Now the issue of my view of women they say is something that needs to be settled – the women say I have great difficulty being a man and looking after women like they should be and that society needs to ensure this obligation from me is fulfilled but it is not an emotive issue either: you have to for every academic work damaged and every business ruined and every finance pillaged make a calculation of which one is your fault and which is simply risk and which is women and every time consistently for the last decade it’s been women that are responsible taking advantage of colleagues existing that are female or other friends I have that I have no right to depending on skin colour or any other excuse including the need to control people like me and get somewhere doing so with their stupid lives – it is not an distant issue in any case either, we do hear them claim my condition is a victory they have won to institute the sense that women are equal to men but there is nothing new about it since they have not in over a decade once worked out how I take revenge for it each time they turn up here with matters of female interest either but by far the more pressing issues are such matters as terrorism: the number of boys that can sit down under a tree and read their books in peace these days without being bothered by women until they fail their exams and the fact that I may start getting involved and getting concerned about some 300 girls being Kidnapped in Nigeria for example but for every 300 girls kidnapped in Nigeria there are another 400 destroyed by women in this way and of those 400 at least 150 will be in league with Boko Haram. Much the same as we have here in the UK – for them it is a laugh and I dont think I am finding it funny either, especially with respect to those their male pricks who create the laugh function into it the most; everybody knows that the only way they get to deal with the same problems they dish out for me is if they have racism issues and gang issues to contend with and at the moment I am restricted by my faith which is why it is such a laugh as far as they are concerned making it clear it is a matter of evil and wickedness, which of course is why it does not provoke me that much because I have always known what causes it to occur: however this need to handle my possessions and my work and finances and ensure it is in a condition where I cannot reach and somebody else is using it and keeping it does create an outcome that will lead to a result where I have to handle them as well since I have no wish to be educated like that violently and endlessly about how evil the world is. We hear them say they do it because they are forcing me to get involved with Politics since I tend to know so much but of course this is at the heart of the issues and can easily ensure the really difficult matters occur not around my books and lawless things they do with my finances because I wrote them but around Politics and government as a whole because it is at the heart of this matter – walking down the streets and ending up with pillaged academic work in a couple years on account idiots are deploying your aptitudes to make money and get rich and forcing you into politics where they think they have the control to tell you nothing will happen and it can only go on since last you checked you were completely harmless, until a process where you know there are other young people like yourself that they have wrecked in that way transforms into a case of having a go at them and their careers and the entire system of government until it exists in an environment where there are no rules: I mean I would not have been the first bearing in mind that you do it with businesses who have children and idiots that do these things all the time – you do it with businesses who deploy your aptitudes and then return to attack you because getting a job will mean they can no longer deploy those aptitudes on account every time you are seen in public is an outcome where you are heading somewhere for work or to study, so that it is only when their Companies exist in spheres where there are no rules and I control the equities that there will be some sense of reality happening in their stupid minds and it is much the same with that stupid media where they regularly shoot off insults about how they want to beat up a boy and so on that their foolish girls pick up on too – I mean those use makeup to do their jobs and go by the name of presenters and yet are talking nonsense about violence in demand. It is not true or rather I do not think of it as per my work is cheap – am selling it for a price that is not intellectual dishonest so I am okay with how much it costs but with respect to my person there is an issue of cheapness and access to be determined and it is a rather simple issue at the heart of everything they complain about i.e. writers are known for their books and not what others spy on and steal from them, so unless their offices where they make that stupid money that is a problem for my health and safety and well being is run in an it comes and it goes manner that they think mine should be treated, it is not I think a good idea either and certainly not sending out their stupid women to tell me to be a real man thereafter.

If the whole issue of my views of women needs to be settled, it is as simple as ever; I mean how many real female politicians do we have in parliament these days anyway? The ones that stand up to Politicians at the Civil service are not officially endangered species, so how many real Politicians do we have these days? It is not an emotive issue, same old case of why everything women say is so funny and the answer to such a question being that it is full of facts and figures on intonations and connotations and denotations about things happening because it is your fault and so  unless people have a different reason that women do wicked things to me and find it funny is a major preoccupation for these idiots, the case is that they can start getting any respect the day I get any from them and their dirty black men especially keep their homosexuality and corruptibility to their stupid selves as a result. They do love to make people filthy all the time by factorising them on the basis of the most basic of their factor like the fact they have an anus and excrement comes from it and there is a penis and somebody wants to see sperm from dirty sexual activity drooling from it and so on but unless the nasty idiots especially the whites who are the epitome of the evils of media which is largely a process of holding people down and bringing corruption into their personal lives in order to measure relative sense of privilege that their stupid media salary can buy hence the regularly insult about beating up a boy and so on will avoid having a problem of racism and gangs if the part they play in the matter comes to an end as well.

We hear the talk of how I speak now but started it, when everybody knows what they got from me was the warnings and that I have not dug down low and deep on men and threatened them with extreme violence like they do me and so none of that nonsense they yap all the time with their stupid media means anything: if it so applies they are holding me down to ensure I never get out and find out how they ever will beat up a boy, then it is equally advisable they shut their gob and tell their girls to stay off my friends and colleagues and keep their insults where they will need it as well. The Politicians will speak of the nothing you can do but the old case of forcing politics on you which allows them to handle your possessions and turn out to do a job with it that is inept resulting in a condition where you hold them down at the job and make them fix the problem while you supervise is something you do right up to the highest levels of government and nobody can stop you either – it appears when their entire lives and careers and that stupid parliament is picked until it exists in a condition where there are no rules that there will be things that I cannot do as well. I dont say these things because I am getting people into a heightened state of things, I say them because it does not annoy me on account I know exactly what to do about it i.e. if their involvement with these damaged women and the process of damaging me and my possessions with it does not come to an end they will  be dealing with gangs and racism as well really soon enough and maybe I need to take their insults to heart and ensure it actually gets to offend me as regularly as they shoot them off with the most amount of harm intended. So it is an old story; this is not an it comes and it goes office unless they are running their stupid one like that as well; if it is a problem, it is here for a reason and none of their fucking business and the next time they feel like they want to take a shit at peoples pristine jobs and wreck my academic work I will get them a private diary that they will get to use in this world as well. I have told them to cease spying on me as the only result of that is violence to try and make what they find their own but they will not so we will have to keep hearing the nonsense they talk about all the time to that effect as well: after all the Company I have is an empire but the money has ended up somewhere else while the idiots responsible think you have done nothing to plan to the contingencies that may arise as a result of that – they believe you think yourself a victim of inequality turning on its head, a victim of wealth distribution, one of them trapped and tortured for all he has, so they do mention I am a problem and yes, quite, if I have not missed out something on the parameters of how that works. They have never handled me in a condition where there are no rules, this just isn’t an office where it comes and it goes because men are stupid and media exists – they dont run their offices like that so I can only imagine they want the same treatment as well: all that has happened is false confidence built up on media that they have trapped me in a condition where there are no rules and none of it is based on truth or reality. What people think about me from republican sentiments to pornography industry of course is none of their business and there is no point complaining when they want to be a collection of pricks and either forcing me into Politics or continued lack of regard for my not wanting to be educated and indoctrinated into wickedness will lead to more serious issues and of course where the issue about women fits in is the question of why women love to kick those that are down in order to equate with men, so that when such persons get up they have them in mind all the time? Was this actually their part of society by the way? I am using their liberalist and republican thing to run my book sales and other ventures anyway, so I dont know if when they make that noise they make along with their stupid children of trapping me and bringing me so low I am peddling goods to make ends meet and I get to tell them off it is because I love doing them favours but it is much the same old case about tyrants with relatives talking nonsense about the sizes of their Countries and privileges of capitalism and freedom they want so that we can be allowed to trade and they might spend their stupid money on our products and so on – we have a problem because these things are not supposed to be publicly discussed, they were meant to remain at the office where they ended up, so they are not learning anything and it is bound to get really bad when I create a public life for it too – the pricks have only a big mouth and there isn’t a thing they say that has not actually been made up and yes there are the city centre idiots with personalities that are over 90% ego I should mention – it goes back to the old case of not spying on me as they are not good people and the result will be violence to keep what the find which will provoke me and then the complains that will follow that and then the false confidence and then the subsequent insults to try and play industry power games – last time I checked of which I am a man like they all are and with all these things crave power just as much as they do.

They do say digging down deep and hard on the men is something I do an decide it discount publicly because I paid for it and now think I want to try again – truth is that I never did, it is something you when you want to ensure people are scared of you like they should and can therefore stop playing with your feelings – they have been doing it which is why they love to factorise me by my anus and penis and then link it with Industry and a processes of getting rich and then with that pretend to change my mind from that of somebody who owns a literary empire to that of somebody who is not selling his books which they by the way are damaging and inserting their ego and stupid products in the Company market, but above all have turned up on media to build it up and then set about spending money on what they have built up on media to make it so; like the issue about their stupid girls that cannot stay off my friends and colleagues and allies that are female as well, they simply cannot take a warning and so it will end up happening. The girls have now taken up a manly stiffness and are doing the violence and manly things on a global stage and I am in charge of it supervising how that fits into fame and fortune at my expense as well but that is not warning enough for them; it rather leads to threats about how I need to reverse it or there will be trouble with a big mouth and so this office is not an it comes and it is gone already office, as they dont media looking for trouble and being good at it get to tell me what to do. I dont think it a serious matter either – the girls are a typical example of what is happening, the men can threaten some and get away with taking advantage of them but the number of people the girls can is rather depleted – they are really stupid you see and you notice it when you start to accept an obligation to relax every time you come in contact with them because they will exasperate you one way or the other anyway – that is when you start to notice they have an inability to learn anything and are a bunch of misogynistic scum who think you can talk until you end up in an environment where there are gangs that will not rest until you are  member as if I have not lived in such an environment before; same old reality of them making a mess of things and how what others thing fundamentally determines how those they hate of which the number is uncountable act towards them. This is what all that fame and fortune popular culture is really about; wrecking people lives with politics and forcing them into it so they can steal the easy fame riches and so on; gang rap they call it for where it applicable as though it was my fault as it were and then the others and the love songs??? And so on. I have killed off the whole Japan America connection that cannot stay off my finances full of black idiots being my older brother that has rights to my income and possession but it has done nothing to deter them yet – we see that involvement and that big mouth and then the threats all the time. so now it boils down back to the simple problems money can solve which takes us right to the very beginning of capitalism and freedom and the need to educate me and indoctrinate me about the wickedness of the world and how many money is based on that and becomes a job; of course it is what their parents teach them – how to find men that help women that they can take advantage of and squander, so we hear them speak of how I am not necessarily the best the Nation has to offer with that big mouth from which we hear such yapping and then complains later – apparently I cannot possible have female colleagues and friends otherwise if I mention such a fact their prepubescent feminist nonsense will apply all over the Streets of the UK and overseas as may apply too which is good because of course they need to fear me and then it will stop, like their Counterparts now do even though they have more strength than three men these days due to the fact the rest of us that are ordinary cowards do not enjoy either provoking or getting into disputes with extremists like they do and mainly so because they have beaten us and extracted our strength – it used to be something they did to find out where it fits into being famous and rich but now it has turned to academic work too because I write books in that direction and they have a thing for attacking me, so we do not seem to be seeing any progress in the matter with that big mouth and more strength than men they have even one that happens to be Royalty. The girls themselves will never be free of me and I do not think it is a complicated matter anyway, its a case of continually insisiting on spreading stories with a sense of physical contact about men like me stealing female comforts, followed on by insults and then later one vindictiveness on the basis of involvement with races I do not belong because I do not want to face up to realities about me in my own race and various other nonsense about how I can be controlled to their gain; so now I will find out where all their insulting strengths and power fits into fame and fortune as well – it is not the first occasion, the first resulted in hatred of me because I control their hearts and at that time it was so violent they had found a man who will be known for his Christianity and then gay later so that they might be powerful and for the Americans it starts off with a case of how I must watch how I live lest I affect women’s lives and so on, which is applied with a sense they can get on media and tell me so as well supervised by their men. In terms of the travel Industry it is a simple case of how women dress in ways that please me so that idiots can claim they are gagging for it on their stupid media because of the fact they travel around and help me manage my renaissance, just like the others for whom I provide securities to help them with meeting and carrying themselves around statesmen and women: so it is much deeper than idiots wanting to play with you and damaging your finances because they know where your books are when you do not pay attention and so on – as I said they need fear me first before it stops as we all know they are hard of hearing. I mean I can tell them I want nothing to do with them only to have my book sales completely destroyed because they want to access my feelings and because they know where it is and by doing so will be able to control me and ensure they get involved with me anyway, they have their jobs and keep it and are now beginning to use the finances from it for dominance as well and like I said the early days was more violent and more about the man known for his faith who will be homosexual so they might be powerful – so that they can do it and turn out to tell me on popular music TV that I need to realise they are not going anywhere among various other abuses and hands fixed on my earnings and they need to fear me for it to stop these black people.

On the matter of being forced to take part in Politics however, I am not and they have not got it – they simply have not yet realised it is at the heart of all the problems there is yet: I mean Royalty like to find a holy man they can sacrifice if they are done with using women for misogyny and Politicians like to lean to the National front and so you end up being chased by the media and chased by criminals and chased by the National front but your escape route belongs to the Politicians because everybody else is a little soldier while you civilians sit around stealing lifestyle that is not your own in order to enjoy life and that is how their goons turn up to handle you and everything about you right down to aptitudes concerned with your personal and family life as well as your career and exasperate you for information to build their careers; so they like to try and say such things because they believe I have not had enough of them yet as it were. I dont think this matter to be a problem it is the same case with how there are Christians I have rejected who made me with the way Christianity is in the US but so do they know I never liked them anyway right from the very beginning – they say things and they say things you see – they say things like when God speaks to you make use of your common sense, they say things like when you are a prophet you must control your spirit of prophesy and go along with those in power and so on – so you know that these are Political scumbags for whom the Political person always comes first and an6ybody can be sacrificed by them for any reason at any time and so they know I dont like to bump into what they made of driving cars past me and giving it an extra rev or indeed the claims they make of having things to do with me in which context they were my boss because like they always say I look like I cannot but do anyway I will make them stop it and the price they will pay for that will be incredible. It is like the story of their abusive community croons and they keep their eyes on you always like a community until they reach a stage where they can interfere with when you are thinking about work or academic work and so on, until you decide the personal diaries are full and they will discuss it and stop it which they always think they will not until you discuss it for them starting from the fact you get along with women and their silly children are men of men and if they dont then you discuss their own for them and become the puppet master at the end of which they get to stop it and pay that huge social price doing so – for the religious ones it only continues until the civil rights happens and then it will be the fault of the classical orthodox like me who are the same as the violent orthodox that are exactly the same ruthless political idiots like them who really do not believe in God. We all hear that part where I am responsible for the fact women no longer fear their husbands and so on – the reality behind that is that people simply cannot tell their dump wives not to take sexually vulgar pictures of themselves fucking my work and possessions which they place on massive bill boards in the City centre – it does seem we Christians take infidelity more seriously than these media racists anyway and the distress that doing those things cause me is something they need to understand very clearly; handling my books for that matter has always been criminal because they do not have the permission to in the first place – for the books everybody thinks I am trying to sell my books on the basis of how much I get about with celebrities whereas I am trying to on the basis of what I shared from the balcony of my Royal Property kind of scenario and so because of that they keep subverting my work, provoking me and then complaining when they are  not stopping it, for the women it seems that their husbands are not aware there is sex happening in my personal life when they will do something about how I feel about their lewd and loud and vulgar nonsense with my work. The part where I do not want the Labour party in Government because they will do nothing in my favour being utter rubbish of course; because their followers are always really stupid people that you should never give the opportunity to get misogynistic at you in order to do well academically, so that they might have to enforce it at government office creating an outcome where they are worse off when elected and worse off when unelected: however in terms of Politics the whole issue of what these people who are forcing me into Politics would do if I refused to vote considering they know so much better than i do what I want, the reforms the current government made was okay because there is no point pretending that when you spend tax payers money on people and they make profit and pay taxes the government has made money, when people want to spend money to help others with business that is what they want to do and when Government wants to spend money on its projects that is what they want to do and I know it is said the reality is that people like me simply cannot do anything right to get any of the money but it is also like the old case of how I must be aware what I say stirs violence while people have no place to put an end to the violence they stir against me – I mean being forced to do Politics must be because my individuality is something I should be stripped of – other peoples own does not matter, mine does and it did after they wrecked my finances for no apparent reason. So when it comes to it the reality is that black people and Africans are my problem, most of my friends are European and I have hit rock bottom yes very funny and the only way now is up – unless the Labour party spends money to help my business and I did not have a say in it looking for trouble, like they have managed to trap whole families in a cycle of electoral fraud with the benefits systems and civil service and like the old case of men ruining your life for no apparent reason and then finding out they can make up the reasons as they go along which people become really concerned about and pay a lot of attention to – the way the Americans put it is a process of thanking their wives for not shooting them men dead in bed and I know what they mean – I am simply not going to be treated by the scumbags in that way either and of course I am not a woman by the way anyway; hence when it comes to the issue of what happens to those who offend the systems of democracy, they have not got a point of position at all whatsoever, it is a very familiar matter and it is not the reasons I say what I say anyway, what I say is about facts concerning my position i.e. I am doing better than them with my so called weak believes and faith but they always turn up to work their envy by doing all they can to force me to live a life of decadence and modernity and greed and so I start to experiment on them as well and make time to do it, so that when they complain I do things they used to do when they were kids because my parents could not afford to help me see the world, I dont know if it annoys me or makes me laugh but the violence and insults soon had determined how I were going to react to it anyway – so unless there is anything else I am missing about being forced to do Politics, this is about it, liberalists are very hard of hearing and it has nothing to do with pride and prejudice either with those insults their foolish children are raised to sect people out and pass on them endlessly. I mean my view of liberalism is basically a matter of what I share between me and my family becomes a subject of controversy and Public savagery and so if they dont pop the question of how my parents had more personal and human dignity than I have while we learn more and more about our civil rights as we go along, they will be alright. I mean the basic fact to understand about what I think about Liberalists is simply that HM is the most Liberal Person in this Country i.e. if you sit in your Balcony and your grand children turn up to play you are being liberal there is nothing about that which should end up in Politics – they say they do it and the homosexuality and perversions and complains about law enforcement and so on because it provides a means by which power can move away from those who have had it for a long time, so it is the same old case that they are the most violent and vicious enemies that a merit society faces and that fact proves itself to be the case time and time and time again; not least when you see a sustained day after day corruption of involvement in your affairs while they are the most vicious ageists and sexists there are in their own in order to keep people out. I dont think that it is a problem, they do speak of economic recovery but it is largely a matter of where you snap and if the Country does not snap in that way it has not got a chance; as far as I am concerned for me this means that having seen what can happen when government spends tax payer funds on popular culture to make popular culture idiots famous, we now know that we stand very little chance if the Church does not have a stronger role in the economy – the Conservatives understand this and that is why I root for them but they have continued to let their bigots run the show for them which has cost them the local elections, it does not mean that I support them or that I am in any danger if they do not win. I mean you sit over a million pound deal and somebody who has continued to follow you around and fantasise his fingers up your anus because he is sharing is around at all times, then its the same with a 2 million pound deal and the same with a 3 million pound deal and every time he does it, he builds it up on media and links it with a process of making money and getting connected, it gets to a point where you may sit over as small as a £200,000 deal and it happens and you snap and that becomes the point where you had decided it will not stop unless you punish it enough to make it stop: if the Country does not snap like that we do not even know what kind of economy we have let alone recovering it. For my part I have been very clear: one more case of subverting my work and we will find out what they are made of. I have done my bit like a good citizen to provide necessary buffers within my power and even that is under threat anyway.

It is not a capitulation when I speak of Tories understanding these things, it is a matter of recognising facts, such as where I speak from i.e. I will be persecuted by the world like Christ was but they have told me they are not doing it to I might enjoy it, so they must now do with that which they have the power to lets find out how much power they have. It is much the same story with the claim that in my mind Politicians dont actually govern the country whereas in my mind I have no reason to think about other peoples jobs unless I have undergoing a really gruesome way of losing weight or something: so in this Country their women want to peep into your life and defile you all the time, they feel they are awesome witches and can handle any man and are incredibly tough when it comes to that and cannot keep their filthy hands to themselves, they have no other form of friendship to offer people but homosexuality especially when nobody is asking them and they generally want to bully people with all these things; so I know I can avoid most of their abuses by staying away from them which I will not as they appear to have done all these things for all these years because they have a point to prove that they certainly will as well – they are moving.