It is not true that I am a Bible freak who thinks that faiths should be taught in schools, I love my Bible and do not want to be governed by fools who have no wish to do so according to the law because they hate it; I am not, it is  a sin to know you should preach the gospel and then fail to preach it let alone allow low life scumbags tell you if or not you can as such – so people who come to the UK know the UK is a Christian Country and are not expecting to get rid of religion in schools in anyway whatsoever, those who advocate it are simply evil human beings that work for the devil and nothing else – I mean it’s like the old question of how much I know about what I am doing to which my answer is always that I know they are deviant and evil and the Bible isn’t lying so the question must be whether or not Politicians know what they are doing anyway. I mean in Islam you know you should not be doing deviance and you can but if it leads to violence shouldn’t complain about the war – in Christianity you are commanded not to do deviance and the result can be that somebody does your own for you as well.

They always look like they want to know where my case is heading of course and I dont mind that in anyway whatsoever; it’s the same old story of evil people and telling me to do something they know I will not in order to create a condition of something I should be doing which I have not and they then can enforce even if they fail at doing so, which is a very useful tool for taking over the place that I occupy in the world and then shutting it down after that to ensure it stays in their hearts forever. The problem as it stands is with their Politicians; if you were to be in third grade and fell to second this year because you fell ill, think about the fact you fell ill as something that happened because somebody poisoned your food, then look out of the window and see him stand there to tell you to love the setbacks because he is a Politician; these are not nice people and it is impossible to work out what they are saying so the facts that must be considered are rather simple i.e. lame duck leaders all over the place on account of me and do I have the means to stifle their careers and tell them to love the setbacks as well? A case of threats from them parliamentary idiots will only make things worse; I mean I life without media scum and celebrities and popular culture would mean getting out of bed to stay of fame in the lives of older people, registering as unemployed and getting a job to earn some money and chase my career if my parents do not necessarily agree with what career I want and I dont want their interference but all these things are the things you deal with if there is popular culture and celebrities and media and Political idiots and all that stuff and so I have to make this follow on warnings from the ones that have not yet taken effect really clear indeed: I dont like the celebrities and I dont like the popular culture and I dont like every idiot who specialises in collecting my career for fame scum to make a living with and I dont like the Political fools and I dont media the media goons and one more occasion of love the setbacks from their Politicians being followed by threats from them along with those stupid Scottish Nationalism nonsense they like to play up to complicate what they have to say and I will draw my lines as well and I will push and I will l push very, very hard indeed.

I mean my view in general of these matters is much simpler than it is given credit for i.e. Nazis like to look intellectual when they wear military Uniforms and speak of inferior races, these fools like to do the same when they talk nonsense and explain away everything others do not understand with the good feeling that comes from making use of the possessions of their latest bully victim. They know they are doing a bad thing that society frowns upon in general and I dont want to live like that and do not want people to live like that towards me either, let alone set out boundaries in my personal space like they love to get on my television to do; boundaries they say which shows they are important and I am not as it were. There is a sense out there that when these Politicians are terrified of you, you do not tend to come up as their topic for conversation – the alternative of course is loving the setbacks. An unanswered question about celebrities I get around with they say but I wonder what sort of question that is supposed to have been anyway since those get things from me as much as they do anyway. It is the same old story of celebrities and how I come here to get rid of evil cultures when I dont get rid of them in Africa but in order to deploy me it means that they set their sights on how to determine where my limits are by my personal space and personal life and it all boils down to every idiot who has a plan about my usage including Black twats with ideas of how I was ear marked to fight for others but decided on a different life and of course the damage they do here to that effect as well; so I am well justified about my activities in this matter as well anyway.

Of course it isn’t true that I am afraid of clever women – it just isn’t a regular topic for conversation this whole thing about celebrities and a need to get people bigger than me to collect my career for them to make fame and riches with but now it has become one because HM may come for the proceeds of what she expects from me at any time and they are doing it here because they want some of mine as well; yes I am aware it means they can see that One is greater me of course – same old case of thinking what they think about me is what The Royal Family does hence it might have remotely mattered. The confusion is that I love to punish women, the anger is stirred because the need to punish women must be forced on me so they can spend my work getting rich in order to prepare to satisfy that need but I dont like punishing women as we all know they are a bunch of idiots managed by foolish men that turn up on my Television to take their stupid spectacles on and off again regularly to look clever when nobody can really understand what they are saying but it does seem okay if they explain it away with my work of course. I need to look after the Court for example and not punish them because of course we all know when these fools are teenagers all they think about is making a mess of somebody that will be used to plug their money games and save up some money to pillage his life and make twice as much and then go again and again until they become young millionaires, so having no respect for my livelihood and even starting a campaign it is not valid, they know that the Court will prevent them from doing that by making sure they cannot turn up on media to think they are untouchable and always want to see me in a fight with them all the time. the men however speak of me giving social media credence when all I have done is use it the way they use it i.e. To get in touch with all who have at any stage deployed my equities because if not for any other reason I need to keep hold of the memories; they on the other hand I have no idea why the world simply cannot see that they turned up here to conduct their corruptions of involvement and destroy everything that was as displeasing as religion can be to them, then get on media to attack me as well because it is my responsibility they say, to change how it has made them feel; so over such matters as how I have taken up the great outdoors and set fire to it, it is the insults that will kill these stupid men you see – same old case of the politicians breeding all these dogs they push people around with and once famous and important start to think they are somebody else’s problem – these celebrity and media ones simply want to exchange their stupid lives with somebody else’s own and it is such a license because I see no reason they ought to have any stupid civil rights when they are that powerful and hence will never stop confiscating it too. My hope on some certain female journalists is not misplaced as largely claimed; it’s an old case of what I do to bend the men towards violence when I sleep with peoples wives in National Television and then become mentally disturbed as well, so they can seek those people they love to claim will have me beaten up to please them more intensely than ever. The women however are an old case who always feel like getting involved with my work to squander everything in the hope I will one day try to cash into the publicity that has existed because of their involvement so they can set out that they have no clue who I am in public – these idiots are only journalists for goodness sake and so I dont mind plodding on since the punishments do not work, leaving my work with their bloc heads and picking it all up whenever I feel like so doing – it is never really difficult since they are so stupid.


Of course the relationship expected all round stays the same; girls with brothers that can protect them after my income with their position on media, the wives of such men on the same game while they are the guys you should fear when it comes to money because of their violence; half the problem of course because the other half is the part where they want to keep their money somewhere for power and pillage mine to have everything I have in order to sustain a relationship they have devised and told tales about in public places between me and them and that is precisely why those jobs and careers are things I will see somebody else take up and do for them before it ends too.

 Of course it is a popular story they run with, that I create spoofs into other peoples businesses and call it a process of making a living and I am incredibly lazy and have not got a clue what I need to do to earn a living – it is much like that old story of a weak link Christian who then decides to set out time to live the way they want him to hypothetically which has created an entire cultural ecosystem with a global reach while they have a serious problem with somebody that gets out of bed every day to imitate their history and regularly call it his own and if he does not others will anyway – hence not so keen on rising what must certainly be their mates as it were anymore. The reality here is on one hand older men who behave towards me like Fathers with businesses that I have an equitable relationship with on one hand and on the other a collection of people who seem to have become convinced that the way things are going to be done will be a function of their insults and their rudeness – so that once they had wrecked their stupid lives, because they have money they want mine which of course is the source of all that nonsense in the first place and I do not care if they have money or not either – what I do here is a matter of running systems with people who share memories with me, some of those are business memories and others are industry memories and others are media ones and entertainment ones and so on, as a result of that it was always obvious to any normal person that any form of rudeness or insults or abuse or problem shooting and derogatory nonsense would never go unnoticed, except them that is of course because they can do anything they want with anybody on account of that stupid money, looking for trouble all the time which is just as well that they do from a distance anyway; I mean they are nothing and as far as I am concerned will always stay that way too no matter how much millions they dispose of all the time – I am not interested, they do not matter and if I have not brokered equitable involvement with them they have no right to make advertisements or run businesses and industries and companies with my work, which if I have expressly mentioned does not exclude anybody whatsoever and besides which even if I did, when they have not bought any of my books to read up and acquire parameters for the equities they are supposed to have brokered, all they do exists only at the freebies level and does not go anywhere beyond that as to suggest they own anything here or have any rights here as it were. Even now this very moment; the fact I do not like the celebrities and I do not like people goading me into a fight and I do not like people addressing my God consecrated self without permission and I do not like people handling my possessions, extracting an income from my market place, deploying my work to get rich or work business industry politics or media or making a show of them and so on, that is precisely what they want to do, so I can only imagine that their complains do not necessarily mean that my messages are getting through to their stupid heads anyway; it is the same way they turn up to handle my possessions and then extract my memories to look the part by building atmospheres of intense abuse around me that community idiots who fancy their stupid money can run with, then expect it means that either they or their stupid wives and really insulting children have now acquired a new life at my expense due to my none commitment to violence, their commitment to it and the loss of their own as a result of their insolence due to that madness they have and claiming it to be wealth - all of which I think continues because I am only that close to reaching the prognosis that insults and abuses from millionaires and Business people need to be punished, however which it does seem that the debt is accumulating indeed, which of course is actually the only one single problem that my livelihood faces.

In terms of what I have it is said given up for all these, we all know they are never interested in their own problems as equally as we all know they can never be satisfied, its shopping channels and more shopping channels and it’s the need for a new country because no existing country is ever good enough and more need for it and even more need for it and a constant appearance on media to abuse those who have something they want to own and more need for it and more need for it and of course I believe I have made myself clear about the fact I will soon had collected those businesses and industries and handed it over to somebody else who will show them how it should be done before I experience any improvement in their behaviour towards me, they have continued to make noise about how ready they are for it and all I have to say is that they need to stay off my books which in the first place do not do them any favours anyway. 


These days it seems to have become one of their strongest points that they always love to get on media to force me to respond to happenings around the world in order to make their news more pleasurable; on this occasion I had enough of it because they were doing it with the war in Gaza i.e. this was a difficult situation where some people get off and get hold of some Israeli teenagers and kill them and so the prognosis was that Islamic extremists love to pretend the devil does not operate in their midst because Islam is too pure for that and hence the wanton killings and mutilation of those who commit sins and so on but somebody had just gotten off to make their own statement from the Israeli side by murdering Palestinian Children i.e. the devil in your midst and the devil in my midst or not, bottom line is dont kill my children and I will not kill yours, and so the devil in the midst has won on both sides and the war has kicked off but because they are looking to some of my work to resolve the situation the media is up playing the devil in the Israeli midst which I suppose will eventually end with a condition where all that devil on both sides come together to give them the kind of life that they have always wanted, with the decadence and everything and the pop culture and so on – so I recently found out they do these things because they find funny my reaction and it is the reason I do not respond to it unless I am urging them to stay off my work and go out there to report the news otherwise expect I will shut them up and that they have not done anything about that in 14 years and hence never will as well. The biggest economy story we hear all the time on the other hand is apparently how much bankers are to blame for the problems of which makes no sense since if a bank makes a million pounds in revenue this year and you understand the system and how to make it more profitable but after the money was placed on the line the government initiated drastic changes to work practices in the Country, it is clear that people will restructure how they pay their mortgages and how money goes into their banks and you will make a loss: I do not have a go at the Banks because I believe them to be the fundamental cause of the problem, I know the Politicians and the electorate who name their actions a campaign for equality are responsible but the problem with bankers is that they might know what the problem is but stand right in front of it and pull the plug and so I always guess it is because they are not hounded for as many times as people lose their homes for example that those things they do may occur. However for these goons it is clear their Politicians will never change and they will always continue to vote for them on the basis of what they are promised they will get out of it as it were. I do understand the question of why I think they are such an issue but I dont think they are an issue; I mean people think they are normal but I know they are not – they do say I think I can take them on but cannot which is not a huge issue either, since I know I am not committed to violence and have no plans to do business with those who are but their brand of business is forced on me along with noise making about how the consequences are my problem, same with Politics and media, however which if this issue where to be justified I know how I was raised and if they turn up for a fight I will never lower those standards as it were but this will be better displayed over what I do with that stupid media and Politics and popular culture and stock markets at the end of the day like we are seeing presently, it is where whether or not I can handle them will be best expressed as it were considering they do not seem to realise saying some things will only create them a condition of courting big problems. Take the devil in our midst case for example and we can easily see that they are always after those who have the slightest ability to help people toward peace claiming that such persons are doing their stuff and this is where people think I hound them without reason but if anybody is as curious as I am they only need open a small window that gives them a notion of having gotten what they want to see what they do playing both sides and boasting all over the place when and if there is bloodshed. Then we hear them speak of my family members hounding me of which they are much the same i.e. trifling with my work generally means setting of a certain degree of misfortunes of which one of them may be fatal but keeping in touch to ensure they steal from me and use my work to fight me generally means staying alive to ensure people are always provoked in my name so they might want to kill me someday but I have no idea how this tallies with the need to stifle my finances so I never get to move on with my own life and stand up to my parents in order to do so anyway – just another example of what people are confused about in terms of them being good people but as I said, their threats come from the fact they are committed to violence and I am not of course and like my life the way it is and they need to save their insults, after all if there was any good left for them on that stupid left hand side they speak of all the time, it should have been completely spent by now over the insults. All I can say to the effect of that and how much it shows they have no plans to make any more progress with their silly lives and the reasons I think it is completely unnecessary to get committed to violence on account they buffet and provoke me as such is that they need to stay off my book sales. We hear them speak with respect to this instead of how I make use of their women and yes first of all I do get a home coming from their women who were always their women as it were speaking of which but everybody knows the reasons their girls will turn up to collect my career to do their fame and fortune and stifle my finances all the time, only for hope to arrive that it is possible I might want to cash into getting involved with them so they can claim I am a nobody that is mentally disturbed is because of their big mouth promising violence – so I am using it and they have never been able to do anything about it even though this story has developed right up to the part of claims I sleep with peoples wives and so on – I am using it for whatever I want. Obviously it is not so funny as they think the teases are anymore and we can see the violence as a function of that is a factor of how people treat them over their needs which always exist at other peoples expense and how I have been marked out as the reason for it too; we do hear the talk of how they thought I know what England is about because I write books and they have stopped laughing and it is my turn and all I can say about that is that they only need carry on and I will build a public life on it and it will end very well as it were too; of course the threats never dry up, we always hear that before we hear the complains immediately after. They do not force me to respond to any happenings, I simply do not appreciate them doing their nonsense over my work and they need to stay away from it and do their journalism properly or stop talking nonsense that it ends it for them in unexpected ways. We all know it is the same old story but how do you chase people and run a campaign to gather a crowd to the effect of not recognising his job because you mess up your life and believe you have settled on how his job might be deployed to foster your conveniences? I am not saying it is unusual, I am saying their complains do not make any sense; they say it is equality and it will end very well too; hence as the case may apply in Gaza the reality is clearly that they are the devil in Israeli midst for the Israelis of course and will later gather up all that evil and bloodshed and have a certain lifestyle at a later date which is why as usually we all know they enjoy these things so much and you can see what I mean when I say it will not happen before the Israelis shoot them and we hear the story as it were- of course it can carry on for eternity, like the story about using their women to get things done, it cannot leave people alone: corruptions of involvement that get involved with you and then attacks as a result of excitement that your leadership causes them because they are superior and those jobs and careers will belong to other people so this condition might improve as well and this is just the start of that.  It is how they get rid of real journalists of course i.e. somebody is using peoples style to live their lives and if she decides it is not good for her career she will attack an innocent man and if not they will wreck it anyway, if she does attack me and seek to offer a payment for that which I do not want, then I am the kind of man that helps all women with my earnings and when I say women it means all women and their men see I sleep with peoples wives and must accept that all I own are things everybody has a share in but it leads right back to the corruptions of involvement which means they know what my office could be used for when it comes to matters of living a safe and decadent life and my refusal to co-operate with that will result in them taking the office away from me and using it because they have a need and it develops right through to one of the issues people fail to see all the time i.e. the extent of their evil and the number of time on a daily basis that they do the devils work for him with their own hands and if there is war in the world attack those who work on peace and boast over the bloodshed, thinking everybody will be deceived either by the fact their women like to find other men that other women have raised and use them to do violent things or to sort themselves out by making the men do violence on them, while they claim it’s a matter of desperation and whether or not they have a need and are becoming frustrated, while the Politicians want to impose their evil cultures on everybody and banish religion so that they might as if I voted for them or their type in the first place but of course it goes on and on and on and cannot leave people alone and this is the problem. They say I speak of involvement but my involvement in other people’s lives and concerns has no limits but of course it is never a new story, I do not want any advice or abuse or goading or instruction or discipline or orders and direction from any man around here but it seems that it has become their major preoccupation – the reason is that being involved with my personal life they say will give them a certain security that they have never had before and so getting it has become something wroth laying down their lives for – which I suppose they figured out by minding their own business as it were; I for my part wouldn’t know anyway, I just know that it seems they are making an example of me, setting new standards, raising the bar, so it is not a matter of what we are used to here in the west and they do need to stop making noise and keep fighting. They are here apparently and they spent a great deal of media time setting up their own perceptions of me that they can make me react to in order to make it real which they can then deploy as they wish which will be a process of fantasy fulfilled of being able to do anything with me which I am sure would provoke anybody in this world as it were considering what it costs to make it happen too and with it they have begun this whole programme of being really good at making me enemies as well and tend to do nothing else talking nonsense about how their corruptions of involvement would not pay off if they do not have me wrapped around their little finger. These days it is a story of how they hate my books and have realised I actually do not know what being English is about and the books are just the start of something more of course; what I am saying is that it is progress from where we started i.e. turn up to ask a Christian for homosexual sex which you know he will never give you to create a means of suckling his strengths to serve the devil and your wickedness with but the way it works is with media perceptions and something you think he should be doing that he is not which you can then enforce through some form of devised oppression – the reason being that they want the piece of the world I was born with, they say they are rebels and are not happy with their own and need to exchange it and so on and time again we see them do things which suggests they have it and will shut me out and keep it in their hearts forever – so now that we have reached a point of complain about how I speak of corruptions of involvement but have gained limitless involvement into other people’s concerns we are making progress because they really do not matter. I dont think that it is a problem in anyway; they always call themselves rebels against a system of things because, as far as I am concerned that is, they have no wish to accept me at my job and feel it will always be more acceptable to them if somebody else owned it as it were and so these activities and their rebellion is just another way of removing people from jobs when those people do not co-operate with their wickedness and that will happen only in their dreams; they complain about my books and speak of dispossession, it is just the beginning as the writing career will last a life time as it were; they know they need to stop talking nonsense and keep fighting just like they wanted it. the more innocent part of it is largely concerned with how they select people to antagonise if they must be able to make progress with their stupid lives and so why they select me and more so name it equality when they are not Royalty, I would never know, all I know is that they now have prerogatives they can offer royalty they offer some of their media attention to as well to that effect and thereby making connections thus – so it is not a matter of people who do not want some of my own for what must appear to be every single second of their stupid lives and I still find it difficult to work out what the complains are supposed to have served and whoever it is that is supposed to have listened to them as well.  

So am I aware that dispossessing people like that is a serious matter? Of course I am but it must be considered as well that each time they get a break all it is about is how much of my Christian possessions they have pillaged and damaged to make themselves financially better off which set out a history they can serve the devil and their wickedness with and you have to wonder why fools like that turned up in publicly accountable jobs such as journalism for example. They do say whether or not I have dispossessed them only exists in my fantasies but then again if the country is safe in their homes, what on earth are they doing around me, especially the blacks who have a problem with my anus and my penis as it were the usual form of looking for trouble that they are really good at before we hear them complains about racism and so on but for now that is how they control me and use my life to have peace and get me into a fight endlessly for the rest of my life and then accuse me of wickedness that deserves it for the time being. It has its benefits you see; it means that people do not regularly turn up to set out politics and push it in a direction that destabilises your living and your personality because they are more concerned about being dispossessed, financially it is even better because young millionaires do not get to cut corners around you anymore putting up some money that mum and dad supports them to save up somewhere and pile things high that they sell cheap by putting your life in use cutting you off from relationships and even the benefits of your personality – their fucking country as it were, we have come this far thereof. They say their celebrities will bail them out of course and it is the reason taking care of myself was never enough and that media and the problem with it needs to be settled too as it were; I mean the Politicians who actually do the being an upstanding citizen with a good reputation who acquires fame on behalf of the people to represent them at local and National or even international levels were the ones that should have bailed them out as it were, so I am waiting to see the celebrities do it, waiting for history in the making as it were with that big mouth. We hear talk of the rising powers of black men of course but as I mentioned it is a case of a problem they have with my anus and my penis and how it means they control me and my emotions and therefore goad me into a fight and put stickers of wicked on me to ensure people understand their version of the reasons; it is not a prime crisis, it leads back to the same old issue of the idea that Industry people are not being punished for attitudes around my work, questions around my writings along with problems imputed which has to do with their own challenges that I must be goaded into solving and so on and so because of that they have become convinced that their insolence is the way things will run and that I have no plans to sell my books seeing that the insults are the biggest challenge I face and that I do not know how to – they are so blinded by it they fail to notice the reasons I am not committed to violence is because they are and are also convinced the way forward is their insults and so I do not want to tarnish my reputation as well when that is the only thing I have got and incessant goading me into a fight is a condition that will definitely turn on them as well; what they think is happening is that I made a promise and am losing everything because I am a coward. So there used to be ample respect from developing economies over not pillaging my literary empire to get rich – today the good respect part is disappearing and giving way to fear part i.e. they say along with that stupid popular culture that they want to use my reputation to improve themselves, this is not possible of course because there are rules that made that reputation that they must follow, so they have decided on copying the effects to invent their own of which the liabilities will ruin me and make them rich and how they say they will enforce this is new armies and a process of becoming world powers and this is what I intend to put to the test personally as well – like entire towns holding parties that involve girls entertaining people and showing off which is entirely based on this and yet people continue to make out their popular and celebrity culture is one of the main indications of a free society each time I dont want it around me and hence want it eliminated; they say their stupid children were born snakes from day one and of course I continue to maintain they will be certain to deploy the ones that are old enough to understand the consequences of their actions to provoke me too as it were - they do it as far as I know, to show they will have the piece of the world I was born with, in this life or the next and we never hear stories of how evil that is if we can hear about civil rights instead and of course shutting down those stupid sales is the corner stone for implementing this Polity.