It goes right to the heart of the case of rounding up black people and using their own so they can tell the difference and lay off the abuses with those stupid cultures that exist to ensure they do things with me in which they were bosses and all I do was originally started by them before I stole it. The case of all I do being things that should have been done by women however being one that is measured with the female desire for ageism which seems to be insatiable as it were, so when the taking stock of my self and my age everyday gets to a point I have to decide what I want to do with it as well and of course we have settled up on how they have husbands with jobs and families in which some of their children are working but the sense around whether or not I can run a business is based on their age and them first and not whether or not what I do qualifies, the result of course has been this need to set out social clarity on the reality that they play these games and should know their insults will not be enough to save them if they push it further, hence the idea they will get into a relationship with me that they call the shot in is something that exists only in their heads – the result being that they now have social issues to deal with which has dampened the intensity of them insults and the flurry of it on a daily basis but that said they are still rather determined, so I have to say that if after all they have been through they still feel they want to wreck my property and screw around with me and then get into a relationship with me they can go ahead.

The other side however are the ones we all have our eyes on; I would want to talk about the fact that I do not think my books are below standard as it is suggested I feel about them, I know they are up to standard – the reality about my behaviour is based on when I have to do work at the Royal Estate and how that operates with a process of earning from the books; hence too much information works alongside distraction and a habit of causing it but if the habit of not subverting the fact I am a Government Operative as the British cote of Arms on my websites do indicate, then there shouldn’t be any problems, hence since it continues I am not thinking people want to shake their insults off them any time soon enough yet; as a result of which I will be talking about stupid women complaining about being beaten by my Court that they think I get around picking off when in reality they are given me by their parents and family and so if these women beat them up and get on media to make a career for themselves as well, then there should be a reason to turn out and shoot off an insult at me because they cannot be seen keeping their hands off my Royal Public appearances, nor can we see them keep their hands to themselves when it comes to investigating me with evil and violence to extricate my personal life, in order to share with murderers and criminals in order to be powerful but of course we all know I have decided on who has the right to breathe on this planet before and all these Political instability and war and crises are the ways they got out of that and all I am saying is that when I get my hands on them I am going to do it again as it were and we will find out how they expect to get out of it this time. Obviously it is a difficult task to work to keep people out of the sex industry and maintain things at a minimal level bearing in mind that part of life is again controlled by scum like these from another corner all together but it is even more difficult to do that when they and their terrorists and deceiving people and creating murders and threats and humanitarian crisis everywhere that drives people to such despair that they become desperate enough to be vulnerable to those things as well and even more so difficult when the threat includes me too. It has never been a matter of integration and inclusion, all I am saying is that they have the men they work their corruptions with to kill people, get rich and be seen around corridors of power and need to stay off mine or they can shoot off their insults and get on media to get involved with my Court and with me but I am not going to allow the complains pay off either.

These days I have been shown what my position and place in the world is with that big mouth especially the American ones and they have controlled my Royal Estate and are using it to do start ups after which when they are rich will help men like me out as a function of their generosity and of course I have no problems with that, I can only say that up to date the last known time that a pop star got off making music albums with my public work that I clearly do to serve her stupidities from a studio in which the owner will rape me if I think I can handle his girls, getting off to wave at The Queen so that when One waves back, it turns out they have gotten approval to continue their processes of serving me, was about 15 to 18 months ago today and in that time we have had to deal with even more various and violent music album while at the same time there is a sense my royal estate is being opened up and raped by them because I get on social media to handle their popular culture celebrity girls, so I have only just realised how much damage they have been doing at this stage and wish to crack down on it hence the facts coming forth because I want their Politicians to keep their civil rights tales to themselves since it has not actually done anything or served anybody so far over this matter – we all know it should have been a case of ugly royal walks down the beach and stares at beautiful and clever girls who want to assess him and make sure they never have to do any work in their lives in order to teach him a lesson at the end but because they have become more and more powerful over the years it has become a process of going off to find them ugly royals in their own turf – so the process of not agreeing to a society where I allow them to have my left hand side has not been sufficient as we can see and I plan to extricate more morality and good behaviour from them with a continuation of my big church programme however intend to crack down on these vandalism so that they can clever and beautiful somewhere else, to help homeless men whose lives they have wrecked at the deployment of the mercy of their generosity somewhere else. I hear they say it is impossible to believe I am royalty as everything I do is pathetic but of course still cannot make out what they suppose I think of their own as well i.e. starts with community idiots who have a thing for distant fascism nobody will notice because they are not white and soon developed into the area where I stay off food from 6am to 12 noon regularly in order to carry out my Christian activities which means my tummy as Prince not eating well at that particular point becomes the plaything of their community croon wives and popular culture scum, especially at Industry, this is of course later used on them with their music studios where I will be raped if I handled their girls and that is usually the point where we here the complains, hence starts with them and ends with them and is not pathetic.

I hear it is said I am being hammered to make me understand the perils of a class society but of course we all know the Labour Party is really good at telling lies and that these lies people vote for continue to pile up and one day it will result in circumstances where they really have to make one decision or the other: I mean their assumption is that those who plan and decide what they want to do with their lives between age 25 and 30 actually do so because some great misfortune forced them into that position and that there isn’t method behind the civil rights frauds, especially when there is an economic crisis and they decide they are the ones that need jobs the most because they are soon to retire – that is a function of great misfortunes befalling them as well apparently. I don’t think its a serious matter its a case of me pretending I am interested in the problems of those who do not recognise my leadership; reality is the question of what seems to be their problem with the respect thing, the other part where I pretend is the question of voting for the Labour Party lies like it was my vote as it were – when they have to grow up someday after having their heads in the clouds for so long – a condition we know as 'nimbusity'. 

Its like the men speak of the question of how well I am doing my work at the moment, which makes no sense because such things can only be measured by three factors and three factors only i.e. handling my Royal Estate because a really insolent media provides them perceptions that allow them insults which get through to getting a reaction from me and more so thereof a platform by which to get my reaction at will whenever they want; the second being the result of me writing books to help them deal with whatever seems to have been the problem and the third being the outcome that they want to make use of the products without paying for them – so the problem we have now is that each and every occasion of handling those products or indeed my person like they think they know where my anus and penis and those stupid intrusive insults thereof are, now has a consequences which applies that the stretch of tolerance for dealing with a process of putting up with it gets longer and longer in time i.e. when it started I could get over that is seconds, now so many factors have come into play and my finances are still in tatters because of them and I can get over it in hours and days at a time while they want to do it every time in the course of which they take advantage of windows and openings from my activities to do advertisement and sell products as well as if I am some prostitute having sex with several idiots in a gentleman’s club which I suppose is the kind of business the idiots run best and I will not tolerate either for my part since it is not my cup of tea: the result of course is that when I handle them as well and their property as well, they need community idiots to react against me for them because they feel nothing of the anguish that I feel when they do and what makes that difference is that they are financially comfortable and I am not and the solution to that is an increase in consequence for their handling, my person and as they like to brag private parts and the royal estate and my book sales as there is nothing about their behaviour that is good whatsoever. My part piece of course is that every time they do it, there never fails to be a result where organised criminals show expressions that means I had done the wrong thing with what I do and what I have done and hence as it stands the question of how well I am doing my job was raised because they expected me to falter not them to lose as much as they have as a result of what I and others will do with these facts going public like I have made them at the moment, especially considering this whole thing about organised criminals having a message and a position does mean one of those reasons people in government offices murder scum like these in order to get on with their jobs and that it is what they think they have made an example of one that cannot murder them out of me with. So I suppose it develops right into a case of how powerful it makes them best expressed by their Politicians talking nonsense of what they have made me realised of how I should be supporting their causes built from their insults and tales on how things I do will only be done when they are in charge and nothing I say matters unless they were – not a problem of which it is of course since they took decades to find jobs in which same conditions their mates took a few months to locate careers – so we now know they had jobs before I was born and have been financially comfortable and there is an extent I must hurt them by handling their possessions in order to achieve the effect of making them understand what I am feeling which will be the first time to making the fuck off.

I don’t think it is a difficult matter its just a bit of work all round; the long story is that the Politicians think they have made an example of a leader that cannot kill anybody that likes to fuck with his office and governance out of me and I simply think I don’t want to kill anybody to write books, now I have to look into alternatives of handling their problem and that is what this is all about i.e. how do you go about making people that are financially comfortable feel what you feel when they have been messing with your income directly for 15 years, so much so that you have noticed that your tolerance and ability to get over it on each occasion has gone from seconds to years at a time for every event? Hence bringing them down to that level is the work we are talking about here and they always like to say something about their Political position and views which I suppress, the one where I would say there is nothing nice about it when I am being nice and when I am being obnoxious say I forbid it i.e. the fact that I have decided there is nothing good about the behaviour of socialists who want to pillage other peoples livelihoods and personal lives to draw attention to the fact that they want to run business and do politics and jobs and academic work where their personal life is on account it is what the injustices of the land have taken away from them, while women are reporting news on the media for a career and so on is not the process of being the low life that has cleared a field for Nationalist idiots to have careers, so nobody really understands why they do it to claim they are fans of mine and start to pretend they were not expecting a paddle for it as well. In the end I am of a view that they cannot now run businesses and enterprises and careers and Politics from where they are anyway, they can so I can get hold of those their penises and anuses all the time as well – and if they don’t I will prepare the way for them to so that others can take it up and do it for them as well – My book sales is where their problem dumping and problem transfer self improvement nonsense they like to think is funny and then violent and then builds a career and then builds terrorism when people do not give them what they want or I do not let them get it from my body and Christian personal life and so on is where it will blow up all together and I have warned about that enough times for my part too: fuck all of them – now they can dominate before I am allowed to do academic work and get a job.

They do say the way I talk allows these trouble makers to find their own ways of communicating as well and none of it makes any sense since I am not the one spending tax payers money on them thinking everybody feels I have no imagination to conceive that they will become a problem at a later date that will take a long time to resolve because I am certain others will be stuck with it while I get around being important and having a career and getting rich. In the end it does not mean it has come to the tit for tart outcome around my concerns anyway, like some people worry I cannot handle it whereas there are only three issues here and one of them is provocation which is something they do every single day, the other is battle ground which is something they want to be able to chose every time hence think they have handled me and twisted me into a corner where there are no rules, the third being my possessions which are not theirs and I have not given them permission to handle – having said that however on this matter their society powers have no sway over anything around here only for the leadership of insolence they think absolutely everybody will react to according to the tales they want to make of it – I mean you have to wonder what the effect of giving tax payer funds to these idiots is supposed to have been except that they are supposed to find ways of making money enough to pay taxes as well in order to get in my face, so that having been that does not create power this is where the problem started because tax payers money is not my money and I don’t care while they were to make something of it one way or the other. Hence these idiots especially their women are professional cowards as we can see, who know where all the mentally disturbed goons with a need for murder exist and like to want to be able to adjudicate and control the lives of both those evil people and men who are religious on the other hand and I cannot tell them enough times I know what their cause is about but its the same old case of women freedom two steps forward and five back and they are making enemies to that effect around here as well. So on the matter of being friend of journalists and television personalities, there has never been a thing of that sort, what we have always had is a simple case of the understanding they share between me and their producers, that they never ever put 100% into the jobs they are supposed to do especially after making the connections they have today with really evil industry scum that these professional cowards and a thing about the personal life I steal from those who really deserve it like to rendezvous with about which I love to point out they continue because enough have not yet died in their view and those who are alive have as much a big mouth as those who have seen things no human being should ever see in their sordid little lives so far as it were; so their producers feel like putting 100% journalists and television personality into them every time, while they feel they want to have writing careers in my stead once they finish with their current careers and I will never cease to be a target to that effect, hence they have always thought that I am in such a position as I can never talk about those things and I had to start from the professional cowards story to show that I can any time I want.

The beginning of the end for all the lower and middle class nonsense is this point where it is always said that I always get all over the place when people flatter me about what I do using their rudeness about my penis and anus thing especially the French and their idiots but I don’t see that being the case, its a case of Tourism economies seeking an ecosystem finding one at my Literary empire and people doing what they do as normal, some of those things those men complement is largely concerned with the nature of their economies and the threat of having people chase their wives and so on, so for these fools to actually think I want to sleep with their wives, it is an expression of the fact their insolence will never be diluted and of course they think they will get involved with something and hurt me there with only in their stupid dreams and those secret societies I will find the addresses of so they can use their homes instead which I can find all the time if I wanted. It does come down to that story of whether or not I recognise what communists think of me but of course I do and they all do think of others in that way, these big powerful countries: its an old story but if you don’t pay attention to communists they soon appear dead and start to seek global business which then makes so much sense of the communism and of course it is not that I want to be a plaything for the capitalists either – those need to understand the consequences of messing with my finances that come through my books because I have put up all I have as security for my people at the Royal Estate, remembering that if I mess with theirs as well it wouldn’t affect them because they are financially comfortable meaning I can do whatever I like, I hear they like to say that it will soon become a test of how much money they must make to ensure they detach themselves from me and that ability but in the end they can only build business empire to find out I had already gotten one before their insults and that in the world of global business peoples possession do not change hands on account of the people it will affect and they will have to live with it – so the question is usually that of how much money exactly they think will achieve that, bearing in mind also that I will be waiting. I hear they say I would be better off if I worked with Politicians and it is utter rubbish too as working with the media is just perfect; The Politicians cannot let people learn anything other than how to dominate others by power or by Money and so when you ask them being that you do Church stuff what is left for you the abuses by which they kiss goodbye their families and go in parliament to pretend they are animals and own the place comes into its own and it finally ends where you must understand they don’t believe in God. Of course it is all very well but the outcome soon begins to manifest and some really twisted Industry idiots sets his eyes on a pretty girl and must have her and live out all the things he has been boasting about his need to do with her; circular society people will make songs but then they will be the ones that got away and need to look at what has happened to religious people and learn say the politicians and that is where the problems begin so when they say I would be better off working with them I cannot help replying that they need to get lost. I mean I have ploughed that route very well indeed but we still put up with yet more nonsense all together – they say hurting the Common Wealth will serve as an acceptable blackmail but I have no idea since they will have to deal with the Duchess of Cambridge as well bearing in mind they are finished handling me so far currently, hence are in any position to handle the both of us together. Now the reality is therefore that they are happy to be friends with twisted scum that must always get involved with a fight against good people no matter what form it takes and yes apparently the kind of people you bring guests to the country and point to as a people about whom every means has been applied but their useless behaviour is what they prefer and will do 24/7 none stop everyday with put thinking twice about it are their best friends – the Political pricks think they matter when they speak of me being oppressed with the problems of the common people which only brings into light the tit for tart affair at which point we have not yet reached with their common people and a certain confidence for handling me they have become really used to so far, while I tend to talk about anything and every thing to ensure that the wickedness and evils their Politicians are complicit with goes live and becomes a part of normal life all the time; in the end Royal Estate Christian writes books from his personal life and sells it to those who read it in their person lives and if they let me be they will be free of me as well and if not then we will continue for as long as socialists know everything about me right down to when I was born and hence can control me and decide where I go and what I do and how much money I have and who owns what I work for while Nationalist scum will answer the story of who asked them a fucking question about it.

I am perfectly aware of the story of industry people in matter – there is no threats at me from any Industry people; its a group of fools that sleep with girls and pornographers all the time and are the biggest trouble makers in the world; so that Mr A will have his company and will see my work and broker equities and I will get off to what I do for them with the aspect of my public work that does it but he will decide I have done what he has been trying to do all along by sleeping with girls and pornographers and so on and get on my book sales every single time to talk rubbish all over the place and I do get the sense they are funding and helping terrorists as well for good measure along with those stupid girls of theirs who are professional cowards and cannot stay off my Royal personage and personal life – the Muslim ones especially want to give that to their murderous parents who will kill them if they didn’t do as they are told but then their big mouth must be such that they are superior to you as well at the same time will rather pay attention to you than their parents and themselves in the relationship that they are, so these guys can easily feel you want to prevent them from beating their wives and hand some millions to terrorists because it is commanded in Islam and nobody would notice as well but for these other ones that love to challenge me, the reality is that they don’t stop me from doing my Intellectual Property Administration and need to sell the fucking wares they are supposed to and keep their insults where it might be better appreciated. They have continued to think they have driven the worlds businesses into a place where brands do not matter anymore and their girls with popular culture fame and fortune who can buy anything have continued to maintain my business and their access to my Royal estate means what I do is an affront to them because it is a contraption set up to steal peoples connections and have always thought the route to wealth is a savaging of my market to sell their own products just like the class A drugs they take all the time drives them to endlessly – so the brands matter yet again and they have lost and need to sell their wares and save the insults and I have been clear messing with the books will lead to trouble. Their Politicians do speak of how I have done their stuff – so when they echo it all I can say is that somebody was always going to do my stuff anyway and talk nonsense about their stuff, in the end its a matter of whether I can make them do it how I want it done or not and of course they have always lost in that respect too anyway but for the Politicians getting into other peoples countries to Nation build sound sweet, if they cared how people lived there they would have noticed instead of be doing their stuff that people were giving money to terrorists because others came from far away countries to prevent them from beating their wives and so on, so I always think it is an example of an eventuality where they fancy me beyond what is normal and or natural as it were for their part in the matter, contrary to the sense they always end up squeezing everything I take in out of me, speaking of which the usual stuff is that when you turn your eyes on the homes and personal lives and societies of that their stupid lower classes, the result is always gangs and crime but since I was beyond the state at which people bother you with such things and have been brought back down to it again all be it made up on media because they are superior, I intend to build an office on it when they turn me down that way and then each book I sell as a result will be a process of teasing them while I will sell the books and market it world wide for my part and yes of course I will be murdered at random is not an unusual way to handle a Christian either, they have been murdering for decades so much so the parliament and the media is now in trouble as well – obviously when I do give them the opportunity to utter one more rubbish about being oppressed by their problems it will end with a case of how I am nibbling that stupid lower class of their anyway but before then I the fact I never looked like somebody who wants to be provoked down that route made me the best target, just like their insolent Politicians will travel off to southern Africa to find my parents where their friends Nelson Mandela lives who will tell me how to behave to suit their purposes like the number of times I am seen seeking a white mans personality in Africa and then travelling off to Germany of France to find parents of British idiots who will make them behave how I want and I believe it has always been as simple rather as a case where they stay off the Royal Estate and stay off the books and off the personal life and all will be well.

So I am aware it is said the biggest issue is more to do with what those I am published with think my books should be used for but I have always made it clear about men wanting to move into my right hand and lodge themselves there permanently for power, when that fails then it becomes a case of my prized possessions being where they want to have a shit, so they keep doing it the American ones and the books sting like hell each time never mind the consequences I dish out as well but they are seen around it endlessly anyway. The part about my hate for black people being applicable only in terms of such realities as the fact that there isn’t a day gone by without several events of abuses that are to do with my genitals and private parts because they have that access by their surveillance and so on – so I can see their children challenge armed police in a Country where the system justifies death penalty by doing it for you unlike the UK where you have to do it yourself and so on, so that when they get killed its my problem and here we have a situation where that never sticks so they can become brave and courageous as well but above all is the fact these insults mean I can never feel comfortable and am always angry and feeling filthy endlessly while they continue their loutish nonsense and it is the last straw over what my position is on involvement with black people: I mean we always have a situation where it is said nothing I do really has anything to do with the UK and that is actually true since I happen to be largely concerned with Africans who want to dominate white women story thing and it does therefore come up all the time endlessly that I expose myself and they will do my stuff but yes so do I think when they have my Royal Estate it does seem their problem will be solved and they can come and get it like candy from a baby thing they speak of as well: if I said I abhor their connections with Japan popular culture thing they would rather have wanted to lay down the popular culture empire pipeline all across the world from the Royal Estate and it is the same way that these insults concerning my genitals and private parts reach Washington in a matter of hours every single day and every single hour of every day as well because Washington has in a way made that avenue open and available to them – so I can going to break it as well for my part and then when I do we can find out what they are made of or they can leave me alone as we are not mates. Here in the UK the case is always as simple as lies they tell themselves and turn up in public to enforce which means they get to a point where that lie becomes real to them due to the fact they think their temper matters and mine does not and it is the same story endlessly about their commitment to violence and people asking me to do something about it when I do not recognise it as something that has any right to play a part in reality, they always say the reasons are that my books are their main point of call which makes no sense whatsoever anyway but by far one of the most outstanding is their women turning out to take a stroll around Buckingham palace to enforce those things HM does about people not looking through the windows of the Palace – I mean the rules in there are the rules but who the hell are they anyway was the question and then I soon find out it is the power needed to live in my personal life and to live in my “aura” and all that nonsense 24/7.  

So the manifestation after I am done with them seems to be what happens with media people: where they say women cannot do jobs and I feel as though I want a dictionary definition of jobs as well, since we have no idea why women can only bring what happens at home into the work place one moment and the next men like me suck the air out of the atmosphere so we can have a conversation and yet you will become civil about it and tell them that the reason is that they have not got any atmosphere of their own and can make it by explaining who they are and why they are the way they are and when you add enough sweetness to that they fall for it and go for it and so we end up where we are and I win again but their community croons can win with the fact they are women alongside me which means it gets worse.  Hence the story is whether I myself do hurt men as well now I love to dish out so much penalties because people dug me up so to speak: but I do hurt men as well because they have found something called greed games and money they can play around with girls for – I mean the simple issues are whether the attitude I have to put up with from these girls are the same they shot off at some 50 year old and lived to regret it which is not wonder I am never surprised anyway but for them however these girls are professional cowards and will sacrifice any man for them hence the reasons they love them so much but as I mentioned before they cannot keep their mouths and hands to themselves, feel like ripping up my books all the time in order to find privileges for their parents who would kill them if they didn’t follow family rules, so that their relationship with their parents is still never the most important thing to them from where they are either and in the end we see communities of revellers and drinkers and lewd people that provide bankers places to spend their money on vices who do nothing but set out how bad a person I am which makes me wonder all the time if people want to know about their own as well and this is the reason these men like them so much – not least because they are from start of the day to the end of it always on a case of violent reverse psychology on young people because their wives do it to them, so that when they say the women cannot have jobs then the women will find it impossible to stay at home and when they say the women can have jobs the women will find it impossible to go out; hence it does appear I become a target when them women are winning, so I don’t mind hurting them if I get asked as it were. They do say I have not fared well on my relations with women either for my part and it isn’t true; the only thing that has damaged anything here is the men and the girls, I mean I have made some mistakes but its my property so that does not count – hardly gets moving  female journalists at Court spend their salaries in charities to raise funds for poor people in Africa, ministers of parliament travel off to South Africa where their friends live to find my parents and get them to make me behave how they want because they want my personality and it gets better with the men on media and their girls as well – it has always been one thing to tolerate their popular culture but quite another to savage my books and get after my personal life and Royal Estate all together. I hear there is a story mostly fronted by the Conservatives about how I have created a situation that must be responded to with something I really do not have and does not exist; they have pervaded a process where some people laid out plans with respect to this story of a member of the Royal family I am in love with to ensure there is enough security for such an occasion if tying the knot were to have happened but the reasons I do not respond to the Tory assaults have always been rather simple i.e. people are rather happy to hang around with me and pass insults as me for long enough to tell me a company that handles matters of my Office and The Royal Estate right down to what people do with what I say and do around the world to create security against proliferation does not exist, so a little bit more and they will be known for it and yet a little bit more than that and it will become routine for them.             Its the same old story about my property equity and the ones in public brokerage especially because I have left people only the two areas of respect and buying products they need only, they seem to be trying endlessly to get me hurt by their own inferiority and by that I mean my leadership that is not recognised by them and the problems they create for themselves by measuring up – so I want some peace from them and those who handle my books to ensure that does not happen earn themselves a  process of that kind as well from me; its like when they say       I push for Policing reforms in the US where the Police should look same as their Communities, whereas in actual fact I don’t since it is just incredible levels of hypocrisy to live in the US while practicing African culture and at the same time expect US Police to be less violent than African ones – I mean people wear Police Uniforms but they can also be somebody’s Father and somebody’s husband and vice versa and so on, they are paid to do the job alright but nobody is asking you to be an inconsiderate bastard either, never challenge armed police officers and yet they do it and try to drag as many people as possible in – here it never sticks of course because of the reality i.e. if people shared all their Christmas and Easter and Holidays with a Police officer, if there was a Police officer living next door to every House in the Country what would people think of the Police then? In essence I mean they have these music studios that they go into, to set out raping Government officials as a result of how their administrative offices open them up to abuse in order to make a statement about what will happen to any who touches their girls, whom they then put up to savage peoples public work to make popular culture millions and cannot be happy with just the money if they can have bully power as well – the reality being the question of whether they would recognise when they were cheating Police officers out of something, whether in all that, they are the ones keeping and actually keeping and maintaining law and order in the land, whether they were taking notice of how much those who actually do so earn as compared to all their vandalism and a process of getting rich from it, whether they would recognise if they were in a Union with Police officers, when they were cheating them out of something that should be shared equally? There is no such thing as anything I have done or said to push for Police reforms in the US, it is not unusual either, they keep doing that and keep roping people in every single time that they do as well.