They do say I completely stifle homosexuality and expect it to go unanswered but of course they are the most inconsiderate bastards in the whole world, wanting to be seen around a Christian playing with his private parts to get a reaction that helps them extricate a sense of good looks and a certain kind of sex they want. If I mention it they will say being considerate and being homosexual do not go together so the process and fact of having the conversation beats me all the time but why, they are always on my television to make their point and we all know what a response to that will look like too. The reality about the matter is something we do not pay attention to i.e. like every other relationship homosexuals fancy people and not everybody they fancy fancies them back and that can lead to problems and that is why we are where we are i.e. why would they fancy a Christian and start to work towards having him? They even say some of them fancy me because of my Royal Estate and they want to own it and we will see where that leads and how that one ends as well for my part as it were, as equally as there will be vengeance and even more of it than they can complain about concerning the abuses and insults that come as a result of rejecting them to make me feel dirty all the time and support the stories told by their industry rodents that I am mentally disturbed too; I mean who the hell are homosexuals anyway? They are nothing and do not get to handle me; I have never thought of it as a crisis – the reality is that we all know they come from a very lewd side of society and when you see it, the grand mothers are very good at taking away your consent and personal choice on the basis of your good looks and what the benefits of freedom over you would be and you know that they have been the teenagers who loved to fantasise about where teaches penis is for as long as they look old and do not need extra information on that as well since you can see the girls in that community and the fact they will grow into that at some stage. Handling me especially for the blacks, in order to feel that there is an important person concerning whom when they make a decision it is applicable will always lead to complains: they say they were born homosexual and some complain what I say to them or about them does not have an effect and hence something I need to stop but it does have the desired effect i.e. if they were born gay and it is in their genes, what prompts the changes? Self improvement, something I said? They even say there is no God of course and yet they believe in the God that exists that he does not exist which means they believe they do not believe so they believe anyway because it means they can abuse you for the devil and ensure they have no respect for your leadership and it is not something that you provoke in order to bring about and they know that too; I mean I for my part do think that I want to tell a Politicians to pass his insults at his stupid children and leave me alone but instead am stuck due to my morals in this state where I think that attacks from Politicians will resolve themselves which will never actually happen, how do they get to handle me? They do say they will end up using my personal life to make their new homosexuality and that is obviously an example of the part where the Bible is lying in their view as it were. It seem to be so keen on getting the rest of us to concentrate on something else on account of what they have their eyes on which belongs to others – so that there is always a problem bigger than you which they are putting themselves on the line for all the time about which you are meant to comply with their needs, you clearly must have done something to prevent war and violence and extremism obviously, a new ground cleared a stage on which a new evil can seek its glory, they have sensed opportunity and history. They are nothing and do not get to handle me, I am not therefore when I say such things after a particular homosexual as such, I am after the entire community of them – they dont get to tell me what to do. So to pretty much sum up the completely stifling homosexual story about me, the reality is as simple as the fact that the penis and the anus are not natural pairs and I know how to cause the necessary distraction to ensure it is as painful as possible and they are as distracted while as it to make it as mechanical as those insults channelled at my aesthetics to rob me of money at my literary empire and continue to follow on their racism and wickedness from a direction that cannot be questioned; they know that is what I am doing, besides which it was clear they saw me attend Church in the first place anyway so the question they need to answer is rather that of what brought it on at all – for me I have the answers already i.e. I have to do these things because it is the sanctity of sitting in an office to write a book up stairs in a rented room or flat that is the biggest problem for the entire country and the world but above all the part where I sit down to have a vision and plan a family with a wife being what they want to lean on each time they have their anal sex hence my life is in use and others do not need to approach and what brought it on is that they fancied me and I dont care and there is nothing more to it than that, so I have no idea what the complains are really all about anyway.


On the matter of scaring me with the mob and starring the crowd against me to shut me up and stuff we hear all the time, the part nobody hears is that we are now after the issue of the things they get off on media to do with respect to my possessions and those other claims about me in a difficult position is all wrong because it is more about assessing a Royal Commission and running around the world and the Country to gather up tools and facts with which to ensure there is a point at which every single issue is being dealt with. They always say that so it sounds like the there is no real reason for you to be the target of the boys that live down the lower side of the hilly road on which you live except that the Politicians have started it for them without reason, so it does not happen because there needs to be a provocation and we hear it from them all the time that they have fed well on the day and are looking for a fight. It’s what happens of course when the whole process whereby they understand I am not willing to take nonsense from their stupid children so those can manage a temper and make progress with their stupid lives instead of join a gang gives way to the part where they get off to make it the point of conversation with other parties at parliament in order to maintain a certain connection that boys that gather at a certain residential estate corridor have with and in Industry, producing girls that go off to work as peoples secretary in order to ensure that your CV does not go anywhere while the Civil service exists to teach you how to write it – producing such results as Lewis Hamilton F1 Driver whom I have to say is one end of the spectrum having worked his way out of it and become his own person and the other hand is a Theo Walcott football player who still thinks his insults are the bees knees; I have done the part where I wait for them at the jobs market over thinking my leadership can be used by them and their stupidities can make for power and dominance and the next time I am off to such matters they will deal with their problems with a personal diary that they will use in this life and the next under my supervision too as it were. So the advice for their MPs is that it is all very well to keep yapping and issuing those threats and nothing will happen to see me build a public life with what I am doing about them which I should clearly be doing for the rest of my life as it were: - I mean it’s much the same with the homosexuality story and the reasons you do not get after a specific one when it is the entire community that is after the vision you might sit down with a wife to have over raising the family because it will sweeten their anal sex. It’s not a new case at all, it’s the matter at the heart of the economic crisis itself; I mean when they tell me they will ensure hits me hardest and that tend to take the whole stirring crowd against you thing to a whole new level since last we checked they were good people and nobody wants to know about their evils as well unlike me – we do like to blame the Bankers for the economic crisis because they were the ones that sat face to face with the problem but still got to pull the plug since they couldn’t let the Politicians do that by themselves as it were, so it does annoy people that they got the Politicians out of it that way. Bearing in mind they are not saints themselves and it does apply that each time my CV turns up on a table the result is that their office is swarmed by these idiots and they employ some of them to keep the problem out including my CV, then later realise they can pillage the market of my company to make some extra profit and that is where things take a turn for the worst because all they ever offer is being in my debt, a debt that never ever gets paid because I am not around to have it paid.


I hear it said I do not have a clue how my thing is being done at the worlds industries but we all know even if I didn’t these fools would have attacked me until I found out probably anyway; but in the end there are likely to be three cartoon figures and the other two do not count as much as the big gorilla figure whose purpose is a leadership of stubbornness at Popular culture to dismiss every single thing you have expressly prohibited people from doing with your possessions and lead them to go ahead and do it anyway: they would say it is wealth distribution happening and I buy that story all the time too as it were – just like I buy the feminists and I buy the Royal Family racism and so on: reality remaining the same i.e. that it gets to the stage where your possessions are found in these bubbles where there are no rules and of course it simply does not apply to everybody that what they have done by cutting to bits your pride and joy mostly of which is about the fact they are trying to be famous and rich will go unpunished. You cannot build an empire and lose the finances unless they have spied on you right from the beginning, kept you off earnings from employment and detached you from the finances by every single step and I am not exaggerating when I say so, every single bloody step that you take, stalking and keeping an eye on you in order to use you to make a point about how angry they are with the world because it does not co-operate with their needs – so it’s only when they are done and you are still being hounded and fleeced when they have wrecked you financially over wealth distribution and therefore decide to act, that we hear the stories. I do not think they are a problem, these their goons just love to express the so called indomitable deviance thing and need to handle your possessions for it and even their section of civil service considers the hurry to ensure you are not homeless as a sign of their power but it is when they decide a few of them sacrificing their lives to shake things up and thereby getting killed by racists and extremists at the expense of a lazy coward like myself who will later have all he owns taken away from him because they are the ones doing all the hard work, does lead you to a point where you want to round them up and ensure there are things they do not have access to so they can enjoy their deviance and leave others alone when it is your responsibility; so I do know how my stuff is being done.

I am aware of the part about my biggest problem being Members of the Royal Family who do not like me very much but of course it has always been the only thing that compounds the activities of black people which are designed for the two choices of how I must keep my life open for them to copy whatever they like or a sex based abuse will be deserved around anything concerning me and anybody of importance so that they can create a bubble with which to abuse the person as well from a distance and ensure we do not ever get close and that gets one better when it is designed to prevent me from marrying into the Royal family and when violent they speak of homosexuality, which is why I want to wreck everything that makes them a pain the Politics and popular culture they think I like in some way in exactly the same manner. For the members of the Royal family however I wonder what people mean when I say I live in a delusion that being attacked by Politicians is actually something that will go away all by itself; I mean HRH The Prince of Wales is now the best friend of civil rights trouble makers and so you have it all marked out that the rest of us sacrificed everything because of the excesses of members of the Royal family that turn up around our concerns without reason and then the civil service trouble makers banish us to the sex industry and when we claim job seekers allowance can never get a job and their politicians rule it through parliament and they become the world of men and when the Queen passes away those who were not loyal to their world of men will live in hell, at least that is how it began in the first place anyway. I too have set out plans to ensure the sex industry rules the civil service and that the media determines what the sex industry gets up to and we can all see that within that condition of setting out equities for it I will be sitting like an overlord over it as well; so they do not scare anybody as it were, it’s just the publicity they build for the abuses when they know the civil service will not help us and they are after our livelihood and it is the members of the royal family that catch you in the behind every single second as it were, so I do not know which part of what I said people found confusing anyway. I know them women will claim they have detached me from my Christianity and set me on a course of what I should be used for and this is exactly the kind of points at which you can easily have enough of it as it were, since they have their own husbands to repress until they force into doing things as it were – otherwise it is clear it is a matter of their Satanism and devil worship and the need to be seen carrying out evil that beats imagination all the time and I dont have a need for their insults. It remains the old case: now HRH is the best friend of civil rights trouble makers about whom nothing is ever enough and there are members of the Royal family with a thing for other peoples behind and for the rest of us who have to make a living and will never be supported by the Government like those who get involved with the Politics, it is going to blow up too. I hear they say it is my fault and of course it isn’t: the part where I get a royal commission and the problem people have are the jobs and possessions I had before then and it turns out they are always damaging the earnings and it was always completely unnecessary to a point where it has led to a reaction from me which has now made it necessary but that is half the story because the other half is that all I own now exists as a temptation and a big excitement for no reason that makes half the population gay and the other half very angry that I actually exist and now they will have what they want from HM all together as well as it were and this is what is being tested. I mean the things that are my fault can be people hatred of other peoples aesthetics with which they are so good at what they do that they do it without thinking about it – when we know we have history like Nazism to draw from of the things that can pick up a feet and go its own direction when people do such things to set a stage for their stupid kids to turn out on people’s lives to count pennies until they make millions because it would be respectful but the fucking idiots still do it in this day and age and tell me of things that are my fault as well.


I do hear of these points that come into being where it seems it might have been better if I retract what I say about slavery and slave trade and I dont know which point people speak of anyway, they have only just made them up because we do not just get off laying the blame wholly on white people for trading in black slaves and treating those salves as their possessions – they were not the ones running the black markets for slaves in Africa and besides which in any case it was never their idea in the first place, it was blacks who first sold it to whites before it became a lucrative trade and that history is still showing today; where they stalk me and keep tabs on all I write in order to build popular culture empires, claiming they are keeping hold of their children and making sure their resources are where it is supposed to be and when we actually tag the fun they have with these things claiming they are recovering their youth as well as seeking healing for how badly the world has treated them, you do reach the stage where you realise how the bad old racism days was made. I dont think it’s a problem, I am just being hounded for locating something they will never have starting with myself and now every single thing they do to abuse me in a sexual context will always be followed by the loss of civil rights or destruction of that stupid popular culture, so that I might find out how I would be abused in sexual context if I got married into the Royal family like they claim and the Royal family would be as well from a distance to keep me away from it with that golliwog mouth we listen to all the time. so the story of bad guys do come up endlessly of course and it is never as complicated as it is made out to be; forget about the extremists and forget about the gangs and forget about the Military and think of yourself as a civilian and think of them as civilians and you will be able to see that these are very twisted evil scum with an immeasurable knack for looking for trouble: I mean an entire Political party can easily decide that when my evil mum is their greatest asset and they are hounding me and wrecking everything around me to tell me to control her to prevent racism they will overhaul an entire National political system and are still working at it like they do daily to this very moment since they started in 2001; when they are being human they are believing in community witchcrafts that can make them win elections and how I am along with a history of my suffering is a major ingredient in how that works but when they are not it becomes a matter of they the MPs who are spending time attacking and abusing the nobody that is me and who the hell I think I am getting their attention, which is controversial attention but is attention I can cash into never the less which needs to be stopped and violently if possible – this is when they are being animals and want people to handle them like so as well; so beyond this is supposed to have been the existence of normalcy. So on one hand is that fame and fortune popular culture right down to the sub cultures and homosexuality and so on and on the other hand is what will happen to any rich person or member of the Royal family that gets married to me and we will see what is left of it at the end as well because it gets to a point and the abuses do build them a history they claim they will not work on their economies in Africa without, talking nonsense about healing. Of course it is always said I have reached great stages with what I have said, which in my view is not actually the case – I mean I have done some things that are unusual of course but this is not one of them, in my view I can only have a future if I am in control of all those beauty sensibilities that black people in the UK and Africa and the US have abused me to build up for public use which they can later deploy to make fame and fortune and as far as I am concerned the way things are going means they will be a lot uglier than they currently are as it were, since we all know those nonsense re actually completely unnecessary and I dont fancy them and want nothing to do with them and really hate paying them my expensive attention. It is the same way I feel the future of the UK economy will not be settled unless it is handled and developed along that line – so of course I see why US foreign Policy has been so brutal when it comes to making deals with leaders of democracy and then betraying them at a later date so they can be slaughtered by their enemies – it does not have to be so brutal, we live in a new age now and it is not because I am doing them any favours it is because that is the best we can offer ourselves as tools to work with at this point. I do not believe it a challenge, what they have done around me will stay as it is and what I intend to do about it is continue to seek out and gather information about them to a point where I am able to predict their plans and move in there first. The part about child abuse and the games played by Scottish Nationalists is very well understood – in terms of the former I have been heard saying something about how people cannot without being taught at home or at work or at Church or at School how to undercut a younger person in the most embarrassing points of their being and control their bodies in order to use them to make a career better, just hit the ground running with it just like that at Westminster; somebody is keeping quiet about something and that is the truth, besides which if it wasn’t, the reality is that Politicians are the Political paedophiles who say and do things to encourage it every day while they know poorer people do not have the money and means by which to escape or manage their desires when they have bodies savaged by failure and violence and poverty, so they know they are providing a leadership that discriminates against young people and actively empowers paedophiles and any who says something about it like the same abuse civil rights idiots wrought will be doing that for the rest of their lives because he will be the sacrifice by which the people are saved and therefore used by Politicians to make careers. In any case of which with respect to what I have said to offend paedophiles, we see them and their media all the time doing something to encourage stupid black men who are single and live alone and do strange thing to have a desire to get rich and find their way into an access to my personal life by some state of affairs built up about me on media that hangs around me and offers people a means to tell me what to do that they can run with and if I ask them what they are doing talk nonsense about helping the poor; so I can see why they were sexually assaulted of course, never mind the fact that they come from the same communities and are actually paedophiles themselves and likely to be the ones that make a report of others to occur if they themselves were abused because they think that it should not apply to them who are part of the system but these two facts about the idiots is not what is bothering me. It is never true that I am dying a bit every day, I do what I do because I want to do it – what we see is the fall out of financial problems which means that media always favours the other group of idiots at the other end who have shown they have no wish to chase any endeavours if they are not doing it in a condition where they see me fail at mine claiming it is competition which clearly costs them nothing because it is all about how a process of keeping them out of what belongs to me fails when in their view everybody else is getting it but above all it’s a matter of keeping politicians out of my academic work and with more serious measures if I need to since we are finished with the part where they have seen what tends to happen if I am not allowed to control culture: - In the end it appears with respect to Scottish Nationalism that it is largely a matter of whether or not the evils of those cultures are nice to those who practice and love it and horrible to me which creates a condition where the culture staying with those it is nice to and away from those it loves to hurt becomes a problem. We hear the tales of how HM is taking over what I do and I will soon have to shut something down which is never true as it does appear a little known fact thereof of how The Queen runs things i.e. being the rest of us are supposed to get out there and have fun which becomes impossible if HRH Prince of Wales is best friends with civil service trouble makers who feel like banishing people to the sex industry all the time. I dont think it is a problem in anyway, it’s the reality of what they say I do not suffer at the hands of the Monarchy but leads back to the same old story of those who do not have the problem would have known how to behave and those who have the problem dont but want position and responsibilities i.e. how does HM get to surround herself with men that in their hearts and when things are stressful wish they had a King instead of a Queen, because underneath their hearts that is what comes through when they are under pressure; the big problem for all remains the same i.e. there is a certain ego I should apply to a public office with respect to which I have scored zero and for that reason will have it taken away with a big mouth and it will end very well too.


Of course we are now very familiar with the old case of how people are more concerned about extremist behaviour but a greater threat in the form of myself looms and it applies that people cannot say what they need to say or do what they need to do without being swarmed by me etc but that is not what reality is; rather what reality is, is a case of building up atmospheres of working me which people can cash into – so if I deal with girls making use of my countenance in the most abusive way imaginable since they cannot make advertisements in any other way and I have difficulty looking after my people who depend on looking to it when they find difficulty they cannot cope with and so on which forms the basis of communication and the systems by which it works that they put out there including the music they make and so on, then it will be a case of dealing with the boys instead and if I deal with both the girls and the boys then it will become a case of dealing with the back stage goons that put them up to it and if I do all that the communities will turn up and work me and if I do that as well the Politicians and if I do that as well then it’s their royal friends will turn up and if I set out the whole matter from start to the present state it will have taken years to reach that point but if I actually handle every single one and all of them sustainably, I  have time to do everything else that is more important to me and this is precisely what has happened. We hear of the problem with the impunity with which I pass insults at The Prince of Wales but of course he is currently the best friend of civil service trouble makers knowing perfectly that more people will end up on state benefits and find it even more difficult because they have to find jobs that way, so they can turn up here to make up excuses which sustain the idea that attacking me is the answer to everything and talk nonsense all over the world with that stupid media each time they have an access of great men that they control. I do not think it a problem, it’s just the way they put it of a greater threat in the form of me and so on and how they control my temper and use me to fight their enemies while The Prince of Wales protects them as they carry out their plans, wrecking my finances in the process to force me to pay attention to their activities and then pretending he is not aware or his aides doing so that this outcome is the effect they desire. They keep provoking me down that direction of course, the one about black idiots who have now gotten access to The Royal Family and the British Military to turn up and bottom knock me and anus knock me and penis knock me and continue to live the dream of being a personal threat to my freedoms in order to talk nonsense about the bad old racism days I would never have survived when this is clear and apparent example of how that was created in the first place anyway; we all know heaven in the civil service are the top officials who depend on government contracts to make a lot of money – of course it amounts to a million or two and does not count for much while they deliver excellent services which means money well earned by good people and hell is the frontline where goons have to take care of the public especially the unemployed, so this story of being battered by the civil service I am sure they are prepared to when it is time to put it to the test – last time I checked my problem were the things I had not done for myself and yes the process of always being concerned about their shit instead while they abuse me to make it that way endlessly make a contribution but being beaten and battered by them is something they know they have never achieved with that big mouth and are testing and provoking me down that direction too which will soon lead to the results they seek as well. It’s never really a problem otherwise, it’s the same old case of telling people by their pets and there are few people whose pets have the same personality as HM corgis for example and so you easily see they look marriage material but are actually rebels and hate it when people look down upon their children but some of them fall on the evil side and like to steal all the time; well known by politicians and the local communities, pillars of society and really like to steal and have a thing for attacking young men, getting out of their homes to find men to order around and insult really intensely to create social problems and complain about the actions of those who dish some of the Mob justice for them as well. it’s a simple case of renting a home and going up to it to sit down and write books quietly without being persecuted by people extracting their beauty sleep from something rare and making up excuses as they go along from royal family racism to feminism and these are the things they will lose fighting me, violently more so if need be. We see it play out all the time, their temper is relevant and mine is not. For me it is all just hard work, for them the system of a product in front of a customer that you talk to in order to determine how they respond to it does not work for them because they have got a culture that can abuse me and fast track it without any work on account they evil and work would kill them as it were, so whenever they get their hands on peoples possessions they are sure to hurt them with it immeasurably and their Popular culture people can pretend the stereotype of unshaven idiots with dirty hair walking up University stirs and setting people out as the ones whose pockets will never dry up no matter how much is spent will not provoke anybody, especially the modern take of it and what they do to cover their tracks telling me when I am supposed to have a shave and so on.