Now I have no idea why it is that each time people talk of benefit changes they blame the government and never the Labour party; I mean if a population of people is divided into the three groups of those that are being harmed by the way the civil service is run, those who have learned their way around this system of harm to cheat the system and make riches and therefore offer aid for those who go to the Politicians at their offices to get tax payers money to spend on riches and fame industry, then how do you go about it? I know I would have spent time dealing with the issues, making laws and setting out Policy but in the Office make history for my part with that Labour party as well but what if you had to have a career by having a debate regularly with the same Labour party and why is it so difficult for people to see that the more they attack the coalition government the deeper the cuts will get? I mean this problem had come to a point where the Labour party determines the kind of arguments it has with MPs in parliament and it is always one insult after another or it involves me and my income and my books etc and MPs have no choice to go along with it because they need to have a career. There has got to be a game changer and I think the civil service is property of the Crown and not that of the Labour party, I support reforms that are being made to it currently but I do not want it to be a game changer for the Parliament that does not know what it is talking about anymore because the Labour party has perverted it, after years and years of giving ear and public notoriety to a collection of idiots that make trouble for other people’s lives, - it has now reached a point where we appear to be having one party state when they are forced to go along with Labour by Labour and talk about people, while Labour returns to make Legislation or indeed work the opposition when they are not in government just as they want it, all because people think it is more important to give attention and blame on you the outcome, what idiots who would fail exams in school all the time because they cannot take it in and become fables we talk about when we are out of school etc  do around others and it is not the only liability in the matter either, there is the other part of stories they tell about being able to prevent good people from getting employment because they have the power to, which entirely comes from trying to choose for people who their mates are because they have been given the access of publicity to manipulate about such people, which if you allowed the social violence and extremism that gains mobility to get to its own devises, you would clearly have been a bad person too. I mean people can see that it has come to a stage where knowing what the outcome will be, the Labour party has done nothing but continue to promise people nothing but wealth distribution which is practically theft with the use of government office, which has split the country along the lines of those who believe if everybody was a thief then everybody will steal all the money that everybody were in possession of and then nobody would be vilified for being a thief and it will be all right and we all know idiots like these never keep their views, opinions or dirty hands to themselves as well. I mean don’t get the wrong idea because of chasing me around and stuff, they have ended up in a condition where the next couple of years looks very promising for their insolent socialist party career but beyond that is a progression to extinction but does it actually then seem to deter them? It is not the first occasion either, the first was that I am a Christian because I do not want to suck peoples cock to make money if it is required of me, while they get after my income as well and then this actually progressed to a point of government and administrative entrapment which is how they ended up choosing either to be an existence of Labour itself which applies in the sense that their party holds the interests of everybody who needs a job, which is very good for their foolish careers too or be a Labour party that is a political party that had nothing to do with me and needs to stay out of my life.


Of course they say they want to know all about my rich and poor people adjudication thing but that would apply in terms of telling them what I say is what I say on my property and that they are nothing; i.e. it is in my interest because of what I hold, to see that the Businesses are run properly because it is to the benefit of society if they are and not necessarily that of the owner etc, so I take a stand to ensure that people understand that what they do in every upcoming business cycle is their property and no business of mine but what we know is what we know i.e. if trading operations look a certain way their equities cannot be different from that and if declared to be I will review it. This therefore means those who created the companies and know what went into making it what it has become are able to keep cool and do what they need to do for the most part. The other part about pressures that are on me is utter nonsense too because it is all the usual stuff; you have talked about everything except money and we need to talk about money and the idiots will never find a real church to attend either, no matter how many time I may recommend it at a global stage - it’s always those modern stupidities as it were. I am not under any pressure to win  anything against them and their Popular culture either; the reality is that they continue to find ways of getting tax payer funds off politicians to throw at fame industries and so when a goon that operates in it gets them linked to some millions, the money cannot exist unless they get into Industries and deploy my property to sell music CDs, so that if they make half a million four times in a year, they are two million pounds richer and of course this is what I want to kill off, while the politicians continues to make it into a real problem and it will therefore become a Political crisis as well all together. Worth saying their connections with my parents and their insults are just as well; I let my parents manipulate me of course, they are not my parents and I have no memory of being made by anybody to do anything I do not want to do either but their insults do not seem to get any better, they even have links of idiots that know how to manipulate the spirits of peoples demised parents to harm them and turn up to wreck my career and do their insolent distant society violence at me all the time and if it does not come to an end I will make it go horribly wrong as well. It is never true that they can do and undo, the reality here is that I am not yet out there on a campaign against the lower classes and my Christian position on everything that is evil about their cultures and that is why they cannot stop talking nonsense and cannot leave people alone. As ever this is a one more time thing and the next time they will really kick that one off too and we are not talking about developing economy idiots either – for those we cannot count the number of time we go to the banks to get the worst customer service ever because they are busy wrecking people’s lives and passing exams in school to get jobs they are certain others from whom they want to bully know how for it know all about and hence the worst ever customer service at the banks and the playing up of the customers that are their fellow developing economy fools and it is not the first time I have warned of a threat which suggests I cannot set up a business will see me kick their arse all through to the global banking system as well and it will not be the first time either, since we know that they think they developing economies own me on grounds I share skin colour with them and so every shop I walk into gets into trouble until the only shops that there will be will be the ones they own with a big mouth; so their politicians who are incredibly stubborn can kick it off too, it only takes one more of those distant violence insults and the desire never to do anything unless they are doing it on me to get a good feeling of their wickedness and massage their ego for it as well, so we can find out. The point about how I am not under any pressure to win anything however applies with respect to the Popular cultures which of course is a matter of the fact that even when people know that these fools normally go to the business communities to plug their music CDs into somebody else’s property, they buy it anyway because they have got the money to give to them and so if those who sell things from abusing me are selling it because another group have got money that is not mine to give to them, there is nothing to worry about but it is their Politicians and the insults and those nonsense from black people about owning me concerning which I am mentally ill as well to a point where I sympathise with the cause of those who have kidnapped me, hence it becomes a real issue that must be settled as well and of course and we are not talking about all that noise making about racism either – I do mine as well when racist bug me and now everybody knows they are always making people sweat and hence cold in our cold and windy country which then also means that they steal peoples warmth all the time which needs to be recovered for the owners and of course I have dispatched my warnings as well and it will be a case of me and a real issue with everything that is evil about that their stupid culture and then we will find out how much they really can do and undo like their big mouth suggests all the time. Every fool these days wants to head a little group and talk nonsense at me and we can see this has already created a situation here since last I warned them about one more mention of a class issue here and my warnings were not heeded too; they cannot get off International communities; Nelson Mandela and the former UN secretary general were two of the most notorious for letting them that access and they had better be on the move, or I will get there as well – never to forget the stupid insolent social networking abuses as well anyway. Remarkable in retrospect how far fools will go to make their wickedness happen and yet I thought the worst case scenario was somebody dubbing my Christian practices as the reason he has found to express himself with his evils to bring about balance of power in the war and peace, government and rebellion aspects of society; how wrong.


It is generally what lower class leaders get up to and hence not what concerns me that much; Obama for example is a lower class leaders by himself, the reasons he plays up shady deals all the time is because he wants to make an elitism for it out of his public office and we all know what cultural elitism is, so that before the insults of his greedy prostitutes that America is famed for had created a condition where I end up in a place where I am judged by them, they have to get past my books first which they still have not been able to as it stands – get past the part where they hate my guts because I can make my wife happy and everything. For the Labour party on the other hand, they have not got any power to prevent me from getting employment like they make noise about at that parliament which I must repeat they treat as though it is their property; it’s all trouble making at my place and around my property which I can take steps to ensure does not happen again, except that the government has come round with an alternative known as the work programme, so I am happy to go with that – except that their big mouth wagging all the time will easily eventually mean that I finish the job of handing the civil service to female journalists who will make the rumours that will determine what their lives become while I have my people all over society holding them down whenever they try to make progress like they think is something they are really good at presently, all they have to do is continue in the fashion they are at present anyway. Sometimes I get asked what makes me tick but of course it is easy to see that it is not as if you have not been of great help to them in one way or another; it’s just the part where you must be known for it and they wreck their lives to ensure that you can never stop and then wreck yours to ensure you are doing it because they are bullying you into doing it and then there is the other side about women, where a woman will take her Cloths off but despite that there are still so many factors to see; hence they kick it off here as well and I have warned before about yapping on class, this is the result currently; next will be Labour Party Politicians and their insults and the fact people cannot get off abusing my on social networking sites and International communities. I mean why would I as a person think my connections with people’s parents because they have lives and do things I want to take over because I think I am a real leader in that sense is a worthwhile activity, making his existence a misery for him for as long as I appear on other people’s government office? I am not being oppressed by them in any way; I mean have they not got their own children who have got lives they can take over instead? It will certainly blow up of course soon enough, for if they were cleverer than they are at present they would not be on low paid jobs and so on and have no right to use their stupidities on me in such ways. Their MPs specifically want a piece of me for it because of course besides them; it is not a terribly important issue. Of course they claim I bring it on myself by acting humble and insignificant but that does not come into the matter at all since we all know the real issue is that I should be touring the world selling books I write from a half priest office, except that Politicians are the biggest problem and nobody except them can answer that question of who on earth they think they are anyway, they have taken everything to prevent that from happening, right down to a process of having all I need where I do not necessarily have to be rich and claiming I stole it from their socialist foolishness and its perversion of the Church, to basic employment and confirm it in parliament all the time for fun as well with a big mouth and it will blow up, yap, yap, yapping, they want some of my own as it were – any normal person would see I have had enough of them; it will blow up. I mean in retrospect we hear their insults and complains I am disrespectful all the time as it were but of course only after seeking advancement that must be sought as it were and more so through that which is to leave me without financial support I have created for myself thereafter, with that old insolent western corruption of involvement with which they can get involved in anything as it were and hence makes so much sense of their stupid complains too. It might look like they have got it all in the bag as such but what I do to them is still revenge for a global perversion of faith that is mine and then using it to do things which serve the devil, people therefore might be taken by their complains but it never looks like a good idea to them to leave other people alone anyway; these days demand for my books are replaced on media and social media with demand for a good death that a Prince is supposed to have i.e. it appears they want to kill me and it appears they want to take everything in the course of doing so as well, never what their celebrity stupidities mention when they complain either and they will never be free of me too.