Our girls will grab all you own down to confiscating your personal life they say and then when you have an opinion about it they will have babies and grab the morals too; I do wonder anyway but of course now it has to turn out to have some large fun contents as well by my standards, so they really do need to give it a rest, relax basically. Their Politicians even claim my actions are responsible for encouraging them and giving them means to discuss and act on the National front at will and more so regularly and that it is the fact that since I do not know or have a clue what I am doing, I need to be able to have the entire people of the country over a barrel at all times in order to be in charge. The fact however is that it has been a necessary act on my part to ensure that I know everything about them at all times because it was important to settle the issue about very stupid people that are also really stubborn as well, such that they get born into the world before you so that they can be older than you at will and set out to wreck your business and finances in order to later on discover that they can keep the financial problems they have created for you with their involvement in your personal affairs going, for the rest of your life because of course the part where they did damage to the business and the finances was a good thing because they were actually planning to keep it up for the rest of your life and that is what you should be worried about. So anybody in my shoes who may have had to deal with it would have taken the same path in some way, especially bearing in mind that racial extremists will be able to see that it is possible to hold civil service to ransom in order to wreck the finances of those who hold government positions and then keep it up for the rest of their lives as well later on, in order to first of all ensure they do not lead you when they are in positions of leadership and then to ensure that you put it down in history as trophy victory on somebody important for the hard hand that history has dealt them.

The part where there is claim I sleep with and play around with people’s wives and girl friends is another matter anyway. For that part it seems that my Working Court is something that anybody can be part of if they want to and all they have to do is simply make up ideas they are on media and run that until I have no choice but to give in while they have it without making contact with me and I can never decide what they do with it, like the most stupid and promiscuous women imaginable having absolute power over me in a condition where I can do absolutely nothing about it – she wishes of course that worse case would be a condition where I am a gang criminal who rapes or beats her up for it so she can tell people about it for attention but of course since I am not, she has hit the jackpot as it were and better still I am a statesman with a reputation to look after and can never do anything to tell her off or stop her, in fact if I mess with her I get into trouble for trying and she will never let be my business, livelihood or personal life ever; these days it’s not just the girls anymore because there are flash boys involved too. I had already mentioned what I think about it and so I did say that I am not going to walk into any trouble whatsoever, what will happen is that I will kill off that stupid fame and fortune stone dead and then we will all have the privilege of living in reality. For the men, those always think they are really tough and I can get into a vast amount of trouble very easily but in actual fact the only connection there is between them and me and the destruction they do to my property on a daily basis in order to have more and more money because destruction brings money as it were depending on whom it is being used on, is the fact that somebody gets on somewhere to report the news in front of a camera that they own, despite the working of that being a process where they have husbands who have jobs that the things we get up to supports in some way and more so even when it does it also applies that they do not make use of it and or more so all the time because they work in companies that they own with others or do not own themselves and so all that talk we have no clue what the reasons and or origins are about daddy wants to be famous and certain kid somewhere wants to extend his control of that to how much sex or sexual activity daddy can get involved with because he does not know what daddy can be like when he loses it and will soon need to be taught a lesson about interfering with the fame of daddy and the sexual activities of daddy could easily lead to sill games in which I kill them and it gets better but for now with respect to the threats I say they can come round if they want and I will most certainly thumb them as well so that things might become more real in the eyes of the world than their back stage media and fame freak powers allows. We are actually at this stage somewhere close to the point where they will do their fame and fortune without thinking about me or doing it about me, which will mean that they can live their lives as freely as they want – for me it will take years to get it there but for them it is easy and they can do it this instant by moving on, otherwise they will easy end up with a western world they cannot recognise anymore. So once it gets to that point and there is one more insult I will confiscate that society and culture again and all these will start from scratch all over again. So they say with respect to being an Arch prince with duties split between Church and state and every buffoon wanting to be or copy it in a way in which they happen to have been the original, that my title of Arch Prince annoys and winds them up but it if they want to know will never be as annoying as a process where a reporter plays sister with me and it results in a state of affairs on this free air of insults that go on 24/7 using cultural powers to ensure it is as violent as possible and when I say 24/7 I mean I cannot sleep at night because the insults and its violence goes on around the clock. So if they want me to lay out the business in the open then I should make mention of the fact there is my privacy that is managed by the British establishment and that every head of state in the world has at some point gained access to it and sometimes they say something about it and other times they don’t, so when they claim I sleep with peoples wives as it were they obviously know what offensive is thereof. It is important they leave me alone as we are not mates before it gets as bad as they usually like it. So of course the popular defamation is that getting involved with women that are below my status although such a status does not exist is supposed to have been a condition of seeking relationships in which the other half has to suffer to make me happy but I suppose I have explained before that they have got their type and so have gone quite far enough with the intrusions and the insults – it’s always been about money and nobody wants fresh education on that fact around here and there is nothing really as annoying besides, than all that stuff about how much money they would be able to make if they were the bosses of important people or indeed force them to choose a side. Of course that stupid media is becoming the reason for everything that hurts me intensely everyday as well.


I am not saying I am innocent in the matter either, as it stands they say I am responsible for the increasing sense of inequality and injustice in the world but I am of course because they love to miss the point of what their problem is and set out to attack me because they know that the route to having as much money as the rich guys do is abusing those whose fame they intend to use in order to detach them from such fame and own it, then gathering up money from somewhere to make more of it with the fame, I have stopped this but they will not clear off what actually belongs to me and not them. So I will continue to acquire anything which will ensure I am able to put them in their place and we all know that with them it will get to the highest possible levels of government and authority alright so the game is on basically and has been for some time and I personally suppose they think they know destruction but have not got a clue yet, think they know me but their behaviour says otherwise in every turn yet they are extra confident as it were. The idea that I expect people to believe what I say about them is really what they are doing to harm me is based on explaining themselves away with my work and income each and every time that they do it and not reality, reality is rather that we are not mates and they need to leave me alone or it will go horribly wrong. They need to get off my books as well of which I have mentioned before that somebody was always going to work on property that belongs to me and it would have been me or it would have been them, either way it does not mean the money is their own – as a Christian I learn to rise above this because of what the Bible teaches me but when I put out books they handle it and it must be settled too. The way it stands at the moment is the way it has always been, whenever you see them, you know they are here to lead you or make you choose a side because of what they will get from that and so I have the career stuff settled and can go from zero to hero at any point in time I want and I am sure they will like to have a go at that too if they want, so I can get my money back for botched academic work at University and of course the depression suffered as well; leave me alone we are not mates is easy enough for any scum that is as stupid as a brick to understand, whether or not he is a young News director etc – I wonder who is listening to those lies anyway and of course they tell them all the time too. Of course I am aware that the problem is the young directors and young spin doctors and stuff, it’s just that after telling them I find no reason they should be involved with my affairs, we are still talking about it because they are still here.

Of course they say the games I play with older women is the biggest problem they face and that is the reason for all the attacks but of course I do suppose they say that because they think I don’t know so; they are too fond of those insults where my aesthetics mean I am trying to walk around their city like I am superior to them, where they handle my finances with help from their politicians which exposes me to extremists and gangs and then foolish evil women and popular culture once I had settled my problems with that but gets worse because they will then set out to ensure I cannot harm them as a security mechanism which is soon developed into a means of dominance that is also financial as well and with that set out on that media to bend my entire life and career into a condition where there will be a fight that they can win as well and then my entire life will be explained away easily by such things and they can claim it for a lifestyle as well. So that media is not just my biggest problem but also the place where they get to show off the thing that really ticks them off, so that whenever it does my entire life is explained away as something they want so they can have a fight that they win and then my career will follow suit as well. They have made public affairs of the lives of many people and named it their new democracy by which they get rich, now they will make one out of the life of a Royal Prince as well, who says I do not consider it an opportunity to make history?