Now it is never true that I am waiting for an inheritance, the truth is that I have three matters to deal with: first being that of idiots who love to claim while nobody can find out the truth before they can taken what they liked, that all I do is disapproved by the Monarchy which sets off an excuse to handle anything I own and even my person if they wanted – then there are the others in government office who wreck my finances in order to get on media and build up a reputation of being superior to me and finally the ones that will not be seen doing anything without a derogatory abuse passed around my books. In reality I got a royal commission and had to decide to keep personal possessions separate from it which I couldn’t and all I have done since have been approved by the Queen and apart from that they claim it is a story of the fact those that are older and more worthy of my work want it and will get it all cost, concerning which whenever they turn up with grey hair and suits and pass around insults about beating up a boy the truth of what ensures bad things do not happen is my Christian sensibilities pulling on me and not a fear of them, more so when we all know they are of advanced years and will not be able to keep up with me first of all and if they send their children those will be too young and inexperienced but of course they have an ego with which they regularly serve the people around the sense that when they want something they always get it and this is what is being tested here. I dont have a problem with it and have not set out my personal life as a means of making money – it’s a case of rich people getting involved with me to feel they have been where the cradle of their fundamentalisms is and therefore handling me like a father figure which I have to live up to; the nauseating feeling of lack created by these stupid men and their wives who count their stupid selves among women with those stupid children that do not know their limits is heading in only one direction i.e. when these things have carried on until my actual quality of life is altered I will change their world as they know it as well – so it does not therefore imply that I have thrown away all I own by any means, what it actually means is that held down in financial difficulty while people have a party with your possessions and turn up to tell you what you cannot be or not, their stupid leadership of insolence is now open to everybody’s dip as well.

  I do not think these matters to be a problem, it’s a reality that every time we see them is a process of viewing them at saying and doing something thrown up into the air to hang there and allow twisted community croons to invade your personal space which is why they will take all I own right down to my personality and make fame and fortune and then become what I should have been to punish me for some crime they made up and have revenge on those who have beaten them for their wickedness in the past; so it is all served only with a big mouth and not going anywhere – I hear the part well where I am said to be able to say anything I like and hence my advantage but that would not have meant doing so gives you the ability to deal with walking into a neighbourhood to have a community croon take down her window blinds and stare at you for hours until she is able to dominate the entire atmosphere of your existence which becomes the answer for everything to media fools and stupid men with insolent wives and a leadership of insults at Industry – it is now open to everybody’s dip as well and when this actually carries on until my quality of life is changed permanently the waiting for an inheritance and an inability to compete, I will change their fucking worlds as they know it. So on the matter of terrorism it is much the same as ever these insolent scum and the fact that British values or not British Muslims are the responsibility of British leaders and I can lay claims to one without problems if I need to whether or not they exist as there is actually nothing they can do except show off a big mouth and feel their insults have become the answer to everything – by the way of which what I am waiting for is actually not their inheritance after all too.

I hear they speak of something I said about the Duke of Edinburgh which they want to ensure turns me against the Royal family but it is the same old case of my academic work being worth insults and sex and abuses and gossips about which I intend to industry teach them lessons they will never forget as well and they can bring their husbands to the party too if they wanted. It is the same case of people being a threat to your freedom in a condition where all is well if you dont react to it unless Politicians and media have ideas and want your life because they dont like their own anymore which makes you decide racists should cease dealing with problems and ending up in prison if they have journalists around anyway but since that is not enough we are where we are today. I hear the story of how I mess up peoples homosexual culture too but that develops from this – journalists taking the load off the racists and dealing with the problems in accordance with the insults the love so much and then they can build up an atmosphere of really insulting verbal abuses levied at me to ensure it hangs in the air and allows community croons to invade my personal space, which then means I invade their own and have a Court and write books too; everybody knows Politicians wreck your finances when you attack them so you dont want to but that it has become power for them and they have no wish to stay off my finances as well either – they like to brag they want to see me do strange and freaky things to get out of it for the fun of self improvements they are too lazy to create for themselves unless that laziness sis justified by causing me intense distress which will make them feel it was not hard work. I dont think it is a problem it’s a difficult thing to understand what kind of an abusive and insulting person you have to be to ensure you are deploying government office to make people react to those that have made themselves a threat to their personal freedoms, in the hope that yourself improvement will have made you an important person that has climbed the social ladder. Apart from which whenever I do react because it is what people want, it is the Christian that does not give a toss about their wickedness getting into their world, so that their women can have a plan for everything based on a man that will take nonsense from them like a man claiming to be feminist and having that sense that they can insult people to any level that they want and to any degree especially when they have media and Industry support for it too – I do not react to it personally and am a Christian hence not given to a temper.  It is clear to see none of activities concerning their civil rights is a tempera occurrence, it is here to stay; I mean for example I will not be doing this tomorrow because they will get out of bed to wreck my book sales and brag about it, so something else will be the bone of contention instead. I know I get asked if I am really certain I can beat them or something but it is not a matter of beating them, it’s a matter of kicking them: I mean take the fight against poll tax for example, if you did make such laws today they would make perfect sense on account of my activities but there is nothing new about that fact either considering how they attack me because Thatcher wrecked society and they must damage something about peoples being upstanding gentlemen to have their revenge and have chosen me as their experiment which has not ended well but does not prevent them from coming up with new ideas all of the time. The only question that thus tends to make sense is when I am asked if I do not think it all folly but it is, I am doing it because I know where the folly is i.e. these are idiots and the process of getting involved with them is where the prejudice is and you can measure it by that old case of a need to get you to build up your life somewhere while staying out of your earnings, so that they can get you stuck somewhere an deploy it to get rich about which we have now reached a point where they feel that if they cannot make it happen by hate they should be able to make it happen by love and sex which is what it has become. When judged dispassionately, we see that it is a group of really stupid and lazy idiots who want slaves that will do things for them and the only way they can have that is either to watch people on whom they will impose a civil rights fraud using government office and need to catch them when they try to find their first jobs or people will be abused into making out that being their slave is a form of civil rights – so all that nonsense about my involvement with the Royal Family that needs to account for its role in the history of slavery and slave trade is utter rubbish too and they know it. The problem is that when they save their energy and get off to deploy it as an advantage over you who have spent all of yours working for what you need, it is risky and does not guarantee success and if they expect you to make out being their slave is your civil right the problem is that of how much they will have to pay you which they can ill afford to because they do not have the money. So they are idiots and when they make jokes it is vile and twisted and evil and disgusting and you cannot find it funny while they laugh among themselves for example and it is the getting involved with them that allows them to make up ideas of getting the better of you on media and so on but then again as I mentioned before – let this 24 hours go by and the next one begin and we will try to see if they will not damage my books and just as I am about to forgive it brag and use media to make it into an international issue. We do hear the part where I have an immeasurable lack of respect for the demands women make of society but of course the real problem has always been that I owe them nothing and they dont pay my bills but have a real problem with a respect for me which suggests I face the same challenges as they do to pay my way in the world – so there is no gender inequality in the world place in actual fact like they claim it is but the fact they think they can do anything – I mean an example is the fact that my activities have not convinced idiots who want a toy boy but think I am their alternative that messing with my emotions can lead to grave consequences because they are in their opinions old enough to be my mothers and it is laughable too from where they are which will get worse even so of course. It is never a matter of showing an ability to handle women it’s a matter of the fact that because people feel that they control you, your followers cannot take care of and nourish you as well whenever you have been off to an expedition to serve them and this is because people can get hold of you and make you do it for everybody with their leadership of insolence which is by the way now open to everybody’s dip as well.

I know it is said I have gotten myself entangled with the media and now feel I should be taking the problem out on everybody – it is not true of course, I am not entangled with the media, it is just full of idiots who think they live in a day and age where Royalty is weak against media and it has the power to do and undo if it wants – so I know I am not a power mongering misfit in Government messing around and looking for promotion, I know government office is manned by people and they have limitations and so do I think that media is manned by people as well, hence it does not mean that I am a weak link when I am not a misfit. Hence I can easily take names and take names and exact my revenge on those names until it becomes something I work hard enough to do to the entire Industry without infringing on anything whatsoever. I mean an example is when people come through the borders and the civil rights fraud enforced on adults by Parliament means that they are held down over a period of years in intense suffering and distress with lies and tales told to match, in order to strip them of all they came to the UK with on account they want to see fear in their faces when they are told to leave the Country which is never where it ends of course because they can always make sure that people react to women who are a threat to their personal freedoms and then make debates out of it in parliament, they say it is about deciding what friends people have which will ensure they can be put in their place while those that are important run free but we all know the result is that a racist will soon have to kill somebody and throw his or her life away, so why should that be the case if there are journalists to take care of the problem and so I save that and wait until they are on my case for the fact black people are bugging them and somebody needs to be held responsible and then they can take care of problems for racists and make sure they dont throw their lives away. I mean some things are just unethical, cruel and have nothing whatsoever to do with journalism or a day’s work: things like how I say something nice to the crowd to make it feel good about itself – it is not what I do of course, it is just a pleasurable abuse of me that they can later sell off to industries to get rich and famous and connected – so it is never random on my part either that I tend to notice they wear makeup and go by the name of reporters and presenters and correspondents. It’s a  matter of something they do because of the way they treat Americans that come to the UK, something about their pretence that they hate a society where people use other people’s lives to fix their problems but want it like their lives depend on it in the UK because Americans mostly always show them exactly how it is done: so I am comfortable with being British and getting off to use people’s lives to fix my problems in a matter of months is a big ask, however I can do the part where I look American and they can give me their best shot if they want but it is never really a big issue since those who behave like that desperately need leadership but set out people that are not worthy to provide it but worthy for the abuse that gives others their ideas and so it becomes a matter of whose own is available for everybody’s dip and you become quite obsessed with handling them and trimming them and controlling them and shutting them out. I mean for the Politicians they complain but we still have a case of moving into my right hand to have something everybody else seems to have except them in the form of how people give up power to them and so on, making out I am the big canopy that protects them from all the evils of life that they can abuse of it is not working properly and so on – so when I say they need to get out and if they wreck my academic work again I will ensure they have a private diary they will get to use in this life and the next too, they say I have taken everything but these issues are largely a matter of seeing people and getting off to gobble them up just for you like you can give to the frugal and hence I do not spare expenses when it comes to their own as well and try to pack in as much as I possibly can bearing in mind if their civil rights fraud was forced on me as a Child or teenager it would not have had a lasting damage but has been as an adult because they have made me into something they make use of.

I am aware it is said when I speak in such ways they believe they have tasted blood but I have no idea why I am expected to watch how I speak while people deploy government office to trap me somewhere and make me possessed with demons to tell their fortunes with because there is no other way they will win elections or make a living and still turn up to make a conversation of politics out of it and get self improvement based credence at my expense at the end but they have not tasted any stupid blood and that is why racists are not throwing their lives away this time – the media will take care of the problem, so they can ensure people are reacting to community croons with a link to wealth established on peoples sperm and so on. They are all just people who feel drawn to evil and stuff and I really like screwing around with the evil too – I want them off my book sales, want them off my finances as I need a holiday away from their stupidities and those books are the route to it, they are not using my life and I dont care how much it changes their very nature when they cannot have it.

I learn my activities make things worse which is never actually true as well since it is an old case of how you explore your own ideals to end up being trapped at civil rights in order that you might try to earn a living with it so that people can stop you from doing so but if you dont they get to stand up on politics and provoke you to extract it and get corrupt and it is this corruption of what people hold dear to their hearts and the need to hunt me down and corrupt mine as well that is one of the most provocative issues in my books. They wouldn’t mess with the devil but they can mess with God if they wanted is the big idea so it seems that if they do not feel detached from wickedness when they are killed by those against whom they are posing a mortal threat, they will always feel they have nothing to lose and we have got a security problem if that is allowed – for me personally I think they dont feel potty when they approach me, which is not at all the way it should be. I hear what I say and do encourages people to carry out genocide and rape in conflicts and so on and it makes no sense whatsoever since people do not have a problem with me and what I say and do is unlikely to be significant enough to determine how they behave it’s as the old question of people in Church being responsible for what I complain of like God jeopardises his own servants for his followers in that way which then makes them people from Church as it were – as I said before of which they are idiots who are always drawn to evil and I enjoy messing with it, right up to the anal sex bit which I finish off by having a Court on Media and writing books because they need to stay off my finances along with their Politicians as I need a holiday from their stupidities and those book sales are the route to that.

I hear the Americans say the problem is largely that illiterate idiots like me who have their own royal inheritance and can do their academic work when people feel they are willing to let them crack on are the sort of nonsense they would not tolerate and that I have no clue what I am doing – that may be the case but economy is an elaborate interaction of scarcity and choice does not mean they can lazy Yankee idiots turn up to play foolish games with me about how it is a funny spoof that it works out as my scarcity and their various choices – they love it so much but do not want it when people play with them as well, just like the Labour Party corrupts and mismanages the borders of the UK by actually being the first party in British History to deploy it as a means of determining the nature of their international philanthropy, hence every fool with an ambition to travel overseas comes around here to find those he wants to be equal to. For the former the case continues of course as we still cannot work out what possesses people to play those sort of games with others in serious minded business of government and National economy of which they say that the US can restore the British economy in a jiffy if it wanted but we all know my people will get no support and I dont care for the latter however they speak of popular policies and how I am an enemy of that which makes no sense since we Christians do like Policy debates but the Bible prohibits debates for the sake of it in the first place and I dont care whom I lose an argument to or what they do as a result – only that the children of disobedience with their civil disobedience going onto criminal disobedience will not and will never turn up here like foolish men who have never done anything right in their lives whose wives and mothers and siblings know about and those three groups they hate so much turning up to fight me over my involvement with other peoples wives with a big mouth:- this is never where they are going to get me stuck somewhere in order to build their perverse radical sector out of my faith – I would need to get involved with them and give them my teachings for that to happen and I have not and they will not have it in hell. I mean if I wanted such things how badly would I have wanted it anyway – wrecking other peoples academic work, wrecking their finances and deploying government office to keep it wrecked, those stupid women with weepy complains on media all the time? we already know we have a problem with authority in the Country and fundamentally hate those for whom matters concerning it is a specialism, we hate them and we vilify them when they are popular and when they are known and when they do it well but popular policies on the basis of what flouts the constitution by a group of idiots that can make a career out of it and find scapegoats to pick on until they react in order to return to the life of the next parliament with a new lease of life like the Labour party after their need to have what others have and to be equal with others have been granted them and they have become obsolete and hence need to create new problems but that does not mean that being a religious person that is fundamentally vulnerable to their behaviour necessarily allows or makes you the weak link. I am not in any way trapped and thereof living a slave existence – I had approval from the Queen for all I do today some 11 years ago but ever since each time I am about to earn a living there are a group of fools on media and on parliament who love to play populous games tabling something before The Queen over it in pretence that whatever happens will change what I get up to or what I deserve from what I own.

I know it is said I am somebody who does not recognise the fact Politicians have no benefit of hind sight and it is utter rubbish, what is true is that they love to claim they are all knowing and so when they get into government office make mistakes and go back and forth all the time with the result they are fundamentally dishonest and start to attack people for it and get corruption – an example was the expenses scandal which was specifically designed by them to be provocative. The Primary prognosis of the Prime Minister being HMs man and not me is supposed to have been based on his baggage of an absence of hindsight and the reason for that being that he is good with the people and educated enough for his office and nothing more than that but because we have had the most perverse government ever in the last decade in Downing St it does appear we need a cleanup. They always say they were supposed to do money while Monarchy does stability – which makes no sense since stability is still what Monarchy does and we all know The Queen has never before made any laws and neither have I despite all my trouble making – in fact what has been happening instead is that I have been running a better government office to earn from book sales than they have been paid by the tax payer to run and everybody knows that globally: it is supposed to be ideally a process of putting together laws which work for the long term that sees in terms of education a child go from nursery to college to University and out without any mishaps or taking things that people have already worked on and handed to you to go off to parliament to make a case and get it through. They have rather preferred talk about power and it is much the same like their inability to settle on whether or not they like American and African games on freedom and capitalism and that is why HM's Job is not being done properly at the Cabinet and the Prime Minister cannot be The Queens Man. So they speak of a need to recover their mobility and they will not have that heresy of a radical sector of my faith in hell either.

Now I hear they say Politicians are powerless and it is of course utter rubbish – what Politicians are is incompetent, when they say they are powerless on the other hand they are expecting somebody to have conversations with them over power sharing with the Monarchy but I have Eagle eyes largely and can see that they are actually not doing their jobs properly; what they are good at is for example being interested in whether or not you are taking advantage of a highly developed Labour market and education system to make your way in Industry so that they can get off to determine whom you are seen with and whom people know you to be seen with all the time in order to determine who you are friends with and thereby determine who you are – they are very good at that but clearly not at anything else. They do say I cannot get by at Industry but of course the reality is that being rich is not easy and people will want to see blood – these are actually the good ones, the bad ones simply live in a world where they are unable to understand that bullying people does not go hand in hand with successful business, so they are supposed to reach a point where it falls apart unless Politicians get involved to postpone that date to the near future in every single case. What they do ask is my recommendation? It’s a rather simple case of the fact Politicians do need to stop suffocating people: I mean some 25 year old woman can be taken advantage of by an industry trouble maker to postpone the date in which his trouble maker contraption expires if and when circular society is not strong enough and how can they be if Politicians regularly turn out in parliament to be all knowing and when they fail collect the people’s ideas and my ideas to patch it up, talk rubbish about leading and claim it is something I am supposed to resolve regardless of how many times I have warned them that behaviour is how totalitarianism works – it does not do economy and it does not do society and they know it: I mean I am not of a circular society type anyway but still they do things and leave some for me as well.

The Islamic issue is a rather simple one that does not get handled as simple as it is i.e. this is a Christian Country and we own up to the Muslims that live here and Jihad is a person turmoil but Muslims believe God gives you the right to attack those who mess with it with deadly force and of course we were all born into a world where Muslims exist. The story of my opposition to American ventures reaching a head has no potency either; for that one we all know Saddam Hussein was responsible for the invasion of Iraq because he was playing the same games that transformed Al-Qaida from a group to an ideology and the timing was really bad as well for good measure and for it he was captured and put on trial and executed for treason and for the deaths he had caused in the country – that was his chapter and it was closed. The one about Saudis was that they knew terrorism took root in their Country and that Saddam was really messing things up and needed to be curtailed, so they supported the invasion and that chapter was closed. For us the British we were dragging our feet according to the Americans and so the war was a mess and started long before the US allies got into position, it was what it was and the outcome was a mess with lots of friendly fire too and that chapter was closed. The only chapter that has not been closed is the American one; they told people there to rise up against their Country, went in there to show they are not on the side of the locals, retired without pay some thousands of well trained military personal and then set out their American Christian conservatism full of silly little girls taking part in Church activity and attacking younger men in order to sleep with the pockets of the older one and enjoy the joys of innocence, so there is nothing that had happened which did was illogical reasons, it is not as much a tangled mess as people say it is and where I fit in is that they said, Bush and Blair that is, that they will spill blood on my royal commission and it will be damaged and media will run with that fact and so they got to apparently, hence my actions are not without reason either nor do they mean I am not supportive of Americans fighting my cause and I am aware they say those I get around with will be abandoned by the American government, which makes no sense whatsoever since we already knew their girls cannot keep their insults to themselves and I can develop film equities for friends for example only to find thousands of girls deploying it to be known and to be important and to be on the side that is powerful and to attack some idiot trying to mess with great powers and to destroy everything they get their hands on to seek comforts and decadence without actually making public appearances, so I have not got a clue where they got to think that this was news. They do complain but even while they do actors do suck their cock in order to get jobs for the season which is a simple way of showing how much they hate my guts and these actors simply are people that must be removed for them to feel nothing is standing between them and a need to be able to do whatever they like even as an idealistic existence or plain and simple person on a different side of society faring well without having to resort to my measures and of course not thinking the way I do about wealth etc – tending to show I sit around talking instead of playing my hand at the global power game so black idiots from there can talk rubbish at me and show the world they are sociopaths – hence Iraq was invaded as per warts and all which was unacceptable.

Thus scarcity and choice is all that economy is about meaning a case of my various choices and your scarcity such spoof and such fun being perfectly alright as long as there is money leverage and media with which to determine what others think about you successfully with, in fact it can become the answer to everything especially over the need to handle those that were raised to do without either media or money leverage such as myself. Soon enough of which we are talking about school shootings and it is the fault of religion for setting some activities out as sin and deviance, more so as long as people have a big ego and a process of transferring the resulting violence somewhere else by which it can be perfectly alright to carry on like that and keep building it up. However it seems these fools have no plans to sit back and be messed around with in that way as well and re as such seen behaving like it is some kind of game they are playing that the victims need not take seriously until they had covered their tracks and become invincible which does not work around here hence their leadership is open to all dips as well because of their insults in my direction and around my books, developed around those stupid insulting threats as though I am the one losing the fight anyway. I mean it is not like I have gone back or am going back on my prognosis of a need to equip children with an ability to fight back as well either and we are not talking about stupid Royals here in the UK fucking around with my book sales either - I mean I have the pornography Industry under control around my affairs is not to say I have done it to serve their insults, their own is an old case and we will hear more about it too at some stage.