We hear those stories these days that I am working really hard to earn my acceptance in British society and its utter rubbish; I am not earning any such acceptance – wish they knew the way my mind works i.e. I am a man and they are men and there is no point walking up to me when they don’t even know me to extricate conveniences that come from my bed room and my living room in order to talk nonsense about being discriminatory; so they are all the same – blacks and whites and Asians and Muslims – all racist considering the most prominent which are the whites claim to be racist.

It has never been a problem for me, it’s the same case they are complaining about concerning how annoying my activities are; where I am standing somewhere doing my security job and somebody has to turn up and bother me with how much he hates women and how good homosexuality is, while another on how he wants to hurt homosexuals and then women on how I have stolen a woman’s beauty and kids on how more important their parents are – I am not actually interested in all these things as I am the one that makes all the convenient decisions where I work and have no plans to look into their problems.

When they do start to tell their stories of acceptance it is important they take into account how my mind works because I am not going to turn up at 21 to end up a 35 year old whose life has a feature in it that concerns their discrimination and nepotism; if I am unable to return to my home and rest comfortably they will have no conveniences in their bed rooms and living rooms and can catch me if they wanted – if they threaten me I will cut up that their stupid country for them or help them burn it all together as it were. They do speak of how annoying the things I do really are but cracking them is just the start since the reality is that they come round to my work place and see me at work and then sneak up on me and take it out of  me and nobody will ever know what for since I am at work and that does not actually work that way as it were – when I had cracked them enough and start taking it out of them, they will understand it is the least of their worries too and that if they can should stay off my work premises; if I have to deal with any condition where they turn up to decide which part of my life will be held down in sacrifice so that politicians can put tax payer funds and trust funds up for them somewhere to make fame and fortune with my public work and public life, I will step on them and I will step on them really hard – cracking them was just the start, they might want to be advised.

I am sure they understand but they all have the same feature; every single one of them – Spanish, French, Germans, Greeks, Russians, Africans, British, Americans; all of them have before engaged in a process of moving my Books and literary empire into a point where it can make money for somebody else and are now here complaining about the evils of black people as a result but have no wish to end that behaviour and I want them to clear my space and I do need a prognosis, so that when I pay somebody to market my Books for me it will mean I have paid a strong man to recover my market and the money from it too and I have no wish to deal with a condition where people are getting around to a point and then they stop being living breathing human beings and turn into dead ones as it were – they need to clear my space; I am fed up getting to the office to deal with an empty bank account and need to know exactly what methods are most effective for releasing money from the Royal Estate so I can pay my way in the world.

We do hear them say they want to see me work hard for my money but of course my Books were never designed to look like them because I did not foresee that they will show up like that, they were designed to look like me because I was going to be the face of the Books – this is an example of those situations where they recover from hating my guts and start all over again because I soon will have started running a publicity where they are the face of my Books.

I do get the question of my refusing to accept help from the Monarchy and the Government but I don’t actually refuse help; I simply do not want any help that means Government or Monarchy gets involved with the Media; my involvement with the Media is a specific arrangement with a certain group of people for a specific reason and the Court systems for that is specific as well i.e. they share a personal life with me and always tend to make it clear to their fans it is not shared with them as well and there is that issue concerning the people they meet and their guests and curators too and for some of them the young people that are budding around their control etc and that is their position at the Royal Estate which is the source – the Media is always going to lead you in one direction and the one direction only i.e. the one where you are in a fight so that the enemy can turn up to do it again and again and again and again. On the other hand people do think I see The Queen as the Almighty Monarch but in actual fact I see The Queen as the Old Lady at Church who runs the UK – so it’s a Family thing and no Media is to be involved. Of course there are some Media and Celebrities at Court that like to be rebellious all the time on account society exists but it does not necessarily mean my activities are such a mystery i.e. no help involving the Media, it’s not going to help me sell my Books anyway.


So they do claim my enmity with Politicians does grow and keeps growing but I cannot see any, all I see is a we will fight you with terrorists and fight terrorists with you and throw what matters at you and throw what does not matter at you everywhere and then you ask them why they are doing it and they say they are leading and then you ask them why they hate to lead that way and they say its power and you ask them about what they have power over and they say it’s the world, which means they expect you to work in a team in which they have decided on who is going to do all the work for everybody – these are corporations not politicians; mistakes of the past whereby somebody had to become racist nasty party for the mistakes to come to be and these were the preferred alternative to the one where evil people got interested in Politics and moved into government Office. I for my part oppose the conservative party whenever they tell me about what depends on how I behave – since it is clear the last time they said that Tony Blair got a mandate for war in Iraq and nobody told George Bush that Blair was a socialist and since I am the one picking up the difficult bits now by making sure the mistakes are made by civil rights idiots who are now working really hard to get involved with government and make the mistakes there, I have the right to earn my money while I am at it.

I hear the story of how I appear to be willing to go any mile which impacts respect for men loyal to me and my state provided security and security for the ladies at the Court systems but it’s never been a willingness to go any lengths I am pushed to here; it’s been a show off having been able to catch them all on the left and at the same time on the right hand side and still remain a high roller doing it considering it’s never been done before; we have always had this condition where I show off until I wear myself down, while they mock me until they mock themselves; there is no willingness here to go along with being pushed around.

Now we hear people speaking on Media about how they need to watch a precedent in which leaders have used chemical weapons on rebels in Syria and note that it might happen in the UK as well which will never make sense as what they happen never to pay attention to is the fact they are very destructive because they are very stupid but really, really like to touch things and touch people’s property – the trouble of course is that they cannot see it but the part where they are done and realise later that they were wrong is the one they are able to regularly and it is those who make out that their activities were funny that usually have a problem about those claims they make that the authorities don’t like freedom and decent. It is usually a very interesting thing to observe i.e. they can turn up on media and claim others grabbed the system and kept it to themselves to feel like they are linked to the Country while others have nothing, apart from the fact you were there when they ruined their lives and their history and homes and families with vice and other forms of wastefulness and evil, it is even more interesting how this appears to them to be the truth when you know and they know that the system is not a feeling and therefore not a feeling that they do not have but see others have as a result. The other interesting features of this behaviour therefore includes the part where they can get involved and rip up peoples personal and public lives to make money and when done with media games go home time and time again to realise they were messing up other people’s lives and that it was not their own even though at the time they believed it was 100% and then the next day turn up to select which of their truths they want to believe 100% again and believe it 100% to behave in exactly the same way and gradually a condition starts to emerge where they go home to laugh it off and make out it was amusing that they keep doing it; so I tend to have this hatred for those who delay my book sales and academic work to let them build up this very dishonest behaviour around me and those are usually the ones that blow off a big mouth at me as per whether this is all I can do which of course is not all I can do, since we all know that Americans never ever see that they might be doing the wrong if they developed a habit of getting about intruding into people’s lives in order to lay claims to anything that may look like market using media, thereby talking nonsense all the time about payment for the fact they fought for people’s freedoms which they obviously did as it were – this is what I can do; I am only observing the fact that this story of UK government likely to use chemical weapons on those who rebel and do republicanism is quite incredible as we all know that they can go home and realise they spent the entire day ripping up other people’s lives to enjoy their vices and that their prognosis that they were ripping up their own lives which they are entitled to do was wrong and then the next day they will return and observe that they behave in such ways because they are really stupid and that the part where they caused damage did happen and that the part where they were amazed they were able to mess around like that did happen but still when they claim you picked up the system and made it your own so others do not share, it becomes something they want to believe 100% yet again even as they know that they were not blind to all the other effects of their activities and this is why I hate those who delay my Book sales for their stupid minds to play these games with so much because they are not normal and I have no plans to allow them become a feature of my life or existence.  It’s as I mentioned before; civil war mongering superior goons who are the spurns of society and live in bad areas of Town where you might go to print your Books and find it has turned up on National Media 2 days before you got the copies delivered and that the part that did was their own property  do know what advertisement that is made to target their popular culture acumen madness when it appears on Buses and Public transport and when it appears on Media and on Bill boards etc looks like – so that when they claim I am the one looking for trouble the question becomes that of how my Intellectual property and Royal Estate ends up in it as well if they are not looking for it for their part too. I do not believe the matter to be a crisis; they are simply really stupid and like to touch things and everything they handle is guaranteed to be damaged - the problem is that every media fool and celebrated idiot that seeks a self improvement from people’s lives and property wants to see them touch such persons lives and property all the time and it is then that they will be respected.


So they say all I do is taking over government and yet I still think that I am a genius but it will never ever make sense to me, since the real problem is that I can work on a project for 4 years and in that time deal with nothing but abuse from them but as soon as the project is done and ready then what has happened is that I have gone and achieved something where I should not have, where somebody older and more worthy or more connected should have climbed social ladder or gotten closer to the Queen and they like to do that as though I have no feelings while their socialists counterparts ruin the lives of their children over the fact when they lose an argument they have been defeated and that is usually sorted out first before they realise they have not actually paid their bills or worked out how to. So now it’s all out there and I can have my own fun as well. It’s the same story all round where society people have been offered everything around here including this process where I play fantasy games with them but that simply increases the chances of their fingers being found ever closer and close to my anus every single moment of their stupid lives and then there are the Politicians telling me how things depend on my behaviour who thus needed to know that I might have known they are right but that they don’t get to as it were; the Mr A’s idiot son getting elected and telling me what depends on my behaviour story, damaging it as if we see them give to the frugal and when I ask them to work then an decide what characters we must exclude from the workable nature of council services and the shops and the utilities they tell me that was my hatred for their powers at the House of Commons and cannot get off my Books, hence I need to show them I am actually selling it as it were – you try so hard to avoid the part where you cross that line and set out the importance of kicking Politicians but they abuse it and abuse you in every turn, so they are all the same story and this case is not a crisis for me in anyway. It’s not a crisis; only as I have said before that they are really stupid people and that shows all over the fact all they handle always gets damaged and they bully of course but when you bully them what does not happen is you becoming a celebrity, what happens is that they like to touch things and that takes them ever closer to crime and involvement with extremist groups or just closer proximity to it all together – but they bully and yet when you get a job they get scared, when you lose the job they start again; you might work as a security guard in a shop and they will turn up there for all kinds of purposes that have nothing to do with buying products which is what actually concerns them as it were and the end result usually being the old case of telling me to watch how I tread because their kids are bad and when they think they have me wrapped round their little finger turn up with smaller ones and give them instructions to get about messing with the shop to wind me up etc – just some of the things Politicians spend our tax payer funds on so they can talk nonsense at me as per whether I think I can take them on with a big mouth. We hear it’s a matter of making me subject to the law and we all know the house of lords is full of idiots these days appointed by Politicians to secure themselves the privilege of the feelings that was the system – I am sure they are ready to discuss it considering they are clearly not sticking their own problems in my life and making out insulting me causes me to fix it for them.

We hear it all the time; politicians and society people who had bad children that they raised concerning which you have to behave in a certain way to stay out of trouble and then not long after the Politicians spend money on the kids who will decide which part of your life will offer the self improvement by which the money will make sense and turn up in government buildings to make bag logs of laws that make no sense to that effect claiming they are creating equality – the matter was never my problem and they will do well to remember my Books are actually product items meant for sale as it were. They say I give my information to the trouble makers and only have myself to blame but of course the reality is that these their goons are people who are aware of me and I am aware of so simple tools like academic work was the means to ensure they lick your exhaust pipe so to speak, unless Politicians are having way too much fun linking them with every single stage of your activities in the University and bringing more in from overseas because they have international development influences and getting respect from a Christian is the answer for everything – the respect he denied them as such by the way – the trouble made therefore could not have been made at a high level – it was never my own case to deal with, they can do it while I supervise. I am happy to ensure administrative mistakes are made my civil rights goons and not the government but I am not in their service – they don’t get to blow their big mouth off at me, along with their media and industry scum – it was never my problem. Here they will go from telling me it is a matter of me being subject to the law to telling me it is the one where my career was taken over and it’s the kind of stupidity they have gotten really used to and need to know I am actually selling my Books as it were. It’s never really been a difficult matter; a normal human being thinks about his problems and try not to ensure it affects younger people, these fools do not just ensure their problems affect younger people, they take steps to twist the issues in your life to a point where you see that younger people can be a danger to you and talk nonsense about women who have not finished with media insults and sexual abuses and abuses of sexual context but are already talking nonsense about making some money that will ensure if they got into a relationship with me they would be calling the shots – so we will take a look at those men that can beat me up and those their gangs every single time until they keep their insults where people appreciate them – they would call the shots in no relationships here; they are dreaming. It’s like they say I pull out the stops to ensure women do not rule me in relationships but encourage women to rule other men; utter rubbish of course since in the first place they enjoy taking over the perspective of women in life to ensure their idiots are playing the public whore roles properly in order to talk nonsense at me about relationships in which they would call the shots and then it gets better when the women are more educated and more financially successful than they are and while they need my help to rule those at home I am supposed to realise that they are in control of me as well. So we try not to live in a society where people are marked out as stupid and we avoid them so that we might be successful; but it does not change the reality about which jobs I can do and which jobs I cannot do as such – at present they are not constructing me a dismissal from work anymore and are keeping their insulting hands to themselves and that is progress so far but where my job is concerned of which I work there and they don’t and should only be seen near there when and only if they are there for the business they have with the shop which concerns only the products. The reality is that the first time they turned up in the UK they did as Asylum seekers who fled war zones they burned up with their own hands, the first time anything about me turned up in the UK, it was my Dad who came here on scholarship to study at the University of Brunel – so we are very separate people and their media idiots need to see I am selling the Books or their jobs will be jeopardised as well by the time it is over; as ever they say I hate the way other people do their own jobs but things work very quickly and with a lot of technology in the UK which is considerably smaller a country – so it’s not a small country with little technology or big country where I can move somewhere else if they fail to realise they have to live in ways that allow society to be tolerable for everybody as well – so it is a condition where their big mouth will be put to the test of a regular basis. They say I escalate problems for security staff but we all know the reality is rather that they should be found near a business only if they have involvement with the products to complete and yes they do tell me they are connected or related to the owners of the store but that will take us round in circles because I have no plans to be security staff while relatives and spouse of the staff there do the security work – so they are to be seen anywhere near if and only if they are there to do product transactions and not some business with me or the staff or the premises; it is a behaviour in this country that needs to be cut to bits – it’s their money it’s their job it’s their shop it’s their staff it’s their products it’s their security guard and they will do as they please. They don’t actually see a security guard as a real job; unless it is being done in very easy ways they can copy and get a security guard job with meaning that they have been respected – otherwise a job simply employs a goon to stand somewhere and tell them what to do while they are trying to spend their money and the warning here is that they should be found anywhere near the shop when they are there to do business with the products; not with the staff or with me or the premises and for the richer ones – those need to know I am actually selling the Books and that will be their bit as well. They say I would be better off just going out there to prove my point rather than sit about talking but I am not naive – every time I see them, the civil rights bit has been sorted out and the Police are the problem and they have had everybody calculated; they have always been villains and they know it too – conveniences are to be gotten from their own living rooms only and showing up where I work should be only when they have business with the products not with me or the staff or the business premises. We do hear those questions of what I could possibly do if they don’t comply but it’s been as simple as the fact I will stop them coming to my work place and will stop them their way or mine; it will begin with a war on students and their older professional idiots and politicians as well and then they will stop coming round my way or their own way after that by the time its over; of course their Politicians do not like those that are aesthetically proficient at what they know and do so they wreck finances and set them up for bare; of course their Politicians do not like those that are aesthetically proficient at what they know and do so they wreck finances and set them up for barely sane community croons which ensures it’s all about sex that it happens but by far my personal favourite is that my Christianity means when I am respectful I am like a son to everybody that they want to beat up and bully to feel good about life and that is how and why they always have their own all calculated and cannot stop calculating that of others while making the Police a problem.


Of course there is no truth to those claims I reserve myself the right to hate people: What is true is true is that this sort of statement is not just resonate of the part where they hate all things financially better off, but are busy with an answer to their problems being concerned with no day job and popularity good looks competition - it is not just resonate of the part where we hear them tell politicians about provocative moral and religious persons who grab attention by not doing anything bad, it is indicative of decisions politicians will have to make concerning society being seen around by book sales all the time; thereby facilitating such nonsense as public life I do not have because it’s taken away through my shady dealings at the benefits system-the damage based stupidities can always get to a point.

There is this talk now of how it is impossible to locate the reality where I became the biggest threat to Celebrity and Popular culture but that is not actually difficult to resolve; it’s the same old story about how I steal women’s beauty and assume the position that women should occupy as a matter of existence, which I have tried to clear up earlier about the fact my parents never arrived in the UK as asylum seekers for obvious reason since it is obvious that if you sit about bothering people in positions of power with claims they steal women’s disposition in life, in technologically crippled countries that do not have viable legal systems and advanced policing, strange things are definitely going to happen to you as a matter of certainty. This story comes up way too often and has just only reached a point where it should be answered i.e. what they do is get into the personal space of the Christian and religious person and mess it up to issue accusations of how he looks at their bums and their breasts and so on and the response of the idiots around them are always violent; if I mentioned the fact it is obviously because they need money and that they need to understand everybody needs money as well, they will turn it into a case of having me in a position where they are financially dominant and all I say makes them richer while they are able to hate what I hate and like what I like and yet each time they complain about my wrath it does not appear to have been the fact that they perpetually have men that will beat me up while they want my income and my public life for their own that seems to have caused it for the younger ones and for the older ones the effrontery to turn my career into a plaything for children because they want to be important and I need to get out of their faces that was the cause; what they want to talk about usually instead is that old really stupid supposition that if they got into a relationship with me they would have been the ones to rule the roost. The matter has never been a problem for me; its only when I ask if they don’t have husbands to spend their insults on, the response is usually that they were sexually assaulted at some point in their lives but for me there are no laws or rules preventing what they will be able to do to me hence meaning I am below them and this is therefore how they explain the means by which I have become the greatest threat to celebrity culture and popular culture whereas we all know what happens is that I have celebrities at Court and the Celebrities at Court are there because they are twisted and evil and always likely to follow celebrities around, hence ending up with this personal life shared with me that they keep fans away from but as it stands I am discussing this matter because I have settled operations at the Literary Empire and all its Court systems and there are celebrities and journalists in my Court that are not good for me which means I need to lose something and urgently so too. They would claim such problems come as a result of my intrusion when it has become global knowledge even that they spend time building up all kinds of public nonsense around my work in order to get involved and when they do have not got a bloody clue what it is about; it goes without saying when I have a family and they get into their stupid habit of whacking my family over the head this matter is going to get violent as it were; otherwise they need to clear my space and never get seen around my Public life and my Book sales and if I find them snooping around the shops trying to keep me out of employment there will be short term trouble as well. It’s never a matter of endowments that allow me to see things the way nobody else does; it’s a government Office and the last thing that will ever become a priority is to wear the latest fashion and get seen rubbing shoulders with them – so the warning is still as it ever was i.e. I am actually selling the Books. They live in a dream world where they then get to ask how I could have become such a threat to popular and celebrity culture; in the end they said the absence of money in their lives was the reason they felt like killing others all the time – they have pillaged my public life to make some, so I now have a problem in the sense their new case is related to the fact that money should help them make history by dominating me in such a way as means they become more important than a Royal Prince and I will as such therefore keep their various National sense of fame; from the Politicians to the society and to the media and to the celebrities and popular culture, just as long as I need to get the Books sold and if I see any of those turn up here any further I will cut it up again. They do claim its some behaviour I put up which puts women in danger and makes them behave in such ways but obviously the reality is that every single job I get is usually followed up in a couple days by the same pattern of constructive dismissal - whereby the general idea is that when they are White and European or none White but connected with the right persons, they can never ever get sacked - so it comes with a lot of insults and abuses of a very personal nature with sexual content and this will detach me from my training which they claim is their own while building publicity for my mistakes and setting dates for judgement day until one of those trip me up; its never a problem, just one of those matters that make people decide when they want to talk and when they want to work, however it is a process of an extra professional exertion which I could really do without and yes they do claim it is a sign of incapability on my part but if I followed that up, all my capability will become a plaything for stupid men throwing cheap shots at me which civil war mongering and constructive dismissal based society gossips, that run until they get violent ever so often will not be tolerated in my work place - I am not the one complaining at the moment and do believe I have made it quite clear they need to stop turning up around my Book sales of my place of work (they do say Women like these are needed to ensure my hands are kept off Industry people but everybody else knows that I am currently grappling with when Politicians want to decide that idiots who know nothing else but how to damage my Book sales and place me on State welfare in order to blow off a big mouth about how they have now created a history with it therefore which I do not have a public life anymore which is funny and powerful, will cease to turn up where I work or where I trade or where my Company and Royal Estate is located but every idiot in suits wants to drive around expensive cars and get involved with Society as well and then do it at my expense - so it is one of those statements that should remain as a hall mark of their version of innocence in this matter.).