We do hear those tales of course that what I am doing are all things that somebody wound me up into so that he may deploy it for his self advancement into Royal Circles at a later date. The reality of course is rather different as I have never actually been aware such things are happening i.e. if a Christian acts for public interest which is not in the service of the Church in an exact way, in whose service is such an action then? This question is never answered before the Monarchy is intrusive and messes up peoples business and is run by tyrants. Soon enough they will claim they want to beat up a boy and those idiots of theirs will need my books and my information so badly they will give them lots of publicity rather than buy the books in order to get it from an alternative source, then we hear the complains. I do not think it a major issue or something I do for reward, it’s just a case of getting out there to do things that work with your Christian faith and the Church can chose which serves them but it is mostly in service of The Queen who has the power to get involved with anybody she wants to get involved with and so in my case I happen to have gotten a Royal Commission as reward for it and took years to find out what the parameters I am to operate on were, years that these idiots turned into misery for me without reason if we omit the need to ensure that I cannot buy things I need when I need them about which those who buy the products of those popular culture vandalism can buy anything. I find it amazing I am now talking about people who put me up to it because they were planning to deploy it for their own advancement but I have always heard that brewing in the background anyway. It turns out it is all about ugly people doing ugly things which is why they find the distress they cause so terribly funny but I don’t mind, it’s like when they say if they had no civil rights in their Country I would have found other ways of beating them through tyranny but of course everybody knows they are the evil here and one way or another somebody was always going to do the civil rights, being stronger than they are meant they are doing it and the abuse and insults is that we will test the law to find out in the end if it does say they can and that when they do it is their civil rights, I mean I go through these facts because it is not everybody that has decided they will not seek redress at the Law Courts. I need to put these facts across because their women think they can do and undo with anybody’s possessions on account of their insolent threats and people need to understand the dichotomy by which a Christian who carries out a Public service that is in honour of the Queen is chased down by those who don’t know his name so that they might ensure he cannot buy anything he needs when he needs it. If they did read the Bible rather than put up a ballot box to get elected by criminals then get into parliament to govern Christians because they think it is where they will get the most respect and make liberal laws they think Christians will put up with so they can claim it is tolerance in their society, then they would see the various passages that describes these scum as things that God hates who lie a lot and whose feet are always in a rush to shed peoples blood etc and that there was no way the idiots would have been playing any roles in church when they turn up in it at any stage.

It’s not at all to imply I am terrified of them it’s only a question of people giving me one good idea how to deal with them without doing something about what they say about me when they play their stupid football, what they say and do violent gossips to effect in my life as a result of the fact I have something they don’t, the city identities they create from it as well as other things they can ensure happens to cause cultural issues to come around again and again and again seeking my blood without being like them – if people can offer me that then they have point if not they had better let me be. The Politicians speak of what happens as a result of my lack of respect but we all know what they do is try to find out and practice on me things that my Dad used to do and they are not in his league only thing that gets them attention around here is that they think they can provoke people anyhow they like without consequences, get into anybody’s league if they so please and of course if they touch me following talk of nonsense about dealing with a boy I will end up in prison. Most of these things have got nothing to do with the way they live their lives, they simply think they should be able to handle mine and wreck it for sport – the reasons they do it are that they are feeling decadent i.e. they should not have any problems and their problems should be  my priority and the reasons are that they come from a more privileged background and I will soon get into a fist or gang fight to ensure their children are safe and secure since it is something they are not used to as well. Now they speak of my complains that I mess up with those they take advantage of to build a career based on reputation but they have actually turned up on the advice of their friends who do not believe in God but want to determine what happens to those who do when they have never done or been where it is being done, to spend tax payers money funding the needs of those in my career without reason or provocation and then followed it with insults about handling a boy on media every time they turn up at Parliament. So I all I have asked is that they stay off my book sales but even that is impossible and I will do them as well so they can understand – unless they fix this it will never be over which it should have been a long time ago without the involvement of that stupid media of theirs, unless they fix this there is nothing to negotiate with and if I don’t do them as well they will believe they can always do it anytime they want to.

By the way of which it is not actually true that I have allowed myself to be used and to become a plaything in the hands of society and culture and media. There is nothing of that sort going on; what is actually reality is that these guys are always going to abuse me and make such claims as a result of what I have done to them but before then it was a case of a problem they have with the Christian. I do what I do and every bit of it because I want to and have expressly decided to, failing to accept such a fact means having to deal with complicated and incredibly stupid misinformation. the best way to put it forward is to reiterate the fact I kick them in the homosexuality and kick them in the society and sit back to seek out what privileges can be afforded me as a result of my physical appearance. So if they are saying I am being forced to do anything it must be that joys of naivety their stupid children talk nonsense with all the time again while for them it certainly must be the western freedom to take liberties with others especially for the blacks i.e. if I feel a certain way in my tummy it is enough to stab another person to death but when a Christian says a prayer in his own home, I have an idea and listen to my evil women to that effect; these are some of the reasons you may rip up that stupid culture so they can get new ones and seek out stories about how you have been tied down by them to be used to solve their problems via violence but I do not suppose it will change anything either, since there are no better ideas on how to handle them and the problem that bothers them without being like them e.g. their Politicians can do all these things and tell tales of how they have only done it to try and find out how you will wriggle out of it if they say it was about forcing you to share for no other reasons but the fact I say a prayer in my room and if I speak of the gospel to people it is between me and such persons and God not I determines whether or not the person believes in God – all I do is share how much the gospel has blessed and changed my life and nothing else. So when it comes down to it, it is a matter of black idiots especially expecting privileges from my life at the job centre and at the banks and attacking me for it muttering a demagogue about how I am Fatherless for not paying attention or co-operating with some civil rights nonsense they have come up with without reason or purpose, they do it everywhere like everybody support the idea in their heads that they have the right to and the things I do to them as well especially since they think all they have and do is safe at their families and their friends etc when they know they are as black as I am and those black communities are not their personal and private property and hence not worth the risk.

It makes a lot more sense of course when they do mention I am supposed to talk about witchcraft and juju but of course it is completely ridiculous; I would have talked about witchcraft and juju but this is the UK and here there is a welfare state that means people can get off and buy food if they need to and hence whatever abuses from witchcraft and juju there is, is something in which nobody is interested. Hence it comes right down to the insults because that leads to escalation of the abuses and offers nothing in return for any purpose or reason at all whatsoever. Of course they do say I am a witchcraft and juju maestro like them; there is no actual shred of truth to it – rather like the old case of people handling my life on account they know more about money which resulted in my building and office over that society and culture so we can hear the tales we hear today, I am involved with their witchcraft and juju because they have built a reputation of my involvement with it which I have no wish to get rid of, so that I can ensure it serves the needs of Christian society; hence it is no surprise they hate me so much – I mean people do not seriously expect idiots with ideas about money and freedom to travel from Africa to the UK without some witchcraft and juju backing do they? What happens is that the clients of the witchcraft and juju goons are involved with them because both have something in common and the only point at which the juju and witchcraft goons make their own money is the point at which their clients are rich enough – so they hate people who turn up with a religion to detach their clients from a commitment but do not mind if their clients handle the properties of religious people to make the money, however it really kicks off when I say a prayer in my room and they have an idea or I walk down the streets and they and their wives have ideas and it causes me distress – like their stupid kids, some are still teenagers but they are more rooted in the land than I am, some even know that Bob Marley liberated my race and it goes on and on and on until I become determined to ensure people hear complaints from them as well. The racism ones are exactly the same except their version of witchcraft and juju is more about some stupid girl that every foreigner wants to corrupt who should be making riches and fame all over the world. Hence when politicians do claim this sort of evil is not what it is about but that it is about Politics, it is all very well but when they do wind me up we will go again so we can find out. We see them make those gestures that after damage done to my finances always leaves them the ability to cause me fear and wonder – such as telling me to take up parliament and run it myself but it causes no such thing and the only one they get is made up by the media; the reality is that if who I am is detached from me and the fact they are MPs is detached from them and another look is taken of their actions and abuses and insults and damage done to my possessions, the actual definition of who they are is that they are robbers in Government office, thieves about whom I should check my doors at all times, who are interested in nothing but creating us a society where those women who want to give birth to and raise children that wish to grow up and die in a hail of Police bullets can do whatever they bloody well like and more so with anybody they so wish to do it with, about whom the Police can never be right  and for reason that they tell tall tales all the time; hence stories of being filled with fear and wonder is utter rubbish, what they get is disappointment about what I would have ensured moved quicker around me if I were employed not fear and wonder and they need to get off my book sales and off the civil service and stop talking nonsense all over the place – as I am only interested in talking about what I am and talking for myself and speaking of what I know, yes I understand they will claim it is fear and cowardice but we all know that a process where the gospel and the truth is pervaded comes from little generosities like people using your things to do stuff. I am not a Christian so that so that people can take up my work and my person and my personality as a result of what I get up to, in order to turn up somewhere to create a community for themselves that allows them to build a state of affairs that is an alternative to and rivals the laws of the land about which the Police can never be right and a failure to respect my right to leave my property and my work somewhere and return to find it as I left it, failure to understand I mean every word of this will always result in a condition of handling them to a point where the Queen asks for my services.


It is never true I am a narcissist complaining about other people being one, the reality is that every little stupid girl and every stupid woman has an idea from their own corners in society about sharing with people facts of how they can do and undo with my finances on grounds they have men that will protect them if I were to do anything about it and they are making it into a global issue as well for good measure. So since a Christian was never one on account he likes to be half a person in the first place which was the auspice for it all we have now come a point where they must decide to get off my book sales or it will get worse as I take more steps to get onto of things and the consequences I roll out will apply even more to those of them that are famous; because it is never really good enough to think it gives you the right to damage people’s property the fact you are of which in my view they cannot be with my own personality and my own work anyway, whatever the pervaded means they had chosen – that is not what fame means. I am not a narcissist; it’s about playing the role to ensure those who do feel like they make people feel. They do speak of their cultures of course but the closer they get to my books the closer it gets to me and the more complains we will hear as well. These things are concerned with the lifestyle of carnal people not me but it seems they want to persecute me with it and everybody has every right to get in there and ensure he is able to control his own health safety and well being and because they are determined tell these tales all the time due to the fact there is a certain way they want to operate their own and it will end as badly as it looks too. Now the story of something right about the Labour party is in itself something I am seriously fed up with; I mean I have no idea why anybody would think that a party full of idiots that got themselves into trouble taking liberties with people for no reason turning up to wreck your life on account they want to apply their experiences on you in order to be free of the way it has changed their lives, become more important than you and to control you and continue for the rest of your life are right about something when they spend tax payer funds to make it happen on account their opponent is simply too much for them and it is something that their very nature needs done; what is right about it and who is fucked in the head then? People do not do these things by simply reacting to the way others have acted and getting into the flow of it, they do it by years of sustained planning and executing of professional wickedness – I mean I know this because I know how it started and it started from a need to ensure nothing of a religious purity is allowed to exist in these lands, then when they ran out of regular arguments they make for that moved onto making it a matter of social equality and wealth distribution as well. Does anybody know what a deficit means anyway: it is not the debts you owe or the interests you are paying on them, it is also the rise in prises on the global stage which then determines whether or not you are actually able to raise funds from your own earnings as a result of changes in prices for goods and services that affect the value of your currency to pay off either the debt or indeed the interests on it – these are not things you accomplish, things like creating one of the biggest from one of the smallest countries in the world by simply reacting to things people do on claims about what has happened to your cultural identity and cultural history and or even society, these are things you are able to do as a result of sustained planning and executing of professional wickedness; so it is on onus not on me but on the Government itself that pays each and every idiot from that party nothing less than £65,000 going up to £70,000 for that to justify what is right about them; I have made my decision for my part that one more irregular heart beat over how right they are and I will wave a goodbye to it the only way I know how as well. The Labour Party and its members are the reasons that you should always plan your 18th birthday properly so that people do not wreck your life over competitions of personality that will ensure that they are able to get the respect you give to rich people when they have the same personality or indeed spending treasury funds to ruin those who are too strong to be ruined by them so they can stake people up somewhere and exact their bad experiences on such persons in order to move on from it and justify a revenge they might take for something that most of the time happened to them deservedly. Yes I know all I say falls into their hands but yes it does and next time I am sure people will be happy to spend money on culturally twisted and evil gits I take advantage of to build a career based on reputation at my expense. We hear them speak of racial insecurities for me that what I say will create of course but it is never really clear what those insecurities are supposed to have been anyway; if people wanted people that will be sloppy about wickedness so they can get off to wind up racists and get murdered in order to have memoriam raised in their name they knew exactly where to get those and understood perfectly I wasn’t one of such, so why get around here to torture me so; alright I get it, they are making me immune to racism and the earlier I hurry up and become a cunt the safer I will be but did I ask for it? The issue is still the same one and they cannot get off my books; what I planned to do about this problem was to ensure I trade with profit margins that my patents allowed me to work with but they had decided that was not to be the case and the development was to get on top of what people say about me and my work in order to make trading operate properly but that was not good enough and the development from that of course is where we are now i.e. to get on top of what people say about me and my work to develop my equities so that I can make their lives hell when it is time to trade and what is done to harm me can continue to occur because people are related to and love me – if I have to take out a special case on that something right about Labour then so be it as well. I mean whoever it is, mum, uncle whatever can keep doing it for them as it were, they speak of their provocation and stuff which I don’t mind very much because we are not yet finding out if my health has been finished off currently as it were so far – provocation their provocation of which nobody wants to know anyway;; what I believe they want to test and find answers to is the matter of being a real man and making sure people do not get to hurt you and make up ideas for it as they go along – this is what they wish to test. Everybody knows already that it is especially what your friends and more so female ones do to ensure they can get you to help them if they are in distress that becomes their greatest asset for these villainy and of course one more occasion will see us get to the bottom of something right about the Labour Party as well.


It makes a lot more sense when it is said I am not proactive in the Middle East until things go wrong but I am of course; I should not be doing all these social and cultural stuff you see, I should be running a government office for the British Government which people can take if they want so we can find out – the reasons I do it is that my people are not in position to take them off me, either due to attitude issues or just plain old problems – you know when I say something about kicking them in the homosexuality and in the society and they still do not seem to have worked out what it means as well. So when it comes to the matter of paedophilia apparently there is more of that through webcam these days and it is particularly surprising when we all know that if you write a book and you work for a government and a young person sees it, he wants to abuse you and get the information from the horse’s mouth and more so without buying anything in some way or another with as much power as possible and so because you are published on the Internet and that is where these their activities go on this is what you get as a result of it; Paedophiles are not stupid, they always lock you into an agreement before they do anything and they have now reached a stage where they have created a state of affairs which means that they can make a case against the government as a result of the activities of young people, so without having to get any news anybody can see exactly what is happening. It is the same old story – the US Government spends billions of dollars every year chasing its own paedophiles in Asia but these sort of activities are the only things young people want to do with their time; yap yap yapping all the time to wreck peoples business when nobody asks them endlessly like they will never run out of the energy to do it. Same old story that while we do things about paedophiles on grounds that such activities are not acceptable, they do what they do on one hand while their attitude towards paedophiles on the other is that the paedophiles actually had no right to abuse them because they are both equals while the paedophile on the other hand rather thinks that if he gets any nonsense from them they will crawl under a rock in a while – it’s just that when it comes out of their world where things work in that way into ours we tend to think things do not work that way but the reasons these activities happen and the fact both the perpetrators and victims of paedophilia always come from the same side of society should never escape our thoughts. I mean I have continued to propose a News paper for women only and perhaps one that only reports events of paedophilia too, so it does not appear that there is an area of society that we ignore and allow go into darkness; because of course this is what actually happens – these paedophiles that young people think are stupid happen to be very clever individuals that go up against really powerful women and lost, so it is never clear what they mean taking down a paedophile or what they are thinking when they make deals with the paedophile and sign up to their needs on account somebody else has got something they have not got even when such a person is far older than they are as well with that big mouth. Then they want to know what I mean by powerful women so they can do homosexuality and yes it is not difficult to explain the part where you look at somebody and she appears to be Britannia herself in the flesh which means when paedophiles lose, these idiots will take them on and fix the problem – whereby they tell me the insults they levy at me is because they have strong characters and when I ask if it is strong like my own talk even more nonsense about strong to kick my arse which of course is the spirit they will need anyway where they are going; I do suppose I am just being helpful. Hence when the Middle East is considered the matters remain the same and it is said they have found out how foreigners stifle their democracy but everybody knows that in Egypt for example you had a political system that had not seem a democratic process in more than 15 years but the first President is able to determine that he has political prisoners in less than 12 months of assuming office and it gets even better in that he did not win a full majority and needed to make compromises to pass any laws and it gets even better when seen in light of the fact the Office of the Head of State is the point where the biggest parties in the land take place and further more the stage at which it is to be determined if a Country is corrupt or perhaps not, then at the heart of all his failings was the fact he hated western civilisation and that is what his party stood for, so nobody knew what kind of system would have emerged if they had decided to protect the fledgling Egyptian Political system as it stood – I did say everything I needed to say on that anyway; some people are just Political menaces. It does appear however that the Military knows what it is doing at present, what we have seen so far is the Egyptian Constitution and not the Parliament where day to day legislations will be made in the future, so it looks good. Hence put out files you share between your fans, allies, customers and yourself and the result is that it becomes an auspice for paedophilia.