I am now being informed that the consequence of what I have experienced had been a process of people bending me to their will and getting me into a fight in their interests but it really isn’t, they are always out there running people down with insults to get people into a fight in the UK, all of the time, especially when Women but I did not think anybody’s child was entitled to show up running me down over claims I am a man and should be getting into a fight with others on their behalf like that either, I had no idea where they planned to stop their stupidities, since their parents did not get a feedback on my account and such a fact was actually a topic for conversation. It is the stupidity that knew no limits, I could easily find something associated with fraternisation with armed forces where a mission that caused a lot of fear was a state of affairs being displayed for gimmicks on the Media and when I had not responded to it, there was a secret associated with my position that allowed people to get money off Washington instead of getting a day job, telling lies that I am in league with communists and trashing my Bookshop. It needs to stop issuing the threats at me, if its lip flapping had gone on to the stage where it claimed state provided security had provoked them on my behalf, as there is nothing they can do around here, needs fool around somewhere else, stay away from my Bookshop, stop issuing the threats at me – I mean we have arrived at the point where it is making sense to pick up the stupid well off neighbourhoods as a tool for my writing career profile and the abuses that ensured I felt ill and sore all over all day as a means of punishment I can dish out to such an extent that governmental administrative processes ceased to be so complicated on their account, not least because the purpose of these gimmicks was to beat down security services staff with sex work and those who complied with their wishes would have the job so badly corrupted it was impossible to make sense of it. Here it is suggested I had little control which is not the case – this nonsense is one side of the coin where a profile to match the social activities of criminals was built for me and run off all the way to the Monarchy, garnished with a sense some things I knew had to be kept secret, so I was a character who was in league with communists and needed to forfeit career and income to idiots with a media presence who wanted to avoid work, developed by American Political twats who were so good at looking for trouble, the practical jokes caught up with my career and showed up to make a mess all the time, annoying me to a point where I could make sense of the reasons their country was full of guns, as if I was lacking in the means to draw up a list of effect for the insults that leave me with poor takings at the markets every day, considering I am working with my schedule and not their own, which really makes sense of their provocative stupidities, a list that will guide me in a process of punishment after punishment which I could dish out until the Bookshop worked for me on schedule and they got to exhibit their insults and stupidities somewhere else. The other side is that when the US Goevrnment antagonised me, it was due to a sense I possessed the same assets and previous terrorists did and it made sense to have me checked out, the other fools who were stifling my finances but could do nothing about the finances of the terrorists, showing up here to corrupt security service work in order to get rich in a world nobody asked them to build, where they needed to show they were brave enough to deserve their careers, handing over service work to a bunch of gits at private security industry with no military ethic whatsoever, is obviously doing a great job, showing up here with its German and Italian friends to cling to my assets with a big mouth that also suggested it was all my fault every day. Then of course is the fact that security service staff were at work and in the process, they do meet people and make friends, they worked together, enforced foreign policy and were doing a widespread, wide range great work preventing wars all over the world. absolutely no prospects that I could pick up their stupidities and build a bubble for it to ensure that I unleashed chaos that only their famous stupidities would experience then, needs to stop showering me with the insults and show up here to read. It is really nothing unusual, like we see the industry gits with a need to cling to  market I built running off their stupidities up, down, round and round and a career does not mean anything to anybody no matter what the owner does with it, these idiots do not even have a job for me to pay my bills with on the offing for their unusual interest in me, so I had to set out what I had done, to which effect they claim people had died as if they were obvious to the consequences of their actions, that the American who would do nothing else but spend money on this nonsense to create a sense I had lost something important would lose everything they had doing it and if at the end everybody were able to pay their bills except myself, then will I go about changing such an outcome too. I understand they claim I am no victim and there was reasons behind their activities and yes there is reason behind their activities if I do confess it myself; I have now successfully burned away on the basis of pursuing overseas business interest problems, everything that encourages their famous idiots and the nonsense I tolerate over the way my social media is being corrupted by their security service idiots who get terrorist gits to work their narcissism on me through it and stifle my finances over claims I am a coward, having their gimmicks arrived at a point where they actually expect an Arch Prince to get into a fight on their behalf, everything which encourages them to show up here pursuing solutions to their obscurity problems, burned it all away as the only thing they learned at school were the insults, so whenever there was government function nearby I suffered intensely. It should provoke their entitled stupidities naturally, they were famous – actually now got its stupidities so well figured out that it has built me a criminal profile and gotten a twat that had nothing in the world to lose, to live next door and bang the walls and doors at me, to facilitate some of their most extreme distant violence insults while it clings to my assets in Hollywood and on the Media – its profile as a liar on media then meets up with its fake news profile on social media but it will not take the hint I have had enough of its stupidities stifling my Bookshop, it was convinced I face a threat from its self-seeking gimmicks.

The idea here suggested at this stage is that I am digging myself into a hole on the public security issues which I am not – there is no quietness to other people’s private time after public work, there is no privacy because of celebrity interests in the social profile, it even then goes on to issue threats at me over a failure to restore what was missing from my public profile when its famous stupidities handled it to make money whilst these two items were missing and it became such a difficult disposition to make sense of reasons that the behaviour which caused it to disappear continued. Then we arrived at the part that caused the most difficulty which was the absence of the privacy and quietness, produced an outcome where work done to protect the public from terrorism was burned away, leaving their stupidities an opportunity to run me down until I felt flustered all day long for gimmicks, especially if there was a role I had to play to ensure public work continued, making sense of what appeals to them as a need to be a bunch of German pricks. Then their Americans friends claim they were having me, whereas I could always provide them with a list of ways that they will never get away with their uncles making a mess of my Bookshop to pick up my equity as a tool that lets him extract pocket money from the stock markets whenever he needs and they were never going to get away with their parents making a mess of the Bookshop to help them secure teenage advertisement contracts from multinational companies, after which we had to deal with more difficulty because they faced child star abuses, a list that will detail punishment that I could follow judiciously for each eventuality that made me uncomfortable.

I am even told I had lost everything but continued to pretend I had not, what they had was the interference with my livelihood and a Media based narcissism for the so called problems I solved and it will not stop until it really does – I mean there had to be better people out there who were more worthy of my civil rights feelings due to a need they had to show up and convert energy that should be channelled towards Royal affairs into a response that concerned their social issues, being hurt by them every day whilst they needed me at the same time and complained about the consequences of the behaviour too. This nonsense never stopped until somebody else did it better, so they had to contend with Police in riot gear – for instance here it is said I had gaslighted the gas lighters but I do it all the time, since it stirs a series of activities that people could handle to run me down endlessly but refused to take responsibility for the fact it was their creation, so I could not pick up those activities to handle as a tool that helped me show that I am quite sane i.e. there has to be people more worthy of my civil rights feelings than they were, fighting me every day whilst they needed me and complaining about it. They come through to claim that I was broke and this was the main reason women did not find me lovable, of which I could never make sense what their lane was as they say, if I am both broke and required to do something that proved I am brave enough to deserve my career. The truth of it is that they are not compatible with me but wish to keep any strings to my feelings that they had discovered, alongside their boyfriends, need move on as they are not relevant, not important people with respect to what occurs around here especially – compatibility issues is that I am a Libra and do not find society abuses provocative, they have built themselves a mini society where they had to attack the society and its abuses in order to show they were worthy of their careers, shows up here ripping up my health with stress every day because it does not wish to perform this task with its own temper and its own body but none knows exactly why they built the society which demands it in the first instance. They do claim it was typical of Libras to avoid fighting but it is an old story, seems the main problem here is that my existence was an issue in the sense that I refused to get into a fight on the streets, now I have also made their own an issue because they were willing to but they had lower levels of tolerance for the insults than I did. Here it is suggested there were underlying issues concerned with this problem and it is the same one where they were in charge but did not even know what they were in charge of, they became so convinced that since nobody was gripped with tension due to racial problems, it was okay to bully people with racism when they were ethnic minorities, so none knows exactly what it is they were going to do about me if a white boy picked up their racist insults and they decided it was a social problem that people had to contend with, so far I have made it a part of a process by which I ran a Bookshop and they have converted that process into an accusation I was engaged with racism. Always in charge but does not know what it was in charge of, like they claim the problem was an unwillingness to get into a fight on my part and I suggested the problem was their willingness to, we have arrived at the stage where any actions taken to attack peoples careers and finances would have been something they invented and I will willing to play along too at this stage. Then there are administrative details where it must ensure you suffered all its negative experiences for the fact that you were right about public matters but does not take correction or criticism for each of the times it showed up on yours, as an indication that deep down it considers itself to be in the leadership position at all times – free to keep the insults naturally, needs to stay away from my Bookshop and we can see this nonsense develop into a stage where the insults had affected something important to which I had to respond too. It is nothing unusual, the same process of an atmosphere of ridicule, abuses and insults, built up over me and behind me like an open secret everybody knew about except myself, for them to engage with as abusive middle management twats, stupid children from school who had a need for crowd mentality activities and an abusive society, it will build one like that and if I am too disciplined to be affected, it will then go on to read my birth signs and share my privacy with hoodlums, to show up shooting off its big mouth all over the place but it is the famous who were actually being paid last time we checked, to create a media presence for them, who ran it off every blessed second, hence the fact that ridding myself of their famous peoples insults will be the way to make the problem go away. I am told it was interesting I am able to control the crowd mentality abuses all together but it was also the usual gig, where it leaves home to be the only school children taught by parents to go to school and finger bums, also taught to finger mine as well when its stupidities is not yet so terrified it cannot attend school because of me all together, so especially they would leave their homes and neighbourhoods for this nonsense and plan to run me down throughout their working lives, but expect me to enter into a position where I let their rogue landlords, public transport idiots, corrupt private security and hoodlum gimmicks go back home thereafter. In the end the core of this matter is still the same issue where Politicians have pointed out some of the stupidest experiences they have endured was to do with a bunch of idiots who could not keep away from Royalty, so it seems that involving them in my affairs can at an extent be a bad thing – since they had to choose between culture and society or both whilst I did not, my existence was so lofty thinking about returning to their own made them sick to the stomach and their stupid civil rights told them they were in charge, so there had to be a way I was held responsible, at the same time it pays to remember we started off the conversation on the basis their stupidities were incredibly important people, as much as their famous idiots were and I had failed to recognise that they were, something they were currently doing every day. Sometimes I let it run the way I let it run such that when the Politicians had complained, duties at Office were set out to ensure that their gimmicks were no longer a mystery, just like we have seen that it was not yet accepted that Celebrities ripping up my finances because I ran it on a low key to figure out the trust first and now hijacking my schedule to cling to my income streams and put labels on me, does not make them more important than I am. I am told there may be a problem with the way I ran my affairs but there really isn’t – those who suggest such things were there when the radio wave lesbians would not give it a day’s break since 2001 and have not stopped once up till date, so the idea of what is wrong about the way I ran my affairs is perhaps that I should not have taken on the famous whilst living on social security but we will see through the timeline that this is an incorrect perspective to hold on the facts. So where we are now is that the other gits that are working me for homelessness at the local council, mainly make use of low lives who worked public place and personal space narcissism for them, this was a problem concerning which such low lives knew involvement with me came at a disproportionately high cost but it has now been taken up by the famous, made into the source of all stress for me over gimmicks I am meant to fight people for them and turned into a public problem in its own right, making it quite clear that stopping their famous insults was the solution for all problems here. The matter of what I am doing wrong was a simple case of assuming that I probably needed to get out on the streets to tell people I needed money, which would have fed into the gimmick of a profile built to match the social activities of criminals and run off to Buckingham palace which I really should match if the lack of respect for my Bookshop continued. The fault therefore is with them, since the results are that I may engage with a client, a broker and a prospect, the prospect had not met criteria whilst everything I did was based on structure, process and rules, the difference between losing money because involvement with me was based on a joke and not respect for my livelihood is Celebrities playing up ego gimmicks where they were entitled to what I am doing. The business itself is sound as I am working Intellectual property administration, there is product image service, there is patents service, there is aesthetics service and in the end I engaged people with my Books and allowed some to forge a personal relationship with me at the Trust but it will never look as if I did not need to live on social security until a famous idiot is either dead or learns to fool around somewhere else, lip flapping more insults about the ways state provided security provokes their stupidities into what they were doing.


It goes on to say that mine was a matter of luck and being in the right place and condition which is also utter nonsense as what has really happened is that they have been digging, up to the point where they have dug me up for instance and now cannot accept that they theories they had about how much they were entitled to on the basis of how they were born and raised, was a farce since I am basically giving myself away which I am accustomed to, in order to hold up the pillars that helped them live in a society that was not at war with itself. Has not taken the hint that I do not wish to continue waking up to nauseating financial complications created by their famous unusual interest in my affairs so far and it really makes the point about the ways it may end up in a Law Court and if the Judge had to make a statement about problems he knows he had solved at that Law court but was not solved in society as a whole due to human nature, it would have been at least 5 paragraphs for them and 1 for everybody else, the silly Media appearances, the abuses and career vandalism that had to be performed on people every day, whilst its other trouble makers got off at the Monarchy with ideas nobody liked me there, the unfairness of pursuing so much abusive nonsense over what it thinks should be the society in which we lived, beats me all the time, the mystery of how people could be wired up in such a twisted way if I am so badly affected due simply to involvement, not that this was bad enough as their sense of right and wrong was also badly corrupted and flawed, I mean up to the point where we can see disparities between them and children as in if you tell your children play time is over, play time was over but cannot get them off favourite narcissism insults that puts them in charge of my affairs and trashes my finances because their own jobs and finances were incredibly important, yapping ways that mine was luck and a business of appearing somewhere at the correct time. The trouble makers at the Monarchy were warned the whole time, that the Kings Coronation had nothing to do with me, we are still to learn what HM style of leadership was at this stage since it has been a year, whilst it shows up here with gimmicks and propaganda that allows it to cling to my possessions and decide who liked me, nothing I am likely to perform to detrimental purposes for which I did not face consequences then apparently and it was not getting worse last we checked. They do claim the problem here was to do with the way I avoided hard work, very rich coming from a group of gits who always trashed peoples careers to pick up the publicity for themselves, they were the only people who failed to see the purpose of a massive service department the government had built to handle security and believed the way I stood up for my right to pursue my daily affairs was the answer to obscurity problems that came alongside their personal decisions over abusive claims they were incredibly important, their pay packet was large and they were famous – I know the process if repetitive and the pain was unlikely to last till the end, so what is stopping me had to be the way it burned my crime control publicity to take class A drugs, then show up on media with abusive and threatening disobedience to make comments about my career every day, that helped it maintain access and involvement to continue its gimmicks, should I move away from it I would be cash strapped, trying to overhaul an entire career publicity whilst I had no money and had also run out of energy considering my age, It will not stop running off the comments and always comes up with an excuse to keep doing it naturally, thereafter seeks out people I am supposed to be afraid of as well. The backdrop is that they did not see me get into a fight in school, but they hated the way I wanted to sell their society for money, so the more I became a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy, was the more they would look the part better than I did. So this is all more dangerous than my words suggest they were, these gits are trying to shut me down completely, so the idea I did too much has now created a greater conversation on the matter, it needs to shut down the media presence it built for people who had accomplished or expressed an unusual interest in my person and career, claiming my response was exhalating for daring to cut them off because they burned my crime control publicity to indulge class A drugs – I am trying to keep up with a cluster of global stage broadcasting organisation who possessed necessary range, I need to get ahead, talk more than they did, consign them to history and rebuild my crime control publicity on the basis my history with them was more a matter of how people got about breaching my patents. Their friends have also suggested my Book was a disgrace which it is not, as they think of it as something they would have written whilst keeping out those who want to get involved with me with respect to the work I did in order to produce the Books, besides which if I were working the Books from a structured business, normal people would have assumed that I should be able to earn from it by working the business itself in terms of numbers, this is the source of all the problems they complained about.

We have now arrived at a stage where it should be considered that what it meant if people created me a 15 year career mess, to arrive at a stage where they cancelled the existence of my literary work, is that they have created me a social profile to counter my original career publicity and personal life, we had arrived at a stage where I need to get in shape and launch a personal attack on those who attacked my interests because they had successfully changed the narrative into something they built, I did warn them about it too, it is a point where there is nothing left to discuss on the basis that my responses were exhilarating and encouraged more abuses. They do claim I had found a way to make myself relevant at the Monarchy which is also utter nonsense as their gimmicks had placed me in an impossible position where the King could not secure a clean slate, if HM fell out with the Prince of Wales and it was my fault or the Prince of Wales inherited problem from the way HM leadership turned out and it was my fault, the assumption at this point is that I was incapable of pursuing such problems and getting them solved. I am not the problem people think I am in anyway whatsoever – we know for example that the idiots who have been running NHS Ambulance sirens to make a statement that the Police disturbs the neighbourhood on my behalf, had worked the abusive crowd mentality lasciviousness atmosphere that criminals and quasi criminals built up to target me, right up to a stage where they regularly ensured I never smelled good enough to do anything useful with my career beginning from 6.00am everyday – if they were asking me, then there was no way for me to secure either a police siren or an NHS one to undo this nonsense, so I will need to wait for the idiots each time they carried out a paramedic work, to get some, they should be asked how they plan to get rid of the anomie mess built into my career profile for the gimmicks they believed everybody ought to appreciate, perhaps they had a better fucking idea. They do claim it was a matter of men agitating for rights, not clear what the agitation was about since they did not face more obscurity problems than obese people did, without talking about expecting mothers, single mothers and on the other end, the silly things they did with other people’s diet, especially those who could handle themselves in the kitchen. Then the administrative matters where if they were campaigning over obscurity rights, not clear which one women hated because their practical jokes created a result where financial matters were never done on time, so for no reason that was due to the person, the person suffered a process of getting caught up in a series after series of civil activities that led to a dead end, no direction, because there was government function in their neighbourhood pushing them to think about the personal guilt of what they knew they should have done with their careers but had not due to circumstances and we are not talking about those who ended up in the same circumstances due to personal decisions yet, so not clear what their obscurity problem really was. It seems that they are talking about public control measures and western interests when they speak of obscurity issues and I suppose it is the point where I needed to be allowed the right to smell nice or I will be encouraged to attack their outdoor activities.

The outcome is a condition where my so called clash with the famous is said to have taken a turn for the worst and it develops as stupidly as possible like so, when it had not received a workable response from me, since it had become so difficult to make it clear to them that since this was not their career, they were not entitled to anything in this place unless I had personally changed such a position. How does a person get through to their world and put it to them that if a boudoir is disturbed and a career publicity fettered with, the victim will find it difficult to get the bills paid? We are now in a place where I had found it difficult to pay my way for 6 years straight solely because of their interest in me and the other git at the local council, who was working me for homelessness over claims I committed social security fraud was affiliated with them too – eventually when they get off reading the astrological signs because they were abusing my privacy, they believed I was dead and buried but what had really happened is that they had given themselves away i.e. we see the effects of their interest in people’s affairs every day, Aquarians who lose everything save a bit of family they claw back, usually ending up in broken homes due to a process of taking the risk to make an effort towards exhibiting affection in their direction, I am an example of a Libra who gets out of bed every day to engage in one fight after another, so I had arrived at a stage where somebody affiliated with them was working me for homelessness at the local council. They however are so stupid, that the effort had to be made, not only do they seek to speak to me but would not have ventured to speak to their equally stupid children the way they wanted to talk to me, we are now in a place where my part in the clarity about what their stupidities hated, was that after all those years engaging with some female journalists over mobility issues, I am having my finances stifled by idiots who could not stand up for themselves save they access royal publicity they can afford and hospitality that the system had set out to entreat politicians for the purpose of covering their backside, it is being done on the basis that they saw me do private security work and there had to be a way people got to make me serve them with it. Then I get told I was rather at ease with the problem but if I had to do something about it, then what I would do would have amounted to a process of coming up with a plan to attack and curb media alongside female society narcissism, considering this nonsense is developed for the purpose of being able to say that they could handle my affairs as destructively as they wanted, as disobediently as they liked and at the end they would still have been able to get ahead of me where legal methods of seeking redress was concerned because they possessed access to a Media presence – It built this nonsense to affect my career in 2016 and had been complaining about me since, having already breached my patents by 2012 prior and nothing is educating their stupidities about the fact they since they were just as sick to the stomach as I was but the way I was sick to the stomach would get me into trouble, if I got attacked on the streets because of them, it would serve the beginning of a feud.

They were always so certain those stories they told about some cowardice on my part that was the cause of all problems were well rooted. It is not at all, as I have mentioned on other occasions that they were criminals, especially the Media, miscreants to say the least, whose only reasons for staying out of prison, was that the crimes they committed was not set out as a crime by the Law, until somebody got hurt and the Politicians had to make the Laws and I am not the one cutting the corners on the fact they were utter scum, therefore should not be the one paying the price for their activities the way I did every day. It is only likely to build up to a result where I chased somebody to a street corner, put a bin bag over their heads and attack them because they were famous and then since they were unable to tell the Law, I ran it off to a point where the fingers on my body parts issue built up to a result in which the bodies that were meant to regulate what they did with a Media presence, played a part in my life story. So far we have seen that nonsense where it always get what it wants go to any length around here, in my case, it has already hurried up to the outcome in which whole societies and communities were involved in the abusive behaviour directed at me, the assumption is usually always that there was nothing I could do about it if there were so many people involved – reality is a history of being stopped by a git that has not yet figured out what he or she wanted to do about the problem, when it transpired that each time I had failed to pay sufficient attention to their gimmicks, such that I was covering for them through my social life integrity, they got hurt or killed on the streets, whilst the Politicians failed to figure out how they would want to make policies concerning the violence but I have been clear even so on my part, that I am keeping a Bookshop and it needs to stop getting on the media presence to make use of a history where I had not responded to its stupidities, running off its mouth about a Bookshop from which it had never made a single purchase in its life. They do claim I did not have the upper hand in the matter because they were ahead on abusive narcissism publicity which is not the case, as it appears my contribution to this nonsense is that Celebrities were able to share my public life, I mean I never shared it with them but it had since gotten into a habit of picking up my patent margins to help it explain personal life problems to its fans on the red carpet, which shows no signs of stopping amicably – then there is the part where clients develop my equity and since they had an interest in my career publicity they put together some money to develop what clients had developed in order to push towards stealing trade secrets and continue making money from a narcissistic happiness that their stupidities had suggested was the way advertisement should be made, used to be afraid of me but is not anymore, when I do get my hands on the stupid famous careers properly for my part as well – then of course the third part where if it did look in the right places, it would have been able to see that my own career gets to my head just as much as it enjoys being abusive about its own. In the end the Politicians have raised the point about their addiction and the way that I wish to detach from them was no way to ask others to live their lives but it is not my problem, they have been making these decisions since 2008 when I dropped out of University and I am writing this item in 2023, even when I speak of somebody staying away from running off abuses at me on a media organisation that had a global reach, the excuse will be that any action taken on my part would affect culture upon which hundreds of people relied, in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, now I have mitigated all those issues for them and it seems I am asking them to assume an existence that was abusive as well, whilst I had no part to play in their predicament. We make sense of this from that stupid story I appear to have been beaten down and finished, since it was a matter of running me down every day – the fools banging walls and doors had nothing to do with me, save the twat that was running off corrupt private security ensured it was linked to my body parts, working with the rogue landlords to gain access to my privacy and then they stirred it on Media everyday – I did drop out of University and they did pass the exams to keep the good jobs naturally, now its interest in me is to show up here ripping up crime control publicity, whilst another group of idiots who thought I ought to be afraid of them developed their own media presence to spend all I did about it, as they used to be afraid of me but are not anymore – I mean when it had arrived at a point where somebody had to get low lives that had nothing to lose in my way, so when I lost my temper, I attacked those and committed a crime but did not see any reason to heed my warnings and show up on media fooling around with my career publicity no longer. Eventually they speak of abusive activities at the Monarchy whilst it was simply a matter of people there talking their gimmicks so seriously, that if we said a gentleman should put ladies first, what they had was misogyny, but if you tackled them on that basis, you would expose the women who had found a way to live with them around and if you did not, you would make yourself vulnerable to the gimmicks that the feminism criminals who got along with their gimmicks and were willing to bear the brunt of the fact they could turn at any time, wanted to do with your person and career, so it was taken so personally at the Monarchy that people regularly attacked fake gentlemen, not like my case where I allowed them run it off, took it up to their social position and allowed them to rely on the integrity of my social profile until I withdrew it and they got hurt on the streets. It is always so abusive, so abusive I cannot pay my way in the world anymore, before it gets up the media presence lip flapping at me over damage that it could only do because it was a fucking idiot getting involved with peoples rather important careers – I am apparently now surrounded by the types that were likely to annoy themselves over the way it made me sick to my stomach, a story of the way that other people’s physical attributes when abused tended to make sense to them in some way and if I have somebody take a physical swipe at me, I believe this nonsense will develop into a feud for it and we are not talking about their interest in other people’s jobs which is the current problem, investigating the concept of Police work up to a point where it was committing its own crimes as well and each time the Police were involved it makes reference to me, right up to the stage where Officers knew having it looked at was a waste of time and resources but they had to do it anyway. The original disposition where it is suggested I did not have a way to pursue the matter conclusively being the part where I provided state office equity for people who worked celebrity culture to keep them off peoples careers if they felt it hurt their tummy as well, which had been betrayed and a method set out for them to make their own celebrity culture that targeted me, with none having since come up with a solution for the problem instead of lip flap more insults at me about how powerful they were, and ways that I pursued a mole hill like a mountain, as if their corrupt bloated ego stupidities knew what they were doing, especially when their twats at the local council working me for homelessness had a real job to do because I let it develop into a sub culture before providing a response.

We are told it had more to do with Politicians than it had to do with Celebrities but we all know this, reality being that it is not my fault I was raised to be respectful of others and they could not get enough respect for their children and became addicted to my personality, however on the part where it became so abusive on usage that I could not pay my way, it will then go on to say that the upbringing was the cause of my financial problems and politics was the solution whilst we have already done my first attempt to respond to an abusive gimmick that runs me down when I am at work, so we arrived at a stage where criminals and ex-convicts tried to take advantage of my situation at the work place all together and I have pushed it to run out of juice, it had not yet built up well enough for me to create them a crisis, I had acted prematurely, so the next time that I take it up, I will allow the abuse of my person when I am engaged with the work market to grow into a crisis before I got to respond. The Celebrities would be the ones that had taken up an arrangement I made so people who took up my looks and social profile, mixed it up with the looks and social profile of another group of people they put up in a studio to make them money at popular culture, the structure was set out such that the publicity grew in strength on the basis that others were allowed to do the best work for career and academic pursuits, these government office idiots and their fame gits wrecked it and are now making trouble because they did not have a better idea, whilst I had arrived at a stage where I needed to ensure each time I did such things, I was restricted to do it where my wife and immediate family was concerned, therefore the single biggest problem was not the stupid idea that others were unable to love me the way I am like their Celebrity culture seeking revenge for criminals that had been affected by my actions have suggested, it was the fact I am still single, we are not talking about their Americans friends either, those were always lip flapping twisted nonsense at others like they needed to be exorcised of demons, hijacked gun law campaigns in their country so whilst it was a good thing to restrict guns, there was no progress made and since it claimed my career publicity was the premise, I lost the money.


There is talk this nonsense helps me to be more respectful, we know it will never cease making statements that suggests it got itself into a position where it could decide my actions by being abusive and will not get out of any such positions if it had adopted one unless I responded badly. The Politicians were another story entirely who have never achieved once, those instances where they claimed they had put me down and got all punitive with ideas on making me do something they wanted – it is becoming an issue where their government office work will be the centre piece for my response, the next time that I did respond to people who showed up to take advantage of the abuses being channelled at me whilst I am at work and the people employing me thought I brought a particular thing to the table according to prevalent conditions. So I am told that mine never goes away but this is because I have tolerated so much of these insults and abuses, people are now looking at somebody who does not wish to act like other Royals by allowing the media abuses to run until it ended up in a Law Court but wants to take them on socially – so we now know they were capable of taking up work at security services for corruption reasons and then I had to mitigate the monsters they had become but we have still gotten no response concerning reasons for the abuses, so intense that I was unable to pay my way, whilst they complained state provided security provoked them and what they did was being done because I was such a coward I would not get into a fight with communists. There is also now talk of the new Media presence for the male population story which is nothing unusual in the matter, just a need for some idiots to cling to my earnings with their own quasi criminals, rogue landlords and corrupt private security connections, on the basis that others did security services work with a view of me that proved to be incorrect on the field, so they felt they needed to do something socially which encouraged me to continue the good work – so when it runs this nonsense to a point where my chastity was so low I could not maintain a Royal Coven without taking necessary action, we will find its stupidity complain about a war I had waged on the male population and I should ensure that I did all necessary to see nobody knew of it until we were at the worst possible point, whereby I will come up with ideas to ensure I got away with it too. There is a sense if I did not operate the way I have, it would have been a disaster – but it would as we are talking about some gits in the American security services who are always getting some famous idiots to spend money and build up publicity to suggest I had lost something important, in terms of the activities of sex workers, famous gits being completely unbridled with respect to work others had done on overseas business interests, feeding right into the fact I am single every turn of events every step I took, the one singular problem we were facing but apparently the middle east and Asian goons were a bunch of misogynist, so what I did was in the interest of my own Home government and if I assisted them to a point, I would get into trouble doing it.

On the story that I am always nasty towards women, I am not – it is a group of people who think that it was due running me down until I was flustered, on the basis they had t consider that they could bring something to the table when in a personal relationship with a Man and then much as it assists them with the business of getting involved with dangerous men at my expense whilst attacking me at the same time, I had to mitigate the narcissistic sex people wanted to have with them as well due to a tendency for them to spread the issues around and end up losing all I had. It lip flaps all the time about being out of my league and if I took it by the hand, so we spent some time in a public place doing something about the fact we did not wish to live in a world where the local criminals wife lived in a mansion whilst the school teacher was homeless, I would end up with a media presence that is built to help any git that took advantage of my career, to make the most of his or her experiences. It is not the case that people cannot love me as I am, I am a Libra and do not like to get into a fight, that said, since people would not generally want to take advantage of me or my family, it was impossible to ascertain what their problem was. It needed to know for the pleasured it got out of its criminal feminism and the part such nonsense played in churning my tummy in that whenever I had my concerns organised, their need to enjoy the privilege always made a mess of it right up to the point where they built a safe media presence to ensure they got what they want – so I have done the part where we took it up to the stage whereby if it gets involved with my career publicity and clients business to copy something and make those stupid self-exhibitionist nonsense where it create a massive billboard in the city roads to convey a statement about ways I did not wish to fight communists and it got off doing it on my behalf to get money from Washington, I will ensure they understand I considered it a corruption of my assets and it was a corrupted billboard that should be taken down, we are now at a point where it had continued to such an extent that each time they did, I needed to pass it on the police considering they were also complaining about my responses to criminal feminism, pass it onto the police as an attack on culture and finance upon which there was also an attack on my person. I suppose the part of my opinion they want to hear was the one where they were hiding in their girlfriends bottom because she had a job in the security services or were batty boys running me down a corrupt private security, rogue landlords and abusive society because somebody else did the security services work.

I am told I had no defence whatsoever against society abuses which is utter nonsense, there is no society abuses here that had not been brought under control, the problem is Celebrities and the history I had with them, first one indicating criminals were creating a problem for everybody and progressed into something of criminals being alright whilst I am the problem and it should have ended there but it did not, picked up my career control and career publicity to do something abusive including taking drugs because it believed it should be able to push me around but current social conditions suggested otherwise, the entire time it desperately needed me to operate on its side so I ended up with further 8 year career mess because of what they claims it is entitled to have – it has become clear that stopping their famous persons harassment will stop everything that gets imagination into my pants as well, considering they were also the same who made their famous persons insults financial and sexual in my direction. The idea I harboured some deep seeded hated for them is incorrect as well, as we know the singular reason for doing this is that the media narcissism to target me by was tempting but then again they started in 2016 and I am writing this in 2023, so they have had time to complain about the consequences more than I did and nobody is preventing them from shutting it down. They do claim they were in the right, which is like the right that was right when the abuses were so intense I could not concentrate on my career well enough to pay my Bills and if I spent my energy on it, I will not pay my Bills at all, the part where it continued to pick up my career publicity for gimmicks and its radio wave lesbians hiding inside their girlfriends arse thought I was a cheap shot of a cowardly man that they can make the most of life abusively by. My view has not changed much in any case anyway: if I got rid of them today, it would not have suggested that I would be free of them tomorrow because somebody helped them make money with it and they want to run it off till their retirement, so contrary to the claim I had no control, we know the lip flapping about being so important they were in the right, is usually disputed when they go on annual holiday, when they spend time with family and when they got paid for the job that they were supposed to have done in the first place and this is where I will begin my second attack on the famous. The first was to do with them and their ethnic minority dark violence friends following me everywhere with security narcissism to build up a sense I ought to get killed for others to have things they thought they should, by society problems, so I played it for them and they got killed, so they now rely on handling my career because people died for my civil rights gimmicks and I have no idea why it seems to have been a problem that I wanted them to do more of it. The Politicians will be the people who claimed I had done the wrong thing and suffered so much that they thought I should be fighting communists to get food, whilst the question festers as to what seemed to have been the problem if racists were doing it for them. The Muslims had an interest in my overseas business interest issues, the idea is always to do with something I did not deserve because I was not brave enough to, leaving their stupidities to look like they wanted to be considered all the time and the list of these nonsense goes on and on because they were so abusive they did not mind taking up from my clients and brokers to pick up my career publicity for a different purpose whenever they wanted to, claiming I was either such a coward there was nothing I could do about it or that the reasons associated with being backed by more powerful people was enough – I am keeping all these matters hence reasons I provided updates for them on my websites, to help me run a Bookshop the way they have kept their careers whilst showing up here to fool around at my expense. It is not difficult as the simple matter was to say that a couple decided their business made x amount of money and next year they would try to make x + 1 amount of money because their daughter needed to attend school, which was not achieved because of the media narcissism that was so tempting and now we have a narcissism platform to save the male population because we had too many feminists, it needed to decide where its stupidities ought to end. Naturally I should not be stuck with any of these but it is all part of British society that they always did this and left the victims looking back as a poor history with the tax man to seek privileges endlessly because they had become important people, but there are specific pressure points I want them to lay off of and they pertain to my Bills being paid properly. There is the claim that I do not respond to these matters in terms of the fact it is lewd, perverted and corrupt but we do see them lip flap the ways that they have used it anyway, in terms of insults Clients dealt with me tolerating yesterday not being as intense as the insults I have had to tolerate today, likewise the clients from yesterday not being as important as the ones from today, the stupidities were born of the idea rather than an inability to make sense of the way that people were wired up as twistedly as they were, I was soft soggy and weedy and should be abused by those who wanted to make progress with life, out of its depth talking nonsense in public places all the time. Even if I decided to settle down with somebody and go away to have it privately sorted out considering I do not find the society abuses provocative, their famous idiots would have decided otherwise, so I had to collect them all and take a stand to win back my fidelity – naturally now subject to another group of idiots with shopping channels who spent it on themselves, a history behind us where I hunted them all the way to their holiday and tourist destinations, suspended by Politicians who claimed I was doing the wrong thing and now ready to be rekindled – I mean a 20 year career mess for it, the true extent to which people these stupid thought they were entitled to some incredibly important things, never mind that what has caused most of the delay was to do with their German influence idiots with opinions nobody is asking to them to supply about my existence, that made me feel flustered, since it was a matter of its need to pervert and claim the atmosphere which existed because security services were working to protect the public from terror, suggests I am a coward, who was unlikely to respond to any abusive gimmick they channelled in my direction or considered to be the best way to invite their stupid selves into and handle my affairs. They do claim their issue was to do with the fact I always smelled of something, my scent was never neutral but they do also know it was not scientifically possible for somebody to stand up somewhere and fart of hours like they suggest, I do not provide a response because they claimed they were set to get to a stage where they annoyed themselves as well and then I got attacked for the practical jokes – otherwise there was little anybody could do about an atmosphere of lasciviousness built up behind me, used for the purpose of handling my personality to get what they want, an incredibly insolent nonsense where those who told me it was happening were set to get into trouble, insulting me all the time considering I knew it was happening and they were aware that I knew about it, every time they were involved with that nonsense it was to do with a behaviour pertaining to crowd mentality and the other scum who enjoyed pushing me around and telling me what to do because their stupidities were famous, were the mother of all stress of who have not decided where their stupidities ought to stop, so I am likely to poison that stupid connection by which Celebrities get through to me literally – like the politicians claim it was not a good look that I am at odds with the system, whilst we know what it does involved going off to build overseas interests that helped it suggest that the government was not being run satisfactorily, then build it up to an extent where it became clear that those who ran it were doing the best job in the circumstances, only for it to decide it needed to trash other people’s career and finances to do something else, should I create a result where its overseas interests could not trust it for anything, the other local government narcissist then had to do something urgent on a schedule.

Eventually we hear the story that they had it in for me and mostly it is talking nonsense naturally as reality is more that I have never seen their abusive behaviour take a turn for the better save instances where victims got to attack their finances. It was obviously selling products and services, hence the stupid children cannot keep their hands to themselves and I am sore all over, due to the fact I worked on a government premise with businesses and set out equity to help the public develop products for wealthy people that spent money persecuting them – it always had to boil down something I did to some gooey level where it could make a real mess and claim I had obligated myself to serve its needs, where it could do anything it wanted to do in order to make money but now it seems that there had been an arrival at a stage where I am facing a threat with a big mouth, how it works before it goes badly wrong, since I am now thinking the next time it gets on my nerves running off this nonsense so I looked more like somebody whose home should be broken into than I did yesterday whilst their famous idiots tore up my health deciding how I responded to it, I will provide them an ultimatum and act on it if they were ready or not. So far it was a simple matter of fighting my wars, corrupting my royal order and complaining that I could not have enough of seeing them risk themselves for me – I would apparently have done something terribly wrong when they got off working my assets with some communists and I took retrieval steps accordingly – it is now saying that when it gets imagination into people panties, there was money to be made from it and I suppose it would fancy the entire market looked that way too, this is how I worked it before they issued the threats, the stupid society, their civil rights must have taken this form and yet at no point have I made the personal decision that placed them in this position where they had to make me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy, abuse and threaten me every day because they were selling products and services and needed to make money quickly since they were about to retire nor have they compensated me for following me around to University with it to get me dropping out. They were getting support at the Monarchy apparently because the King believes I am the one in the wrong, notwithstanding, the royal publicity was obviously something they could afford, hence the need to lip flap about their violent bits.

We hear they were miffed that I am not afraid of how much financial and muscle power they possessed – this is just an image I build up in my mind and I am sure they will recognise the risks and cease to explore it; the reality is that these were a bunch of incredibly cruel idiots in suits, I am drowning in their insults at this stage and have issued the warnings about it enough times whilst it continued to lip flap about those I claimed I had defeated in a great war, whereas I had fought no such wars, will not take a hint and fool around for its gimmicks somewhere else if it does not wish to learn what the facts were and what I will do about its stupidities with the facts if exposed. It is only a bunch of gits who believed everybody thought they were so important it was painful, telling lies. They have now become exactly the same kind of problem that I tackled when I was caught up with the criminals – same process of abusing my privacy, same process of sharing what they claimed were the benefits of the abuses but is all short insolent narcissism videos that brought happiness by which products were sold and therefore since it relied on other people became a viable resource that cost them nothing, gained by abusing my privacy, used as a substitution for a process where they had to be nice to others as well and shared with hoodlums on the streets, same process of following me around with security narcissism everywhere I went – now they expect me to tackle it differently. I mean we can see that when a person commits fraud, it is not that they were unable to sell products by the apparatus that they had built, they were simply thieves, we have the same here where I can no longer access my work history because they were borrowing it to enhance their sense of importance and to protect themselves whilst they labelled me a coward and attended areas of town they were usually too afraid to go, the media narcissism was the most tempting thing in the world and it has no far not yet made sense to shut it down if they were complaining about my response more than I was complaining about it. The others claim I knew about these activities but let it run, I wondering why I should not when they were such a bunch of trolls for a 20 year career mess that has been caused here, such a bunch of trolls I now had to draw up a survival line over poor book sales numbers every day, where I should move forward on the basis that the Books were not written and published within a social condition where the fact they were such a bunch of entitled twats, was a prime concern, otherwise it was an idiot hiding in her girlfriends arse because she could not do the National service herself, running me down with a media narcissism and calling me names everyday – everybody has now got exactly what they showed up here to seek by making a mess for me. Here they claim that people might have to prove themselves by creating diplomatic incidents on my account which I am at a loss as to whether getting up on a media narcissism platform to shower an arch prince with insults everyday was a matter concerning which they were oblivious to applicable consequences – I mean it is never likely to play out like they think as I am going to brew a teacup for the storm to run its course i.e. we have already seen the famous stupidities who had become the same problem I tackled when I got caught up with criminals, deciding that since I am so uncomfortable about the short insolent videos that were the best way to be happy healthy people selling products whilst I was sore all over and could not stop them talking because they did it for a living, then they ought to forge an alliance with the quasi criminal societies and neighbourhoods as a method of pirating my career, which will play into my hands in terms of the way I will decide that my priority was the one that provided them with the most tools to tackle me endlessly between communism and democracy, push it all into a bubble and then get addicted to a process of playing around with it, thus so far it was the twat that continued to assist them with funding and opportunities for the show business job at my expense, that was the muppet in all these.

They say that Celebrities had the resources to ensure I was ineffective, reality being that it was a matter of state office and what people did with HMRC, since it is a product of a need to show up encumbering other peoples concerns over complaints about civil rights and then show up at the other end after years of building hell for people on earth, being a fully paid up part of the problem they complained about it, which I would have taken so seriously that the main question which needed answering, considering the way they evaded taxes for the extra funds that provided them means to be a problem for others, was that of the way that actual public leadership was so difficult and yet I had to tolerate so much nonsense from people who were not charge. For the time being it was clear everything I did with them was done by the way side and the singular problem was the way it ripped up my bookshop to answer its personal life questions for the stupid fans on the red carpet, disobediently and repeatedly laughing it off in my face, the accurate approach which would be to ensure that I could say that it will not be getting a show business job because of me and then set about living up to it. ultimately it was a matter of concentrating on my affairs, settling down in a martial arrangement in the understanding that the more I delayed was the more profitable their gimmicks will be for them.

They do claim the Celebrity issue was always still a mystery but it is not, just a bunch of people who were always doing the wrong thing, then follow it up to such an extent that their method of survival relied on those who were not doing the wrong things, paying attention to them, of these, those who had some form of social status became an addiction and for all the wrong reasons. It reaches a point where a person had to decide, to risk everything and continue paying attention to them or to decide that their predicament was not as bad as they suggested it was. The Muslims are always the most relentless with this sort of behaviour, it never could stop labelling me an infidel, so that people could abuse the body I maintained like a temple for god at a safe distance, until I did their own as well and then they became completely inconsolable – in the end it was all about money all round and I was a character people bullied to befriend those who had some, as disobediently as they could make it, whilst it seemed that when the celebrities trash my finances whilst I worked it on a low key to set my Trust in order, they had become important people, not abusive gits. I mean what I do with Celebrities is done by the way side, for each time I had anything doing with them, if it needs me to pay attention to its predicament in order for it to survive, it was never clear why it set about trashing my Bookshop, why it progressed to claims I could be relied upon to fight people and enhance the idea it was important, why it goads me over public control matters linked to the activities of individuals that are always working neighbourhoods to make younger people do violent things, until I ended up with health problems which even the Royal work did not cause, then tell me their activities were far from the idea that if I am treated like that they would get richer, making me somebody that was in league with communists to tackle me and get money from Americans etc but were prove that they liked me, of which the idea they liked me was also a problem considering I did not care if they did. In the end, we know their position clashes with one concerning people I actually had business with; the question of how people kept intelligence working Offices in ideological no man’s lands when the Office of the government interests they handled was so noisy and rowdy, brought about by people who were likely to cause an outcome in which some people assumed the head of state will not have noticed they were failing to keep their chastity well enough for the work that they were doing, getting in league with criminal societies as a method of blackmail and pirating careers they fancied, then there was the media presence for the criminal communities who came across careers they fancied, history being that the same followed me around at University over claims my personality could make them money at popularity whilst it was a product of a career I already possessed and did not therefore need more, showing up to trash the academic pursuits chasing my bum until I dropped out, then get back into the system to complete their own as a method of teaching me lessons, now lip flapping all sorts of nonsense in public about what they hated since last I provided them with punishment too and at the same time their children were the only people fingering peoples bums in public as if their history had taken such a form and I am said to have handled it in a way that encourages the extremists whilst the media friends will not shut down the press narcissism that had been developed for it, if they were complaining about it more than I was. In the end it never stopped passing insults at me and then complaining about public control whilst they were causing and bank rolling most of the bad behaviour, always being so abusive and this place is no noisy with the fame problems and insults that it was impossible to keep a Bookshop and then claims it was evidence that it liked me.


Again, the point about the astrology issues rears their heads again, this time it has become ever clearer that it was some gimmick that CIA and FBI pundits were doing, something about the ways that Libras like me always second guess myself but will not admit it at the same time others were being brave and powerful. I could never tell why they spew this nonsense so often anyway, we know that if I were going to stop second guessing myself, I would need to act on them due to a need they had to attack me because I had an effrontery to go off and own something they had not tasted and decided if I was worthy to own because I was allowed to keep the possessions, no guessing them who I would have copied should I respond by attacking them because they possessed something I had not tasted first before they could keep – it is a story that unfolds like this time and again because their twisted stupidities had no other patterns to follow, something about the reasons we Librans are always so good at performing the economic abuses on them and why it reads the astrology to attack us for reasons of our property, claiming it was to do with some war with Russia, every opportunity its stupidity got. Currently this situation is playing out as per their abuses and insults, looking towards a conclusion where our method of protecting civil rights will be seen as the correct one again and again, no matter how much they suffered. For their part, the social disposition was one in which half my size was always lip flapping to a point where it builds a crowd because we Librans were not trouble makers, some people saying it added up to bullying but it really isn’t if they were complaining about the consequences of building a society that constantly attacks people that were deemed to be weaker than they were, more than I am but if it wants my peace, I will fuck it properly for my part as were. It does boast with its corrupt male society media these days that it gets my peace all the time with big mouth and wants the Politicians to listen to its feelings when I want it to make comments through media narcissism about its own career lest we met over its stupidities as well. The point is raised time and again, that I know about this but allowed them to fester but the same who complained about the festering have corrupted my bookshop with narcissism for a total of 12 years so far and another group of fools have been abusing my privacy to order my steps because they were selling products and services by abusing me – so by the time I got the idiots to build their male society narcissism platforms and media presence for the abuses of their famous idiots, my finances had bottomed out and they deserved to suffer, it would make the third response, first being the University fiasco, second the society abuses – now since I decided what my history was and the kind of people that were recently getting involved with the Bookshop, well off neighbourhood and its famous idiots had followed up a history of drawing inferences about my activities to pick up my career publicity for something else, which is about to make a fourth response. They do claim I appeared to live as if I had been beaten down and finished but it is all a product of grooming me to share my Royal personal space with a bunch of current criminals and idiots that are always pushing younger people into violent deeds whilst it continues to follow up my career publicity with statements that I am too old for what I am trying to do whilst I completed my Book 14 years ago, whatever has happened during that time was a great idea of theirs, if I had to justify my age but all together I do not need to justify a thing to them and its stupidities needs to complain about my responses whilst it gets to fool around somewhere else. It is never really a crisis all round, I have my own public image and they had whatever it is immoral society permitted them to do with publicity, they were absolute scum and I am not the one hanging about somewhere cutting the corners on public policy – usually when others had done the narcissism better than they had, it was time to end up in front of police officers in riot gear. I am likely to begin by having need of their bedrooms to make sense of a writing profile for the so called bullying and then will I fuck the well off neighbourhoods for the financial mess properly, especially when due to the delays caused, I had to show poorer clients that I meant business by trashing their finances – difficult to tell how it made sense that public office was a toy whilst those who held it grappled with its intricacies at the same time that they played with it, yet at the same time, I cannot pay my way properly due to my age, one of the gimmicks that need to stop painfully – just as it was obvious that if an idiot who was complaining about his shrinking penis, picked up my career publicity for gimmicks because he was a real man, then I was dealing with poofs who worked a criminal tendency. They always make the stupid statement that I was good at talk but would require help from Police to handle the famous – whereas I am beaten here as per it was impossible to make sense of the way that a group of people, on account of being financially well off pushed themselves into a condition where they became exactly the same problem as gang chief characters that were always grooming younger people into crime and violence. Then it becomes clear that they are exactly the same thing and always tended to handle the media narcissism for such a purpose everyday – I now need to treat the prevalent one the way I have treated the rest i.e. push them hard enough to get them caught up with the law, then finish off with assets and equity that will help the public build them products to spend their money on, in way that will ensure people could control them, I am supposed to get away with it, so the prospects of doing so would be lessened greatly if I involved the Police. Here they claim it is the same I have prevented others from doing which is utter nonsense as they are referring to a bunch of goons who decided that my involvement with private security industry ought to produce an outcome where I shoved myself into a corner, picking up work that the Police should do, which results I will abandon for an idiot to get paid for being popular by and since I did not, I am no longer able to access my work history because they were borrowing it, whilst their famous gits had gone on to trash my crime control publicity and show up making a mess of my Bookshop to such an extent that I am enjoying public interest in the Bookshop but it was the wrong interest and the fact it was the wrong interest was not their problem, so I have not more or less arrived at a stage where I could say that 90% of mentality that got involved with the shop was focused on engaging with the Books, as to worry about the matter of the place being quiet enough for them to read, because people were beating me down with publicity narcissism, talking nonsense about a career they knew nothing about. They are always putting themselves in charge and are always trying to maintain whatever they described as good feeling for being in charge with these gimmicks. They do claim my view of Celebrities was wrong, I really have no view of Celebrities, these gits are not famous people, they are manufactured money mad popularity twats that somebody gave finances and equipment to, for the purpose of engaging with a crowd during a festival which thereby made them famous in such a way – you can always tell them apart as a Celebrities will have pursued their social responsibilities everyday for a period of years, ending up in a condition where they looked like they could not stand up for themselves unless they bought private security and usually do not spend a fraction of it to attack others, save they felt they were facing a threat as the social responsibilities could have come undone otherwise, much the same as I had to make a series and series of decisions time and again, about my career with respect to what the prison service was doing – I have not posed a threat to these idiots, they are simply looking for trouble and continued to put up a series of behaviour which suggested they would love to get closer and closer to finding it. I have done enough good work for the shop and my public profile, to enjoy a result where its premises did not face effective corruption, I should be able to raise funds and complete my academic pursuits with it – the idea that I was prone to these activities because I no longer enjoyed protection from the Monarchy is false naturally as they were only keen to get involved with security services and fight my wars, to the effect of this outcome where I do not wish to give up the history of insults because I want them to do more National service and they thought I ought to lose all I possessed because people had died, with no alternatives being offered as to how I got to handle their stupidities, if I was facing a 20 year career mess that was set to continue into the future – whereby some people raise the point that my methods may be too extreme whereas the single reason a celebrity wrecks my Bookshop is need to appear to have entered into a state of mind where they could address a crowd the way I talked during a press conference, and the reason they kept it going was to enjoy an abusive media narcissism and the temptations of power that involved their ageist idiots getting around with local council gits that will work me for homelessness if I resisted and ended up living on social security support – finished off with a process of doing even greater damage before they stopped handling it on account they wanted to maintain a sense that they were more important. The question of what I get from all this naturally whenever people had underestimated how far I will go for the Bookshop, bearing in mind that it belonged to me: overall, it is a matter of making it publicly known that according to the timeline based evidence concerning my writing career, a Judge would see it my way at a Law Court and I would fancy they moved on and cease wasting my time and resources, unless they really wanted to find out if I would require police help for it. They do claim their problems was to do with me being a cowardly ill fated character who wants access to the best women, it continues to interfere with my relationships outside of its own social class whilst it seeks explanations for the way their lives turned out by bullying people with Media - reality being it was a matter of settling down with somebody I can work some assets and a family life by, if others thought I ought to abandon those assets and my public profile over the idea that being business tycoons suited them best - if the lady is well off, we will get on very well as the problem will involve protecting my wife from gits whose girlfriends wish to decide the look of my career because they were taller and if she is not, we will get on well as it would have been none of their business if they did not wish their problems to get messy very quickly. There are underlying problems naturally and there were always only two of those - the corrupt politicians on one hand and a bunch of idiots that never stopped unnecessarily abusing others, save when people did it better and they committed crimes in turn, both had dreams of treating others like animals and both have never fulfilled the stupid dreams once. They do claim that people did not seem to realise I am the aggressor but I am as I will be allowed to keep my career as soon as they were finished what they wanted to do with it and we need to see the spectacle that unfolds whenever they started attacking others because they thought that people were lazy.