It is such a spirited fight I suppose when they do those their public media vandalism of my work thing but it will not change facts about the truth which are that capitalism is said to be flawed and full of double standards due to facts such as these. Surely any normal person would see that the meaning of an economic crisis is that the era of fantasies are over; so now that they have made the crisis worse with their media, it is time for me to laugh as well of course because it will take much, much longer to recover their fantasy stuff again – I mean currently as it stands 20 years at least. It brings me back to the matter of education specifically for the matter itself; complains the government is not doing what it should with education that is, of which for what I am aware of the government cut funding for education because the current system is corrupt, full of people who seem to realise that there needs to be closer proximity between the education system and the employment system and so decide that the education system is where they want to establish their systems of social and academic equality, which never really works because they are corrupt and soon end up with access to their so called talented tortured souls while they lumber employers with their stupidities. However pound for pound every government always ends up spending more than expected on education; yesterdays work force are never today’s one and today’s one always need time to gain necessary experience but in my view the way education is managed is horrendous by itself; the government does not give any thought to how much student spend on mobility after they graduate – the need to get on the housing ladder, the wardrobe malfunctions and mistakes that are eventually put right which can only happen by spending money, the feeding regimes and experimentations around it etc, what they think they should do is that whenever they want to play with fees and costs they just do it and we are not talking about the US yet as it were, those are in a different league and the distance between the qualifications village and the employment village is impossible to account for with respect to size, it was better some years ago after students began to take keep interest on looking into the matter like they always do by themselves but thinking ahead caught the attention of the Politicians and so it got worse naturally. It appears we think education does not have an elastic demand thing and it will begin to tell on us when important jobs move elsewhere in the world and most British students settle for qualifications that are cheapest and bring about the highest level of dividends for example; so of course contrarily, it does. 

Now it appears I am required to say something about the Jimmy Savile case, they say people do not seem to grasp the seriousness of the issue and so I need t. I don’t know what I am expected to say for my part either, except ask questions i.e. that people do not know there is something amiss with an organisation that double deals everyday and generally lives on the flesh of those who have good skins and bodies and of course if it is put in context and assumed that women normally have flesh that can be pressed, people do not suspect children are at risks as well because they have even more supple skin and flesh than women do? That an organisation that is responsible for a process where every waking day is a difficult to hold onto the sense that you can speak to a friend and find nothing amiss from the days when you used to go to the park and sit around playing and having fun with each other for example, whether or not you are of the same sex, not of the same sex or actually lovers, is not twisted? I mean the part where people claim I say things that make others confused does not come into play here either as I have explained many times that it happens on account they love to explain themselves away with my work i.e. nothing amiss with an organisation that deals in fame and personality with a community occupied by women and children led by sadomasochistic and very violently misogynistic men? They must behave the way they do because there is something that they should not be doing which they are well getting away with doing. I did suspect the part where they have social groups in which they decide how to chase their interests where women who join it and behave in unseemly ways are gang raped during parties which they name orgies because it happens by the standards of consenting adults etc but for me tends to happen because those women can never be leaders of such groups lest they give away the interests and therefore happens because the personalities of those women are in no way tied to their own. Now this matter of women in such position with personality tied to me was taken care of a long time ago, for that bit, I did not in any way suspect wide spread covered up paedophilia for my part either, even though it does not surprise me. I mean I know they love to explain away the reasons my personality is the way it is by some claim of sexual impropriety that is therefore responsible of course it does signal something really amiss with them but what I never did suspect was wide spread covered up paedophilia although with hindsight I should.  

So we do hear stories about the need to see feminism in Politics; I have not got a clue what it means of what they expect me to say about it either. All I know is that women are fundamentally irresponsible because if they carry out responsibilities men tend to spend more time having sex with younger women and of course I know that because of the idea that most of my problems are a factor of responsibilities women have abdicated which I would have been better off if they didn’t is utter rubbish too as I am not a woman and it therefore does not apply that when I know about it I am necessarily going to get off doing something about any of it – the feminists on the other hand are another story and the idea of them in Politics is not something I suppose should concern me. Those that normally support such things are people who have a flawed sense of what a female criminal looks like or behaves like, until maybe somebody stabs them with a very long knife and claims she felt really powerful when she did for example and those condition where she would never dare to such things in school because you would kill her but in the worst unimaginable places to do it such as the real world is where she thinks she can from a distance begins to take shape and the best condition then emerges when she finds a male counterpart to have sex with. It’s the same issue in the US where they make up ideas I hate Mr Obama which is utter rubbish when in actual fact all he does is illegal technically; he likes to say that black people were murdered by racists and that it needs to be avenged, the law on the other hand also says people can be wronged to the point where they lash out and this is the question; that if he has spent all our times and years securing revenge for black people over racism, was the provocation and wronging or racists happening in an institutional manner in the US as well? They get around all the time feeling they are really flash with their intense ignorant joys of naivety laziness, bending people up the other way to ensure people get to work for them while they have lots of money and lots of parties and those people have nothing and soon come conflict emerges like the ones that happen when they get off to say and do things in public which creates a criminal insecurity state of affairs for entire communities and then when some violent sects have emerged and they will not stop until a bad thing is the result, some guy will get into the white house through what I see as the filthiest election campaign in the history of that country, plan his revenge for racism and drag my property and all I own as well as myself into it, while they get off to make so much noise about victories won, which I always say should only be won somewhere in hell the part the devil does  not control so they can do anything they like there too, otherwise I suppose my warnings are clear as well. I bet they drag me in because I am the guy that is supposed to make people feel good about themselves. As for the part where I do not care if black people are dispossessed from the land, it is usually the most stupid thing they say although they think it is the bees knees; I am aware what is more important to them is how they must get rid of a royal Prince they feel should not exist as if this is their own lives and I bet that anti Church rubbish will take a different turn as well when they see another person they can get feeling of being in possession of the land from – it is seriously and intensely corrupt and will receive it due recompense as well, along with all that liberal rubbish. They are always sure to destroy what their lives are and become that clean of problem ridden slate where other people’s lives are supposed to have been swallowed up; Muslims call it the adversary or a rebel, we Christians call it witchcraft or rebellion so it is nothing new and they might want to think about leaving me along too as we are not mates.

The matter of my finances is simply the one they suppose they have won great battles so we have never seen them stop making out some good guy that will finish last is writhing around and making noise over what is my personal and private property and no place for idiots to build their stupid lives, hence they have no hard fact to support that silly idea that I am in a lot of trouble as there are the main powers in society while they are the free ones and I can hope against hope that people will leave alone my right to sell books while they think it is free for all and they need to gain absolute control of it and make it so, which is something they show off on that stupid media all the time as well, so it does not necessarily mean that because there are no facts to back up claims that I am in trouble that I can never get out of I do not find it insulting and will therefore follow it on along those lines as well. What I do here is a job in which I finish and package the equities in a book through which I am paid; they on the other hand have decided my pay day is fringe benefits day that anybody can access and built that rubbish up world wide as well and I never see them wait for the pay day of their politicians to do the same things as well, so I must assume they think I do not expect to be paid at the end of the job and need to prove something around that too, if not for anything else, to ensure it is not funny anymore on that stupid media where they have named it a tease.

I simply made it so available to them because they have a sense of how other peoples affairs should be run because they want money which of course is a social issue at the heart of the current economic conditions i.e. whether or not they are my family as insultingly as they want it too, who have access to all I own and I can do nothing about the reasons behind it which are violent seniority preferential treatments sought and secured therefore, I don’t want to be indoctrinated by any scum about how to abuse peoples human rights because idiots like them gain access to people’s privacy to enforce seniorities on their earnings, hence make sure as such that my family is seeing to it that I never get paid from doing my job and that any money I have is somebody else’s own while my safes are empty to supposedly make me behave according to the interests of all those who have the same skin colour as I do because they have located their lucrative insults therefore and somebody on whose side they want to be when they operate it as well, to feed their insolent greed, because of course when I find out how to abuse peoples human rights, they will be the ones to suffer the most bearing in mind their status as second powerful societies that are supposed to have been freedom fighters. I said they need to stay off my book sales and they are not deaf or stupid either. That I am paying for every single thing I need in my life above the odds will not help either, everybody can see what I am really doing is making the Politicians obsolete i.e. if they are actually good at making social policy and law, there is no point going on and on and on about handing to them things they cannot do like the ailing economy for example – it is rather better and in everybody’s interest they specialise.

I am all up for that stuff they say these days about how one clever person can go against the entire corporations and stuff but let’s review the facts of it a little i.e. what I broker here is my property and equities of my royal estate which people will  need to spend a lot of time and so many years of contact with consumer and advertisement and other campaigns to build up for themselves if they want one and therefore not their property at all like they think they have got media to claim which will lead to its own problems as well; it is very expensive stuff and those that do not think they should buy the books that emerge from it had better stayed out and let those who will buy the books make use of the products, not talk lots of rubbish about sufferings that prepare me to become a recipe in rubbish they do to get rich spiritually. Then of course there is the part to do with the companies and the one at hand at the moment being the auto companies; where the market in the UK is such that people change their cars between three to five years for example and we all know the market is that sharp and so all these car companies that complied with equities setting out what people’s needs are and what their budgets are and what they want the cars to do at the pocket and so on but new car cannot be sold because somebody else is running an alternative hate campaign against those who broker equities for the making of those cars that will see him lie and tell his insolent stories he tells about just anybody he likes when he or she wants , that is making sure people do not buy new cars and therefore tend to buy second hand ones which cost more and do more damage to the pocket at fuel pumps and MOT etc. Of which they also have black friends who like to make out when I speak of such things I steal ideas from them and that it depends on what I say and who pushed me to say it to set out which properties of mine belongs to whom as they decide with their violent and destructive media of course; so it also seems Mr sun shades and his stupid family who must make money in this life have been doing my stuff as well. Bottom line being of course that they claim people do not have money to buy new cars and that this is responsible for car industries going under again when we all know that I have created enough equities which if put alongside the sale of my books that are supposed to allow the equities to operate there will be considerable recovery in those industries otherwise the waiting game kicks off and we wait for another five years for the companies to have what they should be having now, on account somebody else feels they should have been me and I cannot make out where I steal ideas from them and all those stupid insults actually are supposed to have originated from i.e. when the companies shut down and the jobs are lost we are oblivious as to why they take such a hard line but until then the previous day will there run news on media saying people have no money for new cars and when we all think they have done their worst and need to move on the left day their plan and desire to get around with industries savaging the property of the Prince they think they can do whatever they like with takes a new dimension and the other part about how the few black leaders in high places today face huge challenges comes into view as well which I don’t want any stupid conversations from hence I mention my problem is not white people at all and so it makes no sense whatsoever; those stupid laziness and its popularity that I am supposed to have been aware and afraid of will be our next problem of course, for now it seems Islamic extremism in the middle east is taking up all the time and I have warned these fools too that I am not a fan of that freedom thing as well.

Of course they like their children of the well off that have access to anybody’s life and make out vandalisms are designed to get the generous to give more to play for it but as I said we are talking about Islamic extremism in the middle east at the moment and as for all that rubbish about leaving things undone until somebody else takes them up then I get all over the place running wild on the media over my job and earnings, I have warned I am not a fan of that their stupid freedom thing for my part. As I said, yesterday to the day of this blog being posted here they went on about how people don’t buy new cars because they have not got money to and today they are still pushing it, like kids from well off parents who gain access to other people’s Court and claim the purpose of their vandalism is when their parents or their parents company go for what they want like they have the money and power to and therefore demand more from me on things I have already given; I have warned I am not a fan of that freedom thing and Islamic extremism as a main issue around here will soon be over as well.


Those stupid female journalists especially and the fame freaks and Pop stars sit these in those studios to make lots of noise in front of those their computers about things they want to do with my office my work to get rich and nothing else and of course it is how this story emerges that when I am required to do things never comply and when others take it up I get all over the place because they think my job is a plaything. The way it really works is that I don’t care if the beautiful bridges in this country belongs to them and their greedy men friends that back them up with needed violence and I am not allowed to look at any of it until I behave with respect, they are to buy products from companies who broker equities with me not pillage the equities and doing so instead is going to create another story out of this as I am a Christian and have no interest in sodomising anybody as it is rather better to kill them instead and establish a clear reality. We have been dancing around this matter for years, where they say they are under belly of the culture side of communities shareholders create for themselves and that it means that no matter how important people are they can do what they like with their privacy and property no matter which industry such actions affect and with respect to race and extremism those they abuse in such ways will do something about it because those are men, while they take time to go from small money to millions with unfathomable destruction in their wake on account it is the kind of success that is respectful towards the fathers. These idiots need to grow up, move on, get out and stop working their irresponsibility on my finances as I have no wish to sodomise anything.

It is never true I am financially trapped as such; it’s the old stuff about how this matter will one day lead to a process where these stupid women will have those their favourite son politicians on one hand with me on the other and those their insults will cook up that violence for me that comes because they are older than me and know my parents extra which I will deal with until I do the money, while they will spend that their stupid hard life money that wants to rule everybody to do the gangs to look into a problem namely me; they wish I am financially trapped and that is where it stays. It is said as well of course that if I know such things then it ought to be obvious that what I say and write is completely useless and that I know it but it is the usual insults that are supposed to bring them benefits all the way to personal security at my expense because they are women etc but the security contents of the property are simply more than the equity contents because of the economic issues that their insults continue to create and will get worse too as that continues.

Of course it is said what I do is not unconnected with other people’s lives and I never did say it was not, I mentioned excuses with which people share my income and the perks of my job and how both the act of doing so and the excuses will have to be killed of dead at some point which is coming up very soon indeed. It is the culture that is responsible of course; that sits on one corner untouchable while I have to live with a tolerant sensibility that what people do not know is what they do not destroy for whatever fun and power reasons or even get rich quick ones, then they do the old stuff of pushing my boundaries and stretching mine for me of seeking access to my personal life so that they can know everything and therefore destroy everything to find out what I can do if they did not exist on a need to know basis. So I am going to sell that stupid culture or destroy it and there is no turning back now, their politicians like to say I will give it up but they can come round here and get it if they want. I mean it is the balance we speak of here whereby people do damage to peoples livelihood and have excuses for it which others go along with and their lies therefore hold sway, this happens because of the level of fear and terror they have been able to create and peoples sense of security with respect to it too, so give back the culture they say which completely blows my mind, because it can only happen in their dreams bearing in mind this is just the beginning, that stupid wickedness of seeing that problems create violence and violence kill people but attacking the finances of a half priest chief of staff has become their forte will be repaid in full and I am not bluffing either. If people are looking for a threshold it is simply; Christians are the problem of the world – they attend church on Sunday and preach none violence which sounds like making people cold and not hot and then they spend all their time working for every other day of the week and we have a problem with their religion but always like to go after their finances to make sense of our problem we have with their religion, then we can attend that church to foster the instituting of our ideas and sensibilities when people believe what we say as well. This is just the beginning; they can come round and get the culture and the society if they want. They like to look as though they are now rich and famous and powerful whereas in my view they have simply recently been dressing well for a change in their stupid lives so we do not have to publicly look like we need to depend on the white man and create racism therefore all over the place, by which idiots can therefore tell me how to live. The prognosis of it of course being that the issue is taken care of with respect to all that stuff about getting rid of who they are and clinging onto processes and ideas of hurting and abusing people who have the characters they want to own, they claim it to be popular culture and how to do fame and fortune and that it is a good thing but cannot keep it out of the lives of those that do not want it there.

As for the difficulty with understanding the things I do which people try to and claim it is always followed with consequences from me, the fact is that of an economy where if we want to do all the details, we speak of people buying shares from companies to give them funding, companies selling things to people they get loans from banks to buy and then the jobs with which they pay for it; when somebody induces structural unemployment to do his wealth distribution in the confidence he will spend public funds to make up for it on one hand and another party turns up to say we need to wait for the market to sort itself out, we must have had our fill of wrong answers. They clearly waited like that years ago and it clearly did sort itself out as well. I simply for my part thought I could provide a service to buy people time and postpone economic and business cycles for people for short periods of time but ever since I started it, selling the books has been impossible and we are not talking about idiots that do not live in reality who will never get their fantasy stuff back around here ever again in return for the destruction and harm done to me either and you can never work out what is wrong with them, what is wrong with governments that want to read peoples books and more so for inspirational ideas on a daily basis without actually buying them in order to create trappings of power. They like to say there is something uneasy and sinister about me and that is why I am always viewed with suspicion but I wonder why there would be something uneasy and sinister about me today when years before now using my work on a daily basis to boost stock market shares was some sort of prized activity for them; I mean when I Prime Minister improves his career with your own, you cannot really call it piracy because he can wave a wand and get you a job and then in three years time because you are comfortable that door will have been shut as well, so he does it and sets me up for every tom dick and harry as well to pretend he is such a genius evil idiot nobody is clever enough to understand what he has done and therefore the kind of person that he is and for the others too, you expect they do it and refuse to take direct steps to aid you because they intend to work it really hard and ensure there are jobs everywhere so that people might not think it is worthwhile to make you out to be the guy who hands his stuff to others and then turns up to fight people for what is left but what they do is sing do what you said for a living with your earnings and so I don’t know what is wrong with them too for my part and wish to make them obsolete, while they think claims of how racists usually do what I do and how they will take their business elsewhere scares everybody.


On the matter of confidence and what I should say about that for my part however, the fact of it is simply that I would sound less credible if I told people the threat comes from stupid old wasteful fools that cannot get off television because they have not got the foggiest clue what they are doing about anything whatsoever. Hence people need to be aware that the threat to their economic confidence is a factor of being close to them. I do not get close to them, they like to hunt me but even so I have a safety catch in that it is difficult to figure out why they get on media to claim all the time that whenever peoples try to understand what I write and say and therefore expound it or something I get all over the place since that understanding cannot come unless they buy the books which are actually the products that bear all the details of the understanding. Other people can create the same safety catch for themselves of course it’s just that at the moment we are talking about confidence and so staying away from them clearly is the way to have one of those.

Now with respect to how I think that growth in the British economy is up to me, I ought to remind people such things are brought about by educated idiots who are very well aware that it is the destruction of those who are talented so that they can get educated and get into important jobs in a way which does not offend the fathers that is one of the most serious reasons for the deepening crisis and the expenses that has been dispatched to fix it but that even when it comes to the effect their stupid activities have on social stability they are still convinced that for the Politicians, success that does not offend the fathers and for the businesses success that id good for power is more important. For my part however I mention it because being said to think that growth in the economy is up to me is so stupid I will not sleep tonight thinking of it, hence I must speak of it, if not of the stupidities. My Job involves negative equity securitisation; brokerage and packaged equity sale, most of these things done by idiots who claim to be related to me as well are fringe stupidities that are entirely normal as well. Yes they say when I say such things the air does clear up indeed and I should have a long time ago but it is not in my interest to clear the heads of these fools for my part; I have been unemployed for years now because their people are still so keen on determining whether or not I have money for the rest of my life using rumours and links with Political idiots they vote for, which is something I am going to deal with by breaking it up and handing it to female reporters to play with on National Television as well, so that when I happen to tell them I bet I cannot grab the civil service and hand it to those women as well, they will know I am bluffing in every way imaginable since I have not had enough of it as they continue to think they can cause me the most harm using the most amount of my time with the most amount of their own stupidities, continue to think they are my gods. Then there is the part where the insolent women want to have sex with me as well which is why I open them up to find out if they would have even so should we assume that they cannot sleep eat or drink unless they do, so I can ignore them like I am at the moment, which creates this idea that the media is the popular salvation these days because it is the only way to secure some kind of feeling that I have not given them myself. I am aware they say it is dangerous for the female reporters but I have no idea if they think mummy works on Television is something that goes along with their media, business world and Political corruptions either; hence the air cleared properly here. It is very important that they cool off or shut down those explanations they have for my work all the time since it is clear I will never be half as interested as they suppose I need to be in it. As for the part where they claim I talk about things when the fathers are doing all the hard work; it does not necessarily apply that because I have difficulty figuring out what being pompous is and is supposed to do for a person, I do not know I am the best of the best, I have no rivals when it comes to securing the interests of the Armed Forces who are currently in Active service, the Interest of the Serving Police Force, the interests of our diplomatic partners and the fostering of law and order and social freedom in Countries that have a diplomatic policy with the UK and hence creates us diplomatic allies that need to have their interests managed, I have no rivals in all these matters and therefore should not put myself in harm’s way - maybe this will do, maybe they will want more details; I can always handle them again and I am by the way not making myself excessively available, just getting book products sold period.