Now I am aware of incessant abuses from black people which are a factor of how little attention I pay to racism, I am aware it is due to the fact I have not got a clue what I am doing in their view which is irrelevant since all I do is about security and Equity property that is therefore protected from them and others like them and they can always supply the ideas provided they do not get fed up themselves, it is never really a topic for conversation because my work is of creative equity which I am supposed to concentrate on brokering with my brokerage associates - it is never true I am not; I just never feel like saying anything or doing anything about it and have only paid it this much attention because it has come to a point where they have begun to issue their insolent threats at me as well. So the reality remains the same that nobody really knows how many times other people are supposed to turn around their entire societies in order to serve black idiots anyway and why it applies they are so convinced their insults will eventually pay off and somebody will do something about racism on their behalf, when we all know they think themselves the world’s worst envy freaks to which effect it is either about fun or about power the whole idea of bullying others over money which is something they have no plans to work for or generally about some insolent mockery that is meant to pay off financially in a very big way. I don’t think it is a major crisis either, it is like the old issue about their white counterparts whose insolence develop to a point where whilst everybody at some stage in their lives needed a private diary to manage their personal issues that come between them and important activities, it is those who do not need one anymore that they want to bully which is why they love to vote for politicians that bring idiots that have the same skin colour as you do to cause trouble that will raise public blame so they might be able to do that and talk rubbish in public all the time at those they have come to realise they are not scared of anymore with a big mouth. The bottom line is still the same and for the blacks especially I am bound to hurt seriously the way we are going since I am not their personal diary as it were, what I have done to them so far as I can see is not hurting badly enough yet, we all know they are a collection more –ons who speak of racism but speak of it in a condition where they can bully a black person instead since they cannot bully the whites as though there is absolutely no way that he will do anything about it. Internationally it is much the same where we hear them complain about the damage I have done to their stupid tourism cultures but first of all of which I don’t feel sorry for them and their bad history full of cultural nonsense, sex with lunatics because they believe it will make them rich to turn up here to do property equity damage to my work all the time and expect no consequences to come from it as a result of my mental illness that will be inflicted by them and witchcraft stupidities but most of all this is definitely not the 1990s and they do not seem to have learnt anything yet and like to think they should be able to play around as they like in the corridors of International communities winding me up and talking so much nonsense after that. It is never important and I don’t want to know; they simply need to stay off the Royal Property and the Royal Public work and the books and the sales of it and all will be well otherwise continue to hope their insolent complains will save the day; it goes on like that for eternity unless you colonise and assimilate. Of course they ask questions about the part where I show discrimination to be a good thing when in actual fact that is largely a matter of stubborn idiots like these on the left and another group of goons on the right and communities where younger adults of a certain age are the biggest problem that ever happened to it due to their bad history and the need to see somebody accused endlessly and where my Christian activities fit into the process of supporting women and supporting them to do what they do as the right thing lest others take it up for them.

There is of course no shred of truth to that nonsense Christians always want to develop through experiments on others by telling them what to do, that is just something they do to organise themselves as a society of very stubborn people, hence largely a matter of their insults and what they will sacrifice for it to bring a certain Christian to that level. As I mentioned before, even now the fact they want attention means they can vote for politicians that promise them to travel overseas to bring criminals and barely criminal idiots into the Country so that they can get mine by blame culture and talk nonsense about selling themselves through my life which has only proven in the last few years they are not as fearless as their insolent racism will lead anybody to believe. I believe I am clear enough; they sell mine or damage it and there will be even more trouble than they have seen for trying so far because of course we all know such nonsense can easily become a reason for their Politicians to spend tax payers money on them which creates a condition where it is never wrong if they are making money. About which they claim I have a conflict of interest over government business but on the other hand boast about providing me with security that means they can make policy to deal with these difficult issues, when we all know that support is minus financial support and their boasts have a certain intention behind it and that is always before they talk nonsense about how what happens to their stupid friends and families should be my fault with respect to which I should be controlled and those threats have ended them up where we are today but because they can have conversations with other decent parliamentarians it has to continue for this long without a process whereby I had finished it off occurring – and it is the trouble with government work of course, you have to be patient and they have to have the time to talk all the rubbish they want with that golliwog mouth.


Then there is talk of course of what people don’t really know about what they are scared of even though they are scared of me and yes it has always been the one where I am not their personal diary and they need to keep their insolence where it belongs, it has always been the one where I don’t want to be served a peddled faith and they must wreck my finances and serve me one as a matter of civil rights and the evils of religion that nobody asked them about – so since dialogue has only degenerated into a process where they grab my books and set off to stir up the middle east and talk nonsense about getting me killed by Muslims on media in order to build Barrack Obama’s reputation and importance with a big mouth – the books about which they need to abuse me in person to escape the stings anyway and yet even so they will be seen around it and where it is placed in the market etc looking for trouble, we have reached a stage where they feel they want to catch me and kill me and I don’t want to catch them if I can shoot them instead so it would not be advisable for criminals like that to keep following me around, especially their women and hence the part they fail to grasp about how this is definitely not the 1990s in which time I grew up by the way and have a special place in my heart for them as a result and nobody really can account for why they always feel like they want to be a threat to my personal freedoms – it boils down to one thing as a result; they don’t sell me and they don’t damage me – they sell themselves or else there will be bigger trouble than there is at present, piece of advice being they don’t know what I want to sell about me and if we lived in the same life I would have been the boss of them anyway, so they can talk even more nonsense about how people like me are still called good people even when we hurt others, whereas everybody knows they think themselves the world’s worst envy freaks and never stop doing to others what people do not appreciate until there is a major incident that only secures a pause from them before they start again. I am not talking about the whites, I mean I did say their racism has only shown on this matter they are not so fearless after all; reality being that simple that they don’t come around here to wind me up and it is the case with black people that do which exists and we will get to the bottom of as well – we all know what whites do is graft themselves into people’s lives and get help from Politicians to follow them around every stage of their activities to do so in order to shut them down on claims they are selling white people who don’t want to be sold instead of selling themselves and in that way completely wreck peoples business and lives etc but in the case of these black idiots they do it because they want my Literary empire and of course these are the things they are therefore scared of and need to understand – they have no real reason for that existence they have where this community hates the other and the other hates the other etc, it is something they do to see that people can get a civil war out of them in a jiffy if asked and this me is what they are scared of. They don’t sell me and they don’t damage me and tell their stupid girls to keep their insults where it belongs and there will be no trouble otherwise they will have to prove it. They are so incredibly stubborn and there are stupid Americans out there too as we can see but clearly of which it does appear my activities are not hurting badly enough yet. We do hear them say the British are trying to rule the world of course but take Argentina for example and what we have is a government that cannot do without provocation; you have culture they have culture but their culture is about abusing you so when you bare your teeth they pause and shut down and after that start again immediately and try to stir up a mini arms race somewhere etc; so it is about pulling your weight and not ruling the world, in terms of which colonialism and assimilation is no longer viable in this day and age hence they continue the provocation and when you are white there is leadership that you should have provided or else somebody else will take it up and do it for you and when you are not they simply use your life and valuables to do things and get about abusing and selling you as well but when they speak of it they speak of the corrupt aspects of colonialism which actually only but happened on both sides and does not show colonialism to be a bad thing in anyway, only it is outdated and we must find other options. The part where communists said and did something being utter rubbish of course since the reality of what is happening in Crimea for example is largely a matter of a judgement the Russian government made which they found out was inaccurate because there is no sense in deploying an army to defend people who are provisionally on the disposition of genocide and the things women do thereof as a result can never be beautiful enough to be noticed while young people become more and more morally corrupt and they themselves amount to nothing and talk nonsense at just about everybody so you can feel like selling those stupid societies and communities for them in order to ensure they start again all the time if real and good women and not their scumbags with which I do not share a life but such a fact does not mean anything to them as it were cannot be noticed etc. Now it turns out there are other facts that have emerged to show that the Russian military needs to be there because a president had been impeached and the political factions have stationed snipers and shot Police officers and protesters that we can only assume were the ones involved in abusing and beating up a former Prime Minister in Prison etc – hence it is paid very little attention that what Crimea has done is largely the decision of the Crimean and not that of the Russians because of course more autonomy would do them no good, working with such a Government in Kiev would do them no good, and seeking protection from Americans would do them no good; I mean I do hear them say Scottish Nationalists are watching very keenly of which the situation is Scotland is rather entirely different i.e. Alex Salmon was the Politician of the post cold war era and the sense that America really liked Scotland which means they will be better off without the UK, he thought he saw relevance for his position earlier but has found that the claim my activities dispossesses Scotland in the heart of the UK serves only to make things worse and so it spiralled out of control, straight up to a case of how much crude oil there is at the Falklands compared to the North sea etc – besides which Crimea is so different from Scotland with respect to the point that should Tony Blair have been elected after Thatcher and then imprisoned Thatcher and then he was impeached and then Tories shot and killed Police who abused Thatcher in Prison which is what we think served the reasons people were picked out and shot which of course the Americans were very aware of too, and the Seychelles decided they wanted to be a part of the US for example, it would have had no similarity whatsoever with Scottish independence. 


My self esteem is never at an all time low; that is an illusion – the reality is that it is very awkward spending time with the lower classes; I am not saying it is a problem but they do some things they believe are funny and through which they should get attention which you do know is really stupid but you have to go along with it because they will never understand where you are coming from, so doing it all the time takes a certain toll. The clever ones you will largely find somewhere around benefits claimants of course – I mean like she is on benefits and says she will put her children through University and you think she is joking which she bloody well is most of the time. The ones that are not were at some stage clever of course but that was before people at work were sexy and arousing for days unending and without reason or purpose and the using of anything to have sex took hold. It’s something the Politicians foster and the reasons they wreck your finances to make you their plaything to that end - hence when they do wreck mine I always think it is normal because they are stupid as well but when they spend tax payer funds to damage it like they have recently it becomes something I must do something about since it would have meant that if it became a trend they would be living in a good economy as it were. Of course they say I bring it on myself but that is always after they realise the same risks apply to the fact that people can gather in a political party which is just a gathering of people in agreement that has no real meaning to anybody but in the next it becomes a platform on which the future of the Country depends – hence something was important to them that can be damaged to create sexual plaything for people as well after all. Do I then understand what people are saying to me when they bully me like they do? Of course; they are expressing how they will never be led by me but the problem is the story of whoever on earth asked them in the first place and whether they have paid for what they have damaged here to express that yet at present – this is why you do something about it when Politicians spend tax payer funds to wreck the finances, you have to, you need to. I am not a fan of the legislature you see; I mean I understand the part where the PMs Office is the place where the biggest parties are decided so that we can figure if the Country is corrupt or not but that the very thing that decides what law should be being a party is fundamentally promiscuous. I am and have always therefore been a fan of the judiciary so we can work out which one is people’s rights as it were. I don’t think it a problem it’s just how I feel about things; hence I say what I say because I know they are twisted immoral people who look to their feelings for a sense of direction so that they can pretend what they do to other people’s feelings can be justified in some way, however the claim when I speak like I do people will take it up for me has no basis on reality because unless they agree that the Church is made up of people from all the classes and that I find difficult the idea of living with social orders created by trouble makers on the left who are unfathomably stubborn and can cling to your property and never let go until it is not just damaged but damaged beyond restoration, then pause and regret their actions, while the ones that warn you against leading them and talk nonsense about beating up things take up the right and adults of a certain age in the middle are the reasons for all existing problems and the reasons for this is simply beyond the process of provoking me by putting things done to bully me which I resolve to civil rights and a sense of learning, is because of my Christian faith and the idea people must live with respect for their parents and for their elders and respect for women and for community and society lest others will take it up and do it for them and this is what I support. Hence I can see why they are starting to take up and tear up their vigilante rule books about which I will be waiting for their trouble making selves at the Church as well. Any other mode on which people agree with my actions is simply a process of hurting themselves about which I am not responsible and will not let them take part in my affairs. The rest need to stay off my book sales as there is no point complaining about anything when that is happening; I am not a fan of the legislature and they can chose not to be a fan of me too but nobody tells them to take the risk of handling my possessions either. They do say I never pay attention to the damage I have done to other people’s lives and culture and society as well but it is all like that old story about using people; they always plan it out and use you like it is what you exist for – so the early days were the days when I stared at a new model Bentley and did not at an older one but did at one from the 60s because it is rare, after that they will ensure that I am bullied to a point where I always stare at peoples cars if they want me to or they will trade in no other way; so they need to sell their own not my Royal commission or my possessions, I decide what gets sold here they decide what gets sold in their foolish lives and then there will be no problems – these things are just the consequence because they never listen and are not easy to reason with. I understand the part where I make assumptions about what leaders and important people think of me but I bet I will be stuck somewhere having all I own damaged to make me angry enough to fight lowlifes like them so they can get their leaders to adjudicate and dominate; you see a lot of it was due to a period of my time I had set out to assist women, hence I must be stuck with it and all that their rubbish is therefore democratic. It’s the stupid social deviance they spend their lives on, some even have extra marital affairs that their partners are aware of because they will spend mine to stay happy and comfortable and it is all they really want publicity for before they want to spend more to get rich and famous thereafter while they do – this is what I mean especially when I mention the fact those who agree with what I do but not at this point of view are hurting themselves and I am not responsible. Never true all I do is a factor of being bullied by black people into doing it; it’s never really about whether they want to find out what it will feel like if I hit them, it’s always about what I do and how their bullying has affected it – the bloody cowards need some of my stuff for courage it seems and will use it to fight me as well at a later date with that golliwog mouth. They are stubborn it cannot be account for in words and bring up those case of how what happens to be to happening to me alone all the time – about which the reality is that I am somebody that is always better off being on my own and so it is like the old case of when will you ever learn that working to build a family and to have children in future does not work for everybody and that you have to look after yourself only? However if I am continually treated like I am their personal diaries for the older ones I clearly had my life figured out as well before they turned up to start as a community which has led to the complains we have today, for the middle aged idiots I will continue to remain in control of all things that nag at them when they try to get things done and for the children it is clear if they want me to show I am older than they are and that being single does not mean I have to be their plaything, I have got more than has already been seen.


We do hear the story that they get the better of me of course, it really has no basis on reality first of all because I can only function when I am doing my stuff my Christian way without anybody changing that and each time I meet any scum like them at the work place they always feel like I should not be in a job and start off those nonsense they tell tales about which show they have no respect for as a person and shows that they are stubborn beyond what words can describe with that stupid deviance and media salvation they have got too. So it comes to a head some stupid, stupid witch of theirs cannot respect the fact you don’t want her to rob her arse on your penis all the time playing a game of harassment like she can harass those stupid men of her she says will have me beaten up all the time and that is when I remember why their politicians spend tax payer funds to wreck my finances and why they call it civil rights when people are setting me up to be sensitive to such things and to have my mind as an easy thing and why they refuse to do something about it at this stage but do not recognise that I can and will as well. We hear that tales of how the problem is that I think there is nothing wrong with my propensity to support tyranny but everybody knows I have stolen nothing from them compared to what they have stolen from me, everybody knows I have stolen nothing from them right down to personality stealing which I try to secure with the use of government office compared to what they have stolen from me but it never matters since I will kick their tiny tyrants arses again beyond what I already have. I mean the whole idea of people getting the better of me is something I set up to that effect because I usually use it to test social moods – the whole prognosis of it is largely based on the fact the world is an evil place and people don’t mind reaching out to take something that does not belong to them even if they have to hurt the owner concerning which they knew before they complained about their society and culture that a 20 year old would have had his life figured out before they began their rock and hard case to mould your personality as we want games that has led to this after 12 years on a daily occurrence – hence I am the guy that came in from overseas to create the sense it is easy to be successful in the UK and they need to recover their lives. They have not had the better of me and more so certainly not the media; the media that do anything I want whenever I want them to anyway and all I need to do to that effect is make it incredibly sweet and then if they refuse to report it somebody else will because of the nature of their industry – I mean the idiots hate everything around them including their colleagues of course but are having the better of me so it will certainly get worse as well. They like to claim I hate my colleagues too but it is still back to the old story – they sell themselves and not sell me when told to sell things, I will decide for myself and if they damage me because I had stopped them I have got more here as well. I mean the bullying by their girls is funny but I am the one complaining only after I had messed with people’s underworld – the stubbornness is incredible of course and the delusional bastards claim to have had the better of me and will likely tell people that as well and lead them astray.

Just like that claim I am deluded about what people think of me which I am not since I have made it clear living a deviant existence and treating me like an animal while encouraging others to as well as politicians spend tax payer funds on you to show it is not a bad thing in order to ensure people hate and attack me while you live your life as you want and as evil and deviant as you prefer is never a good enough plan to be seen 12 pm clubbing while winding people up all the time every other time balanced with staying out of trouble at the same time. I may sound like one of those who glorify those who do bad things in society but of course the truth and reality is rather that we are not equals and they need to leave anything of mine where they have taken it and get lost – I am prepared to let it go if I don’t have to see their stupid face like there is something they can enforce around here. As I have mentioned before, I don’t feel sorry for them and their bad history and the fact you can see all over them the case of how somebody has had a death wish on account they exist and have found every way of manipulating such persons into getting what they want and it is this bad history that means they always want to see me accused of something so they might be charged with applying some punishment, it is the one that tells them when I deny them they will fight me for it and there will be no consequences for that, it is the one that tells them what I don’t like is the route to getting the best from me, it is the one that tells them what to offload on others in order to have your family while they have nothing of that sort, it is the one that tells them their civil rights means sharing what other people have and people are generally your personal diary and you can sell them instead of yourself and destroy them if they don’t want to get sold with that big mouth. I for my part do not appear to have been spoiled at all either and the Politicians have not yet learned their lessons for their part too anyway. Of course I am not in any way deluded about what people think of me, it is a matter of a certain group of idiots with a certain access to Royal Circles using things people do express a clear warning to me that some things I think will not harm me are very violent to wreck everything else they seem to have envied here and their envy is simply meeting my jealousy and we have reached a point where I have had enough of their stubbornness and hence the beginning of consequences for it and the effect it creates. There is complain of course about slash and burn Politics which I support but another name for slash and burn politics is structural reform which they were happy to vote for to be carried out by a socialist party in the UK over 12 years – they claim the Tories have always had a hold on the country because they ran the Country during the wars but although I was not born at the time and don’t want the history stuffed into my head it has always been simpler to say that those who claim a bad thing can be good sometimes deserve everything they get and should be made to get as they deserve which I don’t feel sorry for at all. The part where my health is nothing to write home about is very well understood of course and it does express that what I have done to them so far is not hurting badly enough yet as it were; however the reality of what they speak of is what will happen when somebody who cannot function if his actions are not just such as myself is pitched against those stupid worlds they live in where nice people are soft arse shit etc and when you are neutral because you are polite it means you are nice and when nice you are soft arse shit etc and only of the two worlds will be allowed to exist. However for now it seems the issue is voting for it as it were – voting for socialist reform of destroying wealthy people to distribute the wealth of the few that are left over after the destruction, reform of hatred for those who have talents that they don’t which talents are useless when it is not shared and when it is not used to create products that can better other people’s lives and so on; then whilst we know UKIP has not yet done its own structural reforms of the Country and the Liberal democrats’ have not yet done their own either as it stands, they are complaining when they should be worrying about whether or not they want to grit their teeth and stick with a two party system in order to survive. We will have heard the claim I was supposed to make my own contribution to society by clearing up all the mess that they will make but of which it seems when people speak of new democracies with the use of their personal lives they do not appreciate it and it becomes other peoples preoccupation nobody knew what that really meant as it were, they know now that they have to make me so we can see if their big mouth can and now the pop music selling me. I don’t think these things are a problem, it’s just that they can see how violent it is for somebody who has a duty to serve the Church and the State to be exposed to being sold like that – I have various systems and arrangements where people can sell me of course and am always at work to ensure they shut down and sale and not just keep it open as it were so people can make trouble with it and it has always been easy for all to see that those who will look for trouble selling me instead of themselves because there are others doing it and damaging me when I stop them and that stupid media power and false confidence were always going to find it. of course they do say their actions are meant to cleanse me of and detach me from my faith but I know I will never be detached from it and am punishing them for the abuse and the violence that is an attempt to doing so because even if they don’t then the violence still counts as something they have done which they do not deserve to like voting for structural reform and complaining later on finding out the trappings of power is not helping them like they thought it will. It is clearly and certainly not the `1990s as it were. Hence maybe this is not what my faith teaches as they have claimed I have changed and they need to change their own contracts too – but now they know what my faith teaches and I have been able to preach the gospel indirectly. They do complain they have seen enough death and bloodshed and I don’t think so myself; I don’t think there has been enough death and bloodshed on show for idiots that press for 12 years on a daily basis to reduce people to a point where they have to be said to have forgiven wickedness that others have carried out over what they have been educated not to do times without number in order to elevate Politicians from ordinary people who get high profile jobs through elections to God status, have seen enough death and bloodshed – I mean they are still talking about it and if they had seen enough we would hear nothing from them. There isn’t enough yet for a collection of idiots who never listen when you are in charge and they are not and thereof want to move into your right hand as well to that effect without reason or purpose. There isn’t enough yet for a collection of people that wreck an entire literary empire because they want to flirt with torture abusing the owner who has seen a certain level of privilege that he has worked for, to seek fun games that are based on trappings of power which is not so funny when others start to play as well. These days it is even hard to see what is happening in circular society or see the difference between men who have women and daughters to protect playing their games with social violence and them because they are greedy and can use anybody and need money and their girls are doing people stuff and stealing peoples earnings by handling peoples persons and property – they have not seen enough – not yet.