Now there is a lot of talk about how I have never really been clear about where I stand on Politics and Politicians and that it is the reason for all my complains; the reality of course is rather simple i.e. Politicians are twisted for the most part and can never be trusted. I mean in the UK parliament for example the Conservatives do not live double lives because it does not work with Conservatism, so this is as honest as British Politics gets, however there is a down side because they are largely a group of do my stuff and do not care in the least what you think kind of people and of course you expect that kind of capability from Conservatism. The Liberals on the other hand have a financially very difficult set of Party objectives, so it is predictable that their time in government will be full of sleaze and double dealing, unless somebody takes a stand to do something to ensure they have a sustainable career in Parliament. Labour on the other hand is a contraption I will never understand; I mean how the government has a Policy which says that I stay up all night to work so that I can come up with ideas I share with others before I make money and decide if I want to be generous about it or be forced by the government to be generous about it, while at the same time Ministers of Parliament are not earning the same amount as everybody else and do nothing to deal with the problems that their party objectives creates for society as a whole is completely beyond me. They like to say that we are stuck and people like me say what I say about their socialism on grounds we are done benefitting from their Policies; reality is that without them I would at 17 already been orientated with a certain Mrs this and that and that and Mr This and that who run agencies that provide people with jobs, so that in worse cases where I am told there is no job by those who have known me that long and even know my parents and so on etc, I do know clearly that there are no jobs. What we have is a country where you are trapped at benefits so that Politicians can ensure they are never wrong by enforcing their will against you using the civil service because you attend Church and Parents feel like they need to scrape out of you every bit of the Godly respect you have for people and it gets worse because they need to ensure it is a political Policy by making sure the future of their stupid children are built on what you do to ensure you are paying your way in the world and then that will mean people see the benefits of voting for them i.e. envy and short cuts will provide everything. So that first you end up in a society where Politicians tell you a person will stab to death another and the age range of both individuals is between 12 and 13 and that is happened because the public playgrounds are disused but most of all you get searched for attending church and staying up to work all night on grounds that you are criticising peoples homosexual behaviour and other civil iniquities and are planning to get rich and famous doing so and until they are satisfied with such a search you are not allowed to get a job no matter how old you are and then their insults will eventually degenerate into a process where they are always angry and frustrated and you are always available at their level in society so they can take it out on you and make excuses every single second while their Politicians wreck you finances to keep you there and therefore reaching the point where you have decided they will keep their insults and their hands to themselves or since you know what they should be angry at they will be angry at it very soon indeed but above all else these kinds of things do get to show a Country where thinking about something that you can do to provide yourself and a handful of other families with an income is fundamentally frowned upon at the highest levels of government; this is why they need to tell themselves how to get out of an economic crisis as well and stay the hell away from me and anything that belongs to me so that it does not blow up all together. It is an interesting observation to see that people who spend their time making sure that they have a political party that sees to a process here you go to the office to work so hard and lose so much money to their personal social interests are completely unaware that without using the civil service to enforce their will against God because I am a Christian, I was always going to hate their guts deeply. Now we hear them speak of how I can be channelled into doing anything and that is why property they have messed with to create all that trophy victory that is not in the interest of the general public need to be reinstated and all updates displayed on this site as well, so we can hear more and more from their black idiots that will teach me a lesson too and find out how far they are willing to go when the entire world works against their African hell hole and I am interested in what it is they can do as well all together but for now their big fat and insolent nonsense generally means they arrived in the UK first even when I am older than they are and I am the new kid on the block which sounds like a very well placed excuse for such things. So far I believe I have done the financial and manufacturing Industry and now off to International relations on this matter; I do what I do because I am their leader not their great servant and of course their retaliation for being nervous when they get involved with me which I do not ask for but happens on account I share a skin colour with them is reaching the end of its game as well. So my warning is that the Labour party thinks it can afford to be as irresponsible as it wants to be at my financial expense and then make me clean it up as well like trends changing the decisions of a grown man whether or not I do and that party will regularly get to require my opinion over its internal affairs when I become the manager of its liabilities soon enough and for now they can wind me up and I will grow up exponentially – like going off to African to bring in idiots that talk about being here first and trying to run the city centre with racism on account of their ideology of socialism and of course access to the treasury through The Cabinet; basically how it starts and now we must know how it ends as well. Nothing I say is lost in translation as claimed; I mean how can it be when 12 years ago I was 20 and people have continued since that to profit and advance themselves by being older than I am, what kind of incredibly stupid and violent luck is that supposed to be and they measure it out for me indeed because every little witch wants to have sex with me, every gang wants me to join up and deal with my problems and I have to take stock daily because of the insults to regain my sanity and the matter of my age and what the law says about equality referring to people of an adult age while they do that because their insults will never know limits. The part where my life is a good place to plant the seed of their plans in life is the oldest of all, the reasons I move around my temperaments each time I discover I am developing away from them so I can continue to annoy people spiritually and intensely i.e. they plant the seeds of their dreams in my life and I better co-operate or else and so my chest hurts and my tummy hurts and I can never be allowed to enjoy my own food etc and my body hurts and so I guess they speak of the making of tyrant who tells people he accepts what he is given even though he has everything he needs, not as a matter of the truth that it is the books I sell and not my royal property or public work or what I write on my websites that becomes people’s property but they have chosen to be criminal disobedient around here and I will give a try as well for my part and find out, while they claim I need to wake up etc because they think it will cover up the old truth of the seeds I sowed in them as well which is the gospel of Christ and I reap the fruits of those as though it grows up each time they wind me up and reap it every day with great joy and gladness in my heart that it hurts. Whilst I am able to prevent them from reaping any of the fruits they plant in me, it does not necessarily mean that they can prevent me from reaping the ones I plant in them anyway and so we are getting closer to knowing what the end of their insults is and for their stupid children I intend to cut to bits those stupid communities so they can come out and get attention as it were, bearing in mind it is impossible to avoid violence by being respected for what you do and the fact you can do it. They can be famous to hell if they want; they will always do it while I hold it down. It is the same old issue; stupid irresponsible German business that relies on other peoples morals and their African friends and I am not angry at the world while my mother gets around with an evil socialist party and foolish black men that assume they will be able to wreck my life and finances forever; I mean my birth mother is the biggest usual selfish threat to any part of my existence which means I can get along with people and the reason is because she believes if I am financially successful I will tend to have an opinion she has to listen to and does not want to be told she is wrong; my victory of course was that with all that selfishness forced or not she did give birth to me and carry me for nine months before then and cannot really validate any rubbish about the usefulness of her powerful selfishness, except that she has got these evil twisted idiots whose names I don’t know getting involved in the family matter and so how it could therefore mean I am angry at the world is quite unprecedented. It’s the same old issue that people attack me because I look like something that can swallow up all their problems if they vent them on me and so they are on some kind of feeding frenzy, so I have no idea where politicians get the explanations they provide for it in order to wind me up anyway. Now my relationship with the Queen is another great matter here and I don’t think it gets to mean foolish women can trap me somewhere and give their children the chance to be famous; not around me – it’s a case of Holy Spirit and Queen and Country and so it is more than they think it is for the most part and these temperaments run the Country too. So people do know how to conduct themselves if they do not want me to play a game of famous my arse, you do it, I will hold them down and of course it’s the same old case – I know what they need to be angry at and they will be.


The idea I am a coward however is utter nonsense; it seems every means of making sure I am involved with so many violent problems that I end up in a gang has failed so it gets personal and criminal because they cannot leave people alone and yes I cannot mention enough times they need to or stop complaining either, I mean are they scared of Political instability? I do not think it a major crisis in anyway; the reality of it is that when people had made sure they set out a 15 years of try and fail for you because you have some potential and they need to be able to make you skilled and poor, you feel like they think you have no right to exist, the same feeling that exists when homosexuals realise that people are building their lives around you and so they build their own sex around you as well and pillage your income over their civil rights, this is why these fools are always doing and asking for more and more and more civil rights from the law because they are covering their tracks and you can never be allowed to be happy or successful because of their wickedness. Hence I handle them in the same way as well – no cowards. Their opinion of me are just so demeaning that they believe it is possible to catalogue my personality over time and take it away from me and make it their own and since they had started that, anybody can take my personality and make it their own so little things like getting paid employment becomes really difficult for absolutely no reason and no crimes committed whatsoever, same of old story where people employ them to do a job and they use their cultural filth and racial nonsense to do it and so when I mention I know how I will get the jobs as well they talk even more nonsense about the Monarchy and now I must be where they want and now they must finish that one – I mean I didn’t bring up the issue of the Monarchy for my part. What I was talking about is more to do with how many times I must tell them to get off my book sale earnings i.e. people always think I am all over the place because I cannot sell my books whereas the only reason my books are not reaching those who need to buy them is because of stupid men that are older than I am and thereby think that because they are I do not think they are stupid and that if I do not rule them viciously and let them get out of hand around me these are the kinds of things that they will base their entire existence; I do this process of telling them to stay away from me and away from my income every single day and yet we are having the conversation at this very instance never the less. It’s like they always say nobody knows how I find a way to live among the lower classes but the reality is that it is full of really stupid people; whose excitement when they see you means violence towards you, their anger means the same violence, their happiness for seeing you means the same violence, always something evil and wicked and filthy and wrong and bad to transfer into your emotions, since your life now belongs to them all together etc – so you must find a way to deploy in short periods of time a means of taking hold of them and twisting them and rounding them and ruling them and running them down the direction they are supposed to go because if all else fails doing so is good for your health but for these idiots, the entire civil service is out there that a big paradise for them to get rich with, still it is not enough and if not my books and personal feeling they will find money and importance nowhere else; of course I know it’s all parliamentarians at work and I suppose I have said what they need to hear about it i.e. I  never brought the Monarchy into the issue and now that they have they need to finish it. It does not apply that because I am a Christian and the Bible teaches respect for elders I am of the opinion idiots should not be ruled by me anymore so that they can do whatever they like – this is the wrong way to try to understand me and some of the things I do. People do know when they are going about things the wrong way, they do recognise when people are telling them the right way to and this pretence I do not care if I provide leadership for young people is utter nonsense, it is the foundation on which my business of selling books is based all together and I will crush them for it as well; I mean they say I do things which affect their communities but those communities exist for no other reason than to pillage my finances and cannot control the high streets in some country where there are more people like them for the most part and more so at their own expense, they want to do it here because they know where my books are – don’t do it seems to be my swansong these days but they will do it anyway; and what is the worth? Of course a splash by the pool side, claims I have stolen their pocket money, some pop song, parties and some stupid girl being famous and being known and getting rich in the show biz business and they never ever, ever, listen; so that each time they do it and my finances bottom out what they do not realise is that it is possible for people to separate me from my personality and claim it for themselves on that stupid media and it is all that violence they want and all of it they will get as well – I for my part need a holiday away from their stupidities. Not enough have died yet and I know what they must be angry at and they will be. My work is nowhere near as said as people claim it is for the most part; the reality is of course the simple fact that I like to show off an ability to catch them all as it were – they are famous they say, I am not impressed, let them do it, lets them see give, the part where they stop short of doing some things they can do on grounds it is too close to aptitudes that are associated with peoples family life or jobs and careers that people have spent all their life time to train for, let them do it and I will hold down the bad guys and the gangs for them as well. So it was always going to be a lot of do which seems like I am in a lot of suffering which is not really true, what it true however is how the Christian was the weak link and they never stop until it goes badly wrong as well i.e. when I do my own I keep it private and then set out to create another life where I work for people, when they do their own it means hard-line Politics, new conservatism or liberalism, it means republicanism and all sorts of nonsense but above all it means they can use it to determine whether or not others have the right to earn a living. I crafted my books because I need to clash with them over my rights to my property and it seems they are still delusional about how much of a right you have to control what happens to your work when the copyright is in your name and this is a lesson I am prepared to teach them too; such rudeness and lack of respect for others is enough to turn a normal person into an animal and this is what they want people to think of them as well. It has been such a simple thing for them to do but instead they have dug down deep to an ability to wreck finances connected with the fact that a piece of work is patented to a particular person’s name and talk nonsense regularly about how they do not know why but the existence of the person provokes them, so we are clearly having the conversation as it were. It’s the beginnings that are more intriguing you see; the one question of where teasing stops and bullying starts and people like to tease you in ways that ensures that for absolutely no reasons getting a job or keeping one becomes impossible a task and they never ever stop and what they get is never enough. People will see that my very presence at the civil service when I am to get unemployment support from the Government disrupts plans they have put together to get rich by the civil service but will never ever keep their hands off my chances of getting a job at the same time, provided they can dream of a time when I am still unemployed and the benefits are no more and regularly turn up in public to talk nonsense all the time. I intend to round them up as well at the markets and the ports and the media and the showbiz and I intend to completely destroy it as well since I am also aware I have given enough warnings the books and the income from it will be their undoing. It is rather remarkable to note the similarities in all the key scenarios i.e. Bush was friends with Bin Laden who Bombed the Twin towers while Bush was in Office but others are affected the most and others suffer the most for it even Politically etc or a group of Muslim idiots in the UK want a piece of my flesh because Baghdad among other Muslim dwellings in the world is in tatters when they supported its invasion Iraq and attacked the British for their inability to do anything for anybody and regularly talk nonsense about their hatred for people like me because we do other peoples things for them etc and it goes on like that endlessly and is not hurting badly enough. I mean it has moved on from British Politicians wrecking my finances to make me a plaything for them since they are stupid and do not know these are Children and relatives of tyrants who feel my own business and company gets in the way of their plans to get rich and have anything they desire - same old story of how they will finish with that and come get that stupid left hand side they normally get in other to keep up confidence and insolent decadence as well; as I said, there is nothing more to give as it were, I have continued to warn them the Books will be their undoing.