They say my project has taken too long but it was always going to if it involved politicians spending tax payer funds on trouble makers I was supposed to have been familiar with at school while I am an adult that is no longer supported by my parents trying to get on with employment and other hazardous daily concerns; so that when they start to do it for attrition due to the ease with which I handle the matter and thereby stirring their envy which results in an outcome where I handle the matter by making the problem worse and widespread so I can get about solving them all the time, it is always going to take time when both sides behave in such ways on a daily basis. However the project has run from 2003 to 2015, which amounts to the best part of 12 years and that is considering the extent of the mess they have made well within time constraint. They would say I speak of their own but not mine but an example is NVQ educated society goons especially those who rent homes to people like me becoming their biggest assets recently while my Dad was educated to PHD in electrical electronics engineering and I am still studying, educated to legal executive level and they know their prognosis they are more important than I am will lead them to rough corners every time but have selected that behaviour as their main preoccupation never the less. It’s all worth it apparently because it’s a game of society and because that kind of game is always amusing.

The Celebrities and Politicians and Popular culture stuff is one about which I need to slap some hands off the Book sales otherwise it will never stop; the reality has always been for instance that whilst they speak of women abusing me because they exist to keep me from the access I have to industry at present, there are other women who spend all their time as well talking about those who handle property on one hand and the fact that there are those that actually own it as it were. Hence going along with the conversation is something I want to do which is why it is happening.

They do speak of how I think I have the right to provoke people on account I have a security guard job but what happens to them are an exact reciprocate of what they do to me under a sense they have built up that nobody will ever notice. Then again the problem has always been that they turn up at a shop premises to play up that routine of its my shop it’s my product it’s my money it’s my premises and so we all know that everything in their baskets and trolleys were already stolen before the shop bailed them out by providing a till – now they are creating extra work for me and robbing it all in my face as well, so I learned that if we cracked each other they would not find it so amusing as a whole, which is what has happened. They have no business with the products or the shop or the staff or the premises – they only need pick a product and go to the tills to pay for it before it turns out to have been stolen period.  That not even to mention the part about some co-operative sense of constructive dismissal I have to deal with all the time either; with respect to that an older man who needs money is more deserving of my easy security guard job and the Manager needs to hurry up about it and its all developed in such a way as I am supposed to feel it was all my fault – which in their view prevents a condition whereby if I become a sad and angry person I do not come back to the store to target them, whereas in actual fact it will beat them down really hard after I have been dismissed and hence the part I am really concerned about. Then there is the part where they instruct their children to play with products to wind up the security guard whom they feel has not got a real job etc, while I am supposed to find a way to get the job done in a way that works with them, while public transport operatives figure out which jobs I should not be doing etc. Then there are other security guards I disrespect as well, who have no wish to discuss their routine every time they are informed I am working at a shop near them as it were; what they discuss is which difficult part of their jobs has been a function of an escalation on my part when in actual fact we never actually meet or work in the same place at all. People behave in these ways because they expect others to become short sighted enough to feel that they need more information on the effects of their activities whereas they behave in such ways because they have chosen to do so and have been helped to ways through which to make it profitable too by Politicians; otherwise which it is apt to observe there is nothing amusing about or just grooming people you meet, whose names you do not know for a process where you are able to stir their stress levels for the fun of it – I mean I never knew what beginner symptoms of heart disease was until I met these people in the first place for example, while pretending others may assume that is the way you at all times when it is not.

They now claim I speak of symptoms of heart disease which I actually practice better than everybody else – the reality however is that I have no control of my own Empire because that is in the hands of a certain group of individuals in Europe who have always had a habit of abusing me in order to detach the market from the business and are now helping every stupid girl they can find make popular culture millions with it over every single occasion in which I challenge them over ownership of my property; so it is an example and I know why the Police is vilified by them so much as a result. Answering this matter is just something I have done, the reality is that I wish somebody does not blow off their big mouth about being superior to me like this whether or not they actually are because the result is usually that they will try to ensure there are no arguments suggesting otherwise and I will be the one paying for it all but for their part answering this matter just keeps taking us round in circles – I am sure it is not such a difficult thing to stop being seen around another person’s public life and literary Empire as it were. They say I need to write a real Book if I am interested in a writing career but I have no idea which part of my Books they think are not real Books considering they are written to make the one where they are groomed and set up so that others can take it out of them while they are at work every day as well if need be – I already know how to write such Books and it is the only ones I want to write and am able to write as well, since nobody knows what they take it out of me while I am at work for when they can see I am at work as it were. The advice here in the face of claims about problems of life that I can solve with great ease courting their attention is that my Books are not for them or for City Centre traders and workers, it does not mean that they cannot conveniently go off to the market and buy one after a fight with me that was concerned with making me write them a convenient read, it’s just a piece of advice I have given in order to be helpful and then it will all be convenient right up to when they need to fire people from jobs whenever they have gotten themselves into such a position. It’s not unusual; it’s an old story about evil women; these goons like to claim the Police are the problem but of course their backgrounds are instead and even when they have such backgrounds they will not seek out academic pursuit if financial problems can be solved by unemployment and popularity good looks instead and when they speak of it they are more interested in the violent aspect of their quest of conveniences that were supposed to make me see why I ought to spend anything I have on them if they wanted me to – but the twisted evil quasi religious and fundamentally stupid and filthy community croons with a sense of immense power in their Communities run free still; an old tale of why they are always so comfortable with a sense their fingers should be centimetres away from my bum every single second and of course the case has always been that they carry on while they complain; typically the whites like to make out handing my company and then beating me if I challenge them about control and ownership should result in their new job after they have anal sex with their wives – the blacks however speak more of popular culture fame and fortune for stupid girls and boys pillaging my public life and telling me what to do; they all complain but keep doing it.

Like the old story of Men and Women matters; which tends to get the most attention question – I mean somebody goes into a shop and damages some products there while buying some products and then you may want to know what is going on and then you will discover he is making sure that inasmuch as he is unable to peddle your public life to make popular culture for his girl, he needs to ensure that while he buys your products, you do not get to cheat him by making profit at his expense – if time is then divulged to deal with matters of men, I do not think there will be any time left to deal with anything else and it is not because Women are saints, in the case of women you may go to a shop to find somebody taking down the place because she is looking for a product and then you may inquire and then there will be no reason for it, just that she is dumb and when you prevent her from doing so, you may break her heart and she will damage a product before she leaves the shop. They do say it’s a matter of Political spies at work but it isn’t – its Political and celebrity spies at work and if the parliament can stop following me around and Celebrities clear my public life space and people get involved only when they buy my Books there will be no problems but if all these things continue with none conservative MPs telling me where I am supposed to be as if the Royal Family was their family and running off with my work to make fame and fortune at media and industry and of course conservative ones that were always the boss but never had their problems figured out find ways of escalating issues they create for me and building public life around it to create an outcome where each time I work through it I find them on top of me pressing me down, all while the general public that are scared of celebrity and popular culture goons put me at risk for their own security, I will continue to see it as a threat to my life. This is where I feel information on what they are doing is necessary in years – they are obviously too stupid to realise what the effects are. I mean how many times and in how many ways anyway; when they started out 15 years ago it was about playing up the bubble between their Offices and the Prison service because I was introverted and they needed to move into my right hand and toughen me up while they become glorious and remained there permanently – now I am not doing my job properly while being watched by Political spies.


Now the story itself has turned to an old case of peoples hatred for my involvement with the Royal Family and it will never ever make sense since they have discarded me as a human being in so many ways – ranging from being a Christian meaning I can with violent gossips and insults with intent on their part be made to swallow up people’s problems and make it all go away in that way and then the part where I must follow the example of Christ and leave the history of my life behind for people to better themselves with while I find a cause that will definitely kill me or people will find one for me instead. So that every time there is a breakthrough for my Company products an American idiot has to provide leadership on people turning out in public places to absorb the market, seeking out points at which to be more important than I am, getting famous by being as stupid and good looking at the same time as they normally do  - all the while assuming their opinion is required when they think nothing of me while the Royal Family that actually matters think something of me, bearing in mind which concerning my Books anybody did ask them a question about the Royal Family thereof in the first place. So it brings us to the matter of how this issues can be handled in my absence which leads round in circles i.e. people should get involved with me only when they are interested in a copy of my Books and if they are looking for a convenient read, the market is blessed with an incredibly array of writers in this world. It’s the old tale of why Americans are so insulting of which the reasons are that first of all they are greedy and then they are hungry and then they have been fighting for your freedom without your knowledge.

So the story that is m much loved has now become that of a precarious and ever more dangerous existence I live in – none of it is anywhere near the truth of course which is rather that it’s like the old story of journalists for instance where you think because you see them on TV, save the ones I need to ensure that just like their society goons, they move further and further to the right in order to handle me as it were and then they can bully me with that stupid media for it every day as such as well – so it’s still the old stuff about some people that can be manipulated into doing the lives and careers of those that are more physically endowed than they are because of course in their society, the reverse of what is normal seems to be the norm i.e. unlike journalists and celebrities, these idiots pick on those that are smaller than they are more than they pick on anything else. So I need to make it obvious that if they turn up here to invent a fight especially so they can find the most cowardly way imaginable of getting out of it, it will be the one where they will find no quarter as it were, since everybody else can easily develop a difficulty with leaving others alone like they do as it were; they do speak of reasons but I am the one having a business damaged every single day for 6 years leaving me with an Empire that has no money in its bank account, so it is enough to annoy anybody to a point considering they are persons and these kinds of nonsense are not a matter concerned with a force of nature – hard to understand why people listen to their pleas of wealth inequality when they have time for such things and then there is my personal favourite which concerns all that doing your stuff nonsense as it were; it stems from their claim that all of the religion of the world is built on idiots described as prophets that come into the world to play out a description of their wickedness and show people how to be free from it and how to measure ways of being good by acting in another way that is different, hence this reason they are always angry and the fact I am respectful as a Christian makes me such a rife target, so the prophets do it by writing Books that become Bibles and Qurans and so on and you will never ever understand what that nonsense means even though you might have been conversion with their absolutely evil nature; so if I cease to see them around my Book sale business all will be well as it were. Time and again we see them take over my Business with a newly invented stupidity that has taken it over on the day and time and again we see them brag on that stupid media like they have got the prize of violence and since they have the ability they will pay this price when they asked and when they are not with that big mouth as well – they complain about the results of this behaviour, they hate my guts because of the results of this behaviour but especially for the blacks, they are still being seen around my Business and public life and are still behaving in the same way. We are not talking about the women ones on the left; those can no longer rely on America to save their freedoms so they can only blow off their big mouth until I handle their own again as it were, which will be the one that leads them down the point where they can do their own like they normally do, with the homosexuality and everything else concerned therein; for now it’s the men and kids thinking I am supposed to get out of bed and pay a token for their sense of freedom everyday and even when they are getting it because I want them to have it, so the rest of the world can bear witness as to whether in terms of their claims of oppression such gestures can ever, ever change them as it were; so we are waiting now for when those violent gossips they psyche themselves up with like they are women and like to feel their finger are ever present a few centimetres from my anus to pay off in terms of physical contact and they will pay that stupid price of violence to their hearts content around here as well. It is not like we do not try; we try and we live in a society where people are not separated and alienated and ostracised like that because they are stupid and bring about financial and academic ruin for everybody – we try every single day as it were. So it’s the part where they tell me where I am supposed to be which is the one that forms the basis of the history by which we can measure what can likely happen in the future as it were and they are looking all the time like a threat others will want to put down with all that involvement with people to have conversations that are to end up in a crooked way and in my case want to have it when they pass by and see me at work, when I step out of my door and when they know where I work, sell my Books or study, that gets violent and with gossips that psyche them up like they were women endlessly, to talk nonsense about me living in an ever more precarious existence with a big mouth; they hate my guts but are still doing it and it would be nice that they shut their big mouths each time they do considering it is bad for other people’s health; when they had started their fight, we will find out what it is exactly people can do about me when they are fighting me with their own strengths and not mine as it were – its takes over my Book sales everyday and throughout the day too – I am sure my feelings can be understood and as for telling me where I am supposed to be, I am sure they live in my life now these days and I am the one that will end up in a bad way for it too (yap yap yap). Now they say I make use of people’s property when they had expressly made me aware they will be displeased and it is usually a hall mark of their stupidities so far involved with the lives of their victims alongside the stories that those they have hurt in the past will want to tell as a matter of hurtful self improvement at my expense but then again, it will not have mattered at all since when it began it was a matter of their insults and involvement , a story of the children I have and the squander of all I own over some strange claims about my sexual activities and love of a white person and by mid point it had insolently moved further to a case of how all I own and do and say is stolen from an area of culture that belongs to them which was being saved for the future – so we have come full circle; again this has never really been a problem, if I was making sure Industry idiots especially those from overseas are writhing in social and economic pain like their fans here described I would not be dealing with the matter at such closer quarter, since the reality is still that their access to my personal life is fostered by the stupidities every money fool wants to work on my property and finances at the global stage. The matter has never really been a problem; I have always known that a business cannot run unless it has a good product and that product is fundamentally being distributed and marketed to ensure they cannot get it or enjoy the lifestyle that was built in whether or not they actually buy it – so the real problem is still society and Media where my Book sales are being taken over by peoples interested but suggestive stupidities every single day, who think it is amusing when they damage the sales.


They do claim most of my cases are a function of my doing and my behaviour but they are not – I am Royalty and these have to be the most insolent older idiots in the whole world as it were and for all I do to tolerate them I am the one paying all the prices at my Bank balance while they become ever more inventively destructive for it too; which explains why their main concern appears to be that I try to protect people that I cannot actually protect mostly because I cannot protect myself, whereas reality is that I need to have my own children not realise they are some of the most twisted and purely evil scum in the world and then get about protecting them as a result of a need they have made up that I have to hold on to an Office of government, which need I do have anyway but not as they make it out to be as it were. All will be well with them when the process of insults and involvement that culminates in violent gossips they will likely act upon when it has developed their stupid minds to a certain stage which I will not have been aware off mainly because their finger are ever a few centimetres away from my anus with that big mouth, ceases completely and I do not see them moving into my right hand or rounding up their kids on which their popular culture future depends with those stupid insults around here ever again, until then they can keep complaining when I plug their own in and manipulate them as much as I like as well. The story of how I encumber their freedoms is not an unusual one; I don’t do any such thing – what they did was rip up my finances and go off to tell politicians to help them to development money by which to claim my public life for themselves and I am putting that to the test as to how they will ever accomplish it as well – it’s the same with their industry idiots spending money on celebrity fools and popular culture goons over my public life that they expect will be held down for them at some stage to do whatever they like with – they all complain about me but are still doing it and will not chose people that are not already famous to do it with because it means they will make some money but not a lot, they chose the big ones and think there will be no trouble and it is so annoying for me because it appears they seem to have evolved in the sense that it used to take a few years for people to deal with their case and move on to more important matters, now they are globally in a position where they can ensure their stupidities and its involvement with others and the effects last a life time – no idea why they would think I want to protect them and it goes without saying the same applies to the fact they complain about me but are still doing it. As for the story of how I have lost control, I wouldn’t know anyway; all I know is that the prognosis that society idiots and popular culture idiots and culture goons etc are the main problem of the                 Queens Arch Prince are very badly misplaced hopes – they might not realise it, like they want to recognise my Royal Estate before it exists leading to this ever present disposition where they insolently bandy about one thing while another is what happens and I have to do what I need to do at the end of the day anyway which is why a process where they turn up at my finances especially for the blacks need to come to an end, but they do not stand a fucking chance.

 They say it is not what I say to people when I am attending to my day job but they have always been a problem Politicians were supposed to have controlled all together anyway, besides which the security guard job would have meant they ground is a good place to stand on and they need to stop those gestures where they put their heads under my feet but then again when they had bad children they will have a need to tell me to tread carefully never the less and that being said it is assumed if I got them involved with the law and they ended up in prison for it, I would not have gotten away with doing so as it were;  I don’t mind such statements for my part either – the advice here is that they have no business with me or with the staff or with the premises, only with the products and they need to pick them and go off to the tills where the shop has bailed them out by providing a means to pay for products they have already handled before they are made to become thieves – the other side of their story has to do with how  provoke them because they think they should be coming into shops to do my heart burn and leave those hormones that rush into my head when their insulting punishment is as a result of the fact there was a smell, made my day run ten times as slow, leaving me with depression, it’s the one they think I cannot do to them in the last 80 seconds before they left the tills and walked out of the door as it were. As for my quasi support for terrorism; the one they do not wish to discuss is the violent conversations and gossips as though they were women – they make similarities between me and terrorists simply because I have a religion I believe in and can never ever mind their own business and not enough have died yet too as it were, since everybody else except them has the common sense to see that terrorists are people who had decided to solve a problem with violence and have since courted the involvement or mid level gangs that have a thing for money and for dominating people and can no longer control themselves but they would say the main reason they borrow my sword in such insulting ways and help terrorists to borrow it too is because I am a Arch Prince but cannot do the little that lies before me, conjuring this sense I am always at odds with industry idiots who are actually the answer to all our problems and it can only continue until industry idiots from Russia and China and Europe and the US and Africa turn up on my Literary Empire to find they are no longer able to control what this Christian does with them and then it will get a lot more serious with the British ones going from helping them with their stupidities that have to do with me, to finding ways of controlling the problem and then it will become e a big thing as a result; otherwise we can do it forever and not enough have died yet drawing similarities between me and terrorists.

They do say they have used that my career I said nobody will ever get to use anyway but I would never have made it out for my part either; all I am aware of is the complains that result from an oversight which has to do with failing to see I have a penis in front of me as well and therefore capacity to dish out penalties for people all the time if I wanted to – when they got involved with me they knew as a matter of fact that I was a Man, male like them not female. Otherwise what I am aware is happening concerns insults that have to do with whether or not I can determine exactly how I want to feel about people getting extremely familiar with me.  I mean the general idea has always been that they are a group of fools that come all dressed in suits and smile on media especially when they want to play up that routine of how they used to be able to work their stupidities into people’s lives at a limit and only for a period of years that people put down as a rough patch but these days have a position on media that allows them to work it for the rest of other people’s lives if they wanted – hence are extremely destructive and no sooner do you draw their attention to it, had you also found them showing off things they have which they got at your expense by which process they ensured you no longer have your own – so they show that they are geniuses all the time as well. Generally however of which if I no longer see them from Russia and China and Europe and the US showing up near my literary empire and gaining all kinds of access with the help of British ones that think I am bluffing when I make it clear corrupting my State provided security is one thing and if they approach me I will have them killed, hence are a lot busier telling me UK is their territory and mine is in Africa. It’s the old tale of using myself as an example; seeing the ethos of somebody else is their special shirt and then because they have put it beyond my reach, I take away their jobs and their savings and end up being the only person with money to buy hands that will hold him down and make him show me and anybody else I may so please to, where he kept the shirt, in order that I might wear it and then rob it in his face the loss of innocence etc and I need to do something about seeing them turn up around my Book sales, especially to invent a stupidity that becomes more important than whether or not people buy it, which they have been doing everyday for the last 8 years – they thought I had won earlier and I have not actually won yet as it were; the way people sell Books is by building a private setting for the readers which is tailored specifically for their Shop and Office and Products – not for everybody – specifically for your shop and office and customers as it were – it was none of their business in the first place whether or not the Books were about them, none of their business whatsoever.

So they their politicians do like to claim it was something I said some time ago about how when they have my Royal Estate there will be no more homosexuality in the world I suppose creating the problems since I was never able to take them on – what they do not wish to talk about is that these are really stupid individuals that work on people instead of things when they need money endlessly, money of which is so material you can only use it to have more material things as it were in the first place, big idea being I am unable to work on them as well thereof but the big picture clearly of which is when their insults eventually create the kind of result that means they had completely run out of conveniences. Like that old tale of being taught a lesson by Americans when everybody knows each involvement with you from them, especially the blacks, leads to somebody making some popular culture fame and fortune with your public ,life very loudly all the time but they will get off and do it incessantly anyway – so they came to the UK for instance to snoop about and find out things and met people who continually dragged them out to where the jobs and ways of dealing with matters by keeping them outside of conflict zones  where and when combined with the reasons they hate my guts being that when I get hold of that culture and society I will sell it for them again, we have started hearing them claim they were deceived about the UK being the religiously moral country that was a soft touch where they can bully people and get rich before travelling to places like the US where popularity is more important than morals, to dominate the world but have ended up in a condition where they don’t know if they need to turn left or right. At the end of the day which when you tune into certain radio stations they will lay out serious sounds and play them all day long to help cope with all that nonsense and it works every time.

The media say I mess around with peoples wives and I would never know anyway since their wives do have husbands at home to spend their insults on rather than assume they are women and can behave in any way they like and because they are older than me, can target me with their bad behaviour as much as they want, as I am not the on getting into their personal space, so as to cause others to think I sleep with them etc, they are the ones getting into mine. It’s the little hots thing they have really messed up here; I am always getting that one where women are happily married and have the hots for only one person but they want to have just a little, tiny, tiny one for me – I don’t pay much attention to it as such but we can all see the media pays a lot of attention to it anyway. They pay the attention like so and turn up to rip up my Books and finances and put me in a day job they can mess with whenever they want, complicate and threaten me because I have it all the time as well. Its somewhere beside that tale of how breastfeeding women in public places are doing a bad thing that their stupid Politicians make laws on; I mean I am a Law student and have an understanding of how crime works, I am an Arch Prince and have a history with evil, I am a security guard by day and a part time writer in my spare and all four dispositions at the precise point where their involvement is being considered will paint a half naked breastfeeding woman in very positive light, they do say that love hurts and I would never know if they are referring to the Mother’s love or the Child’s love anyway – so I could never make out which part of their problems they suppose is meant to have concerned me anyway but then again it was always going to lead down the way of this kind of feeling of extreme animosity towards the stupid society and culture as I have had enough of enduring a process where they are seen around my Book sales and the warnings are not paying off. It’s not a problem for me either; I just cannot fathom a grown up human beings playing that much that they rip up my Book sales and ruin my finances and are always seen doing it every day to laugh and have fun, it’s all leading to some serious animosity and I have got them where I want them as well and will sooner had seen they were doing racism murders and homosexuality bit like they usually do their own; it’s been 8 years and I have had enough – it’s the one where every time there is society and culture and media and celebrity and the society bit is the one where somebody likes to bully others if he or she is bigger and wants to explain my existence through the prism of what weighs on me because of his or her size, another group of fools will become really fond of making sure I run out of options such as walking away or concentrating on what really matters; I could never tell which point you can actually say as a matter of mathematical prognosis that such things were actually possible a behaviour; so I can see they like their society when religious people are lamenting but I did warn them it would lead to this stage where they run out of ideas and conveniences as well, I did warn them I am a Christian and it was only going to take a bit of work to make it happen.

Of course there is that massive question of what really annoys me on a daily basis but it is the same story of small businesses all over the world led by Americans who ensure there will be no chance whatsoever that I get to sell my Books because every turn of events at the market place will see somebody else that behaves properly use up the market while the fact they have will be displayed on media to break my heart and ensure I do no continue to feel that I still own that market etc and will have to get a new one – they can stop doing it of course if they want to stop complaining about me, not expect me along with their liberal and socialist idiots to sit in a Literary Empire Office on a zero bank account like we see them give to the frugal that sort of mobility. If it is not something I deal with everyday, they will not have problems everyday as well; I understand they speak of my extreme selfishness of course but I had created a business with a fantastic product which is supposed to turn a profit when they are excluded from the benefits of the product as it is the only way to make it work and let them have their insulting freedoms at the same time; as it stands of which they compound their behaviour by going off to TV stations I have never seen before to do these things and of course go to the US to get the benefits of the products free of charge; certainly to happen around 5 hours after getting out of bed every day and I needed that their National sense of fame the breaking my heart which is how markets get transferred from one person to another for as long as it was necessary to get the Books written the first time and will need it again for as long as it is necessary to get it sold again.

It is said that I run the risk of losing my Office which I actually don’t; I am meant to run the Office and get involved with public figures not have public figures throw things around on media that I am meant to attend to in order to run the Office – they take the risk and they face the music; Industry does it because I need the trading and the money which is why every fool likes to think they need to get involved with me and become a pain and when I react to them those I should actually be involved with will make me deals that cause me losses and the best place to be when doing business with me will be the one in which I am isolated and used – hence I have such a massive involvement based problem but then again it’s an Intellectual Property Administration business and I have mentioned this fact to consummate an occasion where they need to be told they are reacting exactly as I would have wanted them to and need to stop being so stupid about the media bullying thing; so that they always end up saying the big problem is that I expose my vulnerability of finances all the time but I have no idea how there would have been such great exposure in setting myself straight about Industries I broker Equities with, to a function of making sure if they see my Government property they return it to me and get equity in return, so I might have the lease to get into the global market and recover my property from those that have been screwing around - so it is obvious that exposure can be very good, as we can see them claim I think I can explain my way out of everything whereas reality was that if I told people to keep off their Cultures somebody else will take it up and do it and its the same with their Industry as well; so I am the Arch Prince and they are the ones who are engaged in those two fronts and I do not have an ability to explain my way out of everything, just doing my role, fulfilling my Royal Office -they need their moral bits done for them, so does the realm and the Local/ international security issues and that is what is being done here. So it is said I have lost my position without actually knowing that I have which is not actually true; what is true however is firstly that I am not facing a problem with messy homosexual cultures concerned with Journalists at my Court and Celebrities in it too, I have my own problems and they concern Politicians and their trouble makers and I am doing well enough for my part, so that these stories they tell are stories I make them tell since it is clear they end up telling it if the business of the whites end up with none whites and none whites end up with whites as it were but I have no idea where the stories could have had a content that has far reaching consequences in the real world for my part anyway - this sits side by side therefore with the other case of how I over do my work, which I don't, as the reality is that I have an Industrial Court and a Media Court and a Celebrity Court and the Political one has only been recently updated, at the moment of which the Industrial one requires attention and hence I need to beat down those who are neither interested in culture or Industry but the ripping up of my Empire markets to talk nonsense about where their needs transpire as freedom - the Court itself helps me recover my Government Office property from Russia and China etc while I help Industry recover their Intellectual Property from those places as well - I understand the main story we hear these days is that I have trust problems, which is not true as trust problems are for CEOs and their sales men, what I have done with them of which is to prevent that whole process of continually pillaging my Market and property to secure advertisement and sales that boost their records and provide opportunities for their friends and families and lovers, rather than go out there and fight for Market that actually belongs to a Company that has employed you as CEO - all very well when I am buying people time during an economic crisis of course because nobody is paying much attention but when those who own such property as myself need their money there need to be a fire wall and I am so good at it even the Environment is protected.