Talk of a trouble I seek at Society Men of course - it does tend to indicate their need to build up on me a means of hurting me while I am unable to hurt them back while Politicians supervise and they all get together and complain about me has paid off in their view, which is also entirely deluded too. What we have done at this stage is develop from the various complaining about me which is a result of building up obfuscate nonsense around my public appearances to develop fame and fortune I am supposed to seek, which can then pass to others and when asked why they do it claim they need to have some right to lead people the way the Monarchy does but what they actually achieve is what we have started to see now after 15 years working on me i.e. damage University studies, follow me around and damage academic work, follow me around and damage finances and jobs, so that when they have need of my talents, what they can turn up and call on crowds and 'the People' to demand from me might be my sex and body type which again will make them invulnerable to what I am not vulnerable to while giving them the power to make me vulnerable to it; all of which while they complain proves to be a worthy use of my time in the first place - never mind the lies that it is civil rights and not a threat as it were, the lies that indicate their freedom actually looks anything like that. So it tends to make so much sense when we hear them blab about how people were raised and some were not meant to have an education in order to be successful but have turned out to demand it of Society, thus this was the correct way that such persons were to develop their future which tends to have been the business of society as it were; so it’s all one very big and violent totally depending responsibility and has damaged academic work and finances in order to get around showing I share what I know, not by writing my Books but my sex and body type which others should demand as well all the time and as ever it is because of civil rights and power and have no purpose whatsoever, while they are the ones being provoked, which is all so quite incredible but then of which I have had enough as well.

The most astounding facts of the EU Campaign like every other Public campaign is still the extremely provocative manner in which Journalist set up series of events and statements from leaders that will culminate in a need for me to divulge facts about the current state of affairs around my Books which facilitates its sales for Public interest; they do it with so much glee and such a awesome degree of abuse and violence that shows the nature of the problem itself - the other part of the story they believe they champion is that the extent of the greed of their Political counterparts is such that with the discovery of Crude Oil in the Falklands, English idiots are happy to break Scotland that they do not need apparently away from the UK and plan a future on it. I for my part had set out an ultimatum on these kinds of matters and it was a case where if my Book sales continue to fail into the beginning of next year because of their stupidities, I will find myself extracting market equity from them to encourage lending from financial institutions and will do it with a very extreme degree of destruction of glee and an abject lack of respect for them like I have learned here; these things are not taught at Church and I am a grown Man who is unlikely to have space for the game. The message has always been simple from the unbeaten; get on with what matters, avoid sources of stress if you are happy; Cheers all.

It has never been in anyway a matter of luck – it’s a case of that gay that used to get zero score every time during tests and exams when your Dad attended school wanting help from Politicians to make you into him socially because you are a religious person and wouldn’t mind and then getting such a help over and over and over and over again because Politicians wouldn’t mind as well. Nobody wants idiots like that messing with them but the tools that are a product of it in my case have now stopped their civil rights lying around my earnings and Book sales. I mean what they want are for instance being able to kill people by playing with areas of society they have messed up by lots of violent gossiping and sexual corruptibility because they envy all that babying I get from Women. Like that other story whereby I enjoy making such a mess which I then leave for Muslims to clean up and their youth want to have me beaten up or something; it would never make sense but it’s one of those opportunities in which I can address the 12 years of their stupid Women hiding inside communities to spend all day booing and mooing and cooing in my direction in the most abusive way imaginable, like the only form of abuse there was is sexual abuse and they had either experienced that or are immune to it and seek their stupid power through their stupid Men in such ways as well, turning my whole life upside down and making the presence of God around me into something that exists because I sleep with peoples wives, which their Political idiots make excuses of wanting to make use of me, so as to show off on Media as well, so they can lean on me and enjoy excuses that allow everything associated with how much of it they might enjoy in the process and everybody knows they will not have an Islam that threaten me at the end of it when I am finished as well. I can guarantee that the time it will take for the UK to become a Muslim extremist Country like the fucking idiots that like to envy and presume I am some kind of cheap shot to begin when whenever they start to fight each other, they will lose it all on the global stage and I will not stop there either.

It does appear that the American Politicians that lead the insults these scumbags throw at me are unable to grasp the fact that the time I spend with my Mistresses and Court alone, which allows me to live in a world of Adults without spending time in unnecessary academic work when I have so much on my plate, which is a short cut that tends to work most effectively with the process of creating an environment for Children to grow up in, does not first of all work alongside their Homosexuality and Public place stupidities and violent wickedness and secondly is not something that leaves me with enough time to spend of their insecurities. So I am actually not interested in them or their feelings about anything whatsoever in anyway – I do not have the time for it and getting on Media to distract me with it is becoming increasingly very provocative and I am sure they understand my reaction and how it rips up their stupid lives in the process too. I will likely get told that the phrase the Gays is suggestive but of course it is the same story all round all of the time; somebody will know that an older idiot preferably a scumbag that operates Public transportation, is the reason for all his problems because he wanted to make use of my body type and was told off and now wants to feel like a Child again by getting somebody into a fight with me due to the fact I am unable to grasp the level of power that he possesses in the local area, but the fucking idiots will turn up and threaten me as well because there was a good probability they will win on account they have more muscle and it’s the same thing you find at work; every job follows that pattern where I last a few months and then I am being made to understand I need to stop being selfish and then I classically resign due to the stress and abuse because the sales manager will find out I am Royalty and then the line Manager will want to have more work load at my expense because although being abused by an idiot that does not allow Markets do what they do naturally so he might have excuse to make use of people’s lives to sell things was a bad thing, on this occasion he shall not pass up a privilege and so it tends to apply to me as well, that I should never stop anything I do which hurts these fucking idiots and never pass up a privilege in the process as well lest it gets increasingly worse.

The story of a fight over income which I can never win against Politicians in its element s along with irregular heart beat take some pain to improve my history Media fat Cats seeking another decades of popular culture vandalism on my public life with their disillusionment and squander - very squander. I am not fighting anybody however over their greed, since there can only be so much money in the world and as long as some spend time taking the one that belongs to others, there will be less and not more - unless they can back up their big mouth and create an otherwise situation. I am fighting People for ripping up my Finances first, then my academic work and then after any other means of earning an income - so they might build up their confidence by having a fatter savings than I do and being able to turn up on Media to tell me what to do; so if Politicians are complaining at the Moment while these their idiots are still in the hay day of being able to steal my income, I find it hard to understand which fight exactly I am not going to win as were. I want them to lay off all sources of income for me, pay attention to the one that pays their salaries keep off incessant Media advantage comments about my activities and get involved only when they have a copy of my Books in hand, so the process of stopping all free ways of spending my property and public image becomes a real objective for me too.


They have become rather fond of this tale of how I am being exploited of course and I am not in any way being exploited, they just enjoy following me to academic institutions to get around ripping up my studies and then my finances after and now my Book sales and any job I have by the way side, so that when they build up their savings it will provide them a self confidence with which to get on Media to tell me what to do and then get around everywhere making me do what they want but I am happy to build my savings and confidence back up in a legitimate way and they are simply thinking that warning them about the risk of losing whatever it is they possess which makes them a threat to me is not a credible one and love to show up on Media to tell people they hate my guts with a big mouth all the time. I do not think it an issue as such; it’s the same story about the west and how these fools must make others into forgotten talents while living becomes all about Men and Gays and dealing with rejection and they do need to stop ripping up my finances to assess me for vulnerability to career piracy they want to exploit as a fight with their stupid Politicians is clearly something they see is the sweetest one that there is.

They say the problem is that they feel as though I control their lives but I have no idea which part of it was mystery anyway since we were mates all along hence their Community croons and stupid women do nothing else but get in my personal space to use my Christian temperaments for sex while they know where my anus and penis is and are more important and more famous and it shall mean the profitability of violence on which the world is run; they are not complaining to my satisfaction yet, as the rather simple option was to buy my Books not seek my Body type and my sex in order to be invulnerable to what I am not vulnerable to as a result of their stupid existence when compared with mine. They say I jeopardise my Books for all these considering they are idiots who work backstage Media and decide who has the right to get famous but it has always been a story of going off to steal more money than they need and then realising they do not want to be cracked up and to smell later on, because when they do, others will find out what the ate before they had become super rich and now are ripping up my finances and my business and any job I have to use me and my so called body type for things I am not vulnerable to in terms of what the authorities can get up to, to cover themselves and it is a massive and very violent responsibility for me with a big mouth and do not actually believe my warnings to be credible ones as well. By the way of which they invented the cracking even though they knew how their stupid lifestyles work and have now become rather obsessed with my personal life all together as well for it, which is not entirely surprising too. I mean if I thought about it carefully- my market is in the hands of every Money mad male sale bastard in this Country with incredible insults at his disposal and liberal nonsense he shares with Media scum and I should never try to sell my Books without retrieving it from them to sell it with through chasing up everything they do to make that stupid Money they have become obsessed with but I do want to select a legitimate way of chasing up the case of the history where people make use of me without buying my Books in order to shut it down, without which the Books will never get sold and their appetites and greed will never be satisfied as well and they are for their part not giving me a lot of options in that respect and so have I stated it in the past that I enjoy the results that comes from things I have done to make men struggle financially and can become obsessed with it too if I needed to be. Its yapping all day long about a hate for me that is a factor of their need to become obsessed with me without buying my Books and setting out things they can do to me while making sure I am unable to harm them in the same way, which processed have support from the Authorities – the main problem we have always had of course being that they use my time for it. It has come to this because the Politicians do rather enjoy making me react to their activities by ripping up my finances and helping them to some tax payer money which is a vast amount of Money I cannot compete with and hence have to console myself with the fact my condition was never something they achieved but the reality is pretty much still the same all together – they need to keep away from my income and livelihood otherwise the fact their stupid Politicians have had two referendums and are still not in control of the Country will be the least of their worries; we are not mates – they ought to blab with their mates and have sex with those too and of course they do say the fact they can pick up on my work and I do not have a Media presence generally means I am the one guilty of behaving in such ways but it is all very well unless I cut it up again and the Politicians have no rest due to the complaining. They say bothering me grants them the ability to be free from being cracked up but for what damage to finance and academics and income and wasted 15 years of my time is worth on the other hand – it is a product of a writing career and not my body type; the next time we discuss this matter, it will be because I fucked them up really badly for my part as well.

They even fall in love with that other story that I have a high level of allergy to Pollen because I have been chasing high privileges but of course it is because they do not know yet that what Hay fever does is offer you a temperature of the body which is high, leaves you with a splitting headache, makes your body itch like things were crawling on it, leaves you with watery eyes burns the insides of your nose due to the high temperature water vapour you are breathing out, makes you breathless and out of energy and keeps you that way all Day long for 5 months every year. What I do know for my part however is rather that the Books were built around that health defect and the bloody idiots can always rip it up along with my academic work and pass their exams in order to go off to spend time with popular culture as well. In their defence they say it is a fight I have forged with the Politicians that I am winning but the Politicians have always been fond of making me react to them and need to react to them all the time as well, since what happens is that my finances are ripped up and they are given some tax payer funds that sweetens their greed and violence – so I am judging it has become a conversation because the Politicians are uncomfortable. The other side of the tale being that City Centre people do not like me and of course it’s all very well before they enjoy pricking me so my heart rate goes through the roof and then call on a crowd in the great fun of making sure they can hurt me while I cannot hurt them back and love to take up my time and not theirs for it with that stupid self confidence they claim they need for their profession every time I want to beat it down as well; they do not have to worry about me, bankers and financiers and all, as long as they keep off my Business Empire – I for my part intend to see that people set up their brands and get about the vagabond behaviour they need alongside their sales goons to make it rich away from my Royal brand and if that will not be the case, will they find me make them and do so my way as well. What happens when people react to their idiots is that a whole life of reaction and then counter reaction ensues and those who do not want to mess around with those who can force them to live in it alongside as well and find out why they should not, should not be doing it; as for the social justice they say I was meant to speak of, I do not dwell too much on the case of them having society where they gossip about having hurt me and I have Media where I blow off daily updates about their pain of which I caused as well, I do not dwell on it too much as there is really nothing they can do about me. I mean when people say they are stupid as such, it is usually something they have done deliberately especially with respect to when they have declared themselves slaves to a person’s leadership or the other – these idiots are just the stupid that are a threat and it is ever so difficult to work out what it really means, except we know it comes with threats that assume that in the time it takes for them to tackle me, I would not have come up with a way of showing that it is actually how they blab that it will all end up in this life or the next as it were; it’s just when they have done the damage the reason is to ask if I am the government of which the answer is that I am not the government, just another self appointed doing their own the way they appoint themselves on others as well, whose finances and academics they had completely destroyed in order to abuse him and seek his sex and body type to get things done with – when I am done, get around my Christian existence so that when they see me show regard for others become completely deluded as per that they are dealing with a Boy and then it can go round and round in circles, like the time consuming stupidities they show off here in order to gain power and dominance and express their proxy nonsense at absolutely anybody they wish to. They say the conversations with me will one day end and then I will be all on my own but I cannot make it out anyway - I am supposed to streamline my work and decide which Politicians and Diplomats I work with but cannot because when I am done with Royal work I will be attending to a Job on account idiots are getting fun taking turns on my Book sales income and so nothing gets set out properly and nothing gets done and we are now made to think these days that it is the Politicians that are more vulnerable than the Diplomats when otherwise is actually fact. I mean when you have rested on Friday evening and on Saturday and then on Sunday too but when it is time for work or study on Monday and you are still tired and exhausted, you know that you have not actually had a moments rest with that stupid conversation hanging over you as it were, all over the place and I have no idea what has convinced them that I had needed it either. The source of the stress is even more interesting all together i.e. they were modern while My Body type was invulnerable to anus and penis insults and so levying anus and penis insults on it is their way of telling me not to be selfish and there are various and even more deviant abusive and very disobedient ways in which my person and body can be used too, not just because they can but because they have realised it is a position where they can gain from a sensation of privilege and I cannot therefore deny they have the right to do it, which is why ripping up peoples finances and academic work to get into those various positions with enough savings and time spent in the jobs market to build up an iron clad self confidence for it, which then makes their activities amusing, is so important - the source of the stress is that they have no wish to do Christian stuff as well when I dominate them or let me be if they have their gossips and Media lies to dip into instead - the source of the stress is that when they had dealt this lot for you and become obsessed with grabbing your public life for their get rich quick purposes and you become thus flustered always and expect a routine to come through for you, while they expect to regularly get you off State support and into the work place to have lots of exhilarating fun screwing it because of the effects your depression has on how you behave which they find funny in their world of backstabbing and filthy gossips which facilitate those stupid profitability of violence they play up all of the time.


They do say I encumber what the freedom fighters do but do nothing about Politicians meeting with Crude Oil Industry and City Centre workers and Business owners to decide which part of the Wealth of Britain they want to carve up as their own but none of that would have happened if one attitude and one attitude only had ceased to persist i.e. using my work like it belonged to them when it is not actually their own; it is obviously the explanation of an idiot for what happens when he makes use of peoples property without facing much opposition i.e. that there isn’t any because there is nothing the owner can do with a big Mouth. Then we hear it is about my alliance with Monarchy and oppression when they are done boasting about being able to make me fight and so on and I am sure they had a conversation with somebody today and were told the relationship will not last too, so it is not as if what I have said is a mystery to them in anyway. Yap yapping does nothing about Politicians carving up wealth if he can do something about freedom fighters instead, setting himself up as a small little thing that brings it all crashing for other people everyday and yes they understand what it feels like too and need to make use of my Public life and Public image, my work and my Books and all that is an effect of me as though it were mine, so that all can see that it is otherwise they will understand what it does and how it feels much further than the reasons they currently love to get into government buildings to secure privileges of injustice all the time. It is the only thing we see them spend their time on i.e. when a group of scum that are or look like American Politicians and British ones will set a stage for them to turn up here and pass insults that me that established some right they have to dominate me and to be privileged - insults that have become an evil thing in their own right being passed at such a high position from such low living scum as it were, which then improves their incredibly stupid Political dreams as well whenever they want to cash into the effects in Public - so this is where it all comes together i.e. when they make use of an effect of me like it belonged to them when they know as well as I do that it Legally does not. I mean it is a behaviour that gets to a stage where I have to line it up and decide what Older youths are about in my direction which always produces an answer that says they have no respect for me or anything I do for a living and it has reached a point where they enjoy invading my personal space to threaten me and speak of the things that will keep happening until I eventually get seriously beaten up for the insults I have thrown around in their direction (It is scarcely believable anyway - the insults i throw around in their fucking direction as it were; deluded scum who know nothing but prostitution and popularity and rip up peoples academics to pass exams having a hate figure and return to Popularity to express themselves for a living) - I do not mind it very much for my part, I know if I see that stupid culture I will cut up again if I do not sell it again as it were, especially to make sense of whether they are actually better than useless drunk Dad that expects kids to live on benefits while Wife provides for Family, which mostly they are not anyway: Fuck Dad and fuck Mr Needy as well considering he is really tough and if I see it again I will cut it up or sell it; I am the one facilitating an existence of fame in obscurity which idiots have access to as well as they have access to National and Global Media; my personal opinion about their threats is that they are bluffing: they do complain of course but I do not see anything unusual about any of it as it has always been clear that there simply has to be a series and collection of things and position and achievement about which it is clear to them and to the world that of the existence of things that they will never have have - otherwise I will return from work on Friday, rest Friday night and Saturday and Sunday and by Monday Morning I am still flustered like it grows on Trees - the only thing they have here is gossiping and in terms of me the gossip about everything from what I eat to how I eat it and where I buy it because it facilitates deep and cheap and personal violent insults to do with anus and penis they can make me smell with, through which means they prick me and call on a crowd like Boys and their toys and find it amusing when my heart rate shoots up for it and of course generally enjoy issuing those stupid threats in my direction to a fault too as it were; they do fall in love with that process of sending out their foolish Women to tell me I am dicing with War of course but in the end its one of those stories about how their Gays find out which one is Female and which one is not, when people help and discover they have to spend their own property to solve its problems, which has actually never happened here - so I am wondering what it is they were trying to do the last time since 2002 when they decide the Politicians had to provide them with a hate figure they can abuse whose flesh they can press in order to attend school and concentrate on their studies if it isn't the later outcome of ripping up my academics and now my finances as well, to pass their Exams being that their fellow Reggae loving, Marijuana Piping, popular culture scum in government buildings had provided them the hate figure we see them provide for their frugal for their part in these matters as well, so they do need to put their money where their Mouth is, their insults where it is appreciated. Too fond of that idea we see them throw around on Media, that an Arch Prince fancies people who live in these ways, which allows them to turn up and take over my time and sit about deciding what the Public and the World thinks is the presence of God around me all day long - hard to figure out if they are actually convinced that stupid evil fight they want all the time is going to turn out the way we see them blab and boast it will endlessly, when they are cracked because they are stupid in the first place and want to get hurt further hence no signs they are clearing my space at present as it were. Its not actually nice to follow things up from that route where you start to make it a public matter that popular culture loving marijuana piping scumbags are useless people to keep away from if you have something important to attend to because it is a slippery slope and you can never control the results of Big Gangs and Medium Gangs and Small Gangs thing but having been their fellow popular culture loving marijuana piping scum in government office had given me as a hate figure to them and I want them to keep off my Business Empire and Clear my Christian Personal space, I am still at a loss as per which part of it they had failed to understand as well. I mean take the Popular culture for instance; what happens is that I allow a Woman show some Guy who wants to spend money on anybody that can solve a problem around Diplomacy security of which I have had some engagements around the matter and especially in a condition where I had not made the express choice to do do, to show she is allied to me and can get the job done and has perhaps been to Music school but when the songs are made it will be one real one is 2 years while the nonsense that runs everyday during that time will be from these idiots taking my life over and talking nonsense about their freedoms which America provides - this is where you think human beings cannot possibly be this stupid and useless until they start to become really threatening all together as well and you decide there is enough seen and heard of that stupid freedom as well and the Politicians end up wanting their own too. Some stupid fight they will win taking risks that will lead to further damage being done to my property as it were, with that big mouth. Yapping I am against freedom fighters and not which part of the Wealth of Britain Politicians want to carve up for themselves, none of which would have happened if they stayed off my Book sales or made use of my property like it did not belong to them (I mean in the end the reality is that this is a whole community and need to stop threatening me if as they say they know what is good for them, because it is not the only occasion their wild lose cannon stupidities and abuses have grown beyond their limit; in my case its all complete with Community croons that are the 60 year olds of today that knew where Teachers Anus and Penis is during their day when they should have been studying and has brewed all sorts of nonsense and feminism that targets me because I am a none violent person and their stupidities wants to get rich and famous and so we have that occasion where they will likely convince everybody racism actually exists after the Second world War and even if the Politicians would have been willing to come to a sense that racism is actually a mental illness in which somebody smell and is unable to stand the existence of other racial groups, these idiots will ensure their hands are tied behind their backs because they want to feel like powerful Women that can chose children of as same skin colour as they have and groom for crime like we see them give to the frugal of which I am notorious for the fact not enough of their toy soldiers and idiots have died on my account yet as far as it were; it is a slippery slope to follow as we can see clearly written here as it were and they can continue to pretend it is not a credible warning I have issued too; so they might fucking select their mate here and cling to him everyday for a decade and a half looking for trouble with a big mouth). If the question is therefore whether what propelled me to Campaign for the UK to remain in the EU is sheer opportunism, the answer will be in the affirmative; there is not much on offer in Europe at present but there are immense prospects if people are prepared to work for it and if all do so, the damage done by the French and Germans can be reversed too; by that I mean for instance that it was as simple as settling my position and relations with Africans and Americans and sitting back to look after my Royal Estate Industrial Community until these two Countries and other sympathetic to the insanity they invent and throw on others like a blanket got involved and then it all turned into a Cat and Mouse game where every hole they dig in my concerns to show their heads and make me deal with the problems that come with the existence of the black race had to be chased up one after the other while they made new ones and had fun; and I do not mean peekaboo either, we are talking about opening up my backdoor because when they open their hospitality to invite business interests they cannot control who walks into it and the problem associated with asking since I could, was that they were powerful - so it is not a new behaviour either and in the last 500 years it became far more obvious than necessary in the case of the UK when Queen Victoria was Monarch and there were Keizers in Germany; then the Russians will start to snub the Germans and so on and forth, except this time it happens as usual but there is another item involved i.e. the Americans but the effect of the behaviour is pretty much still the same and involves taking up a whole European Union market place and making it smaller for Germany or for France:- and we are talking about wasting the rest of it until it is at a size that can be gobbled up, rather than go out there and take what they need, hence I reckon although it is not what we normally do as British, if as a temporary measure and means of controlling their insanity that soon shows up in the US the slightest moment it is questioned, I can grab it and whittle it until it is small enough for just me alone the reasons to stay in the EU will have been justified. Some will say it is a big gamble but it is not a gamble at all to me - I am not the biggest Man in the world but the fact others that are bigger than I am play stupid and look after me is not an indication that somebody else is in charge either, nor does it mean people should develop a new cultural habit specifically aimed at claiming our jobs and finances and livelihoods for themselves; at the moment I do not have much funds to spend on such things, when I do, those who work them will need all the help they can get too - it is Countries which are involved in these things not Toys or Clubs.