We hear these tales from republicans all the time about counting pennies the Royal family is worth it, they love the part where I respond to it and create some debate and change because they have no wish to listen to what I am saying which makes no difference anyway whatsoever – after all everybody knows they know it does not make any sense and anybody else that gets into the Top Office in the UK will still leave us with the process where they are Heads of State and their Children after them are Heads of State as well but unlike the Royal family that runs a Government for us they will be doing it for private gain and for Industry while the rest of us that are clearly stupid regularly go off to the polls to select whom we want for that Office because that is our purpose. The part that concerns the Royal family being that they love to make up and believe their own ideas about how the Royal Family is full of people whose minds as programmed 1005 around being heads of state in their Country and no one thinks about doing something else with their lives if they lose a job. Which is where the part that concerns them comes into the picture i.e. when people realise The Royal Family can get another job is removed from office, they will want to ensure that does not happen so they can never return after being removed and once the stage is set for genocide then we all know who will be the people that complain about that and do International human rights campaigns with it. The part that concerns me being that I have no idea why people do such things anyway in the first place and then of course there is also the fact that if you want to remove people from a job you must set out what they have done wrong – of which it is the republicans doing something wrong and wanting to remove those who are more important than they are from a job, so since I have a temper as well and have paid enough prices over their involvement with my possessions and concerns the big question is that of whom they are addressing, whom they are talking to and what they want. I am aware when I say it this way they will want to start doing their stupid republican jobs properly for a change which is not unusual as it were either; after all, Heir apparent in the British Monarchy have been known to abdicate on many occasions, so the system there has a way of sacking people no matter how long they have been raised for a role and we wouldn’t be caught seeing them venture.

We are all aware of the part where it is hard to find anybody who has suffered as much as I have or indeed works as hard as I do for absolutely zilch but I have no idea what it means anyway since the suffering has nothing to do with my academic work, or with my job or with my finances or with running my company, it only has to do with them. I could follow up a case of spending what I have to secure a process of dishing them enough violence they dish for me as well which will lead to results of them spending those stupid average lives and finances of theirs to secure themselves from me while I get to make money through it as well but at this point my prime case is that of getting parliament to stay out of messing up a process where I need to confiscate that culture and keep my academic work at the same time i.e. when it comes to the behaviour of the Prince of Wales as a whole, we never hear from these fools that they are bullies as much as the part we hear that they are civil rights and inequality victims. It does not mean I admit to interfering with parliamentary business, they know my company does equities and sells books to give directives and they can never turn up on the books or the websites if they have not actually turned up there.

So eventually when we start to speak of what I think about sex abuse victims and there are Politicians and media idiots shooting off violence at me to shut me up and talking rubbish about what I say not being based on anything I know or any truth or reality, it does bring it all to light anyway: I mean these sex abuse victims know where I stand on their plans to take their problems out on innocent people who have not hurt them in anyway and that I think they are in the pit with their abusers and have this need to drag me in there with them and for that need to stay there and rot and there will be no problems, they always say they are big and powerful persons now and their abusers can never touch them anymore hence my wish that their abusers will make them crawl under a rock again which seems to have been a good thing is a prognosis that will never come to be, but of course their abusers had already made their point as we speak – no idea then why anybody would turn such thing into a power game and a means of oppressing others, a hierarchy to be more precise but I do know that Politicians and their insults and their shutting up thing does mean I am going to set them a date really soon and that date will be the last day of tolerance for their insults as there is something they really need to know, something they really need to learn as it were. Much the same as Housing issues, where they now claim I am stuck and can no longer control House Prices but everybody knows they are storing up problems for the future if they are selling homes to people who can afford to buy plenty at inflated prices because those are people who are into the homes trading business, consumers at this point do not have that sort of money and they know this is true – they know consumers have all the power in this matter and not them and my equities were not meant for an inflation of house prices and I have made them understand that endlessly as equally as the Police have run rings around the matter endlessly too but we all know as it were that economic crisis does not wake them up as much as a public declaration of their equities and then running it over and over again until it is damaged on media does – they say I am stuck when they have already heard me mention if I were Prime Minister I would think about controlling House Prices with a connection made with the building industry, so that the only way they could inflate House Prices and then tell us it is market, when we know that a process of twisting a market like the one that Houses occupy where people buy only one in their lifetime on average and most of them use the services of the banks over a period of decades to do so into a high level fast paced commodity orientated demand and supply system is deformed an abnormality (we all know the Housing Market as far as consumers are concerned is a form of Oligopoly and neither a monopoly which actually would have been better than the perfect competition they have chosen for it behind our backs and continue to press us forward with), a process of storing problems for the future, as I mentioned before that they are buying and selling to themselves at inflated prices while working out how to hold the rest of us to ransom – so the reality after that would easily have been that they could only get away with inflating house prices if they had some global conspiracy to in the Global House materials market which we all know can be sabotaged with competition anyway. I do hear them say the problems with the markets were created by me anyway which is utter nonsense as I have mentioned the Police have run rings around the matter for more days than can be counted and are still doing so at present still – what they do is turn up in public places along with their Politicians to wreck my finances and pass insults at me while their community fools set out stories about my suffering which has nothing to do with anything or indeed what I am going to do about anything but never the less sets out a process whereby people can see while they build up publicity to such an effect that I have been doing the wrong things by doing what I am doing and hence not getting support for it and the result is that they can back up to where I live along with their violent fools, who like to claim I interfere with their lives when they are the ones who think they have suckled the devil well enough at my expense and I am on borrowed time with that big mouth, to anus knock me and penis knock me and tummy knock me and so on in order to build themselves a new trappings of power that they can chase and carry out abusive violence against me that will become an irrelevant point to chase which they can cash into when things had gone quiet regardless of what my actions may be, in order to gain from their Politicians that turn out to build up the idea they do what they do because they rule everybody and can chose the best publicity for themselves at will, which expresses every nonsense that needs to be known about their personalities which are 100% based on ego that I am not interested in because they really do not matter,  Which violent idiots, I will put to the test if they had suckled the devil as well as they say they have and if they are mad enough get around my place with weapons playing those games they love so much about how their temper matters and mine does not over my life and possession which is then their answer to everything. So especially for the Politicians when they speak of what is my fault I do wonder how much prices they are paying yet for their stupidities but never the less do know I will set them a date soon and that is why I have supplied these facts as I have given 14 years of my time to this nonsense and after that date it will kick off and should they be more powerful than I am in any event the reality will remain that they will catch me thereof as it were (something they need to learn).


The claim I am in use and therefore not allowed to get along with or into a relationship with anybody is utter rubbish – it’s the old matter of Politicians and Media fools and business goons in secret societies who think they can behave towards me in any way that they want, like their colloquialism of violence in my direction is something they can actually backup in the real world. So it’s the same all around, I can easily be unemployed for decades because some stupid local and incredibly ugly witch thinks she is keeping together a hope of having sex with me using the power that her age gives her over me to rally people to her cause and it is much the same with the rest of them, it is how they want to use everything that is an advantage in their lives and the Christian here does not want to live like that so it makes him the sweetest target all the time, until they get handled too and we hear the case of somebody being used which makes no sense whatsoever because it tends to suggest they believe I am unaware they need me more than I need them and that there is no way that they can make me unemployed and cash strapped without serious consequences when I start to behave like that as well – what they are rather convinced stands out as the reason I never use my advantage against them appears to have been that old case of the fact I try my utter most best to ensure I do not harm them in anyway. I do not think about it a great deal its simply derogatory to persecute others and damage everything about them because you wish to put them to one task after the other by handling the most basic of their needs and then insert an extra every single time it appears they have finished any and tell them they should while they are at the greater ones and so on – the Christian here simply does not wish to live his life like them but if that makes me a target they need to be prepared to complain as well; they do not matter you see, not to me. The primary mode at which I regard their societies and their powers they speak of is not this at all – its whether or not it is something that is pleasing to God because if it is not then the only reason it turns up near me is because they want to ensure that I am aware of it and that I have agreed with them to keep my gospel away from it and I will never make any such agreement and they know it too, so I am justified in chasing them all over the world to make it clear I never made any such stupid agreement. I say wealthy people have these societies because it helps them have problems which they think helps them work where they spend their money but if I did that would have meant I refuse to accept wealthy people are my biggest problem whereas the truth is that whatever problem wealthy people are to me is completely irrelevant because whatever they have is so open a show that everybody knows what is their own and what is not – its these idiots on the other hand with problems and they have those either because they are too lazy to deal with it or have no idea how to, so there is always that need for entrapment and these kinds of abusive treatment of others with that mob justice we hear they complain about all the time too. So I have really not got a clue what the suffering has got to do with anything anyway – except we all know it is designed to ensure they are where the condition of feeling good is, they dont actually expect you to do any of the things they want it’s just a process of making money and lots of it at your expense without a day’s work and that is not going to happen around here – the media ones might want to go where they normally go to get into enough trouble that will ensure they tell the tales they normally tell and stop targeting me I would say but it would also have meant I do not get to have any fun too. It’s all an old case matter of the fools at business and Industry and of course they know you are human and have feelings as well. the Political ones are good to go of course – the last time they first did it I was at University and they were wrecking my finances because Politics is the only way to get things done, then I handled it in such a way that my academic work was important and lost both so if they push it again I will take no prisoners; as I said, never about making a business work or a job competent, dont expect you to go along with anything they do, just cause you pain and suffering with violence which will set them out as the place people need to be if they want to be safe and secure and feel good and so for beginners, it does appear when you want to sell their own too, then the story becomes a matter of how stupid what you do is when in actual fact it is pioneering and you will make your own millions in their lifetime as far as you are concerned too; which fits so well into those tales about how you have suffered for trifling with their cultures and communities that now owns your personal life so they can feel good about things because of course you may feel unjustified for grabbing and selling it on account wealthy people do not just pop up from nowhere and that fact does set them out as the villains and criminals they are – so clearly they have messed up their lives and it has becoming the meaning of living for them to mess mine up as well and need to get off my books to that effect so we can see how.

I do not have a temper as such, though it might be said that mine will get me into trouble; I know when I am angry but I dont have a temper and more so which can get me into trouble – it’s a matter of being on government support for another 12 months of which there were four years like it previously and somebody is responsible and the somebody responsible has feelings that can be hurt too. So I understand the part where I take up the position of Royal family members and get off moon shining with it – it’s never true, we can see it is completely unnecessary as the books have already been published and patented and cannot therefore become somebody else’s property no matter how many years my finances were damaged for but it’s a matter of cruelty and narcissism and somebody pleasurable to express it on and we see the same with the idiots who come up with these idea at the communities all the time; the story behind the claim somebody is always trying to steal their ideas and fame was based on the claim they are civil rights victims but you do need to see what they do with this stuff – so I always think I am inflicted by the members of the Royal family that go along with their games because it is a test to find out if I may shy away from something unbecoming and I have myself a reputation by now of never doing so too. I hear of the part where I have been giving way items of knowledge and wisdom from my Estate – it is never true like that old case of me taking up what belongs to other members of the Royal family which is rather about the fact they want freedom from the fact the levels of wisdom and knowledge and understanding and forbearance and everything virtuous that can be found in a human being is so overbearing and such freedom they will never get inside of my Royal Property and around my personal happiness and my book sales especially for the Blacks, so they can have sex and we can see what happens when Christians always deal with their problems so others can have somewhere to dump their own and make it up to be the answer to everything. The reality is that I have a good relationship with the Royal Family and have no reason whatsoever to stir the Mob against them but the idea my order is being used alongside my renaissance by every tom dick and harry in Europe is one that means I will be providing more of such order and such renaissance, just as much as Politicians have vanities and feelings I can hurt as well. It does bring us right up to the part where I have displaced media people by taking up their jobs, whereas the last time I checked their jobs involved curetting the public life of journalists they were supposed to manage if they were agents and they were supposed to manage if they were camera men but it soon became all about abusing me and looking like they are or have got the same privileges as other peoples Royal Princes because of the kind of mob justice that happens in an opportunistic journalist profession; so the result is that having displaced them and taken it away, I am now stuck with rapists and paedophiles so I might understand what others are feeling too, very good as we can see but they dont know me and will find out too. I mean one moment we hear them speak of how I have displaced them from their media positions but the next I have to deal with a process of industry idiots putting up money as leverage and pillaging my company to make more millions than they have already got because civil rights idiots are making me for the rest of my life and to make it worse they are after the money of celebrities to have it the way Industry idiots are having it too; so they simply had to lose that and they know it. The part however about whether or not I understand the mind of paedophiles and rapists is very well understood – they are always seeking out somebody whom bullying will make sense of their idea that their problem is bigger than everybody else’s which entitles them to more privileges as well to make them feel good otherwise people can only admit they have more problems and are therefore inferior but we all know you only need to think about the older single man that liked to play with you when you were little and he used to do things that were very unfair from time to time according to you – so that as you grew older you realised it was either he was having a bad day which the unfairness will take a certain turn or he was trying to have sex with a fling or his girlfriend which means that the unfairness will get worse etc – then think about one such men that is the devil incarnate and then you will get to the mind of a paedophile: these fools are just like them and want fame and fortune at any cost and from anybody and that is why they notice nothing wrong about paedophiles and when I say I feel sorry for the victims, I mean there were those who were simply swept along, those who were none the wiser, there were those who were pressured out of Church to join these gathering of theirs and got raped by paedophiles and whatever in about their first day or fifth day or first week and so on – not these fools who are even now talking about how my words provoke them and of course I can understand that too but what they really hate about me is that organised crime has become less profitable on account I want to write books, even though they want people to think it is something else and can hate anything they like.


It is not true my big problem is my doubts about things; I dont have a doubts problem, the issue is that these group of fools have a behaviour that is mostly involved with turning out to gather people to help them exasperate me into talking my books so they can have it without buying it and anything I say in a reaction to that or anything I say at all about anything while they are doing it will be good enough for the games they need to play to that effect. I do not think a crisis of it, it’s nothing emotive about each time I tell them off they feel there is nothing I can do about them from their back stage media of which the books themselves never did do them any favours at all in the first place. It’s that ultra male nonsense and the idea they can handle anybody they want to you see and some of them like to feel they have spent a lot of time suckling the devil and therefore have something about their intentions I should be afraid of, which I have made quite clear I will soon put to the test over my books as well. It makes no sense why people should think that they can behave in such ways towards somebody that is already notorious for getting away with making others feel less British every time they provoke him – we all know I dont like people talking into me or getting their voices in when I have a conversation with others and that the results of it has always been alienation, we all know the same principle applies when I am talking to others and they get their interests in as well; if it must apply that in order to run a royal office the only way to speak to Mr A and then Mr B as well when I want to is an alienation of both on each occasion, then it is the way I have to proceed and their insults can only mean racists copy this as well – speaking of which we hear them say these issue is only important because I have gained immensely from what they do to put themselves on the line to prevent extremism and this is always when you get a good grasp of how the fact industry fools always want to put up money somewhere and turn up to pillage your life to pile things thing and sell them quick and cheap to get rich and famous became a problem you had to deal with for the rest of your life and how civil rights goons got to enforce that on you too – for of course it is the mob justice that the extremists dish for them as well that we hear not the fact they are bullies who remind you of the fact that their confidence that they can touch and handle you anytime they want is based on the sense only they worse clean cloths and white socks in baby school. I do not consider it a major crisis, I have already made it clear if the whole process of humiliating me to make money is settled I will change their stupid lives as they know it too: it does come right down to that part where things happen only because they feel that when they are angry it matters and when I am angry it should not and so need to learn that other peoples world does not revolve around them and they do not matter: their Politicians have learned it of course so far – the part where rich people are rich quite right but we never see happy rich people around to which effect Royalty does not chase money like that and things are done in good time – so that if I throw around my Gold and Silver and nobody pays attention until I develop them into prized jewellery and Politicians want to have a shit on that they are in trouble again right away; for these fools however, they speak of how they control extremists but tally it too with the dedication of entire media careers to a process of feeling more privileged than everybody else by getting your books from the Horse’s mouth stifling the sales to do that as well because there is a power need they have and when you are angry it does not matter and measure it against the mob justice the extremists dish for them too and tell the world it is the one about the extremists that poses the bigger problem, let’s see how many people will actually believe that even when they think killings and wars need to stop. It is important that they know there are people to whom it applies that when they are angry it does not matter and that those people are not extremists and a lot of them are actually priests. Putting therefore in perspective this big problem of how I have so little respect for members of the Royal Family which is the bane of most of my complains because their aides have real problems as a result; none of which makes any sense because these are supposed to have been aides that are good at bending your life into a bubble where there are no rules because they want you to stay poor and do your career at the same time so they can hand it to somebody with privilege and stuff who have clearly not asked them to because it will create questions that need to be answered having been they have polished off how to answer to questions too, which is why men can have everything but what lurks in the lasting heart so to speak of the men who find it easy to follow women becomes their main desire and the whole country now has to come together to resolve an issue with a big mouth: - so what I have done feels exactly like when it did not cost me a complain about where their powers are and why they have an itch to exercise it, so I am supposed to have assumed that they pay me the same curtsey as well and understand where my powers are and why I have this itch too: apparently it means they will never rise within that social ladder beyond a simply guard, so my question remains the same, my irritations of whether or not I am making progress anyway? It really pays off apparently around the part concerning media and the claim modern royalty cannot keep up with media on one hand and yet on the other hand still the whole game of my temper not meaning anything has already led to alternative results i.e. a complain about my stifling of press freedom – which was the last thing on their stupid minds when they started it years before and have shown no signs of stopping it at this point for good measure either: for me it is a plus and I have the reach in that popular culture and that silly media that I need and now the question test of how I cannot impose the believes of the Church on everybody because even if I did get government to help me with it as I can be beaten up by anything that as much as moves, it would have been tyranny that would be costly and since I have been doing it and writing books about the outcome for a living, books which do them no favours but they must be seen getting involved with all the time as well. So we hear them speak of my thing about alienation generally meaning I am storing up trouble for the future; the part where the process of how their temper matters and your does not insult thing clearly of which does not considering that it is all about the fact that others are used to being told they cannot have what they want and they are not, so they would never understand what it feels like for people to think that the idea of respect existing between you and them is irrelevant, which then again is also why I have filled that gap with a fear that they believe they want to counter with the same process looking for more trouble and have no wish thereof to stay off my finances: the problems I store up for the future being that they have no clue how good I am at the alienation thing and so are they not as stupid as they make themselves out to be and understand exactly what they are talking about with those stupid threats to violence they make all the time: - I can in a single sentence alienate them culturally socially and politically – the only way to avoid it is to understand that if I must alienate every person I am not having a conversation with in order to extricate my dealings with those that I am having a conversation with in order to run a Government office then that is how it has to be.


Of course there is no shred of truth to the claim I am out of the loop when it comes to EU business: I am the family Intellectual property Administrator for goodness sake, I am not: my primary concern at the moment is a matter of whether or not we the Western Economies and our borrowing from Communist economies are profitable enough: I mean we speak of recovery at the moment but cannot account for what is happening with how much of that is moving off to the Communist bloc – the reality being a simple of the fact that at some point their Nation run Industry and business and a process of making sure everybody is rich together will peak and Government will become more important than industry, hence the question of where we stand. The Prime Minister is pushing for Tory Policies and the reason for that being the opposition fundamentally believes in the destruction of capitalism and you may measure it by telling the world the only thing democratic about the UK is the Labour Party and that nobody can simply get off and monopolise the ideals of a Country by holding its citizens to ransom over the right to have jobs at will like that without serious consequences and watch their reaction for exposing them and how that rubbish about civil rights inequalities we hear but never the part where they are bullies flies out of the window – I mean it’s not that you will not kick them your version as well as it were but you only need take note of the hypocrisy. The other liability to saying these things is of course that it plays into a sense of how important Americans are; which is only largely concerned with the fact that people do not get to tell the Americans how stupid they really are but again I personally do not feel I need to since the evidence that everything they touch is broken already speaks for itself: an example is their Policies in the Middle East and even when you say a Country must be able to operate on a moral basis before it can on a political basis, it does not improve only the insults at International circles and then when you mention the fact that it is the mob justice extremists dish for them and not the fact they are bullies which is what we have seen them inflict Ukraine with as well and was not unconnected with Syria either, that we hear and not the fact they are bullies, it still does not make any sense: they are content mentioning their culture that I restrict and will eventually be caught for which when I get my hands on again will stay with me while they move on and I lead (again).


So I hear it is said this behaviour means I hold people to ransom but that is never actually true; as we can see, racism and extremism happens because it is magical when we all know that the entire world can easily revolve around what these idiots want and we must never fail the women that pushed them into the set direction they are now known to have taken other they would change Political parties like they change their clothes. I have given 14 years of my time to show what happens when I am prevented from keeping my academics alongside controlling that culture and Politicians have no wish to take an active role hence all I am now doing is getting them to stay off my studies and let me be since they have no better ideas. I do not set anybody preconditions for anything; these idiots have no wish to stay off my finances and that process of picking somebody at random and setting them up to abuse and attack with everything that is illegal somewhere but not a social taboo elsewhere in order to push them towards achieving their goals but without the money so they can create a new publicity based on the person which is then their own because they must always meet their needs no matter the cost which I have been a victim of is an example of the fact racism is magical when it happens. So a country must be able to operate on a moral basis before it does on a political one and they can go to hell – they do not matter and that should be enough for me, as for the part about being compromised when they become targets for racists, that part is all very well, it’s an old case; the story I have been shown my level and position being a familiar one of course - it is what it becomes after they think they have done some historic damage to those that have not offended them whom they have picked out to attack for trappings of power, before then its always stories about how its a matter of building understanding and trust over matters between Royalty and politicians to ensure Government is operable but as soon as this damage is achieved it becomes a source of very distracting bragging and then there are the blacks too who show this is as much work as you need to create somebody on whom you can practice your version of racism while you complain about the white ones and I cannot stress enough how much trouble the fact their stupid girls and women cannot shut it down and stay away from me as I am not their mate will lead to more serious outcomes than the ones they talk rubbish about all the time, which goes without saying I do not share this office with them as it were (The U.K. Prime Minister's Politics in the E.U. is not one of my prime everyday concerns because what to do about it is rather very simple i.e. if the Tories make my living even more complicated than they have already done by getting us out of the EU because of what they would gain if I were a cultural misdemeanor and not an Intellectual Property Administrator which would be easy to enforce in a Country which Nationalism they controlled, it is much too much an extra burden to carry thinking about what to do about it, knowing perfectly well that when they had begun to chase their business Interests I will have all the idea I need from the reasons for all my problems having existed being those stupid business interests, which we ought to positively work together me and them to rip them up as well, to make one less thing that serves as a reason for people to hurt and attack me so viciously:- I mean 10 Companies are a small village onto themselves in the EU and they work Intellectual Property Administration with me through my Public work at a Royal Office and I suddenly get cut off from that just as I am about to earn like good guys that really want to please ought to be treated if they are not robbed of their retirement all together to create a feeling that cannot be understood which some civil servants want to have and so on, bearing in mind its already tough enough as it is with the sponsoring of idiots that can abuse me in the most obscene way imaginable to ensure I am spending precious attention on them because Tory leadership want to be accorded an important publicity: it is never clear what reason there is for business at my Royal Estate should serve as something that annoys people so intensely but I am settled on the fact I will completely wreck those Industry and business interests as well provided they cut me off from the E.U damage everything further than they already have sponsoring black idiots all over me who turn out to anus knock me and bottom knock me and tummy knock me and head knock me and all that nonsense on account they are frustrated at the polls and turn up to show it off).