Now the big suggestions is that I do not allow people have their own lives while I want mine untouched, the fact of it being that since people want to get around peddling you for riches and fame and insolently as possible because they think they own certain cultures in this country and or overseas which you have not pacified since you came to the UK, the fact their wickedness extends to such things as taking some of people personality and using it for something else about which it is not the only form we see from them either, it seems that the only way I would be able to walk around the streets in peace and without a problem is when and if I explain to them every single thing within the content of my faith so they can know all about it and do whatever they like with it and that is why I have adopted the policy of one more task they have to do; for the men it has to do with expressing their stupid atheist godlessness and running some campaigns to change the content of God himself, for the women it is getting into church and end up in the more modern church establishment somewhere which another group of men will get into church and run their own corruption to establish, for the boys its either of the atheist nonsense to change the content of God if I am to be beaten up by them or making a song about it so we can find out how they will without mentioning me and my Christianity which will ensure the gospel is spread anyway and for the young women it’s about getting involved with criminality and making a song about it. On the matter of American relations however on the other hand, I have no idea why people are always bothered; first of all allies like the US you do not want to have if you have financial issues or are looking into economic matters and then of course there is also the fact they are British and not American so the American relations does not matter at all. It is not to say that we do not wish to work with America on matters of global peace and security, we do, but Americans as allies are not a good one; their way of doing things works with respect to such things as when we have not heard from Piong Yang for 3 years and then hear rumours of an underground nuclear test, it is a responsibility they have and one they can knock themselves out with, show their real stuff when they want to put people’s houses in order when they have not their own all the time, make it worse and then police it.


 As for the part where I mock around with political work, it is hardly credible since the Politicians are the ones that have since done things like splitting the home office into justice and security departments which of course the plans for a person’s personality they are excited about using to do things as I mentioned before is not the only expression of Satanism that we put up with around here. However technically it seems that the justice department of the home office will probably run the affairs of the judiciary and if the security department that runs the affairs of the home secretary and the defence secretary is not more powerful than the prime minister it might have made sense. The idea I am the one playing around with the work of politicians when they are the ones jumping on my income to show off how much levels of playfulness is lodged in their stupid heads has not got a bearing to what reality really is and this is not the only form of the fun of destruction we have to put up with from them so their wicked societies can see us and more so all the time if they want. The other side is that insolent sense of conspiracy with which they believe in things they can plan to collect from others even when they are higher of government office than they are and you cannot understand which is more insulting, it or that it has something to do with their civil rights.

As for the part where they have controlled my thoughts to the point where I cannot keep anything I am thinking about to myself however, I am currently determining the content of civil rights and I do so based on the fact that the more I do not want idiots to play around with me like they do currently, the more they want to climb up on my income to do so and I have resorted to getting all that their shit out in public and making a personal familiarity vandalism out of their lives, while their stupid children have one more task to perform at the popular culture industries so we can find out. The end product of these things is that I can now determine what comes out of and goes into civil rights and intend to keep it that way too, the reason of course is so that those who have been marked out for death might have a means of expressing themselves, which will be updated regularly as well as a function of social change in which people adapt – considering their big mouth and putting it in perspective, I have been or started using it to kill them as it were, so it is never clear what they suppose they do know about what will happen to me when they do not feel they can use my personality to do things. It’s much the same with the matter of my so called fear of a society of poor and angry people which has no basis on fact; so they can see their own leaders and more so all the time as well, it is not as if I have not mentioned that nobody has ever really suggested that getting around using peoples personality to get rich and famous and then making some connection between hurting them and selling things is a good thing and that nothing should be done about it.


So the part where I always find a way to cringe and slip away is very well understood of course but I have no idea what it means anyway when the only leverage the idiots have over me all down to their American friends is a process where innocent people suffer on account of me which is black mail and terrorism concerning which no state should make negotiations or comply with demands, ‘when they talk like this, the chances become greater that I will find a way around that too’ (incredible). As for the part where they will handle my livelihood in order to force me to peddle home when I speak of prospects and peddle prospects when I speak of home, there is all sorts of nonsense out there about how they try to be customers but I clearly do not want to have them or see them become so and therefore say a thing or two which wrecks my business which I then blame on everybody. It’s like the old stuff about nuclear bombs control in North Korea and American idiots who have not put their house in order and are also winding up the Chinese on the Internet. They will say what I am doing is a bad thing of course and more so when considered from the point of view that I can only have done it so far, since it is clearly nowhere near the end. For of course the playing around with the political work thing extends to the Queen and we all know that since I returned to this country nothing has happened but idiots jumping on my finances after I had been set up by an evil parent who thinks she is on the right and powerful side, the one where they have rearranged everything and what business I have with the royal family will become the bane of what they mean when they say politics is the future and monarchy was the past and needs to be phased out and they will not have it in hell, especially so for those whom parliament and the House of commons in their hospitality to protect, they ought to tell their MPs about the insults and why they should stay away from me or perhaps run their wickedness on their own children – I couldn’t care less since the main question is whether or not I can do something about the abuses, which happen because if I were older than a person and felt like doing things to them and their finances I would have done everything to find an excuse for it too, hence I do put myself in their shoes as it were – idiots; I bet they will now find money and become business men to congratulate themselves with it as well, messing up my empire trust and finances on such nonsense as facts about how their wives do not appreciate them as much as they do me to incur their wrath and then after their stupid children will be as they expect, rich and famous as well; like I said: one more task and then we will know. I need that their left hand side on a provision basis like their stupid insolent media orientated distant fascism they need to have provisionally which is how they take and make use of things that makes no sense for the owners to give or share, so that I can ensure nobody makes use of or dispatches my career and that I can claim it whenever they handle it any time I so please, just like I have done with the stupid business versions of them and the fact I am not as square jawed as they are and cannot understand why they spend so much time around me and my personal possessions – for them it seems to be a case of not realising all along that they were making use of a certain set of qualification and  a certain set of skills and achievements and hence they were never messing around with a child in the first place, hence when they mention what needs to be available to society so they can get rich which would not have worked if I got employment and it goes all hay wire so their companies might be available to society as well. The truth could not have been any further from those stupid media claims I want to find affinity with what people think about me; there is really nothing I like better than being alone and people can be with me provided they do not mess up things I do on grounds that I must explain every single content of my faith and allow people to do whatever they please with it before I am allowed to exist or walk down the streets; so I can implement my policies of one more task on the evil scum and their politics and fame and fortune. With respect to being afraid of them I suppose this is real fear.