The story of me being unintelligent and promiscuous has no basis on reality; I am a writer and people need to buy Books I write to get involved with me irrespective of which point I started my career as that is actually none of their business – if they twist mine into a corner I will twist their own as well; they are the ones that need to be civilised people for a change around here. I mean it cannot be that difficult to make it clear I have a Court of journalists because bullying is going on and telling facts of what happens as a job is the closest thing to going about preaching some gospel based on truth and light and hence encourages bullying and especially from men, thus the bullying has a reason attached to it and the reason is unreasonable but it is a reason never the less. They show up here with their homosexuality and various other nonsense that indicates they really love to determine how others should exist if allowed to at all and I can always try not to feel too disappointed that I am not as superior to the lower classes as I thought I was but doing so will change nothing about the violence in their communities which is beyond the powers of the police especially the sexual context ones they enjoy so much because it is sexual assault all together, thus when I mention starting my own fight with anything they have had saved up so they can get about doing other people’s lives and career with access to Media as something they claim exists so they can have security, they fundamentally believe that is something I say because I intend it to be lost in translation.

We can never run out of stories about how much of a threat people who want to be famous with my life and possessions are to me but I wouldn’t know anyway; first is the question of what it takes to make a person hard enough to think about the threat of celebrities and Politicians and civil rights idiots with respect to keeping an intellectual property base by which trading and doing accounts for it are possible. They always say I should not be allowed to do the things I do because it shames their country from which they want to make fortunes but they have spent my time ripping up my finances and then expecting me to forgive that because I should be more interested in a violent act considering they were bigger – hence they have done nothing in a decade and need to clear my space otherwise I will begin my own campaign concerning those stupid neighbourhoods and the money they save up to do people’s lives and career on Media with and how much of it affects me to see what it is they will do when I take a lot more seriously than I do at the moment that their needs must be served by a processes of working for the income on their part or inheriting from those who had the good sense to and it will be the usual case where the results will not be a stupid bullies republic as well. There is something very twisted and evil, abnormal and incredibly stupid and people who do these things, people who think other peoples government offices should be manipulated into something that produces some violence that serves them to beat up those who mess with them or have done so in the past and if they wind me up I will take up the violence of their neighbourhoods where they think they are bees knees and is the source of that stupid ego they have and do it for them as well. As for those who have alternative arguments about what I say giving peoples false hope of what I can never do; they need to buy Books to get involved and clear my space – not hurting badly enough yet as it were clinging to me for fifteen years to do ageism and damage as stupidly as possible. Works side by side with the story of Royals that are always a threat to me, spending my time on nothing else save ripping up my finances to ensure it is possible to build up the sense I demand too much from the Queen – gamblers share, that was their lot and it becomes so difficult just to breathe especially now they have got the legendarily disobedient black idiots on their side as well.

So the story of politicians having an obsession with getting off on the day to give me a bloody nose has now come to a head; it is obviously something that happens every day because I have not yet built up the temerity to get out of bed and make their lives really difficult for them on a daily basis as well, so I suppose it can always only continue until such a result is extricated. They like to pretend their job description is vague all the time and set off from homes where they love their families to behave like dogs towards other peoples own in government buildings and so we see all that nonsense happening because somebody wants to set out the big shots and build a public image for them while he gets about handling as he pleases other local people he thinks he can bully, grabbing jobs and multimillion pound contracts and connections with rich people and so on but the reality of the way it plays out being the same old tale of their celebrity idiots claiming I encumber peoples freedom while the only freedom they will ever have will always be the one about their good reputations managed against their evil villainy which people will reward financially on merit and all kinds of nonsense that shows up on my Public image will meet its set out consequences too; I have explained they need to work for it or inherit from those who do so we can see how they will inherit and take mine with that big media mouth that clings to me every day with as well. The reality is still the same one, being that every idiot that wants to give me a bloody nose on a regular basis in this Country is always a scumbag that wants more than one job at any given time and so these are the top ones in government buildings and they must have all the small business nice little earners but although they have read the economic texts in school are too stupid to see that it will take over their lives because small businesses actually work for the big ones and the big ones work for the consumer – talking nonsense about the economy every time they need a hype; considering which I have no idea how they expect anything will get done when these fame idiots are not yet living in a world where they understand there to be things they will never ever have, rather than get after me and pretend I do not find insulting statements about those who are more deserving of an Arch Prince’s position, which makes my existence insulting. I do not think the problem of other more worthy Royals who need my position is a complicated one either; it is the same old tale of how the reasons I am in such a state of rage is fuzzy whereas it is probably because the ripping up of my Book sale business likely leads to the Men becoming more gay and the homosexuals hurting as well so the Women can keep their threats where it actually makes sense, so that their ambition might become the need to see me in a fight with somebody bigger and stronger than I am, which are the kinds of stupidities Politicians claim they have a use for as it were hence the reason it happens i.e. all approved and set out by Politicians thereof ; they can buy Books to get involved with me or have something in mind which I should be doing but that choice is up to them too; I mean they complain alright but are doing their own too anyway and more so every time for that matter i.e. the point at which I fit into the Middle when the Men and society are allied with Public transport operatives and the Women and celebrities allied with gays but now that the Politicians are stuck in the middle when the Men have become more gay because I hold them down for the gays to wee on as well and the gays are hurting because I hold them down for the Men to wee on as well, it does make sense, since the job description was to do with going back to people whose doors you knocked on election day to tell them the measures you put in place will allow the kids get the best education in the Country not getting after my Book sale business.

We are not talking about the American ones; for those we will have to talk about the diplomats first after we speak of the fact I was an Arch Prince before their idiots became famous and if they start a fight here whereby their fame was developed from my Public life it will get very personal as well indeed. The diplomat ones are the ones who say the insulting girls and the stupid useless existence they live has uses, which uses they were apparently dispatched for, such as telling me I am not a diplomat etc – the only thing they are good for being that of making sure a fight in Iran spreads to Syria and then spreads to Iraq and soon Turkey and then the UK as well, fighting absolutely everywhere when finished with the insults and we see it reflected in their business communities as well when my bottom hurts every moment I step out of my home to make me feel that I must make a promise to burn those stupid warehouses if I get my hands on them; the moral of the present story they are telling now goes beyond the problem I had with every insulting goon in suits from the US to India, right up to the fact that if they do not know what an Arch Prince is, what is being put to the test here is what it is exactly they have got and the right I have to feel good as a person alongside it and I do not need the help of the British government for it either, they are always free to take their pick and see what happens. The American ones are the ones who see the potential which actually belongs to them, of somebody else’s property doubling and tripling any millions they already have since it is assumed the minds that created such businesses are stupid ones and if they provoke me I will hit them again at the part where there are areas of town where I give my Books to Publishers and get it back while there are others where I do but find my Books is another person’s possession later on, making them comfortable – I will hit them again here, since it is not clear actually who told them their fucking freedom looks like that. The moral of the story is that we are putting to the test what it is exactly they have got, before they start a fight and get by with my property when they are the ones with all the power, considering there was nothing wrong with the respect bit.

So it’s an old story; very stupid Women whose children are likely to become homosexuals out of respect for their mums telling me what to do of which given the right tools and measures the black ones especially do get to stop stalking people and abusing them in sexual context if their victims are really interested in it anyway – then very stupid Men as well who now operate public transport on my anus as well to add to the female counterparts and gays they hate so much doing something about my anus as well and they do have followers who consider them with respect too and those say I have got a tummy and it’s not just for Christmas; so it’s not like they do not do their fair share not to mention the innocent girls and a need to see me get into a fight with people that are bigger than me because fingering my bum leads to ripping up that stupid culture as the fact it is about the country does not tend to make it any less insulting anyway – the Politicians need to keep off my finances before I muster enough audacity to start fighting them as well. Then we hear it’s my lack of regard for the Queens job, whereas that itself, either by process of benefits not working for me like it should or when it is not the job that is my problem but my well being or my academic work being stuck between the gays and their mothers on one hand and the men and their goons on the other with celebrities doing whatever they please on my public image, it is the reason for all their suffering. It’s nothing unusual; same old tale of when it is impossible to stop somebody from being racist, you can always go off and die for it, when such a thing becomes commercialised, then it is time for those who do it too pay up and get killed as well; if saying so means war, they ought to remember they forget their place all the time and that I do not care if Men have society goons and Women have homosexuals, if their involvement with me and pillaging my Public image to seek fame does damage here I will remind them of their place but in a very personal way indeed.

So they claim my big problem is that I am scared of what I do not know and now think that my fundamental dislike of people army is something that is legitimate and or acceptable but I have made it clear with evidence pertaining to my academics and finances and the process of managing the royal estate when these two aspects are falling short as a result of other peoples chosen activities constitutes a crowd that is unimaginably bad for me but they have chosen to manage my own inclusiveness and liberalism for me as well with good measure to justify all that stalking, such that it comes to that stage where I ask what it is exactly I am doing with all them silly lewd Women, especially the black ones who can never ever leave people alone especially when they share a skin colour with such persons and it turns out it is what Politicians want me to spend my time on out of their own will and power and extensive goodness, hence this result from it where people get grief rest assured  if they give me grief as well.

It does come down to that tale of me getting about with peoples wives and women, that is developed as a means of setting out my Public image on Media for others to claim as punishment for selfishness of not letting people become more important than I am in the form of sharing, which the reality about it is that they think their wives own something here on account they have a face on television, so it is easily managed as per people can either stop disrupting my Court or I will have them replaced. As for the accusations of infidelity however, that goes beyond the question of the rising need for men and their girls to be homosexuals being linked to female intolerance for stupidity that has gone beyond a certain level, it becomes a matter of me accused of infidelity and damage done to my property by those who think women have no feelings and can be accused and un-accused of infidelity at will and if I say it will end when I take their wives and marry it for them since it is obvious that it has become routine to accuse them women of infidelity then go back and marry them as well looking for trouble, they will say it is something I cannot accomplish but everybody knows that to begin with, whether or not there are idiots in the local communities with leadership they have appointed themselves to, when I take public transport I want o enjoy the environment and hospitability of it and would like them all to keep their hands and fingers to themselves and let what I eat stay in the tummy as it were, before they tell me I cannot marry their wives for them if they cannot keep their mouths shut.


Hence I hear it is about what I eat all the time and that I can cook and make good food etc but what I eat is custom built for me and is a matter of years of coming up with a set of ingredients which match my routine and what my body needs accordingly; so it is not something others would eat if they were not Royalty and it is not something others would eat if they were not The Queen finding out what Her Arch Prince is eating. They can always bother that one too and then complain about what I get up to as well like that blabbing about what I cannot do we hear so often.

So they say now that I divert resources from the government on my own private adventures and I wouldn’t know anyway since I am the only one diverting resources in a way that is cost effective and pays for itself at the other end in this Country in the first place. I personally do not think it is an issue nor do I set about making sure anything spent on me is cost effective – I am only interested in making sure things are where they should be around my concerns and so Government resources are for Royal duties and Book sales are money raised to make me comfortable and facilitate a holiday when I need one. Such that the real problem these fools have actually is that they and their celebrities are diverting income away from my Book sales with Public abuse of my work and Books everyday and threats issues to the general public if they buy any everyday continuously all day long and they are the same complaining about the diverting of resources which were government resources as well at the same time. Hence we hear the reasons to be that I am a threat to others and they need to control my finances which does not make any sense since they are the ones with society of Men that does everything with Public transportation based bullying and sexual abuses that are so well worked out that they are beyond the powers of the police, while the Women do the same sexual abuses, except in their case what they have are children who are willing to do homosexuality out of respect for them and everything I have is always ending up somewhere in the middle of their stupidities where the only form of happiness they know is destruction of people’s lives and property while finding out all that fun did not affect their own. I am not the one fundamentally engaged in creating sticky personality insults by which I think I have power over local communities and criminals and invent almost on a daily basis new forms of ideas about other people’s behaviour which I may suddenly find insulting while I am able to push people around and push them into each other and knock heads and create a fight etc, so I find it difficult to understand why it has become important for others to control my finances even when I am not slapping people over the head and insulting them as they perform their duties to build up the sense I am important anyway. So it goes without saying that Politicians need to stop controlling my finances and pay attention to the one that pays their salaries in order to stop complaining about interference with Politics on my part; everybody knows it has no reason and just picks up its own feet and goes its own way all the time and nobody really can trace where the issue actually began all together. They refer to the Americans and what I am supposed to fear naturally but we all know those are the ones that are finding out their modernity games does not give them right or power to grab absolutely everybody else’s property – these ones however are the ones that are here with me in the UK and know me better than the American ones and we will go with that until the American ones know me well enough to stop their own as well. They like to think they have sought privileges through a process of setting out one fight for me after another and it goes without saying that there is nothing wrong with the job or the business, only my well being and I have been asking what their problem is with the well being for some time now; there is nothing in the rule Books which say that peoples idiot children can get elected and control my finances, hence I am not of the opinion this is a crisis either.

They say I am gagging for support which is utter nonsense, this is what they spend their time one when their whole live has been built around insults in my direction that will make me do those things I know how for them, that they might feel comfortable about their stupid lazy lives and the problem associated with that being that every time it happens and goes on like it does all day long with me being threatened and abused and told I have got a tummy and made to feel ashamed, it is because a Politicians has made a statement and what I am saying is that there is nothing in the rules that says peoples idiot children can get elected and control my finances, hence, let them talk from their own rights when another person’s achievements are so insulting they need to claim expenses. Apparently the scum have not been ready for such a fight in the best part of the five years of abuses I have suffered; it is simply something they do for the sake of doing it. They say these are demands made by Americans but we all know the Americans are the only ones with half the planet as an economic frontier and will therefore always expect everyone else to treat them with a sense of exceptionism – they however need to stop telling me what to do. So we have it; very foolish modern and immorally insolent girls that turn all these work into some form of crime prevention all day long are always involved with me while I involved with what they are getting up to not because that is how I live my life but because there is property of mine that should be spent on their fame and riches insanity and the reason I am always dealing with that shit is because Politicians want it, before the idiots will then get off to control my finances as well.

They do say it’s a matter of the systems which support my successes being the ones that have a history of engaging in slavery and slave trade and oppression, which does not make any sense as it is the ones that are likely to act on such nonsense that are responsible for supporting the means by which it works, where the Politicians never stop lying about a society where they can do things with peoples public image without peoples finance well being getting affected when we know they are evil and nothing is quite straight forward about them, such as stupid immoral girls that want to feel comfortable with my property while I don’t which is what we are dealing with now. So one group are the ones that say it is okay for people to handle my finances and property and human rights for years in order to make me look like the thing a teenage scum wants to stab on the streets, so that when they speak of offensive sources of success it might make real world sense, while the other ones are the ones that do the same things of handling my finances and property and person, abusing my rights for years and getting off to find they have not been prepared for the fight if it happens, just want me to be seen doing something really difficult that is meant to make them comfortable showing up at that stupid parliament all day long. They do say they might join up with the systems that supported oppression and slavery because of my behaviour and I have no idea which part of an Arch Prince that manages the issues of those who fell from grace and want to get back into it that they fail to understand anyway; these fools have been bothering every system in this country to a state where they have now been given charge of it and I am waiting for that rubbish we hear them speak of concerning those they will force to do their jobs for them so they can protect and look after it to begin as well, So we can find out if it will actually turn out that way too.

On one hand they say I am weak leadership, on the other they say nothing I do scares anybody but I wouldn’t know anyway; I don’t think weak leadership is controlling the lives of immoral and modern people and making them live the way you want so that no matter how rich, if a behaviour causes distress you can always approach them, whereby if they want another arrangement they create it with their own lives and try not to cross me again doing so. As for scaring people, the story of which is always that nothing will ever scare them at those stupid popularity culture fame and fortune communities until I get my hands on that money that runs between them and Industry scumbags that facilitate it. The truth is between understood when people stop telling me what to do or measuring my abilities rather than buy a Book to get involved so we can all see their own too. It’s nothing unusual when they say I really cannot back it up – the reality has always been that my Mum is not one of them stupid immoral girls of modernity and neither is my Dad like their Men but the reason I am stuck with them and it becomes a daily issue is that block heads in parliament want it so and it has now come to a head. Apparently there is not much you can do when people go from attacking you because they have financial problems to stalking you because they want to be rich and famous, the question here is whether I will handle them and get away with of which the reality is that it is not a viable challenge from where we are at present either way too. it is not a behaviour befitting of a gentleman of course as usual but these are not Women whose lives are run by gentlemen, its either criminals or Political scum with no honour whatsoever and they need to be prepared without excuses the next time they have a go at me again, not expect to rip up my finances and build confidence when they pick a fight while I am on my way to work and start to think that is the way it works. We all know they are complaining because they have actually never met me in person but have already had an enemy that the entire world knows about in the form of my person; cracked up out of my league as it were.

 The ins and outs of how I live is the one where I manage this Office and try to be tolerant when people rip up the financial aspects for me, theirs is about neighbourhoods and communities and wealthy ones especially where they have money and solidarity with which to do peoples jobs and careers and business each time they have made up their own idea of who is a threat to them – so whilst I must work on being set up so they can threaten me as a whole community to ensure I never win and that I suffer injustice as a result, the Politicians should only blab economy around my concerns when they are first made to understand there are things in this world they should be rest assured that they will never ever have otherwise it’s a process of saying something about what I should be doing to make people financially comfortable and therefore a process of provocation.

In the end they say the problem is that I think I have Industry allies when I have none; the truth of which is rather that I broker equity with some and with others I have to establish facts and reality about my property belonging to me lest my Books never get sold. So it’s an old story of how following me around encumbers the book sales and now I am being followed on social network as well meaning I am always getting censored because they have taken my time to get into a position and ambush me industrially to do it and all other nonsense they find amusing. I have made it clear they need to work for it or inherit from those who have the good sense to as this behaviour will lead to trouble, they have rather thought idiots who cut holes in their shirt to show their Rolex when they are in a casino will handle me and so getting involved and addressing me has now led to this stage where I resolve myself in terms of my Mom not being like these stupid Women and Dad not being like these idiots since Politicians enforce respect for parents from parliament out of their extensive goodness these days and I am therefore stuck with these sick stupid immoral modern scum in a very personal way because the block heads in parliament want it and then set about controlling my finances and threatening me as well.

They do say I am promiscuous which is utter nonsense; I am not promiscuous, I think the insults and involvement of really stupid Women aimed at making me lose my virginity so to speak in order to get involved with employment and having money bit is promiscuous since it is so intense and so insulting and like the part where they think about me when having sex generally forces me to masturbate way too often for my own good, so they can express some violence on telling me I am homosexual and then realise I was capable of other things they had failed to judge that I was capable of and tell stories about Women’s beauty I steal when I want to cure them of it and then it will go on and on and on. I do not think that these women are a problem but it does not solve the problem to think the way you are being forced to i.e. she is really stupid and has some done it one more time today and if the answer is yes there needs to be a beating sort of thing, it does not solve the problem and is not the correct tool or measure to do so; the rest are just Men who need to buy Books to get involved unless they want me to start thinking about their insults and the cracked up out my league who has finished with his stupidities but does not have any regard for my livelihood has a beer in the freezer and a sofa in the living room as well, which is an outcome I have warned them about a long time from this point. So they say Royal make trouble for everybody on my behalf while I try to fit in, which is utter nonsense too; what happens in that the Labour Party appoints the Duke of York Trade envoy while determining which part of the civil service will be perpetually loyal to them so they can keep winning elections and now the Duke of York is in a spat with The Prince of Wales over who is to have a Royal position etc, messing things up. It’s the same story where my main concerns are Law enforcement and the existence of criminal activity whereby people fundamentally think that seeing me is an opportunity to rebuild lost confidence by having somebody to bully and order around over some form of oppressive work because that is a stupidity Public transport operatives especially want to provide as leadership, to talk nonsense about doing my stuff when they themselves have to prevent crime in the Buses and Tubes and Trains – so it is the Politicians that rip up my Book sales to let them become too confident and believe that playing their game on the shop floor of parliament is a process of being democratically representative.

So they say I have not actually resolved the reasons people hate me so much, which is the same old reason as having now explained why my Books are so insulting, things are about to get easier for me. In terms of the latter, it’s an old story of being dominated first before I do academics and whether I get a job after will be determined by my attitude – the latter is the one about people setting me out as the guy that recovers when punished and themselves as the ones whose style of making money I tend to copy when I am not the real thing and so although being disciplined for not doing something right does not go hand in hand with making money in their world, handling people in such ways all the time is the main obsession they cannot do without, hence it gets to a stage where somebody blabs about how my entire family is like that and I remind him of a story where I will end up sleeping with his wife without knowing it and set off to marry it for him so he can blab about which ones I cannot do after I am finished because I have had to take care of my Book sales account by keeping an eye on which truck is delivering which store and that sort of stuff going global because their insults and abuses are completely unnecessary. Hence it is not really the main issue paying attention to Politicians and Media idiots and society goons right up to Public transport idiots or Women and their gays but apparently I cannot serve my customers without having to think about how distressing for them my treatment by others actually is. So I want these fools off my case and to ensure they understand the Books are items that somebody is about to pay money for, the way that they want to understand it. The Muslim ones are the ones that have stopped blabbing about opening my old wounds when I resist them, the diplomats are the ones now being tested over their problem with peoples well being on account of what they have got.

I mean this is necessary as well for my bottom hurts due to the fact that every scum that runs business in the under belly of cities wants to make it so and so they do love to speak of opening up old wounds inflicted on me if I resist them, for they read Books I write as it were and have business here thereof. There is obviously a certain kind of popular culture that they do otherwise do terrorism instead while the blacks do the abuses we see them engage in all the time to show those they think they can oppress into doing something about it, that it is going on, brewing that question of which ones Police should love to shoot the most as it were.

Now the main story that people want to tell is that I interfere with the jobs of Politicians because I love it and then love to mess with it and that this has to stop; I wouldn’t know anyway – what I know is that I studied government and Politics, I studied sociology and criminology and I have qualifications in economics and Law; so my career prospects are economics, business and Law; the question these fools in government buildings who never can shut their big mouths need to answer is whether they have gone about ripping up my finances and making me a tool for their society on account they wish to use my personality to update Politics into some new one that they want and whether it does mean they have had to keep my qualifications where they are until I have been ambushed and way laid in every single career prospect so that the teasing and abuses for it might be effective, otherwise they either can learn to shut it or they can expect that it will build me a temerity to start attacking them as well, bearing in mind that if they had not been ripping up my Book sales the last 8 years there would be no need for an extra job to get and all that other stuff about State Unemployment benefits.

I hear my rhetoric will create more problems and stoke more issues which are utter nonsense; here in the UK I do not think it gets any higher than Parliament anyway and intend to teach them a lesson for all hat childish nonsense at my expense, which I will ensure is one they will never forget too. I mean I excuse their behaviour because their civil rights idiots need to stop grooming me for punishment all the time by buying books I write to get involved with me and excuse that of their civil rights idiots so they can deal with the disobedience they foster and fund with such gusto but it does not mean that most of the excuses I make for their activities has not been based on the fact they are incredibly stupid people.

I am aware that paying attention to the Men and their society and public transport operatives, the Women and their gay, the Politicians and their fame idiots is not really the thing when you need to sell Books and handling the accounts for a business as well but I do what I do about it because they can take me on if it were a fair fight. So they need them fame idiots and Media fools need to buy books to get involved for their part as well, otherwise it will be a matter of starting from those Media insults and ending with global protests over nuclear arms and I will cut to pieces everything else in between. I do not think this matters are difficult ones; as I mentioned, they need to buy Books to get involved as we are neither mates nor related to each other as it were and the story of things being mixed up about their stupid lives is all very well, they need to work for their own or inherit from those who have the good sense to, so we can see how they do it – it still works the same way i.e. Court of female journalist handle fat idiots who groom peoples for punishment all the time and the rest are the Men who are becoming more gay while the gays are in pain all the time considering this one issue cannot be raised with the same group of people for 15 years without consequences if it is raised everyday as well. If they were selling those cultures and societies they would have money and I wouldn’t find myself in this mess (so people can kill them or something) but if I see it around my concerns I will cut it up again as it were or just borrow it until my Book sales are underway once again all together. It’s an old tale about the stupidities of Women and wearing a personality which is not mine, considering which my Mum is not like that but it is happening because Politicians want it to but cannot use their own lives to make it so blowing off that big mouth all the time with these foolish Women everywhere, pretending I will be punished for my morals by them without deep suffering attached to that big mouth alongside too.

Such that they say I am victim of Women trap, will not get along with the Men and think I can fight anything but it’s an old story all together anyway – there is no Women trap, just desperate women who would give themselves to me for what I have and are prepared to fight me over it but the simple reality has always been one about buying a Book to get involved with my work, which they do not wish to do and so I am not actually angry at everything I see but those games with the men they fancy like I don’t know what it is to be fancied as well, cheating me out of everything I own and have worked for, has now given way to a condition where they have to defend their corner and I have to respect the fact they have the right to. People are to buy books to get involved, there are no alternative ways, it’s not some big joke, and I do not work for them. A Country must have a backyard and a frontier and the one I handle at this Office does not belong to the Celebrities or civil rights idiots or Politicians. So we hear that it is the way I insult important people which is the problem; I wouldn’t know anyway; there is no other Royalty in this Country who is losing money and alliances with business men and jewellers and merchants because of other people insults except myself, so this is a tale that does not make sense to me, however either way there are those that now understand what it does. Now they say some people think I should be on the left when according to what happens when I lose my temper I should be on the right and it is an example of what happens when stupid homosexual based community scumbags cannot let others be until somebody finds a way to make them behave better. Either way, they say I have no respect for their money, I say their insults will lead to an outcome where I publicly drink their Beers and sleep on their sofas and then the tale of what they have done with that money which is apparently the only thing they have got will be answered; which is just a Polite way of reminding them the next time they rip up my life and property to make that stupid money I will definitely make them regret it too on that stupid Media. Either way, what is happening now is that living has changed to such an extent they can no longer push peoples children into gangs and crime to steal personalities they can get rich with on Media and are resorting to violence because of their pathological fear of work, hence want to talk about me all the time and all I can say about that is that I can be anywhere I want.


Now it is said that nobody really understands what is happening in the world anymore, even though I seem to be able to explain for my part; I personally do not think there is much happening in the world save the fact we are all together getting astounded by the  full extent of the stupidities and greed of some people, some of us want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes and others have little tolerance for it – the message that these fools have understood safely however being that if they took everybody else’s money they will be the only rich people in the world but will then have to buy goods and services but once the process has been completed thereof, we will all be poorer for it and if they take up any of my time for that nonsense I will make them squirm again. The problem they have at present is that everybody they have been messing with and in the last five years at least and beyond has some thought process of regret attached to it with respect to what they could have done or done better with themselves, their one is the bit where I have distracted them from working on those stupid business empires which canopy I am trying to build a book sale business that is attached to a Royal Estate and now they have regrets too and need to work for their money and keep off my Duchy but can continue to rip up my Book sales with their media idiots to see what I will do about them instead if they so desire.

Their Politicians always spend public funds to attack people and facilitate this process where they do these things and make up the reasons the victims deserve it as they go along, then we hear them claim I have gotten all stuck with people that are bigger and more powerful and influential and therefore more deserving of leadership that I do but everybody knows it’s just a bunch of fools that get into a habit of insults that are meant to make me shut up alongside the dichotomy of what my tummy is doing, to a state where they think they have a sub culture from it and when they describe me as duke of poop and set about making that the case, the Men and their mistresses and girl friends and celebrities have sorted out a way in which all I work for having failed to become theirs by means of profitability of violence and who can do it or not, will become theirs by means of how I am unable to leave my home because I cannot control what my tummy does; so the results of the first bullying when these fools want to rule the women and the fat wives and the boys and the Churches is the one they are complaining about at the moment, so I guess this is all a process of coming up with new trouble they do not have the footing to defend themselves from. Apparently when I mention it like so cracked up out of my league becomes the one that is stuck instead but the simpler part was that it was an unnecessary behaviour which those who exhibit could always easily stop.

I do not think it is a crisis issue anyway, it’s an example of the case where they say I do not think any decisions Politicians make is binding whereas they do nothing with their time except very violent lasciviousness beyond imagination by which the decisions Politicians make will be used as a tool for hitting me all the time; the reality being that if they are not doing that, what they start off instead is their manliness giving rise to an original provocation that will run into society state of affairs and end with laws being made because somebody did not get to say something else and yet the simpler way to deal with their issues was to change a behaviour that was affecting them adversely, save it’s not so easy for them because they have regrets and depression at this stage; however which I am a book seller and they need to be civilised people for once in their lives and buy Book from me to get involved with me otherwise they will find their depression and regrets to be the least of their worries and their inability to stop spending my work and property on themselves, keeping off my tummy and well being would easily become the meaning of their stupid lives. I mean for instance presently they say I have worked hard to prove I am not stupid Royal but what has really happened is that they have followed me around to rip up my finances while I make progress again, meaning I am doing things I should be doing when I have got a Book contract, when I have not got any yet and they are busy laughing their heads off buying a copy to read everywhere or just stealing it off the Interne; hence entirely the normalcy of what is to be expected until there is a reaction to it. I never said it was a crisis; they said I have slaved in order to prove I am not stupid Royal and I am only explaining the situation to them as one which means I am doing what I should do only after I have a book sale contract when I do not have one, in order to clear out controversies surrounding my person and built up by them and their Media because they want to play games and will pervert their own as well before it stops.

Now they say what they wish to spend time having fun with is the part where they shall now watch me sell my Books without getting into violent trouble with Culture and Society people but we all know that what has ceased to be a main preoccupation is the one where my personality is built up on Media so that it can be ascribed to others – what they must now do is stay off the Books considering that is ground zero all together. It is pretty much the same story of me becoming inconsolable and unhappy and impossible to get along with when we all know what is most important to these goons is to get along with me without buying my Books first which is a really stupid getting along processes at work as it were. Something I have to deal with everyday concerning journalists and TV personalities that are older youths who are always disciplining me to find out they are wrong and I am right but do not wish to put a stop to it, if they can spend their time making sure I have to defend myself against whole communities instead; this defending self against whole communities being the one where their idiots tell me I think the things I do at Super markets amounts to an ability to defend myself from others while I am actually not paid to get into a fight with people, the tricky bit being that each time they get round there to ensure I am sore all over we will have a conversation like this over the fact they are as well, nice bit being the part where nobody actually saw me do it whereas all could see how they do their own. In any case of which the whole story is that of foolish Men on Media who have dislodged Women from certain social sensibility which means people want to defend them physically and taken it over in order to get the treatment and if we let this talk run and run, we will end up in just about 14 days with an outcome whereby a female Police Office has shot somebody i.e. I am a high diplomat around whom Journalists and Security operatives work but they have developed small army over the years, such that their vile comments about my work which stifles my income, especially concerning the part where my Books have no respect for peoples parents who tell them they have been beaten at competition by a Prince and should fight back as fabled TV personalities that they were, whereas that was the problem they had in the first place all together and cannot keep off other people’s property as a result of their laziness and a need to profit from it; I did mention for my part 48 hours ago however that there was no Book sale on the occasion of being told by a journalists whose comment about my public image and work to make himself feel convenience which is something it seems nobody has the power to prevent them from pushing peoples career into with regards to a position that makes it easy for them to while those who react in violent ways are being classed as evil, that if there was no Book sales in that time, I will put an end to it and so there was no Book sale, thus has the process begun as well with the male journalists and TV personalities who on my income must secure respect for themselves and their cliques when they go out drinking during the weekend as it were. So this threat thing from their local boys is just one of those occasions when I have security operatives at my disposal as well and I need to help them put their money where their mouth is. The American ones being the ones that I think I am provoke and get away with but of which we all know that when you write a Book which ends up in the US, what has happened is that you have written something which has interfered with the sensations of naivety which encumbers freedom in their Country – they will then get off to teach this nonsense to little Children and then the result will be school shooting after school shooting and the solution will be to tell the government to take Guns off people when it is actually part of their constitutional rights for people to own guns and then when I say it, I will become the Royal Prince that behaves like a coward when we all know the prognosis of mental illness is when others actually own your life and there is nothing you can do about it, a minute by minute, hour by hour process of going round and round in circles day after day, so they want me to be brave so they can be irresponsible and it is the same story we hear from them City centre fools I tend to provoke all the time; the reality about them of course is that the access they have to me is created by other people and those are the people who want involvement with me without buying a Book for it, once done with that we will find out about their own as well and the secret here is that among the many things they do to wind me up because if they work for their money or inherit from those who have the good sense to their personalities will be gone for forever, while I can suffer and should be doing it for all, the one that annoys me the most is when their madness shows up on media and social media to express something around all I do to protect my property from them which suggests that when I am finished I will then go off and sell as it were because I have got it – if I am done with these Media fools and still find them on the matter there will be trouble there as well. It’s much like the respect my Books are supposed to show towards peoples parents with a useless existence of ripping up people’s lives to enjoy a youth at the Pubs and bars and clubs and gigs about which what we are dealing with here is a simple name that is created for a system that provides a service which belongs to somebody that needs to provide that service in order to support himself and put a roof over his head and not be homeless on winter which will definitely kill him, not being respected and it cannot be that difficult to, just that when older youths get around punishing others and being wrong each time it rather becomes a daily obsession to instead of end unless the victim rather ends it for them. Then they tell me what I do at super markets is what I think I need to defend myself from others with whereas that was just the job bit all together as it were and if I see that stupid culture and society I will cut it up again; never mind the Politicians – for those people should not touch them considering they are sore as it were and now it seems I must prevent a condition from occurring whereby every time a twisted scum sets eyes on me, he or she is going places and so I suppose we couldn’t do without them as well. It feeds into that story of me playing around until I get stormed, whereas the reality is that if they were selling all that storm stuff, they would not have had to bother me for money so I can pull their intestines too – but it’s not such an issue anyway, they do ask how I suppose people get to sell the storm stuff all together like I do not know I am actually not talking about the one where people get to kill them; personally of which once you pull peoples intestines you can make them storm whenever you wish and then inform the Police – of which they will say that the Police is now largely loyal to them the way I have security operatives at my disposal as well, whereas what has happened is that they wanted to control the country and it has now been handed to them and they can tell me what to do if they want those stupid problems of theirs to start all over again too, never mind looming terrorism deployment as well. All together, all it does to me for the noise makers at the City centre is that I become hyper active about their incredible stupidities, considering which you soon start to think like them when they get involved enough times; the one where I have a special place at a big Industry and can try to make a living selling merchandise there while the older idiots with a sense to taste want to take over something and wear a T shirt hence show up around my concerns and play up on media every single day and for the rest, it’s a matter of that storming stuff leading to an outcome where this sense that there are goons getting around using the Country to fix their problems and threatening me, because there is a personality issue job that I need to get done as well before this is over, concerning which none of these would have happened if I had done in the first place. The important matter here is that people need to buy my Books to get involved with me for their sake and mine as the person that will have become insane on account I got hurt and killed and cannot get their head around why people are making use of my life thereafter will very easily become the least of their worries, considering there will be those that will seek vengeance too. This is thus the whole story about why I have become unhappy and inconsolable. It’s not a crisis situation at all; it’s the old case of having done something to affect freedom by affecting naivety which costs everything like a male version of feminism on my income because they can spread those stories about my Public image until they prevent me from making my income and should use it for a purpose – so their naivety has been affected and thus their freedom as well because they read my Books which they didn’t pay for and more so being my fault because I made it so appealing and it is the sort of nonsense that far less tolerant people endure hence the stories we have to pity them for with respect to what others have done to them.