Now they do speak of how people think I am respectable and privileged but pay no attention to how much is done to create humiliating conditions for me that get me to give away some knowledge that those who really matter tend to need. I am not too concerned about it because the last time we checked their community croons had lost the atmosphere that helps them sit around feeling they can do and undo and are not too happy and talk nonsense all the time about some kid they cannot see who will meet more than his match, Mr Blair who started it all the spending tax payers money to prevent me from being laid back now feels the personal safety and security of himself and his family is my problem – Mr Blair the one that got away and will continue to so they can keep getting into trouble, then there is also the fact their prisons are full since considering how criminals will rehabilitate and get back into the favour of authorities by being a threat to me for them and they have not yet built the prison ships they said they will build in my heart so to speak. So I understand sometimes what I do is a matter of losing my temper and trying to get away with something I could ignore like people wanting to touch my penis or their fingers in my bum, I can ignore it by simply setting to my books and the sale of my products without going around saying things these fools can run with but I am already on the edge because they have already as a government spent tax payer funds on making sure I am not laid back so I have a problem there to deal with but here is a conversation: people think I am privileged and do not pay much attention to how much humiliation and poverty I have to endure so I can be forced to give up knowledge to those who really matter.

We do need to get to the bottom of what it is exactly that socialists want from me – they say my actions encourage extremists but reality of which is rather simply a question of why extremists act the way they do if what is being done to them by socialists is a good thing; they always think it civil rights so that they might believe they have power over others even unto the ultimate power to take people’s lives, I think it is wickedness in the political sense and can either accept the way the Bible describes it or get myself an adventurous lifestyle for it. I do not know where they do get the wonderful notion that never seems to work, that if they claim my actions encourage extremists, I will tend to stop them under pressure my family members. The difference being that I have never met an extremist for a conversation while they have been my father’s over the fact extremists exist several times to provoke me and hence have appointed themselves the idiots that taught me all I know. It is never really my opinion that it is a major issue, there is simply the part where I cannot see what is happening in circular society anymore because of their wickedness and lamentations of it over my income and in public places looking for things they claim they have never had before, claiming it is civil rights while their wickedness is everywhere with which they do raise conversations such as how people think I am important but never pay attention to the humiliating things that I suffer in order to produce wisdom needed by those that really matter and it gets to a point where it constitutes a very provocative barrier to employment which is where they start to complain as well, since at that point it is never enough to simply ignore it and concentrate on what I am doing. Lamentations of their bad history over my academic work and over my finances and over my business and over my office and all sorts of nonsense down to the skin colour I do share with some of them as point of call for it but when they see Children they beat up and it goes into that stupid history, same with when they see women and need to prevent them from trying to get around with kids in order to extricate privileges and it is not worth tolerating anymore the damage they do here either. We simply do not live in a part of the world where I can publicly class them as stupid and leave them to be abused by women while I seek access to that government funds as well to create my own fantasy domination to add to what I have already done but clearly they do have an outlook as well as it were which is what these regular provocation do show. They are not that poor and need to fight their corner and stay off my case or it will kick off right down to those poor countries where they are treated as Kings which gets to their head and propels their school yard bully nonsense all together as well. I hear they say the big issue is how much credence I am given to get around spreading the incredible levels of poverty in my life wherever I want; as far as I am aware of which the life of poverty I live is my life and not their own and the Office is my office and not their own and the public life is my public life and not their own. Same old case of the way things work in the sense that some suffer because they are oppressed in that way by rich and middle class people but they think they are the poorer rich as well – so I bet what they will do about it will work a function of that Public office which I don’t mind as it were but clearly isn’t their personal and private property and wherefore I have been stung before letting them do what they want in my direction with public office. I also hear it is all competition on their part especially from their MPs; I mean I would love to indulge the competition where I can compete on the fact we need a real village here where homosexuals have their corner along with their media and I wouldn’t go there and back from Church anyway. The fact remains they are wicked and provocative idiots with a trap fall for spiritual powers that may come from an evil source and how much the general public can be served by it and this problem exists because of their insulting need to see me approve of it whether I would like to or not because doing so will increase such power exponentially. Thus something I can look forward to as Christian and a relationship with parliament and its refusal to accept the nature of the wickedness of its politicians. Dividing my entire life asunder and stalking me to gather facts about my life and work to do so and insults thereafter sourced from homosexuality was never going to get it done anyway so I do wonder if competition was simply raised or is something they are offering at this point.  After all it is impossible to keep hold of Royal Property and temperamental property and other possessions without such competition being indulged with idiots who understand elections as a means of gambling other people’s fortunes which gets in their eyes but cannot stay out of the lives of those that are different. These things happen because they have a popular culture and my income will be their own to get rich with and so will my temperaments and when rich will use it to make expensive homes they buy with their fame and fortune, so we know that not staying off my book sales is where it will blow up as well; it shows they are willing to cross the line drawn by the law on this matter.


I am aware of questions raised about my lost position and authority on the environment about which there has been no such thing, when we have a condition where rich people always plan ahead and attack poorer people who are sure to get into a fight with rich people over money and what rich people always do is attack them whether or not they have attacked anything and attack them pre-emptively as well. So this is the only problem we have about the environment; I mean I don’t see myself with the vast number and variety of meat we have in our market and food chain getting off to hunt wild animal for meat readily – but having said that we have an abundance of some animals that have over history been a target for meat hunting for years and those have not been extinct either, so people can still hunt meat in this species. In my mind a lot of the time it is a matter of things answering to their source – I mean if I hunt a tiger I don’t want the meat, I want the fur and the teeth to sell on and if I have the money I buy food which will definitely include meat, so I am hunting one animal for another – I do not see myself hunting a Tiger to buy a car, what I would want to do is buy cars and sell them which will mean that I have cars but they are for sale and the purpose is to make enough profit to join those who own cars by owning one of mine, which will then make sense of people hunting species in danger of extinction. The other side about Industry is always largely concerned with the fact that somebody may own a company and in that Company there are very destructive people who are members of the board as well – he knows he has the upper hand because there are 6 others like him out of the ten who own the company together with him and that in that sense environmental issues can be pursued as a matter of company ethics, in which condition when you speak to him about the environment he will understand it is possible for you to damage his equities and securities as well if you feel grieved that he has damaged the environment but a lot of the times of which that is not the mode by which you will have a conversation with him in the first place so it works and people seek ways of innovating to save the environment but the problem just like the previous one will not get solved by some free range environmentalist causing trouble all over the place for attention, starts when Politicians get involved – that is when the number of destructive people due to the fact they gain access to means by which they can get promoted of which there is nothing you can do if their performance deserves it, that you know they have never worked for and as a result of that the end product is environmentalist wanting a piece of the people they have used in such ways with the help of Politicians on one hand while companies have the board filled with trouble makers and those who want to serve the environment become the minority and then we hear the rubbish they talk in public places after alongside the fact it has basically become impossible for you to have a conversation with anybody about the environment and how Industry can work with it not destroy it. For my part it is always largely a test matter served around the fact that I have written books and people want to get the benefits of my books by some other means that will not cost them money when it has already cost them culture – so I am aware environmental activists are not exactly all they crack up to me – only a bunch of destructive trouble makers themselves who ideally will want the rarest plants in their garden as talisman for success and happiness, followed by regular popular culture gigs and living free with somebody else income and intellectual property hence living off somebody else’s earnings with those lies they tell all the time and the socialism by which they pretend they are responsible for all of our civil rights. It is a matter of the nature of those who damage the environment – when it comes to environmentalists and activists we all know they want to speak of civil rights today and have the big multinational companies as their own the day after for the big companies we all know it is the board members that are trouble makers of which nobody knows what kind of creature likes such things as oil spillages for example but the Politicians are the problem because they are the means by which these goons own part of other peoples company or get promotion that cannot be overlooked even when their superiors know they have never worked a day for it. where I stand is very well on track as per if people damage the environment on my watch such things are considered as the fact oil spillages are expensive and nobody wants one because of what they pay and what they lose already before they had paid for the damages – so here we are fighting people over clean up of oil spillages when in reality oil companies will probably have had armed guards stand by the spillages if the oil could have been recovered which means everybody wants it cleaned up in some way so why don’t we prevent the spillages as a fundamental process of running the oil business in the first place? This therefore means the destruction of the environment is completely necessary and pointless and unless those who practice it or use the environment for other purposes that bring about the destruction at a later date have something done to them that is pointless as well such as destruction of their modernisation which I believe I am considerably good at, they will never understand.


I know it is said I gain from socialists then attack them all the time but I cannot remember when I actually did ask socialists to damage my work and feel as though the world will not be unless they damage my personality as well in order to do me favours. I have no idea what people mean when they say that anyway; I mean these idiots have spent the last couple of years deciding what they want to have as a new world order in that there is now social networking and there is also media and that great things would happen if wealth distribution happened in all of those so they can move it into the rest of Industry as well and somewhere in the middle of that is me the one that has to pay a price necessary to sustain a system of energy that brings it about, no part of it of which I elected to play. I mean if they are doing a good thing controlling the extremists like they say they are the question is why extremists react to them the way that they do but above all it is not a pleasant feeling to suffer that distress of their loose cannon nonsense that results in a condition where they have attacked everybody and when anything happens to them it turns out that you had played a part – it is not a pleasant feeling to get out of bed to stumble on that every blessed day – yes I know it is a matter of how much they hate Christians and what they believe about Jesus but we can either take it the way the Bible writes it or we can have an adventurous lifestyle which I for my part do not regret having and have no trouble with the evils I find and uncover all the time. Let them deal with the extremists I will hold down the extremists for them and not the other way around – I mean is it really worth your time and do you have all the time in the world to sit around being the reason that somebody who is at the tail edge reaches a last straw and get out on mass murder and even so do you want to be somebody that has played a part in the mass murder in some way for no reason except the fact that they claim you are? I am aware of things I do which they claim in that way therefore encourages extremists but their actions are nothing but evil and wickedness of a spiritual kind that starts life out as something others must suffer so they might ward off evil spirits in their lives but when it gets into Politics it turns into a means of domination along with the media and everything they do, absolutely everything they do is insulting and they know it but think it is normal and that it is a social and not an attitude issue. Some do say what I am really bothered about rather than being their school yard disgusting bullying nonsense that tend to be an evil that does not sleep, where we are all surprised they get hurt by racists who don’t like wise arses like them that suddenly become racist in order to grab what belongs to others even when such people are not white etc as far as they are concerned and therefore need to be blown away by how interesting it is that they got shot by a racist for example; the Americans always say nobody likes a wise arse but what people say concerns me the most about them is their desire to emulate tyranny which has no bearing towards reality – reality which is rather that 70% of all socialist do is villainy and what is left of them is interest seeking at any cost so that the more of those interests they get the more villainy we have left. The way it starts can be anything from distributing other peoples possessions with politics instead of robbery which is illegal, in that way they then personally without any authority regulate whether or not people can come to their Country thereby opening up a lee way for anybody to get involved in industry which means that the chances of getting a job is much slimmer especially if the person that is to give it to you is racist, then they finish it off with the other talking nonsense about civil rights favours they do those that are lower than they are such as myself and there is never a reason or provocation behind it – none whatsoever: I mean it is not that I don’t like to take things up and do them when I have no authority to in any case but nobody knows who gave them the authority to. So these are the reasons my horns lock their own all the time. I mean I know they speak of giving me the beating of my life because I refuse to respect what I do which fundamentally offends them but I am not the one that is ugly to a fault and bases their ability to win fights on killing people – so I wonder whether like competition it is something they are offering on the table or something they just bring up – although what will never change is that here they will find enough trouble as they seek.

As I said before they can simply get up and personally regulate the number of people allowed into their country without the authority on the basis of my distress because caused and a typical example is the debates they want to have about the EU these days because the price to pay for being protected from what is happening in the Middle East which works in terms of when things go wrong in Syria they do in Lebanon and then in Jordan and then anywhere else so a goon can sit somewhere and claim things will blow up if anything were to happen to him, this protection of which comes at a Price of being prevented from making laws on Nationalism which then prevents them from giving me a bloody nose: I don’t think it is an issue, I have always been clear they need to stay out of my hole and when they had refused to stand and face the consequences – talk nonsense about beating me up and leave the gangs out so I don’t do their own as well and come around here to give me back my energy and use it to do things no more. This is not something I think being able to make laws on Nationalism will help them with, since such laws will not change my name; they update these things to provoke people from time to time, just like the labour party indoctrinates people to create vandals and older people who use them and their intimidation as a means of negotiating trust and power with the Police for the fun of it, they do it for the power of being associated with the majority population and never listen to anything anybody tells them – so in my view they are simply getting curious over what will happen if they got rid of the EU and nothing more –it is not unusual for idiots like these to be.

The reasons I don’t on a personal note like these socialist trouble makers very much are simply that they have already made good the effects of their foolishness on my work and are boasting it is power, they have applied the process of making sure less immigrants come to their country which opens up industry for trouble makers, they incessantly cause me to bump into being party to killing somebody every day, they regularly tell me the way my stuff is when I already know that and had it patented a long time ago which patents they have no respect for – their bankers turned up to deploy my work to make money at the stock markets and created an economic crisis we all now have to pay for and have since continued to talk nonsense at me about making sure it hits me hardest to make me give it up for good to them and the lies and rumours of their community croons and media have become a barrier to employment that they only make better by forcing me to earn a living through business so I can be abused without reason. So if these are not reasons enough I don’t know what is – clearly of which they want some of mine and there isn’t a reason they shouldn’t get it.


The part where they want a sensible debate on Europe out of me is the one I will never understand – I mean media intimidation is all very well but I have no idea what they think my time is for either: my geography texts say people always migrate and more so to places where they find means, my economic texts say the same thing, whilst it makes no academic sense that they want to control migration, they never really explain what they are controlling about migration either. I mean we all know that if you walk 500 yards from your home the butchers shop you will likely find will be a Halal one and you want one because you don’t like super market meat so much on account it is stored away immediately after it is slaughtered which also means that while the keeping it fresh objective is met to a certain point of the sell by or use by date as it were – it is still not preferable to me because the serum is left to fester in the meat and it is not exposed to anything and as a result of which the serum coagulates and causes the meet to feel rubbery and you can never ever cook it properly to that effect. So the solution for me would have been if the idiots had found a way of creating more English Famers and therefore found a way of putting more English butchers on every street but of course they have not got the time for that, what they have got the time for is bullying me into a sensible debate on immigration. This then means that since the more people migrate to an area means the more GDP per head in that area for what is actually a smaller country like the UK, it therefore becomes an advantage, the prognosis must be that these migrants have come to the UK to produce a certain amount of earnings for the government and must now be removed so that earnings can be spent on those who own the Country before they are allowed to return at a later date to create more, making it clear we are talking about a collection of thieves, hence not clear why they believe I want to discuss that as well. Like I will have to wait for my Butchers therefore considering their insolence is about making sure people are provoked without reason or purpose and that they are getting fun from it – they will have a sensible debate on immigration but this is not that day. I mean in effect a sensible debate on Europe they want from me like I am their fucking media mate as it were and they will continue like that thinking I have not had enough of them yet. Hence this point emerges where people speak of my ability to respond to everything the media does which such ability I actually don’t have but what is happening is a process where I have manipulated and twisted the media into a corner where everything they do is within the scope of what I can respond to and that I have done provisionally because I don’t want any rubbish from them. Their professionalism provokes me – like the BBC for example being the last TV Channel that will do something as mad as a National Essay Competition where the winner gets a job as a journalist because the commercial channels should do it instead and have management that provoke you even further by informing you they cannot control their journalists because their journalists will do exactly what you have told them not to do and that such is the nature of the BBC and then their ethics is something else all together because there must always be news everyday that rallies the local communities to bully me into giving up something that needs sharing – then we hear that big mouth blow off about how people discount journalists and media organisations from the list of wicked evil corporations and businesses of which nobody knows where they saw or heard such nonsense. This matter of sensible debate on Europe and Immigration which I am being bullied into is the last straw for me – they and their Music industry directors and film directors especially the blacks have an issue they want to settle here and think they are sociopaths which then makes them invincible, want to fuck anything that gets involved with me and believe everything I own is theirs as well, as if it is the first occasion there had arisen a need to deal with and keep records of idiots who have a problem with successful younger adults like myself who sleep well at night when they are not paying enough social violence prices to deserve to – one more and it will kick off here as well.

The part where I am not academically qualified for my activities is never to say that I did not get a Royal Commission while I was still a student whereby I underestimated how seriously they take their vandalism of which they were able to work with some Politicians to pillage the academic work for me, which means that I am still more clever than they are and the next time I chase it there will be less attention from them guaranteed and of course they had better not provoked me talking nonsense about when I am supposed to get it done as well – not that it does them any favours even when I don’t act on it. In their view if somebody goes into University and set out their career to take off in three years time but did not finish his studies but has since set the career going and they have been unable to take it from him, it means the need to tease him because his reaction is interesting and pleasurable, more clever than he is. The other one would involve their Politicians and the need they have to return me to Africa where I belong and am more of a use to people and keep me off their history; I don’t mind a lot since it is about how somebody out there has more power and more wealth than I do about which they will do nothing else but work to get attention from those everyday at my expense – it does suggest they know more about the games men play than I do and I don’t mind either, I am just blown away by such a fact and if they don’t mess with the market numbers that make my literary empire what it is and stifle my book sales talking about a big thing being shared or other nonsense they come up with, they will be alright. It’s a job, my job, not their toy and they do need to stop playing with it so they don’t create more serious matters from doing so. I do get told I never deal with these matters emphatically but I have; all that is left now is what they do to deserve the consequences after all these warnings and what I will do about back stage media vandalism around my personal life and finances and Popular culture theft and music and film production based abuses and robbery and those little communities they build around industries to work their insolent tiny tyrant experimental discrimination with, it is the only way they talk so much rubbish about how the benefits of socialism is immeasurable and how it tends to convince them that being seen to be destroying other people’s property all the time can never cease to be profitable because nobody is forcing them to serve – it is how we must live if a society where we cannot describe people as stupid and thereby treat them like outcasts is unworkable. It’s in the same par with the other case of how I never allow others make use of what I do, about which what I say is my stuff and only insane people want to do, make or make do with it – it is what I write that is my job that expect people to buy into – it really comes down to a would you could you question of people turning up on public places to expect you to do nothing about the financial vandalism they inflicted on you which as now helped them to tell you to give up a part of your life that is concerned with something you are skilled at because they are the ones that want to do it like you owe them some great debt – I mean you understand your biggest problem for every passing day are the things you have failed to do and if the sun sets and rises again it will become an even greater problem, so it is never clear what kind of animal wants to inflict it on others in Parliament and the media like his victims owe him a debt endlessly on a daily basis either; we all know it happens a lot in the US and that they have gun culture there to match as well, bearing in mind what is happening to you when somebody breaks into your home as well thereafter. So I have written my books and made a public show of them because this is the statement I am making and the beginnings of it had to do with their need to discuss democracy with me about which they no longer seem to want to apply or operate the reality and the real deal and I feel like what is academically acceptable of it and what my understanding of what is accurate of it will prevail at any cost: they have said I am suggesting democracy should be a moral thing but I never robbed them of their stuff in that way – all I have put to them is that serving me a process where I am talented to be sacrificed so everybody can have it as well thereby serving the Country a sense that the best should be exasperated and mocked to make their temperaments authority based since it is what their tolerance is meant for and then destroyed so that every idiot in the land can get rich as well, I will do them again; it is either they can discuss their democracy with me and live by what it says or they might not want to, I personally couldn’t care any less, it is the accurate thing about it that will prevail here and not less than that. I understand that in their view I talk much but can enforce nothing and so will it become cheaper and cheaper to round them up like sheep as well. They do speak of the interests they serve by doing these things of course but it is an old story about how classing people as stupid and the things you should not associate with if you want to be successful and comfortable does not work in a tolerant society.


Now I am also aware of the fact the problems I am looking to now were created by me as well or indeed others like me but it is not one of those things that scare me I simply always think they will have to find something scarier than that; I mean how many Labour Party legislation did the Conservatives vote for during the 12 years of a Labour Government that enjoys provoking me and running off to Parliament to make a public issue out of doing so by having conversations on it with other Ministers, so that it might cease to be an attitude issue and they might never face any consequences for it? The Labour one involves travelling overseas to find some poor black people somewhere to bring to the UK to talk nonsense about killing people for money which if I did anything about would mean I am serving the interests of racism which has now led to this nonsense we see all the time about things they have set out by which they always seem to have something they think I should be doing endlessly with that big mouth – I mean it is the dishing violence for me that they complain about all the time as well presently. I do hear them say they want to give me a bloody nose or worse over what I have done to their culture but there is really nothing they can do and the reasons for that are simple i.e. the fact they have a country and a culture and a society means that either of the three reasons or all of them can make my job and earnings into a toy and it is not a toy and they are not going to do anything – only blowing off their big mouth as usual which will end in stories about what they can kill which is where it will all end. For the MPs I can set out endless facts about how much it does nothing to scare me half as much as they claim it – the fact that all that have happened in the last 14 years have been a function of their need to be surrounded by violent young people that think of themselves as wolves and some people as sheep who don’t need to provoke them to earn violence and the prognosis of all they have done have been to make me into the kind of person I should be when I come from minority population and have had a brush with the Majority population for not giving up what  I own to them or various other reasons etc; the one that brings it into focus is insolent Politicians talking about beating up a boy wearing those stupid suits in this City – then they say I cannot do anything about it to make me wonder if they are offering; I mean they can always stay off my books and sales numbers and cease being so stupid anyway.

I mean I only think about their companies and industries when they play with my book sales numbers and nothing else, certainly not because I am afraid of them – they talk nonsense and then never spend their salaries on trouble makers that are supposed to be around them to make them happy and safe from those they steal from, so what they do is give them tax payers money and think they need to wreck my finances so the fantasies those idiots get out of it that I have lost something and they have power over me through it might be workable and MPs are provocative like that before they complain on account they expected to go home to their families in peace after doing those things without reason or provocation. It’s very tough talking that noise making about how they want to decide which is the alternative I have given up with respect to opportunity cost decisions I make in my Company – so their behaviour does not count as something that scares me – only that because they have a culture and distant violence aspect of it I can never feel normal and what makes them prickly is money or they can see it in a less confrontational way when I say there will be no problems if they do not play around with the sales numbers of my books. I do hear the part where their Children are becoming more extreme of course – I don’t know what it means but it does beckon the prognosis of how if their parents have money to spend on their security blowing their big mouth off like that is a good point at which to start. I mean it is not for their part that they don’t know where their possessions are or what their possessions look like it’s just that they have no respect for mine and for mine I have already had to face the wickedness of their parents in the interest of other older adults and paid all kinds of prices for it so I will be willing to take nonsense from them as well; it still comes down to the fact I think about their affairs about which they ought to raise their foolish children on their own lives and not mine when they play around with my book sales numbers. I mean consequences for such things can easily be measured by a condition where people attack you for no reason and when you set them in order their children attack you as well which means your entire life is surrounded by violence and they have no reason to be respectful of the fact you face the same challenges as they do around your bills and your family – so if their silly children want some it is available in copious levels.

Yes I can understand they say all I say still works out as an advantage for the media but it really isn’t – the media hates me because I take away those things they do to brew certain spiritual power for themselves that exists like a cult that people can be wary of and the reason was that they turned up to tell me I had to accept their right to do it at my expense because I had not a choice and there was nothing wrong with them taking whatever they liked – so it applied they could sin and commit wickedness but not on my behalf – for themselves yes but not on my behalf. They have no plans to stop it and that is why they cannot stop complaining as well and even as they do complain the part where they go off to a poor country in Africa to give some poor people a fraction of their salary in order to turn out and tell me about respect they got which is what I should have given to them if I were not so stupid says it all – they do need to shut it and take it like the tough nuts they are. The other issue about getting involved with violent matters which complicate issues are well understood but of course the reality around that is that everything I do is a plaything for them and it has paid off for more than a decade producing talk of how they are more important than I am and rewards of certain privileges they have not had before and I have had enough of them as well. The problem is that they are confident those they hurt so they can make up what people think about them with their media to get rich and happy with cannot lead them into trouble and they have seen the part where the Christian does not like those who have not repented and followed Christ using the gospel to make up their own goodness in order to make money getting to do such things, so they have pushed the provocation to a point where they deploy him and his personality and temperaments to make riches and fame, then get back in touch with him to seek power over him which has supplied him with knowledge that isn’t in the Bible on how to ensure those they hurt to get famous get in touch with them whenever they want as well.

I know there are complains what I say and do has got people lost in translation but it really actually hasn’t – it comes back to the same old story which is that when people want leadership I have offered books they can buy to support my leadership system but they have decided they want the leadership in another way and that there is a certain way they want it and this violence they dish for me must be reciprocated as well. I mean the part where I am said to have been leading from behind is very well understood but I know my company like the back of my hand and can start it from top or bottom, middle or front back or side, what is important is that the books are the leadership system they are meant to support and it is not my fault they have not got a clue what they are doing. The part where it is all about power and culture is the one that annoys me the most about them because they need to ensure successful people end up in places where their success will be deemed as stupid so they can have rewarding perversions and decadence and only after that they realise they need to pay bills and that government needs to support. I understand that old case of thinking I want to take rubbish from them and their stupid children plays out in disguise because they are convinced I have nothing to do with my time and resources and the outcome is that I blame people for things they do not know – in which case nobody will ever have a thesis to explain why people would want your books in a certain way but at the same time feel blamed for doing things in a condition where they did not have the benefit of hindsight. We do hear them follow it up with stories I don’t know my level and whom I should be talking to and that I will get the beating of my life before I figure that out – for my part really do wish that they practiced what they preach because the last thing I want on my mind is not some defiling from them but what I read from the Bible on the day – this is what makes me happy and normal, of course the Ladies at the Court will do all they can to comfort me at the end of everyday but it is actually not enough considering circumstances and their corruptions of involvement with which to get attention from their provocation. So it really does come down to a need to prove celebrity culture is pure evil and those who cannot keep their insults to themselves need to face the facts about how I offer righteousness and hope while they offer money which is what people need and where they steal it from and what would happen if those they stole it from had acted differently: their politicians can here on end travel off overseas to find the violent ones that cannot listen to what people are saying to them and cannot leave people alone, to turn up here and like certain kinds of music and alcohol and clubbing and show a regular inability to tolerate a Christian because he is a good person which grabs all the attention – we have been there before and I am not controlling people’s hearts again yet as it were and this time on the money and jobs too – all that liberal nonsense and the fact they really know how to look for trouble but must be protected from finding it at other peoples expense.

I don’t think this is an issue that is beyond me; it only pleases me to mention the facts I have above so that people can understand why I don’t recognise that left hand side right hand side insolent nonsense that means we live in this Country like we are all fools and so on without dignity – so I started off the case of where they steal the money from and what would happen if those they stole it from acted differently with myself. The stupid girls are still hard at it with protection from their puny men of course – I am speaking of selling me instead of them when they want to sell products etc. That notwithstanding we now live in a society where people say if I allow them they will be caught up in vices and addictions and so on but I think being the boss of them is a better alternative instead so they can stay away from me in order to get involved with the vices all together; now there will be no more detachment from people the realities about where they were born and where they grew up and where they are going and for those stupid threats of theirs, I have mentioned it seems claims I control peoples heart had passed in their view and they had moved on and updated their sense of security against me. Of course they say I am messing with very dangerous people but I know that; what I want is what they get from their dangerousness – the one they get even if we had a death penalty law in the UK where killing a person will mean death for them as well and then I am keep it and see how bad they get thereafter and they can keep blowing off their stupid intentions and we will not find out if I will take it up and do it instead as it were; I mean we all know they speak of my Christian faith being a smoke screen for who or what I really am because they can see I have no feelings for people whatsoever but that is clearly not because they turn up here to look for trouble all the time and I can never be a happy person as it were on account they extricate senses of feelings they can peddle and get rich and famous from it. I do hear as well finally that these are all things society deals with and we have a problem because of a lack of respect for society – I don’t know which part of what I mean by only the correct form of democracy will prevail around here since I never asked them for a lecture about it so as to pay the price over their stupidities like I have already that they fail to understand. I mean in terms of normal people they feel like provoking others all the time by making sure you cannot tell a prostitute that wants to spend your temperaments on making more money to beat it and the reasons for that is that they wish to ensure when you work hard and become successful it is their insults that cost you everything and then make it their own and in such a condition as well thereof and of course these things they deal with seems to be the main crux of the other issue which is largely that they think the issues that Law enforcement have to deal with are funny – I am fed up with having them tell me what to do or show up their opinion around my concerns; they are civil rights fraudsters and only the correct form of democracy will prevail here – I never asked their stupid minds anything about it and now they have taken up my time for it, that is the way it has to be. I mean we have been there before and apparently they are not missing me as much as they used to, they are not wishing I was here that much, so they have started again – look how the one on democracy ended  by the way.

I hear they say I antagonise a certain behaviour that aids the economy which is utter nonsense since it is a fraction of economic behaviour that really should not exist in an ideal situation and we simply have not got that money they seek at present and I don’t want any goon to wind me up over it either. We also hear I have no means of security from their violence which I don’t see means anything for my part either – all I know is that I have a Court that understand their celebrity world is violent and that my office of state offers them freedom from it and so I tend to write my books about certain issues to earn my way but do not fundamentally have a way of being protected from violence directly, hence they show some respect for that. The result is that the books I write then tended to have ended up in a condition where people claim I am a route through which the UK extends its powers beyond its limits and how I and the UK normally get used by the world had to be set out painfully for the goons involved just in case it blew up the next time they were off to it. I know they say I do it but have messed up other peoples countries never the less about which I have no clue if they expected me to get help from the British Government whenever they attack me anyway. Now they will have to get around setting out for the world how they and maybe their Country normally gets used by the world before the window of opportunity for economic development and growth closes on them. The rest that are setting new standards on how I could be used are not yet talking nonsense about my stuff with President Putin for example and various other things I am able to do that nobody else can and how they want to see if they can use it to develop their stupid careers at leadership. The measure of all of it of which can be found in the behaviour of the media where the management gets to tell the public which should imply to anybody who listens that the BBC is such an organisation that you cannot tell people what not to do because they will simply go ahead and do it on grounds somebody else will take it up and do it and it will hurt them in the process, which is a good response to my 14 years of financial vandalism by their men who like to attack women who do their jobs with moral ethics because it will cost me, their corruption of involvement meaning they can get connected and rich at industry and their girls selling me when they want to get a job or sell products instead of selling themselves; where it finishes of which is now that they will take care of everybody and then return to move a fly in their ointment and it sound like they will acquire a new gay pride as well soon enough – I mean at this point the last flying at Parliament is just weeks old. I believe my position has been simple enough – these fools cannot show so much disrespect for me and my work and make use of it like that at the same time; nothing they do will ever please me – I know nothing pleases a socialist like Royalty that shows them respect but their prisons are full and I myself have had enough of them as well – considering the entire purpose of all that destruction from which they expect no punishment from those that are inferior to them in some way or another is to bring me down to the doing business for a living part where they can take advantage – clearly of which it seems they know what they want with a big mouth. The state of affairs remains as ever the same, the more they claim what I say undoes my state given security the more it appears there is no such thing – the part where we all know their children gather aimlessly on the streets and think they can abuse anybody they see and vandalise anything they want because they are sure their connections with industry and what they can do with the atmospheres of abuse created by their community croons to prevent other hard working families from getting jobs is set in stone which it really isn’t – I have not taken the matter up because it appears they have not broken anything here, I mean I regret being good at my work to that extent but I would have it no other way. It is in such conditions they want to discuss how much they can trust the Police with the Police as well and like their parents who will not back off now they know you have nothing to lose if you return to what you were doing before, it is never clear how much is enough but if they did break anything here it would have led to another story entirely too. As I said; I think about their affairs and their business when they play with the book sales numbers of my company – it is still all a toy for playing in their view as it were - I know I can handle myself but do not if the same can be said of civil rights idiots and their media; for now they are the main item of the private parts of fools who think everything I do is a toy especially if I earn from it.