Now we have been heartily furnished with information about what the Government wants to set out as plans to deal with the proliferation of the benefits system, the one about those who pay the taxes to fund it getting justice as it were – the reality of which there are two tiers of taxes in this Country and one of them is your National Insurance that ensure the NHS is working for you which is actually larger than the taxes people pay and so the question has now shifted to that of Politicians accounting for how much taxes they pay exactly in this Country. I mean I have always maintained it is a dirty word to play the benefits card anyway since it is more a case of setting up a shelter for homeless people and then deciding they are a parasite at the same time which nobody asked you to do in the first place if we think about it correct it and the only thing that rivals this kind of rhetoric in vileness is the insatiable desire of Politicians to pillage other people’s property in the first place and when done we hear them enjoy targeting people on one hand and as the case applies here being the Tories they do because they are first of all a Party of Political power and then a party of everything else and it is only when they are done thinking that targeting people is funny that we end up with stories about those who are abusing the fact others are working and paying taxes to keep them going. In my case since they have no wish to leave me alone it’s always a matter of the facts about how we will eventually come to a point where they will need to live with the facts and realities of what they have done here and to that effect I issued a warning earlier some days ago about the fact that one more need to extricate response from me because they like to target me on account it gives them satisfaction of narcissism, will result in a condition where this whole game of doing things about them and dealing with them at random comes to an end and gets replaced by the process of setting out a clear plan for dealing with them and now it seems we are here again because they have decided to continue with that plans of theirs by the back door.  First of all which people complain touching anything that belongs to me means getting into trouble all the time but the fact the only group of people allowed to make use of me and my possessions is the Royal family does not seem to have been a fact that has gone through their thick skull yet – we hear them complain endlessly about how the Royal family comes from everywhere and no where whenever people touch anything I own or do but they will not be caught dead staying away from it – and as for the African ones, now that they have seen what I am made of their big mouth is still blowing off all over the place from that point as well I guess. The way this matter works varies but the example I like to use here is when we ask what the damage of love and hate games idiots play all the time could possibly be when we know there is nothing to it except the complete destruction of your markets and profits and therefore income because it is always most likely that love and hate idiots are from the prostitution Industry one way or another but we also know these idiots who speak of people abusing the benefits system think these love and hate idiots are the bees knees and that is because they are perpetually after a sense of feeling that where they live is a locality and a village where their useless behaviour can make sense to them and be profitable and this fraternity of localism and nation is what they offer as prerogative to Politicians which is why they enjoy targeting me so much all the time and yes we also hear considering my intolerance of that stupid culture and society which I have become famous and notorious for in equal measure is something they do because they have got me in a corner and I must have heard such things for my part from a thousand bastards because we all know love and hate games do nothing but pillage your life and possessions and there is no real reasons human beings should live in that way 24/7 and that in like manner the same applies to popular culture that is completely harmless except that it will pillage every other thing that exists in the form of history and intellectual property that you have got left besides the markets and the profits. My question now is how much taxes politicians are paying in this country considering they have no wish to leave me alone and it is coming to a head because there is really no justification for paying attention to love and hate idiots or indeed popular culture but the reason for it has always been that your job and your finances are not going well for you and they are the reason because of course there is method in a process of being targeted by Politicians every single second while celebrities target you as well and these idiots who work their own Political version of fraternity of locality and nation profit from it and get everything – hence having had me in a corner, what if I decided that I was going to come up with a plan to handle this matter from the point that it is not as if they are going to beat me up and grab my patriotism and traditions and deploy it to their own ends either since I am not necessarily a small man, regardless of the next thing I am going to do with that stupid society and culture and then this argument therefore had roots and branches as well. I mean we all know that my literary empire is not worth benefits but it gets better because I have the same relations with Russians and with Americans and with everybody else where I am good at making some use of their hospitality and they rely on me to get their facts right on disillusionment when government decisions are to be made while what I get out of it is a clear settlement of the provision of state provided security via law and order as a matter of contract between the Government and the people but apparently we are dealing with a condition where their activities mean The Company Court cannot get anything done and that means I have no facts and no publicity to work with and unless they are doing government work for me I will want to know very soon enough how much taxes they are paying in this country so they can either leave me alone their way or leave me alone my way. Obama in the US however is another such goon – he is full of himself currently with his twisted and flawed version of who his enemies are, done nothing about the incredibly vile behaviour of black people towards others if he can be more concerned about wealth distribution instead when we never see him share his salary and people pay thousands of dollars to get invites for functions where he is to speak while he is still in Government office and the result will be that republicans will get elected on a complain and after them the democrats will be again on a complain and then it will keep going round and round and building up to a point and we are not talking about Labour here in the UK that are the party of wealth distribution so that targeting people is fun because the Public cannot have enough of their tales of it which they will go along with until it burn as well.

They do like to tell me I was warned about the way wealth inequality works as if they are the boss of me or I need their stupid help these civil rights idiots and yet it is always okay it seems to speak of people who put themselves in a mess so that they can be angry enough to hurt or kill people when they become criminals but the level of neglect paid these idiots and the Politicians on the other hand for the same behaviour becomes so disproportionate hence it is impossible for people to buy products that equities have been brokered with me to create because there is a respect problem going on there and in my view they have not got much to do recently as well personally. I have never thought of it as a complicated matter when we all know Politicians do not do public work free of charge and popular culture idiots never allow your money issues to be because rather ironically they expect you to behave when they have money and only a coward would do that, especially when the money is made at your expense while they are now taking up your time as well. It is never an emotive issue, what they want to find out here is how much my men have been jeopardised by my activities of recent and I might as well clear it up for them too i.e. do not make yourself a weak link or since the UK was last declared the point at which servitude prospers and Politicians have preferred to extricate that first of all from third world countries and turn up to target people talking nonsense about the prognosis of how people do their stuff instead of policing the borders of the UK which was far more important than the benefits system, you will find yourself in a tight corner and nobody will be able to help or bail you out, does not mean that when Politicians find out what it could have been if they did public work free of charge it should become a power that they love to deploy on certain set out people without reason or provocation and more so bearing in mind that is not currently how they are doing public work so far as well yet as it were. As for the celebrities, it does appear that it is impossible to do a any new job without a process where the condition they exist in that appears to set them out as living breathing graffiti applying itself on your possessions and these are the things I will do to them as well but first they need to get to that level of fame and then after that they will not have to blow off their big mouth regularly to get some all the time as well – I mean Obama was meant to achieve this and achieve that and because of you he hasn’t and we feel like thumbing you and when you ask what the fucking idiots do for a living it turns out they are film directors and so on and so the problem has always been where they find themselves each time you consistently refuse to apply a condition apply to you which means that their money is important or matters or is powerful and it is this they want to make you behave to that effect as well when we all know that they as I mention earlier the living breathing graffiti thing simply find it impossible to let other people’s money issues rest where and the way people left it in the first place – so it is something that only a coward would give them and they know it, besides which the more you refuse to allow their money matter to you is the increased probability that you keep a clear head and make some of yours as well so you do not have to see their stupidities and react to it as a result because of its far reaching consequences and the meaninglessness of the way you live when your job and finances are not going well; having said that of which I still want revenge and will do the graffiti thing on them as well, when they are all famous enough for it.  At the moment these idiots all get together all together and pretend they will handle my renaissance and suckle on it and turn up to terrorism and civil rights idiots with violence on their minds and various other nonsense and so we tend to pay less attention to it so disproportionately as a comparison to how much we pay attention to the ones that those who are outright criminals do and the two main people I need to get off my renaissance and more so travelling to the UK to suckle on it to that effect are Muslims and Africans – the two that never ever listen when told it is only the Royal Family of the UK that has the right to handle anything that is an effect or possession of me, they handle it and see what they could have been, have no idea what it means and want wars of justice all the time, perhaps because my own being able to kill them while they are able to do nothing about it and suckle on nothing around here to see what they could have been in order to terrorism and insulting threats and media abuses has become an important prognosis yet again – so it does appear they do love to declare themselves other peoples enemies and then pretend they will return home to a normal life because they are insane: last time I checked of which we all keep off your enemies because life is too short and in my case these enemies are Politicians, Celebrities and Tyrants – hence unless there is something I have missed out about my Property Equities being unsafe since of course the reality is that there are two reasons that happens and one of them is the insults about which I will kick them my share soon enough as it were and the other is that they need to be distracted with a  lot more work than they are occupied with at present and this will explain why equities brokered to create a product is important to them in terms of what the owner is doing with himself recently, it seems the reason is that they want to take me on personally as it is clear I get taken on personally like that all the time and more so by those who have not finished with the Men yet as it were.

I hear my activities are all high level treachery but the reality is rather as we know to be that my activities are to be controlled by facts of what a group of militants in the Middle East get up to and how that gets to mean that when you are made to understand that having had your finances pillaged to a point where you need state support, you must not make yourself a weak link as the perversion of the civil service and benefit system using immigrants that serve millionaires overseas by Politicians, that have informed such persons that the UK is the place where servitude can prosper, will mean that controlling the actions of those who make a lifestyle of the benefit system along with what these kinds of fools get up to and alongside a weak link that is you will mean that they have enforcers over a barrel and you will be the one that pays the price for it, does not mean that the attacks and the pushing into a position where I have no choice and then the targeting has to come from the unlikely spot of the highest points at Government office because the idiots cannot keep their private business out of government affairs as it were – so now they want me to behave the question has shifted to a matter of what it is exactly they can do about me and of course there is the demagogue behind it as well that is concerned with how I am targeted and pushed into a position where I will be that weak link and then pay that price as it were because I am an example of how people take up their aspirations and own it, which has no meaning whatsoever and likely only to do damage here and constitute things they find amusing when they  are drinking some alcohol in a communal manner somewhere: so the warnings I gave them about messing with my job which means money and job isn’t going well and I cannot tolerate popular culture and love hate game idiots has become something they will do in a way that will afford them a means of damage before I can put together a plan for handling them because they just extricate certain narcissistic feeling from it that explains why their friends who servitude freaks are encouraged to come to the UK always travel to the US for secret societies where they can be men of power and wealth and importance as well – they are apparently playing their part in some game they invent and it absolutely kills me that they think it amusing, hence I am really keen to find out what they can do about me like we see them yap all the time especially over high level treachery as it were. Of course it isn’t true I have a never ending problem, I don’t, the reality is as simple as it has ever been i.e. you don’t know who people are and where they live and what neighbourhood they live in and the way it works and their circle of friends, so guess what if it does not become a weapon because everything they must do to ensure their wickedness helps them dominate you only works if they crawl under your skin so to speak – another example is their tales of unfair world that treats women in unfair ways about which they know as well as I know that it is about holy people they want to have sex with but cannot as it were and hence are after their finances claiming they are nursing a hope of doing so; I have never therefore been of the impression it is possible for me to exhaust all the vile and evil things that the lower classes do every single moment because they are trying to get rich and important or famous – it is the same old story about people saying psychopaths are stuff of our nightmares when it’s all made up on media where what the poorer ones get up to are things they never put into their accounts so we can understand the nature of psychopaths that have nothing to do with abuses people find funny to extricate fake happiness and add  your business to theirs in order to make enough profit that will ensure if you get after them later you can never really get them back to square one which explains the ones the Politicians do and as I said of which it absolutely kills me when they think it is amusing because I have had enough as it were; if they are relying on these goons for votes, they need to stay off my job and income otherwise they are looking for trouble and they know it, after all I slash 13 years of my time and give them away like that all the time the last I checked it: it’s always been a case of the black man that the Royal family makes use of and why they cannot see he is a different thing from what they are in Africa is never clear but as I said their wickedness works here when they get under my skin so it is not my skin with a big mouth not hurting badly enough yet – I mean they always say I do not have the health to deal with any of these things but I suppose it is a matter of recovering my renaissance and keeping them off suckling it to find out what they could have been and then facing a threat as it were to see how tough they really are: I have tried to put all the information they might need out there – they don’t control me, nobody does with all that nonsense that they did and did again and like to assume I do not know everything about them – only the Royal family makes use of anything that is an effect of me and they need to stay away from me as we are not mates and as for the part about torturing people’s minds, it goes beyond the story of their wickedness and violence every second where they also pretend what they make of me because they cannot shut their mouths is what I think about myself especially over the tummy hitting bullying nonsense we have to put up with all the time because it makes us think about what they make people think about us and so on, I fail to see what anything I do has to do with them to that effect and besides which this country is home to two mistresses and one of them should not be where she is found and will do nothing but scream curses at me all the long and they cannot get into trouble messing with those. I mean all those who have tried to sort out British class system and society for them are still picking the facts to this day as it were and there are new ones coming in everyday too.

I have no idea what it is hoped is to be achieved by the conversations that it seems people want to have about their activities all the time anyway; I mean I can understand they are instigated by the media and I am the big offender but that is always after they want to move into my right hand and live there to do popular culture riches and fame while their love and hate games on the left is supposed to lay waste my business and finances to such an end as I become a priest that walks around public places preaching gospel and living at the mercy of their generosity and yet we all know that these are the kind of useless things that need to be able to do which is why they always must ensure every place they live in feels to them like a village so that they might simply be dismissed as mongrels until the damage of their stupidities become too far reaching to do something about as well. I simply don’t understand what the media hopes to achieve by putting up conversations about their activities in order to pillage my royal estate and finances and work further and pretend they control me thereof anyway: it is never going to work and will never determine how I behave around them or respond to their activities, the reality is that they have become quite obsessed recently with talking all sorts of nonsense about psychopaths on media because flattering racists does not come with the same amount of pay up that it used to anymore and I want to show them what psychopaths really are like and how the rest of us as a society should treat them to that effect as well besides all that media nonsense. They do say I am a psychopath myself or I would never have known any of these things – the reality is that I wouldn’t know and I don’t care, all I know is that I am a Christian and the very idea of getting into a fight with somebody is something you will never be able to do when you are fasting, and even if you were to plan it, you can never really tell which ones will be fast days and which ones will be fight days, so it is not in your interest to maybe body build, look tough and make sure enough people think you can handle yourself because it is a wholly different lifestyle choice you are creating: they on the other hand as ever with those love and hate games and a priest living at the mercy of their generosity among other things have developed far reaching abuses which ensure their version of me is what people think I really am, so the fact I am a Christian is not really out there because they don’t want it to be and how I feel about that will not matter and it will cost them everything to that effect as well; all that nonsense about somebody they beat with a big mouth only is precisely what it is, nonsense and lot and lots and lots of stupid talk because in my mind it’s a simple case of wickedness and Political power apparently of which the Political power is something people vote for and they can continue to tempt me as well and find out if I will not get hold of it and cut it up – all that stupid celebrity nonsense. The culture and history story is just as well but everybody knows that they think moving into people’s right hand and if not getting under their skin and setting that up on media and making it their own will not offend the person and that even if it does the persons feelings do not matter – so everybody knows these kinds of things will always be the outcome of a condition where they can call any place where they live a  village where they can carry through all these useless behaviour and get others to tolerate the fact they are living like that until others become items in their view because they needs and need to handle people and make them do things for them and then it becomes something else and as it is presently develops into an outcome where they need others to behave as well and can get their votes from criminals like we hear that big mouth all the time like the idiots they are as well. But for these issues the fact the Politicians and the celebrities and community idiots and their media have introduced themselves as people that can just get off and make enemies of acquire them into their lives is not an emotive issue, all I know about it is that their involvement with me only leads to a single outcome that is concerned with pushing forward a process where company business becomes something I can delegate to others so I can make some time and space for myself.

I understand it is said everything I say and do is completely off point but everybody can see how important it is for me to be left alone knowing if they do not I will not have any meaningful relationships as well and it is here that the financial bullying and alternative names for it and lots of attention seeking publicity relevant bullying comes into its own along with the pretence I was never going to be aware of it but above all is the reality that it is not amusing any more either way here. It has always been of mathematical conclusion that apart from the demagogues that help to get by and permit some heinous activities that are supposed to be inconsequential when there is no violence involved with a big mouth, when people had spent all their time around you, their next big thing will obviously have to be a process of stifling your career and especially any causes that may make sense of it – it is logical and nothing magical about how I deal with it as well - the more serious aspect is largely concerned with the idea that what I do flatters and therefore distracts them when that is all made up by them as a function of the fact they cannot leave me alone or put to rest their version of who and or what I am just because I do not care and am never interested in clearing that up since I simply always fail to see the point, the serious part of which is that if they make it amusing they can do any damages that they like. They do say I try so hard to get people to like me and appreciate me and validate me and so on and that I need some advice on the matter but I have no idea what brings that on myself either - what I know is that I am clearly going to get off making people like me in order to serve the British Church and the British State as it were but of course it is the same old case of the Books I write stinging them all the time while they become even more obsessed with making sure those who want it cannot get access to it in order to ensure that the writer of those books gets after them himself, in their view of which is a better idea than simply staying off books that sting them all the time and it is in the same par with telling people that are more powerful and more important than they are to come outside or they will never be able to earn money with that big mouth and so a case of nothing I do having anything to do with them has now developed into a case of me trying to make people like me and the last thing you will catch them dead especially the Americans, telling others about themselves is that they are bullies, what they prefer to say about it instead is that its all about freedom. I have lost jobs several times over this matter - I mean I need the jobs as a matter of activities connected with paid employment that helps me with money and enables me to be active in support of those who create jobs and help able bodied people such as myself to earn some money and the money therefore goes towards a career and a process of developing a means by which to release much needed funds from the Royal Property and yet I have lost these jobs several times because I cannot possibly be allowed to be on my own by scum like these and these are very, very, very harsh lessons to learn about being by yourself, the reality of which is rather stark i.e. that you do not know where they live or how they live or what their circle of friends and or even neighbourhoods are like and that is a weapon against you that cannot go a second without being deployed for some reason that is most of the time made up - people in this condition have no plans to impress anybody and I have no clue why they are so stupid and who told them I want to impress them or get them to like me anyway. And then there is the big one where each time I am on my own it is the ladies that chase me but each time I allow people getting involved with me to go unpunished no matter how much I chase the ladies I cannot catch any - now these constitute reasons to want them to like you reasons to impress them and reasons to be validated by them - it defies belief but I do not mind, I will simply rip it up again and they will get into another civil war somewhere. The reality about this story of trying to impress people in itself I should clear up, have always been as simple as the fact every time they raise it like so the bottom line is that I am losing something financial to them and that is why I raised the reality of the consequences of that earlier i.e. the books sting but we will ensure it is going through rough times so the Author can get after us which is rather a better idea and hence an idea that could only have made sense to them - I am not saying back stage people are bad necessarily, they have their purposes but they do not control me and they might have been clearly informed at this stage that some of the thing I do are done to express that fact: I mean I may rely on them to help run certain things that help them earn money around the things I do to spend a little bit of the hospitality of global leaders in return for certain equities I place before them that they really need and in order to ensure my Court is working and more so for me and the Royal Estate, hence I need those activities around the hospitality of global leaders and I need publicity for it so that they can be equipped and that they are regularly furnished with means to do so as equally as I the means to make available those equities that leaders do require as a result of such a condition but that does not mean anybody controls me, except they will take up the realities around beating tyrants down all the time in order to become the boss and give me a break and then they can be the boss and then I can find some time for myself as well but until then they are not and do not control me either - so that if these trouble makers are their children, the neighbourhoods I know nothing about and the way they live of which I am not aware of and their circle of friends of which I will never understand which is then a mystery that is a weapon for bullying and abuses and lots of financial attacks, they might want to inform them I will rip it up again and they will get involved with some civil war somewhere and that is not negotiable; hence the story of who is the boss cleared up, I cannot remember doing anything I do not want to do anyway, so this story of impressing people is really strange to me - those media colleagues that attack my Court are one thing, these ones that get involves with my Estate and Office must be thinking they are my personal Gods.