The big idea that I am trying to prevent the break up of the UK Union is misplaced entirely, I am not; I just don’t feel that people should be doing it with my work. I mean I grew up at a time when teachers went on strike, so they would go on strike and return four months before the beginning of term and there will be a whole new story about whether or not some should begin immediately or wait for everybody to begin at the same time etc. Since last they started their campaigns on independence if I had a child at the date, he would be four years old now and of course four year old children always end up somewhere in school. I do not think it is a major problem either; I mean perhaps the SNP would have been more successful if it went by another name save the SNP, then they would throw everybody of course and make a proper plan for it. In the end it is the kind of foolishness and vandalism that we are used to putting up with in this country; the cultural social and political filth which explains that what is really happening is that Daddy wants to be famous and of course we know that they are daddies of absolutely every bloody body. They have even got their friends around, especially the black ones aka Mr Sun shades who have got to make money in this – he is actually after his youth and thinks he is going to find it here. In Northern Ireland they believe that the conditions there are such that it would be nice if they had it permanently and will not let other people be as a result. I mean a typical example of what they are capable of is how much they think the attention the matter of economic problems gets is worth if it were attention given to them, so it is a matter we are all very conversant with. So countries will be independent and money will be made as far as their plans go; its nothing new of course. So the way things operate is that daddy tends to make his plans in secrete and play his politics in public while son here tends to make his plans in public and do politics in secrete, hence the idea all I think about is out there and they can play around with it. The books are a human beings property and handling it will be their undoing as well but the conundrum is still how it has anything to do with a country becoming independent – in fact with respect to that they have just been so stupid I have been beaten because of course the next logical step is that of cultures gobbling it all up for everybody and this is not a big issue either, I have been clear I am a Christian and would not like it so much when peoples culture winds me up. The idea that the daddy wants to be famous thing is my big problem is not actually based on fact either: the case with it is that it is their consumer society where they decide they want to buy products that involve my equities so that they can buy them in order to strip the equities an securities to get rich and famous with and only mad people would do that with another persons livelihood. So it is clearly something about their consumer society that they do not know how to protect, something about how it works in order to show they are being nice but somebody is being horrible to them in order to run stupid racist businesses so their politicians can tell you to exchange places in order for there to exist balance of power, which will only incite me to extremism as long as they do not get off my equities and securities and my books so that they can do their worst. Mostly they always think they are so beautiful that when their idea of looking after their consumer society means physical damage being done to a targeted person’s livelihood that because of that they will not pay and I am lucky that I am not ugly as well.


They say government people are working on me these days but they have always been working on me since Tories got into office, it is about the fact that one party will get into a habit of attacking your earnings and another will take up from any breaks that you may have made as a result and go on like that while their top politicians approve it and tell a different story but the handling of your property like it belongs to none continues. I may need help from the public about it as well because that government office really belongs to them but for the time being it is only those who are lazy about being set up in front of the devil so that his demons can work violence on you every second to ensure that they have money always end up letting them put up that their stupid money share it among themselves bluff, buffet and get away with it. For me they will huff and they will puff and they will bluff and they will buffet to hell, the real problem now is the violence and when I speak of telling me what to do become a real problem they say they want me to do popular culture and we have not even finished with books I have written on their stupid immoral godless children who think anything parents do are always correct and more so before God as well if they want, so it seems that I will have more of that generation gap cultural violence immorality to write books about yet. However for the matter of consulting with the public it is a question of what I must do when people delay my right to get a job and an academic qualification for a decade in order to find time to position themselves to manipulate me for their careers which they find funny because they cannot hands off others using government office. While they tell me I need to get into popular culture about which I think they are bluffing as well and would like it if they do not tempt me out of my authors’ crowd. These are some of the reasons I say nothing about it even though I find it intensely insolent and that cultural filth violence as well is of course the real problem because it always secures them my attention as well, so they can tell me about rubbish that they want. They do need to leave the authors crowd and leave alone my books with that stupid media and cultural filth based violent advertisements and money freak rubbish, it will ensure they stop talking so much rubbish. In my view contrary to claims what I say and do is largely reaction to being bullied when I never reacted over my faith in the first place, which is actually where they think their bullying works best; it is about going into university which shapes what happens in your head and ending up in a job that takes over the best part of your life while all left over is occupied by your family; they do not live here and their media idiots with their cultural media adverts filthy violence do not live here either, getting into popular culture as something said to me is something they would say because they are bluffing and I will never stop hunting them because people make money through work not through looking into self confidence. Hung parliament does not hurt badly enough yet at the moment, so I have never suggested looking into self confidence has got nothing to do with earning money but it is always all about putting the goods at the bosses table every week or else you do not get paid at the end of the month and you may get sacked as well, hence you have to decide what to do. Government people working on me like I am being tortured in the presence of the devil, are they mad? Where it is royalty that are doing these things is where it is the most fun because I cannot figure out what the connection is between securing party life for their children in high places has to do with whether or not I sell my books, so it seems that less party for them means more peace of mind for me and that is what I will now achieve for the sake of my books, bearing in mind their nature which is a factor of how it is true that from writing books to selling them to getting involved with those who buy to having a party of my own, none of any of it has anything to do with them and they should not even notice that it is happening. So I am after the party life, less of it is good for me – they especially when they have girls around them never let other people rest over doing something about violence while they make money; they are incredibly selfish and basically take it all, all the time. Black people on the other hand are just parental bullies and talk rubbish which applies in the same manner all the time too; then we soon find that it was all about gathering witchcraft close to them and then taking it out on children you have the right to order around and that is why I feel I should never speak of them but act on them so the Politicians can help them out with money and make out thereof that I have lost – it is all that they live for and if they wind me up it will be me and the freedoms of the west an international problem again. Whether it is the Prince of Wales wrecking my work however I am not too bothered, it is mine not that of the Prince of Wales, where his own stuff is will likely reveal a can of worms: I mean he is meant to be by his mothers side at all times but he already has his own stuff because she is a woman and more over he finds it impossible to tolerate a process where mum says go away I need to deal with this alone sort of thing and like all of them at the establishment he already thinks that is my problem when it does not actually happen anywhere near me whatsoever. The death of a president is handled better than the succession in this country and he is at the heart of that irregularity and is not the first male successor to be; they are all the same, all like that and I don’t see why anybody would think it is in anyway my problem; I mean he may have his girls working on me alright and I do suppose I am going to kill those as well – I mean aristocratic women are there to reproduce and the rest are there to work and nothing else, so I have not got a clue, all I know is that the Prince makes so much of not being a friend of mine and so I don’t know whether not being his personal friend has become a big deal for me. Its at the heart of the issues I have a problem with all over the country; the guy from social political and cultural filth wants to have more jobs, more position, more promotion and more money than everybody else and why are rude people rich except that they are using another persons good manners to make money and be nice; I think I have been generous enough with my Christian good manners and politeness and if they cannot make do with what I have given need to go to hell. Judge them the way they present themselves and you become an evil man that ensures people can only be free of your words if they are deaf and that no body uses them to get by, until then they will keep tempting me and talking so much rubbish all over the place and all over the world with that stupid media. I mean we are not mates anyway and those stupid insults I bring up a problem about it all the time and yet all I really want to do is get involved with my fans and sell my books.

We have gone from a country where a large proportion of graduates do not know what employment means some years ago to a country where we are being blackmailed by the same idiots that create such conditions and guess what the best story they tell for their part is except of course the fact that I take it away from them and try to do it then blame them for it and after a decade of such rubbish over my career with all kinds of nonsense on media to lay claims to it while doing the freeing my heart at the expense of a goon that will not let revolution take place routine, I will still never going to budge on the matter of making sure they sit it out for me as well; worse care after all the warnings and facts by so many people which politicians do not consider to be important, we will end up in a place where majority of graduates have deals for life made with far right goons but of course if I were to sense such things and take steps to look after my livelihood and property accordingly it will have become the place they want to be and hence as I always ask; or else what? 

So it turns out that claims my biggest problem is that all I say is negative becomes most popular but of course it should be negative because if women desire me so intensely that I have to create an environment for them to manage themselves, most of what i say in public are meant to be negative, unless I am working with those who help me with the process of having a job by ordering my products which I have to stock for them in order to get paid. They like to use this to make out that each time they aid me I go on the negative and offensive whereas in actual fact what they do with their media because they have got it, it realise that there are now three sections around here of everybody else/Politicians who have no respect for the fact the economy needs to recover/Businesses that have no respect for the fact people need to earn money, therefore set out to ensure all I own turns out to be their own and I therefore do not know what they expect me to tell people when I get the book sold and meet them in person if that actually gets to happen.