Of course I am aware the story told about how I have been bent into a condition whereby I am seeing what the Republicans and Anti Monarchists or even Scottish Nationalists have been talking about but then again the compared ease with which I resolve problems they have not all their lives just means they need to pass more insults at me. So that is what they all think while the reality is that I am aware on the other hand, contrary to popular disposition, that everything done and said of me in Public is all made up, so there is no such thing as getting into other peoples mannerism and thought process – so what really works with these kinds of insults is when I enforce my purposes around the ones on the right being the ones that were beaten by the job high fliers on the left while the ones on the left were beaten by home and community people on the right, it works every single time; it is cruel of course but I have had enough of this stuff and want them to leave me alone. It’s not a complicated matter, just the simple one whereby if they kept the cultural problems associated with their millions out of my concerns, there would have been no problems at all in the first place but we all know this is half the problem because even if I do take up those matters and resolve them, I will end up with a reputation that goes around picking things off peoples business to get rich and then when I get about my own problems at business they drive past me and stick their own in like I am a piggy bank they will harvest later and then have a real problem with me writing and selling my Books for a living simply because I will make a living doing so; hence obvious that beating them down all of the time is the only way to protect my livelihood and maybe academic work too and at this stage I am very, very livid about it all and do not wish to have them tell me nonsense about being bent into a condition that understands what they have been talking about, it is definitely looking for trouble. In the end the reality has always been that if people work for others and are always bringing cultural problems into the establishment, then the reality has to be either that they love to do such a damage or that they have their own business which is actually more important and this is not what is happening between me and my brokers, what is happening is ego insults from entrepreneurs about having enough money to buy a Royal Estate and then telling me my actions are cruel when none of it really is any of their business all together; I have tolerated it a decade and a half and do not wish to anymore, it is not going to change and I need to move on. They do say I put cultural problems on the lap of my employers all the time and of course it has no basis on reality or truth, such a claim; what is true is that my Employer will have created certain shenanigans that result in those things I want to talk about when I speak to friends and family about work for instance and so that is what it is and anything that turns up near or around it from an external source is looking for social networking website, which of course does not make the owners famous as it were. It is said that I pretend to be the victim in the matter but the fact is rather that I actually am.

So the problem with the EU is that the Government wants to be able to govern and control people and it is incredibly annoying as well since the real problem was always the behaviour these block heads have to stop on other people’s lives and property damaging of which gives them a lot of fin sensibility that is good for their personality; so when it was fun for them was when they decided when they wanted to stop it, when they decided they would never stop it in a condition where the outcome was that they did not intend to cause me harm; so if they want to feel that getting elected means being able to control the Country I suggest they need to stop these kinds of fun when they have not yet damaged my academic work and finances bearing in mind normal human beings behave in such ways consistently on a daily basis. Then there is the question of the behaviour exactly i.e. I have written my Books and may have taken steps to expose it to the public before it was written to a certain degree because they needed it and now I need a certain period of seclusion to prepare, before I start to sell it all over again and what they are fond of doing is extending that period in a matter of years because the way I will react and feel frustrated will be amusing and whether or not I co-operate with their needless needs no matter what they have as we all know, they will become even richer and have everything they have ever dreamed of, wherefore the fact they never did before I came along was due to the fact I had failed to co-operate in the first place to my delight – nobody knows why people feel the sensibility they might kill those who badly handle their livelihoods while at the same time treating other persons lives and property in such ways, all I know is that I have my back against a brick wall and know exactly how they want me to get out of it too – their stupidities need to stop when it has not yet damaged finances and academic work, so they don’t have to kill anybody with that big mouth: I mean the whole thing always plays out as the sense that they know where my Books are and my tummy will therefore never do anything I want it to do because they own it yapping all of the time and so they can get on National Media and roll out paragraph after paragraph of my Books without buying them in order to sell stock markets and do advertisement and so this sense that their Empires and Millions and livelihoods always means that the cultural problems associated with having a business must always come from their livelihoods and end up in mine and even when I take those matters up and resolve them to write my Books, nobody knows why they damage the sales as if I signed a contract with them that says they can touch it either and I am really fed up with it at this point, while they have a difficulty understanding that I am – so that every single time I think about the problem properly, what comes through is the fact that unless these guys and their sidekicks that turn up at Public transportation and Media are in pain over this matter, I will never ever protect my academic work and finances and business and will therefore never ever get any project finished, any sales and contract process completed. The other side of this story being that each time I raise the matter, they are certain to put up that behaviour at me which says I need to assess how much power they have got first before I give it a try but then again of which if they had that much power they would not have been chasing me all the way to the EU – I have to wake up every day to that nonsense about those they want to control and I am sure they understand how irritating it is at this point as well. So kept us replay out the facts as it stands i.e. they said their stupid insulting money will not run out and so far it has made celebrities very rich and I have warned them about what will come of a process where their insults in my direction gives rise to a celebrity routine on their part as well; so that the reality is that the stupid Money has now been shared as it were and no celebrity is going to damage anything here to give them a stupid sensation that they have won anything, so that when that routine had begun nobody will be surprised when I am keen to find out what they are made of as well. The fact on the ground is that these guys are not chasing this power over and controlling me EU and back – back and EU thing that they love to do using Public Office that is their personal and private property, ruining my finances and building that stupid confidence right up to the sky, in order to turn up at my Literary Empire and cling to it to build their personal wealth to dizzying heights because there is actually anything they can do about me – I am really fed up with it now. 

I did take steps and risks to go over it 9 years ago, about the fact that I am aware they are thinking they will do nothing at the Offices of their various insulting Empires, if they can sacrifice my Royal Estate to make their 21st Century Markets instead. I did inform them that what they are supposed to do for a recession is put aside their assets lest it gets damaged and go back to building relations with consumers – I am not responsible for the fact their limitless money is now running out and whoever created them the idea that I need to do them favours because they are the ones that can create revenue for the Country must have been as insane as they are: They do say everything I have said has just been taken over and subverted by people who know a better use for it and those people is still they all together - its utter nonsense because these are the idiots who want to rule others; we all know their lives are run on one basis only i.e. always been seen doing something to be powerful, developing a paranoia of those who have what they do not as a sensibility that helps them manage any disruption to their stupid power and then attacking me along with opportunistic idiots who attack me for doing anything about them immediately after, claiming that if allowed, I will take away any little power that they who have suffered injustice developed for themselves and I have made myself clear about favours I need do them and the insanity of those who suggest it and the fact I am really fed up with it as well. The story today was that the Government should not have to fight for its legitimately elected right to govern and control, all the way to the EU and they have not answered the question of when the fun they like to have with my Finances which effects are ending up in their stupid lives is going to be ended, I am fed up with it for my part.


We hear the story that I really do not pay attention to how far reaching and damaging my activities are for other people’s business but I really do not care that much; I have placed my business and work where I will find it easiest to get jobs and contracts and sales – most of it have been built with my own hands and so I cannot understand why those I have kept out cannot be respectful enough to keep off killing my green shoots on account they have needs and so each time the cultural problems associated with their stupid businesses and livelihoods end up here and I resolve them to write my Books, the question now is what exactly then propels them to damage the same like I had at all signed a contract which suggests they can touch any of it and when then is the parameter of such competition that they have now invented and what is their male stupidity complaining about then too? It’s all very well setting up that silly Media as the means by which to have a place where they can go to be things others already are and all very well to start stories too about those that are more articulate and intelligent than I am; I know it is their domain but so can I take it away from them too – its intellectual property administration solutions and the money cannot come unless certain individuals cannot handle it at any point whatsoever; so they really do feel that they can calculate what I am capable of as well and I am not going to resolve it at the Law Court if there are more expensive resolutions to think about with my current resources. They say these are my troubles because I had my fun when I damaged the culture and society but we have not been talking about the main issues with that bit i.e. how it has developed from whacking my anointed head all the time into a personal life I have that is clear and needs to be filled up with cultural problems associated with owning an running a business which does such an immense damage to my Intellectual Property Space and its Empire, this they then follow up not just with stupid Media convincing people God does not exist alongside its insane Parliament and a process of getting around Industry handling my income and talking nonsense of how nobody knows who the hell I am, when we speak of tools I run my affairs and earn a living with. It goes without saying, that there is perhaps something I have done to that insane Culture and society which they did not actually expressly request as it were – then we hear the inability to look after their tongue all of the time; where the Government is fighting for legitimate right to control and govern people and there are certain persons. Of course I am aware that this Story of whether it is I or the Politicians in charge in bound to continue but I do not think it is a crisis - its the same bullies we see at University ripping up my academic work and running off to get Jobs with their well finished one, then when they meet me again after some years, they must have saved up some money with which to tell me I need be aware they have the financial security but have got news for me i.e. it is not enough and they are going to have me again; it is the sort of nonsense the Politicians wreck my finances to place me on benefits for as it were, their stupid confidence now at an all time high. So they know what they are doing wrong with Government Office but raise the question over and over again, so let me look into the facts a little bit and go with the flow as it were. The facts about how they spend so little time building a Political Career if they can spend government paid time building a Business one and talking nonsense about living in a Country where there is justice all the time for it -  this means that a Politicians Salary is not enough for them simply because they have their sexist and ageist Eyes firmly fixed on my possessions, nobody can get into a position where they are in charge of me from here, they are in charge only somewhere in hell; it started off from whacking my anointed Christian head and now it has become all about making sure the cultural and social problems associated with the sources of their money end up in the life of the Man that has no issues and needs to be filled up and of course these are the insults they have no wish to discuss if they can become more concerned with the question of whether it is they or I that is in Charge. So we proceed from here to find out course that the problem these bullies have, of which they will likely tell me they have reasons for their bullying when I already know what their nature is and find none of it surprising, is that I am resisting the whole prognosis by which they will have a means to lay hands on me if they so wished and this is where the biggest problem of all is located especially concerning their stupid Children - 14 years of my time and academic and financial ruin from Government Office, so they can get to lay hands on me and yes we are talking about it in technical and academic ways at the moment, so that when they do feel they have mustered the guts for it, they can feel so free as to get up where it really matters, where I am not an Arch Prince and they are talking from their own bloody rights where things are going to happen very fast and tell me I was being punished all those years for daring to feel as if I am more important, since we do not know exactly what they feel their stupidities do for others anyway; you can never tell if they bully and attack you like that while Women howl and wonder what has brought it on because they are giving you ideas. They do say they want me out of their precious history and culture, none of which I am handling but what they have stopped doing at me is the black sheep routine and turning up around my Business Empire to talk nonsense at people about how nobody knows who the hell I am - it is usually a product of me borrowing that their stupid Country, so that they might want to live in a land of freedom and justice until my Books get sold, just so they can get to secure my writers information by bullying me and exploring what I ate, to get information from the Horses lips, just like these stupid questions about who is in charge means their society idiots will follow me around like we see their stupid block head children being followed as well thereof. It will never make sense to me as to why any person would feel that it is a worthy activity to engage in, when it wrecks my finances by corruptions of involvement and hurts my endings to put a stop and an end to me spending my own property to get things done on account he wants to spend it, ensure the cultural problems of his business empires about which his big mouth shows up everywhere is in my personal life, while his employees are actually protected from it by Law and I do not work for him and then finish off by investing some money on sales idiots who will cover my market and help him pile something up cheap and sell it fast to get rich and tie off loose ends by making friends with celebrities that will work with society idiots who also have small businesses of vandalism, to keep it wrecked for the rest of my life but this is what they spend our whole time and hold the economy to ransom in order to enforce like they are other peoples personal Gods; I have warned about their threats enough times and beyond here will they push me into acting too. The story of my hurt endings not backing up my boasts are a familiar one, just like the case of what the Monarchy does to them on my behalf, it is the same by which I treat them like I do because they are White and I would never have handed African Politicians in the same way; the first time they started, what happened was that they ran off to South Africa to make a mess for me there lest things blow up if they go off to Nigeria where my parents actually come from, now what they are doing is finding out if it is true that I am actually finished. Its never really been a matter of being unable to handle Government issues when I cannot deal with vain Ministers, which is not actually true: I am dealing with them very competently: - MPs are cowards, if you are in a battle fighting for your life, what they will very likely do is turn up to borrow your sword and get off to find out if it can split Marble and when they have broken it, brought it back and stand around showing they are very good at getting killed, just like we see in the Middle East and its not just the Politicians - the Celebrities and Fashion Idiots behave in the same way, so you have to be stiffed and resolved as well. They do say exposing myself to a lot of problem does not make me a Hero, which I never said I was suggestively anyway - all I do which people should not mess up for me, is ensure the Minority of very evil Satanic people keep their evil behaviour outside of mainstream living and this means it has become a fantasy for them and they can hurt themselves instead if they felt like hurting something, if it came to it, kill themselves and depending on how they do it, will be a suicide that ends up on National Media too and then they will be famous as well - usually the response to this is that it is good for me to come up with things they can handle in order to feel as though they are leaders and I have tried in many ways to avoid using the word 'stupid' to describe MPs to no avail for my part too.


So they say nothing will ever get done, as long as I am a worm Christian allowed by the Monarchy to get up to all sorts making sure violent decisions are not getting made but of course what they are really referring to, is that some thing are really not worth doing, for People who are poorer and to that effect I have to be a responsible Person on seeing that there is high probability it will claim their lives. It is the Politicians that leave me with such little pool of words to describe them by turning up on Media to set out trials of how much of the cultural problems associated with how they make their millions is to end up in my personal life where I have no problems to deal with and regularly show their stupid face along with their business idiots to claim I pick up things and then behave in such ways as means that the cultural matters around their foolish money springs up on them in unexpected places all the time, with that big mouth; as though it is their own lives I live here or that I write their Books in this Office. They do complain about what they describe as the way in which I cause failures at the Financial Markets and I do not cause any such failures; what happens is that they have made up their own versions of the issues that existed in the 1980s/90s because they think those were the period of times in which they ruled the world; so what happened was that Socialists took their game of, how others are supposed to come up with Democracy while they Socialise it in order to get rich too, to an International Level - enter Margaret Thatcher who was Prime Minister at the time and decided to open up the Markets and run the Capitalist routine at the local levels right up to the polling Booth - today what they propose to use Her Legacy for is chasing me around to collect my aptitudes and run off to Industry and Stock Markets to get rich - so if I do not study, I will have none of it but if I do they spend what I have and get violent because I pretend it is something that can run out when it is actually my personality and is permanent while others who need it and are better off having it go without and those kinds of nonsense they come up with - so it must be that the Politicians think they can handle anybody and appoint themselves to teach me lessons and cling to my personal and financial well being to exact heir fun the way they are, while the Stock market idiots dig me until they dig my personal and family life and academic work and keep digging because they can all afford it, so I am drying out that stupid asset system as well, to make them understand what it feels like; I mean I am so good at it that I am running my Business while getting it done - its a matter of losing my temper to a point, espeially when having to deal with the sexist and ageist Media ones that get out of bed to abuse me because they locate how much money they want to get on their fooolish Media to make with my property and what kinds of parties and enjoyments they want to be able to afford for the Weekends by doing so and for those, disobedience is the main source of all they accomplish, the very means by which they derive energy to get out of bed and attend to their jobs on the Day, so I am well within my rights here; I understand when they say people are not handling my Business in such ways as well but what they do with my Empire which is all in Trust and Equities, knowing that a certain small percentage will always deny me a sale opportunity, is extend the percentage that will deny me a sale opportunity - I mean people are disobedient but what sort of fun is that supposed to have been anyway and it carries on for decades while their MPs tell me of my hurt endings with which I think I can handle them as well, whereas the hurt endings like all the tales I never go along with as they know nothing about me, which is largely used to see what will come of me if I got into a fight, which they do all day long and will use their foolish time for nothing else, is largely a matter of the things that their idiots do to ensure that I am prevented from handling things that MPs want to be important with and it is the need they have to damage my Book sales in search of their own privileges by this process which has led to this point because it suggests I am not getting out of it because they can commit any crimes they like - so the MPs really love to appoint themselves to teach lessons to anybody they like as such and with these guys hurting my endings and damaging my Book sales, I will not sell my Books and move away from them, so that they can rule the world if they wanted and now they are travelling all over the world getting into International Communities to discuss controlling me; nobody will ever know what their problem really is. I understand of it that they say I loved Poor people, I could never make it out anyway, since even employees are protected from the cultural effects of their Money making and so other peoples lives should always therefore be an open gate for them in such ways, if they can play around with my Public life and my Books and Office and make up stories about my finances to ensure it ends up as their own instead for such purposes. There is nothing new about these matters; it is as they say I have a really good temperament but the reality is that I already know what they are as such; so I knew they were bullies but the appointing themselves to teach me lessons bit and the possibility of physical and violent contact that gets closer and closer everyday with it, is based on the bred notion that ripping up my finances and driving around insolent cars to suck up to Celebrities that will keep it damaged means they are culturally bigger than I am and this is the prognosis by which they cannot stop attacking me to keep me down and have somebody to oppress who is good enough to be important and famous, in order to go places; so they will discuss nothing but this one that will burst their balls all the time, considering I am the Queens Arch Prince and all that nonsense about trying to govern people that are bigger than me is fiction - its the same story we see everywhere, run a business and they will turn up in it with customer authority and so on, so if they do not clear my space and keep off my Book sales soon enough its not just the culture and society I will never give back again, I will be borrowing their Country next. I am quite certain that they do compare themselves to others and can locate the fact they are really stupid people but these behaviour must be that they have worked their stupidities out as some kind of power, which is why their corruptions of involvement as so valuable, it is the powers of disobedience by which corruptions of involvement melt into the profitability of violence and when I run a business they will turn up and take it over and sit around bullying people with customer authority, buying none of the Books and then their Politicians who want somebody to react to others appointing themselves to teach people lessons, hence the reasons they do it will take it up from there and speak of the Monarchy, which simply goes round and round in circles as it were and if they do not clear my space soon, it will go beyond making those culture things that are bigger than me fight for their own shit too as it were and will start to become all about borrowing their Country until the Books are sold too. Its just incredibly annoying that people would get into Government Office to make Statements that will turn others off my Books, which disposition I have allowed them build up on me over the last 15 years because I can handle them at any time but it is the reasons they do it, such as turning me off my income like that being amusing because of the way I will react and we hear their idiots who copy them, the scumbags on the Streets who think they know where peoples private parts are, copy them like that too - claiming there is nothing wrong if people cannot resist it.I mean they do complain as equally as they hate my guts but we have to go back to where it started to understand this matter better i.e. the early stages where the whole point of their existence became to attack a Christian and make him think deeply and ever so deeply about his faith that it reaches a stage where he is an object of hate for the school going idiots who need one to pass exams and now they do not have a regard for my livelihood all  together, they go into Government Offices where they were elected to serve the Country, to turn me off my income making statements to please crowds in order to feel powerful, simply because they really like the way I react and because the ones on the Left are always getting beaten over Family matters by the ones on the Right and the ones on the Right are always getting beaten by the ones on the Left over Money matters, it is ever so simple to grab their Jobs and livelihoods for others, so we can see them find it amusing too - but how long does a person tolerate them to get to that stage exactly? I mean we have now reached a stage where it is no longer seen as harmless fun for a start; of course I understand I am becoming more and more dangerous but I am not the one that feels like beating down others in order to oppress them and grab their perspective to make fame and fortune with, then employ stupid women who will become famous and have babies on his family life whereby he cannot touch them too for it like our Big mouthed popular culture idiots like to practice in my direction and every fool on the streets following them suit without compunction - I am not having as much fun as they are having at the moment so far. So they do say I will give away these secretes and they will take it and show me how it is done and it is utter nonsense, its as though they will not go away until they had seen what I am capable of as well - since it is not clear how I would be aware of these things if I do not tend to rule them seriously with it every time; it is a very simple matter, what they do is use every ounce of this despicable nature and its tendency for involvement to damage peoples finances and then they accumulate some of their own and then set up Celebrities on Public places to demand what their victims have protected from them until their victims had lost it and they had become the only ones that have some money in which company everybody wants to be etc and it is not their space, its not their lives and I do not write their Books - there is no point complaining about the high consequences if they have such clear and obvious audacity as to touch my Books when all process of distant damages had failed to do the damage that they intended to do, as I am nothing and do not actually matter and so the question turns up all the time concerning facts of the parameters of such competition being placed in public glare just as a precaution in case I do my version too - I mean as it stands, if there are people chasing other peoples anus to make them feel filthy and ashamed all the time, the Politicians would be working for those and it has piled up over the last 15 years and we now await how they intend to resolve it too; in the end I know its called bullying and that if my tummy is doing anything I do not want it to, they were always responsible so they actually never had me but what I cannot tolerate about this goons the most where my income is concerned especially is their need to build hierarchies of servitude around peoples property and concerns all the days of their stupid lives and then they tell me I am afraid of power and authority whereas what will happen is 705 of brain time that should be spent on running my Royal Estate and Literary Empire where I broker the Equities first before chasing the Book sales, will be spent on their stupidities concerning who was here first and then those of them that get away with it will be seen on Media wanting a new Country that exists only in their useless minds; they do say I have gotten myself stuck with a problem I cannot deal with and it is utter nonsense too - what happens when you confiscate peoples culture and society is that they feel like buffeting you all the time which is where that stupid fun ends and now it is the Politician ones turning off my finances and make statements about greatness I have stolen from them which looks more like them that it does me and in order to spend my personal life and happiness a problem I create to affect the Country and dent their sense of privilege at Government buildings, which takes up right back to the questions where we started above i.e. who is in charge, I or the Politicians and we will find out in due course too according to my amusing reaction when people do it and we are not talking about the physical touching by which my entire Empire is factorised to operate according to a 2% bit which is all about my physical appearance and like-able features by which their stupid competitions of physical appearance and sucking up to people with money either (In the end a person can be considered 100% sound if he got into a University to spend over £40,000 to study a degree programme called Government and Politics by which he expects to pay his way and buy a Mortgage and a Car, these goons have more respect for Economy which is more about money and what kind of Business a Business that is already a business actually is, than human beings that can obviously be manipulated if it means anything to them, so the rules can be changed at any time; the problem is that of throwing it up in air as to who is in charge so their idiots might follow me around and they might get to chose my crowd - if it is amusing we are not finished with the matter by a long shot just yet - they are still making out the way I react when I get bullied by them is amusing - what they were meant to do was to buy shares and run a Company they had bought shares in, keep the cultural problems associated with owning a Business in their own personal lives and not mine and find out how many times the owner had to dodge homosexuality to have a family etc, then tell me I never had an empire to kill off my sales and grab my income everyday which I am quite full of at this point.).