I am aware people exist who want to find out if I am being heard on social media with all the things I put up there giving me so much confidence around my career in a personal way but of course it is a wild goose chase most of the time because those who actually express a public interest around my social media are people who at the same time express their fear that I the Author of the Book they want to buy might then pick up in his zeal to get things done, what they were planning to do with the books and then do it, which makes no sense whatsoever – I mean I understand what it means in the real world i.e. we have history boy and you should take nothing out of it but in social media it makes no sense whatsoever, so that it is actually those who are interested in what I am doing for the wild chase that stick to my profile. It has never actually been a problem as such, it’s a very well known form of social disposition, the thing about a certain group of people and that old case of how they are seen making money attacking other peoples companies and sending their stupid children to the most expensive schools and then setting out their position to help girls that want to be famous with the lives of others to show themselves on media all the time, while they secure with it all servitude for big business – you know when I say I will end up crushing their world completely before they tend to believe they need to keep their insulting distance from this Office and this Firm. I mean I can get off and end up with confrontation of the kind of stupid women making videos to express how they never asked me about a Royal Commission which I have deployed as a pretext to make so much trouble that it has ended me up where I am stuck with certain really messy issues that imply I am getting in their way and I would never understand what it means unless that is I apply my mind to such things hence expressed when I have made it clear I have not actually shown I would not like to confiscate that stupid money and that stupid fame and those stupid peace offerings as well: these are the only three sections of their stupid lives and each one is deployed to maximum effect as violently as they can with a homosexual culture they are so deeply involved with that they can imagine access to your private parts in a way that is actually manifest in terms of feelings because the Politicians ensure you are propelled by hysteria for them so they can be the ones that work fate for political power idiots. So they will respond to this of course by statements about what I can confiscate being a function of what I dare to do, which is not unusual but ask me again why I expected they would yap rubbish like if you dare for example. I mean the part about their activities which cause the most damage to my Company and its income is concerned with the terminology I use to communicate with allies and customers and associates being sexy – why on earth therefore I would as a normal person think I ought to get myself involved with other people’s business and sit around spreading National and International news about how the ground breaking things they do and terminology they use to communicate with people around them is sexy will never be explained if I were to have done so but of course then again they always say they are so big small things like me have no idea of how they are supposed to begin dealing with them as a problem hence the if you dare yapping we hear. I am not saying I am the innocent party in the matter either; the reality is that of fame and fortune and what I do to keep them off the International range of the Office of state and how they cannot be bothered by my feelings and how it eventually means they turn up to make such an exhibition of themselves about their breast and their bums and it becomes a job for the pornography Industry and they claim it is all my fault when I have continued to make it clear to them they are not the type as it were – so it seems there is a limit to their fame but not if it works by completely destroying me as a person and making sure it exists at my expense permanently with a big mouth like if you dare. It does not mean I have not got personal problems either, in terms of this it’s a matter of deviant Royalty such as The Prince of Monaco’s South African Wife for example and what that means endlessly, the abuses because Kindness will be wrought from me destroying everything here with American friends and immediately after the fact they rest their case with their money and immediately after the peace offering of corruption and then it starts again with no plans for their celebrities and day time television idiots along with their shopping channel goons giving way to an understanding I have with my own people as it were.

I hear I interfere with the lives and activities of media people and that is why these things happen when they and their allies and powerful people they work for feel they must act about it – I wouldn’t know since the part where I interfered with their stupid lives was never the part where it started: it started when the purpose of their media manager positions generally meant they earned the right to regularly give word to their community idiots to dress well and appear in public to usurp my public life in order to feel they are becoming whatever they want to be and are therefore free and it is the same old case with what went before the story of interfering with their lives came up at all i.e. about women and how others pay the price while I get about picking off the best bits and showing how good they are when we all know they are idiots who mess up their lives and expect self improvements from other peoples own because women want to be left alone and everybody knows that holding down a job and writing books and doing my Church activities does show a pretty full schedule here of somebody that has no plans to know what their views of women are but this is not what will annoy me as we all know, what will is the part where I have to get into a relationship with somebody in a condition where they can prove a point on me and then we will hear it again bringing us to this point about interfering with their lives over the guy that is way past his relationships sell by date and must now be attacked in general by society as somebody that encourages deviance by refusing to settle down. The Eastern Europeans are always more publicly expressive about this behaviour when their media bosses put them up to it and of course for me the problem is meeting 15 people that are bigger than me dressing well to usurp my public life on my way to the shop and then another 15 on my way back which is then something that make happen every day. It’s not unusual, it’s a simple case of the fact teenagers and young people threaten me over my refusal to succumb to their Political power because there is financial incentive for it at the other end and I have no plans to tolerate that financial incentive for my part as well. Yes I know it’s a matter of MPs enjoying a process of seeing me afraid of them but I have no idea what that means either, after all when it comes to it they always say it’s a matter of whether or not I am scared of them enough to be where they tell me to be because of their plans for their stupid lives which usually ends with tales of how I am also responsible for the safety and security of their stupid families if it will help them to create the sense that I live in the same family as they do while their children get the preferential treatment in order to feel superior. This insult has therefore had its day around here too more so as their excuse is that I am an embarrassment to the Country which is keeping away their investors of which I am not the party full of idiots from the City centre bragging in Europe about what they don’t have until they are asked to pay some 1.7 billion pounds in membership responsibilities which we all now have to bloody come up with as a Nation; so that if I ask them what exactly they have sexual about private equity intellectual property administration and they tell me it is the part where I use so many words to describe what I am doing because I have not got a clue what it is and I have to resolve what they get up to having said that. I do not have to be anywhere any stupid MPs has suggested upon his determination and it does not have to be a problem if they keep the communities that emerge from their Political and business activities including the deviant Royalty in Europe who like their stupidities and vandalisms so much away from this community as well and if they don’t, the reality is that I don’t have to be anywhere that any stupid MP has come up with upon his determination and this insult is past its sell by date. I know they always say I cannot enforce anything against MPs, I am not saying I can, I am saying I have a Court of female journalists and I need to understand I don’t have to pay for publicity for my books when I need them to aid me with it and two things only can ensure MPs cease to feel they have unlimited leave and liberty to mess with my life until they mess with my finances and one of them is that the government is an important thing while the other is the one I create with my own hands to detach them from it. So I know I cannot stand anything that results in financial incentives for when their stupid children attack me of course and they speak of my own when I attack them but speaking of my own is always done with omission of the part where they have set me out and targeted me to make me into one of those people that live on government support for the rest of my life whose feelings and reaction they can control to ensure he reacts in ways that means he attacks the government so Politicians can make an excuse to carry through sweeping changes that increase Political power in the Country, which I find incredibly insulting and have set out my own means of making sure that there are MPs whose reaction creates the atmosphere that allows me to write the kind of books I write as well and so we are now left with the part where they feel they can mess with my life until they mess with my income whenever they want to feel they need to make time for it.

They do say it is the big problems that abuse me into turning on my own people; I would never know since they are the ones whose league with black idiots from America and Africa that clearly cannot keep off their penis and anus talking about sharing shit and so on cannot be explained, unless we speak of their need to move into my right hand about which I am saying they can move in again if they have got it. In the end whether or not I have said so of which the reality is still that I have ended up with an Empire in which the money is ending up somewhere else – you know have an attitude towards the teenager and carry on with it stalking him around the world because you are impudent to no known limits and then with that sense you have that the concept of his income is in the hands of another, when he is 34 he ends up with an empire where the money is in the hands of others and that to you becomes the normal world your stupid children to whom you should channel more of your need to tell people where they are supposed to be as they will not find it traumatic like to brag you want to live in so their industry idiots can talk nonsense in public all the time about property  and equity that is not their own. As for the part where I am a burden however, it is simply going round in circles where we are back again where we started off talking about holding down a job and writing books and doing church activities being a full schedule. I believe I must have made myself clear to them all by now – that if their Industry idiots handle my property equity it will always be the feeling of going to the office to find it ransacked which goes to compound the feeling of inability to breathe because stupid older men want to be rich and they have girls at their disposal and are willing to secure servitude for big businesses from others with their civil rights and insolent media and each occasion where I see them lay claims to it in public and start to shoot around their stupid violence the result will always be that of what I do because I think I have a problem; in the end they are happy to work with their Political idiots who have  a need to tell people where they are supposed to be which they never tell their stupid children hence the reason they like to tell me just as their block head children must put their pricks somewhere on peoples aesthetics to pass exams in school and turn out to pretend that the energy they have not expended to get successful means they are more modern than I am and it will always be this way until somebody shows them a world where they damage the economy so their Political idiots can have power when poverty based suffering is caused, and end up needing it badly in a condition where it is still damaged as well. As I said for my part, whether or not I have said so, I have still ended up with an empire where the money is somewhere else and I will get to the bottom of their problem for my share as well – so they can talk about big problems they have created for me to furnish them satisfaction of seeing me broken on account black and African idiots exist and speak of those who can affect National interest at will.

They do say I am wrecking everything for myself which has no basis on reality – reality of which is that they factorise me by the activities of every deviant idiot that is married into the Royal Families of Europe because of their need to make friends with Politicians that have a thing for securing servitude from people for big Industries without reason or purpose. So that their entire lives are about pruning away everything around me that means I am able to lose my temper when things that provoke me happen hence a person with usual feelings because there is method in their need to control me and have everything without having to change their attitude bearing in mind they have become important. So this can come to an end or those responsible can take the problems up and fix them; I mean at this point I am supposed to feel all the frivolities have been pruned away and that I am able to settle up and face only what is usual but I don’t because of them. They do say the number of people that would not have died if I said so a long time before now should be noted but of course Mr Obama’s need to attack me is all coincidental as it were and not most of the time a function of African idiots that are married into European Royal Families, besides which the number of people that would have died who like to get books I write from the horse’s mouth they mean – they want to explore the depths of doing unseemly things but don’t want to die in a war. I understand the other complain to be that I spend too much time with matters of the Lower classes which does make me feel disconcerted because this is not a matter of the lower classes; if businesses have no customers what will happen is that they move away and take the jobs with them and the Monarchy will be blamed for it, it has nothing to do with the lower classes when that happens and they are having a three month holiday at the most expensive locations on earth they obviously can afford while the Monarchy is being ousted and the Country is thrown into turmoil. I know there are reasons for those complains naturally but I am only saying this is not a lower class issue – I mean we are talking about Mr Obama with very violently destructive capitalist idiots doing what they do best at Popular Culture and eastern Europe and with women talking nonsense about female whiles and money, so that I will be told by the lower classes themselves that this is a problem the Monarchy should deal with not me, so we can find out if they know what they are doing but I am sure they were there when these idiots decided I was to be dominated first before I can complete my academic work so whether or not I have the right to a job might be debated after that and that it had nothing to do with the Royal Family either. I mean I know republican idiots are all over the media exasperating me in one way or the other but it is the last thing we hear them mention when they complain about my activities as well; the fact that they are playing flush my life down the toilet routine because the way the country works means that their need to feel empowered is more important than my own personal-personal life and my own personal family life and therefore should provocatively take pre-eminence over it like that because they have plans for themselves. So those who say it is a lower class issue can ask me again as it stands. They do claim that I say what I say so that people can do violent thing on my behalf but I say I say what I say so they can put their hands in as far deep as they can to stir the devil and make huge mess of evil issues in society so that they might recycle the curse of it and the problem that will follow them after with passive racism and civil service bullying and they can get themselves involved with evils they never did before as well if they have located a Christian that attends church often enough – it does mean they can spy on me and steal Royal order fighting abilities when I play video games which gives their popular culture villainy further confidence by which process they can run their tiny armies and look for trouble all the time because it will cost somebody else whatever happens; it is freedom even that they behave in that way, never mind the self confidence they get from it. So when it comes to the case of how MPs do what they do to ensure that anything that is exclusive about my Royal life is being shared and abused and made common and so on, it’s never really a matter for Prime concern most of the time – after all its about pulling away at other people’s feelings until they pull your own and write books as well so you can tell them where they are supposed to be and talk nonsense about where big Companies are which will only cause them to go global with it to shut you up like I have them. I know they say it is what racism is like but I wouldn’t know, it is nothing new; they fester and they fester but it should never mean we are equals and they know what I know along with their society idiots and can get involved with me at will and or do have what I have and so on, so that they need to keep their distance from me as everybody is perfectly aware stupid women talking nonsense about the power of women and money and the likelihood of employing them while pushing others out of jobs in order to have women small soldiers is precisely what racism is all about and if they make another claim that I corrupt their women we will have a problem again, since we do know exactly who corrupts their women – I am saying that I know the behaviour of the Ministers amounts to racism but it can be a case of women are items and you can turn up and corrupt them and somebody can handle you like an item so you might know your place with a big mouth. So that it creates wonder why on earth their Parents especially the MPs become convinced they can tell me they need to get jobs before I do or tell me where I am supposed to be and it is much the same with Mr Obama’s violent capitalist scum who like to show me I might do whatever I like with them but their daughters are always attending the most expensive Universities from money made pillaging my property and will be off to jobs at big firms where they can secure servitude from me and so on – so that their MPs feel they can address me in any way they like even ways they would not address their own block head children and that nothing will come of it if their children can threaten me instead – so yesterday we were talking about how they distrust the Police which is a function of their fathers doing this sort of thing as a basic form of existence and when done use the irritation of their wives to continue and if finished use their own irritations as well and if not enough get a riff raff relative and if not enough find a charity work, hence when they see Police officers it is always at the back of their minds and they think that should be other peoples problem. Today we are talking about wrecking everything when in actual fact what I put out on my social networking date 29/10/2014 is concerned with managing my premises and if lower classes want to get around it they can and so can everybody else, what I am doing is for tomorrow and we are already talking about why I never did speak of the insults and how it applies to being told where I am supposed to be from this point of view in the first place which of course I didn’t because they will have to keep their hands to themselves and their parents will have to teach them all kinds of nonsense too so that they might and then tell me where I am supposed to be when they feel they want to exist and do everything with violence by me and I feel it is a case of Prince having what they don’t and they being idiots of society which is entirely normal not half the crisis they suppose it is. I hear it is asked if I am aware my actions amount to Parliamentary purge but of course I am and it started with the disproportionate appointment of socially incompetent socialist MPs into the Monarchical House of Lords while they kept an original provocation in the House of Commons to threaten and abuse me with. So eventually they did move the Highest Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court and that was a victory in their view, split the home Office into security and justice sections and it was all divided asunder; so that it is my strength but I will e forced to show everything while I have no cash to look after it so that socialists can feel that the system is right for them and means they can be comfortable with it; even now after being through the system House of Commons and all they are still doing it at the House of Lords with insults they assume must be condoned at all cost. Now we are in a stage where the MPs can get off their high Horse and handle Government like it was important and then I can get off my temper and sell my books like a civilised person and until that happens I will ensure there are Politicians whose reaction to my activities creates the atmosphere that makes possible the kind of books I write and they can continue with setting me out as somebody that must live on benefits for the rest of my life so I can be teased and made to react to abuses in ways that cause the Politicians to make sweeping changes to benefits and cause poverty based problems for power. In the end of which it is usually said their behaviour is my fault but it is only one way of looking at it; I mean for the older ones there are times when I say I have finished with them but still feel the need to hold on so I can write the books and in that they do have access to my genitals so to speak – the younger ones must understand I don’t have the same views as most other people and therefore do not think they should have an area of society that they can live in, if  I can change their behaviour for them and monitor it for the rest of my life as well instead and now they can dress well and spend my public life and income and the black ones can seek their violent integration to make me fight racism until they have me wrapped round their little finger too; it’s the same story all round they have caused me enough abuse to create the sense it is the pity they have for me and not the one I have for them that prevents confrontation but for now we speak only of the necessary pity we get rid of like when they claim I corrupt their women meaning we have a problem again.  It does bring us at to the point where it is said that my actions and word are more American than British and that this is an accomplishment for them but of course it isn’t – it’s a matter of collecting what Ministers of Parliament do to ensure people are running after things like education and jobs and pensions and simple family life so they can move into people’s comfort zones and lives on their right hand to feel empowered and how it always means they must make some social clandestine link with criminals in some way and how putting them up all together and dealing with them as a problem leads to an outcome where they are more American than they are British, such that even the Americans will not have it and instead will rather ask what it is used for. In the end it does not mean like they always say that I suggest Americans are ruder than the British, which of course isn’t true because in some areas Americans are far more conservative – however which rudeness is something we hate as a fundamental means of existence i.e. being courteous and polite leaves you with strength to fight back unless you are the deviant twisted fools who enjoy doing otherwise in order to draw on other people strength with their insults and for those that do it to me, what I use the results for is to make things really fuzzy at the International scene of life which then means they have been winning since.


I am said to be under stress because I have recently acquired some new privileges that need to be squeezed out of me by MPs, I would never know anyway; all I know is that it is taking us right back to where we were earlier in the day i.e. they can factorise me by the activities of deviant Royals in Europe and complain later when they take up the problems and deal with it or they can leave me alone. I mean we are looking at these guys and a certain habit with method behind it which means that they can get whatever they want and it always has to do with an abusive manner of asking for or handling your possession and when it has cost all to protect it from them revert to their Royal money and start to have a problem with your right to earn a living and then if failed put up peace offerings of sex and sexual scandal which builds up to a point and causes enough damage to let them repeat the whole process again and again and again without pause; so that I have celebrities getting around with me in my work as well and they gain something from my work which helps them manage their scandals too – the result is that every attack by these Royal goons will always result in collecting their fame for the Celebrities that are real celebrities whose scandals they make many times worse with their deviance and methods and even if I simply set out an intention there are people that will always chase it up until they collect it as it were. So I have at least set out realities about Celebrities that have found a place in The Royal Estate and the Company and in that sense think I have done my part – these privileges; I mean when people look at very beautiful women who have a lot of money to spend on themselves and a family of their own they think sex and I am only saying I wish them well; just like they say what I get up to creates more problems than it solves them in terms of how people feel about getting rid of Monarchies but of course what really creates more problems is the credence and support on a daily basis from the seat of civility that is Parliament for the societies and cultures of savagery that people want to practice and more so for the trappings of power not what I get up to and of course it is entirely predictable that when I say such things the result will be that they then set out to take their insulting older men with qualifications talking nonsense about grabbing my work about which they have enough information for many lifetimes to another level talking so much nonsense about my misconceived sense of the pen being mightier than the sword which again is a matter of who uses the pen as people can also draw lines on the sand with a sword and it can be classified as writing. It’s much the same story of older more qualified men and my insanity developed around a sense I have that I am being spied on but it is never actually what I mean when I mention it – there is an atmosphere created from media idiots exasperating me and passing insults that are violent over every single thing I say and do about it which their local community idiots pick up and thereby project their stupidities into my bed chamber while the rest pretend to control me and my finances if they wanted with a big mouth but the Government Provided security is also being interfered with by busy bodies from time to time and we all understand what those kinds of times are as well, especially when it is about how women pet me so I can get out of hand which does make an enemy out of me for them as well concerning which I am leaving it so we can find out how they will run my affairs as well and what will come of it.