There is talk of course that I find all I do easy and that I am able to become more than proficient for my position because I am able to come and go as I please in the world of women – whilst for my part however nobody will ever know what the incredible insults this really means, some people think it is a statement that makes sense and it is much the same as those stories that I am of the opinion when I am a nice guy no harm will come to me when women feel like dominating men through ego and violence, which has no basis on reality as feminists never ever pick on men who bother them because it is too much work in the first place, which is why they are feminists at all. So the reality is still the same as ever i.e. the men in their lives, father to husband are evil men and declare that in public – so that tends to mean home is hell on earth for them and means they are unable to pull themselves away from either leaning on me or attacking me for convenient reasons when they see me in public places at all and that is why I am on the left because it is a women problem I have as it were so they might get those conveniences indeed.  They do like to say it is impossible to determine how to handle religious people because it cannot be settled what exactly might provoke them – give it half the opportunity and what has happened in my case with their stupid celebrities and a need to show up at high street shops to keep me out of jobs will become the main state of affairs in no time at all. They speak of a security problem my Book sales face of which there is none; only the same jack the lad entrepreneurs who like to think the place to be amusing on peoples finances is the National Media especially when American and have respect for nothing whatsoever and of course the great fight with celebrities over convenient choices that cost me money all the time like they can give to the frugal no matter what they have and of course there has always been only one security problem it the robbery has always been all about Politicians; so I am hard pressed to find which civil rights idiots are controlling me to make money and regularly bullying me into dealing with security matters to pretend they are trolls enough with a big mouth looking for trouble here; all I can say is that on a personal note, somebody is not solving difficult industry problems from which I can select convenient choices yet, so its currently fun worth having.

So the story now reverts back to one about the case of how much I like to make out I am wealthy, so that I might be allowed to run in the crowd I do not deserve to be found in; none of it will ever make sense to me anyway, since I never pretend I am wealthy if I am as busy as I am trying to survive with stupid women armed with men that will beat me up and collect fame for them to have a good life with on a daily basis. They say the risk factor when it comes to attacking me is so low that they can do it all the time but the reality is that school where their stupidities caused their bed behaviour to bring the real world into the playground is actually an entirely separate thing from the real world. This has now therefore produced its results in the sense that I want to ensure every money every celebrity idiot has taken out of my Royal Estate is returned by the use of their bad history to get rich and famous as well and this therefore means that I have created a relationship with them in which I am free to be as libellous as they are to me in financial and market context and in order to ensure they don’t get to waste my time in Court it is regularly updated and time lined. We hear that I talk and talk but will get into trouble of course but that is not too far different a story from how they are doing me a favour whereas there is no way that having financial problems to a point where I think their cars matter because there is financial value attached to it, can ever help me buy my own car for instance and hence completely pointless waste of a Christians time, over stupidities they believe is absolutely worthwhile. It is not that I have a problem taking it upon myself to work out why Mummy’s boys like to have girls they want to pillage my finances and beat me up to look after anyway, it’s just that first of all, if the UK was a middle east country it would be Qatar for instance and not somewhere as big as maybe Syria, so rising this stories about Mummy’s boys looking after celebrated idiots with my earnings can create problems that are too big for the stupid politicians that like to feel they can do and undo with it  - being that it’s the same old mid level gangs who are mad about money and dominating people problem about which they have ever had their backyards figured out as it were – so I always prefer it when Politicians leave their jobs and turn up to bother me in order to create that problem but that said, these idiots do need to take a good look at what I have done so far and learn to put their mouths away when it is pointed at me because I will kick them again at a point where it becomes necessary that I do so, doing so a measure of being watched and made to understand I have to show respect for the fact their foolish children are now doing well at their GCSEs as a result of being able to think by making me into their hate figure to escape their problems because if I don’t, the problems will lead to outcomes whereby even the teenagers can beat me up. I don’t think this matter to be an issue; just worth bearing in mind for people a worthy use of their own time as it were, that when they speak of me pretending to be wealthy when I am not so as to gain access to a privileged crowd in which I do not belong, they also need to remember there is a cure for this sense hanging around me whereby it appears I desire other peoples possessions when I don’t and that cure is war on popular culture and celebrity all together because they simply cannot leave other people alone and be by themselves; it’s a way up from the fact Mr Obama for instance never ever discusses their own problems in public if he can discuss mine instead, the one where he was the real leaders and I am spare resources that will allow them explore violence and crime and still have the grace enough to chase academic work but everybody has a limit – it hurts like hell they say but still want to control my finances and decide what happens with my Books by handling it.


So there is this leadership of a lack of respect for Politicians of which it is said I am at the spear tip but we all know of course that the reasons I get to work to find a celebrity had copied my body language to appears on a New paper doing what I have done to excel at work to make herself a star goes way beyond the story of media idiots and their subordinates competing with me over who is the best man aesthetically on account I am so way beyond their league that I spend most of my time with women since it does promote a sense of accountability.

So there is this leadership of a lack of respect for Politicians of which it is said I am at the spear tip but we all know of course that the reasons I get to work to find a celebrity had copied by body language to appears on a New paper doing what I have done to excel at work to make herself a star goes way beyond the story of media idiots and their subordinates competing with me over who is the best man aesthetically on account I am so way beyond their league I    spend most of my time with women since it does promote a sense of accountability for the challenges of being me and how I respond to them; about which there will be no fraternity between me and British men until the respect for my finances have been resolved. So this story of a lack of respect for politicians coming up again and again to mean my Court is free for all and they cannot help me sell my Books over there as well as a result, that then adds to the tale of how they will shut me down and confiscate all my film equities on account they have duly informed me that it belongs to them, giving rise to a process of ending my Royal Position and deploying my existence for the benefit of all by sharing it using entertainment etc is a function of the fact they are actually very twisted and very evil people I cannot stop beating down all together anyway. However with respect to this matter in itself, I have already taken steps to ensure the world has completely changed when it comes to the story of what people think about the few who always want to tell the majority what to do and somewhere adjacent to it is the reality that businesses are giving media and celebrity all that money they get at my expense because they are being paid off what is obviously the best of what other peoples society and culture has to offer such as the person of myself among others, what they think is that the money facilitates an oppression of me, which has offered them licence to handle my Books and damage it in order to spy on me and gather my fame for themselves on media doing celebrity culture that always tends to dominate my finances and do what it likes with it for the rest of my life – so it is a very different reality from what the rest of us know that they tend to live in with that big mouth. It’s nothing unusual all together anyway; same old story of celebrities ripping up my finances so that they can find ways of getting rich at my expense and using the money to keep me poor for the rest of my life and thereby making sure I am oppressed and that their fame is born out of my public life for the rest of my existence too – the only way it can work of which is if they beef up security with the money they have stolen from me and they already know no beefed up security can work on my case all together; I have them where I want them to be and I am not going to Court for the damages to my Books if I can extract the cost from media and celebrity culture instead; that is how they are paying on this one. Personally they might want to note this family has a history and they are not going to kill anything around here. It’s a very simple issue to resolve i.e. there is no way you can eradicate a behaviour where people just walk down the streets and see you, then go off to tell the Politicians they have found somebody whose life can be used to resolve their problems for them but the media ones love the threat and the violence and can touch my Books again if they have the fucking guts for it – date 25/10/2015; I mean it’s not a difficult thing to resolve anyway; we have different back grounds and different history with different people and there is no need to be uncivil about our behaviour towards each other and I am sure they will be able to see a normal person would think this as a sign I have had enough of them; perhaps the complain about their culture and society is due to the fact I get beaten up by their stupid women and girls all the time with that big mouth only. They say they are evil and that was news as it were, when we all know it is the reason we are where we are today i.e. it is hard to tell the difference between the wicked people that should be oppressing others and everybody else they should be looking down on, on account the guy that beats them up all the time is actually broke.

They do speak of things black people do to dominate me which makes no sense whatsoever as all black people do is take the credit for the things I do to harm myself when I am being so terribly impetuous, such as causing myself haemorrhoids for example and we all know looking for trouble runs in their blood and usually ends in civil rights movements in a very useless manner. It is never true that I have become a war monger either, in terms of that story; there isn’t a thing I do or have to deal with which is not a similar challenge for others at the Monarchy and there is nothing I have to deal with that is beyond my skill or indeed my abilities – the problem here is that these guys know that telling me my existence belongs to them, in order to turn out regularly in public places to try and be me while threatening me, right down to aesthetical functions and the abuses by which they can take it from me and copying by which they can make it their own – their uselessness is unprecedented and that is the fact behind the reason their wives and daughters being the ones that beat me up all the time, tends to end with complains about their culture and society on account of me and of course the entire world is better off for it as a result of  being beaten up by their women too, so that particular insult is probably the reason I do it.  It’s the same as leadership in Europe matters and the story of villains that protect foolish evil immoral women on the left which is why celebrities are always having a go at me, pretending they are a mystery I know nothing about as such which is why I am probably bluffing when I tell them it will be the last time I have to deal with any damages they do to my Books as well, seemingly that they cannot see how useless they are and somebody needs to show them too. Hence the same old tale in Europe about their useless way of living and the whole thing being all about guys and their neighbourhoods and when they come to the UK get really, really rude and start to attack people when they make people windy as well for it – so it is as though when there is no means by which they can get rich quick the fame and fortune peddling people’s faith and public life on account the owners have it and that is their fault the bullying thing, then they do not get to have clubs and bars where they can plan how to kill others as it were but from here at the moment, I can only say it takes that much for the security services to become all interested and start to probe the criminal find in order to find out what he was thinking already. All together however what happens is that they declare themselves evil people and that being okay home is hell for their women, so they just hate and attack Mr holier than others like myself for the simple reason that they are bullies too – so they all do need to shut their mouths and let these their women do what they do best as such, seeing that unless they want to stick their own necks out instead, I cannot actually make out why it is they like to bother the female folk so much anyway, these women belong to them but are uncontrollable, so it’s not a position from which to blow off a big mouth at me all the time: - I have made it clear I have had enough, another occasion of damage to my finances to facilitate their decadence and secure a me that they work on media to ensure my eyes are firmly fixed on other people’s business will turn this matter into what the cure for the problem is i.e. war on celebrities.

The story of not being able to take them on is much the same as the tale of whether or not I am quite up to it as such; it’s nothing new – we all know they spend all their time being punks and their violence takes it beyond the part where the insults of their women has come to a stage where the lines must be drawn whereby they don’t get conveniences from me and I don’t have to bother them and now works along the lines of whether I can wield my own temperaments and whether they are actually tough enough like they love to make out all the time. The story of grabbing the future and keeping it for myself is nothing new – they need to peddle their own personal lives to make fame and fortune or they can peddle mine and then make contact me with later for reasons of power for they are my personal Gods. Then they claim the problem to be that I think I am really good looking when I am actually not but it is an example of the kinds of things that make me really angry; since I find it impossible to locate how the good looks or time spent on it would have benefitted a Christian male in the first place never mind the bills that need to be paid and the other me that is all over media. Much like the story of how I don’t pay attention to what people do to grab my Royal Estate, which is not actually happening – what is happening is the usual stuff i.e. everybody is talking about their case, even that women they claim is insane but nobody really knows, she is talking their own these days all together and whenever they explain their actions it is largely to do with their civil rights – I want it kept far away from this Business and a process of turning up on that stupid media to get involved because they need leisure and convenience to feel like men, then there will be no trouble; it has always been about the insults. They say I like to talk about other people’s insults with no plans to talk about my own but of course there is always one moment being surrounded by people to whom it is so important to be above other peoples league that they spend time developing the process and the very next being one of those chiefs who have lost a fight and was crushed and is now teaching the new generation how to win their battles or it might as well just be that they are having sex with women in order to do me a favour getting conveniences in that way – so I know what irritates people about me the most is that I like to interfere with things I know nothing about and mess people up for years just so that I can ensure when it works it does work to suit me but I do it because I am a Christian who does not like the things they like and therefore think it is worth while wasting their time in terms of years like that because it is the only thing they tend to do around here and of course I always have to win the way they win as well and that is the part which annoys them the most; so they see nothing wrong with the fact internet and media now means that you don’t have to go out and sleep with bad women and really mess up your life because it can be imposed on you, if you had asked them, they will claim it’s a matter of civil rights – so it’s a straight question with a straight answer i.e. their insults not mine, nobody is doubting that these are all tussles around people trying to be happy in order to make money, where they say I don’t make progress and am miserable and that was the same way they started this fight years ago messing up the good fortunes I have with the British Royal family (nobody likes to see a goon in the latest clothes by his girl friend all posing beside the latest cars making statements with pictures in a glossy magazine that suggests he has lost a Royal Estate – they know nothing about it and need to return to the shops and leave me alone).

I hear they say I need to get physically fit and stop making trouble but of course I don’t; I already know how Mr A and B and C work out a process of being useless people by making sure they kick others out of work as a fundamental way of growing their own career, which provides them with money for smoking cigarettes and lots of illicit partying aka I know them to be useless people; what happens otherwise even though I know being physically fit prevent you getting angry at women, is that people make a mess and blame me for it i.e. exert me and then tell me I am making trouble because I am not physically fit which also makes it my fault – so that it gets worse when the other side of the story is that staying off food to pray should have been the one where people see you turn away when others wind you up because you will not be able to cope, which of course is wholly vital for the essence of me.


Like the old story of the complains we cannot seem to be free from while they are still carrying out the activities that lead to results they are complaining about and turning out to pretend they wish to set out activities that will make them immune to the effects so they can do whatsoever they like with my property and finances , they are still setting me out as the guy that they will point Politicians to whenever they want somebody’s life to be deployed to fix their stupid existence for them , so that their Politicians can turn up here to waste my time and finances while they get on media to make out cases where my Books will get me into trouble with Bush and Blair; bearing in mind by the way, that it makes no sense to say the Books are just Books because it is better to say they ought to be hurting too every time, since the reasons as far as they are concerned, that I spend hours staying off food and praying to cleanse my mind of their polluted world and existence, so is to their Political idiots can fill it up with the problems of those affected by bloodshed and go off to bomb people in Iraq for personal wealth and glory which is the bit that has to be preserved for them as a function of me being dragged into it as it were; the wealth and glory that will again provoke me being extracted from my Property Equity Empire. So I have to say it’s just Books and their own is hurting as well badly never the less, it makes them believe they know what is likely to get me into trouble and what is not. By the way of which we are not yet done with the part where they get involved with their African idiots who really never listen when people make it clear to them that listening to stupid women who have a problem with men that cannot sleep with and have sex with men whose good looks and physical features they cannot use, whose faith they cannot peddle due to their low tolerance for absence of money in their lives and turning out to lay up some strange culture or history that provides a fundamental sense of intent of violence towards a chosen target for these stupid women creates the sense I have no clothes on if it goes on in my direction for long enough; they never ever listen as it were and they can set up their clubbing and partying and popular culture on my royal renaissance like they are threatening to if they have the fucking guts for it too – I know I am not related to them and it is important they bear it in mind, have had enough. I hear they say there is nothing I can ever do to reverse the history that has now been created into my life, whatever history they may have created in the last 20 years anyway; all I am aware of is that when it comes to career and using public transport and wearing suits, I have the great ideas and men have the money and I cannot step out of my home for two meters without having a painful tummy because they are making me share and will squeeze what I ate out of me etc and it can be facilitated easily by their idiots who have become other peoples enterprise managers and CEOs driving around in expensive cars doing a bit of what people have expressly settled with others will cause a great harm, a bit every second as they drive around town being fans of the stupidest parts of it and targeting me all the time with a disobedience that is legendary as I cannot understand how mighty their possessions and money they have made at my expense in the last decade really is already; so everybody has a limit, it becomes intolerable when another group turns up with a war on women that means you cannot turn left or right about which I am yet again one of the main targets; so it’s not a matter of getting involved with anything I think I cannot reverse. It’s not a matter of what I cannot do to them either; so let’s summarise again i.e. in the last decade they have spent all my time doing a little bit of what I don’t want done with my possessions considering it will undercut me at the basic of my instincts if done, now some of them are managers and CEOs of peoples companies and fans of the stupidest part of Town – everybody has a limit and they need to lay off my Empire, keep their hands off my Books; we are talking about respect after all, the high mighty and important the stupid big cars they bought with money made at my expense that has made them strong enough to fight me using my own strengths and a big mouth really is; so they rely on the insane politicians who do what they do best for it and ask questions about why I am always against them when they are actually trying to help whereas we all know all they do is get involved with my Business and do things with it the opposite way, for instance a customer will buy from a company he is passionate about, when they get involved with me they make use of my products without buying because they are passionate about how I handle problems and then there are some of that stupid violent stuff that is just overtly economic all together – then complain about bending them around a corner to ensure they are malleable too which behaviour being endemic towards my Business and its accounts might perhaps have been the reason for it as it were – they do like to make out I need to be warned its about power, I like to think they are not aware of lessons they will learn for wrecking my finances to drag me out of Church for all these nonsense yet.

They do speak of Black MPs that will put me in line but it never makes sense to me; it is rather likely that the endemic need to turn up and start a fight with me because people want to use my appearance and personality to make themselves money and comfort is probably the reasons peoples grandmothers cannot have a good night’s sleep in this country anymore; the one where those communities and sense of acceptance they came to the UK to fight for hundreds of years ago emerging in permanent communities they can call home, being the reason people turn up at my work place to see the guy they love to hate at work, make it tough on him and find it amusing and spread the word etc – so when I detach them from it an cut up the whole thing, I am sure it will end the way they want it to with that big mouth yet again as it were. So it’s an old story; never work on time, study on time, just set people out as the ones Politicians will deploy to fix your problems and do it for your grandmother and bully people and all will be well – the female MPs and Government operative ones cannot see how useless they are, their insults are legendary and they feel like being treacherous people in somebody else’s life every single moment of their stupid time; its only 2 years of spending time on the black people problem so far and they already have their hands in the air after a decade of noise making about controlling me and owning me and my private parts and so on, which has become their answer to everything at a worldwide level, hence meaning nobody will turn up here to make out all I am and have is a function of what I extracted from a part of culture they were saving up for the future now that they know what it would look like if I did – as for the rest, saying these things makes things difficult for them I hear and that is the way it should be i.e. whenever they select their convenient choices from my Royal Estate and public life to destroy my books and finances and make fame and fortune, they will always be left with some really difficult decisions to make when finished. It’s nothing unusual, they make difficult decisions as a result of messing up my stuff all the time, it’s just that I have had to mention it here but when considered as a whole, even when they go off to get themselves killed by terrorist groups and gangs and then blame it on me, it’s all difficult decisions the idiots are having to make for a change. They do ask why people do it of course all the time but it’s an old tale of my good mother has been a target for abuse by goons and so we are the grownups and you are the kid and when we want conveniences we will get it off your living room and you will co-operate; so it seems anything I do is then done for their purpose and their violent abilities is something they are realising was inhibited by those who hated them because it was the greatest asset all along. So it exists at the heart of this new so called Tax credit row at Westminster, where they want to know what I think since I have experienced benefits and tax credits first hand but it’s an old story – they have calculated tax credits such that if that aspect of a certain amount of work and a certain amount of money invested and a certain amount of profits you need to take to break even, does not actually exist, then you are not self employed and do not need tax credits – I at the moment am only managing the Royal Estate and its Office business, the crucial aspect of capital and expected profit is not yet in play and that is why I got off Tax credits and then again still when it comes to JSA, the hours they require you to attend the job centre and the tasks they set you will leave you with only the choice to live on benefits and run a business or get a job, so it’s a risk only worth taking if you are going to roll out the business at short notice. The rest is all people manipulating the system and nothing more than that; personally however it seems this Country is full of people that cannot stop lying, so that the Labour Party is still the best thing that happened to the Country as it stands, when we all know that if you are informed they need to settle their power as culturally wicked people first before you attend to your academic work and you had asked them if it is a joke, the way they will express that it is not will involve the Prime Minister getting off downing street to chase you around Britain to see how much of the State provided security you get if you faced the same social violence issues he likes to play with, everyday for years on end until you enquire if it happens because you are incapable of making them nervous when everybody knows if you had pulled the rug from under their feet they would fall over.  I don’t think this matter is a crisis as such in any way I am being asked these questions because they are complaining about something I have done; it is concerning a process where I have 100% resources at a Business when we first met and in a couple of years 40% has been spent by them and their Politicians on a fight about which part of it they are supposed to share as a matter of social interest, 10% had been spent on preventing them from spreading the word and creating me that problem where I have a reputation for being the guy people get to dominate and 20% has been spent by the entire Parliament on their problems and I now have a business running on 30% with them deciding which part they want to get rich with on a daily basis and I really cannot explain to anybody where 70% of my resources have ended up and I cannot explain it in an academic way either – so they need to read the economic texts properly and lay off the economic circulation of wealth bit because the next time the fact they saw it creates a problem for me, I will initiate an annihilation around this matter for my part too – speaking of some of the things I was planning to do before I was dragged into talk here, they need to read the economic texts and find out why they are complaining about a guy that has ended up in their house which house I can have whenever I want since there is something called opportunity cost and only idiots pride themselves in creating their own version for others. So it is not true that although my results on the economy is unquestionable, it seems I am always stirring up trouble and the government and businesses are better off just paying them off and it will mean that they become customers at a later time – I have allowed it operate in this way because it is how it is meant to be, it’s now up to the Politicians to avoid making risky decisions because when neighbourhoods have formed and those neighbourhoods burn people who have lived generation in it will not give it up, so we have to accept people will burn as well. However for my part I can have that their House every time they decide who part of my market will belong to them for the day – they need to read the economic texts well, it is violent and unnatural to create opportunity costs into other people, whether or not I have devised an academic way of explaining it because I know doing so would end other people’s business – nobody knows how they were planning to explain it for their part anyway; they do say when I speak of what I know it creates problems for others but its a job at a shop and a part time Book writing here and the fact I have not set out a certain capital in expectation of a certain profit is not to say any of it is their business, so as to ensure my heart beats three times as fast for peoples finances and amusing triva that helps to attain it with my possession - it is possible that what they really need is information thus when the only information that they really need is the one where they need to imagine that apart from the bit where there can only be stability and security when the part of history in which they wanted things and never ever had them was done and dusted and settled, it should have been clear that if they had a job in a shop and a writing career at home in Britain and the atmosphere around my life is not the way their own would have looked as a result of their actions they should expect trouble as a matter of passing hours - wealth distribution and sharing of peoples property as there is nothing I can do if they get out of bed to decide which parts of my markets will become their own and then complain about the throes of their democracy, idiots taking risks.