Hence recently we hear the politicians have ended up with their own problem at the electoral system too all together and it’s the one whereby communities are forcing young people to vote for candidates but the solutions offered has been uncanny i.e. the academic aspects and conversations about how people can show ID before they vote. The reality being that the answer to the problem stares them in the face all the time i.e. started off from Blair and his tales about how we are a backward facing Country because of the high rate of teenage pregnancy whereas the reality is still that a 19 year old will be living on minimum wage, meaning that life is better to start out with somebody you can face life with together and hence the fact they are always likely to be seen with a partner or a child between them but time and again, this sort of behaviour from Politicians will become the main thing and then they will say I am unable to solve the problem for myself and we are not talking about what happens to them when hoodlums are done smoking class A drugs and getting involved with my Public image for vanities and popularity was their right either, we are specifically in this case talking about drawing lines that ensure people understand crossing them will mean war as well i.e. one for Politicians and one for Media and their ageists, one for the Trade Unions – the Politician ones are the ones who love to play games with well being on grounds they are the only ones who work in offices where matters of public safety and security are happening – the media ones are the idiots in suits spending my property and telling me I have more, whose position in this matter above all else is that I will never drop out of higher institution on their account a second time as it were – the Trade Union ones are the ones that were fat and couldn’t become famous. It is not what I am talking about, what  I am talking about is the number of times the issue of trapping young people at society and culture has been complained about as something that can lead to bigger problems than Politicians are able to handle since it happens on account the idiots from overseas are here to ensure that the Country is one thing but what is really happening around them is the way things are when they live overseas and so here is a new one while the previous have not yet been resolved i.e. we show ID and then we vote and the disrespect beyond words continues in that way, if not the question as per why it happens as well i.e. the same reasons Celebrities hate society and community people, the same reasons you can be bullied into a mental institution because you are black but do not have the thickest lips in the world, are black but do not have the broadest nose in the world etc?

So they say I interfere with Politics and am useless at Royal work; I never actually do interfere with Politics in anyway, the case here is that Politicians are still at it, whereby they find amusing the need to inflict others with nauseating feelings of hunger and homelessness and joblessness and so on by working with local communities of idiots who want to play a fun game of trapping them to get involved with them, so here is a new one and we are to show ID before we vote and no matter how many times mentioned, it still seems like the ideal sort of fun to have. As for being useless at Royal work, it’s an old story where normally goons who pass insults in my direction as a result of actions taken with respect to public issues and the security and the violence etc should turn out to get jobs at Buckingham Palace if they suck up to the right person that will help them get close to the Royal Family so they can grow and grow at passing such insults at higher and higher positioned members of the Royal Family; my case is simply that I can handle the problem better than those who create it and cannot understand why they are the ones working in Buckingham Palace instead of me anyway. Apparently it seems that most of them are not anymore, so there is a bit of progress on the matter but useless at Royal work is not what I am and have the complains from those who have crossed me yet to show for it too. The only other conversation on this matter which actually makes sense is that I never listen to civil rights idiots and now I am in the same boat as they were some time earlier, while the reality is that civil rights idiots are now done talking above everybody, getting close to security services especially in the US, getting security guarding jobs and contracts, knowing where peoples private parts are but it has not actually paid off, so they are still telling those lies anyway. Hence it comes down to the other question of why it happens; whereby I can say it happens because each time peoples business does not make profit and I get threatened on account my personal space and public image should be used for trading, I can either find a global Police or I can make them understand; otherwise if I am being asked to be more helpful the details are that here in the UK the trading practices are different from what happens with the Germans i.e. we go into a Country and speak to people and work with them to build communities that grow until they have a trading environment in them and then we can trade with them but the Germans have an uncanny ability to go into Countries they have never been before, locate the Guy who knows where peoples private parts are and use him to work everybody else like a machine in order to trade – when they return, we find them show up in Europe to pretend they govern everybody and so when you set foot in Greece for example, there is that sense somebody will blow up the historical structures that provide the Country with a lot of revenue should you put a foot wrong and various other vandalism little you have to grapple with endlessly, I mean Brexit is what it is but I never wanted one, so I can put those insults to the test as well just as much as it loves to test me and we are not talking about how Germany is the only real Country in the world and how the UK is something that cannot really be defined – not parliamentary and not Monarchic but limping on both ends etc until you do their own for them too, we are not talking about my Literary Empire that has certain structures that resist a habit people have to take money from financial systems and expect to lower peoples quality of life in order to get an economic recovery, will belong to everybody in the EU especially when they have built architectures of partnership on it and continued to wait until the lesser people with no money see where the power is and go there to pay homage before they can have a life and an economy etc – we are talking about revenge and vandalism and destruction of economy and property that belongs to those they are unable to rule, while the primary function of every conversation with them is one about making sure if they need assistance others are not giving it to them because they can steal it any way first of all and also because they are desperate for leadership as it were and cannot do anything without threatening people.


Now and again they will say I am such a coward I stab people in the back all the time; the reality of course is that such claims are indicative of the suggestion I am afraid of those whose backs I stab as such, which actually has no basis on any reality whatsoever. The truth of this matter is that the racist will show up to find out that if he stands in the market square to claim he was meant to be a super star and had promise when he was young, everybody will see he is really ugly and silly and that such a claim is not in any way connected with reality – these media fools are the most telling stages and points at which we understand what racists are really thinking because they must have what they want or the world will burn. So we see this nonsense about how their insults coupled with need racists have to get involved with people and bugger them until their lives are wrecked, playing out on some grand plan they have every single minute to develop for themselves the power to knock heads together and create chaos; this is what has continually led them to get on Public places and provide everybody else with a prognosis of why they think World War Three has already begun when there is really no such thing i.e. the social and political conditions of World War Two were responsible for its occurrence even if those social conditions are identical to the culture of the area in which they occurred and from time to time have to come to the surface. So we are left with the question of why an exception should be made for the Media when racist bigots are being prevented from wrecking people’s lives and entire Nations as well; for me it’s a matter of when I mention something about Bank of England Culture for example and another person comes up with what the ECB should deserve considering what the BOE that is responsible for a single Nation has been able to extract from the worlds market; it means that I tend to look after economic interests I do not wish to consummate right away and that for each occasion in which it has become important to consummate them, I go in to do so armed to the teeth and so they can therefore get armed as well and sort out a problem. I personally do not mind if the media wants to have and preserve the power to knock heads and create chaos in anyway; the problem as I have mentioned before goes beyond whether or not I am afraid of them, it’s the one I usually describe as an action I will take to cut the culture and society to pieces if it shows up around my concerns i.e. as long as they do not bother me with stupid bully Men that will attack me and more so as whole communities, so as to ensure that Women or Men that are more Women than Men help themselves to my earnings in some way on one hand and then on the other the same principle is not applied to the Politicians that are supposed to tackle my finances for them so they can have access to me and handle me and use me like an item, we should be perfectly fine. This matter is not just the case of the black ones and their story that is perpetually one about them and their families and friends showing up on Media over my Public image with some magical powers that will ensure I am no longer famous while they have stolen my Public image and since it has failed spend their time on nothing else except stalking and getting involved with me over a skin colour I share with them, I am wondering for my part anyway, what it is not referred to as racism as well all together but let us be clear that the source of peoples problems around here it one about talking to me, talking at me, addressing me and getting involved with me; I understand if I remind them it needs to stop as this is not their social class they will tell me I spend time with commoners who get involved with them on my account and hence when they are not middle class as well, which is all very well since they are wise enough to acknowledge by themselves that they need to clear my public image and keep off my Books. I hear they say I am the coward who wants problems to blow up somewhere else which is not actually where I am as such and I don’t mind for my part anyway; racism for instance was a manageable problem before they showed up on the matter with that stupid greed that wants to talk to me every day as well – as for deciding where the problems are supposed to blow up however, they do need to keep that dirty mouth firmly shut.

So they say I have a mental health problem and its utter nonsense – they too would be that angry if somebody spent years of their time showing up to make trouble where their salary is being paid to them for their Media work, only to tell them there is popular word out there that they have got a mental illness. The suggestion I am not emotionally stable is utter nonsense, I am emotionally stable, it’s just that they know when they behave in such ways Politicians will intervene on their behalf to rip up peoples finances and let them show up on peoples public image to count pennies until they make millions and build up their silly self confidence but they will start the provocation anyway, start it and get about having fun with processes where Politicians need entire parliaments and a decade and a half of other peoples time to wreck financial well being for them, when the victims are obviously more stupid than they are as well. I have not got any mental illness; the reality is still that I do my intellectual property administration because if I get into Public transport I will notice how people behave towards me but this is not a setting for selling Books and I do not have readily means of advertisement when I am on public transport either, meaning my reach is not doing the job and I need to work towards finding somebody that can give me such a reach – it’s not meant to be wrecked by a fool who then shows up on Media to tell me they think I have a mental illness and believe I am unlikely to lose my temper too while he maintains that stupid confidence that is the source of my problems all together anyway. I cannot express in words really how angry it makes me when they tell me where I am supposed to end up if I want to avoid trouble i.e. those who behave in ways mentioned above should note their victim is a writer and when they have ideas about where he would be safe, such ideas should reflect the facts otherwise their continued need to tell me where I am supposed to be will create bigger problems as well for them; the clowns think I have a mental illness and they are not qualified psychologists either. I don’t think the matter a problem; normal course of events is that people want to hear what I have to say and keep returning to me over one subject matter over and over, so I place it in a Book for them, hence because of other things that brought me into Public attention before then, the insults they invented to have a cut of my Public image and make themselves comfortable with has never really stopped – it was there before the Books were written, before the Books were published and is now asking questions about which direction I began my career and why I have the right to earn from it too – diagnosis mental illness. I don’t think the matter a problem; normal course of events is that people want to hear what I have to say and keep returning to me over one subject matter over and over, so I place it in a Book for them, hence because of other things that brought me into Public attention before then, the insults they invented to have a cut of my Public image and make themselves comfortable with has never really stopped – it was there before the Books were written, before the Books were published and is now asking questions about which direction I began my career and why I have the right to earn from it too. So they say I have a really bad attitude but as far as attitude goes there is always question as per whether they make comments about my income margins because they are nasty fools doing so at the worst possible time or actually intend to pick a copy of the Book; I mean I understand the guys want to walk around like decent people as well but for all the problems they cause me, it does not look that way from here all together, besides which the Court is female only and its hardly my problem – come full circle thinks I have a mental illness. So it is said I play around with high risk over the Monarchy, it’s not actually true, I am cautious to a fault rather – reality is MPs for instance love to ride the wave when I am bullied into helping make their work easy while their media fools prepare a scapegoats publicity as they do – then there is the problem of obsession with me and not doing their jobs for weeks and the fear it causes, which I respond to by making things difficult and complicated, to make them take more care and pay more attention to their own.

So the big question is usually one of whether or not I want the Media and their offering of followership which has never really been an issue, it’s the difference between just talking about general gimmicks and the case of why I still will never act the part of who I am, a state operative with a public life of his own but it’s an old story of the fact people cannot attend the Toilet when Male Journalists report dangerous news, these days it’s become a matter of decadence all together and others have no right to feel good even when they have deployed security created for those in my Court to work a news slot they say they did not want, I or others will suffer the whole day long and they will get the exorbitant salaries at the end and it has become a habit too all together. I don’t have an issue with Female backstage Journalists, they fit into my operations banner so to speak, contrary to popular ideas and I am not suggesting there is a problem with female journalist, just answering a clear question about how I feel concerning the male ones whom when nice are full of mixed signals and when not are the biggest treachery and tell lies all the time especially regarding how many times I have made it safe for people to report news when it is dangerous but I don’t make it safe for them as such, I do for the ladies at Court, I am pointing out they deploy it and attack me because they got news they didn’t want and take home the salary at the end of the day leaving my finances in a mess; I don’t think there is a chance of accepting them.

So they say I spend my life with women and then when done with the wasting, recover by blaming and using others; its utter rubbish of course since the reality for the last 15 years is that there are few people who have a relationship with somebody that works on Media, which are actually dealing with financial problems and more so because of it too. I mean at what stage did writing Books hurt people and having a Court of female journalists had such an effect as when you have written a Book you become unable to sell it and have to deal with cash flow problems all the time? I do not think the matter is a crisis either, only it seems that when they complain as such and blab about their perspective on the left because they will not give up on building their stupid lives over my personal space and public image, we have come full circle on the matter. So it so quickly moves onto the other case of how Politicians are no longer able to predict what happens in the world because of me, which I am unable to understand having been they are always trying to convince people they have found a racism compliant black person here, who attends Church where he is taught War making and steals peoples jobs – it gets to this stage where the ladies must have some of these benefits of telling these lies and jumping on my public image as well, otherwise just the fact my Books do show I do not fancy their ageist success of insolence and those stupid lies and their corruptions of involvement alongside, will never suffice and then the lies and Public inequality will continue just the way we see it all of the time – so I think the ladies are having a share as well, so that this equality might be achieved and so it comes right down to the stage where the fact that few people will take advantage of another person’s talents because he has a cash flow crisis, becomes the main point of call, it sets them out as the only scum that are happy to do such things and then blab nonsense about not being able to predict what is happening in the world alongside their Politicians, coupled with claims I waste my life on Women and then blame other people for it. I personally however don’t mind people asking me all sort of nonsense about their problems, I am sure they can see that it is their need to talk to me and address me and get involved with me that is actually the biggest problem they face, as we are not mates. Then again when it comes to not being able to predict what happens in the world of which is an old story whereby I am their main preoccupation and not the jobs; the jobs have been left to those magical characters that get it done while they show up here all the time and I love it so much because I then set about making sure that returning to the jobs become almost impossible, so as to encourage the scumbags to keep doing it all together and so it seems that their success of insults and planned profitable disobedience whereby they move into my right hand in their view is how it is going to be, I too say it’s all good considering it will end very well too. I do get told I never explain it properly so people can clearly see what is happening but that will mean talking about the fact that sleeping with peoples wives and stealing peoples jobs and being racism compliant etc is not how I want to be portrayed, besides which I have not actually paid them to run any publicity on my behalf. They however do say that I am Royalty living in squalor but it’s an old story which is a deliberate act since I am never going to run a Royal Office without taking care of the problem of people building their stupid popular culture empires to criss-cross the US right through it on its way to Japan etc and of course I have no wish to tolerate their stupid wives and daughters showing up here to get financially comfortable on my income and public image as well all together; I really enjoy making them look like complete idiots all over the world as it were, just as I dropped out of University to look like one because of them. I mean the idea is that they can gamble the stupid civil rights as the general prospect is that they will get another free of all charges too. Now they do say I am enemy of Democrats all over the world especially American ones whose lives I love to infiltrate ideologically; the reality of course is rather that we saw with our own eyes, a scene at the Hilary Camp where she was Meant to depart a hotel of residence after the Campaign; we saw they were more interested in looking down at dirty Police Officers than they were in what the election outcome had been for them – so One can only imagine that should somebody had tried to tackle dignitaries in that gathering, the Officers were supposed to become more occupied with not humiliating themselves to let others take ‘the stuff; otherwise they are definitely throwing this question at me as it were, while all can see that when it comes to such nonsense they are top dog, the hard bit is when they need to win elections as it were. it’s like the other tale of dangers I face being a black person getting close to the Royal Family and we all know opinions like that help them show up around my Books and stifle my finances as well, while the reality is Royal Woman about whose intentions I am mistaken every time i.e. got me and does not have my work is always wrong – so is the has got everything else and lost me perception; so I really need them off my finances as it were, off my Books and off my Public life, I mean they say I have little choices but perhaps that also means I cannot possibly be an Arch Prince on my own that I might not have to share with anyone.

I understand I am chased and hunted by Americans and so on but it is utter nonsense; apart from the case of settling what people need when they are only interested in selling things and most of the time have no wish to spend time with Women, while setting out means by which my religious activities can be taken over by Women and their needs supported by their Media and Politicians, it is largely meant to have been the need for some naive success of insolence that drives people to think that their demand to make use of a person to boost markets has become a thing that they can demand from others and make leverage out of – obviously it does also seem that no matter how much I boost the stupid markets for them, they are largely always so stupid they continue to believe entirely that this nonsense is likely to produce an activity that infiltrates mainstream living and gathers for them those means of power by which they communicate nonsense at me about there being more of them than there is of me all the time. This particular stupidity is only rivalled by their need to build pyramid sales systems on other people’s lives and businesses especially and that is why having a strong profitable disobedience base is ever so important. I am not necessarily extremely concerned about it as a whole, just the case whereby I am always being hunted because they hope such nonsense will become a form of success, which I do not intend to allow develop beyond what people have accepted for their own purposes as personal choice but above all doing so allows me to administrate all necessary means of keeping them out of my Book sales because they are so stupid they will never understand. In retrospect we hear them speak about enemies of Democrats that need to be punished on a frequent basis recently but we all know they are top dog for this nonsense not for winning elections.  There is no more obvious sign that these are really stupid people in government Offices who spent all their time being angry that their mates were more successful than they are and now young people are as well - they have had their civil rights help them achieve what others have but the problem of others being more successful has not been improved by it, hence they have resorted to the tale of what Countries are good at and which Countries and Individuals are taking the one their Countries are good at, when done, the global policing becomes even more difficult than that all together.

So they do say they cannot really work out what the problem I have with them seems to be, which is not an issue; I can explain i.e. the one where a bunch of idiots think somebody is not likely to be unhappy when they show up around his financial concerns all the time armed with accusations that does not make any sense, developed around their stupidities and how it applies that it should allow them access to your means to make themselves financially comfortable, cloaked in all kinds of nonsense about threats to democracy and blown all over the media without any credibility whatsoever; so it has continued, especially in terms of a lack of respect for Women and those who do business with Women which has now given rise to an outcome where I for instance have been harmed so many times I want some of their problem as well. They do say it bothers me much because just like them, I am unable to make progress with myself but never the less of which they are the ones that have made the most progress and it is utter nonsense too, it does not bother me in anyway – take the prolific offenders for instance and I mean the ones that have no other form of career save turning up on my Intellectual property administration business to exhibit themselves, get rich quick and pass around some insults that a crowd can get behind (chiefly the Kardashians - positive changes made of recent) for example, what they will want to do as a Television series is to show up and ensure all their camera acts and behaviour towards the camera is about my public image, hence intellectual property administration means those who get involved with me are doing so because people who get involved with me have no interest in exhibiting themselves in public on a regular basis and since I am good at the whole stuff about products being the celebrities instead etc, to add to my Social status, I tend to become a high point of attraction for people who are already famous; what they do therefore is splash out from the point of view of the life that does not want to exhibit itself in public places, this will build controversy and that will facilitate narcissist happiness and this will bring about partying and sales and a subsequent follow up insults about Men who have it but cannot amount to much in order to turn the whole stupidity into a career. I do think about stopping them but it does not bother me enough to do so all together, the problem behind the reason I have been taking active action recently is that they have become a handful of bullies all together within that process which needs to stop and or exist within its own limits too –  it does not really bother me half as much as the American service scum that are associated with these things think that it does; first of all, they say they have been there and done that on whatever I am writhing all over the place for but apparently evidence is that they had achieved nothing and now need to ‘been there and done that’  on mine first before anything comes of it – then also is the fact that those who get involved with me have jobs that are developed around a public image but getting involved with me is not for those who will want to exhibit themselves in Public and more so on my concerns let alone do so on a regular basis because an Intellectual property administration business will not do well in such a condition; what they think it means is that the ‘shit people’ like their insolence loves to describe us, are about to run the world and they are about to find out how it will happen, whereas they had their time and love the insults and games so much but cannot do the global policing when done and all can see that as well, bursting their balls too all together for my part. The point is that people are worried when I say what I say; they will take advantage of it and continue in their games stronger than ever, which is actually not the case – the reality that happens here is rather that they are the waste products of globalisation i.e. not linked to any cultures or societies, unlike the CEOs they worship and whatever service scum serve those too and the celebrated fools that show up on Peoples public image to get rich quick thereof, we all know the CEOs to want small businesses that distribute products for the Firms they run, to behave in ways that does not trifle with their sense of taste and high level of lifestyle, hence it is all together a culture and society that hurts people and exists especially for that too – these fools however are the ones Politicians love to give means, so as to let them show up on peoples public life to count pennies until they get rich and right now, they are not yet wealthy enough to become a problem and I am waiting to see what will become of the Politicians when they are too. My only concern for most of the time is usually to ensure that whatever happens, I live in a reality where the Lower Class and the Middle Class can keep their insults and abuses where those who want them would appreciate them and time and again we can clearly see it is what happens whenever I want it, hence there is nothing to worry about except some few issues about their insults, ideas on Women and how other peoples should be made to exist so as to make them feel comfortable, showing up around my Books everyday like we live in the same life.

So there is that talk that I am ill with bacteria but which is utter nonsense – the reality is rather that for instance I am at this point looking into defending my fans and royal privileges, tax dodging and the trouble makers from tourism economies that show up here to defend their interests; the only reason it cracks me up is because I have been going 15 years steady without a periodic break and I as such tend to have this distraction that I need on ever so often that it causes them to catch me out all other factors in play; it cannot be stressed how important that those who find their bottoms hurting because things are become counterproductive which causes me to go round in circles need keep off my books and clear my space – it does not mean I force my Books on people either, I want them to respect the fact it belongs to a person as I have not had a break from my work in 125 years. Normally I don’t have an issue with those that are causing the problems; it’s the same pattern all the time which has not changed in 60 years; hunting down younger person like farm animal – hurting and damaging young person’s good name to drive closer towards crime – showing up in public places to encumber young person’s finances and issue threats – using money saved from some low point at the work environment as inviting leverage for politicians and industry fools; hence I am on the look out for that stupid fundamental corruption which loves to climb up peoples public life to get rich quick first and return with the money to dominate and finish them off by being assured they did nothing about it because they couldn’t, throwing challenges at me; kicking them is not problem, spending time on it is.

So it is said that the reason I am always being humiliated by the Monarchy is because of my rebellious attitude; which I am not aware that I have one anyway, what we have here is a group of fools who spend their time passing insults my direction and testing the results on Members of the Royal family who have public duties to perform, so it’s the same group of scum that constitute the evil that attends Church so it can take it over and control it and shut down everything that is not sexually immoral and cannot keep its hands off peoples private parts and tells lies all the time to that effect. I have never really been vulnerable to it, so the only way has always been through Politicians and Media fools and an intense and relentless need to control or damage my financial well being but the main feature remains the same i.e. even when it is a Church environment, when I do not want it done is when a behaviour towards me becomes their main preoccupation. They do say the process of moving me out of the Monarchy which is what they think happens when Male Journalists whose parents now have a relationship with that has gone sour on my account regardless of which they cannot stop addressing me still because they are a handful of pricks achieve for them anyway, has been a Political class act, which is utter nonsense – the first time that stupid class act got them into trouble was just before the war in Iraq when my personality had to be ascribed to George Bush who was President of the US at the time, if they ask him some press based question laced with prerogatives I might find insulting, it has not been resolved to this very day, so I am imagining that rubbish they will result in showing up here to pretend if they had my Royal Estate homosexuality will cease to exist in this world and they will make moral decisions for change in their stupid lives wants another one at the Monarchy all together. The rest are the civil rights idiots that are responsible for the fact I am not controlling my finances well enough, they are the ones that convince me that I must never stop dishing out the punishments. So they speak of some main problem I must address all the time but it has always been as simple as the question of whether Women are really that obscure, really so unseen that if I write a Book, we will end up living in the same existence with people telling me to take it off the market, cancel the patent and rewrite it? I have made myself clear anyway, the basic reality is that it’s not Women’s Book, it’s my Book and I am waiting for that condition where they have two lives and one has to do with pillaging my livelihood while the other to do with crap that puts suits on their backs to develop into a stage where they throw up a challenge and then looking like a burglar I have caught each time I sort it out, which they find amusing will become just a little bit more serious with scumbags getting on my fucking nerves a lot less than they are presently. I mean it’s like the fact I have a business that is orientated with Women it’s not just a difficult task, it is also a reason for me to live in the same existence as they do, while they call the shots and it goes beyond an environment where they can sleep with girls and chew snacks and steal government money and becomes something a lot more than that which involves wanting to own the livelihood of a half priest while living in those neighbourhoods where good morning means what evil shall be done at the world place today and good evening means the devil is good to go with his part for tonight basically – like democracy.

They say I pretend there are no evil women but we all know the reality to be that if I say broker for instance, they want to make people fart and if I say incontinent for instance they want to talk about the EU vice versa and if I want to talk about the EU they want to make people piss, the reason being that they are being racist and then there are the other scum that show up on Media in suits as well for good measure, all incredibly stupid Men with ideas about what is responsible for the fact they are not comfortable considering their laziness and lifestyle did not work for it. It’s the Politicians that love to reward them and it works alongside a talk run by media idiots all of the time, that I am racism compliant. So they say I have taken a step back from being a force for peace in the world which has no basis on reality; there is rather talk of US-Russian relations these days and how there has to be co-operation between the two Countries; we all know these to be the two Countries that are always threatening to blow us all up in some massive global nuclear holocaust, so exactly why the fact there is no way of doing anything with the both of them without getting entangled in a power game, would give rise to some strange co-operation between the two in my view, must have more to do with a reality that they must have found themselves a new scapegoat. The American media appearance goons are ever so fond of claiming that I am unimportant but wish to address people, the reality of course is that I am an Arch Prince and it is actually more important than the position of a State Governor or even a squire. The other side of their story being that I am poor, the truth about it being that over 90% of publicity around my work is controlled by ageist idiots seeking elation from being found expressing themselves around it all the time and so because it changes every day I find it so difficult to locate the right kind of Publicity for my Books, which is the way I have chosen to extract money tied up in a Royal Estate and pay my way in the world like everybody else. They always speak about their freedoms of course which is nothing new, nobody here is encumbering their freedoms, what they want to do is play up Profitable sons of perdition who are more better off than I am with my property and public image and this is not what their fucking rights or freedoms look like, there is nothing like that in this world; this position usually earns me a response that says I wouldn’t dare say so in the US, while I also think the US is absolutely carpeted with dumb students who do well in school and become the leaders of the future, creating this burden of stupid scum in government office threatening me all the time, never mind that stupid insulting greed that wants to talk to me every day – and I do not think about it much except when somebody’s business isn’t making profit and I get threatened which spells trouble right away. So I wouldn’t say so in the US is the big idea and I think it is a bluff too, I am a poor Arch Prince in their view and then when they start a fight become surprised where I get the arms from; I mean when you think of them and their rudeness as less than human you enjoy what the going into Daddy’s Mansion to have orgies and film it is all about and begin to get aroused because you are getting the message but when you don’t, then pornography becomes a proper turn off contrary to what effects people think it really has.

So they do love that story where they claim I have a mental illness so much and it will never make sense – I mean mental illness as far as they are concerned is the bit where the fact they are orientated with culture that allows them to have a direction they can look when they want to do very harmful things to other human beings, I must end up with a religion I practice in their own personal lives and not mine, which then constitutes the reasons I cannot sit down to my academic work or speak with somebody about a job role in peace. So the whole thing is run by their Politicians and used as a means by which these incredible insults can become some form of self improvement based name calling targeting me. I mean whenever I ask why they put up these behaviour, they will say that populist Men want to sit around in plantations and open fields and talk about nonsense and lies and rumours that play out to affect the Political state of the world, I myself could never actually work out what it has to do with my Books or indeed the stage at which they felt that the Books belonged to them to such an extent that they can actually touch or handle it the way we see them do. So it’s an example of how they have two lives and one is about ripping up my Books to build some stupid sensation of leadership that applies in terms of damaged Books which contents they made use of without payment – while their stupid children continue with the insults which were there before I wrote the Books and now exists to raise questions as to why the Books should be allowed success at the markets. They do blab about which ones I cannot handle all the time when we all know there is a clear connection between all that nonsense that happens as a result of the fact that getting involved with me sparks something in their stupid brains which gives them hope of becoming super stars, hence the fundamental connection between normalcy and a process whereby they do not have that state of mind because they are either not being allowed to or have been made to move on through some other more publicly useful activity – talk of what I cannot do of which is just as well, waiting for them to throw up a bloody challenge too. it all happens because Politicians are a group of idiots that work in such a way that even when they are just MPs they want to be able to make decisions as Cabinet Members or even the Prime Minister and so these idiots thus get to tell me I am mentally disturbed and they are not. The other ones who blab about which things I cannot say when it really matters are supposed to have been thinking themselves important to do so but the fact these incredibly insults are about the Country does not really make them any less insulting anyway – I mean they have nothing more than savings gathered from getting jobs at the lowest possible points of the jobs market, a history where some might be showing a face on media but the next door racist was a good friend in school and of course so much deviance going for them they can ruin the good name and reputation of a younger person to show up on that stupid media and try to keep people cash strapped while hoping they will get entangled in criminal activity;  it’s all very well when they start – I mean I am actually talking about them as though they were friends or acquaintances of my parents or guardians etc but actually do not know who the hell they are and in actual fact don’t care, the real issue they must resolve is what their problem around my Book seems to be and the fact that it was obviously their Book which I wrote as it were. It’s never been a problem, same old lower middle class and upper lower class goons who cannot stop touching people doing what they do best; this time it’s about organising themselves into communities of black Women and White Men and all other goons in between, chasing me around like a farm animal and damaging my finances to back up their reputation for an ability to make people suffer; the first complain about me which led to this need to show an ability to make people suffer of which was created as a result of those insults in the first place and the fact it’s all a matter of having cultures and societies that allow them determine which way to look when they want to harm another human being taking the law into their hands and I want them to stop getting on my nerves as soon as possible. So they say Obama does not like me and I simply cannot get it whereas we all know Mr Obama thinks that the Oval Office is Student Union Presidents desk and the reality of if we are not yet miffed get ready for the next episode which is the real world does not seem to bother him at all; this is what war is like i.e. when the Men return rebellion at home has to be quashed because Women want their own war too – they are the ones that couldn’t make out why people wanted Hilary in the White House at all cost not me. I for my part do not have trouble driving playboys to manic depression and then stopping them from living on my personal space without agreeing to the gospel like they brag that they will, so they can tell me I am mentally ill on a regular basis and think that when it concerns the Country I will find it less insulting i.e. from the Christian guy we like to squeeze to feel good and hurt to ensure good things happen to us, to the point where I am told I am mentally disturbed. They say I am at a loss as per how power works but I am only interested in how they will make me when I do not wish to pick up the cost of their power games for them, not hurting badly enough; the way out is always the perspectives and sensations after that which will wind me up, it hurts apparently to avoid the right thing to do, get off on an angle and call it power to attribute the effects of your problems to somebody else and make excuses for it as you go along – I mean we are grownups it hurts to veer off the right track like that, we do not live in an existence where something happened over some years and we put it down to experience anymore, we are grown ups, it hurts to veer off and their own isn’t hurting badly enough, threatening me – I really love the bit where they make the promises and do not get to act on any because they cannot. The government office used for hurting people is not news but what is news is the fundamental corruption of the idiots that end up in of recent, they will make it happen by daily threats, in order to obliterate the distance their security and entourage put between them and others, in order to ensure if I keep a diary I cannot sell it to their next chosen victim and it is all so terribly important to them that I am said to be supported by a bigger power and then you wonder which ones are the terrorists. I mean the only group of people that are likely to attack you for a religion you practice in your personal life and stop people trading with you because you smell are the same who cannot tell the simple truth if there is not money involved and when we hear that talk of Democrat Punishment for those who have misbehaved and so on, we do start to think they have figured it out again before they have started one off. I have never thought the matter a problem, my patents take care of a Royal Estate business and a Business Empire, their insults that have since been happening before the Books were published and now wants to decide if I should be financially successful has no wish to respect my property and is always talking about my Royal Estate being mine according to the one that ends up where I am while the bits that do where they are will become their own and somebody is always doing something to the business empire which the owner does not want while he respects other business empires that he thinks are more deserving of respect, before we hear them blab about punishments a Democratic party in the US will dish out – this bit was the last time we checked, the easier thing for them to do in the first place as it were. they do say that if I were quiet all through I wouldn’t have a problem to deal with but I was all through the day when I smell and shouldn’t sell Books according to idiots who have never met me, there were more insults all day in between but it couldn’t go beyond telling me I am mentally ill and setting out that stupid interpretation of my Books that says it makes people sick and then when explained that it doesn’t because it is written to provide intellectual property admin at street level, they blab more insults about6 how I could do better considering it is their fucking business and they are being forced to read it too.

It happens for the same reasons that we see it happen every time that it does i.e. the guy who writes his Books and must stop their insults and corrupt involvements making everything in the office flat shapelessly, so he might get it running and find time for college and University must not sell his Books because he smells and they don’t like him and then it will turn out the reasons for the destruction that caused me to stitch my career back on in such ways was because of the original need they have to never stop lying unless they are paid to tell the truth and basically ensure the only success they know will involved modernism in Church and claims another person who has a career while attending college stole from those who are more qualified, the career that he has got and the Politicians and Media will be onto it till the end of time – dishing punishment for enemies as well. It’s a familiar tale i.e. we steal all we are and have from them who are more qualified, until racists start to do it as well and then the fools will fight for rights and that will include my rights being fought for as well.


So they say they hate trump and that my position with him is a real problem I must be made to suffer for, I wouldn’t know anyway, I am wondering why they are not asking him instead of me – I for my part know I am hated because when people steal my public image, even after they have made fame for themselves, I still get it back from them anyway, which was entirely avoidable as I am Royalty and they are not important.; this is not because The Queen wouldn’t have my heart on hearing that I have been saying such things but these are republican idiots who are on their fourth or even firth chosen lifestyle that will bring about fame and fortune when the person who has been living that lifestyle is detached from it and discarded by society, hence I would likely get support from the Monarchy at the highest level instead. this story of suffering for supporting trump through means of insults that encumber my Book sales, which when picked up by American Media will make my problems far worse, can only help to ensure compunction continues to be eroded over the need male journalists who disrespect me and the Women in my Court and link it to process of getting rich feel pain and suffering as a fundamental way of securing engagements at the Office and the Company itself as a whole; my question is whether they have started exasperating me in the hope they will run it through and stifle my finances for 2017 and add that to their reputation again on ground that they have reasons to do so. I for my part rather thought the overwhelming truth that has been revealed is that all the wailing and gnashing of Teeth that occurred in 2016 was as a result of people being insulted by an Arch Prince they love to insult for their part as well. So what we are dealing with now is just that whole process where I thought I could ignore stupid boys and girls telling tales of the time of a black Man in the White House being over therefore my market belongs to the, while Obama stifles my Books to move into my right hand and ensure all sorts of bigoted stupidities prevent me from managing terrorism which he has overtly failed to manage all together; meaning every fool with Media will continue an abusive profitable disobedience that involves girls and boys that take their clothes off on the internet or near their windows to call on the goons, then show up on my public image to earn my income by taking advantage of my fans and get around it to feel good enough to be famous, while the Media ones follow it up with insults that continue for such a sustained and intense eventuality that the mentally ill Women who are being suppressed by the Council can continue to fantasise my private parts all the time and that of anybody that associates with me too for good measure and then a career will be stolen because they can never mind their business. The message they got was clear i.e. if Obama leaves the White House and becomes the President retired of the Democratic party then all will be well but if he makes trouble for me as well, then the Trump position will likely become his worst nightmare, what they have done about this warning is go ahead and start off new insults and the addressing of me and talking into me to secure a disposition that says Media never want to make use of their own lives to fix their problems if they can take advantage of Royalty instead and that I do not wish to acknowledge their power. I have just finished my work, settling matters with my Court, the one where we can clearly see that the reason for our suffering is that we have been showing each other a reduced level of respect recently but this has just moved into our concerns and hopes to run on that stupid media for eternity as well to create conveniences for them, it fundamentally also therefore largely concerns the fact that people should be made to pay attention to some supposition that a Prince who supports Journalists for example and Journalists who support him in the eventuality are two groups of people that do not have real careers and are covering up each other’s short comings, hence when I think about it, it applies I am the only one with a real trade, selling Books to look after Royal property i.e. provided I assume a weather presenter does not work hard and study hard to present the weather, which is what these fools build for us as something the public needs to think about us and then sit about on our public image lazing around and doing nothing with respect to what they worked hard for and studied hard for as well and it’s not that they love to appear on public places all the time, no, they have their own private lives but just feel that our own should be used for this – then sell it on to Politicians who speak of how we do not respect their power too, the Politicians I will never stop inflicting for my part as well since there is really no connection between the fact that they want to have an extra source of income and tax havens where they can ensure the tax man does not get his hands on it and a process where I cannot sell my Books because the insults are so intense that it is impossible to select a correct type of Publicity, that is after dropping out of University because of it some chest infection that it caused all together to begin with; I am talking about the media ones at this instance i.e. they know what the consequences can be but have gone ahead with this attack anyway and they need to supply a reason as there is currently none. The reality here is that these idiots are mad about their ruffian image and have no regard for my own that largely involves controlling peoples cultures and societies and ensuring those their stupid girls that are good at getting beaten up by its powers do not mess up our lives and personal lives with it and that my friends and Court do not get beaten by it as well – they are complaining about their fucking bottoms whenever they hurt themselves, looking for trouble and passing around insults that encumber my Books – soon we will see them go off to pass the same bottom insults at people in the Monarchy as well claiming its revenge for the way I have treated them but these kinds of attack really have no reason, they are all things these fools do because they fancy their ruffian image and right now I am starting to think that there has to be a way to batter this section of the Media badly enough to ensure they stop it and stop finding it amusing, talking nonsense about republican sentiments. Those insults do like to describe me as rude I see but there has to be a way of doing it to ensure they understand what making use of peoples personality when they write Books, instead of picking up a copy really does to normal human beings as well. Of course I could stop responding to their whims but there will be no fun in making the idiots in government office feel like opening up my feelings and stuffing the political problems of the world in it either, nor will it get their fools to complain about being insulted by an Arch Prince everyday – I mean there will always be problem others need to resolve and for each time they do, end up with insults and lies and lots and lots of controversy and speculation hanging all over them too.

Hence I am quite the problem solver and I don’t mind the titles either; only that what really solves problems here is not that terrorism of theirs I manage all day every day as it were, its white village idiots showing up around my concerns to tease me until I drop out of University while Politicians have a confidence building story invented around it or black idiots spending decades of government time to recreate a condition where they are rounding up their kids on whom their future depends not happening; otherwise its rather simple saying they need to keep off public image and my Books and finances – this is what solves problems and obviously their matter is that when I don’t want it done it becomes a main preoccupation instead.

They would normally say that if I had said such things years ago I would have avoided getting into a lot of trouble but I wouldn’t know anyway; I have just mentioned white idiots showing up on my public image and then academics and finances and then my Book as well, so have I mentioned black idiots creating reputation for me that says something about what I would have been if I decided to become a celebrity; so it is clearly obvious that they have not worked out what happens when they get insulted by an Arch Prince as well; they speak of things being done better if the Country no longer had a Monarchy, I wouldn’t know anyway; I know their problem is that they speak of this evil where I leave their Country and supply my genius elsewhere and have it taken away by those who have need of wealth more than I do – I mean it’s like that story where Americans are Noble and are more Conservative than British Nobility hence show up to hurt themselves all the time. it’s the old oxygen sponge story where they say I listen too closely to people whereas they live in peoples public image and personal space and when they make the owners smell it is amusing and also means they have stolen an important public life, otherwise if not, then they can make some abusive happiness by which sales and consumerism is possible. It’s like when they claim I speak of simple respect solving the problems but have none for others whereas the reality is the story of how I am allowed to run wild all over the world whereas the reality is rather that a little discretion hurts nobody but they always want to have legal loopholes through which they hurt people, through which crimes can be committed and while it is exhilarating do not want it to happen to them. The celebrity ones who complain about me a wholly different story; a 2 billion pound company right through to the CEO will deploy my Trust in my interest, a 40 million pound fool will fail to do so and hence is always enough a situation to drive mad a completely normal person; in the end I can say what I like but these things will still continue to be done by that girl that asks boyfriend for penis selfie and gives him a vagina one, only to show up on my p[public image later alongside would be criminal fool with a profitable disobedience to play for, in order to feel safe enough to get famous – hence they always need to be made to understand that people need to have a clearly set out career, trade and profession whenever they exhibit themselves all over it. they do say they want to replace Pop stars that work with me of course, like the reasons their Politicians complain being that they bring witchdoctors into the Country and award them money to abusing me to create the sense that they have power that reward them with wealth and finish off by restricting my movements leading to outcomes whereby all that nonsense I kept out of my life during my teenage years returns when I am unable to grow up again, the link they have established between writing Books and doing legal stupid on one hand while on the other affecting peoples alternative sources of income and tax havens, which is why I had to be pushed out of University – if people are happy therefore to go out and see what police are doing and to let somebody who has had an experience make music on their public image, I would say it’s more Grease to their elbows from me but that I really see no reason they would get rid of mine first anyway, otherwise I assume they intend to put their idiots up on my public image and do not expect consequences for it; just like people build their enterprise around other members of the Royal family and become obsessed with extracting mine – gulf widening between Top Royals and the Princess of York because of it but they are still going strong never the less.

It’s also like the case where Australians and New Zealanders and Canadians want less involvement with the US from me on the matter, which is not an issue as the only time I feel happy and normal is usually when I do not feel I will have to travel to the US at some point in my life anyway buts it’s all a case where people build their enterprise and how they decide to take from the Arch prince’s Duchy never mind the insults that enable them to do so without being perturbed. So it does get to that stage where I cannot set up a social media profile and understand its mine because there is always a loop that can be played with everything I do and then I have to take steps to ensure it is understood that I feel like I am the most abused person whenever Members of the Royal Family get into relationships, thus I want to be left out as people do not necessarily build their enterprises here, when the marriage is done – what we find as a result is an obsession with having somebody they can hurt to make me co-operate because it makes me weaker and weaker and it becomes so difficult to tell where the terrorists really are, not least because I have taken steps to ensure their children do not take up my time playing up teases that lead to criminal acts.