Of course they do say I cannot do anything violent about anything whatsoever and I suppose they are not talking about people who are allies and fans and tend to do things they do because they claim they want me to show more strength of leadership because if not then the assumption is that everybody wants to tolerate that popular culture nonsense and that stupid turning up on the streets with placards to campaign for things and ensure others can never rest endlessly because the idea of campaigning has become a norm. I don’t have to do anything violent about anything since I have it in the bag and I do add my own to the ones people dish for them to campaign endlessly for as well especially black women – it’s just that sometimes I feel a need to be more detailed about it on such matters as claims my being in places where I should not be when I am black is the source of an economic crisis, having said so of which they quickly move to the other part they will never do about which I will be made to get their continents out of it as well, hence the need to make them shut it; so I have got the media and the politicians and absolutely everyone of them where I want them to be campaigning aimlessly, tirelessly and restlessly and without end.

Just in time of course we have a case in the US involving a process where a word is developed that is in the form of children growing up with a sense of entitlement as a result of indulgent parents which leads them to do horrible things and more so to other peoples. It would make no sense whatsoever of course no matter how hard we try to unravel what such things mean; I mean we all know psychopaths think they know what is happening in peoples souls and that they have the right to take it on themselves to determine whether or not those people can be a memory or can be a living breathing persons, sociopaths however like to feel they will make you live in hell as a result of the fact you are a human being and they have an equal a chance as everybody else to forge a friendship with you and this is where the menace of media and the music Industry sits firmly. Now my question is that of another scenario where somebody is eldest of five siblings, is incredibly selfish and has no respect for the feelings of others as a result of the fact that on being the eldest he claims he is unable to understand what others are feeling since there is nobody older than him to make him feel the same way as well; so what do we call this when they come from a poorer background?

They always say the big problem with me is respect but the big problem with them is rather respect for me since I am the one whose leadership they love to pillage without which I would pay them no attention whatsoever, save when I feel like having my regular fun and therefore get myself involved so I might know how it works and what it feels like and get off doing things to hurt them as well which I will then think is funny too. However that said, respect issue in its own merit would involve a process where the only disrespect going on is the one between me and younger siblings which he fosters and nothing like that going on between me and him in anyway whatsoever, except I want to have my fun as well and yes it does reach a point where people go along with him because they want to find out how much I can punish them for hurting me and then maybe he will take me out at some point but it appears that it is not going to happen because I am bigger and hence there must be other ways for him to indulge himself. All leading back to the same warning of course of the need for people to stay away from me, leave me alone and move on or stop complaining when their activities create results that seem to do nothing but get worse and worse. A typical example is the media and their South African friends, unless I am cracked and it is funny then they cannot exist in their view and so it boils down to the fact that the idiots have always had a nasty and abusively insolent habit of barging into other people’s lives and personal lives and conversations in order to boast about their power at a later date and it is not surprising their neighbourhoods are always flooded with gangs, since when they see the oldest boys in the neighbourhood stand in a corner to chare a drink or two they want to behave in the same way towards them as well and then there will be looting and then there will be handling people and tying them down to be beautiful at a later date. So my question is the same old one of who the fuck Nelson Mandela is; I do hear of him but have never met? I have no idea thus what it is they want from me or can do about this anyway.

I don’t think these matters of be a major crisis, as I said I get involved with it so it might hurt me and I might do something about it, they do what they do in order to be able to mess up the personal life of a Christian and prevent him from serving his God so they can have somebody to pervade and claim it is power to do so, apart from the process of barging into my affairs and my leadership in order to sit around making sure they never do as they are told thinking this is the 1990s where if the careers of Christians are not things that have already been done they cannot exist for example and of course to make sure they create an alternative sense that this has occurred their insults and stubbornness means they always get into trouble and then get on media to make their problems out to be my responsibility.

We hear that talk that I pretend not to be aware that people attack me all the time because I have done things that apply inhibitions to their sexual excesses and every excesses they normally have in their evil cities but of course before then they cannot have sex unless it is done at my expense and with my Christian God’s blessing based peace of mind, in order to have that blessing without having to fulfil the laws that govern it on account they are basically too much for me in their view. So all I can say is the same old story of seeing them off the royal property and the public work and the books and then there will be no problems. This is where they always decide they want to go into big mouth talk as well and I don’t know maybe they wish to talk about how right it is that I wake up every day and bump into intense destruction and violence for a couple of years only to be told that it happens due to the fact that somebody else had made music CDs and the way I behaved had resulted in a loss of sales. Hence these popular culture fools always think they are famous when they are a product of a menace called music industry where they think I get myself involved with people that are too much for me who then lay burdens on me that are too much for me and that is before they complain about inhibitions to sexual activities and never listen to what others are saying to them either, hence the number of issues that must be cleared up where a popular culture celebrity gets off to make music Videos on my renaissance instead of what celebrities normally do which is sell themselves to several interests in society and maintain a role model position to ensure they are liked by the Public who then want to know what they are doing with their lives, which is not to say that if they did they would be famous to me either, it is to say that they are not famous and never will be; so this is the famed problem with popular culture fame freaks. As I keep saying, these matters are not difficult ones, I have them in the bag; I know I am better than they are temperamentally and in every way so that they have decided to devise this way of calling me names in order to make out I exist to supply them necessary perversions of spirit in order that they might acquire power – so when put in context of the old provocation of succour with my faith through politics propelled financial problems that open me up to their games and them complains about how I inhibit their sexual activities, it is not clear what they suppose I have been doing with a working Court all these years either. Save the issue of messing with my leadership and never doing anything they are told to do the other big case is that they do these things on advice of lawyers and so because they expect me to take them to Court and get bogged down with litigation, whereas in actual fact, their doing that tends to mean that the threat changes – it changes to a threat of media and music industry and the money celebrities have at their disposal through it and more so at my expense about which each time they do make it at my expense like they normally do they ought to make contact with me on being my Gods in their view; this is what is giving the lawyers means to do what they are doing and not the Law Court or what goes on in there. We also hear those tales I seek recognition and acceptance of course but the reality has always been the contrary as it were, as I mentioned earlier of which it kicks off over their abusive intrusion into my leadership and South Africans especially being really notorious for trying to lead whenever they do with that big mouth after which we hear the complains and pretence they will gag me and talk nonsense about whether or not I am fatherless when we all know Nelson Mandela is only father of South African and no place else in this world. Apart from which they would get no attention from me whatsoever.

Then we hear them claim I pretend parents do not spoil their children but of course I have never pretended any such nonsense for my part either; they are ones that are deluded, claiming indulgent parents spoil their children and allow them to hurt people. Whereas I know that when parents indulge their children and spoil them it is the only thing they do i.e. you get a Porsche on your fifth birthday and then a Zonda on your 12th but you soon realise it is the cat that gets all the love and you cannot move the world to change that – for the female ones when the parents are done they set them off on the City as my slaves and I have to do these things I do to ensure they have their future, the males ones however I believe can look after themselves. I am only opening a window to what indulgent parents get up to, since it is obvious that people can be so misguided as to claim it is a medical condition when rich children hurt people – I mean it’s like the other stuff about spouses fighting to preserve the sperm of their late husband’s in order to have children with – when the sperm were stored they were stored as a couple but when one of the couple dies the other must jump through hoops to access the sperm and then they will say that somebody must have done something as consenting adult to prevent the other from using his sperm to get pregnant but we all know this is a couple issue and the laws on such matters as it stands is completely useless and makes no sense whatsoever. I have never suggested parents do not indulge their children, they do but indulgent parents do only that i.e. indulge their children and nothing else; what they do with their own personal choices is entirely up to them. So how do I know it is not a medical condition? Because it is an issue that claims to have a person’s mental state laid up around the arrangement of material wealth and if he has access to this wealth and can arrange them to meet his own specification, there are no facts to support the idea that things are out of his control; he is capable or clear and in wrinkled thought if he wants to have any. I mean they do grow up in this state from poor and rich backgrounds alike; take Syria for example and the fact most European Countries have refused to offer shelter to the refugees – the fact that a few weeks ago it was observed that the Syrian government and the rebels had realised that while they bomb the place and kill people those who actually exist by and live by and work by and play by the Country itself were off to refugee camps, which rubbished every reason they have for their wars but it was the Assad Administration that told its soldiers to shut down the Country and keep repelling borders, pretending that nobody will notice anywhere in the world, while the rebels only showed signs of marching into refugee camps to force people into recruitment to fight with them. Is this affluenza?

I know there is worry that I mess things up each time I am about to be served but I really don’t; what happens is that there is much confusion out there which tend to suggest that popular uprising idiots and their media and music industry menace are the same things as either Politicians or royalty and I find it incredibly offensive not least because they want to make it operable at my expense. So the part where I dish out endless campaigns for them without any rest in sight has not paid off yet, they think they have become even more racist with that big media mouth that cannot leave others alone. The part about my faith is just the intriguing one where people are prepared to indulge the slight comments especially when they are insulting about whether or not I have a messiah complex and do on but of course there is no such messiah complex affecting somebody as a result of camping trips for prayer and Bible reading about the same individual character which happened everyday over a period of three and a half years when I was really interested in telling others about it but these days thus went on to become a part of me presently – all I can say is that I find myself in a place where politicians are ready to spend tax payers contributions to attack me with on account they wish to ensure others can persecute me for my faith whenever they wish to; so there is no point making the slight comments about a messiah complex while making out you do not want the problems to get to you as well at the same time. It works this way and everybody knows it happens because they want to have the connections that are necessary to ensure they can have governments collect peoples career for them whenever they need those governments to, so some people might want to shut down the slight comments they think are incredibly funny and I will never stop stifling their homosexuality until I am back bobbed again after being squished i.e. they need to stay off the faith, keep their media off the personal life to that affect, stay off the royal property and public work and stay off the books or the alternative remains the same, they stop complaining after being both the persecuted group of people and the best friends that wicked and greedy people have on account they did not become as successful. I have cured that stupid thing about so called affluenza many times before, all I have to do is become more ambitious about my faith and what I want to get out of it besides which I think the psychologist must have said a lot more than the media has put out for us anyway.


The matter of whether or not the UK is land of the homeless does not make anybody disconcerted – it is much the same as how we think soldiers can murder and go to prison in the battlefield and of course the question of whether or not I want to be a violent person. For the latter, the reality being that it is okay for the rest of us to leave a building and meet at a fire rally point when the fire alarm goes off but not okay for a soldier to go to prison for taking it into his or her hands to kill somebody be it in the battle field or not; I mean if you are asked to drive a collection of trouble makers out of an area, you can pin them down and blow up their facilities, capture them and relocate them or you can kill everything you see and then blow up their facilities and it will have the same effect except that according to records casualty rates and success rates by this method are rather low or you can get around building your luck like the more experienced personnel do and let the enemy decide if they want to get out of your way or be destroyed with their facilities or not etc or of course you can combine all three in a single mission – so it is not as easy as see a wounded Taliban and shoot it – such individuals show signs they are likely to get off and distaste to you how you should treat women and dictate to you how you should sleep with your wife etc, they always need to be right all the time. For the matter of whether or not I am a violent person however it is a different story all together; I mean I write securities and equities from a position where I know I have State sponsored security for my fans and followers and some people believe I have created something that constitutes a major item in their list of playthings, so they complain about the UK being Land of the homeless and whether or not I want to be a violent person. Then soon after the third issue will turn up in their list of complains as to whether or not what I say and do is something everybody else can say and do which should certainly make me feel uncomfortable so they can get rich b but of course that part is only about getting to an office to sit down and protect everything you own and do from those who have no other thing to do with their foolish lives except find an excuse and a lie to tell in order to copy it. Like that old case of whether or not what I say and mostly about the armed forces puts UK defences in jeopardy; usually it is asked by idiots who have brought these copy fame and fortune freaks from Africa and placed them at a safe distance on media and security systems contracted by landlords to sit about doing nothing but abuse me to extricate lifestyle and the reason is the relationship I have with my Working Court and the fact they consider their stupid selves to be racist doing everything in their power to make me less English and ensure I speak more African and such abuses never seem to diminish and began all together from a hatred of my physical appearance that is a blessing from God, so we know each other very well indeed. What I say does not put UK defences in jeopardy unless the rest of the world are British and if that is their argument they must have seen the things I have written on my websites and how much work they must do to catch on and how much will be left if they catch up with me but have not caught up with everybody else seeing that they need to catch up not with me alone but everybody in order to ensure they are not us are British; it is a matter of things done to secure a Nations right to be successful and the acknowledgement of a better world in which it wants to be. Of course I do not have a silly love-hate relationship with the media it’s a matter of some people assuring others that when they want something or are made to want it in the case of which is an involvement with me which will give them a disposition of ageism within a certain culture if they so desired which will mean they can have all the power over my activities while I carried them out, then they will have it because they always have what they want and always see to it that they do and so all sorts of lines can be crossed for any reason in the media industry apparently and nobody who is the boss of anything would mind, hence the claims of love hate relationship I have with them at this stage since I cannot stop making them work for me whether they would otherwise have not and they think vandalising my finances on trivial matters such as whether or not they have had a bad day shows how much television appearances empowers them over society and even the world which is the main reason I do it; I find it protects me from any nonsense that has to do with their Godlessness running my affairs and more so in a condition where they do not seem to see I have completely shattered that stupid freedom power they used to deploy to do and undo with people in the 1990s. So what they have built up as a perception showing how important they consider such activities to be, is that they have taken over my affairs right down to my personal life and are doing any violent corruptions of involvement they wish to and are running my business as Godlessly as they possibly can while at the same time preserving some system of bullying they have always had by taking advantage of the damage this causes to make out on seeing what their physical endowments are they should be having both my job and their own which is where the complain of a love hate relationship with them makes sense the most, so that if I said this is not the 1990s they say thank you for the idea and it will never end well since this is not their property either.

I have heard those tales I should mention for posterity, of how America seeks answers and while it does I will keep looking for them but I have no idea what its meaning is either, all I know is that what is stirs around here  is the old question of how long idiots like these in their opinion suppose I need to keep tolerating them for and more so if considered within the prism of their intense intolerance of my very existence all together with that big mouth and of course the fact they cannot stop doing things to others that they have expressly heard those they do them to tell them are not appreciated. So I do hope they figure out that another name for the insults when it does blow up in an occasion whereby somebody loses his temper will not suffice. I mean they do like to bring up the case of whether I support British colonialism and yes of course I do since the problem would have been a lot worse if they did not do it i.e. this matter if being a certain size and not being predisposed to violence meaning that buffoons round you up like an animal on the right and thin idiots that want to be beautiful and famous round you up with their help on the left; which if I mention will mean they have found out how the world is supposed to operate and yes thus did I mention it for their benefit as it were which my actions considered are not hurting them badly enough yet. The part they have heard is the part where I have been nice i.e. somebody is a fat cunt in the US and average like the British and now they know a little bit more about the British and the ramifications of handling human beings in that way and more so in front of their families, they think there has been a great wrong that needs to be corrected with a lot more noise making as it were. So that is the question; how long in their own stupid opinions they think I must tolerate them for like I tolerate that freedom nonsense all the time – I mean I know my very gaze makes people uncomfortable and I pull myself back when I notice that as well and bearing in mind the level of assault socially and politically and by the media they levy at me the answer to this question becomes more necessary by the day since they have come to regard it as trophy victory as well.  I don’t think the matter is a major crisis necessarily it’s just that they are confused about where things will end up or will most likely end up and since I need to give them a sense of direction in case they lack any when I tell them to leave me alone and move on; where things are supposed to end up is the point at which I am afraid of them on account they are evil people who are capable of wicked acts and not because if I go up against them I will be beaten – otherwise we will do this and figure out what the end to it is supposed to be; this idea that it will just end is rubbish, we are way past the point where things happen naturally around here, it has to be the one that did not happen naturally by society and yes I am referring to the creation of some tolerance into their stupid selves. It’s all bad lighting as it were and somebody really needs to change the bulbs too, so we can see what we are doing; bad lighting that allows idiots to get on media to talk nonsense at anybody they want to all the time, bad lighting jobs that have not been approved or recommended by reputable sources. There are only two real ways of looking at it and one of them is that I get provoked about it because I am comfortable with the idea of being bullied like they do looking for but not with the idea of people having a different name for it , the other is that they ask if what I say includes racism when we have not yet finished with what I said that is mostly concerned with the fact people have things in my personal life they wish to spend on themselves, finances of mine they wish to share and all sorts of things they can get and all sorts of things they can become a part of and do not understand as a community how not to do things to me I find hurtful and are now beginning to talk nonsense about how much of it means power and violence as well – when finished with that they can racism, I am not stopping them. The great story of a big problem with the royal family not being an emotive one, it always comes after plans to take care of me and savage my work to get rich fails as though the fact it does was never expected but such things happen and people become a part of it for nobody will be provoked whatsoever; however if I must lay the matter to rest the reality is that the royal family is a family and when you are regarded as one of their own the fact is that people have opinions in a family and nobody and no one thus holds me to ransom for mine either contrary to popular nonsense we hear all the time and besides which even if I had enemies in the extended Royal family as such the reality is that living in a world where there are people who do not like me necessarily is not alien, so this game fails all the time and nobody knows why they keep playing it as though there is anything they really can do about me anyway; it is the sort of greed I cannot have enough of punishing.


The story about the Royal Family that they can never stop telling is rather that the Royal Family is a family and in a family people have opinions about the way things operate and contrary to popular view, I am not being held to ransom for my view by anyone and I mean not even HM does it; everything associated with that is invented by a collection of media goons whom if not doing this as a major preoccupation for their gang badge bully status, then they are rather busy with the one they do with industry that is concerned with how they and not I ought to be the one around whom parents indulge and spoil their children and then it becomes a competition  and soon never goes away because they have their own children to indulge and spoil and some money to spend to that effect as well and then they can do that and rob shoulders and equate with those that are richer than them while their children will get a future out of me that is more befitting and then it becomes a self improvement all together and a major problem for society that another must look into. I have developed therefore this view that it is the kind of greed that I have become really attached to punishing more so because it does not know how not to do what it likes to people in order to use them as though they were items in order to get rich, has no way of making money without exasperating other people. Now they say the point of it all when they are up to it is that I am really stupid and some good people are trying to clear up an understanding of such a fact; the reality of course is rather such things as respect for Nelson Mandela which is very difficult from a position where people love to get themselves involved with individuals they know are such bad companies that they will surely produce financial ruin and social ruin and personal ruin and academic ruin – then suddenly realise that without respect or regard for what my profession is I would have had the temperaments to handle them so that they who get involved with them can make progress with all these vital areas of their lives instead and I have lost 15 years of my time to it without any improvements if I were to have eliminated a certain insolent promise of tyranny and the more time you lose the less credible your complains about it become but they do not feel at all like I am a person that is not an extension of their stupid lives yet and believe that a case of racism or other forms of discrimination will explain the reasons for this perfectly and this is all I want; a condition where they stay off me and move on. They do say only a stupid person would pay attention to or know these things but as I said 15 years of my time is one of those evidences which show the personal diaries could have been full a long time ago and there is no point writing anymore since it is not helping and a plan to deal with them needs to be formulated - as I said the more time you lose the less credible your complains as a result of media and their personal progress thereof turning up on it, unless you are as mad as I am and keep records. Naturally they mention that the reality is that nobody says I am stupid but only making me carry out responsibilities that they know I can with that big mouth and you will never really settle which is more insulting; for me it is a simple case of the fact that it is either somebody is white and thinks I am uncomfortable with the idea he or she is a bully looking for trouble or somebody is black and thinks I am supposed to do a job with violence which is why he imputes it into me all the time - for the blacks it happens because they see I have got it but will not do certain things that are out of character or immoral as a result of being a Christian which if I did would have created a means for them to get rich through entertainment, hence the lifestyle they want to get rich with and absolutely no respect or regard for the person of the individual who owns it and no body will ever know what sort of entertainment industry that was supposed to have been provided there is reasons and excuses by which to instigate the distant fascism based violence and the media by which to do it - to get rich through entertainment in Africa, for the whites it never appears to them to be a long way to travel to look for trouble at all and none of my actions is hurting badly enough yet as it were either; I mean where these idiots get off telling me what to do anyway, is the question at the absolute bottom line and I do not think there is any point complaining about it anyway since South Africans for example know how to leave their countries to travel to the UK to bully British people and when done return to their Country to bury ex presidents about which they demand a certain kind of respect and you know their insolent ego will never know bounds as it were; as I said I am more comfortable with the fact they are bullies than they give it credit for and they can continue to give me the violence to do a job and an academic work with etc and it will end very well too. So there is really absolutely no way of preventing that nonsense about responsibilities from annoying me.Now do I know most of these things are not done by the black people I take them out on? Of course I do but as I said the more time you lose the more your complains about them make no sense while idiots responsible make personal progress and nobody, I mean nobody can explain why they get involved with bad company or indeed what they see in it - the reality being that before now Tony Blair was a Hero, to the effect that when these fools see idiots that can turn up to sit in front of your chop causing trouble on grounds they have something to say about wealth distribution they call them heroes and now I am being educated and they see that fitting as well. Apparently it appears to them that with respect to me we have only but woken up to the existence of Royalty in the UK for the first time and hence another culture stolen, another culture that can make money bottled by somebody who does not own it but wants to keep it all for himself and I need to keep tolerating them like that - like South Africans that travel to the UK to bully British people and pretend nobody knows they are twisted people for the most part, like society full of young people that you are doing nothing to set right when they do something wrong, like not telling people not to discuss their distressing drugs and gangs and media and decadence nonsense at you because you are a Christian, like doing nothing about them by getting involved in order to on account that you are busy tolerating them and when you do for that reason you put away the part where you get angry so that they might never feel uncomfortable when whether or not you get angry in the first place is actually beyond your control and entirely in their hands and it goes on like that and the big question like that old story of not selling books because I offend the Royal Family and possibly the Queen when I am actually not being held to ransom for my opinions about the way things run in the Monarchy in the first place because you are tolerating them and there will never be an end to doing so as well; they do not carry out these activities because they need a reason to they are just so evil that they find it funny and in order to continue make up reasons while feeling they should always be able to damage my finances and what I do in defence of it will have been something about which their civil rights leaders have shown them a lot of examples they can follow - the reality is that they are running out of lies and this Christian will have his prize over that culture provided they continue.