I know that a lot of people are concerned about the level and degree of insults and abuses that I have to put up with on a daily basis, it is not such a problem for me per se; I mean my office is split between church and state and I know majority of the lower classes are evil people, so I am not yet having fun with that their wickedness and evil to the point where I can walk around the street having the fun as it stands yet. In a general sense, there are yet a lot of things they can do when I get hold of that evil, so it is not the main issue that concerns me; it is that stupid insolent violence. Of course they say I am doing that already but I am not; what I am doing at the moment has more to do with the fact that I am their boy especially for their stupid girls, who will get around doing gangs for them to enjoy the high life and get rich with and so I have this problem with my temper, so I could simply ignore stupid people who are also wicked and like to familiarise with people in order to see their problems play out in other people’s lives which they then make into a violent situation very quickly as well and thus only hurt people when they cross me but each time I lose my temper I find myself in a place where I do things to ensure that there is need for a gang fight and that they will be the ones that will do the gangs. It is how they get off finding ways of travelling around the world to bother other people with it which are good for them as it were, for they only bother those who take it from them too. I personally do not think the insults and abuses are racist, they cannot possibly be; let them fight along with their black friends who have no shame. The part where they have lots of things they can do with respect to their wickedness and social evils is just the one that will be used to curb the media thing.

I mean the temper thing is a wholly different ball game; I have already taken steps to screw up their society while I make the demand for gang activities great and intense so that when it happens there will be no adrenalin kicking in to help anybody deal with anything, so when they get stabbed it will hurt like hell, just as when they get attacked violently and so on and its much the same with drugs, I am notorious for messing with drugs industry even when it is not my country, so it is either become really expensive or they will not be able to get any before there is a fight, so they can understand what it feels like to reach the top and have your finances messed up by Politicians who plan to have you get into a street punch up. I mean they always say I cannot do any violence but there is nothing wrong with saying hey you are witchcraft goon and like to familiarise with people so intensely that you see your problems play out in their lives then get violent on them very quickly and think it is funny, so if you want a piece of me come and stand here and do it but I never get wired in that way – not that I cannot wire myself that way but first instincts are that which I never do get wired that way.

It’s a plain and simple matter of the fact there are damages they do and there are things they extract from me; things like a thing everybody strives for but they end up being the ones that own and so on, so these are the things that get collected by me to pay for the damages because it will never be clear why people would think the most outstanding target for their hatred and vandalism is the fact somebody else can protect his people from violence i.e. it is either he does it by words and tricks which does nothing for anybody or they must ensure the violence happens to answer questions which they will never take part in. The first occasion was the confiscation of that stupid left to pay for ill feelings from distant fascism about which they can now see it is impossible for them to get rich with my property and turn up to tell me they are more important than I am no matter how poor I may be. So yes they claim it is tyranny but it isn’t; it is permissive tyranny.

They ought to try it someday, getting into government office with the fact when people take their problems out on you because you refused to solve it like you do everybody else’s, you either get to solve it or carry it around for everybody to see while they get famous and tell others about how to solve their problems as well or indeed do so with the fact people use their property to get rich and famous and get off by it to tell people they are superior and more important.

They always love to make out they want me to put these things into the way the real world works because that is meant to scare me; rubbish. The truth is that I don’t want the idiots around my books, around my earnings and around me generally because they hate me so much and if that does not happen the way I want it, I will soon become the biggest problem that their stupid sense of freedom has got. They hate other peoples princes alright but it does not mean there are no persons that do not like him, I want them out and if that is not the case I will take steps to find out how much of that stupid music and fame industry rubbish I put up with everyday the law really says I should and I swear this too. I am still in charge however by the way and that is none negotiable. I am not their mate and I have no idea who around here is playing with them anyway. I am not in any way scared of their stupid gangs; these are idiots you do not have to get out of your home and get involved with bad company to bring into your life because they will find their way into it any how whenever they want. 


They say I have a personality issue which is a lazy mans work and has got nothing to do with anything but in actual fact if we imagine I did condone the process of their insults and abuse of me and my income in order to set me up for their witchcraft community croons abuse that would just make half the problem; the other half is that they handle people’s property and tell others that they do not like it because they want to deny them things they have the right to take or handle bearing in mind they know who they are while such people are just personality idiots whose ideas do not work with the City. Then they tell me I get women to do my battles for me whereas they are the ones that must be everybody else’s friend including mine as well and for all that stupid friendliness running around on media not once have I given consent on no occasion do I determine what happens; that big mouth likes a fight as it were too.

It is the only thing that happens around here; you speak to a Car Manufacturer and because somebody knows who he is as per personal life, they think they ought to talk rubbish in public places about how much they know about your job with your bank balance and your finances and lots of lots of violent get used to it media insults, on account that you broker equities with the manufacturer. What monumental idiot would do such things with other people’s property anyway? Then again there is the bigger question of supposing I tolerated the idea their witchcraft community croons can do whatever they like with me as it were, what next about handling my property and telling others I am simply unable to live in the city and respect the idea people have the right to be what they are if they know what they are, then tell me I get women to do my fights for me as well and that I cannot live in the City and should get out of it?

I mean I do not think it is a serious or an administrative matter; you are generally supposed to avoid certain women who do strange things all the time, the kind where you get married to somebody for example, have a few children maybe and when things happen in your family you hear it from the outside world first, everybody knows what is happening in your family before you do – she lives from outside to inside. They think they have so much freedom in this city they can do whatever they like with anybody they please, I don’t have to go out to get involved with them it seems because they will come to me with a big mouth and I do believe I need to be counted out of those that will be willing to sit around and take rubbish from them as well.

I mean putting in perspective the idea I get women to do my fighting for me; like media whom everybody’s friends they are to get around pillaging my income and will not stand here and fight.


The local communities they say is what is their main concern; about which I am not the one that wrecked my finances so I can end up with a hung parliament, I am not the one that is a bully that wants gangs but realises that there will be gangs and that they will be the ones doing it and I am not the relentlessly violently insolent women who create opportunities for idiots to tell others they do what they do because they are fighting against superiority that the white man has already got, then realise another person has decided to get into a place where every insult from them will have the result where they lose everything that pricks them so much and thereby make much sense of those insults.

Of course they claim in the end that I have a problem with young pretenders which is in turn a problem for the economy, it is utter nonsense. The fact is that we have an economic crisis and they know how to get about it and that has to do with setting more of the world in front of them so they can divide it among themselves like a steak and nobody knows why they always ask me, which of course is the reason I never mention it i.e. I really do wonder who cares. Hence we have ended up with the results; Politicians in their corner, Businesses in their corner, Media in their corner, so I don't have to put up with such rubbish for much longer; as for the media we it seems will be speaking of how I get women to do my battles for me again and of course it is still not over yet - there is the matter of my books and their problem with the sales.