The problem with the global economy as it stands is generally that the US does not accept how much of a problem for others its government and proposed leadership really are. It wants to be able to tell others what to do but does not wish to acknowledge how woeful its own economy is doing; it feels that British Foreign Policy will be measured in fact by the progress that US allies make when they are told secretes of success by the British and anything left around what is done with communism will be completely taken over all together. The matter has now degenerated into some kind of industry war where from time to time British Enterprises are accused of alliances and funding for American enemies. They always say I am the weak link that they build confidence assaulting but I am no weak link in anyway; the fact of the matter is that American Politicians are so insidious that the idea of telling people who run the affairs of another country what to do is not something they expect to suffer consequences from i.e. that those who run affairs of state are normally very competent people at anything that they do, if not better than them, hence the idea of telling them what to do should naturally have become a process of hitting a brick wall for which they are not responsible. However the insults and health based assaults are not actually carried out by American Politicians because their spin doctors and cultural wickedness campaign managers are doing that, they on the other hand are completely superior to everybody. For my part I suppose I am hated as much as I am because I have offered other Americans that normally end up working to make these idiots rich another way while they make friends with and conduct Asia pacific media vandalism during a financial crisis that is becoming something worse all together because of them. They are responsible for the fact somebody is making America disillusioned about itself, so that it has a problem with anybody that is making any kind of economic progress and likes to claim they stole it from the US.


So when I say hard working Americans that make idiots rich so they can boast about living in the greatest country in the world and make my life hell for it; it is not a new thing that US Politicians spend all their time doing socialism for their own benefit and then democracy for the benefit of the people whenever they want, the problem today is that their New President was supposed to get into office and carry out a simple job i.e. health care for ordinary Americans simply means finding out facts about their professional lives and then making a deal with the health industry to provide the best possible health arrangement of the lot that will have come through from the exercise, nothing like sharing the socialism that he has gone ahead with as it were which will not help anybody. In fact he has already pitched poor Americans that have lost their homes to the financial crisis against the rich, while the rich already have several homes and the smallest of the lot is at least twice the size of the homes that these poorer people have lost. The fact of the matter is never this process where they are supposed to get into office to do a simple job as it is rather about the fact that they spend all their time thinking about their evil nature and how somebody else will come up with a great idea so that they can use it to be popular, this is actually half the problem, it is the other half that creates the issues i.e. if I actually come up with the best possible idea and they want it and so I refuse to give it to them, I have actually created a bigger problem. So I keep making it clear it’s all very well to boast that the US is disillusioned but I am sure they know how to get out of being disillusioned, know clearly that none of the things they do will change facts about what is really happening here which is that of a Christian writing books and hoping to make a living from it, bearing in mind even the worst enemy of the president has the right to write books and sell them for a living if he wants and there is nothing they can do about it, hence they need to get off my book sales and leave my person well alone. It brings us to the other main matter which is concerning the person issues involved i.e. these are actually culturally very evil people; so although Mr Obama promises to spend tax payers funds on poor people in the US, we really need to look at it from the bottom line and that is that he will be offering more localism and access to culture and thereby cultural wickedness for the rich because he is not a Christian, he is not a religious person, he is not a Godly person and that is an end to it. Yes that money spent on poor people might make them financially better off but what exactly will happen when rich people have more localism and access to more cultural wickedness? It is not a new thing in any way I completely expected it, hence the main issue with me which is that they cannot tell me where I am supposed to be and cannot continue to pretend to have their stupid powers over my finances. I mean British Politicians here in the UK and their media are feeling me it stands and seeking to reform absolutely every institution that other people work in which not only shows that they are not spending as much time on their jobs but that others are spending too much time on their own jobs. For me personally the bottom line is that this is an issue involving their insults and the results which are that I have become a British Government official that is poor and intend to bend them up, roll them up and twist them the other way to wreak the same damage to the American Political system and bend them over the other way around as well; just like a poor government official because others can gain access to his books whenever they want.