Now on the matter of US Politics and the fact idiots and some form of mad silliness and a process where they have done it again i.e. stifle my finances, hold me down and taken over all I have worked for to make their own fame, which thereby creates that process of crisis they love so much as well with people complaining other parties will become half a party etc, I always think it is completely overrated. I mean Mr Obama for example is simply doing things about what he used to think about as a Children i.e. if I hear my parents talk about racism and those that were responsible what would I do but of course he does not take into account the racism that happens because those who work it have created the argument that they felt their lives were threatened and they needed to kill first, he has rather taken the matter up and failed to put it to bed on each occasion, which then suggests that while racism is bad all that insults from get rich quick idiots that tends to make out there are people whose sperm can make other people rich and hence determines their familiarity and abuses to get it or the energy of the person if they cannot is therefore a good thing for instance. So we tend to have this problem they have with my books which is also why they are so convinced that my finances have been stifled whereas in my view, what they want to create is somebody important that will be made poor to cater for their history as losers and everything insult and abuse from me sets out the fact they cannot leave me alone and has got nothing to do with my books, so it is basically impossible for me to end up having my finances stifled by them which of course is where they come through with the idea handling the books is not illegal since I did not give them a certified permission to do so but that the books are the finances of mine they were talking about, none of which is particularly surprising like the claim I like Americans which I don’t because they are s group of greedy villainous idiots that can see a person do nothing but abuse another to make adverts but something else is still the matter which has to do with the money the assailant owns and how to take advantage of the person that is already being attacked; so in my case their influences does show not only that the insults are astounding as it were but also that it can begin like it has from a hatred of my faith as the Christian with a good temperament that they want to use for things, develop onto villainy of dumping the bad aspects of their personalities on me from afar through the benefits of being involved in class A or class B drugs and then it will carry on through many things including the matter of Politicians making sure I end up in areas of society where people hate those who have talents they are not making use of and then the process of abusing me becomes the meaning of life itself. They even make out it is a condition where they are teasing me because they are older than I am which is an argument that is above the law and hence gets me to create my own arguments as well which is more involved with letting it happen for while until they are in a condition where they make the decisions and choices to do these things and believe it affects my finances when although a large portion of my thoughts is about them I don’t even know them emerges, which then allows a process where they do it on a personal basis to happen so that I can approach and handle them on a personal basis as well which I am aware is an argument that is also above the law; when I say roughing up Politicians suits and making a scene which is something you do not just do otherwise it will be criminal but you can do if you systematically create popular and commercial facts about it that can then stand up as evidence in court provided it continues for long enough to create such a condition. So it is impossible for people I do not know to think they want to ensure I am poor on account I refused to support those  who get elected into government office and happen to be of the same skin colour as I am and for the sake of that only or indeed bring foreign cultures into the country to rule and abuse people with before they realise what is happening in order to be powerful when they are not of the same skin colour as I am because I do not know them and the books when they handle those are clearly a criminal activity and even more so when they make out that handling my person as well is somewhat necessary for them to do their stupid jobs. The idea I am unaware of the value of what I do is utter rubbish too because I am aware there is only one of me in the entire world and my books are worth at least three times the prices I have put up for them which gives them that idea their problems are a license to get it without paying but makes me so angry because such an outcome would have rather meant a means and an ability to feel I own my books and can sit down to a conversation with my customers and fans and of course they always say my books are a load of rubbish and I need to understand I need to pack it up and I can do better but I find it hard to figure out why they are so bothered anyway when we can see something about provoking and handling me because they have foreign evil cultures at their disposal and the books which are sort of written in another language and translated in English should then have made clear how much oppression and victory of wickedness they have really achieved like they boast that they have done, by the way of which the titles of the books leave nothing to the imagination, while the sub titles of the books finish off your doubt as to what they really are – hence they need to have a lot more of those problems yet.  It makes some of the reasons I get so annoyed when they explain that their stupid evil greedy villainy with some idea that suggests we will push them to the margins when and if we become modern enough when we all know it is never really enough with the idea good people are struggling to make a living and need to be made to give up money they have worked for, so there is always that process where people like what you do for a living and every act they carry out to show that hurts you on account they are passionate about evil, which they seem to make out I am so concerned about it will become the major reasons they are able to make me a poor person for their pleasure, when in actual fact it should be clear that if people can buy those stupid fame and fortune products then they should have no problems with my books either on the other hand; I know it means activities everywhere that some people want to be me in a condition where they have both sides and in that way will get enough attention to get rich and famous quickly, it’s just a fact of life that some people are passionate about evil; so for a start they make out I like Americans when Americans do not like me and I cannot understand what they mean either when I have provided enough security for my friends and even those that do prostitution and pornography do it because they are doing stuff they should be doing with their stupid wickedness and so they can get back into it now that I have made it obvious to show what the world has become now that they have successfully created a process by which to attack Christians, while holding office of government – it will be taken over yet again at a later date anyway and we will always fail to see the point. For the politicians there is the worry however of what they will now do about their insults meaning that these evil scum are able to create conversations with people that really should not happen or exist, on account they simply cannot stay out of my life and get on with their own but then again it expresses the nature of the evil twisted strange people will find in politics anyway and why I am always right when I think that matters with them should be narrowed to a personal basis and handled personally, it is also the only way to make sense to them too, especially when your livelihood is for the people while theirs is to be regarded as property of the leaders and in that way their politics will work and have no other form of existing; because you need to be able to give people credible ultimatums when you give them clear information never to do certain things with your property and they do it anyway, more so whether or not that insolent rubbish about being your parents is based on fact or not. Which of course then brings us to the matter of what they are really are and that is to be measured by such things as a process of the fact I get feminists to look after me or help me if I wanted but they cannot; to the lay mind it will have applied as such that a simple condition of their history from school to the professions they find themselves in today is responsible for that, just as their back girls they seem to be completely unable to go anywhere without suggests but it is even worse than that if you want to dig up actual facts about it; so it continues that these idiots who think being older than others is a license to what whatever you like with them are still at it; move left because once they make statements about wanting to be nice to women it is always the end of their lives and finances as they know it and so now think they have found somebody they will do anything they please with in order to have power their stupid insolent selves did not previously have and none of it has anything to do with my own decisions and what I do and they cannot stifle anybody’s right to get a job or sell his books when they do not take the decisions to make these kind of choices with my own mind and is therefore entirely their own stuff and has got nothing to do with me. Of course there is that talk of things I do to bring myself low but in actual fact really isn’t like the fact my health is affected by their foolishness and media because I react to it and I react to it because I want to do so not because they can stifle my finances to be powerful in anyway whatsoever; I do things that bring me low because of how low they are and their insults which means if I am being oppressed by them I need to handle them so that they are more oppressed perhaps with work or maybe with something else, than I am and by the way of which is it all a day’s work anyway – stories they tell that I handle and damage their culture is not actually the case, it’s simply a process of making sure they put up with many times as much as they make me put up with, a process of handling them as well and keeping them well handled too. I am not of the opinion what happens to really strange idiots who get into politics where they feel like doing such things as using my temperaments to make their own to a point where I must end up in parts of society where people hate those that have talents they are not making use of onto the point where I will not be allowed to get a job or earn money i.e. I am not an American for example, I am not even in an American election and I am not in an election in competition with the President there; I know saying so will mean I must always mention how British I am to use it as cover to do what I like with the US but of course that is why I say it all the time too because for some people and those who say such things what they do to attack other peoples security and health and safety and jobs can easily become a lifetime expedition if you are interested in the facts, otherwise their noise making about knowing much of the lies and stories and conspiracies and bible described wickedness that can be used to make somebody else’s property their own is very well due. I do not think they are a problem either, they just keep saying I live my Christian life but will not let others live their modern and city life whereas it is the things they do which brings it about i.e. somebody creates a product at £300,000 a piece and brokers equities with me for it and so they find out who brokered the equities, so that when they lay to waste the company that is being built for the assets from which the equities are derived, such a person will have no business and then he will know how to get rich have no money and then they will basically have won a lottery that they must now claim and work hard for on media  and nobody knows why anybody would do such things either; this is just the part where they speak of money – there are others too where you have the right to get to your daily concerns without looking into the evils of society but how possible is that when somebody stands on a bride and looks into the waters below and stamps his authority on that bridge against a certain race of people but because you have something he wants, you in particular; you might say racists are always around anyway, you might say it is not necessarily a new thing in a place like the UK for example but put yourself in his shoes and then wonder if you would ever at any point think about climbing a bridge and stamping your authority on it as a form of insolence directed at a particular government operative who has things you want to make into yours because you are conversant with lies and stories you can tell or claim to be conversation with it in order to make it so? Hence it soon becomes a case of keep your city life out of my life or you will lose it:


This is the part that brings up the relevant bits i.e. I broker equities with a company that creates products and gets a popular culture goons to appear on the adverts to sell it to consumers and now things that people do not want blown out in public will set the stage for extortionist terrorism and blackmail intimidation with media that increasingly gets violent; would I really want to be so insolently familiar with people at any stage in my life actually, would I ever get to a point where I decide to? Well I suppose it wouldn’t matter if I did have the right kind of lie to tell anyway. So I never get the point, they do need to stop making the noise and keep the fighting going.  It is another matter in which my books and sites come through for very well; making a fame and public affairs of their ‘filth and social evils’ like what they get from what I become when they do damage my finances in order to get rich and famous – never forgetting their media idiots who have their own brand of opportunistic villainy of course, for them their corruptions of involvement means they barge into my world and choose what they want to make me do, become a fan of that and enforce it with a big mouth, only on media as it were but as for these business and market trouble makers that will not get off my company and my livelihood on the other hand, I always say they have the stories and lies and arguments by which it is possible to take away from people what they own if others want it alright and I bet they cannot do it to me or do it here.

I am aware of the trouble it is said I find myself in with Popular culture goons therefore but it is not one of my prime concerns; nowhere near as important as the matter of equities I create which are really not my property as applied and how to get them out there where the people who gave me the burning need I have inside to create them and release them from the royal work will find them available.