Now, complain of a lack of concern on my part for violent things happening around me is very well understood but I am not unconcerned about it in any case. The reality is that the fools that are usually responsible like the Labour party will never on any occasion accept or mention that those things I ask them if they cannot have debates in parliament without gesturing in my direction are death threats i.e. they want to do something with my life and property and feel that if I am still alive to have it will have an opinion that hinders that, so they have worked out that if they wreck my finances and trap me in their lower classes the chances of hurting them when they are at government office, especially when they can add more money to their privileges from the treasury is very lean while the chances of being shot or stabbed by their lower class idiots is very high and so they continue it with no sign yet that they intend to give it up in anyway. At present the result of this is that they are fighting for their lives as we speak but because that government property belongs to them personally and they have media available to them too, we do not get to notice that – what we get to notice is some tension with the Monarchy that they have not got; with respect to which is the same old story, that I find it difficult to cope with their existence like it is at present considering that I would be hard pressed to find it anywhere else in the world a process where the things I know and can do rather than bring about the respect brings about death threats because others want to make use of it and then there is also the part where changing the country is the answer to all their problems with a big mouth as well, hence the fact they are stupid dunces and idiots and people do not handle them like that and I do not understand why people do not either and it is one of the many questions I need to answer for myself as well since doing so is the next best alternative to hurting people because their attitude of violence towards me is so personal and so intense and happens every day and for some time now happens year after year as well. There is no violent things to be concerned about, it is an imaginary rubbish that the Labour Party imposes on the Country and those who are responsible for it do have ears to listen and hear, otherwise the result will be that I expect them to make fame and fortune in order to make a fool of themselves at the global stage and then I can follow it up by keeping records of it and using the fact they have to make money or cash into it generally; it is their inability to stay away from my book sales that will bring about the really big problems. It does not necessarily mean that dunces do not pass exams in school, they do, all be it when somebody else is treated like a hate figure but of course the reality is that they must so they might do the Politics and so I don’t have to set up a business and realise I am doing the Politics as well at some stage anyway. What happens therefore is that I have teased them in a certain direction and opened a certain window and they have fallen through it like they always do, extremely predictably as it were and so I have a means by which I can operate a workable living from my office for what I am responsible for but the Labour party on the other hand really enjoys its death threats and so it must get worse this matter that they can only be free of me when they leave me alone as well and for it I can either sell the books and move on out of here or I will set up my life here in this lower class and they are moving. Of course they say I always start first and set up issues that lead to matters that threaten their lives but it started off from Blair and now they think they have made a sub culture out of it as well – the one where I am a Christian because I will never be caught dead doing people a favour of getting on my knees to suck their cock for a job and that moreover I am a Christian on grounds I want to find up frustrated people by getting all the attention so they can get to kill me and become criminals and this was after the whole idea of dying for the glory of black people had failed and hence this life created for me in their media and Politics of suffering as best deal they can offer me in the circumstances with a big mouth and so now we have a real problem too which is more to do with how on earth I am to tolerate their city identities and the clubs and the bars and so on bearing in mind the behaviour towards me is so deathly violent and of course what I have done to them so far especially over the matter of gangs are things I have done because I have had to chase a means of paying my way in this world, this is not a condition that will last forever if they need to be informed anyway – I do not believe in free country for my part because I find it difficult to work out how to maintain a life I have built for myself and my family where crime is cost ineffective anywhere in it, when another person can threaten me with a cocaine business that I cannot touch or make cost ineffective as well and of course it is all a matter of preparation as well if they want to know, so far of which they are losing and I am clear if I don’t want them to take any cocaine they never will provided I am serious enough about it – we know it is an old story that when you think it will never work a career for you to say that people cannot know what is good for others if they are immoral and none church goers and therefore do not even know what is good for themselves and they decide they will split your head and put the politics in it because young men like you should be serving them at government; I do not believe in free country, I believe I have the right to handle them like I were their parents, so they can oppress me as well for their part if they have got it. So as it stands the big issue remains the media and how to continue to keep up this process of making sure the media cannot make up its own realities whenever it wants; where they tell me I do not eat properly and then take my frustrations when the job hurts me, out on others and yet at the end of the day do things that people have the energy to do if they take drugs – it is a simple matter of preventing them from making their own reality and if I talk too much am showing off, not to mention the fact I need to cash into a process where they make a fool of themselves globally at the fame and fortune as well, and I recommend the same for all those whose careers run along the lines of fame for my part. As for the Labour party and this process of things happening everyday that leads to a process where they get their regular pleasure of seeing me fight for my life; it is getting to a point where it has its day as well for my part too, along with the media fools because if there is no situation of a fight between me and them over the hearts and minds of the people of this Nation, I do not believe the process of going out and returning how to find these things play up around me to ensure they get pleasure of seeing me fight for my life will ever cease to happen anyway and it is much the same with training I get from the State over my royal office concerning violence which they pick up on and ensure has the exact opposite effect – to it I intend to pop the question very soon; do my stuff one more time and you will kick it off here as well. I mean that path they have chosen – it will end very well as it were and more so end badly for me with a big mouth; government office is a place where I cannot reach them they say and I do wonder if it is a challenge as well. As for the Americans, they are the reasons it is suggested I do not take my government career seriously because they want me to do my relations with the military thing while they use the intellect and render me bankrupt as well to boost their global image and for them I will pop the question soon – one more time on that economy and British diplomatic front and they will kick it off here too.


I mean I do a lot of things that people can copy but it is that one they want to copy because they know it is bag log of understanding that my security makes use of and those charged with defending the Country make use of as well and it is the same story all around when they think they are a Nation of whors and they will marry into the British Royal family, I mean they like to claim they are preferred choices to me when they are so stupid and like to belief they have got themselves into my finances and can use it to harm me each time they want something and do not get it because of my actions, in order to make me understand and Mr Obama of course is the most important supporter for this which they have and I cannot understand why what I think over these matters should be dragged out of me when they have read what my place and position in our relations with the US is and is all about. They are not preferred choices for anything, the Pop stars get involved with evil cultures and use it to squander people’s lives and property but they are not, they are just ought right whors that think they are business women and men, when in actual fact they regularly have parties and choose among them who is to be wasted so everybody can use what they could have been to get rich and so when they sleep with their family members as well return here and pretend they will make me give up a royal order too – hence the copying of my state career advancements. Of course they do it and share the filth among themselves and then suddenly belief that is enough to make them worthy to marry into the royal family as well; which if mentioned in this way makes it so ridiculous as it were. Their thing with the Princess of York has nothing to do with me; she has her own royal order and right of arms and so do I, I am not obliged to do anything for her nor is she to do anything for me nor am I required to put up with their insults and I believe the warning on the matter was clear the very first time I set it out too. I do not sabotage my security like they claim I do, the reality is that I do not think anything I do will change them and nothing I do applies that it means that those who act in ways which ensure soldiers and security personnel do not run out of jobs because I am a Priest are not doing what they do as normal – it’s just that they think this particular aspect of me should become the meaning of their foolish lives i.e. when I am told violence is something people give to me and not something I get out to seek, they want to get involved with my security and make sure that it has the direct opposite in that I put up with so much violence I go out to seek it and then it will become like I was trained to seek violence and so in order to make it work, they on every occasion they do it to wind me up build up the effects on public media, so they can make news and run it until I react and then my reaction will make even more controversies and even more news. So it remains a fact that the books will be their undoing as well. I am not a man that is full of lies and deceit in anyway, the truth is that people ask me with the use of my basic needs and their insults which I don’t mind exploring as well since I have had enough of their insolent plans for fame as well, for things that they should not ask me and when I do not give it to them get a higher authority and turn up with cultural violence as well – so I will become harder and harder and harder, especially since some of them have moved into Royal circles as well and more so until I am hard enough; I do not think it is unusual, it happens all the time where you see somebody you have never before met and the outcome of seconds of an encounter on the road means that you will make nothing of your life unless you give him or her a cultural respect and of course for all their plans are they prepared to enforce it using the civil service too; you know, when I mention I have no idea what gives them the effrontery to address me and so on etc and of course none of these things are ever done without the cultural violence and I am not miffed either – some people like to think you might have a mistress alright but they are the mistresses that the Nation created. The part that blows me away of course is that of how this idea they have of the process where everything I do and every turn I take means there are people waiting to grab everything I work for and own and hence have come to determine what I do when I decide to do or say anything, when in the first place the Bible they hate so much clearly did command us to be carried away by trends as it were. There is still no sustainable argument that suggests that being a Christian no matter how staunch and steadfast and committed is a bad thing and as long as those vile abuses continue so will they see what my views look like as well. They speak of issues of my disobedience in royal circles of course and we all know it is utter nonsense because the reality is that I am expected by them to be accountable to the mistresses that the Nation created i.e. things and things and things I am supposed to do to fight and fight and fight and while they sit down and extract the sweetest bits to pleasure themselves with and make more of a mess to create things and things and things that can grind away at me too with a big mouth. So it is the same old story; when we want to do anything, there are only two ways in which we do it and one of those is using a person, especially for the women and their male friends, while the other is using the Country, especially for the male ones and their girl friends, for they are the mistresses that the Nation created. I am not too concerned about it, apparently it seems they have continued to delude themselves that they have been winning and I will be waiting for them at Church as well – some have been turning up at various denominations already and when they get there it is all about me and what I have and how they can own it instead like those their insults and those their foolish children beside them. I would say that if when being a Christian is a bad thing nobody knows what being a criminal is and we need to know but to that they will tell me my actions need to be scrutinised on one hand and I need to set out a definite operation of things from my office on other, reality of course is that with respect to the latter, there will be no definite organisation of things at my office as long as these whors and mistresses the Nation built are getting public funding while they savage the income I build for myself and for the former, I am on my own due to the fact they wreck my finances and leave me the public work and it is those who buy my books that will check my actions because they are paying for the job, the rest can remain as guests and enjoy the show. I mean when people see girls that know where my books are and can push my boundaries and need to be stuck in there and to hold it to ransom so that when they cannot put their feet up on the beach and enjoy life they spend mine to or indeed destroy it to make me understand what it feels like and continue to collect stupid men that can be used as a threat and then appear on media regularly too, only to spend tax payers money that was clearly the property of the men and the Politicians on them so they can be successful with it, what exactly are they thinking about? They always say they do it because it is a problem that I will not be willing to look into because the price is out of this world and it would pay off of course if I was not well informed about the mistress that the Nation created. I don’t think it is a difficult issue either, we know such women are dangerous of course but I want their family lives and personal lives to clean up with and will get it one way or another, especially that of the men. These are not things you talk about but simply hit them to make sure they might have something to say in public for what you did to them. They always say I will get into big trouble but I will not if I kick every one of their arses without missing any. There final part will be the one where they do their fashion etc in order to get rid of my work and replace me and make money doing so; It goes right back to how I ignore them – the mistresses so called, the media, the Politicians etc but the Politicians and the media know where my books are and how to extract an attention from me and so I think of something and get it done about that regularly too; the reality is that I am given less credit than I deserve on the matter, the way it works being my thing with businesses and Industries and Companies which allows me an opinion if I am persuasive enough etc and the equities of mine they hold and things we share etc and the fact that it is the female journalists at the Working Court that manage everything – there are no gaps for anybody’s foolishness in anyway. So when they are off to it I cannot figure a way in which I am meant to react to it but on the other hand I need to send out a very clear warning as well.