Of course I hear my description of things is woolly and therefore creates a problem, I wouldn’t know if what they expect is details of an American idiot telling me I want to sell books and so one copy not more than that which everybody on the planet can share and read before he complains about his secret societies is what they want to know. These guys always want to believe I should be scared of them and the reason for that is that they think I am of the opinion violence is the incentive behind their activities whereas it is actually just an extra they tossed into the frying pan as it were. The part about being scared of them because I am weak being the importance of fighting them in my bed room to make a case for the fact they need to be filled to the brim with deviance and social stupidities then get about threatening you to shove you into it and when it has reached the point of lining up women and making them usurp your personality so as to claim you possessions and equity to exhibit themselves with, it gets serious never mind their complains about people murdering them. I mean it’s not a problem for me as such but the distant violence and the constant stream of it is the only remaining barrier between me and me selling my Books and since it will not stop when it is so easy for people with considerable salary that allows them to think like normal human beings but have made a choice not to, I will do the personal management for the BBC and for other major news channels for my part as well and then it will improve my way and not their own.

They do speak of power and it will never make sense to me as well; I mean the power of those who cannot have any power unless others are spending tax payer funds on them; is the tax payer money their money as such? While they are doing that I already know there isn’t a single thing in their stupid lives that they have actually earned and that is why they have the time to turn up on media and cling to me to ensure they are forcing me to have sex outside marriage and sleep around and get socially corrupted because that is where they have been in their sordid little lives and cannot leave people alone as it were, the liberal people, so I never spend my time on it but we now have a problem because they enjoy handling my possessions and it is a reality that needs to change. It’s the nature of the Political class you see, all this spending tax payer funds thing is the nature of the primary prognosis of how they broker power, so the Monarchy is fundamentally detached from it by Law and so I am meant to keep away but I am not related to them and they are not friends of mine either and by the way of which for the media ones their bottom hurts and many times as much when the elections are on – the question is the same i.e. do they handle my Books because tax payer funds is their property?

It does not trouble me in anyway like they love to claim I am hot and bothered because people want to make me understand what doing me a career piracy will feel like but there are so many realities to it; I mean the reason I find it difficult to find a job is because these employers at their level in society are looking for young people they can take advantage of and so they love my CV but when I get there I make enemies for attending an interview and they are now in a place where they want to make the Tories a deal that will let them do whatever they like as well and so I only need hear another Labour party story of somebody wrecking my finances from government office in order to give them tax payer funds to play with and the whole thing will take a different turn as compared to what they have already suffered; otherwise the normal thing is to ensure they always make a loss and then the people will decide that voting in somebody else matters. It’s never true they have taken everything from me – what is true is that it is impossible to sell books and go out there to meet people and make friends unless you have them permanently the way they are so that your books do not lose its credibility, their civil and criminal disobedience when they annoy me into telling them off will not save the day and does not mean anything whatsoever, we can all get on if they keep their stupid violence and put their money where their mouth is. I understand people wonder when I will get off to do these things but it is completely pointless; it’s all about them and the lives they lived when they were teenagers – even the parents are much the same i.e. if you say that according to the Bible parents are always right the immoral parents have grown up and had their own kids and there will be a reckoning; so they really do feel like getting in your face to show you into the relationship they have with society and communities and culture and I will like it is they got off my Books and cleared that space, cleared my perspective as it were considering they cannot leave people alone as it were.

They do like to claim I talk but have blocked off their entire lifestyles only to get off to complain and it is utter nonsense too because they are hell bent on creating an alternative outcome for what happens when they put it to the test that I was only good for building a big church they can attend and corrupt how they like, so it’s only a foretaste of what the Church would have looked like as it were and it is not as if I am not doing society a service in any case anyway – speaking of which they tell tales about me fighting for the interests of Politics which is all very well but reality is usually that 10 companies in the UK and the owners are well known to the Monarchy and nobody gets about grabbing another person’s possessions or digging up the personal and spiritual and financial and academic growth of younger persons which they cannot make money without setting off popular culture empire pipelines on, unless the Politicians and their interests exist; same old case of the fact they engineer their problems and are evil beyond peoples imagination hence I always end up advising others to leave them where they are as it were considering they never ever work for anything they own but the problem now is that it has become a matter of whether or not they will let you work for your own and that is why they need do their career piracy but put their money where their mouth is on the violence and threats; so it eventually comes down to being the peoples people and having some right to be the richest all the time. we hear the talk they have me where they want in society of course and it is never true; what they do is lots of violent back biting followed by threats that means such realities as claims I sleep with peoples wives being taken to the extreme and I have begun with basic stuff like making sure their idiots at Industry employ people when they are the ones suffering the backbiting or find another way to employ save giving people jobs each time they behave in ways that put me in jeopardy to improve their stupid reputations and it will soon develop into the management of personnel for main media companies, so as to create a condition where every fool needs to be a troll so their older goons can keep jobs as news anchors and so on and then it will be obvious I am not related to them and do not know them and there is no real reason for them to cling to me the way they do – so a lot of the times it is that simple but their threats mean the tendency to do something that is completely pointless as well, so I am sure they might want to pay attention to those moments when I am working for myself and the need to stifle my finances and besiege me on media in order to shove me into the problems in their stupid lives is the main focus about which this is not where they live and need to clear my perspective as it were.

It’s not true the Labour Party is a handful for me; what is true is that old case where we all think that whilst we work out how we want to live with the world around us we have an obligation to let goons like them have a copy of it lest there be problems stored up for the future – I mean I am not saying I did not allow them copy when I was a teenager as such, I did but I never did like them and covered everything they copied with rules and preconditions and now we have grown up on all sides to realise those conditions tend to mean they are busier than they have ever been in the history of their lives with issues to deal with in order to get by like they normally do, I for my part having taken it to a whole new level all together which means even their American friends have learned to tread carefully, complete with features of my own that generally means it is all toned down and it cannot be determined if that is because they are leaving it for another opportunity all together as well; in terms of the disparities, it can be easily understood by such realities as the fact they have no plans to live in the American one where it came full circle and much the same with the Australian one, the one they want to do these days in the British one for it was the weak link. It’s the same case of I am 15 years of age but in my mind I am a 60 year old superior Arian man and I think you need to die or I love to set up a history with you that means my civil and criminal disobedience cannot let you be and gets violent from a distance and so on – so people have to be possessed with these kinds of evils to do these things and it happens in every culture, so if they don’t get about the African ones in order to mess me up they will have nothing to worry about – we hear they say they have so much money I wouldn’t mind if I did but it is not as if it has not happened before in Germany anyway.


The main issue with these guys is the same original sin – something about a claim I am messing up the Country developed around it too and are always seen advocating revolution therefore because they want my literary empire and want to use it to create a more glorious Media; so we all know it boils down to ideas and ideas about how to glorify themselves all the time; it’s always better understood when they claim they hate the Police and the reason is largely that they want to do academic work and they want to do money but have to worry about other people’s religion and other peoples law, the reality being that their lack of respect for law means they have no regard for women and their lack of respect for religion means they have no regard for men and to that effect cannot do their academics and money without destroying other peoples own which is why their obsessions with media is so important and how the facts around the complains they make all the time are created – hence it means something when they start to tell me to do religion and law while they get rich on my back with media, so that is one such thing that occurs and happens the day they are able to back it up not make simulations that will be driven to a point where it is meant to take over reality. It’s how my Books create market and they have a need to confiscate for their own ends a large portion of it but when they threaten me they succeed in creating an atmosphere that draws people to them and creates customers in that way knowing they have racism when white and gangs in their country when black and nobody should be placed in such a position in the first place and certainly not by those that are handling the persons products or property all together but they cover it with fabulous ideas about freedom and civil rights which I am going to break for them as well, much like their love to unleash entire communities which again they say will come to their defence on this issue on others for the fun of it which communities I will break for them as well alongside. The journalists have never been a difficult one to handle, just me on my corner and brothels on their own and journalists on one corner, so if they visit the brothels often they need to get on media and block off my perspective and abuse me in the direction of the brothels and when I say I would like it if they cleared my space, I am not working for the company or the books but myself and they will do well to take not of it – it is not something I would mess up my own life because I would have been a fool then wreck peoples academic work and finances and get about threatening them from a distance in order to do to people as it were, so handling them is not one of those matters that will make me sweat and yes they do say I thus condemn their lives to an existence of difficulties but I am not their provider and they have no right to spend my possessions, besides which I should not be stung by my own bees so they can take my honey unless they are my personal Gods and that concept is still being put to the test; it is a reality we are used to, where they travel off to the middle east to explore the faces of terrorists because they think people are stupid and can be provoked any how others want and in the hope that getting killed will spur their stupid communities to see the sense in establishing a free and democratic empire with my Business Empire that they want to confiscate because they have so little respect for me and a big mouth to go with that too – it’s not a new story, the kind where if Christian does not approve of transvestites, women will be murdered and him too eventually with a big mouth and Police brutality is the real evil.

As for the story of giving away state secrets however, they know they don’t control me and that I never do a thing that I do on their own determination but it is the one thing they will spend all their time claiming on media because it provides them an impetus for violence at a later stage; so the society ones are not the big stick of the US at the moment and we all know what the reasons for it are as it were, if I want them to give their stupid jobs to my people, the part where having friends jeopardises their future career, it is probable that I am bluffing when I say that it is precisely what they will do as it were. They are not a threat to me and have never been, it’s the politicians thing bring up state resources of wreck my finances because they cannot do it by themselves to buy them a few years of my time that will enable them to brew those kinds of stories, whereby threatening me constitutes the part where they are really looking for trouble. There is the story about celebrities and me which tells it all they day but every other normal person knows that their habit involves seeing a celebrity in my service and getting somebody to help them to it as well – so the celebrities in my service are relevant to the Admiralty and what it does to look after National Interest and while nobody attacks them like that when they tour the world leading people away from the Path of God to get rich and famous they think I will not ask questions about how they are getting involved with me as it were – so that is how one false statement on Media will easily lead to an outcome where I collect their stupid twitter profiles so we can work out how they are getting involved as it were.  They do say I delegate National service to a bunch of celebrities but HM does not require me to be educated for my role, the result of that being this hate for popularity and fame idiots especially the blacks, Media, American fools and gay pride goons. It gets worse because politicians are the ones that tell people to be educated first before they get jobs but then set out to ensure they get to decide who is educated and therefore who gets jobs as a result and the outcome is that they create these fools all over the place that are educated without jobs but it gets even worse since an average illiterate Business man in the US is superior to one such in the UK and I always tend to feel it can get less complicated, I honestly do. Yet again it has become another preoccupation to train cameras on people that are having to deal with natural disasters in order to communicate to them that I sleep with other peoples women on National Media outlets but it has never been an emotive issue either, apparently that hurts just as much as when people have a need to size me up and get about sleeping with women I should have gotten involved with, for of course it is rather quite impossible to say one thing to a single group of people for decades without there being consequences for their actions. Their friends the Americans are good at what they are good at, telling tales of a Prince they have trapped who sells books for a living and whose Royal Property their American powerful stupidity will confiscate and deploy to build an empire of freedom and democracy while telling tales that we the British have a hang up for being a diminished Empire in the world and of course we know that is a matter of the kind of people that make air expensive to breathe by these kinds of activities and the air therefore can only be cleared when you butcher them and draw their entrails and send them to the four corners of the country, at the moment they think it is some kind of mingling and it has become an insolent and abusive obsession which actually does suggest quite a lot that racism is a matter of those whom black people offend with a big mouth. It is not true that The Prince of Wales is really messing it up for me either but he is messing it up for himself; the problem is that his aides have become convinced that I can be made to do anything and the confusion in the matter concerns when he actually needs to be able to lead his family which includes me that is – the reality rather is that there is absolutely no way of making me do anything if people suppose they can but of course it’s the staff and sceptre issues that The Prince of Wales is really messing with at the moment i.e. take the Crown and the Staff and the Sceptre and when you get memo from government you can tell them you are far to compromised on the issue to make a clear decision because of popular culture around you and then you will have to abdicate for real kind of situation, so it does not mess anything up for me; this matter he likes to mess himself up with is something Politicians do because of these goons and the fact they never ever think another way to broker power matters and the reason for it is that they want to be able to work with the party in government so as to have tax payer funds spent on them creating this question of whether it is their money all the time. The parliamentary version of these trouble makers being the ones that are perpetually in a state of mind that means they control my affairs, so that when I have a celebrity in my service they control that and when I have companies at the Royal Estate they control that too and they do nothing about their affairs with the Politicians anymore, such that the Politicians are now getting out of hand and still while I am such a handful they are in control of my affairs and again it is the kind of people you kill and draw and quarter and send body parts to various points around the Country so the free air can be breathed but that said, I cannot drum away the same issue at them for a decade and a half without consequences, nothing in the whole world works in such ways. Clear and obvious being the two matters of how men are not my only problem but women also are i.e. they don’t spend time insulting and abusing their husbands at home because they think that in a relationship with me they would be wearing the trousers, while on the other hand is the fact when I spend time on a condition where HM thinks I have not done satisfactory work, they are to spend their time setting out a case of how all I do indicates I am rather concerned with sharing everything I have. They want me they want my work they want my person all the time and we really now need to settle how they are wanting it so that I can get to work with those that actually do need it as it were – I am not related to them and have written books they can buy or should not be seen around my concerns; I mean the last time they wanted me as somewhere to have a safe house that closes doors on those that are chasing them when they play the father figure it did not end well, the con artists of the democratic world who have a problem with security and stability for younger people and like to buy shares in large companies lost all their money and ventures and now they are insolvent with jobs on media blowing off their big mouth again as it were – how are they wanting me and do I know them, are we related? Their case with me at present is that they are insolvent and somebody has to pay, from that angle as it were.

Of course it is not true that I have a real problem with running this Company - I don't. I am not related to market and Politics trouble makers in anyway and do not know them by name to warrant the level of involvement and intrusion I have to deal with, the consequences of which are that I have taken steps to ensure they are the way they are permanently, lest my books lose credibility and that should afford me a means of going to the office to work in peace and of course make any friends that I need to or meet along the way without problems. So their access to media and what they do with it is something I cannot explain but I do not know if it is because they want me to bleed them as well. Typical occasion; I walk down the streets and a black whore will grab my penis and make fun and then a white one will walk by and threaten me to the tune of how it is my responsibility to deal with the problems the black race creates – these are typical examples of the kinds of people I have to ensure remain the way they are permanently lest my books lose credibility; at the moment there is the media thing working for them and I cannot get into an office to feel that I have job, it is as though it is still all some other persons plaything; so how difficult really can it be to stack your books and sell them to your fans? So they will respond to it by telling me I want fans but do not want others to have any – which does mean I am the Prince that does not let Celebrities and Media do whatever they like with Government property at my disposal and so we understand each other perfectly for that too. It’s not an acrimonious matter as such; it’s the question how they are wanting me – because what happens is that they move everything using their crowds and publicity to want it and when they get involved have not got a bloody clue what to do and it gets worse because others cannot do anything due to their involvement and they soon realise they have gotten involved with something they don’t like and when one leaves it is replaced by another. They do say I am actually out of my depth on the matter which is utter nonsense – the problem is as good as those who throw their own money at it, when Politicians throw tax payer funds at it as well then there needs to be reckoning – for the former they can throw their money at it all they like as long as normalcy and reality is maintained and the chances of somebody abusing those who have things they don’t to a point of the last abuse so he can grab it is clearly noted and has its consequences for attempting ready at all times I have no problems with it, what I cannot understand however being why somebody would feel he has a special power that is not Godly or moral that helps him to get rich but becomes so interested to a point of obsession with the Livelihood of an Arch Prince, knowing that he will feel that a party should exist here and a clubbing exist there so he can get things done while the Arch Prince will clearly think otherwise, so that we have now reached midpoint and it is all fine if they do it at their expense as it were. The part where Politicians throw money at it to ensure the trouble makers you placed in a corner at the end of your teens can cause you trouble for the rest of your life considering you have not got the time to do it again on ground they want to confiscate certain glorious personal life is a process of taking that talk of religion being the problem of the Country to a whole new level looking for trouble about which they deserve everything they get. So it is not a problem about which I am out of my depth at all – it’s the inconspicuousness of the business man that allows him to wage psychological warfare on others for fun and at will that has ceased to be amusing here and then there is my party piece where they say they are so wealthy I wouldn’t mind.

We do hear I am being replaced by big businesses which makes no sense whatsoever – these are supposed to be the people to make use of other peoples aptitudes as they clearly have not got their own to make use of as it were but when they do they dig deep and dig deeper until they are making use of ones concerned with personal and family life and career but will not stop there – now I am being replaced with a big mouth because it has come to a point where they have no respect for my possessions and Empire all together for their part as well and the ill fated ones like the Greek ones who use their own country like an item to steal money from foreign banks and leave it the most indebted Nation in the world think they are on the roll to show a lack of respect for the fact others are entitled to have an anus here in Europe in a failed bid to force others to sort it out of them and a pretence alongside with a big mouth that their temper can be levelled at anybody they wish, while the Middle East ones like to think they are violent but are just playing with you – the Americans assume they can never come to harm which we all know is entirely wrong but of course they are replacing me because what I have done so far is clearly not hurting badly enough yet and I need to step it up. I have no idea what they want with a Christians business but we all know the inconspicuous life of the business man that lets him wage psychological warfare on others with impunity is no longer an amusing prospect as it were; I have tolerated enough crap from the big businesses chiefly of which is the one about how it is other peoples interest not to employ me for there is the question of who will give me the money with which I buy from shops and improve their profits just by turning up to buy from them and now they are after my books as well talking nonsense about replacement that they cannot back up – it is rather important they tell their idiots to stop telling me I have been replaced by them as it is something they can never achieve, important they stopped being so stupid. Of course I am aware it is said I find some of it amusing – the amusing bit is the bit where they hate the Police and their stupid children express it regularly too; some need to wear a costume that does so all the time and then a robber will turn up and say sorry but I have got to shoot you to distract people so I can get away with the Gold I stole and then the Police will have to clean it up with them in their I hate the Police costume covered in blood. I know they say the Police hates me as well but that is a matter of confusion because they are a lot more busy with the story of something they have lost i.e. a stupid girls with a need to appear on peoples cat walk and some need to have links with local community trade freaks to that end, so that when they bully me she cannot do anything without appearing in public to extract an income from my purse and regularly telling the community idiots to attack me for even thinking about touching a little girl while she is at it and starts to pretend she is the way forward for economic recovery for Politicians; so it has reached the stage where the question of how they are getting involved I am 18 years old with 5 million pounds in my bank account which I cannot actually account for and an Arch Prince to target in order to ensure it stays that way and it will end very well too; it makes you wonder, somebody picked up a knife and cut up a model or threw acid at one and yet another still left their ranks to join a terrorist group in the Middle East. I will sell these books or it will constitute a nightmare for them all together.