So they say black people want to teach me lessons for my behaviour but it’s an old story, I cannot just go from telling them I don’t like being ambushed and waylaid and rounded up like farm animal over their stupid needs, only to find they are getting involved with the Sons of the Heir to the throne and anything I do which makes me successful has broken their stupid record which is an issue that has been resolved at the time when the cost was the process where I dropped out of University – so I can handle them but I have no idea who continues that habit of getting them close to the Royal Family anyway. The matter is a simple and clear one i.e. they need to work for their own or inherit from those who have the good sense to.

They say it’s the amount of times people make their lives violent on my account whereby fight that and beat that rhetoric has now become a sub culture in its own right – whereas what brings that on in the first place is itself the number of idiots that get involved with me on a daily basis and it’s the same thing when you get to the local communities; they can look after the Arch Prince who gets care from Celebrities that are always pointing out to him a certain rock bottom which involves pornography but every time that happens, others cannot concentrate on anything important because I am in one form of pain and distress after another – so when their attention is drawn to that as well they start to become defiant and suckle others, looking for profitability to attach to their disobedience, hence they are apparently tough enough for it too. So they say I am a war monger which is utter nonsense, the reality is that those who make themselves enemies of the UK have developed themselves into one as a result of what they say they have learned about the great British Military which when added to the size of their various Countries shows they should have a bigger pie of the world; I am just somebody that is prepared to say that this will be recovered before any fight starts and then mean it since we all know that they have a tendency to copy other peoples military when beaten rather than accept defeat over a fight they start off in the first place.

It’s like when they have a Trump hate list to talk about already when he is not yet the President technically and it’s the same old madness that goes round and round while they would have had a convenient fuck at the end, hence for me, that stupid abusive cowards violence of provoking as many people as possible and then setting out some innocent victim that will be the most profitable for them becomes my exit from it all together so that there might be two who want it for an exit – the part where we find out who is going to stoop to pornography and who will not want others to become whores because his Women are not; it is usually the point at which they think they have recovered all that does not belong to them which was gained by abusive tantrums and then make sense of it all too, especially when I plug them on and use them as corks to get out of the mess they make for my business at the global markets too. They do say I am no one and should not be getting anywhere near the Royal Family but that has never really been an issue either; we see them every time walk round the streets expecting to be forgiven for ripping up peoples livelihood, so that the person can withdraw further forgiveness when the purpose of doing so was to ensure that the person has to recover it in an environment where everybody was bigger and what he was required to do was work on how profitable violence was – so the purpose of all I have done as well has been to show that stupid cowards violence and its need to pick on others, that they cannot actually protect what really matters to them, even though they have such a big mouth all together – we see them walk around the streets with a sense of insults channelled at anybody who looks like a future is bright, whereby you must cower before your superiors; my Books apparently are not hurting badly enough yet, they will be the ones selling it all together really soon in my view.

They do think they are really big and some of them have made some money and taken some drugs and now think they are really tough too but if they drink to me and my Books that were savaged so that somebody can buy an expensive Car I can drink to them over my diplomacy exploits and a Royal Estate they do not have; so if they want to maintain their superiority, keep the insults where people appreciate them and keep their stupid selves off my Book sales. I do not think this matter is a crisis; what happens is that protesters cannot believe Trump won an election, so they want another life and have set me out as they idiot they can abuse into taking out the trash, so it will never stop unless I take out the trash, they end up with a new life and I want to find out what they intend to do after that as well: so I suppose we can do it a rather simpler way i.e. one more time seeing others gain from my Book or my Public work or something I have said or written or have been forced to say or write and this will have been the start of it, so we can find out how big they really are. they do say my people cause all the trouble and there is only one question to answer about it too i.e. what business it is exactly that they have with me – save a very perverted leadership they want to make an exhibition of their Media incomes, most of which was made pillaging my public image anyway, as a means by which to provide a very perverted form of local leadership for young people and others poorer than themselves, which is also fundamentally based on deterring people from my Books; so we see it as a daily affair all the time – it hurts them to get involved with me because they are ruffians and I am not and it hurts me to get involved with them likewise but they are still doing it, doing it and issuing those stupid threats when it gets difficult stealing the earnings, doing it when they know they are bloody idiots that cannot actually protect what really matters to them but would rather spend their stupid time on me and so the Media ones lead to the neighbourhood ones and I cannot feel comfortable at home while they pretend it gets to become so very amusing and their temper is the greatest thing on earth with that big mouth; I mean they are sore all over when I say it but in a next couple of minutes will be back again.


So there is the other story of whether my leadership is something I reject or accept but it’s an old story; a 36 year old half Priest Diplomat does his work and people who provide him with security or act for security on his behalf model their careers on his life and leadership, and when goons pretend he is not protected and what happens to them when they distress him is magical, while the others who are managed at the Firm and the Duchy do their own as well but there is always that undertone of  privileges set out for a leader whose life is deployed to do things for others being one of a sense of a rock bottom that is concerned with Pornography – I have hit no such rock bottom but people have already made enough pornography on my life to last a lifetime and showed up to pretend that they will dish out consequences if I watch it and so when I watch it and dish out the consequences instead we listen to all that noise and then find them do it again in 24 hours. Like the story of Middle East goons playing g war games with my Royal order, concerning which two pieces fit well enough so far i.e., they have been extracting information from my computer when I play video games which involve such things and the other some of those offering information to help UK security have been compromised by American service operatives and so they use these things they gather from me as leverage to make their escape, meaning my temperaments fall into the hands of ISIL and Hilary Clinton should have been elected or else.

So it’s the same way they say I am a coward that gets around changing people’s lives that he might live for a while – I wouldn’t know anyway, I just know that their far right movements can stop making progress at the polls by explaining their ways off with my public image and my Books which are subjects of their Media envy and explain their position where existence is a lottery for them and they can vote for Conservatives but when it does not make them rich, do Liberals and if the same is the case, do Socialists and if the same is the case, find a Political group that will help them blame a certain group of people for it all – explain it clearly to the rest of the world and not do my Books instead. The rest are idiots who have a problem with respect with regards to me and I want them to touch themselves in a soft place with it on a regular basis, considering no normal human beings can really be that violent with respect to an attitude that concerns other people’s lives and property in the first place.

Then we hear them say that Women are becoming more violent and drinking more and acting more like Men on one hand while setting me out as the person that causes Women to clash with men regularly on the other; first of all which I suppose Women are violent after all as it were and for my part anyway the first time they complained about me had to do with my personality and how they couldn’t own the good parts while the miserable ones that were created by them became the only things they saw and then after it was over what happens when they get after my job and after that it was what happens over academic work and after over what happens with business and book sales and so it continues endlessly whenever they cannot beat up those that are about ten feet tall and spend their energy working for what they need instead of beating others up to grab some, so they target those that are not all of the time for their part instead, where I am carrying on with my concerns while they are getting on Media to groom me for that stupid cowards violence because they think they are really big. It’s an old story of people who are linked to a certain really evil aspect of culture and prepared to make decisions as concerning another person’s right to be a living human being over some need they have and each time they will not keep their ruffian existence from me will be the each occasion we hear them complain endlessly as well. Like the ones that says racism has gone through the roof these days all together, which I do not suppose tends to mean that atmosphere I have set up so the Women ones can touch themselves in a soft place with and the need to get out of bed to match the Men with some new inventive way of causing them pain on a daily basis is effective – but then again, it does come to a point where this had become the only option for making any progress with a livelihood. My main concern however is not them as a whole, its Politicians throwing money at them to show the Monarchy how these so called poor people that Politicians need to let alone because they sort themselves out in the end eventually, do the things they do to keep the Monarchy in charge and so it gets to the point where One has to do their own as well to protect himself – the modernists and media goons and community idiots and social democracy fools and the way they do it to keep them in charge too – it leads right up to election day respect issues where nobody gets any if I am not.

So there is this story of what News papers say about Migrants which seems to run along the lines of the Toy Company Lego that has Withdrawn its relationship with the Daily Mail because of the way they have consistently portrayed Migrants and the Daily Mail has in turn issued a statement which expresses how much they had lost as it were; an old story about people thinking Migrants move around like vermin from one place to another, whereas the reality is that if they move around, then they know every single place they had been before as it were, so they are out of sight alright but that is not to say their world of migrants moving around is not a world where friendships are made, relationships are made, children are born etc – so it will only become real when people read literature written by a Migrants and have to write an Essay on it to pass their Exams. It was the same with Travellers as well – the Travellers lifestyle was good for the Greek Economy and has been for years because of the large expanses of land which are neither inhabited areas nor desserts of extreme in Greece and hence whole Families can pitch a tent and live somewhere obscure for 2 week and then move on to another, until it was taken over by parasites, who are now fighting to preserve the Travellers culture that they had turned into a social problem in the first place and we can see how they fight for it in any case as well, which is same as would have happened to be if I allowed it i.e. my faith especially would have been taken over and preserved in a condition where I was barred from working it and people could open and close it at will and then shut it down permanently if they wanted but preferably fight for it as it were – so there was a time that Film making about Traveller culture was the rage as well before it descended into what it has become all together the way it is today. These are not largely my problem, my problem has always been more a case of the fact that those who consider themselves to be at the Top of the Pile in the Lower classes assume they can touch people as they like because it is a world where saying people can see the good but not touch never actually works and the Middle Classes cannot keep their hands to themselves for want to handling others and forcing people to get into a fight in order for them to feel comfortable; the reasons I never speak of it is because there are others at the Monarchy who handle both; the problem is that if I take Public transport and my bottom hurts to a point where I can never be professional at work, I really do feel that if everything that works in it is not an ally of mine, it will never be good enough as well and as for the Middle Classes on the other hand, it’s always one insult after another and the idiots can never keep their mouths shut, especially considering that getting them off your income only means getting caught up in another responsibility all together.

Then they tell me nobody really knows what my problem is whereas we all know it’s their extreme rudeness that allows them to limit my earning capability and jump all over my empire to exhibit their stupidities that Politicians have allowed because they have no clue what to do and nobody else’s leadership is ever good enough too. Hence when they succeed in stealing some, there is no reason that should then become a problem for my health because it will mean I cannot come up with more, for them to steal another time and hence we end up with a problem all together. Just the way they claim I would never back it up with action when we all know that all this nonsense about needing whole communities to take me on was built because of the usual outcome of such blabbing; the other side being what my problem with black people is, whereas there isn’t any – just another group of fools about whom I can never feel good but in their case, the problem is that the Police are doing a bad job and they are doing a better job and are doing it for me too, especially when they get beaten up in the best of instances by a boyfriend and it is a beating I could never survive even though I like to think I am superior to Women and this measures all together a whole my behaviour towards that stupid culture and society I have no wish to tolerate as well because of the damage it does here. So they tend to ask me how it is supposed to end and cannot get off that stupid Media all together; I mean it began with stories about me walking around like I was another person’s Boss which is something that happens when they want to detach others from a personality and use it to sweeten the life of a Political idiot in government buildings – something done by those who spend most of their time piping marijuana and reserving a little bit of respect that is there only for those that are going to pay for it, which I am not getting involved with or having sex with or bringing home but has wrecked my business and business empire and finances and academics since and is jumping all over the career world helping other fools I wait for at the global jobs market because they damage my property and run off to enjoy new conveniences and tell me I do not know what my business is, whereas everybody else sees they are incapable of showing migrants where the jobs and businesses and academic work and money are if they can become professors writing trash on the Tabloids instead. Hence they do make mention of this old case where I am allowed to do whatever I like with democratic people, reality of course is that fool whose vandalism is something I can ill afford turning up around my income all of the time of her life with a very bad behaviour and upbringing as it were and because I cannot control who does when they show up on Media to play with the Men who simulate these things, feel she has really hit the jackpot as it were; so Hilary Clinton had to win elections which was up to me and since she has not done so I have to take out Trash; we all know they love to throw it around, so I take it out anyway and now we must wait and see them make something of that in this life or the next as it were.

It’s nothing new, the same old story of providing a product and a service at a Business that people want to make stunted so that their bunny Boys can have conveniences that facilitate the kind of future they want on the left hand side without problems and it’s the same when society organises the marriage for them and they want to have sex all over me in respect for their Men as well. So you pity them even when their rejection and encumbering your business makes you sick and they want to deploy that to make you smell so they can have your place in the world since they do not like themselves very much but you do have to be on our guard because letting them in will have exactly the same result all over again. So I want them off my Books and I need them to clear my Public image and get off the part of that silly media which has been manufactured for them on my account and then they can have their lives otherwise it will continue as it stands i.e. those who can actually beat me up will never stop lapping it and those who cannot will never stop hurting themselves. The parents do assure them there is nothing I can do but it will happen again if I see their stupidities sit around any resort in this world sipping expensive drinks, passing insults in my direction and making popularity scumbags rich, pillaging my equities to do business so as to avoid work and blabbing about what I cannot do about it – I am always ever so impressed by the fucking parents; Everything to do with business that these fools engage in is mostly concerned with what they have chosen to work on and I have become chief among many of that too – yapping assurance and security for their stupid Children around here all the time. We see it all the time with these goons – it was obviously their concern that I was targeted by crazy people who set me out for abuse that brings about economic recovery about which I had to stem that stupid leadership concerning what the recession has exposed about how rich people live that everybody must copy to make their financial problems go away; so marrying the Women for them so an end might exist where there are claims I steal pocket money from their family when I broker equities with firm they actually work for was not enough just at the moment so far as it were; the next blabbing will see me take the initiative and do something they have always said I cannot do as well. Then we hear I am always angry and it is what costs me everything; utter nonsense – the bullying and slapping over the head mentality I get from TV personalities must either stop or know its limits and it is either going to stop my way or their own, considering we do not even see them address their own stupid children in such ways. I mean the US Elections is an example; they need to be where the power is, so if Hilary won I would live in Hell, she hasn’t so I take out the trash and when I say Trump offered the Americans Public welfare and got elected not the American people voting for the divisive things he said when he did, which Hilary didn’t, a Media idiot becomes the biggest beneficiary of it and leave me with a chest that is going to explode with anger for instance and it goes on like that all day long. It’s not apparently a matter of spending time with society and culture people so they can start to pretend the sense they are untouchable is reality – I intend to test that theory to the limits in the next 4 weeks. Its extreme right and extreme left stuff; they spent all our time all day long complaining about Obama surveillance for the whole of 2015 right up to February of 2016, now what we know has become the effect of that is that they are now the ones running the whole thing, which is why the rest of us can never feel good – much the same with Trump; they were hoping Hilary will win and made plans, this did not happen of course, so they have started all over again and before we know it Trump will go from racist to having a Government that they run with Media and the bullying will continue, so I am not the one doing the wrong thing. So it’s the same extreme right and extreme left issues along with the insulting beyond measure people who cannot let others return from a heightened state of affairs should they be involved in one and want to ensure people are always angry and want to get into a fight, especially when they are watching people from surveillance cameras and so on – so they always go the extra mile, they do not get after my finances because I deny them attention, they do it because they are simply narcissist enough to in the circumstances. Of course they do say that my war with the Media and Celebrities will likely lead to outcomes such as big problems for the Monarchy but the reality has always been that we are undergoing I suppose, an education on the nature and character content of bullies; it started here years ago when they passed around those abusive subliminal messages that only match the black ones who set me out as a sin offering to the world concerning all their bad image and problems – whereby I got close to the Monarchy and the Royal Family simply because there was no one else considering they had refused to do it and declared it as that which was not their stuff and that I should try not to stir their envy if I want to keep it as well; since then, they have needed entire governments yapping of that being the way it is done whenever it gets done with a big mouth.

So they say I am unknown and unpredictable which is rather rich coming from Journalists whose parents decide their every move to create this conversation that exists because they pillage my finances to make their parents proud of them which is something I have to understand and co-operate with as well with that big mouth. They like to present this face that suggests we are having a conversation and I have no idea who on earth is having a conversation with them anyway and more so within what the reality actually is i.e. we are undergoing an education on the nature and character content of fucking bullies, not having a conversation as it were. The big idea was that getting stuck with society and popular culture while they attacked me for a decade and a half will create an outcome I cannot recover from and because they will not go away, I too intend to find out what their own will look like in the next 4 weeks at this point. I mean we hear that my behaviour restricts people’s ability to trade as well, so I suppose that since they always set up contraptions to hurt people with and enjoy targeting my Christian self and making sure sex is the thing that my book sale publicity has to overcome in order to make me successful for such good Books I write, then one of us is wrong as it were and this is what needs to be figured out. I for my part know that what I do to restrict people’s ability to trade is largely concerned with those who engage in organised crime and those who give them custom as well; so if they are blabbing about me restricting people’s ability to trade because they think I will get tired of or regret it, they are badly mistaken; it’s simply impossible to locate how for no reason I may go from preventing people pillaging my public image to make enough money that will afford organised crime products to contending with contraptions people have set up and named businesses which sole purpose is to hurt me and ensure I cannot make a living but this is what I mean anyway – we both cannot trade, one of us is wrong therefore and this is a matter about which the facts and answers must be figured out. Nothing says that somebody who gets about deploying another person’s public image to do media and get financially comfortable ought to get after the finances of such a person as well, they do it because they are narcissist enough to and no other reason; I mean as per since there are people who cannot see that deploying another person’s Public image and exhibiting themselves all over it is disgraceful activity in the first place. Then we hear those claims that the Royal Family does as well, whereas if they were not pillaging my finances we would not see The Royal family do some of those things about which they can blab such nonsense for in the first place i.e. they are family, what I am talking about here are none entities. I have told them their activities are unnecessary, they are not the government or the criminals or law enforcement I have to concern myself with all the time and it is not as though they are not deploying the involvement of abuse they cause me here to threaten me with making government and criminals and law enforcement to get the better of me as well either, so it’s not working and there has to be another more effective way to make them understand; Besides which I want to be unknown and unrecognised as well anyway - a person gets out of his door to get around drinking and revelling and partying in order to fail his exams, not have it brought into his bed room to make him fail his exams, by those who have appointed themselves his personal Gods - hence to settle this matter I would say the idea I think my Books are bad pieces is a myth, all of it, I write very, very good Books that I am now having trouble selling because of the power mad idiots that these Media fools have drawn to it, to take it and reverse the purpose for some perverted means to fortunes and wealth and fame which they have devised and I want them off my Property, which I intend to ensure happens either because of how they have decided it should or how I have at this stage. They do claim I am careful to hide the revenge that works under everything I get up to believing most people are stupid enough not to notice it but I wouldn’t know anyway, the whole case of how much revenge there is in my actions have to be assessed as per they have Jobs to be proud of and Companies that make them feel like Gods and do not yet know what it is to lose a Royal Estate as well just yet so far – all I have done is first ensure they understand there are consequences for handling my property especially Books and that there will be if that nonsense of ripping my finances to get their foolish mothers to throw up tantrums on Media by which things become their own actually becomes successful in the sense that they steal my identity – while on the other hand making sure I do popular culture until I am rich and famous as well before I return to academics like they turn up at University to rip up my academics and return to popular culture after passing their own exams that they needed to pass exams for in the first place. They will have the kind of stupid freedom they seek only on the day they used their own lives to build one. So they say everything I do runs at random, Royalty being a real pain and with a very bad attitude; utter nonsense – the truth is that nothing about those who share Court systems with me whereby for instance I might work on law enforcement and after those who have to enforce the Law had taken their bit some girl wants to do some fashionista career on it will never ever work nor will I get the Books sold if it is not safe enough for a long enough period of time to facilitate a reputation of stability – so I do need them to keep their dirty media mouths firmly shut as nobody here is playing up mate games with them as such – hence I think it was ever clear enough when their minds tell them they are doing a bad thing in the first place. They do say their greed idiots that decide what the feelings of the extreme right and extreme left becomes have the same problem with me naturally but we would not be in this position at all if those had kept their fucking fingers to themselves and know as well that they can build that stupid popular culture and stretch it from the United States to Japan again if they have got the fucking guts for it; otherwise it’s as simple as the fact it never really works and I am never able to sell any Books unless it is safe enough for long enough to build a reputation and I need them to keep their filthy Media mouths firmly shut.

They do say I have become the biggest enemy of wealth equality there ever was - the truth on the other hand is that I think there is enough structures to cater for a process where I do not get taken advantage of by them that are wealthier than I am but we are here because of Broadcasting corporations will not control their staff, I will do it for them. The rest are a case where they speak of inequality and so you have to think about it i.e. Mr A owns a Hotel, it’s not a big one or a midsized one but he is doing very well, hence imagine what constitutes a social problem and how he raises his Children and what the way we see them live their stupid lives of vandalism in public really has to do with an Arch Prince; so I always act on the basis of what becomes of every process where they spend money to rob me of contracts or prospective ones after I ensure people do not handle my Books and that those who rip up my finances to build my reputation on Media for others know of what will happen when such nonsense actually becomes successful because people get used to it and of course ensure there is enough security for people at Court too – this is where I act because they are perfectly aware that the way they have spent their stupid money is a bad thing, I do not need to wait until some other lower class low life on Media and in Parliament that wants a piece of his crap to show up here as well, is aware of it too. So there isn’t a crisis here; those issues where they say I never become an extremist like everybody else when my job is being tackled by others but that is because they always complain about some suffering inflicted for handling my Books and even more inflicted because they try to steal my public image with media and when I stop them peddling it have sex on it instead; they understand the easiest way of all to solve their problems therefore is that they need keep off my book sales by a long distance. We do hear them speak of some trouble that will come to me when these wealthy parents raise their kids in the sense that I was the social problem that had to be dealt with; I wouldn’t know anyway for my part, what I do know is that they have tried it before and spent time complaining about the sexual habits of some uncontrollable royalty as a result – so the problem with wealthy people has always been that they must hold their parties on my personal life and public image and business Empire and Royal Estate every moment of their stupid lives because they understand it would be an occasion where if I tried to move people on the commotion that is going on with them there in the first place would have been unbearable, hence the one I would have started would go through the roof but staying off my Books and keeping their money where it cannot be harmed by me has always been the easiest thing to do of them all. I have actually never seen a group of idiots as destructive of them all; I mean, there is destruction and vandalism designed to get your attention because looking at their fabulous wealth helps them make more - that block head and it’s the same when it comes to destruction that is means to facilitate a process of stealing no matter what they have; so when you have an advice is always the one where you tell them continuing in such ways will not mean an extremist turns up on their doorstep one day as it were - Point of this blog is that it just appears they have started blabbing my one as well, concerning revenge I plan that I think others are of such low IQ they will never find out, which is not only very distracting but always just as damaging and does not allow me concentrate or work here - the big mouth they have got. They do say they are teaching me what it is like to work really hard for nothing but I don’t know since that was my turf in the first place; this circle I have created and enforced between them and popular culture fools that means they are always giving money to celebrities and taking it back to sell products and know that it is an environment they can only get out of if they keep their rich persons insults to themselves and stay the hell away from me. They say them rich people do me favours which is utter nonsense – I mean in the first place, getting involved with another person’s Empire and Public image, is there any other role you have for them in your business apart from sales? Then there are more serious ones like deploying my property equity all the time and then making something out that I can catch up on, which their idiots pick up to overwhelm me and then ensure when I take out another job I cannot actually keep it because I am always sought out and made to feel tired all the days of my life – so it amounts to a process of getting involved with another person’s business to make work for them and then when you had become rich enough with their incomes let them have a little like we all know they set up those contraptions they call businesses to hurt people with all the time but then again which they hate my books because it does not respect their democracy culture fathers but have taken up a decade of my time to do it anyway – hence it simply has to be the way people make profit with the job they created for themselves as it were, which is why we find ourselves where we are today.

So they say I am preparing myself so as to get into trouble with the Trump Administration which I will blame on others again but it is utter nonsense – everybody knows what I hate the most is a collection of idiots with ideas about who should stand in queues when matters of financial success are being decided by the Politicians for everybody and the primary reason for this is that I travelled out of the UK and returned at 21 and while others had the time to spend their teens building a financial confidence I did not have such an advantage; what we have ended up with as such is a condition where peoples stupid cultural fathers want me to be dominated in spirit before I complete my academic work and are now after my Books which have no respect for them as well all together. I mean people are older than you but you are the reason they are poor and as I said, the children are really stupid but they get into your life and make you fail exams then get on Media to enjoy the new found superiority to you on which fame and fortune is based – so if it does not push you to handle them as well nothing else will.

So I do not think these matters should be handled with the sense of hysteria I am seen exhibiting myself; it is something I do to indulge them; they are mentally disturbed you see but will never get medical help, what they want instead is money and somebody else’s money as well for that matter; so Hilary had to win elections or somebody else takes out the trash, considering the campaign was built on the prognosis of Men that Women can and should be allowed to oppress if they wanted; the result was that as soon as the polls looked good for Hilary they got off attacking such Men and those who helped the British government with security information in the Middle East, that usually pick up on some of the things I do when I play video games on my computer threw such things to ISIL and ran off to safety because they had been compromised and so it happened again – another occasion where Iraqi Army made progress and were stopped on their tracks by ISIL and many died. Same with Brexit as well – the problem with Brexit initially was that those who wanted it will never succeed, the resulting behaviour from the outcome was that somebody had the trash because they had to find out what blame culture they needed to make themselves feel better for losing links with a business they have in Europe which they know nothing about and it’s that big mouth wagging like that endlessly all the time. Then we hear of the story of Women; whereas the case has always been one of the fact that you walk past them and get figured out right down to where your anus is and then when you feel that if she does not take up a Mans duties there will be trouble, she goes off to do it and gets stuck and cannot get back home, hence the Men they can and should be allowed to oppress, for which Hilary must win or there will be trouble; I mean the insanity of organising those protests when Trump won the elections instead for instance beats the imagination but it will never get medical help, it wants money that others have earned like people have not got responsibilities as well and it’s the same with the Men and the use of the behaviour poor people exhibit becoming what they think is the reality others live in because of that deluded sensation they have that people fear them, especially when Media is at their disposal to tell lies and ensure peoples reaction always leads to career losses that they gain from anyway. So it’s just insane but it will not get Medical help instead of attack others because it wants money and so my behaviour has always been the one they say means I have problems with Marxists – the reality of which is a case of the fact the wealth of the world should have been distributed equally, about which I don’t have a problem sharing as long as people do not come up with incredible rudeness that pulls my intestines as well and then tell me it’s what my products do to buy time and continue until the only way to stop them is means of committing a crime. I like to compare it with a street that saw a stranger in rags and it fell in front of somebody’s door and was next to death and the person coxed him and babied him into finding out what he problem was and that he was dehydrated, gave him some water and help him recover his strength but once done takes out a knife and stabs the person to death saying that within the process of finding out what happened by which we human beings settle contentions through means of the Law, what provoked him was that he was thirsty – it is a condition whereby the witnesses can commit suicide because they cannot pull themselves out of depression for seeing such evil and so the Police Officers do a fabulous work going through such lengths before they shoot it and the story appears on National Media for fame purposes as well. I for my part have made my position clear on the matter; they are Marxists alright but if I let it run for a little while I will end up with culture that if handled by me will lead to my death, while those who own it threaten me with death to share what I have as well – so I simply do not have their time and will cut it up for them if they stick it in my face; it is usually the way to find out if they had one like this and that they got to share with the frugal thereof.

They do claim I think I am superior to them but I am not, which is the problem; there is nothing of sort in any case – the real problem is that old case of respect and recognition for those who achieved and they are really good at denying people such things; so the reason there isn’t sex and drugs and rock and roll like there used to be in the last three decades whenever they are unto playing out such nonsense to the very last is because I am not using the same methods that society people do, I am using such ones are ensure they get to want the recognition as well and will get none and in my case it leads right up to election day respect for which nobody gets none if I get none as well. We see it in the black Women who complain about war on Women I have started all of the time; where everybody in a neighbourhood have a certain level of income but somebody must be chosen to be the fool that girls abuse in order to feel like they were real girls – this time it has developed to a point where they chose somebody on whom to heap insulting cultural misdemeanours, so that the person can be force to give off ideas they steal and get rich and famous with everyday and they will be treated to the same things, having selected and selected and selected until they did an Arch Prince that wants to kill them all and banish that insanity  alongside too. It’s like when it is said that Trump Presidency is stupid; makes no sense whatsoever as such – the reality is that their lewdness getting involved with people without any limits attached turns people tummy upside down and because they now use it as a while and a pressure point for getting rich and a tool for bullying there is even more so an urgent need to bring it to an end and I have set out my parameters as one which is the fact I cannot concentrate on anything and my tummy does not do anything I want it to and I cannot even sit in my Office and look out to the brick wall next door because my mind is now tied to theirs and full of incredible stupidities and lots of questions while the distant abuses and attacks on Media have gone off the scale as well – I want them out, I want them liberalism to move. So when they say I do not listen to what people are saying to me, I am listening very well indeed and it has something only to do with the fact I am not white and they are not conservatives: which then leads further into the profitability of their disobedience being that they are well informed of the various antics of much poorer people around the world when there is desperation and people need to have what they want at all costs, which I am completely fed up with and tired of and want out of my life too. They would say it is discriminating and a function of the fact I do not have a life naturally but it isn’t; I am a writer and they are not and this nonsense needs to come to an end.


So they do say that the main problem I have is with those who nurse republican sentiments – I can understand what they mean but those who nurse republican sentiments are not a problem; it’s an old story about how people like me can be easily handled if they have a Country that was their own, on account of what resulted from thumbing my anus when I walked past them on the streets – so it leads to outcomes where I ask them about the Lewd women and their gays and whether those are walkovers and they express all sorts of nonsense about an extreme violence which I will then have to see through by asking them about the cracked up out of my league thing as well, which is where the only tale of being born before me and having a certain amount of money in savings which I can never take on gives way to making sure I never get to solve their problems as they are desperate for leadership. The Women and their gays on the other hand have stopped fighting for my civil rights before I was born because they always have a flavour, each and everyone and then when one fight after another leads to what comes forth being stolen by somebody who needs it more and I am always being ganged up on, the reality that makes me take it seriously is the one where the vibes start to feed through that I have been selected as the guy on whom they heap their misdemeanours in order to secure sensations of fame and fortune and it’s in the same way they say Trumps Presidency is stupid on one hand while on the other telling them to stay off gives way to reminding me of my temperaments and atmospheres around me that others wish to deploy for fame and fortune and therefore really have need of, with that big mouth. So the bottom line is that I get out of bed every day and face the one issue about the fact I write good Books but the primary state of mind whenever I am staring at my market place is one of sex and this is what their problem is, just before it gets worse as greedy scum start to use the insults as a premise for touching me and so on and then they feel that when they start fighting each other I either have a problem with one side or the other on account they make media appearances but the important bit is still that I am bound to have this fun people find very painful as long as sex continues to dominate my book sale business. It should be noted that it started off as a case of peddling my personality and when I do not want that people have sex on my public image instead which then gave way to the need to ensure the only leadership people followed with respect to me was one about the mistakes I made and sins and committed which celebrities and Media became obsessed with thereof, while my religion itself generally meant I had no right to a job unless they were rich.

So they say on one hand that nobody knows what it is with these other Women I can never find fault in on one hand and then on the other that my Books are really bad writing that others can correct and make into a best seller but I think it is really good – wherefore I want my Books that are bundles of equity to be corrected and made into a proper Books because idiots simply never listen to what others say when Literary work is developed to clip them as well. In terms of the former, it’s a matter of what your friends do with you and how it becomes the main preoccupation of the liberals until there is a war over it between them and conservatives over the need for conveniences – in this case, they always want me to hand the fame over to more worthy people and get off to find some work to do, so they can come round the University and rip up the academics for me as well. In terms of the Books however, the Books are really good and all will be well with them as long as the primary atmosphere around my shop ceases to be one of sex and what people are learning from what the Media builds it up in public to be as well.

So there is this tale of bad things I have said about Muslims, which does not bother me in anyway; the reason for the wars we have is that the superiority based discrimination is something that Muslims who are counted among the earliest of religions feel that they must do; so what we have ended up with are a group of people that go to Hollywood to play up rich list decadence when the richest person of all times in all of history was actually a Negro and play up the dominance of their religion when in places like West Africa for instance they are not a religion that is up to 3 centuries old and what we find as a result is that they push hard at people against whom if they fired one bullet will fire five back. My case personally however is the one where somebody is important and he gets about international community, drives a Mercedes and has a warehouse and a shop and I can never feel good unless I want to find out what it is exactly he has got, right up to the underbelly of the markets in New York and then we have to deal with regular Media appearance leading to situations where they say they have tied up a British Prince and learned about their culture from the top when what they are dealing with is one of those persons that will not tolerate the girl from the most dominant family in the neighbourhood who has an entrenched right to be the most famous telling him he cannot write a Book and extract money from a middle east country by selling it there; here in the UK people are famous because they do famous things or are famous because Popular culture industries have manufactured their fame – not that sort of fame they have with gangs and neighbourhoods which does get on my nerves a lot. It’s like when it is said people really care about me but I am only ever always interested in the ugly side of things; the reality is that I can only trade with my Court and there are these other people who get involved with me and bring me nothing but failure whom I need to detach myself from, considering the fact that at the most basic level they do not even care about my interests and what constitutes fun for me – but somebody else has already gotten into a habit of deciding they should be getting involved with me on a regular basis and that is one of the reasons people find me sorting out exactly who the fuck is making these decisions, before we then find them complain about their civil rights, which is something that belonged to them before they started  in the first place, especially concerning the insults of their girls which makes them feel like they were real girls if they know who I am and know I am no Royalty and that they are better human beings. Hence we hear them say the number of times I profess myself to be Royalty is one of the clearest indications I am not but this has never really been a complicated matter, its a story of the Media getting my attention and when they do not punch my tummy with problems which is what every bully wants to copy and get famous with these days and I have warned them they are neither the government nor the criminals or law enforcement I concern myself with but a collection of fools with a queer completely unnecessary means of power to have here that they do not wish to give up - this warning has not worked in 12 years of giving it out everyday - so what I am going to is make of their case and lives, what I have made of the society and culture people ones in the next four weeks, in order to put an end to it for my part as well.