Now we hear them speak of how identity is not something that can be fixed because it is claimed and has to be settled by complex negotiations and it simply makes me think people must be mad to claim the devil does not exist as well because on one hand are people that are killing me basically because they want to feel that where they live and the societies there and the communities there and the culture there belongs to them and they cannot exist unless that is the case but we are here on account they cannot shut their dirty mouth and keep their insults to themselves about whom they wish to claim is a whor in the making until you kick them as well and we hear the stories that is – yet on the other hand you have that sort of nonsense. 
We hear talk of how I speak in such ways one moment and the next attack people’s right to be homosexual but everybody knows the purpose of their alternative lifestyles is to turn up here and lower my standards because they are convinced when I speak of their right to have gay marriage in public as a public issue, I am very likely to talk that way in Church or at home as well at the same time. 
Nothing about it is really a journalism in any way or form and I have had enough of those insolent ego trip; the part where I clip their gangs in order to do what I want being utter rubbish because nothing prevents me from walking up to negotiating table to pick up papers and tear them up when it talks about a common ground between me and idiots with stories to tell about their country who have become obsessed with owning a part of my personal life, nothing prevents me from making sure they never do so either; as I have said before it is one of those matters that make me wonder why anybody would claim that neither God nor the devil does exist since there is no means by which normal individuals would do these sorts of things, like identity cannot be fixed and is settled through complex negotiations about which when I get my hands on them again it will be on the money this time and all about the one I was born with yet again. Mostly otherwise of which politicians can spend my taxes on them so they can find ways of paying taxes as well, reality being as it should remain that I want my state of affairs right up to the International community irrespective of what people gain when they do these things, when they make money at my expense my work and property will be intact otherwise when they want a fight they leave behind the gangs and turn up to get a stupid self harming bastards one. I mean I was a grown adult when they had decided to peddle their identity to get rich and find somebody to scapegoat if such a plan failed. 
The talk of killing me after those games about people going off to another place to work on their identity and turning up in their country to be insurmountable is very well understood but that is what they have to hold out on like I tolerate their insults on media and their stupid city idiots – my TV is something that belongs to me and not a means through which they can talk through to me, they cannot leave people alone and my warnings never ever pay off because they are invincible. I mean with respect to the issue of how I sleep with peoples wives are these matters of negotiable nonnegotiable largely a matter of stupid evil women with a thing for attention, deviance and a need to control others? It will be the one I was born with when I get off to it again of course as it were. It has never been about any stupid power and if it were I would be even less interested; what it is about is their stupid wickedness and its rebellion by which they want to peep into people’s lives and ensure all the good things they find there ends up in their own lives, such is the extent which is how they have come to what seem to be the conclusion that people buy television like I do, so that when they get out to work and look after that they work with or work for others should talk through to them with it. Of course religious people like me always turn up to grab glory and do nothing about extremists but I have no idea what their alternative lifestyles do either besides lower peoples standards and praise violent people for their activities in search of power, then deny that the Bible tells the truth about them deceive and lead people astray – I don’t mind the accusations either, they should happen, they are well deserved and it is not hurting badly enough yet. I have not in any way been affected by these stupidities, only ignored them and so in that context it does not affect me in anyway but the fact they get off to build it up on media and tell the public what to believe and set their misogynistic community croons whom we all know are very violent influences of corruption who have no limits and can throw their activities at everybody and want to live in my bed chamber and share it with everybody at will, which is the same behaviour they pass to their stupid children to remind us all, that the black girl who likes to tell people you are scared of her is simply an influence of corruption that is beyond credibility – the girl that wants to see teachers penis and knows she will not go far with anything important but relies on politicians to screw up my work and finances to help her acquire a means to pay taxes as well like they can give to the frugal of which their complains are well deserved too – beyond this of which they then decide what the public should think and turn out to wind me up all the time, hence my actions are a factor of how those who look for trouble always find it. I myself want none so I want my state of affairs right through to the International Communities, I want them especially the blacks to keep their stupid selves off my books and I want them to stay away from my business premises, otherwise when they want a fight and need to control me they leave the gangs behind and come around so I can teach them one they will never forget in a very long time. Apparently of which I dare say 9/11 isn’t hurting badly enough – they had that worked out too; hence identity can never be fixed because it is claimed. Just like the big problem being that I never show my face in public and so all that belongs to me really has no owner attached, which is an example of things they have all figured out as it were since everybody now knows the big problem is wrecking my finances because they are certain that people will support them if the problem is that I never show myself in public and want to lead in my absence in order to be enigmatic. 
For now it is a bit of fun and the girl who wants to suck teachers cock is now middle aged and feminist and since she has failed in everything imaginable she will use my work to make up for it and there are media idiots who think she is the best thing that ever happened and so it applies when I go out there to attend to my job the trouble is that they want to make use of it and the implication of that is that I am scared of them and hence bit by bit if I leave it to get out of hand as a result of the fact I have a sales job and must look after my customers, people will get to think like they do love to gamble that stupid insolent civil rights that when women stay at home and men have careers it is the way forward for society. All I can say is that the economy is soon show signs of a structural cut off point and then one more occasion of turning out to do that media and city centre rubbish over my work to make theirs a head and shoulders above it will kick off the trouble they seek and there will be no going back – it comes to a head with the I always win routine over everything I do to get rich and famous. There is no such thing as everything I have worked for being torn up, it just does not make sense to wake up and decide people tend to appreciate what they clearly do not and hence I cannot be gagged on the matter either. These things happen because there are evil people in the world doing what they do as a matter of normalcy to them where there is a problem is that old case of provoking me and building it up on media and hounding the general public into believing what they want them to in order to call me out for a fight and call communities to scrutinise my privates in order for them to get rich every blessed day, then complain all the time because they predict that is what I am going to be most likely to do and hence this trouble they seek is the one they get too, while the Politicians ought to spend my taxes on them to help them find means of paying their own taxes as well, after all bad things can always happen whenever, which by the way changes nothing about the fact I am fed up with insults from Westminster as well anyway. 


The case of politicians now getting into full speed on the matter of setting me in order is very well understood but they all really love those stupid insults and things they do because they have such an intense need to control me and love to try and handle me like I was an item they had need of all the time – the women cannot keep their insults to themselves as though we were mates and the blacks especially actually own me with a really testing big mouth by the way of which all those stupid black girls and the gangs they stole from me have heard me warn them all they play their games with a dangerous individual, so at present all I can say is that they stole those gangs and men that will beat me up from me in the first place and it has not gone all horribly wrong yet hence. It has come up as a topic for conversation because they have brought up the topic themselves looking for a reaction as it were and this is what they have been able to get from me and of course the advice is still the same, that they can save the insult if they want or carry on especially the women and find out what the consequences will likely be as well. The part about me causing Unions problems is much the same story in any case as well – I mean Unions will one moment speak of standing up against leaders and those who may act to rob them of job and the next I am that thing they sacrifice to please those who would rob them of jobs and there is no alternative I can myself sacrifice within what I own or what I can do to offer them an alternative because they are fucking set in their ways. So it is something they locate other people’s children and do because they wish to ensure gangs can see I have enough problems and therefore approach me which they also think will make them more powerful since the Unions are full of corrupt older men on a roll as it were and so as it stands it is not that I don’t know that what they hate the most about me is the very reason it would make much sense if I did say that they carry on in my view because not enough have died over the matter yet and that there will be civil war before they behave; since there is no realistic way of doing these activities while expecting me to get stuck somewhere in politics that I might never be a threat to them in anyway. They love to see young adults pitched against each other through opposing gangs to shoot and stab each other to death as it makes them feel like real fathers and now what they seem to suggest is that I am supposed to negotiate my love for civil war and political instability and coup de tat and a bit of mass murder on the side lines as well. I know this very matter I love so much is the reasons they hate my guts so much because nobody can take their social peace and security away from them as well but there is really nothing that they can do and they might want to save the insults and stay away from me as this is not where they live, this is not their own stupid lives. This behaviour has become the answer to everything so far; every time they want to feel like they have dominated and led somebody important that is what they do, dig my life for the part where gangs find me an attractive recruit and get on media to seek a conversation from me on one hand and privileges of injustice on the other – the less violent way of handling it was to ensure people understand I don’t like to bump into the idea that others had things they did with me through which they were my boss, others can determine my mood by never ceasing to play around with my job and everything around me by which I get it done to a point where they can stretch my temperaments and run away with it, use my spirituality to get thing done, playboy is my boss and he cannot be beaten, he is showing me the way the world works and who is my boss and whose slave I am with the use of his problems and the handling of my earnings and on and on and on the roads using their cars etc and these are the ones that cannot stop playing with it, while the others that are simply violent see the ugly side of me and start to conspire, wife with husband which means the idiots spend more time with each other in their relationships either but this has never really been enough and that is why it is still impossible to get out of bed and get to work in peace and it is a daily affair as well. I mean we are here now because they want a conversation on the matter whereas it is as simple as a case where they leave me alone and I leave them alone and seeking privileges of injustice will mean seeking more trouble. I mean we have not even begun talking about the Company and the equities in it they like to rip up with their stupidities yet – that we will when the economy settles or they can do it the other way and stay off my books and the sales of it. They do love to speak of democracy which I have no idea who is having a conversation about with them anyway, since what we are talking about is a daily abuse for 12 years and running which means it is difficult to step out of your door and get to your affairs without being assaulted by those who get away with it in some way in order to make the physical assaults a formality and the punishments I will dish out of them soon enough – I mean it would never have been a bad thing if people ask them what they want democracy for at this stage as it stands anyway since that has nothing to do with anything. Maybe they have had it all worked out just like the part about their physical prowess and mine and the fact they are simply taking what they own, they have worked out how to ensure when they are in positions of power I don’t get to abuse them in the same way as well. I mean they are grown adults they know what is insulting and I have no idea why they want a conversation out of it except I explain such away with their greed for more hence the use of young children as well; so that they can get on Parliament and talk nonsense about beating up a boy that is me expecting nobody to be offended and realise if they don’t handle their stupid children in the same way they will have social standings improved among them and so on, nobody here is talking to them about democracy, it simply gets too much at some stage while they continue of which nobody knows what their complains are meant to achieve. 


The issue of MPs trapping me on benefits to teach me a lesson is not an emotive one; the realities around the matter are rather that they love to talk such nonsense all the time but everybody knows when and if they do such things the case around how MPs become MPs which is a factor of how MPs get jobs will be explored as well and not in a good way. Naturally of which they will revert to realisation that not everybody would want to go along with what they want but are rather satisfied with the idea of the great price I will pay to those who don’t just to exist and get by, it has no foundation on the way anything operates at all because the truth is that all they really have is lots of leverage and control of public services with which to cause blackmail like the welfare state for example and the blackmails will never make any progress either unless it is followed with destruction of property that belongs to those who are lazy about revenge to deter them, since we are all grownups and despite their insults which I am quite fed up with at this stage, none of us had planned what we wanted to do with ourselves somewhere around our 18th birthday – hence the real issues are that as I said before a matter of society full of people that claim they want to have me beaten up so they can grab anything I own or is me of which when I kick them as well the women tend to conspire a lot more with their husbands which means they spend more time on their relationship and stay off my personal life either way, the others simply think that their average saloons gives them the license to get around playing with anything about me that makes me a living and we are in a case because they cannot stop playing with it on account they like my reaction, the third is the media and the fact that they want to pursue me with the violent aspects of life at all times because if I do anything about it they will extricate more decadence. Hence this matter of trapping me and teaching me a lesson and stupid insults in Westminster is the one about the MPs and they have heard me make it very clear I had had enough of them as well. I mean it is largely a matter of what people are and what they do – maybe a girl that spends a lot of time with popular culture will be the worst thing that happened to your finances, one that does not will probably stick a knife in your back when you are not looking, I do not stay out of trouble because I am harmless, I do because I don’t want people to mess around with things that make me a living and if people therefore feel they want to go against that and more so all of the time and every single second, then they ought to recognise I am like that because there is the other side of the coin to consider. I mean why would anybody think I need to end up in a gang anyway and thereby create this condition where insults and abuses are legitimate things to do to me as well? What are they concerned about now anyway, gangs for older people, civil war? I mean they need to think what civil rights goons will do with the whole business of their case as well before they think that warnings that my personal diaries are full and they need to move on and leave me alone is supposed to urge them on towards abuses such as beating up a boy over their frustrations, talking nonsense about their left hand side and right hand side which is basically a case of showing they think themselves more than human and I less than human with a big mouth and of course an obsession to not do anything unless I am besieged by things that call for blood in society all the time. The reasons I say nothing about these matters a lot of the times is because MPs are Politicians and Politicians normally do politics not business, so whatever they do has nothing to do with what I must do to earn a living but then again we see things happen such as people need my books and go off to find another writer that will write books that do the same job so they can buy that instead, which makes you wonder who or what they think they are all the time but everybody knows these things happen because they are evil people doing what evil people do and that nothing about it is concerned with any other issue but that rubbish about being more than human while I am and must be treated like I am less than human, which of course is not the contract I drew up with society or how their mothers do their own for them as it were. The only thing that is ever new about this matter is the same old case of the stories that get told when it is time for these really evil people to get killed by somebody that has lost their mind a bit; then it becomes something about how I should have been in the middle of that to save a life but before then of which they are normally very violent misogynistic scum and like to talk nonsense about getting me killed by people who kill people randomly, which simply exasperates those who have committed such crimes even further but they are convinced they are getting me closer to being murdered on account they are using me as an item to get rich and or famous – the rest is the normal case of letting them get out of hand meaning that they hold public office and then while I have to get into gangs somebody else will turn up in a meeting with another and get arrested and put in prison where the keys are thrown away because of their older men’s gangs as well but until then they are having fun and it cannot diminish in the slightest – so the general idea is largely that I am ignorant of the fact this is the reason they hate my guts so much which is incredibly stupid because I do warn them to leave me alone, stay away from me and accept the personal diaries are full and move on. The part about neglecting my duties of support for the Duke of Cambridge has no basis on reality – the truth about that is that The Prince of Wales supports popular culture and maybe has his reasons for that, I don’t have any reason to since it is the domain of those who have declared themselves to be biblically evil, like I have mentioned of which the only thing that is new about their story is a case on media when somebody gets killed or is about be which has to do with where I should have been to die in their place or save a life – the rest is bible stuff from beginning to end and when their wickedness leads to dire consequences the media is on hand to brew a different result at somebody’s expense from it. However I have set out most of what I have done about the world of Popular culture to be prohibitions and security because if I do punish them all the time for things done that I don’t appreciate they will simply go somewhere and die because of extremists out there who think that they experience violence regularly etc, it does not apply I support most of their actions – they are evil people, their MPs love to pretend they have no problems as well, even when I warn them I do these things because I learn it from what they do to me as it does not come naturally for those who have a religion and I am blown away. I don’t think it is a major crisis; it is just worth setting out because even if their leverage is a pound these idiots will make it something else with media which creates a fight that does not end until you destroy it totally. Like the other stuff they do with Monarchy and the need to take up your career and beautify their stupid lives with it playing celebrity roles and when it really comes to it their story is that you were supposed to be the rebel that was removed by the Monarchy until you kick them seriously every time you see them anywhere near the Monarchy for matters to improve. So two groups of people stay out of my world and out of my affairs and away from my people; Islamic extremists and these evil fools and that is it – I am not neglecting duties to support the Duke of Cambridge. The reality is that if I must attend to the four matters of Media idiots and my daily breathlessness so they can grab anything they want off me along with their culture and society goons physically, violent society that spends a lot more time in conspiracy when you kick them as well which means they tend to stay off your personal life thereafter, playboys society and their local and average lifestyle which means they can play with especially the most important and intimate things around my person and work at will and Politicians talking nonsense and throwing off insults all over the place, before I can get to work every day, it is easy to see this is all a none matter but a process of people staying out of my personal finances becoming really difficult work – meaning that apart from the issue of seeing them one more time around the Monarchy leading to problems as that big mouth of theirs goes, there arises a real need to do something physical to check this kinds of theft. 
Now the information they think they want to hear when all they really have for the purpose of black people making sure I have no choice but attack those who have hurt them or I will be attacked by black people and that noise making we hear all the time which is supposed to lead to results where I am oppressed if they get oppressed and there is therefore need to keep everything I do completely destroyed to make such things possible, is whether or not I want to oppress people on account they have realised what they have done is create a need for me to protect my work and possessions with patents which means all they really have to fight me within a condition where I want to oppress them by using their lives to get things done and making sure it is not done for them as well because I control their lives. They speak of how I mess things up by telling my secretes to people who should not hear it which creates the problems I then think I want to solve but the old case has always been at all times that I am experiencing some kind of education on the fact the world is an evil place and they are controlling every aspect of my life to ensure it is used to get things done but only for others. It is not a new or serious issue either, it’s just that the fact I want to oppress them since my warnings never pay off and they cannot stop their vandalism they think will make things work that way since people just get royal commissions out of the blue as it were, seems to be news, news of something they want to find out and this is why I need to make it clear the information they seek as well because we have had to listen to their rubbish for years now and those vandalism of my finances to ensure their purposes operate is such a good use of my time and property as well bearing in mind that they will lose their possessions if they matter does end up in Court thereof as well. So yes I do give information to those who should not have it because those who think they are telling me what to do are convinced that my job is a plaything and of course it is a job and not a toy and the matter will not end well either because they are so stubborn – they are supposed to have been the fifth factor besides the general society playboys and the media and the violent society and the Politicians, what they think they are is other peoples fathers to basically take up their property and deploy it to their own ends by winning peoples sympathy for how much people hate them forcefully but the outcome is always that they use it only for themselves and the owners lose out – so the information they wanted from me was to find out if that is what I am going to do to them and the answer to that is a yes – they need to stop playing with my job and playboys somewhere else, it is a job and not a toy. It’s never about living in the city and accepting life in the city etc – if it were about that we would crack on right away; it is about the fifth idiots considering violent society and playboys society and media and Politicians who love their sweet vandalism of other people’s property, in their case it is about winning peoples sympathy by force and using their lives and property to solve their problems then make sure those who own those things cannot use it to solve their own problems as well – so if it were about living in the city we would crack on with that right away: all they need do now is remember that all they have is possessions they will lose when this vandalism of my income and work gets into a law court but until then I want to oppress them by share since the ones others have done is not yet enough. 
We hear those tales of course about how money is not an object with them especially the insolent black ones but of course everybody knows it can only be imagined they are talking about the loft and cavity insulation that I sell door to door as it were – I mean I am happy to turn up at their neighbourhood to bark the problems away for them as it were but it should have also implied I will not bite their head off; the things we see out there on the field are such nonsense as going to a House to carry out a home survey and what you find is about three inches of insulation five bricks up from the floor which means nobody can offer the inhabitants of that home any form of free insulation whatsoever which is what I brave rain and snow to have their doors slammed in my face for because it is just way too expensive to break up the walls and insulate the homes and then rebuild the walls from scratch and yet as it is that they slam their doors on your face and talk nonsense about you offering them a service they do not seem to know when it was done for them or how well or not, they are still happy to get the energy companies to do their insulation for them because you turned up at their neighbourhood to do them a favour, it is not that the energy companies would not put you out of business given half the chance, it’s just that one moment they are willing to complain about the bills and the next they are willing to help them with that; I mean these fools are so evil that the fact I have not had my lunch and an starving but must complete a particular thing I am doing can become a traumatic eventuality that I am to remember for months and months and given half the chance will do it everyday bearing in mind you may have such challenging tasks to deal with everyday and after that believe they have reached a point where they cannot get off things in their stupid society that call for blood all the time, think that racism is your problem because they want to get jobs and get rich and important, think when somebody they have abused to a point where it is time for them to die as well means a situation in the middle of which you should have been, so it really makes so sense the wrong expectations of me that they seem to be having all of the time as well - especially when seen through the light of me being said to have a life entrenched in poverty because their women want to see me become a criminal for ignoring them.