The claim I am trying to create some kind of equality between women and men is not in any way connected with reality or the truth. The fact is that what is happening here seems to be an eventual outcome where journalism will become a career that most people will want to avoid because every tom dick and harry can gain access to and enjoy the perks and benefits of those who have jobs there. It still stands that the quickest way to get there is through picking on me like they currently do. I mean when people have reached a point where they need to travel around the world very quickly to gather as much news as they need in order to get rich or make ends meet; what do they do about sharing the perks of a Princes office, stop?

The other part about how I want to mingle with them and the question of who exactly I am keeping myself the way I do with respect to people who end up in Royal service after National service and the things they do to orientate others and help them live and do their jobs in a process or condition where they have been reduced to their basics so fundamentally that like everybody they want to cling onto and ensure they never lose their lives, is always seen by me through the prism of that stupid media and the fact that all that wisdom everywhere thing is not really the way it works because the way it really does work is that it is all my property and so we are not yet talking about how their motives are all about the desire to have sex with women that fix into my life. I do not want to mingle with them in anyway whatsoever.

I am fed up with all that stupid world’s worst envy freak rubbish, where they don’t want to see me because I have got something they don’t have and like to get on that stupid media for their part all the time; they say I am a Coward of course but it is precisely the point about the wisdom everywhere not being so available and that it is my property and I don’t want to mix or mingle with them in anyway besides which they can see that their obsession with pushing people into gang fights in order to get on media to be popular and then rich and famous after that is a much bigger problem than the racists and the violence.

The part that really winds me up therefore is the very idea that they cannot get off that television and a process of using it on the daily basis to destroy my livelihood in order to push me into gangs and get rich and famous and Popular but not withstanding which they have the effrontery to get off and offer me lists of things I should not say or do about them; like calling them white trash which is one of the issues at hand in this matter and it just makes me want to really, really have a go and of course I have but a bit yet. At the centre of course if the addictive need to mock me over missed opportunities and information for sex based punishment orientated vandalism of a financial kind with respect to people I play with whether or not it is sexual, bearing in mind they got that far deep with perceptions on media.

For me it winds me up because of the mix of the fight with popularity and its vandalism and my actual work, like they love to on every other occasions, right down to the local communities with whom I have an understanding like the rest of them that they are just beginning to get involved with necessarily slavery that they need to perform on themselves in order to make money, bearing in mind it is the way in which I get any slight bit of good feeling in my body and personal peace and tranquillity from being offended every single second i.e. the idea I am their slave and all they do is their struggle with necessarily slavery they think they can run away from forever. I mean to them I am being pushed around, I am being bullied as well with a big mouth – anybody would be tipped over the edge being given a list of what he can and or cannot do to or say to them.

By the way of which with respect to expected missed opportunities, what I want is to get sales of my books running in order to consummate my job and of course make enough money to take a holiday from them for long enough to recuperate; as much money in the world as there is to be made from selling the books and I would not mind a means of getting my hands on some good amount of money for my needs as well.


As for the idea I take things away from them with respect to relations they want to have with the Queen that is simply based on lies and paranoia because they have believed those lies. It has more to do with claims I am the guy that takes things from people and they want the people that want to have everything. So I put anything on my sites or social networking and the idea automatically emerges which suggests I do not have a life of my own and that they can give me money in return for what I have taken from them and so on. This is not just the only thing I have to deal with besides the military matters, there is also the greedy evil men from overseas who come here to talk rubbish as though we do not have our own greed and problems and because you never know what direction they attack you with while they talk about living in a Country where everything is given to you, the prove of the pudding must be violence and so those will feel me as well as we go along. As for them this is their own life as it were and that stupid media too, it’s just impossible with it apparently.

I mean like everybody else I have my own life and while no body hears me complain every idiot wants to get on it in order to get rich, we have them speak of putting pictures of state on my twitter account as something taken away from them which they are willing to pay for with those insolent everything is about the fact they are women big mouth and will get seriously hurt before that gets to improve as well. I would not like to be tempted by any of them in such ways anymore, its is not like when I ask them about having a white man’s house they do not tell me it is their own house they want which completely confounds any normal person, when they are so fond of doing that stuff for people that involves gangs and moving into people’s right hand and so on, especially when they feel like telling me to do it for people without a job because I am a Christian who does not believe in violence and the next time they tempt me that way they will find out what I think about those stupid evil shrines and their wickedness and that get rich quick freak nonsense of theirs as well. It goes on forever seemingly of course that nothing is ever enough and when they still have the time to finish a day job and the things they do to ensure they keep a permanent job and maybe look after the family as well, which they then deploy to affect the way the culture works, nobody knows why they cannot in the lives of their own children or in their own lives - until that that I decide to ask them to have some white man’s home and it is then they tell me they want their own homes, when they have been covering their tracks all along for years, talking rubbish about how they do not like people to take up their stuff and do it for them, so they can have the power to do gang violence for others, especially those who have not asked them.