So there is this new talk of the threats of terrorism that I face and it will never make sense as there has been a threat of terrorism all over the place for the last decade and a half, so it is quite impossible to understand what they mean unless I see it from the point of view that whether or not I am facing such a threat should stand as testament to a cases where they are right and I am or have been wrong; whereas the only point at which they have been right and I wrong according to them is more to do with their Muslim friends here in the UK thinking they are the only experience of Islam that other people have, while their counterparts in the Middle East create the terrorism groups they can travel out to join all the time and the Political idiots and media scum have been right and okay with settling their place in it for years now time and time again – it is not an example of where I am wrong, it is an example of what they have created while pretending they do not work in Government where these matters appear on their tables in form of well researched files.

I don’t believe this matter to be a complicated one; it’s an old story that what happens is that if I stepped out of my home and got threatened and attacked by prepubescent goons who want to use my personality to get famous, I will suffer an Injustice for defending myself because Politicians and Media exist and have interests and will interfere to claim I steal the future and keep it for myself and that I am getting by picking on the easy kids and will only continue until the violent ones show me what is what and they will ensure I stand and face the music. So this is not a complicated issue; it’s an old story of evil people saying and fostering and encouraging and funding what they love best, while bad company is then allowed to mess with your property, work, job and finances so as to ensure you are not attending school or doing your job because you are more interested in being dragged into a bad gang or company etc that turns up on the streets looking for recruits all the time and throwing their nonsense about at random that fosters the insulting body language we see their Politicians exhibit in parliament. All I am saying is that the next time I defend myself as Politicians and Media interfere to lend me some injustice I will make them lie on the floor screaming by the time it is over, there is no terrorism thereat here; just another of those cases of evil people and bad company the two points at which I am supposed to oscillate because I have beaten their stupidities down so badly as I am meant to give consent before my bum is fingered for instance and it means therefore that I am having to start the project for which they hate me so much all over again; the one about society idiots with a fun game of moving into my right hand with civil rights goons and of course the others who wreck my finances and damage my property to preserve the process of being able to pillage my earnings to make enough money to have extra marital affairs safely and the Media that is at the heart of it too issuing racism threats – they cannot leave people alone and it is quite possible that I am bluffing too.

So I have these things happen to me because I take over the left where they are supposed to do their fame but I am here and they can come and get it; let’s see how they will confiscate my Empire since we all know they are capable of creating one and when they do hand it over to the frugal. It goes without saying they need to get off my Books and clear my space, not talk rubbish about terrorism. I understand the tale of my inability to understand frustration of MPs over my behaviour which makes no sense whatsoever since these are individuals along with their media fools who think wrecking another person’s finances and holding him down for a decade and a half with the State that was your property just so that if you do not end up owning his place in the world you will become him all together, will not make such a person frustrated as well. So I am clear to talk about terrorism threats of which their Muslim friends here in the UK think they are the only experience of Muslims others have while their counterparts in the Middle East build terrorist groups they can travel out to join – threats I face are none of their bloody business on that stupid media and that insane parliament where they never go to an office to do a job if they can spend time on these kinds of activities and then spend public funds to secure themselves convenient choices when the difficulties start to surface. The big problem is that I appear to be a Christian living in Sodom, so it gets to a stage where One must stop getting bullied by suited up block heads that appear to be very clever people but are bloody idiots and they will never be free of me until the pain stops too; I am supposed to tell somebody I am gay and need some gay sex and have the person agree for people to finger my Bum, otherwise occasion means evil will never thrive while I am around and they will learn to stay away from me too and build their popular culture with their own lives and somewhere else. So they say that nobody really can tell how on earth somebody with the kind of ideology I have gets to where I am but it’s the same old story with Godlessness in this Country meaning that it is beyond the law a power that Politicians just rip up my finances in order to watch God do a Miracle by putting food on the Table for one of his own, Men rip up my finances and damage my Job because they are using it to secure a popular culture or alternative extra way of making money which will allow them have extra marital affairs safely and society idiots rip up my public life because moving into my right hand is amusing. They do say it’s all talk with me and there is nothing I can do but it is talk that led to the talk we are having at the moment and there is a cure for a process of not being bullied by Politicians and that cure is to take a position on evil people and bad company and this is the start of it where Politicians ripping up my finances because they want to see God do a miracle and men ripping it up because they are making extra money to ensure their wives don’t notice they are having extra marital relationships and of course society men making fun of ripping up my public life to move into my right hand – I have been clear some teenage idiot getting support over claims I grab the future and keep it for myself and need to share that they make on media and parliament will be the start of it. It’s as though if somebody is to say there is nothing I can do, they will be the persons to but the first stage is the one that has now led to a process where they describe me as a beat that is no longer good enough for public life whereas the reality is that they always grab the best and destroy it to allow some idiot that looks like a Political creature to stand on people’s lives and count pennies until they make millions, claiming it is success that is disrespectful that causes it and I have gotten them where I want them right up to the US and they did nothing about that bit, so there is therefore nothing I can do yet again.

They do claim I have no wish to pay attention to the reasons these things happen when the only reason is that we all have to access ourselves and our abilities and work out how we want to use them to make ourselves more comfortable – their case is that what I say will lead to bad company going out of hand while everybody wants to share my ability as insultingly as possible. So the next time their teenage idiots abuse and attack me and it ends with support from them on claims I have stolen the future and want to keep it for myself, we will have to sit out the outcome of it. For now I am starting that thing all over again because the abuses are still amusing on a daily basis.

They say people cannot talk anymore these days on account I have written a Book but we never see them talk their own; all they want to do is use a writer without paying for it, so that an idiot can turn up to use as well, creating himself a second source of income that allows him extra marital affairs without his wife noticing something wrong with the family bank account. Then we hear them complain that I may say so but continue to make myself the worst impediment to popular culture there ever was and the story remains the same as per they will have it the day they peddle their own lives to make riches and fame and end a process where their stupid celebrities corrupt and damage my public life to exhibit themselves knowing idiots I meet on the streets and on public transport will notice my reaction when I see them in the papers and bill boards and mock me all day long bearing in mind the kind of things they like – talking nonsense about big stars I think I can handle when I cannot until it ends really badly too.


The same self seeking Political goons will then fall in love with the idea of constantly telling me every tripping I find myself in is a difficulty associated with a lack of respect for those that are fighting evils all around me, so that the idiots in their lives might have a preoccupation here but no such thing of their stupid twisted selves is really happening – what is happening is a process where I kick them and their wickedness and lies and then find myself regretting it as well which consequences these days I am not the one facing as it were. The problem now is that because of which the only two groups of people fighting evils around me must get off to their worst; half more concerned with a process of finding younger persons they can use as human shields against those who want to exact revenge on them for a needless evil that was meant to facilitate a condition where they were able to make convenient choices and so we find all that other nonsense we see all the time to be a matter of fear and a process of preparing for the worst – the others are the idiots who want to spend other people’s property while abusing the owners all the time and will create new societies and communities just so they can fulfil a heart’s desire and they have not been spending mine either and in their case the problem is taking a bit of my property and hence income and not all of it because doing so would constitute a difficult decision, while they make a mess here all the time making sure I don’t sell my Books on account they have an interest in a process where they ensure I depend on their whims for finances.

It’s never true I am plugging gaps in order to keep up, what is true is that there is a massive difference between deciding every single time people hurt me or damage my property will be followed by a consequence and settling for acting when it gets to an insufferable stage; they do love to flatter themselves and for the rest of them and Industry Communities, I have warned those about the difficult choices they will soon have to make on my account since getting off my books and not being found around my space if women are the problem and they are not interest in difficult choices and tough decisions was as easy as the fact they were free to have it all and have fared any better since, is not good enough as it were – currently I have no idea what I am going to do to them to secure compliance but there is always the fact what I have done so far is not hurting badly enough yet to rely on for a starting point. They do say I have a problem with crowd control which I don’t; it’s something I have mentioned before, where if I ensure blacks are kept off my faith and whites kept off my public life and popular culture kept off the way I was raised, there will be nothing for them to abuse me over stupid claims they are more important with; this matter of crowd control however exists on another level i.e. the part about the nature of people in the UK which is nothing new considering a history where Elizabeth I for instance was very fond of lobbing people’s heads off: it’s about how if I were the Queen what will happen will be that when I say somebody else is not co-operating and that a flash goon on the left who looks clever will take up his stuff and do it, what the flash goon will do is tell me the Queen to save it for him, for it was the one on which he had always had plans to get his problems done and we see it permeate every aspect of life – where I set up my Book sale business and they work really hard to get between me and the fans and customers in order to use it to fix their problems, so it just comes down to the fact you need to have that great idea and hide it or they will tie it down and use it to fix their stuff and your tummy will be nothing to write home about when they are finished, so I have to assume it is not hurting badly enough yet currently as it were and hence have to continue with those things I do for which they really hate my guts; even the Politicians are leading on it, allowing them point people out as the persons that are to be used to fix their problems etc. I have never had a problem with it, this tale of a difficulty with people and crowd control which I have is completely beyond me; I have no such problem and will very likely beat them down again very seriously. There is really nothing good whatsoever about the communities the poorer ones live in for instance except the fact that women live in it too and the purpose of women therefore is sex and to serve them – there is nothing good whatsoever about the communities the richer ones live in either, it’s all covered in extremist groups they get involved with claiming it is a problem they can fix, a problem which befits their size and wealth which we all know will require the intervention of the Armed Forces, signed up by their very good political friends, who have over the years become really fond of telling me I am facing a threat of terrorists who think they need to attack me of recent, whereas terrorism has always existed for the last 15 years as we all know and hence nobody will ever understand why it is that they feel I need this sort of news; except we fit into the picture the reality where they are creating economy that has no morals and religion in it whatsoever, enjoy doing their show air strikes on terrorist groups and telling me I am facing a threat from terrorists as well. So they need to put their money where their mouth is and continue to rely on a process of their stupidities and destruction getting involved with my finances and Book sales to allow Politicians to control me but whenever they speak of controlling whether or not I get a job or lose one I already have they need to get the Politicians first before they blow off their big mouth and that their stupid money is soon going to become a problem for me in its own right – by the way of which I lead by example and speak of matters on a case by case basis here.

They do claim I am allowed to get out of hand and make time to boast but I don’t see how being allowed to get out of hand facilitates the resourcefulness by which you secure a means of crushing Industrial threats and Media threats and Political threats anyway – I have warned them about their celebrity culture and the money they have saved up for it and the questions those who give them media to play with ask stupidly all the time and I am hoping such idiots can protect their celebrities too because it is looking for trouble at the highest possible level as it were. I am not allowed to get out of hand so as to boast in anyway; as I said, I am being misunderstood and that is why people take these risks i.e. there is nothing good in their communities, nothing whatsoever and I might sound superficial but others need to try it out too, nothing good in those communities except the women that live in it to serve their whim under stress and violence – for the wealthier ones, when they see racists look at me they will get involved with that and claim it is a problem that befits their level and wealth and size and then they will get the violent enemies fixed for me because they have been breeding a rival community that will take a part of my empire they have always feasted their eyes on, especially when black; so they don’t actually damage my Book sales in anyway, what they do most of the time is set me out at the guy they will handle and manage and deploy and use because they have a low level of tolerance for a process  where they don’t own money they did not work for and did not get to chose whom to work on to get rich rather than what to work on and the purpose of handling me is to plan for the worst case scenario; hence what catches their attention these days is my Books because male journalists who are playing rivals of my Court and seeking their own Royal connection that does not work unless they rip up my finances have been playing negative publicity on all I do and own to attract their almighty attention that cannot be reasoned with – so they mist damage the finances and then decide when I get to recover depending on what I am made to agree they can take from it to ensure they are safe from those they have practiced wickedness on whenever they want to get rich and stuff all these years, so the mind must be applied to what actually constitutes financial problems for me as it were. It has never really been an issue; I just hope every fool that employs a celebrated idiot in the art of ripping up my finances and public life like they continue to do with impunity can protect their scumbags because it does get to a point as it were. I am not in any way being given security so I might get out of hand and turn up to boast all the time; we now live in a society where every single thing that constitutes a structure by which they might make moral decisions have been cut up by them and since the moral decisions and money must come from other people’s lives and they are now publicly showing they are becoming more predatory in their behaviour towards getting out of difficult decisions since they will live in other people’s lives as it were, I have to blow the steam out of the whole thing regularly – they have mistaken the process for that of a man who knows that there is nothing that will ever be safe unless that sense in their heads that they can be anything they wanted if they worked hard enough for it or that whenever they have a sense in their minds they can be something it is possible to actually achieve it, is dead and buried forever but will now be taking steps to ensure when he blows steam off the process of men securing the convenient choices and decisions when everything that may make them take moral choices and decisions on a regular basis has been destroyed on account they are superior to women and children and everything else to which their entitlement to money is important, which was originally designed to ensure women do not put themselves on the line for him, to a stage where they are allowed to make money from the process because having access to his personal life makes them feel good if he releases steam from the way he works his Royal leadership of society.


They do say what provokes them is that I am trying to get things done without the academics but everything that needed to be done by means of the academics have now been done, so I fail to see what they hope to achieve by following that line – it’s the same old story where the time to do the academic work is the time to mess up people’s lives and then we soon find them with careers and families getting desperate for convenient choices and decisions that they can make leisurely stupidities more comfortable with and I believe I have made myself clear about the fact I am fed up paying for the stupidities their celebrities get up to and every insult that comes from every fool that likes their activities and the money they make from it to dominate me with. So the correct way of saying it is that when I the guy that can handle the culture and society well sets out to do the academics, that is when they ruin it, when I am off to something else is when they realise they must make convenient choices and decisions and that is why it is all on lockdown at the moment and I hope the fools that employ them to it can protect them too when they are so determined and persistent; they say the fact I am fed up and now determined to wage war on every disposable income that every fool that is likely to trouble me with popular culture has, is a function of being allowed to get out of hand so as to get around boasting and this is a measure of my literacy and why they are angry about the disgrace that I am trying to get things done without the academics, so we shall see about it too – I have made myself clear about the celebrities over my Book sales for my part as it stands.  They do speak of how I know nothing of the fact the celebrities are created to serve me, whereas I am aware other Dukes do create celebrities that they place in my Court as a matter of public place equity; the Duke of York does it, His Daughter does it, and all the others and even some from Europe do as well – the idea that every goon can make a media appearance with which to corrupt my Court is a real problem. I am perfectly aware that most of my Books are written to deal with evil; these activities facilitate a process where I regret that and I have to ensure I am not the one facing the consequences for it too; I mean the reality is that when I have a Court of female journalists, the Court faces rivals in the form of male journalists and their plans is to replace me where people like me at Industry and film and entertainment and ensure they own the systems and processes that belong to me in order to make money and then have their own Royal connections as well – so that I may have business with my Court and face somebody fighting us because where he has placed himself means that our concerns will cost him his job and nobody knows why they always hope to achieve things by destruction – however what we now know is that they are in a difficult way at Industries and on Media and I am already talking about a society they hate because somebody is fed up with their need to cause others distress and extricate conveniences from the process of doing so, all I can say is that I have no idea how much I need to harm them to improve their case but we are getting nearer to that stage where those who have money saved up to bother me through popular culture with will have it cut up and then the reason will be that I am protected and allowed to get out of hand and hold Royal Office by being an illiterate.

It is said the problem is that I say everything I say and do all I do with an access that black people enjoy which is a problem for everybody and it actually isn’t; the reality is that every black fool wants to get a government appointment and get into diplomatic office in order to meet people and make friends and connections and find people like me they can abuse; it always concerns something about their culture which I am aware of hence nobody will ever understand what is going on when he abuses me to make conveniences for his family and connections and offers up a convenient explanation for it – so it ever only gets better when pound for pound they have lost enough money on the global stage to make somebody popular – every other goon around needs to get off my Books and stop pillaging my Finances and they are all aware of when people are being more predatory on account they are being blocked off from conveniences they think they have the muscle to acquire, so playing those games in my books that they play, means they deserve everything they get as well. They hate me so much as it is but are still doing it; the incredible level of disdain that means walking up to me to pass around insults that allows them secure a good feeling at the expense of how I feel about life generally – so it is fair to say it was a matter of time before they understood it is something they are supposed to get from their own living room and if they put a name to their faces and pass insults at me on media and happen to let me get my hands on it, I will make them come to some very difficult decisions in their insulting and really stupid lives as well. They are to get it from their own living rooms otherwise we will breathe the same air, we will breathe one air and I will have the Lion share of it period; what’s my problem, where am I heading, what am I all about? Question answered as I mentioned before, useless people who will not let me enjoy my own life because they always are about to kill somebody and they have to be useless and aspire to evil to a point where they are the kind industry people get involved with claiming it is the size of their problem considering their wealth and importance, the kind that ensure the only thing good about their communities is the fact women live in it but do not want to do the homosexuality as well, they all hate my guts and I am being helpful here – they get it from their own living room or there will be trouble, it is possible I am bluffing when I say so too. We hear that I proposed to get rid of the Court of female journalists which I never did but so do we hear too that I am allowed to get out of hand so I can sit somewhere and boast; what is not clear to these fools is that corrupting my Consortium will lead to an even bigger and more painful outcome than losing those silly Industry bat boys communities that are the reasons people are exasperated all the time – what they think is happening is that they have writings of mine which they picked off the University when I studied there and therefore know how to control my Books and finances and that if they did it was really amusing too. It’s not a difficult matter; it’s impossible to work out what they hope to achieve by making sure a good looking woman has her pictures taken and splashed all over another person’s public life, to make themselves financially comfortable, so that when I don’t want it done, right do to their celebrities, it becomes their major preoccupation; it has never been a problem, I just don’t see that as a normal human beings behaviour as such and when I tell them I have had enough it becomes more of a frenzy, when I kick them as well I am according to them being allowed to get out of hand so I might sit down somewhere and boast etc but it is going to end very well thus as it were now that they have lost the industry communities and have lost the media and will be losing the money saved up to trouble me at popular culture with as well because I will be cutting it up really soon – there is an easier way and it’s the one where I never see them and their celebrities and models around my Books and public life ever again, otherwise the fact they cannot get their National sense of fame from me will escalate. There is nothing unusual about it – I mean I knew this would be the outcome if I set out to write my Books on the evils of society and to control it because they would certainly seek their conveniences as such, so I was made to regret it and I had to ensure I was not the person suffering as a result and put the outcome into administration; any normal person would have expected that to lead to flames of insurrection but it will insurrection their own idiots as it were: its another example of how it is said I am difficult to understand but its also a very simple tale of the fact that I am a Christian but I am being forced to go from not getting out of bed to seek another mans blood to agreeing to them getting out of theirs to seek another mans blood on my behalf because it will facilitate a process where all those plans, right down to celebrities cornering me at the shops to keep me out of work will eventually pay off and their stupidities will become financially rewarding and build it up to dizzying heights; so its really difficult to go from a Christian to somebody that has to decide that he does not want people hurting others for him if he can hurt others for himself and therefore take responsibility, to being somebody who cannot control what idiots think he should be doing when he is bullied because they have built themselves a community that exists solely to share his Empire with him; they really love to do it with women and to do it for women. have half of what women own and more and exist and live for that only and then when finished turn up where I work to disrupt having been the money helps them look after that stupid block head too or indeed where I run my business including social media to show me how bad women are etc in practical and violent ways, until I co-operate with their needs using a big mouth only and lots of media appearance like the coward they claim they were scared of but are not anymore in the form of my person etc - so they do that all the time and I want to ensure their uselessness does not turn up around my finances any more - so this is the way I see it; this is therefore where I have it sorted out but it really isn't because homosexuals will soon turn up to try and have what they actually want at last, in a society that is not actually free. They say all I say about myself is a lie but its utter nonsense; I have a Celebrity Court for instance and it should be full of celebrities that Dukes and Duchesses at the British Royal Court have recommended for me - they should have access to my State Provided security for a very clear set out reason and purpose but what rivals that is the fact any idiot can spy on me and corrupt it and do whatever he likes, so I was never going to foresee that it will lead to tales whereby all I say and do about my person is a lie, for obvious reasons; as I mentioned, it is a problem that will be celebrity and Television personality bullying stopped, when we start to fish out where they save up that popular culture finances and cut it up together. Another example is of course the Court of Female Journalists who run a Live Journal for the Royal Estate - I already know we face so much insult and abuse that people regularly feel the purpose of media organisations is to create a point at which they can make use of the public appearances of these women to make money from pornography but when I get involved with my Court, the problem was that they faced rivals in the form of male colleagues who needed to break us up because it would cost them their jobs if we were able to keep them out and keep our lives and position established; the result being that the best parts of my life is what hurts me, with that stupid media; it is said that I get angry at nothing and then invent my own reasons for losing my temper which has no basis on fact as over the last two days they have known without need for information that their involvement with my Courts are to be stopped because it is destructive but every day will see them play that game of being colleagues with them and therefore having the right to and it is okay only when they are jeopardising their own finances - I for my part have been very clear I have had enough - its not okay, its not okay for anybody to disrupt or get involved with my Royal Estate Live Journal Members or indeed any other Court system - there is no such thing as a Royal Office that they are encouraging to take form. They do say I am in a fight I cannot win; the first part of the case has to do with how they dominate every aspect of my life and work, whereas what is really happening is that One deals with evils around me and as a Man am supposed to finish up and stay silent about it unless these idiots do not want me to, so I do not and if they want some of mine when it hurts badly enough can always turn up and get it as well for the money - there is always that sense nothing I say makes meaning to them like I am talking to society or Politicians when I am talking to gay master who finds his activities really amusing, such that when done doing it in partnership with white women, finish off and control culture and Theatres and entertainment do it with blacks as well; so its a narcissism that will be reciprocated when the warning is not heeded - I am talking to them and they know it; its a matter of the number of times narcissistic fun advertisement will be seen on trains which is made to be directed at me and these days its alongside their black women, indicating Mr Gay master has finished with the part that concerned white women and yet you know in your heart of hearts that if they get involved in Royal circles their nastiness will lead to an outcome where they get seriously hurt but they will hurt you all the time because they want to get involved at your expense all together as well - I am talking to them and they know it too.