Now some always want to know what my views are with respect to pop stars and why it should not necessarily apply that in all cases, when they feel attacked by others people should stifle other peoples human rights; my view therefore I should make clear is that Pop stars are more irresponsible that Pornographers are bearing in mind it is the system that those who are pornographers built hundreds of years ago, as distinguished from that of prostitutes that is used by Pop stars to abuse people with to make money today. I would not necessarily approve of people being pornographers as such but it is happening and is called adult stuff and I wouldn’t like to see children see it nor would I like to see it when I do not expressly want to. The system itself is about stay away from the bad people I know and I mean my manager is one of them, as I am showing you a few things about life and how people are and I am making sex movies too, maybe I can teach you something about sex or maybe I can just tell a story; we are talking about responsibility to the point of self destruction being used by another group of people who see you talk about racism and get off to be rich and famous when they look like racists look physically, so you can get hold of them and twist them the way you feel as well, we are talking about people see you talk about morality and want to have access to your academic work and finances so that they can work the link between your life and gangs that they have thereof created to run errands between the two without reason, we are talking about stay away from the bad people I know because they can harm you while I have the power to do whatever I like with you and all you have. At the end of which they turn up with a lot of money selling music CDs which is money they cannot account for as well. So for me, I have never really been able to locate where the pop stars became relevant, unless it is simply the process of making songs about their own lives about which a lot of the times they end up on the wrong side of society; drugs, gangs and whatever, which is usually the case when they have found out the purpose of all that money they make is not to run away from and stay out of trouble but to pay for illegal and contraband goods for the purpose of forbidden pleasures. So it really winds me up when they take over these systems that other people built to climb up on media and take advantage of me as well and of course those stupid violent threats are really difficult to forget too; I mean generally I always think of it as per Mr Simon Cowel comes into town with his band wagon and girls do not want to attend school anymore because he is holding an audition – this is all there is to their relevance nothing more than that. They complain most of what they do serves me of course and it is utter nonsense since I must answer it; what they do is that they find out what I plan to do with myself and run off to the media to do it first, which does not constitute much of the problem because what does is the kind of suffering I must put up with so they can create a notion of owning it – for them what or who you are is all relative and I really do wonder if it is as well, so am I prepared to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes. I am not worried about them, it is a matter of the fact there is a way their stuff normally works and then when it works that way we will be okay i.e. they get into trouble with authority or whatever they end up getting into trouble with and just before they decided to settle their station, I move in and save them, just like creating a business that is stuck with civil rights needs and available for anybody that wants to share, so that when they do it, bearing in mind you have already done your own stuff as well, it would never matter for irresponsibility that make money and the cultural elitism that results from it.

 I am not the enemy of media as they would claim this suggests either; it’s like the old story of the gospel of which you preach to people when and if you are aware they need the gospel which is a factor of who they are and what they do with their time, for example have sex with boys in the neighbourhood or have sex with girls in the neighbourhood. So does it therefore mean that these sexes they have determine violent things they do to harm people and destroy property? That media was supposed to be to them a place they go off to make up ideas of results of fights with me that never really came about but that had since never been enough either. They like the process of insulting me even have the excuses for that in the sense that I spread my stuff everywhere and they have because of me not got a chance in hell of beating their enemies at anything, when in actual fact that is created by their insolent women who don’t know their limits and think they are really treacherous and that their stupidities are an existence of a lot of power as well because it is costly for others when they want it to be; I mean does anybody know the only connection they have with me is really insolent and abusive means by which they get young again? I gathered the fact they have had anal sex and how that affects their chances of being famous is the very ethos of that their stupid Labour party and the never dying programme of how that should be the life of somebody else instead, which is something I will suffocate as well for my part. I am not saying it is a serious matter either, it is only but an issue of how I would say they need to spend more time insulting and abusing their brothers and husbands and fathers and not me but where they really need to worry about me and what I might get up to is their stupid arrogance bearing in mind society is divided into two sections and one of it is their own where grandparents and parents and children and in their equal rights a collection of bullies who think they can take things they see from any side of society that they want.    


So they say I never plan what I say and do but do them as a factor of being pushed by circumstances and by evil people; the truth on the other hand is that it is more important for them to know that if I want them to do something they will most certainly do it. The insults however are to be settled along the lines of the fact that at the moment they are not ending up in church or somewhere close to it, now they cannot keep their distance from those who don’t know what they are doing and like to make up for it by controlling the lives of others. Of course if I act first I will never tell a story of their own deeds as such and they know that too. I wouldn’t know anyway some of them say I am something they do not recognise which nobody asked them about; all that matters is that it is currently a win-win situation i.e. when they leave me alone they have a normal life and when they don’t I tell them I find it insulting, it should count for something. It is all supposed to be really abusive as such and so bearing in mind of which the main ones can be considered i.e. that when I broker equities that industries are interested in the last thing I want is publicity for it but that is what I get, so that when I sit down to a job for it somebody has ideas about promises I made with respect to things I was supposed to give up which they find is lucrative for their purposes and then it gets worse because those companies and industries now have to deal with blackmail from them with what they know unless they are treated to wealth and fame, as do I and then it gets worse still as they blow away those equities and properties anyway to build their stupid riches and fame at the centre of which is their stark naked greed. Hence the need to deal with them or I will not be able to study or do a job and having realised that want to ensure my books end up with their civil rights vandalism of the fight of losers where I will win nothing and love to handle therefore and cut asunder all I do to sell the books on their mad media. What I am saying is that I am not of the opinion that make news anchors who get on their chairs and desks to promise me a beating everyday is something that happens due to provocation I have caused them; so it definitely must come to the point where their bosses and or owners of their National and International news establishments gather them from around the world and instruct them to specifically stay away from me and anything that belongs to or has something to do with me; as I have mentioned before, it is not in my view too much to ask. They say I block off any means of anybody with important government work to do to be famous for it but I do, yes, I am not denying that, the reason on the other hand is that they have had anal sex before and I am the sacrifice they need for their fame and so despite what they have done to me to make it so unimaginable things happen like MPs giving speeches in parliament that develop along the lines of the matter of my insults and interference with their affairs, which is why I issue dividing lines which suggest MPs was not their names their parents gave them and if they feel like proving something can come around and prove it. the reason they think that will respect to civil rights bullying on the left and the right and how my business is for sharing is by the way the fact that they are confident that after building a political party on lies and accusations which makes progress at my expense for the rest of its existence if I mention it, it is okay for their people to pass insults and abuses at me – hence that stuff about sacrificing me for their fame is something their  junior staff are in on and everybody else too all the way to their community croons and just in case they had not noticed, it is physically painful too and I am therefore not giving back any of the fame stuff, like the old thing about what I could have said to clear things up when they live to get information from me instead of buy my books when they have need of it; there is a way their stuff normally looks and when it does I will be able to get on. Naturally therefore the idea I am this nice person that acts for everybody is badly misplaced sensibilities about somebody whose experience of the biggest beneficiaries of his work whether or not it is how he intended it is to get information from him instead of buy his books and thereby send a message to criminals that what he did to create the books and its contents were a bad thing even though it will do them no good in the long run. We know how to get the civil rights trouble makers on the matter of how a business is created for sharing of course but for the Government Ministers and the Media idiots and the business trouble makers, we are getting there.