Now the part where I am in trouble with feminists is a regular one but of course the distant violence and complains about extremism and the spending of my earnings and reducing me to penury as well for power is the way they work not to mention attacking my health to show they can do and undo with some violence they use to express they own me by fantasying about me all the time to a point where it makes real meaning. What is happening now is that they believe they want a conversation about it while I think I simply want to let it run and run and run until everybody can see how far they are willing to go especially for the blacks who claim they own me because they brought me into the UK and I have since continued to use their stuff thereof to do everything I do which means they should be more than me and have more than I have and I am supposed to provide for that and the filth and problems of black people should be seen all over me so that people might love them. I am not saying I am innocent in the matter either since we all know that we never see them go off to consort or get into a relationship with men who play football and think women have no place in it for example among many other things they think woman cannot be seen doing, or go after the ones that regularly go to resorts to get wasted and have sex with call girls since those are their type as it were; what they want to do is chase other peoples men, become gay and sleep with other peoples daughters and stalk me and hound me like we have something in common or we are mates etc. So the part where I am not innocent in the matter is the complete destruction of the cultures from where they get their stupidities of course; the facts about their complains however being that they cannot cease to give the powers of those cultures to stupid journalists that have told them they need it to control somebody that gets between them and what they want and no amount of warnings I put up for them on the matter of journalists that need their culture to put some statesman in line who stands between them and what they want will suffice. Of course I don’t want to see any of it and if I do I will certainly destroy it completely; no idea then where they exactly actually got that sense that with me they always win because of their stupid evil cultures and the effect that it has on me anyway – all I know is that we are in no position to have conversations about their feminism, more so because most women are feminist anyway and you hardly see them talk about it because of the financial problems it causes but of course here we have these idiots who want to be able to handle and spend my finances while being able to declare themselves feminist and they hope to get rich with it at my expense as well.

Politicians complain people think they can control immigration which is not actually true; reality of course whatever they say is that you can either think the civil service management a job you do when elected or you can think it is the basis on which you will campaign and win elections, nobody really cares but the outcome is that you can either put in measures to ensure immigration works properly whether or not you are controlling it rather than talk nonsense and leave the problems in the hands of trouble makers. I for my part had personally come to the deduction I put up with their insults of which nobody can tell these days which is the elected official and or party fanatic so I don’t want to see them anywhere near the left hand side as well and their incessant attacks on female journalists and women especially those allied to me is brewing a much bigger problem as well. Some ask if the way I feel I can treat Politicians is deserved but of course nobody likes idiots who want to wreck their finances and make use of their work, nobody likes idiots who will do that whatever it takes and costs the entire society as a whole, nobody likes idiots who want to make use of their work when they do not recognise what it is and what the owners do for a living, nobody likes wise arse insolent bastards who feel they have back up violence somewhere which allows them to chase such things all the time, nobody likes fools who claim to have vanities to the extent where they are telling the Queen to let them do what they like with a certain boy in which they will serve Her and serve the Country better, nobody likes insolent fame and attention seeking scum who do not know the difference between a relationship with their employers and professionalism at their jobs and love to pretend they can bully anybody they want to bully.

I mean how do you set yourself up as the person that understands most people are angry with another person, how do you set yourself up as the person that understands most people want money but it does not come unless a particular person is bullied as an organised behaviour and how do you set yourself up as the person who understands that not everybody knows that in order to have money you must bully a particular person and that you are the one that will do it with a big mouth, just like that without expecting any trouble to come your way as well?

Popular questions they ask is not whether the abuses that are a factor of their access to me in my personal life without authorisation and what they do with it on media makes everything into a provocation but rather whether I do not accept that people have the right to be angry in that they did not support the Monarchy and I came in from overseas to do so, while they are trying to get rid of it. The reality of course being that they believe they have had the part where they are always right figured out over some plan for bullying which is why it is called bullying anyway because there is always a reason – I don’t feel bullied but I will kick them anyway; I mean I could let it stand but there is nothing better than making sure when people look for trouble they find it and get it as well. I don’t think it a major crisis; they love to speak about a certain things they want from a certain person in the freakish way that they want it and the only reason we are having a conversation about that is the part that Politicians play in the matter that is not their business – so that somebody holds government office but even that is not enough such that he has to get involved in such things becomes the major point of call. I will never let it run through and I will never let the issue come to a conclusion unless it were to be concluded on my terms and in my own time and that is how it has to be. You get this sense that you are one of those things they want to massacre and collect body parts they can put in their parliament to ensure power will be theirs to the end and a certain thing will never try to return – which is why it appears in their minds the royal family could have been their family and who I get involved with their business since my life belongs to them as well and it is the insolent abusive intrusion of these kind and the tracks they cover themselves over violence that spells out exactly what they seek and why they should not be allowed to get anything else but. They do get on media to make insolent statements of Politicians that they are about how much of my buttons they can push if they wanted but I do wonder if that was something I let them do or it was something they accomplished since last I checked I was the one that refused to let the fans and the Royal stewards run things which would have saved me from any financial problems as well that leads to a condition where I take up jobs or live in benefits and so on and the reason was because I wanted access to all the social classes since they have continued to thing they can have access to anyone of their choice as well – just to show them what it feels like when people do that.

I don’t think the issues are a major crisis and if I were to explain what I mean then what I mean is that I am not interested in their reasons, only want to secure a process where they keep their insults to themselves – it is never victimless because people soon copy and then you find it really difficult to get a job or support yourself financially and then it can get worse and worse after that, it is never worth it because the bloody idiots are not paying your bills and so I don’t care who they are, they don’t save their insults and it will get a lot worse than they can ever imagine. The facts on the ground with all that noise making about things I say that I cannot back up being that sometimes some celebrities get involved with those who run security in the UK to find out what I had been up to the last time I was captured on CCTV, it is the Royals and the Monarchy that deploy satellite Technology to find out where I have been and what I have been up to all together – so because media has some involvement with the satellite technology what they do is sit over me to abuse and insult me in the most sexually defiling manner that you can possibly think of and turn up in public to extricate riches and fame from that as well – they think nobody knows that stupid world of men games and the corruptions of involvement and the getting involved with people against their wishes and the really violent abuses to extricate get rich quick games and fame and fortune and media abuses that lead to more and more of it for them is the reason Islamic extremist kill, they think nobody knows and that they are in such a position as they can do and undo and for my part any normal person would understand what I have said as a clear warning; it is their own that is used to serve the public and the Country in such ways and I mean this occasion will start to play itself out in public as fact as well. I mean I still cannot account for how my Dad got killed anyway – all I know is that he got involved with them world of men idiots and it was like a new turn in the family after all he has been through all together – I bet they promised him they will look after him if he got into trouble and they never did, so tempting me all the time like that is something they therefore turn up to do which ever kind they are, to push boundaries. It is not an isolated case either – we saw the report on Philip Seymour Hoffman who passed away due to drugs overdose about a few months ago and it appeared it was more about them than it was about him and we got the vibes about how he was the stubborn kid that would not listen, sit his bum down or behave rather than the fact he has just passed away and this is the kind of stuff you expect to happen so you know they are interested in your bank balance because they want to kill you and grab all you own, while they tell tales about how they want to protect you from those who want to take up your stuff and do it for you and you have to behave for them to do their job and will never cease the intimate insults, so I am not bluffing when I say it is them and their lives that are used to serve the public and used to create riches in that way and that disposition will soon enough play out as fact as well. I don’t think I am dealing with a  major crisis personally either; it’s a matter of the fact I don’t want to know what their reasons for being seen around my concerns is, the fact I am not going to let their insults go without consequences and the riches and fame they want to make from it going  unrestricted, it is important they leave me alone and move on and the tales about how these things happen to show me how people feel because my believes and actions restrict their freedoms to make money and be comfortable has a basis on reality – I only have certain habits I must kick and one of those is that I am never satisfied with what I do to them due to those insults when I know I have looked after my Royal commission well and I have looked after my Intellectual Property Administration business well and I have looked after myself well and the toll it has taken on my finances to do these things are entirely normal, the other habit is that I always think politicians should support me instead of them when I know it will never work that way. I am working on dealing with these two habits but I will not restrict myself when it comes to making sure they get the trouble they look for all the time the way they look for it. It’s a simple case of shutting down and shutting up and closing down each time they are fond of abuses and insults, denying them access but then again it can also be a case of setting things in order to ensure those that seek so much trouble find enough for a lifetime. Yes they do claim the issue to be that I grab all the necessary women for myself but of course they know I do have a bit of an issue with my temper and that I am particularly prone to jealousy and that is why they do those things they do and we do hear them say all the time they are the ones that are actually particularly prone to jealousy and not me, however which the last thing I did expect people to do was stifle my finances and get around fucking the wife I never married. Now it is true that some of these women I might end up getting married to myself anyway but that will be sometime in the future I guess, however the reality of what we face at present is why people such as myself are such a collection of hypocrites that we are so concerned about female welfare but it is never really a matter of female welfare it is a matter of what you will lose through what is no fault of yours; that you work ten hours a day to maintain a system of arrangements that employ some 20 breadwinners, are quite known but you have to hear and have your stomach churned by the fact somebody was sexually assaulted when you were never responsible. So for those who like to make statements such as the need for an apology from the Police I always say it must have been one of those cases where they were acquitted due to a lack of evidence but personally it makes me wonder if they will agree to give us a list of the questions the Police asked them and what answers they gave to that too. We hear it is said I have spent so much time trying to impress the female side of society and now I think I have reached a stage where I believe I have accomplished much but in actual fact have accomplished nothing – last I checked myself I was doing no such thing as impressing female society but rather concerning myself with two main issues, one of them being that we will continue to remain a collection of hypocrites who think that women will deal with their own problems when they wish and yet when we leave it for them on each occasion it blows up and blows up in our faces as well hence to live up to claims of democracy we must ensure they can deal with their own problems properly, I don’t remember impressing anybody except I do remember making sure we live up to our own tales about accountability and democracy by drawing on our own strengths to do what we want to do and letting other people be. Then I always get told that when that happens there isn’t enough control and power to wage war if we are attacked but I am sure they heard me when I said I am not interested and I have a problem with my temper and am particularly prone to jealousy; I am sure the next time I have a look at it I will have been branded the coward. They do say I am one of those mad men that turn up to grab civil rights they have worked for over many years in order to do what I like with it and claim the outcome to be mine but of course they started off with the need to deploy my life to make their new democracy and their girls a man they can abuse into doing things for them and their stupid insolent feminism but lacked the foresight to see that somebody will have female colleagues and feel a certain way when those female colleagues are treated in a certain way – it only became a National issue hence they paid attention. I don’t feel anything I have done to them makes me more or less than who I am but each time they get these reactions from me it means I have won a great fight and it will not rest until some adjudicator has allowed them win their own as well – so I bet what I say means I have lost something because they are gagging me as well so I can show them how to spend their own too. The democracy they fought for will be measured by how many of them are getting killed by Islamic extremists out there and how many innocent people are getting killed as well because of them and we are not talking about Ukraine yet as it were – very little attention is paid least by the US President to the fact I will always find it insulting when idiots who are a product of interracial sex in the US turn up on his authority to run my life and run my Government office for me so these are some of the few facts they are not paying attention to and the latest insult of it is as annoying and those that took place years before too.


Now there is that talk of course of the twisted, twisted nature of religion that has nothing to do with reality but the truth remains of course for example over Animal rights, that the whole point of slaughtering an animal is to reduce it from an animal into meat and flesh with blood in it is not meat no matter what you might want to call it, it has to go from flesh to meat and if it does not follow that process is never meat – it seems that in the case of Muslims Halal people get all hung up on the Halal rule but in the end still make some food to eat which is entirely made up of animal blood and that suggests its either one thing or the others as far as their religion and the way they obey is concerned but for us Christians it is one thing and if it is the other it is the other and not a choice between the two – so I don’t take alcohol and I don’t take tea or coffee or class A drugs or any drugs of any kind, hence I will not eat meat with blood in it – that said, the reality is that meat with blood in it is carcass and not meat and does not taste good, it makes you stupid and makes you feel rotten when you do, some people do not notice but when it comes to a head we have to fight them to conserve wild life while they talk nonsense about how wildlife is better meat – apparently having added some violence to their laziness as well for it is the meat that is in Gods care they want to it and wipe out not the one they are asked to take care of and slaughter properly and eat properly they want to eat. So if meat is not bleed free of both its blood and serum it is unclean and if I felt that stunning an animal before slaughter will prevent that from happening I would not eat meat that has been stunned – it does not mean that Christian do not eat blood or anything like that, it is entirely a matter of personal choice on the basis of what is permissible but on the basis of what is expedient you should never eat flesh with blood in it because it is not food, it taste rubbish and makes you stupid because it is unclean – that said nothing that is created by God is unclean. The same behaviour applies to the idea religion makes no head way on anything whatsoever of course; reality about that is that there is nothing to discuss about what most people already know, which is that those who make such statements are pure evil and we all know of course when and if they cross Muslims they usually die mercilessly for the most part and do work really hard to ensure Muslims kill completely innocent people as well – that said, question is whether anybody is in any doubt as to the fact they are pure evil. The point is that when you decide to live in wickedness you should not expect somebody to be nice enough to walk up to your shop and buy something from you to help you make profit because you have a business and want it thereof, so the usually way to get around it is either get on media and decide for people what they must think about you or indeed get behind somebody else’s business and use it to make money – fair of course but when I smell economic crisis that spot will never be safe anymore; the facts on the ground are that all they have to think about is how to change how they do things in the financial centre for example in order to make more money than they already have and of course that in every occasion implies deploying relationship between Governments and people to get rich about which they make noise on freedom and capitalism and I simply think the government should be able to serve them compulsory retirement notices when it is clear they have made enough money for a life time, to which they will issue demagogues that suggests I am yet a bastard expecting to get my fathers to do things I want when I do not recognise their power and to which my answer is that there are downsides to the making of laws which means that I can be prevented from reviewing their equities when and each time all they have to do is decide what they must do to make money after creating a problem of economy while others have to think about what they must do to get their homes repossessed in peace; hence the making of such laws would never have implied that I have lost anything but nobody can stop me from making sure hiding behind peoples businesses to create financial and social and economic problems can be safe for them when it becomes widespread, nobody has got it to that extent. They do love the insolent democracy tales about how I have screwed up my life and feel like turning up to offer people my screwed up ways of belief that I think they really need in a God that is a product of my fantasies but of course I don’t normally get offended by it except they take themselves too seriously and are out again on that thing about living like I have money before I am recognised which I find intolerable because I don’t have to be accountable to their insolence in anyway whatsoever, it is usually the last straw as I can be recognised by them if I want it and whenever I wish to have it as well; I had settled my position with the Laws of the land which I will never deploy on some violence to please their stupid women like they get on media to try and bully me for all the time, so have I settled this issue of finding it east to be successful again and again and again and do so several times every day because they have a stupid media where they can tell stories about somebody being fatherless which is an insolence that cannot be tolerated as well for good measure – so in my view not enough have died yet as it were and all I can do for my part is be merciful; this is not me, it is how screwed up they are and the kind of religion they want to make from it at my expense being I have taken media away from them so we are back to the searching my personal life to pervade what I believe to their own ends again and it is intrusive insults like that which lead to the issues they complain about as well.

There is of course no shred of truth to the tale I mix business with pleasure and so it turns into pain easily as they say; what is true is that I don’t want the services of some stupid women who want to control me because they don’t take no for an answer and feel they can always get it in part until they persevere and get the full deal anyway and it is desperately annoying and seeks some evil that has not yet been defined so far. I don’t think I have a problem with it either, I have the female journalists I do in my world not because it is pleasure but because they are there to rip up peoples businesses for me – so it is an Intellectual Property Administration business and every playful vandal who clearly did not make the millions they have in the Banks with excuses to tell about how he or she is not the one doing the damage because his girls and mistresses or buoys and toy boys are have not got an enterprise that is actually big enough – what they think is that they do but the reality is that I have not yet begun ripping it up for them yet so nobody knows if that is true or not. The reality is that when some people grow out of their parents world they have to find a way to survive and if not stopped they will destroy everything they get their hands on and this is what they suppose media and advertisements and goons that offer their enterprises with them to play with and foolish celebrities is supposed to serve - for now we hear the stories they enjoy telling all over the place, it is not yet time to stop as it were; all I know is that I have a certain relationship with those I have chosen to work with and it does indicate I do not want them involved with any of affairs in anyway and have no need for their services, the meaning of that to them is that they will alienate me from the business world and control my finances and help my company deliver its services the way they want and tell me what I cannot do with women and show me how best men who do not do what they think I cannot do with women can succeed because of them - so it is fair to assume those sort of nonsense continue on their foolish media because it has not ended badly enough yet - there is no business with pleasure being mixed here.