The case of my activities amounting to fundamental disobedience is utter rubbish – the issue behind that is a simple case of a few idiots all over the place or many fools seeking to see me in a condition where I have to be accountable for fundamental disobedience; it does nothing but fill you with a desire to check up on secret personal life of members of the Royal family because of what you experience of them at the Tube stations and various areas of the City centre, most of which you find nothing there whatsoever which does get to mean that their own is a special case.

I am not going to pay any attention to them if I can attack the Labour Party until the problem is resolved instead since we all know the way it works is that a certain percentage of what you have will always be lost to society not because you are incompetent or because of a misfortune but because of things some people think they can get away with – to then have the government of the day spend tax payers money on them and spend even more of it to hold you down so that they can get famous and make contact with you at will, telling tall tales about problems I bring here that I must be made to solve so they can have what they seek of my personality in that process, then it becomes an issue that must be settled as well. I have done the one that I had the authority to do which is largely concerned with making sure that tax payers funds make them no profit whether or not I must enforce that process globally and that it stays here it stays and gets depleted until it runs out so they can keep their insults to themselves. Their big mouth yapping can only create another process where I am given the authority to make sure they never ever spend that tax payers money ever again.

The African ones normally do what they do because it appears they cannot keep their insults and violence to themselves and want me to try and find out if I can rule them or not and this is what I will put to the test as well; everybody heard the warnings when I told them it had better stopped and moved on or I will ambush them as well and for the fun of it too thereof – this is just the beginning.

 I hear they say my books offer them the means to these things; the books of which were not written for them, the books of which do them no favours whatsoever to be seen around, the books of which hurts them seriously every time they appear to create publicity for it but still it is the books that gives them the means to it and if I am moved from my royal office and Christian activity through their school yard bullying to do their violence for them I will definitely show them too what it feels like to be turned out and around in such ways and I will show them all of it as it were. The ones in Europe think they are really clever; in Ukraine for example they say separatists are picking up Arms but the question has always been a matter of where they stand when we know the US and Russia for example are both very evil countries and when you ask them about the wickedness of their citizens who feel they can channel it at anybody they wish they say something half hearted – so I am guessing Ukrainian leaders say half hearted as well because they have got it. we are not talking about the African ones who do it and turn up here with the violence in their stupid lives and an ill economy to seek a process where the very condition in which they get what they want which idiots should never spend my taxes to facilitate is in itself a problem, alongside the lamentations of those stupid bad history and that culture I have messed with and yet to rip up completely as well.

They do claim I speak like that with certain selected parties but never with the conservatives but we all know the conservative party does not have an original provocation lined up somewhere for me that I have to bump into while they get on parliament to make up other things that will serve many purposes including dominance – so do we that those claims of favouritism have no basis on reality as a result therefore. I do get told that I talk but do nothing about it and that as a result everything I say and every act I carry out which constitutes a process of being involved with violent issues never really pays off but I do: I have created a means of ambushing the media over their personal lives each time they turn up on my TV to bully me because I live in a neighbourhood, I have built a system of an office where I sit around working with the use of people societies and culture and community relations and country because they clearly are the only ones that know what money is for and why people must earn it, notoriously of which is people in Essex who have continued to display the fact they think my job and anything I do to a toy they can play with about which I do not see why they should be complaining about me as well since I too have lived in Countries bigger than their own and those Countries have like they are a certain group of people who think they can appreciate money more than the rest of the Population and did not live there comfortably because I had magic powers. The Industry ones simply know where their possessions are and how they work it but the problem with those stupid mature businesses they have being that they have not updated it with working to serve customers if they could squeeze me instead because it is not what normal people who on realising somebody will be squeezed if they used them and their property equity to serve customers rather than build their own relationship with customers, hence it is worth doing and as such the same old story about Industry people never doing the job properly because they know where my book sales are which is a collection of activities I need to ensure those need to get Americans involved over matters of somebody being a big brother as well as turning up to seek questions over the use of my income about which I should give a yes or no answer will not be sufficient. I have set up a system where girls who want to live on my earnings will get to do so indeed – it has even resulted in gay pride being flown at parliament for the first time ever in its history because they think there is nothing I can do about it when it costs me. The politicians claim the things I do on the basis of my faith has no meaning and is not based on fact about which I am a perfect example of what happens to every prophet in this world and how it applies that they always start out happy and okay until the persecutions and killings had begun for no reason – in this case they are questioning the credibility of the Bible that was put together by trouble making religious people such as myself about which even they can discern as a result of listening to me for long enough things I say as a result of how I feel and things I say because God has given me the authority to say them; how much more a priest who serves God and looks at the writings of a prophets millions of years apart from each other? We don’t say them and write them like that these days anymore because of Christ and the fact his persecution and killing was very different from everybody else’s:- however the pattern is still the same – he was a happy okay person first whose first miracle was that of turning water in wine at a wedding but after that because he spends time among poor people and people in distress he was hated and persecuted by the Pharisees and their other Counterparts and then murdered with the use of the Roman Army later on as well – the fact not changing that I watch them all the time so that when I see signs I am being pushed down the line of being murdered kick them and those stupid socialists of theirs seriously so they can do the usual stuff of going off to ensure they play out their villainy in full and my things end up making the life of a racist better knowing perfectly he thinks he is superior to me and that it will not be happy with that in the long run but they do because their stupid socialist selves fancy themselves the rulers of everybody and that is why they need the muscles of the racists to keep everybody down while they rule over everybody using my work and my personality as template. None of it is a matter of prime concern for me because I have before younger than I am now taken hold of them and twisted them into a corner over that issue of being happy to kill a person to grab their possessions if they don’t get it as well and have established normalcy thereof many times on doing so and if I am dragged out of my Royal office and Christian life to do their violence for them I will cut them to pieces as well so they can understand. So this is how it comes about that somebody will do something as distressing as setting up an office around peoples culture so that instead of working for his money he exasperates them to get attention and make it – they keep doing that to me on claims my job is something they should be able to play around with, my job is a toy and it is in the same way we hear them talk nonsense about constructive conversations lacking from me when we never ever, ever, understand what their stupid socialist selves are saying: for example a 20 year old will fall pregnant and because of bedroom tax she will be homeless – they will claim the reasons to be that of a government that does not care but if you ask her she will lay out a series of woes that is linked to a party of socialist idiots that are completely clueless about everything and finish off with a story of how everybody else have left a bad taste in her mouth in order to seek somebody she can bully to get by as though pregnancy is something that happens instantly and does without awareness and entirely by magic. I do not worry too much about the way they are since I already know what the reasons they are like that is:  they are sick you see with strange relationships they have with money that in their minds they are paranoid to the content that although they want to lead other people like sheep and as violently as they can, the biggest problem they have is that their money might be spent on it, so it is always a game where they speak of civil rights but have worked out other ways already by which people are to be cut off from their own rights and when stuck in parliamentary Politics begin to find a scapegoat and to maximise power they can make from that chose one from absolutely anywhere to create historical events that will put them centre stage – it is exactly the same as Nationalists but it is the original provocation which tend to create a sense of wonder and blinds people to the fact that they know exactly what they are doing and it is the only thing they do and when finished will realise they should have paid their way and then work out how a Politician will get to help them with that. Don’t get me wrong though, I do love to feel powerful but a hung parliament in the UK is unprecedented I have to admit.


I hear the tales about how much I tend to appreciate the idea of saying things people are better off not knowing all the time too but that is not based on fact either since I tend to say things they are better off knowing; the first occasion was that of new democracy with my personal life and that led to a loss of civil rights and now we are in a case of gay pride in parliament because when it costs me I will not be able to do anything about it – it is unimaginable that you may tend to say things they are better off not knowing thereof, much like their Politicians and a story of my lack of constructive talking when they can see speaking about me is clear and straight forward while talking about them is low brow but they are still more clever. The purpose of most of my actions is that of being able to sell things to their wives and Children which improve lives – I know they want to decide what happens in their homes alright but when they bar my trading I will have their Hyde as well: I mean their Industry idiots are busy making out the level of money they have made on my back despite all my noise making is such that I can never catch on when the last time we checked those mature businesses had failed to update their services to the customer and are waiting to pillage mine for it and the result is that they have been squeezing balloons at the market and the profits move from one loser to one winner and back to one winner away from a loser but it still all together the same profit  and nobody is being deceived by it and the bullying of their black idiots with ideas that suggest when I don’t represent them in political issues I am in trouble with a big mouth like this was the Olympics or something. The outcome becomes the same old question of why I am doing it of which the reason is a simple case of intrusion and betrayal as though this is the 1990s and everybody understands their needs – those dead heroes because they know about money and decadence and gay pride and all that rubbish – so I need to make that money the most unsecure footing for them there ever was in the history of the world as well and then I can be kept from happiness because at my expense, happy, evil immoral people and those who compromise with them get rich.

The part where I fail to acknowledge that these matters are a function of my relationship with HM is very well understood; after all that relationship was meant to take care of matters concerning their community croons who build up atmospheres they look after to ensure their stupid children abuse people to get on media and make fame and fortune since they had failed to on last thinking about where teachers penis is at the class room instead of their studies, it is the basis on which they want to have sex with me being the instigation behind it in the first place as though I would not have found it intimidating and while they complain about what others have done to them are attacking me as per there is nothing I can do. So the hatred for me in the first place was a matter of my Christian temperaments interfering with that stupid neighbourhood atmosphere of theirs and now I am in trouble for getting involved with any woman be it the Queen or not with that big mouth – hence they have lost again and I cannot say it simply enough when I mention they need to get the hell out and stay out and there is enough done thereof to express how little I like them and the fact communist exist for them to build careers as famous traitors with. The black ones just continue to do their underworld and little organised crime made of toy shoulders that will go out in a hail of bullets by which they get access to the MOD too – which is not such an issue since mature businesses had decided alliances with them and pillaging my equities is the way to go and have not paid any attention to the fact it is a Royal office and there are public equities involved as well – they think they can do and undo at anytime they so wish as well. they do hang around royal quarters carrying through their various scams that no one seems to mind because they have enough but it is when they don’t feel like leaving alone my books that we have a real problem and not least with that stupid Poplar culture as well. They know they have their own lives and their industry idiots know where their possessions are and how they work it, they simply have no respect for me or any of my possessions and love to exasperate me, so I have no idea what the complain is about either. They have lost again apparently.

I am aware they say I spend a lot of my time being angry and getting into a rant but this is not a rant these are all things concerned with making sense of the stage where writing books meant those who are too lazy to read them can school yard bully me into giving them information they want but of course the main issue are always the problem of those who need to make out all I do to defend myself from them should have ended up in the repertoire of a person that is more deserving since we live in a place that constitutes the most insolent scum in the world – however the fact I take care of the matter and the idiots in question are now taking care of the problems is not to say I am so finished off I cannot handle the bullies – so the books are still the point at which it will blow up. Apparently what I do to defend myself against school yard bullies should have ended up in their more deserving repertoire which is how I will treat those that can do things I cannot sounds very modern and very educated and very insulting and we are having this conversation as well. I mean I did mention the part where they complain of my saying things people are better off not knowing but that is clearly not enough which is why this story continues to extend. I am aware it is also said I have trouble coping with the celebrity lifestyle that means you keep the bullying and share something else but everybody knows they do love to have a go at peoples penis and bum and tummy and mess you up properly and burst pressure areas all over your metabolism and so on, question is who these people are that entertain them Politically and with media? So having been they know they are but are telling me what age range of women I can get around with if I wanted, they must be doing it to provoke me considering they have developed it into a state of affairs as well and their girls never listen concerning where they are not wanted, some people must be controlled when it comes to other peoples women with a big mouth I find uncontrollably infuriating. So it is much the same game where their industry fools need to spend the money buying stuff not talk rubbish about hoarding it so they can pillage my income – spend the Queens pound and hoard what belongs to them and stop talking nonsense otherwise living off their needs intensely in conjunction will QE to bring about balance is also a route to economic progress. It is like the old stuff on constructive conversation which politicians raise of course in their case if white people give me a break I will give them one – we all deal with evil scum who think their spiritual wickedness will make them rich soon and become increasingly frustrated when the UK is too modern and developed for that.


The case of how I am always seen with women that are beyond my league and need to be kept in my league just makes a nonsense of handling my issues in accordance with a condition where we all live in a tolerant society and trying not to go extreme enough for some trouble maker to copy because it does mean that the wrecking of my work that they have not yet been criminally held accountable on grounds they have a culture and a society and it was stolen from there etc was just collateral damage with a big mouth they cannot back up. However we have been through much from a case of them journalists who want to manage their affairs morally being persecuted by them – in the form of being married to somebody else with Children or not of which does not matter to them if they want to do my toy woman and toy prince kiss, kiss, create an atmosphere that I can sell up to pornographers first of all and then to pop stars later to get rich. Pop stars who think when they hurt themselves you are supposed to take note on account they do much for you and for society when all they do is turn up to open up matters of how your personals should end up in the hands of extremists which runs right into some other foolish women picking up from there to run a case of the profitability of crime and organised crime as well which finally finishes off with the things you do about it to get by that they then deploy for their own fame on a daily basis to get rich as well. When it starts in school you always tell the guys to stop what they do with women because it leads to the same problems all together but this is a result that is certain at all times hence you can only deal with it depending on what you have to spend on it; half the story I have spoken of actually since the part that brings on the problem is when they are done and make contact with you as well to extricate abuse on what seems to be the notion they have become your personal Gods – apparently some of them do kill themselves anyway. These guys speak of women that belong to them and I find it very provocative as well because these women have already been through the part where they abuse and their girls can get involved with anybody they get involved with provided they have the same sex – which is the same as they have done to me with an extreme lack of respect for other people’s feelings and an inability to listen to what people are saying to them and I want that stupid civil rights for it as well and understand it is abnormal to graft myself into it because of who I am but I want it and will settle for nothing else as it is the only way to make them feel as hurt as they have made me. If it is as funny as they make out it is I have no idea what they seem to be complaining about either. I don’t know which part of the fact I can handle any woman pound for pound when it comes to organised crime and how much of my personal life should be deployed for men to fuck so they might protect her in case she in a process of chasing the finer things in life, they especially of the older versions as well tend to misunderstand anyway. I mean they make contact with me as per what; that with me they always win, that they rule my mind and soul; they want to dominate me and control me to get more? I have been told before serial killers think like this and that I need to stop being so silly but we know where these fools come from as well – the sheer number of times that you come across idiots in suits that will beat up a boy that has a temperament they should have because it comes with their line of work and they are more important for example. Of course it is never true for American vandalism and reorganising of all I say and do to create pictures they deploy to build a new free world and stifle my products and book sales, that all I do is largely out of my control – that can easily be explained by the fact that it is never true I am not accountable to the British Public since it is a nature of British colloquialism that when people are done torturing others over what they have the likelihood is that somebody gives them a possession that is royal in nature so he can have some of that, so that people can claim society is unfair when they organise and torture each other on consent with the practice of homosexuality for example among the more liberal ones, when they fail to get the same thing for their suffering too. The case of my actions and how it affects the British foreign Office as they get all over media and parliament to complain is nothing new - everybody except them seem to understand that such matters as how I mock about with terrorists when I know they are dangerous people is something that is not based on reality; the fact therefore that every dispute people have has a certain content fact in it and the problem is that people go off to stand with a camera in front of those who have killed and are ready to kill some more, to annoy them and wind them up to the effect of what they can do with the guns of knives in their hands etc on account they are covered by International Law, so that each time they survive it, then it costs me the vandalism of my equities and public life because they return to make advertisement to get rich but when they do not I and others like me are party to working religion which kills people. My point is therefore that they deserve everything they get and need to listen to the content fact of the reasons people tell them they do the things they do, leave me alone lest they invent their own content facts about a dispute here as well and not talk all that rubbish we hear them talk all the time and it is in the same way that goons who get involved with terrorism and cannot tell what they are doing raise their anger against me as well to earn a condition where I milk it for all it is worth too. The Politicians speak of how they act like that because they have a difficult existence while other people simply exist to acquire and get privileges but it is the same story anyway - they deserve everything they get because they are not that poor and need to fight their own corner and leave them poor people and the process of threatening me out of their stupid daily business or stop complaining. I mean they have their communities where somebody is likely to give birth to three children and decide one or two of them will be organised criminals because they attend and get indoctrinated by a Political party that tells them it is perfectly okay to encourage very young teenagers that are destroying public property to keep doing it as society as not been very good to those it should be nice to and more so financially. So that if you are looking for teenagers that have already decided they want to make their exist from life in a hail of bullets you will find them there and if you want to find drug dealers that are linked to media idiots with money to buy you will find them there - nobody sees me in their Clubs and in their business, all anybody knows is that I am the Christian whose idea about how to live interferes with how they think everybody should live, the guy who thinks his pocket can never dry up etc, so they turn up here and while I try to pray they defile my thoughts as violently as possible and with the support of their Politicians as though this was their own lives or they live here, hence no idea what they are complaining about. I am not too worried about it either and have not said what I have said because I believe it will change them, I have said it because the question sounded like there was a bottle neck in government procedure, I am perfectly aware they get out of bed to lie in wait for another persons blood and deserve absolutely everything they get which I do not think people should get into a conversation with them for as well - we can either take it as the Bible writes and says it or we can have an adventurous lifestyle: they are not that poor and need to fight their own corner and leave alone them poor people. I have warned them enough times about sharing the feeling when they take those drugs etc and have no problems with digging it up as well, all the way to the South America so they can complain about the influence I have on the Home Office and I can dig it until an economic issue emerges at the other end - now I can look back and assess how well I have ploughed that route too. They do speak of serious and threatening issues that are raised behind my back that others except myself are aware of - do not think there are any save the ones that happen around my activities which are concerned with how they own me and how I want that stupid civil rights as my property as well. I know those threats occur around the condition where I have grafted myself into that stupid civil rights in search for my book sales and holiday away from their stupidities both of which they stifle by owning me at the helm of which are stupid violent black women who work on media and do have access to Satelite technology and cannot keep their insults, personal and violent insults to themselves despite not even being able to employ their idiots at local level by working discriminative employment that ensures there are men around them that beat up others they want to use to get rich because of my activities - so they have decided that such means are the point at which their battle will be won because they cannot leave people alone. I will not get out of my bed to be threatened by them like that everyday without consequences, this is not the 1990s and when I say so they always fail to understand what it really means and continue to blow off their stupid threats because what I have done to them so far does not seem to be hurting badly enough and I need to step it up. Some do say there is nothing wrong with these YMCA, Homosexual decadence, Pop culture, crime of passion club life with an obsession for spending my earnings and bullying me idiots thing - every bit of which I hate of course but that is not considered from the point of view that racists are bad and they are good because they think everybody else has the right to exist, which is not really true since we already know they blow off their big mouth like that on their terms and we all know Christians like myself especially are not allowed to exist and that is why they seek their trouble and find it. So they are still clinging to their new democracy with my personal life because there is nothing I can do about it thing, even when I facilitated the process by which they lost the old democracy myself to find out what they suppose they can do - now I want that stupid civil rights for myself as a possession and the more they turn up here is the more that will become reality - way out is seeing them stay far far away from my book sales. If we obtain an account of it then I have already detached them as a result of daily provocation onto a process where I am murdered because it will be for the greater good, detach them from the lives they have built themselves up to this point to escape those problems they complain about and tied off all other loose ends so all they can get is lots of support from their Politicians whose personal lives paid for by my taxes can be used for that with impunity as far as I am concerned as well, I have also detached them from heir history of settling into the UK and all they have been through to be able to and it is not without a measurement of justice as their women hate work and I am something they are guaranteed to bully and we know they have no limits to that too, so that the ones that have become community croons have that atmosphere they have built up in the communities which then allows them to feel that I a Christian interferes with it and they must be able to have sex with me which has created all these other issues, I have also facilitated a process where they have lost the old democracy so we can see the new one they will build with my personal life too - so there is really nothing new about it and as I have continued to mention, not enough have died yet and they never listen of course we all know they are criminally disobedient.