Of course it is difficult to ignore things when they are about evidence that most people simply will not pay attention to, concerning the fact they have been warned I cannot do without handling other peoples wives: it has never been about that either as much as it has been a need for them to express their perversion on me as a result of the question of whether I look the way I do because I am a Christian or look the way I do because I sleep with peoples wives? These are the things their community croons pick up on and so that even when you see you attend Church all the time there is a sense that the wives of great men caused a Christian a lot of suffering by seducing them that they wish to extricate while their husbands think getting rich is located somewhere around your genitals and so on but because of which the result is that they continue to abuse me sexually and like to pretend the only form  of sexual abuse is rape and the others do not count as sexual abuse and that they can do whatever they like – this is what instigates the problems they complain about and we have spoken about it in so many ways right down to a process where they are seen boasting about it for villainy self improvements among their mates. So the part where I am to live in fear of them can be seen as the fact that the democratic ones think that very few people are aware they are superior to them, the republican ones think that nobody enjoys being superior to them when the reverse is actually fact and then it develops further onto the fact that their stupid threats are things they cannot back up as I know all they know is how to express their violence while those I protect are just Children like them who have not breathed and breathed again like I have been there and done that – so it might be advisable for them to shut their filthy mouth on seeing that they have not got it and there is nothing they can do – especially for those who need to provoke me into dealing with problems; same old story about those who can deal with it being made enemies so that they might be able to abuse them into dealing with their problems and the reason for that is so they might never accept they were wrong when they do the wrong things and do something about those to act on them for it and get away with doing so – it is nothing new about civil rights and its provocative nature. I am comfortable with who I am, comfortable with a world and neighbourhoods in it that are full of stupid women thinking of their hands as far deep into my tummy through my anus as possible, full of people who do nothing but think about how to have a wickedness they support but are at the same time safe from – I dont live in that way quite right but it will not prevent me from kicking their society and culture and civil rights and now making time for the Politicians that will not stop provoking me as well but the ultimate question they need to answer is whether I look like I do because I am a Christian or because I sleep with peoples wives along the lines of the context that you can get off and pray to God in your room and while they say there is no God they still stalk you and fantasise your personal life to a point where you are blessed with an encounter and that forms the basis of the logo of the next upcoming rock band which temperament you stole from them and their culture etc by far my personal favourite being the part where homosexuals think it is okay if Christians are allowed to exist with a big mouth – when we all know people are homosexuals because they cannot be seen doing anything else but seeking out those that people in Authority can abuse – they cannot be seen doing anything else with their time but supporting wickedness others do on people – and idiots at football for example talk nonsense all the time when they are a representation of the worst possible kind of filth that can make money and hunt down beautiful women that they cannot look after, talking nonsense about their ability to handle me as well with a big mouth.

The story of how much problem of men I have to deal with isn’t one that is based on reality – the reality is that they say such things every time they get a break from a condition where I terrify them at Industry and at the Garter and at the Bath and so on and especially more so at Media. I dont have any wish to tolerate their filth and inadequacies at my Possessions at Industry, have no wish to tolerate them being seen around my book sales and if they do want a piece of advice my Body is not their plaything – otherwise they can carry on and continue to flatter themselves thinking it is a social issue and that others are not aware that those behaviour of turning up around other people’s concerns and finding ways of being able to sit around it doing things they have clearly prohibited was all about self advancement – especially for the Americans that you dont even have to provide leadership for if you can beat up for the sake of it and of course there are the Muslim ones to think about as well who have never done anything properly in their stupid lives and have more-on women like them turning up on media to make such a reputation for me as well blended with that nonsense about how I will be very likely to live my life being scared of them. I will be testing this matter again with a process where women are able to do whatever they like with them and get around everywhere doing things that have been clearly prohibited by them as well and whether or not they are a problem will be tested by what they can do about it thereof.

The excuse the big problems happens to be that I think I understand what women are going through is one that has no basis on reality even though they get by with it all the time – after all it seems I am a perfect example of the fact women dont find men that will back them up so they can target somebody they think they should have rights on anyway – all I know actually is that they will have to keep their insults to themselves or a process where I grab and cut up the culture at home so he can sodomise something to get it going again will become the least of their worries. I am never going to attack government for making use of my work in anyway and or by any means, the reality is that provided it is approached in a way that understands it is Private company but also government department and needs to balance its books, then all will be okay – everything is already designed never to work or operate for those who make out I am been so badly abused and attacked that I am serving the people for free as it is their own that looks like that and they can continue as well until it becomes an idea in its own right. It is all the nature of civil rights, there is always some wrong they have done about which they will take revenge on those who acted on them for doing it which is why they must find and attack those that have done the correct thing, applying therefore that that process where others can beat them up they can beat you is on offer and getting good things from doing bad things to you is on offer and all you do helps to pacify those who act on them for the bad things they can do so that whenever they do it they might get away with doing it and I dont think it is a problem either, we have only just run out of time for the Politicians and the Media that have me like some toy that provides them the best fix of this there ever was and hence this is the beginning of the fight: which everybody knows they have continued to seek on a daily basis for the last decade and a half with black girls that think they schooling me on financial discrimination over my possessions and boys that support them looking for a reckoning as well hence the reasons they are ever so violent too. I am not in any way taken advantage of by popular culture fame and fortune idiots – it is always the case their Politicians claim they do what they do on their behalf to help them to some dignity but of course that dignity will never change as long as their insults can always make you respect their celebrity at their expense, otherwise it is mostly a self resolving issue that spending tax payers money to help such fools get famous is wrong but never the less isn’t my money.

It’s like the story of how they know I can cope with combat stress when we all know what happens is that they wished they worked in the Secret service so that when they steal peoples heroism and use it to improve their manliness in the world of combat their villainy will pay off unto the fact that they can kill people in a clean way – so apparently since this was all out war the killing was never clean and they saw things – helps to make sense of what their Politicians are up to since they perpetually seek to trap soldiers and cause them to make mistakes of being concerned with media and Politics while at active service but also helps to weed out the goons that would call up people to a meeting and turn up with tanks and soldiers to take over a government, so that when they get past combat stress it seems they must have hidden their madness well enough to this stage but their actions will have shown people who do such things as definitely insane anyway. Of course I dont want to see them anywhere near my book sales and the black girls that turn up there are looking to get seriously hurt as well – it is always a self revolving issue until the Politicians get involved so they can talk nonsense about an oppression they need to avenge – talking nonsense about men that will beat up a boy they think should live outside of his personality so that they might feel they do not have to be scared of him.


Now on the matter of voting intentions and where I stand, it is much the same old case as the matter of trusting Politicians which does not apply in my view; you vote for and question Politicians about how the things they fucked up in your life happened, not trust them for any reasons – I know that because it was the all knowing me that set out this process of a Political condition where the electorate has them over a barrel all the time, so I know. I hear they say the electorate has me over a barrel too which is utter nonsense: what likes to make out they have me over a barrel is Civil service staff that are the reasons you meet a woman on benefits who talks to you as clear as your school governor and meet a Minister of parliament in short skirts and legs crossed talking about men that will back her up and collect your career for her lazy self to do a job with – the civil service that do not seem to think I am serious when I warn them they will create a process where my actions force them to spend that stupid money they have to acquire protection from me while I dish out those problems and violence for them until I make money from it as well – the civil service full of female idiots especially black who have toy soldier children and think they know a lot about militant activity, so cannot keep their insults to themselves and like to play a game of men that can ambush with moral men for the fun of it making excuses as they go along while their Politicians pick up on the sexual abuses they dish out from a distance to make their careers. Another example of the same issue is of course the bit where they say my treatment of sex abuse victims is appalling of which I meet sex abuse victims all the time and they gain from a process where I can for as little a provocation as possible set out to do what older men should be doing at a global scale, so they dont know what they gain from my person but are happy with it anyway – it’s just this group that happen to have been abusers like those who abused them and therefore feel the real injustice was the fact they were abused by their abusers – hence having worked it all out the process of finding the Christian who does nothing with his innocence to take it out on has become their strong point and I can therefore be abused for free with a big mouth, while other idiots like them have modern Churches if I act. They do say I do nothing with my time but lament of course which has no basis on reality since the question is largely which colour they are – black or blue or red: I mean I know I am Gold top to bottom and inside and out and wish to find out what their childish buffalo nonsense can do about anything around here, so they can find ways of updating their thirst of violence at my expense all of the time, since I know they are all kids with a big mouth about those in whom they want to put fear in order to get rich and famous – there are others that are above them and had been able to breathe once – I know I have breathed twice and been there and done it so I am still waiting for when they will update their insolence with the help of their Politicians and a process where I live in fear of them will be actualised. I dont think it a fundamental problem in anyway; the reality is that I am a Christian and as a result of that where all these matters actually arise will beat the imagination should I mention it is the part about me and my personality indicating I have been touched and blessed by God being the part they hate and wish to destroy, looking at it from the point of view of how any of it ended up their business in the first place, it is also clear why their Politicians can think it is an endless source of power they can tap into and a process of mixing violence in their lives into that of  a Christian and making noise about civil rights is not an usual way in which a Christian can be handled by them before they complain as it were. I dont have a problem with it, it’s just that being this the case, the reality is that for each place I end up and each neighbourhood I live in a certain radius is territory I keep for me and my God; this is the bone of contention, the thing they want to destroy, so I know its entire purpose and reason is evil and am comfortable with their existence that is all about the need to have wickedness they support which they are at the same time safe from etc.

Like the story of how it is never clear why the sexual abusers that were abused by the sexual abusers that were stronger than them did not have it all worked out among themselves, they do say I have an inability to compete – never clear why anybody would think HM Arch Prince is unable to compete when the US Presidents have on several occasions have to listen to what he has to say even when his bank account reads zero but it reverberates all over how they negotiate the release of kidnapped people from terrorists and turn up to wind me up and play up what I say to them in order to demonise me and make me their enemy etc – of which I really have no idea how that would pay off anyway when the kind of liberal society they have is what the terrorists have made it clear they have a problem with – the one that sees people dress in rags and go off into the desert to be with their faith being chased by them because they are convinced being rich is linked to their penis and so on, then turn up to talk nonsense about how what I say might provoke them because there are insults from their black girls all over me talking nonsense from it in public places – changes nothing of course about the disputes people have and the content facts to them concerning which all I can say is that there are lives at stake in their stupid negotiations as it were but with respect to sympathising with terrorists the reality is that I understand their point of view but they have left nothing for anybody else to have a conversation when they had kidnapped 300 girls for example and it is the same way I handle Nationalists and it is the same way I handle tax dodgers etc. However with competition by itself what I intend to do since my activities are not hurting badly enough – since the fact we have gone from a society where people think others are born homosexual to a society where they think it is an act is not hurting badly enough – am soon to set out homosexual sex and stock market activities and banking and media and clubbing and partying as the point on which the Christian wants to bend people around anything the way they live suggests would be abnormal for them, in order to extricate competition that will glorify God. There is always a trigger for it of course and it is the same old trigger: the Politicians want to deploy your faith and your knowledge and add some of their own to have their way with the crowd, so no matter what they will wreck the academic work while their stupid children get the chance to pass exams and so on and their idiots will keep up abuses from them and they will boast about oppressing you and they will make a mess of whatever needed to be done and then you will be left with unimaginable responsibilities – unless you make them do it instead as it were which is what I do extremely well. So that when they claim I would never have dared in the US the reality that would stand out would have been that the rest of us think money comes from activities linked with paid employment and not insults that are a result of women that lost power games with their husbands when they agreed to have extra marital sex and you refused to have one with them because you are a Christian bullying you violently and making themselves into a threat to your freedom, seeking out the rotting of your bones while arranging the violence with a big mouth looking for trouble all the time – which is always a self resolving issue until the politicians get involved again and again and again and claim it is their civil right. That money comes from activities linked with paid employment and not deviance you have made clear is beyond the reach of certain persons you like to bully a payment from at the same time which they used to think is the end of the world because they had not yet seen the part of you that thinks money comes from insulting people and that everybody wants to live in a way in which you are comfortable with it as well.


 So they do say I talk but cannot do anything more often that is necessary and especially over my talk of people at the establishment whenever I tell the Politicians that an occasion where they mess up my academic work again will see them acquire their personal diaries and stay the hell away from me permanently but at the end of the day the reality is that in terms of the Establishment, those that have the power to take up my work and do it like the Politicians love to provoke me to such an end all the time do not think there is a point to doing so, while those that are simply trouble makers will not stop getting hurt for doing so – the Politicians however have their own corner to fight and it is about how most of my problems come from black people on one hand whose case I will soon answer as well when I have finished with the white idiots that ensure they are a pain in my backside, the nasty white idiots that will get a break in this Country the day they give me one and need to fight their own corner over passing insults at me and making contact with my parents to ensure I behave in a way they want – the media however need to fight their own corner and leave the other two and that is largely about publicity for my work that I have not asked them for or paid them for which is bad and means I must pay to clear it up and then pay again for publicity in general; neither of these three groups of people have been able to turn up on my office and live off their stubbornness and it is no concern they are getting violent with a big mouth as a result of the confidence the perceptions they have lived on has offered them, never clear thereof why they make the perceptions if the real one never paid off anyway – in terms of the Establishment of which is a matter of HM Office and the fact these idiots want to be stubborn around there; the result is that since I was taken into service I have turned out with £30,000 in student loans debt, dropped out of two academic pursuits, didn’t complete one properly and still cannot find a job – so it is stubbornness and more stubbornness and even more of it and they have already got them women under control after all and will do as they please. They like to say anything done about them will result in chaos somewhere in the world – no idea what it means since last I checked I had them exactly where I want them and HM knows everything there is a detail about it, does not apply that anything can occur just because Industry exists. The result is that I had long built an emporium where the societies of socialists should have been for Industries that get around with me, considering they are the wealth distribution goons that can do nothing about the super rich but can wreck businesses from which they will get an immediate self improvement and like to pretend the process where they refuse to let me take the blame for my financial problems and hence regularly turn out to brag about it is something that creates a condition where I think I am a victim of wealth distribution instead. So they do claim I am responsible for the problems while the socialists claim the tax system in the UK is complex; for the former the problems I am responsible for was a system that was based on equity so that because you have nothing better to do than provoke others and turn up at their government office to be stubborn and the person that was taken in and raised to assist the Queen in Her Advanced years is capable of nothing whatsoever that we can regularly get to see just a little bit of as it were – you will grab the business of a boy and use advertisement to make it a part of your and set about making a killing and knowing he will teach you a lesson at the stock markets you cut him off and keep a hold on media to keep him that way, which of course has not worked but it gets even better because when Business and Industries think about his work as something they want to be a part of and thereby set out a process of doing that by having some footing in the UK and because of high profile Government involvement causing them to make it a major operation or some representation of or the actual HQ of their operations of which people do what I do in their 20s and cover the female side of society as well and chase their academic pursuits and every failure they have suffered has been inflicted on them at the highest levels of distraction from the highest levels of Political office, it means they fake it until they make it, have no flair for law and of course are general dunces, it means that others can take it up and run off to some Country of their liking to make a financially killing then threaten the owner as well – which is where the latter comes in with complexities in the UK tax system when we all know it is an unwritten constitution and the tax system plays its own part in society which does mean that people can if they want set up their charities but charitable activity is actually something the government is taking care of and hence all they need do is pay their taxes if they dont want heart break of poor people begging for money on the streets where they know rich people are likely to go off to an important meeting: thus they pay more tax than the poor pay and of course the consideration of earning more money than high profile government operatives like the Prime Minister on one hand while stealing the tax money that happens to be your obligation so you might have a better life in your own area of society on the other does not add up as something that normal people will do – already of which people are beginning to speak of those who have made use of the systems and not paid taxes in these areas of societies where it is happening as expected but for Labour the case must be made for everybody’s problem becoming everybody else’s problem as it were which is why the boffins that manage the tax system think it is a job on the day but they think it is complicated, complicated because people have no wish to chase surfers to force them to pay their taxes since it is not the way we live in the UK, complicated because they have consistently encouraged these surfers to turn up here to deploy our systems to make stability needed to jet off to the US where they can make a killing and if not stay here and squeeze the small Brits who do not like competition very much. So it is fair to say I have had enough of their stubbornness displayed around my finances and business and need them to stay away from it as well: I mean nothing is damaged or broken anyway, the office is fine, the books are okay – just the sales are not happening because there is fun to be had by people in Politics and Industry at the Establishment and Parliament being stubborn and it is enough to drive anybody to do the things I have done to them as well. yes they do speak of the violent ones but it is the same old story – if I take a look at myself and take a look at everybody else especially people in circular society all over Europe where they actually make an effort towards me and then imagine they were like me at some point someday any normal person can see they are just kids and none of them are prepared to die yet as it were but there are those of them who cannot see the ones that have made financial success happen are better than them and like to throw about their violence becoming more and more convinced by their stupid Politicians there is anything they can do – it is out of this world and they have not got it. The reality is that the system is such that the only way to influence what people do with their money is to have a product in front of them and a conversation about it at hand – so it is never your business if another person is famous unless they were because you are weak using your possessions in which case they shouldn’t complain and make up stories of their own for privileges of injustice to talk even more nonsense that will make things worse – an advice I guess – so the only reason these matters continue to get worse are because of a group of men and women in suits with an insatiable desire to beat up boys who steal personalities where they do not deserve it and leave those who actually have jobs where those personalities apply without, so that the beat up will never happen and the perceptions are the sodomy, making policy other Political parties are forced to discuss with them in parliament: so how long to you put it off? I mean unto the part where people are no longer convicted of witchcraft in the UK as it were because they are not listening: how long do you put it off? They speak of how often I use the word anus and penis and stuff but of course it’s a matter of all these genocide nonsense talking rubbish all the time about violence who cannot be seen doing anything but forcing others who are more important than they are through the same mistakes they made with their stupid lives to have a life that is not their own and feel good about themselves – I mean I dont see anything wrong with making a conversation out of the fact there is nothing they can do anyway. I mean how many people have their fulfilment of a Government office they are selected and raised to fill stalled by a collection of idiots getting in touch with their parents to set them back in life which is a fun game worth playing and of course done on the basis of scum in their streets that plan out extra marital sex they can have with their husbands and set off to attack Christians and cling to them for abuse and violence on account they are likely to make them lose the power fight by refusing to have sex?