The things with socialist idiots is not really an issue; they will have to stop mocking me, stop seducing me, stop abusing me, stop imitating me and stay the hell off my book sales or they will feel me as well. I said nothing about being innocent on the matter, I suppose a decade of persecution over hatred for a greater silence and then later financially crippling a Royal Prince changes much about their fun wickedness, I am only on the path of teaching them what it feels like and they do not have to be princes to know that as well either. Nothing I say or discuss will ever change anything about what I have already decided, just like them. so the idea I need to keep my writing career away from them and away from their lives is very much way too late; as I always say it is the stupid socialist idiots thing – the change the writing career with their abuses and bullying over a period of time then have trouble with what it has become and then of course as if with a big mouth; set the tone big mouth obviously; I thought I ought to spare them the trouble of going down the long route here anyway. However it does not change the way it stands; it is never clear which is their real problem, I got persecuted because I am a Christian and then I got persecuted because they wanted to have fun hearing problems from the greater silence and then I got persecuted because I got a royal commission. When they have altered the writing career they do not want to live with what it has become anymore.

What really happens is that socialism gets tolerated not the other way round; a typical test of it lies on the matter of how a collection of people whose entire lives are based on Political paedophilia are completely convinced that a statement about how others flatter women and make them more demanding for other men to put up with is actually true and yet even they believe their own lies entirely and I have had it. I don’t want to hear about it anymore unless that is they want to ensure I take my own steps to ensure I don’t, so that they might stop mocking me and abusing me and insulting me and wrecking my livelihood without reason like they love to do.

I mean I would say things such as the fact socialists are actually really evil people and I have no idea why people love the pleasure of finding out what a Christian would think about really evil people whose political ideologies also have no other purpose except theft, when they know I will mention such things as the fact that notwithstanding some of them like to end up in Church there is not one book of the Bible which says they way they live is correct of the 66 books in it; people might think this has said it all unless I mention the fact their entire lives revolve around the idea of a beautiful person or a good person or a moral person standing in a centre court while they position themselves all around to pass violent judgements, I mean like people are addicted to drugs and need to be treated, they are addicted to it because they are very evil on the inside and do not wish to ask God for help due to the fact they serve Satan and like to try convincing the world neither of the two exists – this is what they mean by the greater silence issue. So people will tell me I have no prove of such things as claims socialists are evil people but there need not be one, I know that the basis of all they do around me especially the ones that are violent are a factor of the fact I am a Christian and what we see today is a function of a what if question with respect to if they had no such fun bullying me for praying and studying the bible which they claim hurts them, that it made them beautiful; they are villains and no ordinary villains – very evil people.

The stuff about black men being my biggest problem is not something I like to mention but since it has been brought up here, then the main issue I ought to state is that they think all I am as a person and especially the titles I go by is their biggest problem and I think it is that their stupid money as well. In my mind unless they have another planet to travel to regularly then we are set in what we want; there is black men on one side and me on the other and that is the end to it. I mean even advertisements that are things people cannot do unless they do with intent to bring a product into another person’s life in a happy way is done by bullying me and their entire lives revolves around two facts one of them is that they are Political paedophiles but want others to believe I am flattering women which makes them more demanding, while they provide for girls and the other has to do with especially the advertisements which show they are the ultimate bullies. I mean without black men having money there would have been no way that I would end up trying to break their records and thereby making enemies with them on account of acting to earn a living. So that is all there is to it. I wish to make a kind of history from it that will get the rest of the world wondering what really changed about the fact we are supposed to have been the race that has been hard done by.

A measure of these things can be found when it is suggested I talk too much, whereas in actual fact first of all these is always very little to say unless they turn up to wind me up or wind people up enough for people to lose their temper and jump at the opportunity to talk too much. It has never done them any good but they have never gone away either, instead we soon end up with conversations about how the sense that their strength should be deployed by them to work for what they need, end with a process where the mention the spice of life as variety and the fact that people need problems they create to enjoy life and live in a normal world which leads to questions about how the fact a child is born into this world everyday does not take care of that which breeds more hatred and animosity from them. The other part is the bit where the talking thing costs me book sales because people come in contact with more of what I say than of what I write which makes them undecided but the real issue of course is that of how the Christian that cares nothing for material things lives in a life where the fact he does not is his Achilles heel with respect to religion itself in the sense that if they can ensure that he can do nothing other than think and talk about material things while they own that part of his life, then they will have something rare and rich to peddle and this of course happens because they have no limits whatsoever and are very confident of those really silly women of theirs who think their sense of self discipline in the same thing as being filled with the Holy Spirit when we know they are crazy about Japan and cannot stay off pop music and business men anyway which makes no sense whatsoever.


Like the issue of claims I am really nothing like what I say I am, I mean I understand the vandalism and commercial reasons but that they actually believe themselves is a problem so I ought to make it clear my company does not belong to the Queen or to them, the truth is that it belongs to me but it is the Queen that funds and provides the security for my person and for the Company and being a close and the only patron that it has got in that sense, the company exists to serve her interests and those who want to buy the books can buy the books and stop bothering me with silly questions others who hear them speak of being clever people expect them to understand already. As for the claim what I do with women is dishonourable, I suppose what is really dishonourable is getting involved with matters that are below me which results in a process where what I spend my spare time on is exposed each time I have any involvement with more senior royals going on, however what is really dishonourable is a group of men who like to tell women what to do, incur the effects and find a boy to take it out on which is me, so they can have jobs and privileges of telling women what to do at the same time and I have no idea who is their boy around here anyway, only of course public media insults which I like to respond to because it is much the same as that old stuff about how I miss my mother and that it is the reason I spend a lot of time with women which is utter rubbish too because people who write books in which they make a statement about their Mothers trying to be what they are not, do not miss their mothers – they on the other hand will need to answer the Question of whether they are really full of themselves and more so in the context of telling women what to do and then finding out their tummy is jumping into their chest, that they are running after their breath etc. The point about spending time with women is the matter of being served; I mean these women are famous so if you look at it from the point of view of community idiots being angry people because they will never be famous while I am being served by them, in circumstances that they have purposely made difficult for themselves, then I am no body because media says so, I am completely unimportant. The black ones are an old one who know very about how unimportant I am because it started off with claims they have found a man who will be made homosexual so that black women can feel confident and progressed to what it is today with pop music vandalism on a daily basis and a condition of being hinged to me or something as insolently as possible on account that I share a skin colour with them, which I also think will take no turn for the better until and unless it becomes a matter that is mortally painful for them.

So in the grand scheme of things, my entire life is being broken up into time lines by time lines that others can interfere with because when some people want to set me out as somebody that says and does things with his life which sets trends by which they sell things to get rich, better still if I am religious and they are evil, they will always have it no matter what. Notwithstanding that the Working Court set up small businesses along side their media jobs to mop up these aspects of my life to distract trouble.