Now they say I will hit failure pretty soon and I have no idea where that is meant to happen anyway but would like to fill some people in on how it might i.e. goons on the left with plans to get rich in the City getting in my personal space as if their lives depended on it endlessly while naming me a womaniser that goes around womanising everything and it is all added to their fellow idiots on the right who want to see me get beaten up every moment of their stupid time. hence what happens is that when they have block head children they will never ever discipline those if they can spend my time showing me what it is all about instead like they have got the right to.

Then we hear them say that they hate my guts because they envy me, which is not really the truth of which is that they hate my guts because it is something they have chosen to do on account the need to show their social groups and clique of friends and even their silly selves is cooler than I am; hence its always either the violence or the lies and accusation that I have to respond to all the time lest it creeps up on me and if I respond to it all the time will have time for nothing else but still have they again worked the violence off with media because it has to be lies and accusations which are violence and creep up on me when I do nothing about it etc, looking for trouble, complaining and finding alternative explanations for the reasons they hate my guts.

There is the other question of why it happens naturally; which answer is as simple as the fact he might want homosexual sex with me but does not want to ask because a no answer will lurk in his mind and make him an idiot for the rest of his life – so because he has fantasies of homosexual sex with me, the result has to be that I am unemployed for decades and then just like the community croons are taking advantage to extract feelings of sex I have refused to give them when I try to get to some difficult work by which I pay my Bills – perhaps one day somebody will have the homosexual sex with me and they will get the feeling from a distance and their hearts desire will be fulfilled. Every other reason they give for their behaviour is an utter lie and I want them all to keep off my Books and then whether or not I hit failure will not have to become more important than the job that pays their salary anyway – I mean as a whole they say Men are always fearful and fearful of violence but their capacity to build it is unfathomable in its own right, when you do not know that it is actually needed because it is how they trade, considering money is needed to control women and children. It is a completely necessary behaviour we will never see them exhibit with friends and family or show in their own living rooms but with a conviction that I may have entirely deserved it and cannot put their money where their mouth is when it comes to the hitting failure bit as well.

The questions they do ask concern the Politicians as well and they say it is the problems I create for those ones, which does not make any sense at all – since what we know Politicians are good at is that racism is bad but it can be good in a controlled environment because we foreigners never listen; so when they spend their time on referendum to let the Public decide foreign Police and Scotland which part of the UK they want to be, it is far better than spending the rest of my life wondering why they never get after the foreigners that never listen but tend to use them as electioneering tools instead.

So there are these tales of how it is hard for people to locate where I am heading next but that is as simple as the fact I have finished security systems for the dubious and untrustworthy women of popular culture and media and do not know if I will have enough health to complete the rest considering my finances are in such bad state at present and I am not coping well with the extra means of getting it online especially during Hay fever season. Hence it becomes a matter of tempting opportunism which causes me to pay greater attention to the fact I am always Polite and courteous as a result of occupying Royal Office because I am a very destructive individual and this serves a s shield for me and for everybody else. For instance Industry people thinking when matters have to be decided I will on the basis of some people being rude because they are developing means by which they can sell anything if they want to, which then becomes a tool that they can deploy in order to share the wealth of the very rich if they need to and that my decisions have to weigh on the differences between this kind of rude and the other kind of rude that is about ego and the fact it loves to grab other peoples jobs and one being used to punish the other but clearly of which is middle class and no matter what I do will find myself making decisions as per whether people push their wives at me as a life changing responsibility of destruction and vandalism, then grind society at me to select conveniences that tickle them and set out to sell my intellectual property for a living, to make their products more attractive, so as to turn up being rich and telling me what to do. They do say it would mean there are conflicting versions of my Books running around, which is utter nonsense; it’s about the sales plan and the books and the events that are supposed to decide the sales and if I have no trade in and no trade out for a whole week, I have to come up with a plan that solves the problem and yes their question suggests the case of what I am to use such a vast level of destruction for all together but has always been a simple there is attached to it i.e. all Banking Equities, so their rich stupidities might keep off my property. Hence my mind is not wired half the way that theirs is.

When it comes to their culture and society and racism getting in my face and getting ripped up for doing so however, the general story is that People such as myself are well known and that we achieve nothing unless we have become completely mad about it and yet we consider ourselves leaders of others; it makes no sense whatsoever as I am aware of where the madness is, if there is any as it were and I do not know why their answer to a condition whereby people like me are then allowed to tackle the source of their insanity becomes a case that is all about fear and which one is the dominant power and why they always elect themselves to that position - I have never thought the matter to be a problem either, it’s about stupidities and what people want to use them for and I am not the one using mine to fleece Money off of other people as a basic form of existence, so when it comes to insanity, they will want to try and zip it in my view. It’s nothing new of the means by which they get into my personal space and sit around selling my life to get rich, which only works even better if their civil rights mean that bad things happened to them and their lives only improve if they have something pure to hit and attack with very intense and incredible violence - in the end it has always been about a simple question i.e. half the world’s population is kept in a perpetual state of dormancy, supposing some wanted to get out of it and you had the means to provide leadership, what would you do? Should you be punished for doing it? So it’s the same story of turning up on their part to sit about my concerns to factorise all I have toiled for with all kinds of nonsense associated with feminism and yet they have never answered the question of what exactly their problem with Women actually is; all we know is that the reasons for this is supposed to be that they want to be able to handle people’s property and educate them about the evils of Women, which of course I am not actually asking. What they supply instead is lots of facts about how little they know of how Women live, contrary to the stories we hear them tell to boast about their knowledge of Women and yet how much it is almost law as far as they are concerned, in their stupid minds, that what they know about women, simply has to be the applicable truth. I have never thought the matter to be an issue either - same old question they ask about what is so important about the Women stuff, whereas it is not important at all i.e. when you see somebody trip you help them up if they are Men and do not if they are Women and yet according to sensations of justice that we hear them complain about getting so little of, it is the Women that should be helped back up most of the time and not the Men. As for the story of why it is so wrong in the eyes of some, to deploy the lives of women as the means of seeking exit from problems however, it entirely depends; it depends on the fact we are all adults and our heads are full of problems and we all feel it when people have sexual fantasies about us or when we block them off and they turn to distant violence and social repression - so it’s all very well to pick on fiercely Monogamous persons such as myself, who may have masturbated at some point but is it the whole truth and worth their fame and fortune and alternative lifestyle vandalisms as well to speak of some of the results; so I suppose it may lead to an occasion of standing up in public to look into somebody's eyes and tell them to clear my space, to make sense of the fact I do not have to be cash strapped for decades while people explain away all I achieve with the actions of feminists and peddle me to get rich while claiming I am a Womaniser that is Womanising everything and yes they do say it will lead to a fight I will lose but again that remains to be seen too. We hear that story ever so often of course of how I am not dealing with my own problems, which is actually about carrying out some violence because their girls are not pillaging my finances to enjoy the high life when they are forced to look after women and want to teach those who suggest it lessons but cannot and that I started the provocation all together; I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is as I have mentioned before – power accusations or not, they might want to take note that I am not the one deploying my stupidities to get Money off People.


It is one of those matters at the heart of the story when it is said I cannot have enough of those that are superior to me whereas I want to set out the idea that they mean nothing while making use of their lives; the reality is that the young ones are the most stupid of all because they are just destructive, the ones on the left are stupid because they want to make people buy products from them but the reason it has become a problem is that if those they abuse to make money by being stupid are not in pain of violence they have inflicted, there is no change to their quality of life and it will therefore never work – the ones on the right apply mostly the same thing but it involves lots and lots and lots of processes of cheapening other people’s lives while sucking up to celebrities. The rest are just the too many lies and too many secrets thing but they are always cracked because of their gluttony and always want to use somebody else as shield to ensure others do not find out they have been classically stealing more than they actually need and hence know why my anus and penis is for their purposes all of the time and get into my personal space to make me smell as a form of existence. The question of justice is usually that of who invented the bottom smelling and tummy churning stuff that opens up what others ate thing in the first place and you will find that they invented it even though they are the same that are trying to ensure others do not find out their gluttony has been rewarded way too many times for the common good.

They do say I love to screw with communities and it is utter nonsense; I love to screw with those who screw with me and my well being especially the most pressing at the moment i.e. the financial; I am a Christian, I want nothing to do with them but that does not mean that I do not know which one needs alcohol all the time because they are more interested in what others are eating than they are in what they have at home or which one does it because of the amount he took home as a sales Man and cannot actually explain why he has become so rich without working for it, the one that does it because he lies too much and has too many secretes and like to make out it is a matter of those he cannot tolerate; I mean I might be on a fast day but my tummy is turning upside down for eating nothing because they are trying to hide these things – the Media abuses and Political intervention to rip up my finances and ensure I go from being full of the grace of God to being full of worries and wondering what I could do with Cars like their own and material goods they have if I had any, which ensure I cannot escape not paying attention to them and then gets worse my impacting my Book sales as well while they chase my anus all the time, which makes it possible will always be punished; these are the things they get out of bed to want from me every day and I will never stop beating down that stupid self confidence for it as well. Now they say there is a reason that it happens and the only reason has always been that of a game I play; one about the fact they are always lying about me in public places and means to an end attached as well, so I thought that if I stuffed their stupid heads full of real facts, it will become so crowded they will get around giving it away and then I will get publicity which is positive in that way; what they do revenge therefore is to get on Media and grab a life and a career because they know information about what it is thinking and what it does while it exists in obscurity, to tell tales of leaders that do not lead by making themselves public vagabonds having no right to exist as leaders. I just thought I ought to show them it was possible for one of those occasions whereby I get entangled with sense of fame and notoriety to do with older people, which makes it really difficult for me to get a job and that I could handle them publicly and make a show of it and there was nothing in the world they could have done about it, I could do it and make a show of it and they could do nothing about me if they worked together for a change. The Politicians however do need to spend more time with their own lives and families than they do on ripping up my earnings to ensure I am forced to pay attention to them, simply because getting my attention is good for them and they have a right to get whatever they need. They speak of historical injustices of course, none of which justifies those Boys gangs and Girls gangs in school hat rip up the academic work and turn out to rip up people’s lives to make fame and fortune as well; I do give it a go sometimes by shedding all that suggests I am a Christian, to get all nice with unbeliever especially when they are smoking or drinking etc and in each occasion the outcome is usually that the luckiest I can get is being robbed – so the Politicians can do and say what they like but I will never stop punishing it too. This is not the worst I can do, the lies will not suffice either: I can always take that need to show investors I am in business to another level by making sure all things that invade my personal space and bu8ild up insults that are a function of whole communities being fed incredibly violent lies about me and turning up in Public to have fun with it chasing my intimate areas to a level where that stupid City nonsense and financial centre is affected – they are not religious people and do not believe in God and it cannot just be an opinion like they do actually matter as it were. Every single person out there has done something with themselves which means that their minds especially among all things are not predisposed to have to respond to the stupidities these idiots get up to, so the Politicians must have good reasons for spending public funds to peel it away. The whole thing is not as simple as they make it out to be; on one hand they say my methods do not solve any problems whereas that depends on whether people want to accept the religious way of doing it which is not to say they cannot make use of as well provided they do not damage my Royal person or property –however the way it really works is for example turning out on the streets to meet a Woman that has a go at you because your idea of leadership in the UK means that she gave birth to and raised a child that should have spent all his days getting sensations of convenience by persecuting you in order to get on your public image to make fame and fortune, just to feel confident enough about his superiority in order to chase his dreams but you have basically shut it down all together and that means she has given birth to and raised a child with a wasted future; so it is not as simple as rip up my finances and spend public funds to feel off what people do to ensure they do not react to it, then get on public Pulpits to yap about things that need to change, there is responsibility now and it is clear in the minds of the entire world on whose shoulder it falls. As for me, if they bother me we will end up working out how that culture and society needs to be taken up by the greedy who own it and then sold so they can have what they want, or I will end up selling it for them all together anyway; the part about that leading to trouble being the bit concerning my madness and whether I do not get after the source of it because I am scared, to see what they are made of as well; in the end it still boils down to the same issues i.e. the pragmatic elements of their stupidities, such as killing off the way religious people see the world and replacing what happens in their minds with popular culture and it’s those fucking rights they think they have got which allows them do it as well all together. On one hand it is said that I jump in and out of character all the time, which is not really true; the truth is that when I am done with Royal work and get off to do my own dishes it drives them insane, it hurts and I am gay when I am actually not kind of thing. The other story of how I want others to do violence on my behalf right beside it too; wherefore it’s a case of going from Christian to wanting violence on your behalf all together – the same old behaviour of course which largely concerns a process where if I do not carry out an act of fornication for instance, people will get on my Public image to spice up some filthy and violent sexual behaviour at my expense, which means they can then carry out such an act on my behalf.

They do say people actually hate my guts at the Monarchy and that is why nothing I do thrives but its utter nonsense its Mothers bond with child is more important than me method of making me expendable people doing their worst and they really love this relationship I have with Political scumbags and their tyrant friends overseas, where I stuff people’s heads full of truth, so whenever they want to blow off their lies about me everybody will see their body language carry my truth along all together so they might hate my guts – they love it because when these scum want revenge they get on media to use those truths for career piracy and taking over, which they can then turn up to complete by messing up my tummy and trying to get Royal Estates from the Queen. I do not have a problem with it and never had, the reality as it stands is that they are cracked because they are stupid and when they want to discuss the matter I will be around. As for how I run my affairs putting everybody in danger however; that is another of their games of perceptions of how a problems I handle should actually be fixed and of course where my concerns are, problems are always fixed according to how evil people think the world should be run and what moral and religious people do to tell them to get lost  and show there is no place in which the world is run that way, not their irregular heart beat TV and a process of sitting on it to watch industry idiots destroy everything I have, only to turn up and tell me what to do as well. They speak of why mass shooting happens whereas it has always been a simple case of give me some and if you don’t it gets serious; which they will claim is a behaviour I exhibit and we all know there is no such thing and that they work really hard to ensure others who do not even have a view similar to mine end up having this fabricated condition in which we wanted the same thing and there was a problem and then it had to be settled and it is much the same as the case of how Americans do not show empathy towards each other anymore because of me, when we all know American show empathy usually when they have a scapegoat to blame for it and that it got way too far when they selected me from the UK while they lived miles away because a goon that was leader of the labour Party at the time in the form of Tony Blair offered it; hence I am prepared to do this forever if I must, to ensure that they can have their fill if I travel to the US and not when I live outside of it and that when they do the Conditions will not have been changed by hindsight too; I mean when we really do need to find out if it suits them as much as they work hard to make it happen – right down to their hatred for civil service independence from Politicians, which allows people they do not like because they are moral people to get on with life, you know the one that is off the scale in the west, where somebody can lose a job because another person that did not like him picked up a phone and rang his friend. They do say there are people that are just annoyed by their very existence, which is utter nonsense; the reality of course is that of various issues around it, such as the fact that most of the time, as is in my case, it is the process of making connections between other people and myself around some comment I made and then setting out something we have in common, through which there is a disagreement that must be settled, that actually cases the problem and it’s the matter at the heart of the kind of leadership the Media wants to provide and as for the story of me having a don’t give me and it gets serious attitude, the reality can be explained through many areas like for instance sexual challenges that a My Court plays with all the time i.e. I don’t actually like it but when they are out to get you they are out to get you – hence when it comes to the punishments, then when I am out to get them I am out to get them as well; the one that beats me is what these stupid Men are doing around it but if it isn’t the idiots through whose wives I need to enquire and find that they are here because they always get what they want and that they are so important their families treat them like Kings which I will do as well or else with a big mouth – so it has only come to the point where that big mouth means getting on Media to become more important than I am and when it has failed in every way imaginable, whether or not it happens becomes a matter of what I get up to, which they can modify, looking for trouble. It’s never really good enough to simply say that people hate the existence of other people, we do not even know at this stage if it was about the Gay community that got shot this week made colloquial deals of evil and greed with City Centre goons and it built up to a point where people were being crushed while the fun they had was intensifying even more as people suffered and this guy was just one of those who either had a low tolerance or was crushed more than everybody else and decided to get a gun and shoot them, so there are many and very complex reasons why these things happen and not one answer will do, not least for a collection of idiots who love to express their own sensations of intolerance by seeking to set out other people’s children as hate figures they can abuse and copy a lifestyle from in order to be successful, pass their exams and be important, which is only a step up from drugs and gangs and popular culture uselessness and above everything else assume that right to handle others and teach them lessons on behaviour every single moment of their stupid time. it’s not my opinion that is wrong here and those who love to make out that was the case are usually largely these other group of goons that claim I am a coward who likes to push every little problem of violence into condition for war by seeking ways of amicable resolution that puts it disagreements in the future; but of course we know they are the same who wait for others to build one business and two and three and when it is a community turn up with their mothers to take it over – apparently they are not so interested in a war while their only mode of communication is still that of killing people and being killed as well. We have not even started discussing the part where the Germans like to say they were at the end of the worlds wrath over issues of race and therefore take seriously their relations in the Middle East and Africa but then set about doing it for all of Europe and when they meet the British cannot accept that how we do it actually exposes the fact they are novices and it leads to such an industrial facade; so there is no such thing as people who just hate other peoples exist just yet in a society where people are responsible for the fact others do what they do even when such an activity is murder, about which the Politicians hate my guts when they have stopped lying all together, even though it be for a time.

 These days the obsession is obviously to blame problems of immigration on Europe as a whole whereas we all know that it was easy to foresee that problems will arise in terms of controlling the borders should there be a case where people got off at Public office to repeatedly make statements about how we need migrants to work the NHS for instance because British People do not want the jobs that they would take etc. Certainly when it is blamed on me, there is a link with abusive insults of European Politicians whose concerns at government office is usually 80% Industry unlike the way government office operates in the UK, where people like me are unappreciative with a big mouth; hence has always been obvious that one trouble maker which is allied to them that moves past the borders would mean the sense that a thousand migrants have just come into the Country, just like  attacking British people over early marriage was always going to lead to more promiscuity and a loss of Britishness. As for a case where I drive people out of the UK to seek Citizenship from places like Ireland for instance – the reality is still the problem they have with the idea I am a human being that can feel good if respected by them as it were; so it gets to a point where they attend my work place to make me deals that runs like fuel of which more will be needed the next day and it has to be brought to light the issue of Lower class Pub sensation trouble makers who outside places where they gather in groups to wait for peoples blood usually attack those that dare to get respect they should be getting when they are out there working hard to enjoy life and find out what it is all about only to find that a younger person has better class and needs to be eliminated with a big mouth, the lower class scum that need justice every single moment for the best part of what we hear in Public, which always gets me contrasting their behaviour with what happens at the Upper class where it is those that are bigger than you that are most likely to stop a behaviour you do not appreciate if they think you are getting hurt – the lower classes who need others to have to tell them the reason we all look like we have stepped out of our living room and need to be fucked for getting out of our homes is because one moment we do our dishes and in five Hours we will be tired enough to need a break at work while people pick our brains to find which one is actually making us tired and so it becomes ever so embarrassing when it turns out the dishes were involved, which gets me asking what their problem with the respect bit is and why I am unable to get any respect from them and why they feel I cannot fuck their own as well and that the fuck Dad and fuck Mr Needy who is really tough rhetoric is some kind of joke I am cracking for their pleasure as such all together. Their response is usually that they need my Public life, where I was born and raised and had childhood friends and school acquaintances and so on to make fame and fortune and become important with and that when I mention it, for the sake of screwing with me violently to turn around and appeal to a crowd all day long  I have only dug myself in deeper; when we all know the problem is being solved along the lines of the fact I allow the abuses to continue to a point where they can draw a link between it and making money because I can push it back to where it came from and those who pick up on what I say to trap me further on media know they are looking for trouble and that is not lost in translation – while the premise for settling the whole matter is developed along the lines of not just finding their level when it comes to comparing their lives with mine without which they cannot carry on and lead media abuses and violence without which nothing is profitable in their stupid heads for but also the way evil people think the world should be run and what moral people do to show them they need to find their own place and level and nothing will ever get run in that way. Their defence is usually that I am the most selfish thing they have seen and mine is of course the same as ever; nothing, not for fame and fortune, not for having granddad that abuses people because I appear on television preserved so I can get more famous, not for money and not for power and not for Political office or Royal position, behaves the way they do is the real world; they are cracked because they are stupid.


Of course the problem is that they are still doing it and it does not work to say this person and that and that is the reason my business cannot thrive because they always work as an entire community and you have to handle them as an entire community as well but when it comes to the advice and the warnings, it is pretty much the same i.e. it has gone 15 years ago from seeking privileges of injustice from Politicians, to ensure their evil is about my spirit Christian being dominated first before I can get a job and has since progressed to this whole game of accusations and abuse on Media to ensure they are using crowd calls to get involved with and stall my Book sales all together and so the Books hurt but they are still doing it without impunity as there is no chance of actually working out an objective on my part for making sure they are no longer a threat. They speak of me cracking them of course but we know they are still doing it; using media to rip up my finances to experiment on what will happen if I had no job and no money and was in a gang doing glorious violence to make them feel good to that effect and are still finding the fact that they are amusing everyday on Media; all together the Satanism whereby I have enough privilege so as to spend half my life letting them destroy things and brew a sense of power and the other half letting them take advantage and get rich and their age mates are still taking up my time to tell lies in Public over some behaviour based accusations that they throw in my direction. They hate my guts, they are cracked and it is an insult to them who are the best thing that happens to the planet and more so as Men but are still doing it, even calling in stupid feminists to share in the action too (behaviour based accusation whereby they are referring to their mates as it were – obviously a function of locating another point where they can affect people’s behaviour without showing their faces as it were). There is that other talk of how I will not respect Russian power of course which has nothing to do with anything and causes me to think about any chicken I may have performed which will make National Interest around my concerns more difficult to defend – so it’s generally something they do when they want to perform that case of don’t give me and it gets serious they like to show off all the time for and they do speak of how they would hammer me of course whereas they should have thought about their stupidities not attacking me because I have my hands full with public duties and it was convenient to assume there will not be an immediate retaliation; it is a behaviour that has always existed, I mean American Auto investors came to the UK after the World Wars before they built Detroit in the US in the first place, so it’s never okay to say he or she or they are responsible, you have to see the whole community of people as a threat to your finances, getting up on media to practice being more important than others all the time, with every other self seeking perversion and style copying attached, which we all know gets serious when they start to think they are going to sell it as well; so human being therefore cannot possibly be this stupid.

They do not seem to tire of the case of my hate for celebrities which I have none; what happens is that they put their show business right beside my Book sale business and take advantage of a need they have to sell my Royal brand and make money and when they had made any set off to find my books and damage it in order to have a history of making money by taking advantage of me; so it becomes so clear that all they do to ensure I spend time on them and not on the Bible for example and the financial vandalism by which that is secured, is an attack and not a lifestyle issue that is thrown about at civil rights and that the one they don’t want to do is Christian bit, which is why I take up all their time to make them pay attention to it as well. The outcome is that I do not get to peddle what I spend my time on while they get to peddle what they spend their time on and that is where property has to be protected and the whole hate for celebrities thing brews alongside that story of them being savvy ruthless business people in order to be successful. I had simplified the whole issue before by telling them to keep off the Books and the peace and quiet built in the office for them all together; I had mentioned all I needed was working in obscurity and Books that did not have its business premises messed up by society Men and Celebrities and a Public life they were not perverting all together but they have not stopped – what they have done is set out various ways of making me a lesser person behave and so the case of a world where they became important than I am not actually existing has now given way to the premise by which it can being based on them modifying my behaviour (???). it’s like when they say I have an anxiety based illness which I don’t; what I have is a condition where Politicians rip up my finances and let them get into the work place to build up their savings and ensure their intrusive and abusive confidence goes through the roof, now all I need to do as competition and fights are set u between me and them by Politicians and Media is to relax and as I build mine up the ill feelings will wash away; they however do have a real illness and it might have to do with coming to my work place to use the way I work to solve personal problems or even getting them to make me play with the kids of those who own the establishment because it will make me inferior and of course it causes me to gasp for breath while they make me smell and I love to beat down that stupid self confidence that likes to approach me for it as well. So they say I am at war with the Media which is not good but it is an old story; I mean I have  court for example and it is rare to be blessed with a temperament that transcends Media like that and so when I do, the Male colleagues must have the same as well and the reason is that if people asked their spouse then people would find out they are important and always get what they want; so that nothing that came into the ecosystem will ever thrive, from fashion to small business etc and their Americans want to have equivalents of my Court for their personal pleasure all together because of it as well. So when I look back it is completely unnecessary that it came to this point where I am done with Royal work and then off to a day job to supplement my income and if I stopped getting angry which puts off customers and investors, these fools will run completely wild; so this year has to be the last period they have to play around and the Books will start to sell by the end of it or next year will be brutal beyond imagination for them as well. If they are Men they need to start acting like it, if they are civilised need to start showing it, if my Books do not start selling by the end of this year, I will start to adopt a position that is completely uncompromising by next year. They do say I have said such things before without any effect but what we are talking about here is going from setting up and buying the most expensive suit I have ever bought in order to show myself to the public and assure them I am ready to provide them a service – the uncompromising one is ripping up that stupid money and doing it in such a way as I build market equity from it, so that when I had gathered enough and showed it to a Banking institution they will certainly have the assurance I can pay them back and give me a Loan to start off with and it will feed into client bidding where I extricate market from every stupidity I see them continue to get involved to perform in order to get rich, which means that social and cultural issues associated with their stupid jobs ends up in this Office to complicate my life every day, while they sell my intellectual property and Royal sensations of convenience for a living and threaten me to make it work as profitability of violence as well. Basically ensure that the need to see them struggle financially works in terms of getting my Market from them and not from the Public, however I sell my products. It’s like when they say that I need to acknowledge when a hate crime against homosexual is one – utter nonsense of course, since the real case is still the old issue of building me a history that I do not want to have in order to feel safe and it is not like they are not good at twisting society until we have to deal with proper racism or ripping up my finances to go about finding new enemies in order to show faces in Public and tell of people they can control which is all so amusing as well; I do not want that history they prepare for me and have had 15 years of them right up to my neck – enough is enough and they do say they know how to hurt me as well and so do I think if my Books do not start selling at the later part of this year, they will hate the results by the next one as well; nothing, not for fame, not for power, not for glory, not for wealth, nothing for any reason has the right to handle other people’s lives and generosity and hospitality the way they do mine, nothing whatsoever – they are cracked if they are, because they are stupid. The nature of the evil is such that they cannot feel safe if you provide security, your very existence compromises it and their greed is such that you must be thrown to the Dogs for them to feel safe otherwise its never really good enough and there has to be somebody to throw to the Dogs like that on a regular basis so they might exist, when they actually didn’t have to be Gay in the first place – it was an alternative choice they made as it were, turning up here all the time.