The idea I am a victim and a scapegoat is a load of rubbish; I may speak of scapegoats and victim in my writings but it does not necessarily get to mean that I am one.

I mean the women claim they do not like sex and because of their status as idiots that are famous for not liking sex, they need to protect their ability to control men with the use and abuse of what I am famous for as well as myself. The questions has never ever been answered with regards to why they are such a poor collection of fucking idiots if they are famous for not liking sex and have power to control men; not all men obviously but they will heed none of the warnings of those who tell them I am their worst nightmare. For now their husbands complain they cannot control rich women while I do what I like with them women but it is the philosophy of this victim that it is all good and so all I need to do is work out how to lead it, because there is always some reason that the fact you must be able to determine who rests at night and who does not when they are around with their insolent powers gets to men that there are things they do not know that they need to be taught, behaviour issues they have that somebody needs to straighten out.

As for the men, we hear them complain all of the time that I tell their story but since they know that men thrive on the ability to have friends and to determine who does not get to be their friends, it must be a weapon used on me. For now it seems I must wake every day to beg them not to rip that aspect of my life to pieces, which of course is something they then make up and get to manipulate me with in their view and yet when you hear them complain you think it is the end of the world; the result is that I take the same steps as well and the only kind of violence that will happen around here will be a war and when they are armed and ready because I am more evil than they are it will become a riot; a humiliating and repressively oppressive regime of riots of insolent self expressions that get their due reward.

They exceed themselves all the time; I am no body’s victim.

The part where they walk my walk and talk my talk to steal my income is not a big problem either; those are idiots that always think that you should walk into their TV studios, take a seat and be polite and I intend to ensure their vandalism of my work ends very badly as well and intend to measure it from such facts as a process where a sacrifice much for human freedom does not mean I get to escape disappointment but because they know I am good at what I do set out to ensure I am over worked until I think I deserve something before the disappointment that should normally have been for vindictive reasons takes place and so this kinds of abuses continues when no body’s asks them because they think they are out of my league and I will continue to use those their stupid fame to solve very filthy problems that I make worse every time they come up with one.

It’s the respect stuff; I will end a process of being insulted and abused by them and such things as a condition where I must have either become a victim or a scapegoat claimed on media will eventually set out bets on how it will go. They think it is secrete society powers, I think it is insults and will end in something very repressive and humiliating.

What brings it on is by itself something else entirely i.e. I speak of economic issues that I am responsible for and how somebody gets off in the US for having failed to move into my right hand to conduct frauds that will be successful, to blast off insecurities women face at violent society because he knows it will distract me and so what I say with respect to that becomes something men want to pillage, get rich, vandalise my personal life and work and even by midnight they have not shown any signs of slowing it down.

That I have been made to lose my temper by these things is utter nonsense too, I don’t mind the back stage media black men insults as it were, for those I am still not paying them any attention. However for them and their back stage media thing in general on the other hand the purpose of their insults are always some distant fascism which works like the Anti-Christ would i.e. he is inferior and so I consider there are things I can do to him which nobody would mind and my choice is that since he is a Christian I want to make his possessed and I need to do that with access to a lot of things in his life for the purpose. For the black ones it’s just a matter of the fact they can do things with respect to publicity without showing their faces which I do not think is a difficult matter either because I don’t want their faces shown over my affairs, I am quite comfortable with the idea that I can start my hate campaigns against multicultural communities and end them whenever I want.

They like to think of themselves as a republican side of society of course which is utter rubbish as they are not; what they are as a collection is a group of fame mad left wing idiots that must be controlled economic success is to be respected; they play the side of society I belong against the republicans and play the republicans against my side in order to get rich and famous and so at the end with respect to the thing about losing my temper it is a matter of the fact that having sex with or showing my sexual activities to republicans or people who harbour the sentiment is like losing something very big and the impact is National economy wide as well, heart break is not enough to quantify the loss of republican intrusion into my sexual activity or somebody involving them in it. So it’s not that I get around discussing my sexual activities with them, hence who is going to do so anyway? So steps up the TV idiot that claims since the world is full of satellites these days the audience for his TV work is wider than ever before in poorer countries and so that he wants to ensure that he is not teased by these inferior races through the process of having his permissive racism made available and the ability to abuse me and act beyond my league more so as well and it will not be sufficient, more so it is not the only occasion where people get to remind them there is no point doing that when they cannot stop pretending I am their equal or below them, it is too hypocritical and too disingenuous. For my part I do not wish to secure conversations on it anymore, I will stop them from insulting me one way or another.


I am not abdicating the fact I am one of the most important members of the establishment with respect to those republican and political issues of that sort; it’s just that I do not discuss my sex life with them; I mean heart break is heart break but that sort of thing is in another league. I am not saying it is much of a problem but it is easy for people to see why I would act when somebody realises that the National economy hinges on my ability to have in the bag a definitiveness over mostly American idiots that want to play around with British women on matters of economy and money and the fuck it and let it be that will go on there as a result because doing so is where the various lines are drawn. I mean what monumental idiot has a go at me over it and the process of bringing up violence women face in violent society as late as 1.30am and going strong on International Television?

I mean there are the women who like to make out that I encourage women to be lewd so men can have all the power and the women who do not mind being lewd thing going on there, including their husbands who like to complain they do not control rich and or upper class women like I control their wives, whereas there is actually the republican sentiments idiots squandering my earnings with intrusions and destructions for the sake of it going on, which is also used by members of the establishment that wish to act as though they can be bigger fools than everybody else. The fact of the matter in the end of course is that both are as distracting but the difference between the two groups of women is that the ones that don’t mind being lewd are respectful in their actions for obvious reasons of who I am and for some that do professionally the process of looking after my privileges and how that play out with women in the establishment as well with respect to general matters around me; expressing why I would be concerned about middle and lower class intrusion and squander such as telling republicans about my sexual activities and or whether I have gotten off my Church values to have sex because they work on TV. So we understand there to be those who claim they want to be my mothers and I doubt they are not black as well; and nobody knows why they never show their faces in public each time that they do so – bearing in mind they have connections with my mother as well and what she gets up to therefore is largely a matter of what they drag it out and make of it on their TV jobs.

So why are all these things important? They are important because they are the National economy. I have already mentioned women that are lewd are because of my privileges and the process of expected sexual activities which nobody else gets to share or copy because it is a National security matter, this also plays out as well with the process of keeping my sexual activities away from others but mostly it is important for the process of setting out the difference between American and British interests. So anybody that feels like it can discuss my sexual activities with republicans of course especially when they are insolent and really stubborn black scum that have a reason for absolutely every single stupid thing they do to others after prior warning had been set out, especially when they deduce that such persons cannot change his skin colour to put distance between him and them. So they think it is secrete society powers, I think it is insults and find it impossible to deal with it in any other way. Of course it is not all lost as such, I am simply making the facts of the destructive provocation that goes on from the world of really insolent men in this country clear; I have a working Court and I can populate certain sections of it with women who are willing. Why on earth would anybody get off to mix me up so violently as discussing my sexual activities with republicans, playing around with my earnings over it and then getting out to make news from the reactions; when we hear them complain we think it is the end of the world already because it is a cry of the devil but as far as it goes at the moment, there is nothing I can do to prevent splitting all that I am with them 50% /50% with a big media mouth. I believe I have made myself clear here, any normal person would view what I have said as a very clear warning. I do not belong in the republican side of society, just have government duties to provide a certain leadership for it and I am still reeling from the personality problems of having my sexual activities mixed up with them. Hence this is the last straw for the insults issues from black people; I have worked so hard to build this cohesive society around here and just when it said stop showing media people and stock market people and business people so much decorum because it is expensive and destructive as they are below you, it is all gone because of this. I am going to have people severely hurt on the issue of being insulted by them from now on.

The part where those that create employment in the country need to be treated like Olympic heroes does not cause me that much concern. I mean when you ask the Tories that say so to back it up they clearly will; bearing in mind that if it criminal damage that cannot be quantified by law it can be settled by revenge. Then there is the part about benefits which is simply a function of things like instability in the weather and things the government does to ensure it does not have to regularly clean dead bodies off the streets because of the weather and so when they did something about it, the philosophy that that you do so comprehensively which is why they had the benefits packages they created and it was never ever anything like the idea there are Tories that can have me. I mean in my view they are just really stupid people and I have no idea how they came across the money they have today. I mean what kind of idiots would set up a general state of affairs which suggests that a certain amount of money in people’s pockets belongs to them? This is actually something you do when you want to create customer loyalty i.e. the customer says I am here and suggests he buys something regularly and so you run the business with him in mind and tell him the state of affairs too. Of course he can always back out at anytime and the consequences for you will be grave while consequences for him will be negligible, however it does work and people do become loyal; so the questions that this really raises is that of four years after the recession took hold nobody knows why the idiots have not got this state of affairs things figured out in a sustainable way. All they know is how to get rich and pretend they can have anybody they wish to have with a big mouth. It started years ago which still creates me problems even now, they set out to ensure I cannot complete education or get a job unless they have guaranteed the process which suggests that they can dominate me at will whenever they want and this has been such a good use of my time of course as it were more so with support from politicians who do not seem to have a better thing to do with their time. Now the idea is that they are extending it to my livelihood as well and although I have taken hold of, broken up their silly businesses and handled the equities and can now destroy it as well if they damage mine, it is still not scary enough so far and their Politicians have not yet taken note of their insults and challenges. So to be upstanding citizens the question is that these goons that want to be treated like Olympians have not figured the consumer state of affairs things in four years since the economic crisis began – so they can Olympian with that if they want and not think I will not become the biggest problem they have if they touch my book sales again.


I do not think it is that much of a difficult matter as such, the truth is that wrecking peoples livelihoods is a moral, religiously, socially, culturally, Biblically and Politically very evil thing to do and the Politicians that practice and preach it do because they think they have got cultural power by which they do it and I do not have any wish to go into conversations with any of them especially the US president Mr Obama. So as it stands I do not know if they do have some anti-terrorism law that is designed specifically to deal with entities like myself yet; all I can say is that these are just books and I need to earn a living and Heaven understands that. In the end if they make use of my work, they are supposed to leave me with an income, not think that they have reached a point where I am caught between their two worlds of vandalism and squander, whereby if I do not serve one I will always serve the other just by refusing to serve any, when I know that the Author whose books get shared instead of readers buying them was the set up for the maximum amount of abuse. Hence I have always tried to ignore it and pretend it does not exist but not anymore; they are not getting any and will not anymore. 

I am simply making it clear that if those who create jobs are to be treated like Olympians, some people need to bear in mind that if wrecking people’s livelihoods is not a Biblically evil thing for them to be doing, criminal damage can also sometimes be settled via revenge. As for me, I will continue to stifle that stupid left wing so that the other side can get out of hand, I mean everybody knows at present I have got the state of affairs stretched all the way to the US, I mean I have got my backside covered all the way to the Queen's job and therefore do not see why not. I mean this is the biggest problem these days isn't it; access and why-nots?