the usual route of how this period will blow over and I will come through better off in every turn to start with and they always like to think what they do to harm others is compatible with a story of how I am always a threat to people because they have covered it in such a complex web of lies, which will facilitate an ability to move into my right hand and lay down popular culture pipelines to get rich with but of course usually that would not have caused much problems as in the end running a business is about dealing with all kinds of people from various backgrounds, so it’s good for the economy in the end – however which nobody knows what their need to physically handle my property and my finances and my Books provoking me all the time is all about and then they will say that I speak of what is good for the economy as a whole but when people give it a try I will raise hell so to speak but that depends on whether or not their moving into my right hand and their stupid popular culture is developed on the premise of being better off than I am or being better off first before I am on my own possessions; which would mean they are getting alternative paedophilia and because I have gymnasts at Court for instance and these gymnasts do have prodigies, I have to construe it as a direct and violent threat – so it up to them to secure how they will do it not my problem.

Now we hear that I do not recognise them as educated and clever and that this is what created unexpected problems for me but there is no such thing; the reality is that this Royal Estate is in my name and does not belong to them not a matter of who is educated and clever and who does not recognise that the other one is but then again these are actions I take which are not recognised by them as something somebody in a position to provide leadership for idiots who seek shortcuts to become important and famous all the time will likely do and that they do not see as something that creates unexpected problems for them as well. So the main facts are that years ago they and their Politicians said we marry to early in the UK, today they are insolently assuming the right to create others a society where being single is not allowed – then there is my party piece where peoples aura are now outside of them due to the level and intensity of their organised abuses and when these aura gets involved with them in anyway and has to do with problems then the reaction is distant and extreme violence progressing unto physical and extreme violence and yet we all know their insults created that problem and if those insults stopped people will not be in a position where they cannot control thoughts which then affects them as they walk down the roads so as to react in violent ways, making you wonder who the fuck they think they are as it were. Their Politicians on the other hand need to understand I am an Arch Prince and will always be interested in the evils of society which I have no plans to discuss with anybody and if they don’t want a discussion of it that never makes them better off perhaps an end to insults by their media idiots being put up in public over and over again concerning something that is impressed on me as that which I am supposed to do needs to finds its own degree. In the end it’s the old case of walking into public transport and the people in front want to finger you bum as do the people at the back and then a little woman walks into it and wants to see them hurt you seriously until she laughs but when you clip their stupid Satanism as well it becomes such a massive commotion on public places seeking privileges of injustice all the time but the part where I am living in Sodom and Gomorrah it seems will continue as their stupidities makes them assume my world can revolve around them instead of me – this is what it is all about and when they wind me up I will clip them again; it has nothing to do with who does not recognise the other is educated; I have no wish to tolerate their involvement with my finances or Empire any further; it should end with meeting them in public to understand that they want to and wish to have a lot of money and that every way by which they think they can use me to make that happen is extremely violent, it should end there unless the Politicians have ideas again and will be threatening me again sometime in future for it too when they are finished – it should end with a process where they all understand there are things concerning money and wealth and being important that they will never have, that is the normalcy we all understand and know.

They only need to stop all these insults and abuses for 24 months and then all that stuff about peoples thoughts affecting them where the part that concerns problems affects them as well will cease permanently, especially for the adult ones who have jobs. I know it is said this is not how things are done in the UK but I am not talking about our tradition as a Nation and our general culture and behaviour, I am talking about the fact only I get to make all the convenient choices and decisions on this royal estate and everything that is involved with it, I have no interest in their problems. If they just stopped for 24 months it would all go away and then they wouldn’t have to deal with any of it especially for the adults who have jobs – it goes without saying for the media ones and their techniques for making people fight obsession thing as well; they say what they want from me is empathy but have always rather shown it is more important to rip up my finances and go off to make money on my public life in order to invent a team with me in which they share my sense of National fraternity and there is nothing new about it - reality is that I am a Christian and always made to live in Sodom and Gomorrah so to speak, until I kick them and their Satanism gets damaged as well and then there will be a sustained period of hate; they know what the advertisement designed to target their civil war mongering, civil service idiots, public transport operative superior scum looks like but we all know they would rather have my Intellectual property involved in that and cannot shut their mouth every time they damage it like that which is really bad for the health; they really do love to damage my property and tell stories of how much of their actions are a matter of freedom lovers – what we do not hear is that the destruction of my property is a function of the fact they never got to have sex with me, which would have secured them a history with which to share the rest of my life the way they want without rules, making me very angry to think it is all because of sex, what we hear is that my warnings that they would only keep the popularity acumen safe from me if they are no longer found around my Books as I am actually selling it only works here in the UK not in the US – before now it used to work only in the UK and not in Africa where I lived for 29 and they did nothing by the way – so it does appear I will have to make a record of living in the US as well for my part – I think they are bluffing; it’s never been a complicated matter, we know what most black communities in America think these days and it is filthy beyond normal human reasoning – when they come to the UK and we all have to feel we need to move matters out of conflict areas and place them where we can get jobs and do our industries in peace, they will move and get a proper job as they do so and for the UK friends, I think those are bluffing; I am actually selling the Books and they should never forget that too. They say I like to pretend I can fight them when I cannot but the whole process of filthy bullying was supposed to have been tabled in a sense of personal understanding alongside the issue of their need to spurn teenagers that want to deploy my personality to make fame and fortune and then start a fight with me that they find a way out of in the most cowardly way imaginable such as stabbing or shooting me etc; which would only happen if I am not hating them as a whole community and acting on that hate on a regular basis as well; so I wouldn’t cut it up in the US when all this destruction is a matter of evil women I am not having sex with recently is all very well, only that I think their friends here in the UK are bluffing for the time being. They do these like these to express their stupidities concerning the powers of their nepotism and discrimination and how it can dominate anybody hoping to sell on to celebrities and industry idiots all the time and I am curious as to how they will own my public life all together as well; I am actually selling the Books: - what I am curious about however is how their discrimination and nepotism will claim my public life as it were – so I have just gone around the world making it clear which one is my property and which one is not their own, now when they want civil rights which is only done through money they can make money at my expense but will never ever have it so I can explore how much money exactly they would have needed to make it happen considering they cannot leave people alone; they want freedom but want to be corrupt with it, the evils and the fights with others that they had lost as it were and are now seeking conveniences in a condition where the web of lies meant to protect them from being found out is not unravelled – hence its all the powers of Mr Obama, where if he ruins my Books and finds out I was doing the right thing it means he is the boss which does not tend to mean his idiots will address me and somebody will get off making popular culture on my public life which will really wind me up as it were – so that it quickly turns to tales of me protecting White Man racist whereas they were never in charge and sometimes people who decide they will never have it in hell and sometimes it does go the way of others as well. So violence, war, conflict has become the hall mark of all I do but not actually; I will keep the civil service fat cat fame and I will keep the government National sense of fame and the Financial Industry fame and the Popular culture and Celebrity fame for just as long as I need to get my Books sold to finish the job and they will never recover if I do not sell the Books at all; I am sure that next time they will include in their gimmicks costs such as the ruining of the mental health of the entire population of the world chasing around those they never led and never could lead in the first place and try to do what they have to do when asked and by the advice of those who know better when they have no clue. They do ask what I will do when I risk racism and racial instability of course which does not make any sense; we are talking about the one where others have to fight racism without jobs because idiots have ambitions to make their lives better and so on and it can lead to a process where they bring about that stupid Labour party to rip up peoples finances and spend government funds on them to help them achieve it, so it simply has to be the racial instability that they invented which is not my problem as we all know they all have the same behaviour wanting to cash into my public life because they have problems and need money but behaving in exactly the same manner which creates those problems which again was the same behaviour we had to deal with over the national economy during the recession  and it was the same behaviour in school as well especially for those whose academic work they were able to ruin. It’s not unusual; it’s like those times when you may go into a shop and find water has been spilled and note the number of people snooping around that area like they knew something really important, simply because if they fell and broke their bodies the shop will pay them a substantial compensation and that would be convenient. They do say I talk and will talk until the entire US Army was deployed to secure them such convenience, which is utterly silly since I know I can peel off that their wanting freedom and wanting to be corrupt with it nonsense, break it down to the barest minimum and sell it to the highest bidder so I can go off and die at the first bullet they fire and then they will remain that way permanently or blow up the entire world – since they were never going to find a terrorist here in the first place as it were. They want freedom but want to be corrupt with it and yet they know what they should have been doing instead as a human being that only do one thing only at any given time. Its like when they ask if we will now never apologise for the existence of the British Empire; its the same problem we face today over slavery and slave trade - in the case of the British Empire the UK had been invaded by the Dutch and the Spanish and the French and the Germans who then invaded again after the Empire etc - so each time you are resolved as to how to be protected as an Island Nation, you find you have travelled to another part of the world where if people have a culture it has to be for an evil purpose and that you have to hide your history of which whether or not they found out was a matter of time and then again the British Empire never really engaged in direct rule and that Policy was meant to solve a problem and that problem persists to this very day - in terms of slavery, they want you to believe white men lived in Africa and then found slaves there at a later date whereas black people sold black people to the white man is more like the fact of it and they are still doing it as we can see concerning the kind of leadership Mr Obama chooses and the kind of friends and allies he makes in Africa; nobody gets to apologise for that: in the end it comes down to the great old good and evil story and they are always of the opinion those who chose the path of morality are not as close to God as they are close to the devil, so they really have no status and when they found me they started the fight that has raged to this point, rip up my finances to do popular culture claiming they are rounding up their kids on whom their future depends and force me to fight racism etc for those that are black, while the white ones start to play foot ball on my life and claim I corrupt their women - I am an Arch Prince, I have a history with Evil and its not a matter of how I have been laden with what I cannot do thereof, its just that due to the fact I am a Man, it is not something I talk about with anybody unless Politicians want to be better off when I do, so they put something up for their media idiots to impress on me and those will go on and on and on while tax payer funds are spent to rip up my finances until I react and then they will all be better off.